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tv   News  RT  January 8, 2022 3:00am-3:31am EST

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oh, ah ah, driving into the city of alma, perhaps the most dangerous area in cats thought. the catholic authorities say that arrested $4000.00 ontario charges including foreign nationals. the president claims up to 20000 are involved in the unrest as mo, peacekeepers from russia arrived to help crystal ordered. meanwhile, moscow put his back against washington's remarks that russian peacekeepers won't ever leave baths down. the foreign ministry pointing out the neighboring countries, traditionally close ties and strong military elias. also, there saturday germany titans restrictions to battle the pandemic despite anti cove protests intensify nationwide will not last when not right. we just one
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freedom. i feel the measures disproportionate and i find this division in society. questionable. with that i was good to have you with us this weekend. i'm calling brian r t h q in moscow with the world news this hour. we're going to start with updating your, what's happening in a catholic style by the authorities say they've arrested 4000 suspects on terrorism charges, mainly apparently foreign nationals, soldiers and police have taken back a infrastructure facilities. and they're also patrolling the streets right now. sweeping anti terrorism operations on the wiped and cassock, stands largest city al matic, with the authorities, detaining armed suspects. the city has been in chaos for days with riots, looting stores, and setting fire to government buildings. many of them carrying firearms to in response president kaya has issued a shoot to kill order, and the authorities have imposed restrictions against going into certain areas that have experienced violence. several day by countries including neighboring russia
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have sent a total of more than $3000.00 people. it's part of a long standing military alliance and follows a request from the catholic president for assistance in restoring order. but the secretary of state says it will be difficult to get russian peacekeepers to leave catholics down at now they're there and with more on antony blinking jai band open . i developments on the ground egleston reports from the contact capital while the country he is still reeling from the consequences of some very violent protests, which mostly engulfed the largest city and the former capital over al marti. basically, their protest very quickly escalated into marauding into even terrorist attacks. in fact, the government is talking about 6 wave of those as it is right now in the middle of an anti terror operation. as a result, and 4000 people have been detained because the government's response has been quite heavy handed as well. and there are dozens of dead dozens of killed people on both sides as a result. now, helping out the catholic authorities here is a,
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more than $3000.00 strong peacekeeping force in international one operating under the umbrella of the collective security treaty organization. a military alliance that includes kazakhstan, russia, and some for other posts of yet are nations. and well, this international peacekeeping presence, it caught the eye of the united states secretary of state antony blinking. ah, has singled out russia and voiced following concerns about russian troops present in cassock stand. it would seem to me that are the cause like authorities and government certainly have the capacity to deal appropriately or with her with protests or to do so in a way that respects the rights of protestors while maintaining order. so it's not clear why they feel the need for any outside assistance. so we're trying to learn more about it. i think one lesson recent history is that are, once are russians are in your house,
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sometimes very difficult to get them to leave. russia has already denounced such claim spokeswoman for the russian foreign minister. amory, as a heart of i has said that such presence such peacekeeping presence, bead rushes, or any other country that is part of the collective security feed organization. basically, it is legitimate, especially given that cassock stand requested the aid officially, u. s. secretary of state and blinkin, has in a typically boorish manner, joked about the tragic events in kazakhstan, if antony blink and loves history lesson so much, then let him keep in mind the following. when there are americans in your house, it can be difficult to stay alive, let alone not be robbed or raped. native americans, koreans, vietnamese iraqis, panamanians, yugoslavs, libyans, syrians, and many other unfortunate people can say a lot about this. while the president of kazakhstan took, i, of he has admitted effectively that the country security forces will most likely be
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unable to contain this absolute security fall out. and that's why he reached out officially to his allies. in fact, the estimate that the president has given as to how many terrorists are in context and right now, or at least how many were here about 2 days ago. his estimate was 20000 people. again, that's according to the president. but he has said that basically their response will be very hard line. they were beating and killing policemen and young soldiers putting fire had administered buildings, looting private premises and shops, killing secular citizens raping young women. in my basic view, no talks with the terrorists. we must kill them while we're still hearing reports of gunfire coming out of the city of al marty as the anti terrorist operation is still ongoing them. but at the same time, little by little, we're also getting reports that order is being restored. there are 4 here as marine corps intelligence officer, scott ritter, explained to us why he thinks the united states isn't keen on russian peacekeepers
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in kazakhstan. it's pure hypocrisy, but it's so par for the course when it comes to not just the biden administration, but frankly, speaking, any american administration in the post cold war era, you know, the united states continues to be a bitter bad. so somebody like vladimir putin took over from a person like boris yeltsin, i mean the 1990 s, where the ideal for the united states, a compliant russia was replaced by you know, a stronger leader who sought to assert no russian sovereignty either can be no doubt, to what russia's doing, because extent today is lawful. it's part of a treaty relationship. they were requested to intervene and they are doing so effectively. tullocks down is the biggest of the former soviet republics and central asia than chance boldest with russia. and those have china, i'll senior correspondent, broadcast, he has been granted exclusive access to the russian peacekeeping mission in al mattie. this is perhaps the most dangerous part of the peacekeepers.
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journey where driving into the city of alma, perhaps the most dangerous area in cast right now, much of the city is still ruled by by roving gangs, gangs of marauders. looters are people who are armed to the teeth. people who have previously swarmed military trucks, military facilities, sees our firearms, including assault weapons, and they're known to harass people. passages, vehicles, the travel into the city. the task is according to the gather government, which requested help from the peacekeepers. their job is to seize vital strategic infrastructure in the city, which includes our higher learning a military higher learning facility education facility. and that is where we are on our way to. fortunately,
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the journey was uneventful. show no signs of violence. all the mobs that stock the city were generally very few people out in the street, simply know where to go. most businesses i shut. shops have been looted and people are fearful of unnecessary travel. while peacekeepers have been authorized to use their weapons in self defense, multiple official to come out and said that peacekeepers would be out there, quote, restoring order their duty will be primarily thank god, various sites which will free up cassock troops to restore order in troubled areas . a
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ah, what are the locations that c su peacekeepers help secure and god 1st is the airport of alma the 1st of all because it was the request of the cat government, but also because of its strategic value. there had been reports that malicious had tried to take over the airport and had damaged it. those turned out to be fake. the airport is secure and there's, they're welcoming more and more peacekeepers who themselves on their toes. they are well aware that there are those out there who would state propagation violence to this credit peacekeepers. so therefore, their mission primarily is the secure and the god and the self proclaimed leader of the cast compositions also adding fuel to the fire. the former banker previously convicted an absentee referral and other charges is urging the west to intervene.
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otherwise, he says, russia can make a move to restore the soviet union with daniel hawkins profiles, the figure who claims to be leading the country's protests. it began as a regional protest against rising fuel prices within days cause i saw was thrown into turmoil. hundreds on both sides of the barricades, injured or killed city set ablaze on a request for outside help from the president. they seem to be no single uniform policy movement or leader behind the unrest. nuclear demands or specific political agenda. and president, the client hasn't missed his words and have descriptions of those taking part in the disorder. cookie model, which be to go order. what negotiations can be held with criminals and murder as we had to deal with on them. prepared bandit, centera, if you can both local and form ones, therefore they need to be eliminated in the it will be done in the near future. now for the 1st time, somebody is claim leadership of events on the ground and most are bless off i see
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myself as the leader of the opposition every day, the processors call me and ask, what should we do? we're standing here. what should we do as social media profiles certainly backs up as planes, a daily stream of support for those taking to the streets across the country. but who exactly is as off dissident businessman, criminal fugitive. over the years he's been labeled as an accused of many things. once a member of the cars that political elite, he served as head of because extolled electricity, grid operating company, and then minister for energy, industry and trade before apparently becoming disillusioned and turning against then president knows that a bias found in the democratic choice of cause. external opposition party, soon after he was convicted and sentenced to 6 years jail for corruption and abuse of power steering his work as any humanist. but he was pardoned and released
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a year later. his role as head of classic songs initially successful b t a bank landed invitation from catholic authorities with the bank nationalized by the government. he fled to the g. u. k. fearing for the safety of his family and was granted asylum. but things was so simple. b t, a bank had been subject to one of the world's biggest froze of the time with over $5000000000.00 embezzled and obliged off accused of being the mastermind to move the decades behind bars. it. i've sent in both calixto on russia for fraud and later murder. he was in hot water with authorities in the wes, with lawsuits against him in multiple states, a prison sentence, and multiple arrest warrants were eventually issued as u. k, a solemn status revoked, he fled to france where he was obtained by authorities. at one point, it seemed all over for a blast off with a friend cord approving his extradition to russia or ukraine,
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but subject to an intense campaign by human rights organizations. the process was stopped and it was granted asylum. once again, a plaza has made no secret of his desire for regime change in coverage on with himself in government, and currently to ship in prison. i want to return to catholic son and become prime minister. remove the regime and send current government to prison is a plaza really behind the full scale of events on the ground and catholic thought. with developments happening so quickly. it's hard to say for sure though, we have approached that for more details. coleman. one thing is certain, whatever the outcome of the cause approaches, the ramifications will be wider than the countries borders. and both ruling governments and opposition movements in the region and beyond will be watching closely to make their next moves. and that's one of the supposed to ringleaders.
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what about the root causes? how the resting has extend initially emerged ever a sharp rise in fuel prices, but it quickly evolved into broader anti government protests. we discussed the crisis and its other possible underlying reasons with geo politics. experts, the reasons for these kinds of riots. well, this kind of destruction would not be purely economic. and also let me tell you that cost on is a relatively reach nation, mostly banks to the natural resources and thanks to that industrial base that had been created. so the reasons i think were political because certain class, southern forces inside the country held themselves under represented. and obviously very quickly in the protest which were peaceful in the beginning, but hijacked by the forces which wanted political power in the country. the protest do look coordinated, you know, when you go after a tv station, you go after a and an airport outside of the playbook, isn't it?
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of the revolution. but there is no obvious leader, can an uprising achieve anything without a clear sense of direction? no, it, no, it couldn't. you, you do need to lead interesting cover just about, from protests against a fuel turban, please moves that. we do see that you sent us from revolution taking over the television station, the airport burning down the government buildings. and certainly, as you said, the degree of violence, this is more than just a simple protest against a government or against a regime or against policy. this is looking for more serious than the context on sure is an 1800 kilometer border with china. is beijing worried about any potential spill over, especially in mission jang province as a mental but apart from oil, which china and imported automotive oil focused on switching from tokens on. and also in recent years, china bought
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a lot of code from casa stock. i think in terms of energy security cost on the sector, it's really important to china let alone we talk about the one bed, one new initiative, which is actually just on center of the whole thing. yeah. so, so this is in terms of the teacher politics and, you know, makes couple funds extremely important to china. and i don't think i would just let russel san juan on his own. we need stability in my area or it's, it's actually part of my, you know, you only have to look it on some neighbors. you know, the like, so i was becky stuff this, so the neighbors upcoming stuff that's an unstable regime. we need stability in that region. we see how important it is to have an ally like russia and we have an organization like collective security yoga zation, c s t o. to help us down in this very difficult time. now, well laid to is saying that all c s u is
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a bunch and beyond its way, they have no right to and that kind of stuff. we want information about that. well, she is still has been suggesting corporation to nato since they can. they get to seen cc almost found it, and they don't just didn't recognize still the western, but it said that they don't see this as a zation. they didn't want to talk to c. s. you'll so that west or because in sales to blame for no trade in the information, all the information wasn't available. and, and these are available without the weekend on the way it's advantage, australia does the company deals yet another tenant? start with a backhand blow over, kind of it was all the reports and also re softer this a
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nice and stacy are in mexico anyway, heading sounds and we're getting closer and closer to the epicenter, the global center point now of the big coin revolution. hello, goodbye dreamer shapes bankers are those with there's things we dare to ask join me every thursday on the alex salmon show and i'll be speaking to guess in the
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world of politics. sport, business, i'm sure business. i'll see you then. mm. ah, i again next covey conundrums on opposite sides of the planet. first to germany, where restrictions are about to get even tougher. those daily infections rise to almost $40000.00 up from $22000.00 at the end of the year. or under the new rules that come again being double vaccinated won't be enough to get into bars. and restaurants. customers will also have to show a negative test or prove they've had a booster shot. not everyone's happy with that, with protests erupting in several major cities. but despite the fears pushed back the german chancellor as adamant that the new rules of vital to protect public health is no longer shifting. one thing is clear and the arm across variant will keep us busy for a long time to come. that is why we cannot sound the all clear for our health system. we all know what helps, besides the contact restrictions,
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which we still need to talk about, it's about continuing to vaccinate and boost formula while the german chancellor olive salts and the leaders of the 16 states here in germany have agreed to impose stricter rules and regulations in an attempt to try incurred the spread of cove at 19, at a press conference that was held on friday here in the capital city. berlin. it was announced that now when it comes to giving people access to bars and restaurants, it's no longer enough for people to have had to vaccinations. in addition, they will also need to have had a booster or a negative cova test. and indeed, if they've had a booster, should they come into contact with somebody who tests covert positive, they will not have to go into any kind of isolation. at the same time, the isolation and the quarantine periods will be reduced from the current maximum of 14 days, particularly when it comes to so called critical staff. so this would include your
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doctors, your nurses, your police, and your emergency personnel. also private gatherings that until now now has been limited to 10 people who are either for covered all vaccinated that will remain in place. now the counselor did say that these strict measures are indeed necessary if germany is to control the spread of infections moving forward. we've also heard from the health minister, who has said that the most problematic area is restaurants, where people sit for hours with no mos covering in a separate development. earlier this week, more than 20 boys and girls who received a concentrated vaccination that was supposed to be for adults and not for children between the ages of 5 and 11. it happened at a vaccination center at the zoo, and doctors have said that they're in constant contact with the parents and that they know dias side effects that they have witness so far. but as
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a result of this moving forward, there will be separate vaccination, santa's health for children and separate ones for adults. now this comes in the back of people continuing to protest against the code, restrictions or against the vaccination. and this is across the whole country just on thursday night alone. it were nearly $200.00 protesters who took to the streets of bay berg. and on the same night, hundreds of people protested in wilbur housing. take, listen, you will not laughed, we're not right. we just want freedom, peace, and not someone telling us whether we have to get vaccinated or not. every one should have freedom of choice. i feel the measures of disproportionate and i find this division in society. questionable. i want the parties to listen to each other . so that we're not to be divided by this. if it's no longer a matter of being vaccinated or not vaccinated, everyone should slowly wake up and ask themselves whether all the measures we have been subjected to here for almost 2 years,
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a justified this past monday evening. more than a 100000 people took to the streets across germany and early the government did van such protests. but what you see now happening is an authorized so called walks, which by and large have been peaceful, although some of them have turned violent. a 2nd tennis star has had their australian visa cancelled for not being vaccinated against cove. it the check republics, double specialist, renata artichoke over is now confined to the same immigration hotel as the serbian tennis star and world number one. novak brokovich we can confirm that the check tennis player renata for a java is in the same detention as jock of ich, together with several other tennis players in melbourne. our consul general and sidney is now dealing with the situation and is in touch with the tennis player on a tow for flew into melbourne with a vaccine exemption like the one that was granted to jock of it. on the basis that
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she'd recently recovered from cove it, but both players visas were abruptly cancelled. jock of it is launched, an appeal with serbian officials saying that he's a victim of political harassment. you're straight in prime ministers, defended the decision against the athletes, saying there should be no exceptions to the vaccine rules. rules are rules, is what i said yesterday. that's the policy of the government and has been our government's strong border protection policies, and particularly in relation to the pandemic. there is and sure the destroyer has one of the lowest death rights from cobra, anywhere in the world. we one of the 1st countries to move on shutting arbors. we were criticized at the time, but it was the right decision. and we have maintained those important border controls or the entire period of the pandemic. of sports columnist, alum more explains the problems of therapeutic exemptions and also suspects that the clamp down is only expected to get stricter. her not already say she's already excited. who are the players who are there
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a players and ga player we're dealing with or who so? so i swear, then suddenly she gets, you know, taking like your day and say ok, you're, you're moving out of this down. you're going to do a few suggestions because what they've been told is, was terry players were chess. so she has to be had a covey, a slightly different word. he says that he can take it because of his heart issues . so it's kind of like now talking to kind of words, i think it's going to get worse before it gets better. and that's how it looks from moscow. so father saturday, thanks for checking in with us this weekend. i'll be back right here to update you in about 35 minutes or so to see them. ah, ah, when i was a kid,
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i am ash kaiser. welcome to the kaiser report. max and stacy are in mexico and re heading south and we're getting closer and closer to the epicenter, the global center point now of the big coin revolution. stacy, right, you can tell we are in mexico because we have cut stream. she's joined us. she's probably the most famous mexican, even more southern frida kahlo and she's everywhere. and we also have this octopus, i'm not sure with octopus this for, but i put it here because it's orange is colorful and it's orange ish. and of course, bitcoin is associated with the color orange, and that is in the 1st headline of this orthodox christian near. so we are celebrating that as well here on kaiser report. while we were gone, we saw this, what has been called by international organizations. as the big coin experiment is
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nothing more than the world watching how mass adoption changes a country's economy. if it's for the good, it's game over for fiano. el salvador is the spark that ignites the real revolution that is from the president of our salvador president mckelly. that's right, that's remarkable statement. similar to the boston tea party or the declaration of independence, a president of a country is essentially said that the theat era is over and of course the fee of euro is focused in the united states and the central bank in washington dc. this was no less a statement of revolution then was made against the english by the american colonies. oh, you know, 240 something years ago. here president mckelly is making a declaration of independence against the central banks, principally the united states of america and the us dollar. and the great thing is it's, he's guarantee to win because bitcoin is mathematically guaranteed to increase purchasing
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power over and over gold. and theat money is mathematically guaranteed to lose purchasing power versus bitcoin. so he's one before he started. so this is going to be the shortest lease violent and not you'd say, no violent revolution in history game over for fear. of course, the 2nd wealthiest man here in mexico, ricardo selina, please go. he agreed with them and read tweeted this and then said, you know, it is game over for by bit queen and get bit queen while you still can. they then had a disagreement over whether or not it would be because he thought it would be the greatest thing. and ricardo salinas play go who we know you know his father very well. he disagreed and said that the end of the out would be not so nice to watch that film, the exorcist, he shows up and to get the devil out of linda blair. there's a lot of projectile vomiting. there's a lot of litigation. the bed is shaking her eyeballs were spinning around her head
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is spinning right. eventually.


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