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tv   Redacted Tonight  RT  January 8, 2022 9:30pm-10:01pm EST

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me leverage of the $1000000.00. i just blow me a $1000000.00 and then the pies, the limit. that's our motto. but all of our individual problems eventually come back to the market economy. that is put profit for a lead number of rich holes above life, liberty, happiness, the natural world. fame free law vandals, and downloading buddy whites consciousness into theory so that we could all enjoy her lovable humor for the rest of time. even when we don't think our phone is even listening to us, why does that not happened yet? so here's a quick refresher on capitalism. you will be clear quiz at the end of this and know, sleeping with your teacher will not get you a good grade, but it couldn't hurt what we call capitalism. got it, start in the middle ages before that most markets operated through the barter system, exchanging goods and services for other goods and services. i gave you a chicken, you'll give me a low for bread or a bucket, a mel correct. or
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a bit of advice on how to cure that rash and indoor early edible trauma. you get the idea as the book team human by douglas rush, coff points out. the mores invented grain receipts in which someone could bring bags of grain to the grain store and get a receipt that they could use wherever, whenever they wanted this economy distributed wealth so well that many former peasants rose to become the new merchant middle class. they worked for themselves fewer days per week with greater profits and in better health. so the powerful lead came up with 2 ways to stop this upward mobility. the feudal lords invented the charter monopoly, which made it illegal for anyone to do business in a sector without an official charger from the king. these charters bestowed to the lead by the king ultimately became what we call corporations, amazon, microsoft,
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katy bank, chevron squatting potty. the other new rule they invented was that the only currency that could be used was the central currency market money was declared illegal. it's used was punishable by death. people who wanted to transact had to borrow money from the central treasury at interest. the new centralized money meant that not only could the central power the aristocracy stop people from becoming rich if they still decided. they also made money for themselves simply by being in charge of money. the result was the end to a great deal of upward mobility. the local markets collapsed and it created a need for infinite growth, which is what is destroying the planet. right? this very minute. there are few things that grow forever except for cancer,
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the universe and shaquille o'neil's head. however, in those cases, the growth ultimately kills the host, cancer kills the person. jack's head will eventually pop and infinite expansion will make a universe that is cold dead, a waste the land, like my ex girlfriend charge. you know what you did? cinnamon. anyway, the required infinite growth of this new natural currency system came from the fact that the largest money borrowers, the companies had to pay back large amounts with interest. so on one payback more than the amount of money that they took out, the only way is for the whole economy to keep growing. so the charter corporation set out to conquer new lands, exploit their resources, and in slave their people. i. so capitalism didn't just happen to involve loads of chattel slavery, indentured servitude and wage slavery. it had to have those things where the whole
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system collapses quicker than my alibi for the dodi ag, kellogg's, i never should have said adult ballet classes. i don't know why that popped into my head, but there was a sweet spot for america in this regard when capitalism created awesome times law center bomb. and by people i of course mean pales can to land owning humans with penises. not so much the others who going forward i will refer to as under people or talking furniture, as long as some form of extreme exploitation ran smoothly. then capitalism had no problem other than destroying the natural world. but they said the same thing about the backstreet boys and they're doing fine. i just got their new album. 2 of us are still alive it. excellent. luckily for the top one percent capitalist exploitation continues humming along even today. take, for example,
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the best capitalist perpetrator on the planet amazon. if you buy a chart on amazon, likely made in a place like bangladesh, many of those garment workers earn roughly $1100.00 a year. that's how much executive chair jeff pages makes, in less than a 2nd of every minute on every day. over a 20 year career, the garden worker will make the same amount. jeff pages collects in 7 seconds. that's landed, right. those are, those are real numbers. i that, that, that, that i have that i'm talking about there's or i will suffer and i know leakage doctor's orders as rush golf makes clear. his book companies are just the tool by which the central currency system extracts wealth from the people and delivers to it to the unimaginably rich. and endless growth is the, is only possible by the miracle of abstraction. money is an
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abstraction of actual wealth. the stock market, the stock exchange is an abstraction of the real world marketplace of goods. derivatives are then another level of abstraction on those stocks. and there is even derivative training on the derivatives. that's like cheating on your best dress with your wife, boyfriend. today, derivatives trading far out paces trading of real stocks so much so that the new york stock exchange was actually purchased by a derivative exchange in 2013. so that's why it's now called the credit score dot com, buffalo wild wings. seattle, if energy drink new york stock exchange brought to you by my pillow. i was wondering, this garbage heap of a cluster is what we call capitalism. and then i mentioned it's also destroying the
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natural world. blue jays aren't supposed to be rust color. did you know that i was 29 before i found that out? perhaps the most tremendous part of all of this is maybe the impression social engineering that has made most people think. we're afraid. think that this system doesn't make fatty sense at all. you will tell people about wage slavery and exploitation, and most will go what exploitation i don't see it. it's like the bacteria that live in a pile is their entire lives. and one of the bacteria says to the other one house today . and the other one says, what's we don't even see the cage around us any more, like nicolas cage in the ninety's civil disobedience is the only path forward interrupting business as usual. because in this system right now, right here, people are at best, an asset to be exploited, and at worst
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a cost to be endured. everything is optimized for capital until it runs out of world to consume. come to you from watson, dc, the value to be city redacted. deny ah, with ah, well go mom the cam know if break some news is not exactly shocking any more to hear that american police murder, lauins, and people each year new yorkers could actually set their watches by the sounds of the daily police shooting of an unarmed man, if they still had watches, which they do, you have to buy something off that guy with the blanket laid down on the f train platform, or else he'll call you racist. why do you think i own 5 pairs of mismatched rainbow jellies? ah, american police murder over a 1000 people a year?
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that may sound like a lot, but keep in mind german police often kill upwards of 14 per year. so who is the villain now? oh, still us. sorry about that. thought i could rely on the germans to do snarly. you really? i've been down on that one. germans just like the holocaust. no, i'm not over it. anyway, american police kill over a 1000 people here. many of them are unarmed, and many of them are mentally ill. the victims, not the cups. well, both really, but those numbers are actually worse than they look if that pos, a new study investigated how many people in the us are police tried to kill each year. meaning how many did they shoot, but not actually end up killing them? because that's the true number, we need to know, right? how often are us please thinking, i'm going to kill this person and then pulling the trigger of their gun. and
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probably also thinking this will make my ronald proud of me, who i still can call dad, even though he's been dead for years. don't worry about emotionally available, just like ronald to be dead. what i dated bowers, that's what they're thinking. and the number of people shot by police is truly horrifying. 45 percent of police shooting victims did not die. i'm not saying that shocking, because please to do a better job killing when they shoot at someone. i'd rather they do a worst job killing. i'm saying it's shocking because it means we're not counting almost half of the times. cobs tried to murder someone. to that percentage were true for the entire nation. and you take the number of people who were murdered by police and say 2020, which was 1021. and then you add the 45 percent who just happened to not die. that would mean $1850.00 americans were either killed by police or attempted to be
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killed by police in a single year. that's pure insanity. that's crazy or the next time in college i tried to convince a girl my f. b. i had stood for federal bron specter it of course stood for federal buff a inspector. i've got my eyes on you all. you can a trim that actually does tell me ok. but the number of us police perpetrated killings is not so bad when you compare it to the number of people believe killed in england last year. it was 333. hey i'm done. i could rely on the brand to do some killing. you really let me down on the england just like to put bonded playing in the final season of game of thrones scene here. i put those 2 things on par with each other, and i blame britain for game of thrones because many of those characters had british accent, even though they were in some alternate universe where the ruling elite have flying monsters that they used to rein, fire and death down on innocent people to thumb this up,
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american police are not just uniquely murderous. they are only uniquely murderous. we might as well just have ravenous federal pit bulls on every corner with guns drap, their head, and then train them to be racist which is the hardest part. basically in other countries the cubs don't go in to every situation, believing they will murder people. however, here in the us, they are trained to essentially shoot 1st and ask questions later. questions like, are you actually dangerous? what are you doing? is that a gun or a shell phone in your hand? do you think when a cannibal is on a diet, he only eats dwarfs? no, they don't wait for any of those answers. they just go run it in like a god damn teenage mass shooter who's recently been told he'll go to hell. if he masturbates, we can grow as a society,
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would they fashion police system like this one? well, we got, we have some celebrity news for a change musician marilyn manson continues the downfall of heads, faces and rapists, as detailed in rolling stone. recently marilyn manson has been accused of all manner of abuse towards several women, and i'm sure like millions and marilyn manson oh, couldn't bay. when i was listening to his 2nd album titled beat it out of your mother. i thought, i bet this young gentleman treat women with great respect to the good queen boy. and then that impression was confirmed with his 3rd l. p. titled re pure soul. though i felt him mellowed a little with his next one titled i don't floss my teeth each night, but that's unrelated. so believe it or not, it turns out manson and he continues the precipitous downfall and dead faces rapist in our society. there was
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a time in the 90s in early 2000 when had phases and rapers were all the rage they were best celebrated and it worth tolerated. it was the time of fred durst, justin timberlake, howard stern rush, limbaugh, denis leary, and that guy on that ship come that time. oh man, did we love face? they were the back but now i'm to change. simon cow hasn't been given an emmy and upwards of 3 years, meaning he's had to throw other less lethal objects at his servant when they accidentally look him in the eye. of course, there is a possibility that my entire thesis here more much like my college entrance as a cargo shorts are here to stay. it's possible that in fact, we are in a golden era of battery and faced him despite the downfall of a few grand ass. it could be that we currently have a president with more sexual harassment and assault claims against him. then the
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entire cuomo family, including goose cuomo, the lithuanian costume designer, and prolific pedophile. it couldn't be that the president before joe biden, and more re propagation against him than pinochet's army. so maybe it would be better for marilyn manson's career to become a politician in our 2 party sham political system. because then he'd be accepted and loved from the democrats and republicans. we've come to expect nothing less than rapist abusers and faces. in fact, that was before going to michael dukakis in 1988 campaign. i never sort of cast that vote honestly, but i was only a so i was just happy to be breaking the law. we have to go to a quick break, but if you want exclusive redact the night extra content grab the portable dot tv app at portable, got tv slash download. i'll be right back a lot more i
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i look forward to talking to you all. that technology should work for people. a robot must obey the orders given by human beings except where said shorter is it conflict with the 1st law? show your identification. we should be very careful about artificial intelligence at that point obviously is too great trust, rather than fear. a very job with artificial intelligence, real summoning with a robot must protect its own existence with july, an annual festival in saint petersburg dedicated to dust. i epsky the great writer
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thinker and psychologist. people often turn to his work to understand russia and russians, perhaps even themselves. they put a single movie to see what they think about the writing vehicle. while you feed them, changing a reader, transforming them as they read that does i ask, is unique ability to stay ascii wants to tell us, you can better yourself. he makes you face your true self. or, you know, we could man beyond conventions, rules of schemes. beyond the boundaries and time, dostoevsky is a global brand whose classics, everyone knows, i'm never out of style with a wrong one. i
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just don't know if you have to fill out the theme because an engagement across the trail. when so many find themselves will depart, we choose to look for common ground. with st. welcome back. i'm still leave camp. as us sanctions cripple afghanistan's economy, millions of afghans are on the brink of starvation. for more on this, we turn to our top afghan correspondent, who we awkwardly don't know is pakistani jennifer con. hello jennifer. oh ah, i thought, what the hell, what, why you celebrating?
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i thought we were doing a p, celebrating the end of the war. however, things good. now we can finally stop covering afghanistan. everything is not good. more people may die from us sanctions than from 20 years of war. okay. i, you know, it was the really communicate better before these segments. i mean, check your slack. we have it for a reason. we have a slack. yes. but look, you're right, there sanctions seem bad, but it's ok because biden is issuing exemptions to the sanctions for humanitarian aid exemptions. yes. exemptions. what more could they want? what more conduct? how about reparations? how about building their country back after spending trillions of dollars destroying or, and killing innocent people from an ending new sanction completely that serve no purpose. other than to further punish the afghan people. how about that?
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or i buzz till you're really harsh in the vibe of this party. well, par, these exemptions working? yes. it sounds like they're now working or someone just let your air out. yeah, they're not working. the problem is that the sanctions have a chilling effect. meaning that people are so scared of accidentally violating our super vague sanctions that they won't do any business with afghan asked on regardless of the exemptions. well yeah, i be scared of the u. s. retaliating to now please name one time the us overreacted in retaliation for something the war in afghanistan and iraq, libya, syria, kill bond. all right, god, i'm sorry. i asked, look, i'll admit things in afghanistan are looking pretty bad. the far reaching sanctions along with abided administration decision to freeze nearly $10000000000.00 of
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afghanistan central bank, national reserves sent the economy in a freefall. in estimated 22800000 people. more than half the country's population are expected to face potentially life threatening food insecurity this winter and the exemptions are not helping. but there is a way to get them to start working, replaced biden, where they're noble sheep dog that's willing to end the sanctions. now that probably won't work. how about this in order to provide clarity to financial institutions, we could send comfort letters from the treasury department to reassure banks that they may engage in commerce without the risk of violating sanctions. okay, and are we sending these come for letters? yes. ok, god dammit, the treasury has not responded to a group of law makers request for comfort letters. why, why does it seem like we are being so deliberately cruel to the people i've i've
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janice that. well, it could be for political reasons, the biden administration doesn't want to seem weak after ending the war. either that or, or the sheep dog is in doggy, heaven. great. so afghans continue to suffer for political reasons. yeah. our brutal economic warfare is going to result in more death than 20 years of our war unless we make it politically viable for our leaders to lift these sanctions politically viable. this is a disaster thanks for the recordings offer. thankfully, up next to the pandemic has further expose the weakness of american health care system for the elderly. that system could soon be getting worse due to an increasingly privatized medicare program to find out more. here's our senior
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citizen correspondent, anders li ah, 56 years ago. the federal government established medicare, a public health insurance system that covers every american over the age of $65.00 . this was back during the optimism of the sixty's when americans thought they could achieve world peace feed, the hungry and live past 65. the original goal was to start with seniors and incrementally moved to universal coverage. but incrementally, things had been moving in the opposite direction. in 2019, the trump administration introduced a new billing system to medicare called direct contractor, which lets private companies handle fee for service billing. now it might sound odd for private companies to be part of the medicare equation at all. the whole idea behind medicare is that it's supposed to be a public program. but since 1997 american seniors have gotten to choose between
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traditional good old fashioned government run medicare in the privately run. medicare advantage by choosing between a sweet little old terrier and a racist komodo dragon. 60 percent of seniors still go with the government plan, but under this new direct contracting policy, the system could auto shine more than 30000000 beneficiaries who have chosen traditional medicare into entities managed by private for profit companies without their understanding or consent. instead of going online to log into your medicare account on medicare dot gov, you'll just be going there to get a key code that you'll type in over at kaiser permanente dot com. then you'll fill out a capture that will get you on the center for advanced health solutions, patient portal. you'll x out of 3 portal pop ups, enter a password to get into their new forum, which will select the most affordable surgery you'll be billed for it on a dot com and then sent to
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a website where you're presented with 3 guys who all say they're your debt collector, but only one is telling the truth. the wonder can who's started this medicare market a zation scheme is none other than jared cushion or is college roommate, adam boulder. the pear majored in book cooking, an elderly felicia at n y u. then they were reunited during the trump administration, where bowler served as director of a made up sounding federal agency called the center for medicare and medicaid innovation, which is supposed to work on efficiency. a job. he was eminently qualified for after running a startup called landmark health. once he became head of c, m m, i guess which private health care company benefited from his direct contracting innovations the most. it starts with l and ends within and mark health. as the federal employees working under bowler at the time, this is show rouse as someone from c m i has admitted their marketers. building
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models have not saved money with several on pays to lose billions of dollars. similarly, the majority of models do not show significant improvements in quality. but now that mr. progressive joe biden is an office, we can kiss this trump in insurance, boon dog. goodbye, right? that's a rhetorical question. with a few tweaks here and there medicare, direct contracting is going ahead is playing when it comes to issues like this immigration or most to trumps. foreign policy. seems like biden's job is to just keep things warm until the donald farts is way back into the oval office. but some on team biden have reason to be actively excited about direct contracted, namely former lobbyist and senate staffer liz fowler, who has replaced adam bowler as head of c. m. m. i. fowler played a key role in making sure that obamacare did not open a door to medicare for all. the data is clear that for profit health care generates
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far more waste and bureaucracy. but to stop them, it's not enough to just preserve medicare as it stands from privatization or catch . we need to expand medicare to cover every human being in this country so that all of us have an equal stake in protecting. now is the time we innovate our way into making health care a human right from washington. i manders leave with redacted deny ah . era. your headlines from the future and coming up in a year. you'll read us police replaced with racist algorithm bought. that was abused by a blender father. well, can't be worse than we have it now. and coming up in march. capitalism's origins traced back to dung beetle who would steal others?
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harder and dung balls. so hasn't changed much, i guess. finally, in april, you're either ad trial marilyn manson calls former personal heroine, testicle injection as as character witness. good to have friends in high places. that's our show. but if you'd like to get all of our content in a free podcast form, look up the podcast moment. of clarity on any podcast platform also join our free email list by texting the word redacted to 33777. until next time. good night. and keep fighting. ah. and with the school is the child begins with the insurance homeowner in bed, though it was just my with
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florida with issue machine that it can not come in when it gets here. no, i mean, unless you put them on the theme if per hour or so on with stacy or in mexico and re heading south and we're getting closer and closer to the epicenter, the global center point now of the big coin for revolution.
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ah ah, violence continues to rage across conflicts done in the wake of an increase in liquefied gas prices. authorities say they have arrested more than 5000 people. war peacekeepers are arriving from russia to help restore order. meanwhile, moscow pushes back against washington remarks that russian peacekeepers won't ever leave cause it's done with the foreign ministry pointing out the neighboring countries. strong military alliance and traditional ties also with anger, a rubs to add new covered restrictions in europe. tear gas and baton are deployed in paris and there's further unrest in germany and austria as well.


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