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tv   News  RT  January 7, 2022 8:00pm-8:30pm EST

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the me, i have given the order to open fire and kill terrorists without warning. the cause, the president claims $20000.00 extremists have attacked the country's biggest city . i made a deadly anti government address. you also thanked allies, including russia for sending in peace keepers, russia lambs, harsh rhetoric by the us secretary of state is hypocritical. that's after empty blinking says it could be hard to make russia lead. gone when addressing the presence of russian peacekeepers in the region under the allies also, the price of bitcoin plummets 10 percent after an internet outage and complex dawn takes out a huge share of the world's crypto mining operation. who's
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broadcasting live direct from our studios and after this is our to international. i'm john thomas. certainly glad to have you with us. right now, the president has given a shoot to kill order against riders, branding them terrorist after days of anti government unrest. dozens of protesters and at least $800.00 police officers are dead since the chaos are opted. after a new year, fuel price hike, president to kind of claims $20000.00 extremists have attacked cars like stones, the largest city almighty. well, my book as a stan will completed anti terrorist operations will destroy those who do not surrender. i have given the order to open fire and kill terrorists without warning . hundreds of civilians and military personnel have been injured and killed anonymity due to the actions of terrorists. these were well coordinated actions. the terrorists exhibited combat readiness and best cruelty. it looks like they were trained, all the demands of the people expressed in a peaceful manner were heard to produce any. the president is now waging in the
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anti terror campaign against the writers. police in the country's biggest city almighty have been rounding up suspects throughout the day. at least 2000 have been arrested nationwide since the unrest began. and this was the scene in almighty, on friday afternoon, 6 smoke hanging over the city after official buildings, including the mayor's workplace, were torched charged vehicles can be seen on the streets and spread. gunfire was reported. security forces, however, say that they are now in control of the city context on has requested help from its allies to restore law and order. more than 3000 peacekeepers from the sci fi o alliance have arrived from russia. bella luce, armenia tajikistan, and to the son they're working to secure the vital infrastructure. are corresponding garcia was granted exclusive access to the peacekeeping mission. he flew into comedy with the russian contingent on the defense ministry play.
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ah, we have now arrived at the city at the very south of got started, where much of the violence of some of the worst of the unrest took place. the city was largely a bad by law enforcement left for marauders and looters who died shopping centers as well as alluded many shop, broke it 8 d m ah,
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activities here at the air field is our my b, b absolutely print it all day at some point so the only minutes past, but we did other played lag or, or taking off, but my daughter, the breakneck this frenzy, the activity that we're seeing is happening here in alma double just what airfield . but also all across gather, started major cities, major airports as well as the lag crossings, where troops, rober allied nations, continue the poorer a.
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i guess another batch of proof that mobilized to quickly put these operated troops to get from from a media from belarus, from russia as well as the genius thought i'd give you start making their way because i thought, oh, look, cool, but help. which was catherine stud triggering the collective security organization agreement, that it, that it is a member of because got their stop, believe that it is a forward outside attack. it is looked at the prove that for example, the, the highly organized nature of the right. the fact that right is dog, is it military, hospital, law enforcement building. the fact that the rule doesn't looters. i've also been organized, as well as the fact that many of the activities,
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so cool activist who are running these protests doing so from abroad, which is ground that trigger the collective security agree. but what is now being triggered into those allowed all these through the make their way into tells of thought. meanwhile, checkpoints have been set up to enforce the curfew in the countries capital, nor so. there are 6 of them. arteries of leading out of the city. the situation has been relatively calm in the capital, however, it has been added to a red zone due to the situation there, which authorities say was exacerbated by the bias, the protesting cause, it's don 1st broke out on sunday after a spike in the price of liquefied gas used as petroleum and vehicles. it happened after a price cap was lifted, which has since been re imposed by the president. his government also earlier resigned over the crisis. here's
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a quick recap of how things have unfolded. ah, ah. a with with,
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with a group of unidentified people attack the mere tv and radio studios in el, much the attackers destroy the tv production complex and workplaces of journals. ah, to give some context. castanan is the biggest of the central asian republics. and shares borders with russia and china as the world's night biggest countries. because exxon has vast and natural resources. it ranks among the top 15 global oil producers as well. also rushes by can or cosmo jerome is in kazakhstan, security. there has been tightened with a high terror alert set cars. exxon is also the world's leading uranium
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export, or the security collapse has pushed up the price of the radioactive heavy metal, which is used in the production of nuclear fuel by 8 percent. and country also plays a prominent role in the crypto world. it is the 2nd largest bitcoin mining nation, and a national internet outage has seemingly caused the global price to some 10 percent in the last couple of days, putting bitcoin at its lowest price in 3 months, just above $40000.00. economist, peter earl, thinks instability such as what we are seeing and complex time could become a long term crypto problem. i mean, bitcoin mining moved across the border from china together extend may of last year when chinese grad down has except a great place for money because it has an abundance of cheap energy. but, but the thing is that again, we're finding out now that there's no real great or there's no perfect place. i mean, i suppose we could see mining move west georgia or as or by john. but there's
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a certain level of implicit either either political risk or instability. that's never going to be agile. there's never, never going to leave. it's always going to be there. because it's, dan, of course, has relationships with both russia and china. and yeah, if the miners were to move further west, we're still talking about the sphere influence of russia and asian european countries. if they move into western europe, then you're talking about the u. s. b and that regulatory factor. so it will take a very independent states when that's frequent, which is and has a lot of economic autonomy to welcome bitcoin mining. otherwise, of course, here's an influence will continue to factor into where it's shaped to mind. russia has slammed remarks by us secretary of state entity blinking as hypocritical after he used harsh rhetoric on friday to address the presence of russian peacekeepers in
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kazakhstan. in a speech prior to a nato meeting involving washington and moscow, he chose to focus on questioning the nature of the c s t o request for help, rather than on the actual rights in the region themselves, or just kill him up and comments. we have antony blank in the u. s. secretary of state. he was speaking to reporters about the top news events of the new year. now he touched on the situation and kaz at stan. one might expect that he would offer his condolences to those in the country were in danger, but instead of doing that, he decided to talk about another country. this is what was said by antony blanca. there are very particular drivers of what's happening cause it's downright, i was a said that go to, you cannot megan and political matters. one lesson a recent history is that a once a russians are in your house, sometimes very difficult to get them to leave. it's important to note that he's speaking as the secretary of state of the country with a long pattern of remaining in countries that never invited them. syria never
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invited the united states in neither did afghanistan. neither did iraq. neither did a number of countries where the usa continues to maintain a military presence, but the situation with catholics dan is quite different. it's the authorities of cows extend that are asking for support and the block i has offered its support to cars at stan after the countries president reached out amid a security crisis, but apparently antony blank and thinks he knows better. this is what he said. it would seem to me that the cosmic authorities and government certainly have of the capacity to deal appropriately with the, with protests to do so in a way that respects the rights of protesters while maintaining law in order. so it's not clear why they feel the need for any outside assistance. so we're trying to learn more about it now. the president of cars at stan himself reached out for support amid the security crisis,
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arguing that they needed support in light of what's happening on the ground against any blank and says this support is not necessary and seems to know better than the forces that are actually in the country dealing with the crisis. meanwhile, we have gems. saki, the white house spokesperson, along with blanket, questioning the legality of the emission being sent to cause extent. well, it is legal because 6 countries signed the treaty comprising this block and saying that if such an emergency situation did arise, that they would intervene in each other's countries for security reasons. and then this is peacekeeping forces. these are peacekeeping forces being sent in. now, antony blanket and his remarks also touched on ukraine in the situation ukraine. and he said that the meeting that's coming up is aimed at at lowering the temperature between the united states and russia. but he then accused russia of, quote, gas lighting and pushing false narratives when it comes to the fact that russia has
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raised its concerns about nato expansion eastward. he said, the say never has promised that nato wouldn't expand even though russia has provided many documented instances of united states making such a promise that has been broken. now we have a situation further, where at this point, at this point, ukrainian authorities and others are raising allegations about the fact that russia's troops are in russia. russia, moving its own troops around within its borders, is not a threat to ukraine, but united states continues to play up this idea that somehow russia is a threat to ukraine. and of course, we have this allegation that somehow the united states never promised not to move nato eastward. there was no promise that nato wouldn't expand. nato never promised not to admit new members. it could not and would not. the open door policy was a court provision of the 949 north atlantic treaty that founded nato. russia has provided many examples of nato,
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promising not to expand the james baker. u. s. secretary of state said nato would not move an inch east. we also had statements from german foreign ministers and german officials. these statements were made. russia has documented this time and time again, us officials to present tenure or tan. these things that russia has provided as evidence. they simply don't exist. they just pretend that they didn't happen. but regardless, the upcoming meeting is expected to cool temperature. that is the aim, the hope is that us russia relations will improve. that is the aim of the meeting next week between the leader of russia and the leader of the united states. but this, these words from blink and just a few days beforehand or certainly not, not cooling tensions. we spoke to scott ritter, former us marine corps intelligence officer, who gave his perspective on why the u. s. is not too keen on cfo peacekeepers in kazakhstan. it's pure hypocrisy, but it's so par for the course when it comes to not just the biden administration,
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but frankly, speaking, any american administration in the post cold war era, the united states continues to be a bitter bad term. somebody like vladimir putin took over from a person like boris yeltsin, i mean the 1990 s, where the ideal for the united states, a compliant russia was replaced by no a stronger leader who sought to assert a, you know, russian sabra, to either can be no doubt to what russia's doing because extend today is lawful it's part of a treaty relationship. they were requested to intervene um and they are doing so effectively. i still had this hour the british prime minister is once again accused of corruption. after he seems to suggest that he will do political favors in return for a controversial makeover of his flag as coming up shortly. right here in our international stay with us. ah,
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long and wrong, well, just a whole new world to see how it does become the advocate and engagement. it was the trail. wisdom, many find themselves will depart. we choose to look so common ground. oh, driven by dreamer shaped by suncoast and those with airs sinks, we dare to ask ah
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ah, welcome back, this is our to international. now the british prime minister is once again having defend off corruption allegations after emerged. he was held revealing text messages from a watchdog probing sleaze in them. boys, johnson asks a party donor for more money for luxury bridge 1st for investments to his flat and seems to suggest that he will do political favors in return. his rivals say that it smacks of cronyism. it's pretend believable that boys johnson didn't know who was paying for his luxurious flatter innovations. if so that his corruption, plain and simple. by attempting to hide the truth, boys, john santa minds,
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his own office. it stinks of the was kind of conservative cronyism with berries. johnson, simon, they're happy to scratch his donna's back to get his flat to his stop in return. while that is indeed the case of cause new year new me hasn't exactly defined bar as johnson's 10 year this year, whatsoever. in fact, is embroiled in fresh accusations of tory sleeves and corruption even fools in the prime minister to give a quote, sincere and humble apology for crucial messages relating to the downing street flat refurbishment of cause. you remember last year orest johnson was a bird to seek the cash to pay for this rebound. of course, prime ministers are allowed up to $30000.00 pounds every single year. if a force johnson spent well over a 100000 pounds, now it seems like the very man that coughed up the halls of this cash with a tory donor who at the very same time, was seeking to see a great exhibition, which is a set essentially
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a showcase of british innovation and the great empire. now these text messages dated back to november of 2020 where bars. johnson was trying to get the approval of a top interior designer to transform this flag which was being described at the time as a bit of a tip. now, despite apologizing, barnes johnson says he doesn't recall often for this cache and that he didn't disclose any of this evidence to the electoral commission that's investigating the reef up because the text was just don't exist on his phone anymore. well, obviously the opposition is crying foul, but this story really seems to change, minute by minute force. johnson initially said that he actually paid for this revamp, then some time later you said any loans that were related to the downing street with savish men would of course be declared in due course. but then at the end of last year, or johnson insisted that the u. k is not corrupt. i genuinely believe that the u. k is not remotely a corrupt country that i, nor do i believe that our institution,
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these are corrupt and, and i think it's a very, very important to say that well, this of course isn't the 1st tory party scandal. of course, last year we saw a november investigation found that tory don't as have been offered seats in the house of lords than they were, sees allegations that many 3 m. p, 's were having 2nd jobs not to mention, of course, december was daft, and these downing street christmas party allegations, but in relation to this particular mass, boris johnson has indeed been cleared of breaching any ministerial codes downing street. so that's normal practice for the prime minister to receive project proposal, but many people really question how normal is it to receive conversations about project proposals, while at the very same time, the prime minister is seeking a huge sum of money. we spoke with it norman baker, former minister of state, at the u. k. home office, and he didn't hold back. he is
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a view of the prime minister, is the most corrupted leader in modern british history. he's very clearly been trading off the favors in order for my own purposes that his corruption, i very much the independent bodies which will not will not feel any consequence from coming up with the feel favor and say what the find is probably going to be fine is breaking the law, breaking the rules, and needs to be removed, as you know, some of the scandals which are be now, been taking place have been for the general public roles are all paid and distant. but i think public all the time very well if that was less than one, which is the idea that he will have boxes for his friends while telling anybody else they, i hope not through the rotors of a, every in the country. even buying guilty by public opinion on that matter. norris
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don't 1st think who's behaving the way it is the spectacle and what size the standards unsafe dancer? i've been so much part of our democracy. i'm very angry about this. are trying to get in the world. he's crushing it on germany is covered, regulations are about to get even tougher under new rules coming in, being fully vaccinated won't be good enough to injure bars and restaurants. customers will have to show a negative test or proof of a booster shot. the companies have to spike in the infection rate ne, falsely, or is in berlin with the latest heard from the german chancellor, all of sholtes who agreed with the leaders of the 16 states of germany, to impose strict rules and regulations in an attempt to try and counter the spread of cove at 19, at a press conference that was held on friday here in the capital city of berlin. a new regulation has been put in place,
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particularly for restaurants and bars. now here, as you mentioned, access would only be given to people who have not only had to vaccinations, but in addition, have also had either a booster or a negative taste. so it's no longer enough just to have had to vaccination. if a person has had the booster, they will then not me to quarantine if they come into contact with a person who does taste positive for covert amongst the other things there is to be a shortening of the quarantine or the self isolation period. and until now has seen a maximum length of 14 days, it will particularly be shorten for so called critical workers. so this includes your police, your emergency angel, medical staff, the current regulation, in terms of they being a maximum of 10 people. when you have a public gathering for people who have been either vaccinated or recovered, will continue the consulate to justify these rules and say that it was necessary.
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if indeed the country was to have better control of stopping the spread of the infection in future. it comes at the same time that the german health minister has admitted that the biggest problem, problematic area here, is restaurants where he says people sit for hours and without any kind of math and not always with social distance thing. meanwhile, early this week, there are more than 20 boys and girls who receive the wrong vaccination. they received a highly concentrated vaccination that was made to be for adults, the not for children between ages of $5.00 to $11.00. that happened that a vaccination then to act as do. now we have heard from doctors who say that they are in constant contact with the parents of the children, and they all know dire consequences. while at the same time moving forward, the decision has been made to now have different vaccination centers for children
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and parents to try and prevent that happening. all of this coming on the back of the ongoing protests here across germany, by people who are against the vaccination or who are against any kind of restrictions when it comes to dealing with cove at 19 on thursday night embedded we saw nearly 200 people take to the streets. also the same night we saw hundreds of people take to the street in open house and take a look isn't not left, we're not right. we just want freedom. peace and not someone telling us whether we have to get vaccinated or not. everyone should have freedom of choice even, but i feel the measures a disproportionate and i find this division in society. questionable. i want the parties to listen to each other so that we are not constantly divided by this. it's no longer a matter of being vaccinated or not vaccinated. everyone should slowly wake up and ask themselves whether all the measures we have been subjected to here for almost 2
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years justified. now, on monday, evening alone, more than a 100000 people rallied in demonstrations across germany. the government has previously bad rallies. the policy happening now is a lot of an authorized so called walks, where by and large people are protesting peacefully. but sometimes there is an event of violence, or that is it for me this hour i will be back in about $32.00 and a half minutes with another full and fresh look juice. this is our internet. ah no. this isn't an opening for even
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children has been kid for the fountains house for a day or 2 mom much mom with with a nice many goals. michelle. mm hm. oh gosh. hm. yeah. and is violet. my mom is violet that dana mom. yes. a bunch of people out with lunch me a chicken knowing miller, some young under discussion on shuster. i can redeem with
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i kind of her birthday boom bus. one busy feel you can't afford that. i'm ready to board and i'm rachel lemons in washington. coming up, u. s. markers are struggling in the wake of the federal reserve plan. this shift for us in 2022 straight ahead will break down the numbers and how global equities are performing flush the coming year could be a big year for mergers and the media fear will bring you an update on the move, making the biggest weight in the industry, then we're going to take you to the fuel sector where rising prices are slamming
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european national get natural gas, we'll get to the bottom of what pushing price is up. going a lot to get to go. we leave the program with the state of global markets as investors, where the impact of the amazon very inflation data jobs growth, and when the federal reserve might take action, raise interest rates that remain near 0. now, with all of these factors in mind, equity on the green side of that line, rising oil prices push things up mid week before falling into thursday, the russian rouble also fell off a month long, high or lowes due to those rising energy prices. so something were to keep an eye on here will be the u. s. secretary of state's comments about the nordstrom to pipeline being leverage for europe against russia. after much wrangling over that project, moving to asian markets, the shanghai composite is in the red. it's down by about one and a half percent. it has been falling steadily.


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