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tv   News  RT  January 8, 2022 3:00pm-3:30pm EST

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oh, hundreds upon a 100 more peacekeepers, all right. then the cat's dog. every single day to night, his violent rages across kazakhstan, we report for the country's largest city authority, say they've arrested 4000 people on her charges, including foreign nationals, peacekeepers arriving from russia to help restore order. meantime, moscow pushes back against washington's remarks that russian peacekeepers won't ever leave cousin. start with the foreign ministry pointing out the neighboring country, strong military lines and traditional ty, ah, the anger erupt said new code restrictions in europe. tear gas and patterns have been deployed in paris and was unrest in germany and austria this evening to
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ah, by the evergreen show, this is alex international world news and 11 from oscar with me, kevin o in our top story then, and development to sort of been talked about so all evening recovering what's happening in central asia. a news 1st from al mattie and kaz extend an update on the developing story. we're a freelance reporter working for our tea is now been released. we can tell you in the last hour or so. he's been detained earlier by the army, while our tv crew was covering the unrest that's been taking place there over the last few days. that's the latest development on that one. but meantime, the bigger picture has like authority, say they've arrested 4000. the suspects on terrorism charges, they say many appeared to be foreign nationals, soldiers and police continue to patrol the streets and they've taken back control of key infrastructure facilities. there's been chaos in cassock stands, largest city are matter for days with riots is looting, stores and setting fire. the government buildings. many of them carrying firearms
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in response present to kayak was issued in order to use live fire against suspected terrorists without warning. a conflict official telling us one child cold in the violence has died from a gunshot wound and another is said to be in a critical condition. it's reported dozens of people, including at least 18 police officers have been killed because it sounds national security committee and data already published a list of 7 offices who they say died as a result of the unrest. the president's declared defense, john, here is a national day of mourning. we spoke to to a man who lost his suddenly was serving the national guard. seems he fell under a truck, driven by riotous. suitable good. we've been planning to welcome him home and then there's a drug out of nowhere which is very, very hard for a father to verizon. i was the people of catholics to come down. we are losing our children to
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a local reporter now to describe the scene and the fears of the people in that city . i'm not sure what your question company the office of on tv company is located in the very, at the center of the right. right in front of the office entrance, we found a body of murdered young man when he just 25 years old for them when we started filming, and at a distance of 50 to 70 meters, 3 service came up to us and started shouting. we'll be told we can get what they had. weapons which they pointed to tony lashley, i raise my hands, showed my press id when it started shouting that we with the press that they were shoot. i'm standing with a low at their weapons only when they came very close to us and saw that we would journalists, we can say that we are likely to because a few days ago, a call with journalists shall hear. the driver was killed and the cameraman was seriously injured. the situation is still extremely would be in the highest paralyzed and destroyed administrative buildings and the tv companies were not
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a single shopping center remain the time they were routed and a lot of small businesses were affected. shops and banks. there is traffic in the city that we're doing as people are already running out to the public to buy any of the big rush points of confrontation with heels layer periodically and burn landon threatened throughout the nation. there are places where human bodies have not yet been removed. the peaceful protest over social issues was simply hijacked and the 1st wave protested was absolutely peaceful. they was simply trying to convey the demand. then a 2nd way began with extremist mash burn on the tank, representatives of power structures, grabbing this colossal material damage to the city, and it's in the truck. how long will it take to recover? how much money will be required? well, on the money coming on, how will people live through? these are very urgent question now. several nearby countries including neighboring russia, have sent in more than 3000 peace keepers of part of
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a long standing military alliance and follows the request and the contact president for assistance and restore in order on command to discard the mission for us. when we arrived in the republic of kazakhstan, deploy to be signed area received in order to protect and defend vital state facility on your quality. other issue, i had orders to protect the almighty airport. we successfully accomplish that set about post. a watch is being conducted 24 hours a day, or every day he's markedly busier than the last. hundreds upon a 100. more peacekeepers are arriving to cats, dog. every single day arriving our troops. peacekeepers have taken over security at by the strategic infrastructure side such as the power stations, such as government offices, military base is a and the likes which freeze up as
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a study troops. our troops of the catholic star military to go about restoring order in the areas where there were riots where there was looting, where the were marauders all and all. there were 30 flights yesterday. there were, there are 50 glad for just today. and they sick devotee is ramping up. who's and it isn't just russian peacekeepers. all members of the she is to you on said
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kazakhstan school for help salarous patricky stun steel. gaston and armenia seize our newly arrived armenian troops. peacekeepers who have also come to the cows or stud a detachment about a 100 people have been said as part of the request by the kaiser side. he government, full members of the collective security for your could i say that you're probably the same of that of other people's mostly guarding various sites. get free up. does a study through the go about law enforcement, which is desperately needed about 4000 people, right. has been awarded, suspects have already been arrested. mike has a funny police and the military and they faith have descended his up to life imprisonment, riots, arson, theft and mugging. have ground the city of alma t to
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a halt. civilians are urged to stay indoors away from windows is cather forces restore order and contain bandits and terrorists as they cool bluetooth. even the airport isn't entirely safe to that. then there are endless drills exercises for every situation. security situation in alma to near the airport still precarious trooper arriving by the day they're being drilled, exercising regularly, to prevent infiltration of whatever they are guarding, but by om gangs, or all, mobs, who have seized weapons from various military arsenals. they're also practicing finding any potential infiltrate infiltrators and containing them. the presence of c, s. u forces in kazakhstan is temporary, some say a month, some say to,
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but talk of pulling out now is premature. has so much to be done. like whether these cuba isn't easy, especially the 1st few days can be, could be rough. the endless patrols are not enough supplies in a crazy amount of work to be done a position to be made secure. but as things stand, that order is slowly returning to our marquee, and there is confidence that the unrest that has gripped the cadre can be bought for hide very soon as he corresponded there. but in reaction abroad to the deployment, the u. s. secret estate phase, it will now be difficult. he said to get russian peacekeepers to leave cause extern with more that side of it, and overnight developments on the ground. he goes down off reporting from the cause that capital, while the country he is still reeling from the consequences of some very violent
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protests, which mostly engulfed the largest city and the former capital over al marti. basically, their protest very quickly escalated into marauding into even terrorist attacks. in fact, the government is talking about 6 wave of those as it is right now in the middle of an anti terror operation. as a result of 4000 people have been detained because the government's response has been quite heavy handed as well. and there are dozens of dead dozens of killed people on both sides as a result. now, helping out the catholic authorities here is a, more than $3000.00 strong peacekeeping force in international one operating under the umbrella of the collective security treaty organization, a military alliance that includes kazakhstan, russia, and some 4 other posts of yet. now nations. and well, this international peacekeeping presence had caught the eye of the united states secretary of state antony blinking. ah, has singled out russia and voiced following concerns about russian troops present
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in cassock stand. it would seem to me that are the cassock authorities and government certainly have a capacity to deal appropriately or with her with protests or to do so in a way that respects the rights of protesters while maintaining order. so it's not clear why they feel the need for any outside assistance. so we're trying to learn more about it. i think one lesson recent history is that her, once are russians are in your house, sometimes very difficult to get them to leave. russia has already denounced such claims spokeswoman for the russian foreign minister humour as a heart of i has said that such presence such peacekeeping presence, bead russia's or any other country that is part of the collective security feed organization. basically, it is legitimate, especially given that cassock stand requested the aid officially, u. s. secretary of state and blinkin has in a typically boorish manner,
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jokes about the tragic events in kazakhstan, if antony blank and loves history lessons so much, then let him keep in mind the following. when there are americans in your house, it can be difficult to stay alive that low not be robbed or raped native americans, koreans, vietnamese iraqis, panamanians, yugoslavs, libyans, syrians, and many other unfortunate people can say a lot about this. while the president of kazakhstan to kai of he has admitted effectively that the country security forces will most likely be unable to contain this absolute security fall out. and that's why he reached out officially to his allies. in fact, the estimate that the president has given as to how many terrorists are in kaz, extend right now, or at least how many were here about 2 days ago. his estimate was 20000 people. again, that's according to the president. but he has said that basically their response will be very hard line. they were beating and killing policemen and young soldiers
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pulling fire had administers of buildings, looting private premises and shops, killing secular citizens raping young women. in my basic view, no talks with the terrorists. we must kill them while we're still hearing reports of gunfire coming out of the city of al marty as the anti terrorist operation is still ongoing them. but at the same time, little by little, we're also getting reports that order is being restored there. he goes down off reporting a former us marine corps intelligence officer, scott ritter, spoke to us, explained a bit more to us about why he thinks the u. s. isn't that kills moment that to russian peacekeepers are in kazakhstan, it's pure hypocrisy, but it's so par for the course when it comes to not just the biden administration, but frankly, speaking, any american administration in the post cold war era, the united states continues to be a bitter bad term, somebody like vladimir putin took over from a person like boris yeltsin. i mean,
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the 1990 s, where the ideal for the united states, a compliant russia was replaced by, you know, a stronger leader who sought to assert her. you know, russian saburd to either can be no doubt to what russia's doing. because extend today is lawful it's part of a treaty relationship. they were requested to intervene and they are doing so effectively. a lot becomes clarity when we bring in the map. kazakhstan is the biggest of the former soviet republics and central asia. and it shows massive long borders with russia and china to the protest began as a response to rising fuel prices in hub south western industrial city, but quickly spread reportedly driven by simmering discontent over economic policies . main time merchant just being upside sir on a holiday, and all of a sudden you get caught up in this case, well, case employee 25 russians who was stuck in kazakhstan off the commercial flights, were canceled because of the riot, say they off, they've been evacuated, by military aircraft to moscow, the terrace visiting new years holidays going about the business requested help
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from the russian peacekeepers to be taken back home again and quickly. one of the back to he shed his story with we came here to ski during the new years. holidays and then this terrible incident happened on those them now were being evacuated by the military because apparently there isn't another way i'm really thankful for the welcome ordinate work of our military guy to rescue for taking us out of this terrible situation. thank you very much. not willing, we'll get home last because i'm going to rather scary and difficulty than resting cousin on initially emerged over sharp rise and fuel prices, but quickly evolved as a singular into broader anti government protests. we discussed the crisis and sub that's than what caused it with joe political experts. the reasons for these kinds of riots. well, they kind of destruction, could not be purely economic. and also let me tell you that because i start is a relatively reach nation mostly. thanks to the natural resources, some things to that industrial base that had been created. so the reasons i think
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were political because certain class, southern forces inside the country felt themselves under represented. and obviously, very quickly, the products which were peaceful in the beginning, but hijacked by the forces, which was the political power in the country. the protest do look coordinated, you know, when you go after a tv station, you go after a report that's out of the playbook, isn't it? of the revolution, but there is no obvious leader, can an uprising achieve anything without a clear sense of direction? no, it couldn't. you do need to lead? i think it's quite interesting covers is about protesting fuel cap. and these moves that we do see, as you said, passing revolution, taking of the television station, the airport burning down, certainly government buildings and certainly as you said, the degree of violence, this is more than just as simple protests against
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a government or against or against policy this is working with it's far more serious than the context. unsure is an 1800 kilometer border with china is beijing worried about any potential spillover, especially in mission. jung province of the metal, but apart from oil, which china imported a lot of oil focused on exposure from took them is on. and also in recent years, china, a lot of cold from custody. i think in terms of energy security, castanan is actually extremely important to china. let alone we talk about the one bed one know initiative, which is actually cost on is center of the whole thing. yeah. so, so this is in terms of the teacher politics, a streaming important to china. and i don't think i would just let us stand one on this own. we need stability in my area or it's, it's actually part of much,
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you know, you only have to look it stunned neighbors, you know, the like, so i was becky stuff there. so the neighbors upcoming stuff that's an unstable regime. we need stability in that region. we see how important it is to have an ally like russia and we have an organization like collective security figure when i was agency s t o to help us down in this very difficult time. now we're late to is saying that all still is a bunch and beyond its way, they have no right to and that kind of stuff. we want information about that. well, still has been suggesting corporation to nato since they can link it to c. c still was found it and they don't just didn't recognize still the western but it said that they don't see this as they need you to ment, organization. they didn't want to talk to c. s, you'll so the west or because it sales to blame for not having the information all
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the information was available and, and he's available exactly. 19 pass the still ahead going soft on crime gets new york's new district attorney accused to play. the woke up and leaving people to my c criminals, the saying that sorry more here as our international will these 11 continues with me, kevin allen, very soon. ah ah ah, ah.
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ah. max and stacy are in mexico and re heading south and we're getting closer and closer to the tampa center. the global sensor point now of the big coin rebel lucy, join me every thursday on the alex salmon. sure. but i'll be speaking to guess from the world of politics, sport business, i'm sure business. i'll see you then. ah, she's art international. so the prospect of mandatory covert vaccine passports is outrage. thousands in paris this weekend. protests are broken out and there are
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scuffles with police. they've been using battens and tear gas to try to break up the crowds. oh hm. mm hm. ah. well as many as 50000 people took to the streets of france on saturday in paris, niece and abbey, none to protest against the covert pass, though seems turned violent with police using tear gas and battens against the crowd. now this was despite the fact that on monday, as many as 400000 people in france tested positive,
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it comes that the french president emanuel micron used vulgar language against unvaccinated people. his comments were declined across the country and across the political spectrum. and he made them as the national assembly debated a law how and whether or not to ban unvaccinated people from much of public life. it seems as if that will be introduced in the coming days. we've seen similar types of protests happening across europe in vienna. there was fumes, there was a noise, lot of noise, as people protested against new restrictions and against a mandatory vaccination. while helen, germany, the most violent protest took place in mud de berg way. thousands of people took to the streets they classed with police who used to tear gas and battens system of most violent scenes coming out from there in germany on saturday. they were also protests in several other cities including the capital, berlin. at the same time,
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the german hotel and restaurant association has said that these latest rules and regulations regarding covert are a disaster for businesses, particularly for those businesses that rely on in customers. and they've urged the government to provide some kind of assistance. this comes as the world health organization saying that although the new variant only kron is not as severe as the delta vary and was particularly and people who have been vaccinated, there is no way that it can be classified as mold. just like previous variance, omicron is hospitalized people and it is killing people. in fact, the soon army of cases is so huge and quick that it is overwhelming health systems around the world. it is expected that there will be more protests in the coming days. as you append need is continued to introduce new laws and restrictions to try and cook the spread of covered
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w e more trouble for new york's latest district attorney is lay to story already in hot water. after laying out his time, some serious crime of the bride claims, his policies will prevent people being locked up necessarily. those will be the best intentions under his watch. armed robbers will only face, for instance, misdemeanor charge if they didn't pose a genuine risk of harm. and will face just one year in prison at the most drug dealers also avoid serious charges. and certain crimes like possessing marijuana prostitution resisting arrest will no longer be prosecuted. the plans, though, as said, were the best intentions of spoke to the massive backlash. online withers need to protect the vulnerable, defend victims and prosecute the criminals who leave residents unsafe. this is not progress from manhattan. liberals need to awaken to the leftist agenda and stop voting their way. when they see the havoc and destruction that low da's like calvin
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brag, bring to that communities. hopefully they'll finally learn, and hopefully before it's too late. more like justice for nobody. you clearly don't give a damn about the people who will be victimized by your policies. as long as you get to a pair woke, being woke is not a virtue. i work in that cesspool, and i can tell you the anxiety i have every day traveling to and from work. new york city is not a safe place. politicians are playing, walk politics with our lives, if only they reap the benefits of the policies they enact. if only if only were the change comes despite new york, experiencing a crime wave last year, looked at the stat murders up 4 percent, almost $500.00 robberies. also about 5 percent. just under 14000 serious assaults, up 10 percent to new york police sergeant's got a job with his hands z gar, come told us that although the numbers will go down, he thinks with these new policies,
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people living in that city are not gonna feel safe at all, i think has got immediate disastrous potential. i mean, the scene voted for a new mayor who said that he was going to be all about law and order, but then voted in this da, who basically from old out window and said, you know what, i just, you know, i'm gonna be woke. i'm going to coddle criminals. i'm going to decriminalize everything in terms of fairness. that's not the answer. people don't feel safe. people want criminals walked up. people want to be able to walk in the times square and feel safe and go invite their family coming in toward new york city and feel safe and with these policies. i don't know how they're gonna feel safe at all. do you criminalizing everything isn't gonna make the streets safer? up here, your numbers will go down because there'll be less arrests, but people know how they feel. and you know, you can't just watch the numbers and all the sudden, miraculously, everybody feels okay. know people who have their eyes open, they, they see what's going on in the subways in their writing, and they understand what's going on. and that sounds international. well,
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these are the 11 live for moscow with may kevin. oh and thanks so much for checking in this weekend. hope it's going good for you for me and the team. very good evening. ah. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy confrontation, let it be an arms race is on offense, bearing dramatic development only personally and getting to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successfully, very difficult time. time to sit down and talk. this isn't an open it. oh, even susie children have been cared for at the finance house. i give them a court take my,
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my mom with i cindy skirts a nice many goals which only build the issue. ah, no man is violet mom. always violet, but the on a mom of yes. my city with me. okay. allow me to book a book. i bought you for obama. you will. i will love me of it. no, i knew the challenge. i can only, you know, some young and the description on on shows i can learn to deal with. i
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sure. ah, i max kaiser. welcome to the kaiser report. max and stacy are in mexico and re heading south and we're getting closer and closer to the epicenter, the global center point now of the big coin revolution. stacy, right, you can see how we are in mexico because we have cut stream. she's joined us. she's probably the most famous mexican, even more so than frida kahlo and she's everywhere. and we also have this octopus, i'm not sure with octopuses for, but i, i put it here because it's orange is colorful and is orange ish. and of course,
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bitcoin is associated with the color orange, and that is in the 1st headline of this orthodox christian near. so we are celebrating that as well here on kaiser report. while we were gone, we saw this, what has been called by international organizations as the bitcoin experiment is nothing more than the world watching how mass adoption changes a country's economy. if it's for the good, it's game over for fiano, el salvador is the spark that ignites the real revolution. that is from the president of our salvador president mckelly. that's right, that's remarkable statement. similar to the boston tea party or the declaration of independence, a president of a country is essentially said that the theat era is over. and of course the fear euro is focused in the united states and the.


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