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tv   Keiser Report  RT  January 8, 2022 11:30am-12:01pm EST

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growing debate about so called warrior cops, a term that i've heard in the militarization of police. this is an amber app vehicle we acquired through the 1033 program, very free program with the government program that funnels military property that is no longer use to local law enforcement with building an army over here. and i can't believe people aren't seeing those thing an agency all with cuz this began a feeling that hey, you have to deal with our practice. who you putting in the uniform of the beds is a powerful thing is from time is like money in play tricks and people mind they think they go bad. no is wolf is out the door very bad. john's work on the good news that you have job security because the world desperately needs which i think it ah,
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i max kaiser. welcome to the kaiser report. max and stacy are in mexico and re heading south and we're getting closer and closer to the epicenter. the global center point now of the big coin revolution. stacy? right. you could how we are in mexico because we have kathrine. she's joined us. she's probably the most famous mexican, even more so than frida kahlo. and she's everywhere. and we also have this octopus, i'm not sure with octopus this for, but i put it here because it's orange is colorful and is orange ish. and of course, bitcoin is associated with the color orange. and that is in the 1st headline of this orthodox christian near. so we are celebrating that as well here on kaiser report. while we were gone, we saw this,
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what has been called by international organizations. as the bitcoin experiment is nothing more than the world watching how mass adoption changes. a country's economy, if it's for the good, it's game over for fia, at el salvador is the spark that ignites the real revolution. that is from the president of our salvador president bu kelly. that's right, that's remarkable statement. similar to the boston tea party or the declaration of independence, a president of a country is essentially said that the fiano era is over and of course the fia euro is focused in the united states and the central bank in washington dc. this was no less the statement of revolution then was made against the english by the american colonies. oh, you know, 240 something years ago. here president buchanan is making a declaration of independence against the central bank, principally the united states of america and the u. s dollar and the great thing is
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it's, he's guaranteed to win because bitcoin is mathematically guaranteed to increase purchasing power overfeed in over gold. and theat money is mathematically guaranteed to lose purchasing power versus bitcoin. so he's won before he started. so this is going to be the shortest, a least violent and not should say no violent revolution in history game over for fia. of course, the 2nd wealthiest man here and mexico ricardo salinas plea ago, he agreed with them and retreated this and then said, and you know, it is game over for fiance by bit coin and get bit coin while you still can they. they then had a disagreement over whether or not it would be because he thought it would be the greatest thing. and ricardo salinas play go who we now we know his father very well . he disagreed and said that the end of fiano would be not so nice. she watched that film, the exorcist, he shows up and the to get the devil out of linda blair. there's
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a lot of projectile vomiting. there's a lot of levitation. the bed is shaking. her eye balls are spinning around her head is spinning, right? so eventually the extra system has finished. now, a big coin is the exorcism of the us dollar from the body of the global economics system. and of course, there will be some projectile vomiting by economist and by, you know, at like paul crude men, his handle start spinning on his head. the, i'm math there handle start spinning christine, the guard will just vomit. you know, projectile vomiting them. no, it can't be happening, but it's up and baby is happening. and guess what? i see up money is debtor deader than the ghost. living in your decrepit, ungodly, sole, hurry. actually this wasn't intended but it makes sense that we have katrina here. who is part of the dead. obviously dead. she doesn't mind being dead. she celebrates being dead. and this is like the vampire squid. that is the us dollar
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and all of the banking system around it. so this is why we have this here where it wasn't intended, but that is obviously what was speaking to are retroactively placing significance and context to the prompts on the set. based on the script as it unfolds in real time, is that even allowed what say what? now, this is ave sleigh matt tybee, he finally crossed over. he's now squared himself. right. you know, speaking of real time, so while we've been here traveling through mexico during christmas, one thing that happened was, you know, there's the vampire squared of the u. s. empire and the u. s. dollar debt, empire, dad's and all that stuff is that a remarkable thing happened, which was that the u. s. issued a $5000000.00 balance on the head of each of 4 of the funds of l chaco.
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which obviously is kind of interfering and they do take the politics of the situation here. of course i am low, the president of mexico was not happy with that, but i tweeted this about that. who knows who charlie did that day. so pro b o shaka la, i had said am, lo should sound the better ollie's to arrest the sackler family. because of course, also during christmas we learned that 100000 americans died of overdose in the past 12 months. and also for the past 12 months, the number one cause of death for 18 to 45 year old americans was overdose. the number 2 with suicide, but overdose the number one. so that would be the equivalent of analog saying i'm going to go arrest the sackler family because you won't. so i'll do it. no, i was mamma put a bounty on the heads of the sack of the family in the united states. they're responsible in admitted they are involved in a court case and they got to pay
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a fine as i recall now without admitting denying or admitting culpability is $1.00 of those special deals like wall street where you get to keep $0.95 of every dollar you steal, they've got to walk away from $100000.00 corpses last year and pay a small fine and keep the rest. and i think am i would be great if he could put out a bounty on the heads of the sac or family. you know, a few other people on the jug trade in america that would be great of amwell would put a bounty on the hands of those people. and why stop at 5000000, make it 10000000, make a 20000000. let's get some incentive ization. it's all about incentives, show me the incentive and i'll show you the outcome or get charlie monger in is the you though big safari suit will beast ha stopping the sackler family with a bazooka. trying to make an extra $5000000.00 to add to it. the other trillion dollars you made illegally unlawfully him the unceremoniously, i should say, because he's going to be joining our friend very with i might add over christmas as well. there was
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a story that there's one of the sackler families is like dame somebody, and they're trying to remove her title, honorary title probably in the united kingdom. but another spoonful of your own chocolate that i am low, could tell the i it says as it were a here in mexico, silver, silver production is a very important part of the economy. and in fact, mexico is by far the number one producer of silver. so i also suggested to am lo, m lo should also offer a reward for the arrest of jamie diamond for j. p. morgan's role and manipulating silver prices. the department of justice allowed diamond to pay a small fine for the bank's role in a 12 year manipulation scheme. silver is an important industry. the mexico diamond should be tried in mexico. so just like the u. s. a sang the sons of, of al chapo should be tried in america, and that's why we put
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a bounty on them and we want them arrested and extradited to the united states. forgetting the fact that, of course, amola would need to approve the extradition. but nevertheless, here it just this past summer, just a few months ago, the united states department of justice allowed j. p. morgan to get away with yet another silver manipulation scheme. and they paid the largest fine in history regarding precious metals, manipulation. that was a $1000000000.00 is passed, taking pesos directly out of the pockets of millions of mexicans. so you have the 4 sons of al chapa. they've got a price on their head. thanks. the u. s. department of justice presumably because they think that america is the a beneficiary or i should say, the victim of the drug trade of which they are apart. um, and of course you can dig into the details of that and you could understand the long history of this cia, the role and perpetrating that drug trade. but putting that aside for 2nd,
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the tit for tat here, as you point out is that am law. should say, hey, jamie diamond sobers are big industry here. you've been caught now manipulating the price, the silver and other precious metals. and of course, rigging, markets, and pain. again, that unique deferred prosecution agreement with america, the out walden defense. i held that gun. i pulled the trigger, she's dead, but i don't know how it happened. that's the jamie diamond defense woke. am well, should say, you know what? let's put a bounty on your head, jamie diamond, because you've totally destroying our economy. that that's the quid pro quo. this is not being glib, this is not being trying to be amusing for folks on t v. this is the god honest way to implore justice if you believe in the bible, if you believe in god and i know in mexico in america, americans got evangelicals. catholicism is big in mexico. do you believe in god and justice and put down these bounties today? it's an eye for an eye. well, of course, these are boundaries for the arrest of these people, these individuals and whether or not, i mean, the mexican military tried to arrest
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a few years ago, maybe a year or 2 ago, the sons of, of al chapo and were met with a military force there, i don't think a jamie diamond would be as difficult, but in terms of whether not this is a, you know, an eye for an eye or a taste of your own medicine. a teaspoon of your own chocolate. there is another sort of bizarre story that also happened while we have been traveling through mexico and that is from the united states where the, this spoonful is little spoonful of chocolate of toxic chocolate is the money printing that has been going on. right? and all the money printing is what it has caused is kind of like a proof of fake system. so those who own the most equity, those who mine own the most assets are the super wealthy. they're the bezos and ilan masks of the world. so in, during this time,
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whereby the u. s. is lecturing everybody else in the world. what we thought was a sitting senator, a very powerful sen. elizabeth warren used facebook, facebook where she is trying to regulate and say that, you know, basically a government oversight body should determine who, what citizen should be allowed to even place them out or post anything on facebook . she uses that to post them hate speech against elan moss, who she's angry with because he's worth something like $250000000000.00 more over the past 2 years. because of all of her money printing. all the stimulus checks all the inflation that's cause is causing his well to go up. so the irony of elizabeth worn paying facebook to post hate speech here are 6 facebook ads that senator warren is running against. eli moss calling you on a whining baby, and scared the ad read even mosque is whining like a baby with millions of twitter followers. he must be scared because he knows what
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every other billionaire in america does. and that he's been free loading off of working people and that i won't back down from a fight. will you chip in $10.00 to help warn democrats? pass a wealth tax, keep the one percent in check and fight for working people. she's the vampire squid. she is the vampire a square. this is mike, remarkable. like. ok, elan mosque was worth $40000000000.00 before the pandemic after. warn't elizabeth warren got involved. he's worth $300000000000.00. is like, it's her fault that he's worth $300000000000.00 and now she's angry. the same thing with happened with mexico. it's all the demand for these narcotics are from americans. the americans are the ones demanding it and the, they're the ones like, hey, we're going to come last year. people were going to come arrest your citizens for providing all of these drugs that americans are demanding. so, you know,
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where is the justice and that i have no idea on the analysts, but dorn says things and attacks americas entrepreneurs and ways that are unconscionably stupid. and i'm surprised that she has any political career whatsoever. but america seems to thrive on this kind of again, the alcohol defense for we shoot people in the facebook we that we claim we have no idea where the boats came from. so elizabeth warren saying, we print money by the trillions and made allow these billionaires hundreds of billions of dollars since the pandemic. and we have no idea where the 1000000000 turn trillions came from. even though we're the ones that proved to demonte elizabeth, when you snarl the flatulence that you just farted, that's your own fart. ok, we're on such a moron. man. i feel bad for my country. okay, we're going to take a break. and when we come back, much more coming your way, ah,
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it say it has to be rich to be able to afford enzyme. and fun is luxury good for sure. despite having the most expensive health care system in the world, we have poor life expectancy. we have higher infant mortality, we have more deaths from treatable causes. so americans are suffering every day from it. it says if these people don't count i saw how they can choose their customers and dump the sick so also satisfy their wall street investors. no parents should have to see what i saw. so if you're denying payment for someone's care, your make life and death decisions and determine to get to with the 10 who dies to
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me that's best getting away with murder. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy confrontation, let it be an arms race is on a fence, very dramatic and development only personally and getting to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very critical time time to sit down and talk the me welcome back to the kaiser report. i max kaiser time now to turn to hose de rodriguez our land formerly a bit. so welcome back. well, thank you very much for having me for i think it's my 7th them with you. yeah, you have,
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i guess you got your finger on the pulse in mexico or latin america. they were just in the great event down in el salvador lab because that was your to take away from that you get the impression. i mean, it's one of my favorite events in the world. i mean, for everyone that's in the us, north america, europe, you have to come to come to the latin american beacon conference besides getting greater speakers. it's also like all this experience coming and getting to know countries that you would normally not go like this time. it was and then fell out and well with talent landon with blood. and then we help robert for who's been good, for instance, various years being coordinators of the event. and we also the, the live streaming. so we use all the channels of land to get a bigger reach. so we reached over 300000 people. wow. now the big story, of course, is that the president of el salvador, ny kelly may be going legal tender. not long ago, off a firestorm. all over latin america got
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a lot of attention from central banks around the world is just the beginning of a revolution. what's going on? well, at least for the country, it's one of the biggest revolutions economic whites. they have had the biggest growth in their history over 10 percent of economic growth. i mean, in mexico, that hasn't happened since $950.00, which is amazing. and also what is going on with besides being legal tender is that they're welcoming all this different country over different people, companies and investors to come in and to have advantages of coming to and sell. so many companies are going over there investing and even opening their headquarters, which is great. so they're going to have all this innovation, investment, economic development, and technological development that we're not seeing in many parts of the world. what we're seeing in other parts of the world and most of the world is this huge resistance against this technology. right now. we know each other a long time and we both came out of banking and finance. and when i saw the plans
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for the volcano bond sampson mouse over black, same kind of the architect of these volcano bonds, 50 percent bitcoin, 50 percent infrastructure span. and you mentioned 10 percent growth rate for the country. i mean, why can't this country growth 20 percent next year? it will, i mean, on the other side, instead of whether it is one of the smallest economies, some populations not only in the whole american continent, but also in central america. so if this trend continues, you're going to see this growth being the biggest and in the region and, and probably in the world. and also the economic and social development that we're, that they're going to have. i mean, all this style in all this greenfield for a company, some for people to go over there and innovate and to do everything that they're having trouble with regulators or banks or with different people that have interest of not making this work. because also instead of, i've already going to have the best financial system in the world because they have
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the best financial system and they have the best currency, which is going to build the city, which is no income tax. capital gains, tax payroll tax is going to be a value added tax. it's going to be like, you can, i'm a 3 down essentially you're making a t m, between a camp in el salvador say creating jobs. yes. so one of the venture that i've had since 6 months ago was going with a good friend there, a grill from chain by and we opened the factory over there actually, and the company and we started experimenting this was way before all was just a lot pass so there was way before the tax exemptions and everything, but it was a very sort of thing experiment to see how we could migrate. he's production from china to inside about and right. know there are better conditions for companies to go. and besides that, i mean the, the, all the ministers, i mean, the minister of investment by nancy, know, me tourism culture. i've met with all of them since they arrived over there. and they have been so open and welcoming not only to me,
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but to invest some people that are interesting and coming to and federal, and also investing and coming to their country. and what they say is that before, because many people that are going right now, not only to invest, but i stories we have never considered going over to big going in. it's great. you have to go, you can pay your breakfast. and then if with, with bitco and network in seconds, no charge backs like would be the mastercard. wow. what we've been saying about big going for years is happening because speculated what country would be 1st to adopt a legal standard, l 5, it was nobody's bingo car. yeah. but with the jelly in charge, you know, he really saw the potential of this all talk about mexico per 2nd. you know, i remember talking to ricardo salinas about the coin 7 or 8 years ago. he was a skeptic at that time. i finally got him, aren't pilled him over, took a few years, but now his company electron is going to be accepting bitcoin. there are some,
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something like the wal mart will of mexico. how big is that? he's one of the biggest retail stores, not only in mexico, but i know that in america, and he's no accepting payments with big going to started recently. but also something interesting that he's doing is giving some attractive discounts. if you pay with people have asked him if they're, if he's going to keep some be going in the balance sheet, he said yes, which will also be interesting because he personally has, i had the opportunity to interview him in june 2021 and see his perspective about bitcoin and how he sees is that as a better, better sion of money and investment as, as the only investment. you have something really funny that he told me that i asked him, what if you were to travel 30 years in the future? what money would you take? and he said, no thinking it's worthless and even more right now because all the money that is being printed, not only let them america, not only in africa, but in the united states, made that comment something to the order of those think that i noticed that these
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roll leaders with good coin as their base currency. read a speak more openly because it's the politicized. forget about the piano size, but there's a lot of politics that gets intermediate out of existence when you have money. that is, incorruptible, it filters up to a government that are equally incorruptible. is that true? yes, of course is something that's very unfortunate that we have live over the ages in that in america is that quality assurance girl petitions grew up. central bankers get their dirty hands, insides, monetary, policy, inflation, money, printing, and harm that population. you have seen this huge inflation and it's huge evaluations, for example. what is happening recently in argentina? what has happened in venezuela? you have also had that all over that in america, that is because there is this intersection between politics and economy in which there are conflict of interest because one wants to continue printing wants to
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continue doing budget wants to continue having budget for his buddies, political parties etc, and on the other side, you have to be responsible with people's money because what's happening, what's what we're seeing right now in the states and mexico and various countries. your money is going to be worth 5 percent, 10 percent, 20 percent less in the year. and you're going to be having to earn more or make more just to have the same worth of your money right down a republic, if the cation of north america is going to be shocking to a lot of people. whereas countries are rejecting the hyper inflation and also it's interesting to see a lot of the corruption, one associates. we're glad america we nasty and washington state politicians like nancy closely openly, corruptly trading information and robbing and public coppers is right shocking. but everyone loves it. so let's talk about your role bitcoin in terms of mexico. tell us about your events built around educating the people. you get tens of thousands
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of people coming to your events. the talent. tell us about more about it. well, actually 2022 is going to be my 10 year. no in bit going i knew about bit going around the time that you did, but i didn't started investing or getting the guards being an entropy nor so next year is going to be actually my 10th year that i started and started doing this for time. and something that i started doing things since i began here was creating not only companies and not only different opportunities, but also creating community. so that has been part of my, my, my road and right now, like you said, i'm, i'm part of talent, which is the biggest science innovation business event in latin america in spanish . when a less physical event we had $62000.00. and right now, in an online events, we have had over 3000000 people online looking at our events. that's why we did this partnership. so we did, we did the streaming because we have been very successful in doing massive events.
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and in this massive events, i run the blushing part, but we also have the developer business gaming. so all the different things. so people can start kids, teenagers, grownups to entropy, north getting to know about all of this different technologies and themes that are going on around the world and well with the speakers know of course, max and stacy having there. so has the, was in the act around the super berg. we had edward snowden, so we have some great speakers over there. so i'm going to be back last america to go pick point legal standard. after all, salvador made the 1st move i was expecting ever since the been take left for it to be mexico. unfortunately, that is a bad that they're not interested right now in the government. i see a lot of interest in, by the way. they're moving around with their politicians. i see also some interest in other central american countries now that they're seeing the success in the federal or what, for example, they're, they're,
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they're very good. every immigration from other latin american countries in el salvador, based on the big coin standard being adopted there. and what these countries need to make the point legal center to stop people from leaving guatemala and other countries going out. that's very, that's funny. like the things that happened with mexico, that more us people are coming to mexico than the other way around is going to happen to many people from the united states, from europe, from all over in america, are going to go there. and instead of trying to flee over to the united states, they're going to go to the big country. they're going to go through the be can nation, which is having this economic growth business opportunities, job opportunities that you're not going to, you're not seeing elsewhere. and because headquarters moving from all over the world until instead of either because of all this tax and business pro tax and pro business policies, you're going to see more good employment coming to instead of other people going to instead of other looking for those jobs. and the quality of life is static surfing
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and everything. it's kind of like the coin. paradise. alright. rodriguez. thanks for being a cause report for some time. thank you very much for having me again and great to have a here in mexico and hope to see you again many, many more time. absolutely, and i'm gonna do addition of kaiser par with me. my guys are taking over it again. thanks to get a rodriguez until next time by me . oh, this isn't an often it oh, even to see children have been cared for at the fountains house. oh papa blue, i have come about my much mamma a much and he's got a nice many goals. michelle,
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in the middle of the issue. oh gosh, i mean is violet. my mom is violet that dana mom of yes, my city with me. okay. allow me to book a book. i love you for a loaner, you will our lunch me a lunch. you can only, you know, some young in the description a shuttle. i can redeem your theme. i mean,
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i mean with driving in the city of alma, perhaps the most dangerous area in god bless dog. tonight is violet rages across kazakhstan. we report for the country's largest, 50 or 40, say they've arrested 4000 people, and tara charges, including foreign nationals, more peacekeepers arriving from russia to help restore order to make tie pushes back against washington's remarks. the russian pc was will never leave because it's god to the foreign ministry pointing out the neighboring countries. strong military alliance and traditional tied and anger rubs new copays restrictions in europe to gas and buttons have been deployed in paris on days. unrest in germany and austria to.


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