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tv   News  RT  January 8, 2022 7:00am-7:30am EST

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ah, we are driving into the city of how much, perhaps the most dangerous area of the headlines is the cadillac authority say they have arrested $4000.00 and terror charges, including 4 national president claims up to 20000 are involved to be unrest is more peace. keith is from russia arrive to help restore or death. meanwhile, moscow pushes back against washington's remarks that russian peacekeepers would lead catholic, stand with a foreign ministry pointing out the neighboring country. strong military alliance and traditional ties and a controversial court ruling in the u. k. is a group to pull down the statues and 18th century slave trader. i'm paul and member of found not guilty of criminal damage. we put the issue up for the best. the hello,
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welcome. good afternoon, just gone 3 pm. hey, more watching archie international. now we'll start with cars extended by the authorities there say they have arrested 4000 suspects from terrorism charges may many, apparently foreign nationals. meanwhile, soldiers and police have taken back control of key infrastructure facilities and are, are trailing the streets there. a sweeping anti terrorism operation continues. it has extends largest city l massey with the authorities, having detained suspects. the city has been in chaos. the days with rises, looting stores and setting fire to government buildings, many of them carrying firearms. no one responds. present. mikaya has issued an order to shoot suspected terrorists on location. catholic official says one child court in the violence has died from a gunshot wound and another is in critical condition. dozens of people including at
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least 800 police officers, have also been reported killed one. the father of one who was killed and served in the national guard had this to say will go to he served for 6 months. we'd been planning a how to welcome him back. and then this unfortunate incidence struck like a bolt from the blue. it's very, very hard to bear your own son. urged the people of catholics to calm down already . we're losing our children, or several nearby countries including neighboring russia, have sent in more than $3000.00 piece. keep as it is part of a long standing military alliance and follows a request from the catholic president for assistance in restoring order. however, the u. s. x ray state to say it will be difficult to get russian peacekeepers to leave cars. extend now they are there with more nancy, bring const jive and also overnight developments on the ground because you don off reports from the cause of capital while the country he is still reeling from the
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consequences of some very violent protests which mostly engulfed, the largest city and the former capital over al marti, basically their protest very quickly escalated into marauding into even terrorist attacks. in fact, the government is talking about 6 wave of those as it is right now in the middle of an anti terror operation. as a result of 4000 people have been detained because the government's response has been quite heavy handed as well. and there are dozens of dead dozens of killed people on both sides as a result. now, helping out the catholic authorities here is a, more than $3000.00 strong peacekeeping force in international one operating under the umbrella of the collective security treaty organization. a military alliance that includes kazakhstan, russia, and some for other posts of yet are nations. and well, this international peacekeeping presence had caught the eye of the united states secretary of state antony blinking. ah,
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has singled out russia and voiced following concerns about russian troops present in cassock stand. it would seem to me that are the cassock. authorities in government certainly have a capacity to deal appropriately or with her with protests or to do so in a way that respects the rights of protesters while maintaining order. so it's not clear why they feel the need for any outside assistance. so we're trying to learn more about it. i think one lesson recent history is that her, once are russians are in your house, sometimes very difficult to get them to leave. russia has already denounce such claim spokeswoman for the russian foreign minister. amory has a heart of, i has said that such presence such peacekeeping presence, bead rushes, or any other country that is part of the collective security feed organization. basically, it is legitimate, especially given that cassock stand requested the aid officially u. s. secretary of state and blinkin has in a typically boorish manner,
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jokes about the tragic events in kazakhstan, if antony blink and loves history lesson so much, then let him keep in mind the following. when there are americans in your house, it can be difficult to stay alive, let alone not be robbed or raped. native americans, koreans, vietnamese iraqis, panamanians, yugoslavs, libyans, syrians, and many other unfortunate people can say a lot about this. while the president of kazakhstan took, i, of he has admitted effectively that the country security forces will most likely be unable to contain this absolute security fall out. and that's why he reached out officially to his allies. in fact, the estimate that the president has given as to how many terrorists are in context and right now, or at least how many were here about 2 days ago. his estimate was 20000 people. again, that's according to the president. but he has said that basically their response will be very hard line. they were beating and killing policemen and young soldiers
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putting fire had administers of buildings, looting private premises and shops, killing secular citizens raping young women. in my basic view, no talks with the terrorists. we must kill them while we're still hearing reports of gunfire coming out of the city of al marty as the anti terrorist operation is still ongoing them. but at the same time, little by little, we're also getting reports that order is being restored there. because she's on reporting now will form a u. s. marine corps intelligence officer, scott ritter explained to us why he thinks the u. s. isn't cain on russian peacekeepers in cassock sta? it's pure hypocrisy, but it's so par for the course when it comes to not just the biden administration, but frankly, speaking, any american administration in the post cold war era, you know, the united states continues to be a bitter bad. so somebody like vladimir putin took over from
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a person like boris yeltsin, i mean the 1990 s, where the ideal for the united states, a compliant russia was replaced by you know, a stronger leader who sought to assert, you know, russian sovereignty either can be no doubt to what russia is doing because extend today is lawful it's part of a treaty relationship. they were requested to intervene and they are doing so effectively. well has that san is the biggest, the fullness of the republics in central asia and shad boyd is with russia and china. the price has began as a response to rising fuel prices in the southwest, an industrial city, and quickly spread proportionately driven by simmering discontent. either economic policies i'll senior correspondent against the have has been granted exclusive access to the russian peacekeeping mission requested by the cons that government to restore order in our massey. this is perhaps the most dangerous part of the peacekeepers. journey where driving into the city of al mother,
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perhaps the most dangerous area in cast on right now. much of the city is still ruled by by roving gangs, gangs of marauders. looters are people who are arm to the teeth. people who have previous be swarmed. military trots military facilities, sees of firearms including assault weapons, and they're known to harass people. passages, vehicles, the travel into the city. the task is, according to the chasm government, which requested help from the peacekeepers. their job is to seize vital strategic infrastructure in the city, which includes a higher learning, a military higher learning facility education facility. and that is where we are on our way to. fortunately the journey was uneventful. sure. no tons of violence. all the mobs that stalked the city were generally very few people out in the street.
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simply know where to go. most businesses, i shut shops of been looted and people are fearful of unnecessary travel. while peacekeepers have been authorized to use their weapons in self defense, multiple official to come out and said that peacekeepers would be out there. quote, restoring order their duty will be primarily to god various sites which will free up cassock troops to restore order in troubled areas. a what are the locations that see su peacekeepers help secure, and god pers,
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these the airport of alma, the 1st of all because it was the request of the gather government, but also because of its strategic value that had been reports that malicious had tried to take over the airport and had damaged it, those turned out that be fake. the airport is secure. at this, there are welcoming more and more peacekeepers who themselves on their toes. they are well aware that there are those out there who would state publication as a violent to this credit. he's keepers. so therefore their mission primarily is the secure. at the job or 25 russians, they were stuck in cassock. stan after commercial flights, were canceled g to the rights and have been evacuated by military aircraft in moscow. the tourists visiting for the new year's holidays requested help from the russian peacekeepers to be taken back to the homeland one of the evacuated shad.
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his story. workers early we came here to ski during the new years, holidays and then this terrible incident happened. now we're being evacuated by the military because apparently there isn't another way i'm really thankful for the well coordinated work of our military. the guys who rescued us for taking us out of this terrible situation. thank you very much. god willing will get home fast because this has been a rather scary and difficult ordeal. while the unrest ink has extend initially emerged over sharp fries and fuel prices, but quickly evolved into broader antique government protests. we discussed the crisis and it's other possible underlying reasons to but geopolitical experts. the reasons for these kinds o riots where they stand over destruction would not be purely economic. and also let me tell you that our staff is a relatively reached nation, mostly thanks to the nation resources and thanks to that industrial base that had been created. so the reasons i think were political because certain class,
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southern forces inside the country held themselves under represented. and obviously very quickly in the protests which were peaceful in the beginning, but hijacked by the forces which wanted political power in the country. the protest to luck coordinator, you know, when you go after a tv station, you go after a and a report that's out of the playbook, isn't it? of the revolution, but there is no obvious leader can an uprising achieve anything without a clear sense of direction? no, it couldn't. you, you do need to lead interesting cover just about from a fuel cap and please moves that we do. we do see that you sent us from revolution taking over the television station, the airport burning down the government buildings. and certainly, as you said, the degree of violence, which is more than just a simple protest against a government or against a regime or against policy. this is looking for more serious than the context on
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sure is an 1800 kilometer border with china. is beijing worried about any potential spillover, especially in the ship? jung province as a mental but apart from oil, which china are imported, olive oil focused on especially from tokens on and also in recent years, china for a lot of cold from coastal stock. i think in terms of energy security cost on the sector, it's when we import into china led along we talk about the one bed, one new initiative, which is actually just on these center of the whole thing. yeah. so, so this is in terms of the teacher politics and you know, my scuffle funds extremely important to china. and i don't think you would just let us stand one on this own. we need stability in the area or it's, it's actually part of much, you know, you only have to look it stunned neighbors,
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you know, the like. so i was becky stuff there. so the neighbors afghanistan, that's an unstable regime. we need stability in that region. we see all important duties to have an ally like russia and we have an organization like collective security yoga agency, s t o to help us down in this very difficult time. now we're late to is saying that all still is a bunch and beyond its weight, they have no right to and that kind of stuff. we want information about it. well, still has been suggesting corporation to nato since they can make it to c. c still was found it and they don't just didn't recognize still the western but it said that they don't see this as they need you to ment, organization. they didn't want to talk to c s jewel. so that west or because he'd sales to blame for no trade in the information. all the information wasn't
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available and, and he's available. he's national master to come to decide control the thing in the u. k. after a group of people who pull down and historic snatching a find not guilty, a criminal damage after claiming that the monument was racist debate that story just off today. ah, ah ah .
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nightstand stacy are in mexico in re heading south and we're getting closer and closer to the tampa center, the global center point now of the big coin revolution. ah ah, hello again. now a dispute in u. k. over the toppling of an historic statute bristol, with the attorney general now saying she is considering referring the case, the court of the pale. well, that's after 4 people the found not guilty of criminal damage,
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for pulling down the monument to edward colston, an 18th century philanthropist, parliament member, and also importantly, slave trader. the defendants proclaimed their victory outside the court house. early this week we didn't change is we ready to point oh, with the quality victory? anyone who wants to do the voice slide history. i will the memorial, which has stood for more than a century was torturing a black lives matter protest in the summer of 2020. ah, the senator. he was then dragged and thrown into the bristol harbor. the verdict has caused a rift in society. i think it's fair to say with some calling it a try and fight the historical racism and others saying it could set
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a dangerous precedent the coast in full stand against racism and drew attention to the crimes of the slave trade. they should be cheered. i am pleased to read that the crown prosecution service and attorney general are reviewing the case of the colston for, for an appeal to be made to prevent a dangerous legal precedent for the future. actually, colson was responsible for violently transporting $84000.00 africans to the caribbean. protest, lee, a statue was put out to honor him in bristol, but in cold days he toppled rightly clad. we undermine the rule of law, which underpins our democracy. if we accept vandalism, and criminal damage are acceptable forms of political protest, they aren't regardless of the intentions. okay, well let me discuss this story bit further now because the police decide we've got to peter herbert hay obee, chair of the society of black lawyers, he joined us from kenya and then also on the left there we have andrea,
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a solicitor, and form an e p for the west midlands and joins is from you. can you both? very, very welcome. if i could start with you praise andrew. i suppose the argument here is that this verdict does give the green light to some sort of political vandalism . i mean, if you don't like something, please just tear it down. that's the argument. what you say to that. you're right. and it's not right. we just cannot have more rule. go and pull down and damage property without law for nation. and it sets a very dangerous precedent. what should have been a very simple court case of people damaging property that was hijacked the political purposes really. and if very bad, i agree should meet the court of appeal. so the conduct of all those involved can be reviewed. please watch your response because i mean, out, really paper, look at the lawrence, i will, the law clearly has been broken. why be lessing these people off? no matter what their call let's,
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let's be quite clear. the law law is broken very often by governments over the week and the elite of the slave trade of colonialism while in trends. so let's just be i think, spectra, ball it was on the ground. the lawyer will tell you how much i can tell you clearly, journeys do not set precedent, and this set stops in no legal precedent. other than that, igniting that in certain circumstances, criminal down. and also, if there's a legitimate, in code by its presence. so similarly, if you have a child in a car who is suffocating, you're entitled to break the window of that car. because your, you are essentially ensuring that child with hundreds of thousands of my countrymen and women who are deeply offended by the presence of this down to you
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and those like it. and it can be judged on a case by case basis. the king had acted for many years to try and have the statue removed and had been unable to do so because of the opposition of people who were essentially apologists for the slave trade. if my learned colleague thinks statues are such a good idea commemorating historically and let them put a stop you mostly, or hitler or close bobby on the streets of europe, they would not do so and they would be removed very quick. i'm just respond to that . andrea, i mean, the argument here is that, you know, they've tried for decades to try and get this removed by normal channels and we're, well, we met with sort of roadblocks every way they turned and they had no option. and what, what would you say to us the proper way to live property is through the ballot box systemic relax you for your democratic process. let's move
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to this post, this very silly, endangered dog. and you can take down and destroys statues. if you think they're offensive, basically you're putting the statute on, on trial here. but we use the same argument to be pro, moving, showing room start with which will, because slavery was endemic as part of the room. and in, and i'm again, slavery or any sort of obese of people. but this is just code to awfully long and it does get almost insight other rules, unless it can be corrected pretty quickly. where would you draw the line pays for pulling down a stat. she, i think every case has to be dealt with on a case by case basis on the ridiculous suggestion. the roman statues are somehow, i'm in danger because of this is absolutely ludicrous and under knows it very well . ill with it on a historical basis about what causes death offends now,
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not 2000 years ago, at the people's lives. emily of the descendants of people like myself who were traded for money and therefore the blood bristol white glove briskly plant at their mercy. this is know that in what it will, is it in future that a longer drag their feet. i agree, it would not necessarily be people to take the law into their own hands, but riots are the cry of the and heard this is an in just that has been top rated for far too long. and if it is not good enough to have his a picture of a swastika and adorned on any public building, they tell you k will not. then actually what you're doing by allowing the majors to be portrayed is perpetuating, hey prime, which should have gone long ago. and i do not want to go to bristol and have to see and walk up black boy hill as i did, knowing that it was my people that were traded to make profits are like halston.
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and finally, it more 1000 people been traded and arrived in the caribbean, at least 20 percent died on the middle passage in graphic circumstances. so let's remember who the real victims are and or just respond to that. i'm sorry. this is ridiculous. your chance to bring in politics into the room, the law of what would have been a simple damage. you could have applied the same principle to the statute. winston churchill, you know, we cannot have structures, root pulled down by more room, and then using some fancy new lead logged in to undermine the rule of law. and i think it's only like in the court of appeals, but look at this matter, not just on the whole way this map trial was conducted to stop all the future pieces taking place. and the, peter, i suppose, many people would argue, look, you know, you see this is a very important matter, but many people have many other causes. they say it's very important and what would
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stop them? now, removing statues, it will surely the needs to be a better process than this. he said, well, it may well the better process, but the fact is that the murder of george lloyd, the murder arabic, people, it directly is one which has generally been recognized. and so, if you look to the way in which history has to play out, are the british government tolerated the burning of the russian flag at the heights of the insurgency in the, in the invasion of afghanistan. political expediency means that the british government will not tolerate the examination of a swastika anywhere quite rightly in the united kingdom. and therefore, is our churchill should not be confused with this though. and he thinks that he did you per there were many things that he did what, which were not. it cannot be argued that the ps, the a presence of a statute of colston and other slave owners, adds anything to the culture,
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language, and expediency, and the political reputation of the united kingdom let him be consigned to museum. let people wish to go wished to see that. go and learn about the real cost of slavery in the museum. let's andrew go. if he hasn't been already to the slavery museum in liverpool, and he will learn very deeply just how, just how much farm and offenses as cause. so let you not dismiss my history, your history as part of the british empire, about what was the cause of this and what still lives. if you go to the caribbean today, you will still see the effects of that, the patch you ation of that injustice. shake your head as it will, but people here in the united kingdom, the streets of bristol and london off paved with the benefits of slavery to this day. so lest we not forget the benefits that britain has had from slavery and colonialism, this is only a very small car, let the right direction. and so it,
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in from that pay to letter and respond to that. and then the argument is, if enough people find something offensive, it should be removed, sir andrew, no, it be done. the league and programmatic mot rule can never the right to be above the rule of law and are terribly sorry to your putting politics way before the court of law. and that is grossly long, and i'm terribly sorry that is totally inappropriate. okay, and it is not laugh where t, peter, it's not politics. pop, fixed rules are past or a political purpose. generally speaking, the protection about lives, liberty, and property, which is to ensure the system of those who run and generally have the power in any country. so please don't play games and pretend that this is somehow not about law and politics are not intertwined. they have been and they always will be in finally, the decision even to prosecute was never in the public interest is a $14.00,
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and disgraceful waste of public funds. and the last 10 seconds t i'm always a will be above, the rule of law must be poor. that's the rich or poor, regardless of politics or your position. saudi. the rules law was that down and so with justice and we must have a proper investigation about the court appeal. okay, i'll thank you both. you've run at the time, but we appreciate your thoughts on it's not with the pizza her, but i'll be chair of the society of black lloyd's coming to live there from kenya and also andrew cur, the solicitor and former emmy pay for the west midlands in the u k, thanks very much. thank you for watching. just coming up to her. possibly moscow this saturday. we're back again at the top. ah . when i would show the wrong
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one, i'll just don't rule out the thing because the after an engagement equals the trail, when so many find themselves will depart. we choose to look for common ground in ah match kaiser. welcome to the kaiser report. max and stacy are in mexico and re heading south and we're getting closer and closer to the epicenter, the global center point now of the big coin revolution.
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stacy, right, you can see how we are in mexico because we have katrina, she's joined us. she's probably the most famous mexican, even more southern frida kahlo and she's everywhere. and we also have this octopus, i'm not sure with octopus this for, but i put it here because it's orange is colorful and it's orange ish. and of course, bitcoin is associated with the color orange, and that is in the 1st headline of this orthodox christian near. so we are celebrating that as well here on kaiser report. while we were gone, we saw this, what has been called by international organizations as the bitcoin experiment is nothing more than the world watching how mass adoption changes a country's economy. if it's for the good, it's game over for fia else.


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