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tv   News  RT  January 9, 2022 3:00pm-3:31pm EST

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[000:00:00;00] ah, [000:00:00;00] ah, it needs review of the week thousands of suspected terrorists have been detained in kazakhstan after protests over fuel prices defended into deadly violence. with gunfire on the street. authorities say many foreigners are among those arrested. hundreds upon a 100. more peacekeepers are all right. they took care of that stock every single day. thousands of peacekeepers from russia and other allied nations arriving kazakhstan after a presidential plea for help to restore law and order. if we arrived in the
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republic of catholics, ton deployed to be signed area received in order to protect and defend vital state facilities that we had order to protect our marty airport. awards is being conducted 24 hours a day. ah plus anger, a rub. seeing europe over new covey restriction does unrest in germany and austria, the protest is in paris facing battens, and tig ah, hello, they live from ortiz, will do you say q. moscow will welcome to the weekly with me, kevin, now in our round up, some of the main new stories of the last 7 days. we reported to you and one, the peddler dominated big time, didn't it? still going on? in fact, dozens of people have been killed during a week of riots in kazakhstan. the authorities say they've rounded up around
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$6000.00 people on terrorism charges and claimed there are many foreigners among them. here's how the country started. 2022. ah, ah.
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approve of unidentified people attack the mere tv and radio studios and l much. the attackers destroy the tv production complex and workplaces of journalists with the protestors ransacked banks and shops. now everything is broken. the money was taken. the window smashed. military helmets are lying on the ground. there's lots of rubbish. mm hm. cassock stan will complete it. anti terrorist operation will destroy those who do not surrender. i have given the order to open fire and kill terrorists with so a sweeping anti terrorism operation still underway in the commercial capital and largest city of castaneda. mathy, it's been the hardest hits in recent days with riots, looting shops and setting fire to government buildings with many of them carrying
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firearms. yes, to may, to damages more than $200000000.00. dozens of people including 3 children, at least 16 police officers have been killed. it's claimed indeed, some of the police were even beheaded with authority. stressing groups of writers were highly organized and used 2 way radios present to tie of responded with an order to shoot suspected terrorists on site. and there was this video circulating online of a man from color gaston, who claims he was paid to come to her, cuz it's down to join the riots. security forces, believe he is a terrorist. his the footage, the roach slow new songs on jenny reversed some strangers called me and offered to participate in the rally or for $200.00. is it since i am an employee in kurdistan? they bought me plaintext on january 2nd. i flew to almighty and i was brought to an apartment where there were also citizens of tajikistan and was biggest and there were about 10 people. i didn't understand what they were talking about. when the
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rel to began, i got scared, returned to my apartment, spend the night, and the next day i decided to go home, and i was detained by the military. also mean time relatives, friends and colleagues have identified the route in the video as that guy called victrum. rosa hunh off. apparently kirk is jazz musician. they claim he's being tortured and they don't know his whereabouts. authorities in his home country confirmed he was not the terrorist and had sent a protest note to the catholic embassy, whose reportedly invited to give a concert in almighty. before the protest broke out, the crowd gathered at the catholic embassy and fishcake demanded his relief. castorena's sentilia his biggest republic, and she has long borders with russia and china. the protests have been driven by long simmering resentment over disparities and wealth with the most violent plush is erupting in our matee in the southeast of the country. reporting from there, his r t scenic correspondent,
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next more goes the of the details of the destruction that's been unleashed. it had been said to say that the peaceful protests and kazakhstan caused all that much economic damage. it, it was of the peaceful protests. it was the riots the mayhem and the looting afterwards that over scant days has caused more than $200000000.00 in damage to the country. mostly here in the city of amity and those are preliminary estimates. the real damage is expected to be much, much more kazakhstan has said repeatedly that it believes this wasn't spontaneous. it was organized, looting with more systematically hitting shopping centers and businesses at the shopping center, c, c t, v. cameras court. the may him in this shopping center and elsewhere. looters, of course, went for easiest pickings 1st that his electronic shops, jewelry stores, as well as atm. this, for example, was a food shop, not a lot left aside from
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a few broken gadgets. shelves were cleared in minnows, security could do nothing but watch and police were engaged in fatal fire fights with armed gangs elsewhere. and the looters went to town. there's very little doubt that this was plaid because the people that came here and did this, brought the right equipment. it takes a lot to get into cash machines, but they manage to do. it's taking the cash cassette posters. typical bullshit. i don't want this to be happening. of course it was scary. we stayed home for almost these were not all people. we were all resting after the new year's celebrations. where were some foreigners, were doing all this is we were waking up or people just went out to the square to peacefully protest and then left. and then it all erupted eager to get there. i heard some kind of running around voices, so i looked out an elbow, most likely they knocked out the doors of some shops. there are many electronic stores on the street level on it. and then they got into the car and left. there
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was no police, which was it is the level of level they destroyed everything. people were in danger of being killed. it was scary. it's got that we live far away. it didn't reach us. everything was awful. that there is no street lighting yet. and people are not turning on the lights in the homes of the people are afraid. there were different people on the streets. at 1st the protests were peaceful nights. he shook their sobers cuz it what can a pensioner say? i'm sitting at home, i'm afraid to go out. good. it's good that we have peacekeepers now. it was a terrifying time for civilians. many hid in their homes, turning off the lights to avoid attention as gags lay waste to the city of alma t. there was nothing they could do. no,
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when they could call for help. until the peacekeepers came. ah ah ah ah ah, ah ah, of the now secure airports of almighty evacuations are underway. russians and other nationals, it being evacuated abroad, charter flights and military cargo planes. they went through can only be described as an ordeal. rational book, and yet it was scary. of course. yes, there was no informational communications. russia helped me along. so, but i'll get back to paris that i have to explain that how bad the situation here is. they don't report it on the news, so france is not organizing anything yet. i do not think, as they say in france, that it is bad that the russians have arrived. this is assistance to the country,
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the situation, and the citizens of russia. yes, more than that now it's a more or less normal situation. thank god. we were waiting for these planes to evacuate us where stockton is with us. we faced a crowd that was armed, relieved in hotel next to the square. we saw however, she was burning flash grenades were frown, so it was very scary with scary because i was born here and it has seeing all the events that happened in that happening. but everything seems to be getting better. but for some of the hassle, socrates could have put down the rights on their own. but how long would that take? perhaps there would have been even more casualties. all in all about a 100 people are being evacuated on this one military flight, but altogether about a 1000 people have contacted the russian culture and asked to be evacuated out of our multi alone, just just one city and they will be evacuated over about 10 or so flood,
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but authorities have told us that they expect more people to contact the counselors into request evacuation. i'm on them for a national. there's no more fighting in alma t, though occasional fire flights are still being reported outside. the city now begins a long process of healing for a population that truly believed. nothing like wish could happen to them ah, the next day and what could be seen as a caustic opener ahead of crucial talks that come up this week. us 2nd state anthony blanket, his claim vladimir putin was to restore the old soviet union, and russia is a gun to the head of ukraine for defense secretary leon panetta said a few years ago that what he believes drive potent is a desire to restore the old soviet union, do you agree? i think that's right. to make actual progress. it's very hard to see that happening
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when there's an ongoing escalation. when russia has a gun to the head of ukraine, with a 100000 troops nearest borders, the possibility of doubling that on very short order. moscow and washington, currently embroiled in a diplomatic, i'm political crisis. the u. s. accuses russia of a build up of troops at the border of ukraine. moscow in turn is pledged to defend the dumbass region if there was ever a military escalation there. so i'm a concerned that the u. s. is trying to curb brushes legitimate activities. yes. to this is of course, a reflection of the general us strategy. they have the national interest in every country. russia can't have its national interest, but all the while the united states has its national interests all over the world. i have no doubt that the west, as in the case of but a roof will use the situation. first of all, in terms of propaganda. moscow add a wednesdays talks between russia and nato says it won't come to
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a pressure from washington. it follows reports the bud and ministrations working on tough sanctions against russia. if it invades ukraine, russia will not bow to was pressure and will not accept any concessions. the unilateral approach proposed by the u. s. a. nato can't be used as the basis for discussing security guarantees. these high level talks to avoid further escalations over ukraine are set to take place between the united states and russia on monday. but before anyone has even sat down at the negotiating table, the u. s. is already threatening big economic sanctions. biden's administration says that russia is planning to invade ukraine, even though moscow has time and time again. it is said, it is not planning to do so. so it did sure seems interesting that the white house would say it's going into these negotiations without optimism. while it seems like it's ready to torpedo the negotiations before they even began. we're going into these meetings with a sense of realism, not a sense of optimism. we are willing to see whether or not russia comes to these
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talks with a spirit of seriousness, willing to discuss these issues in a concrete results oriented way. like you went to the site and you will let them, she has themselves up somehow. you know, all these talks are set to be held on the backdrop of heightening tensions with ukraine. they're also set to take place alongside a proposed treaty by russia for security guarantees between itself and nato. moscow's proposal primarily seeks to stop the for the further eastward expansion of nato into the former soviet sphere. this is something that russia said it was guaranteed many years ago. back when the former soviet president mikhail gorbachev was in power. however, the us state department has called moscow's proposal a list of non starters and nato officials have also echoed that sentiment saying they will not outright reject any countries that are looking to join the military alliance. so with nato officials in washington, seemingly unwilling to consider rushes terms, it remains to be seen how effective these talks are going to be from
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a pendant and security. unless my maloof told me, bank statements pays away from moscow to be vilified by the west. once again, well, i think he definitely lay the groundwork for a negative approach. it, many of his allegations follows a particular narrative that they have to maintain to show that a russia remains the bad guy. just just like they blame russia now for bringing in troops into cars, extend one is part of a, of a general military alliance that exists there. the, these guys just have this problem with russia. and they want to try and contain moscow from all, from all sides. russia has legitimate spheres of influence in that region. there's no question about it. they got russia, russian ethnic people living in those areas. the same and dom, boston,
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ukraine. those 2 elements are not unrelated as far as i'm concerned because it's my belief that like we saw in ukraine in 2014, with the, with the a coup from the west. instigated by the west. we're seeing the same thing and cast down right now. in preparation for these talks. it's exactly 60 minutes past the hour coming up after the break. anger rumbles on in europe this weekend of the new code restrictions being rolled out across the continent where across it when the week to continue with me, kevin, i, when he was at his hour off to the break to what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have, it's crazy even foundation, let it be an arms race. his on offense. very dramatic development only personally and getting to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful,
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very critical of time. time to sit down and talk oh, is your media reflection of reality? ah ah, in a world transformed what will make you feel safer? high selection or community? are you going the right way or are you being led somewhere? direct. what is true was is great. in the world corrupted, you need to descend a join us in the depths or remain in the shallows. ah ah, hello,
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gannon france. fears protests are up to the major cities across the country this weekend. it so clashes with police over mandatory vaccine passports, another cobra restrictions houses demonstrated nationwide with riot police resulting in some cases to buttons and tear gas to try and restore order. ah ah. the protestors took to the streets of songs on saturday in the cities of paris. nice and i've been on to protest against the covert pass. the scenes turned violent with police using tear gas and battens against many of the protesters. a similar throw back to the scenes that we saw in late december. now this is despite the fact
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that on monday you had as many as 400000 people testing positive for covert in france. it comes as the french president emanuel micron used vulgar language against people have chosen to be unvaccinated. his comments were to clyde across the fringe, public and across the political spectrum, and he made them as the national assembly debated a law that would see unvaccinated people being banned from much of public life. it is expected that they can all will be introduced in the coming days. this comes as massive protests against covert continue across europe. in vienna, there were fumes and a lot of noise as protest as demonstrated against the vaccination and against covert restrictions. here in germany, in the city of magda burg, thousands of people took to the streets.
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i that seems to had lined with the police using tear gas and battens to try and disperse the crowd. there were scenes of protest in many other cities across the country, including the capital berlin. at the same time, the german hotel and restaurant association has issued a statement saying that these latest restrictions are a disaster for businesses and have a negative impact, particularly on restaurants, who rely heavily on wilkins. and they have urged the government to provide urgent assistance. the deed is being guided by the latest message from the world health organization stating that although the latest variant, omi called is less severe than the previous variant of delta, particularly amongst those people who have been vaccinated in no way. can it be classified as mild? just like previous variance, omicron is hospitalized people and it is killing people. in fact,
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the soon army of cases is so huge and quick that it is overwhelming health systems around the world. it is expected that there will be more protests in the coming days, as governments across europe continue to tighten restrictions and introduce mandatory vaccines to try and stop the spread of covered fall asleep. there's breaking news coming in. i want to tell you a buzz decides in from new york, at least 19 people, including 9 children and reportedly died in a huge place in new york apartment blog. things got pictures to show you here. dozens of o, it's a map and dozens of others reported sort of suffered severe, smoke, inhalation and are in a critical condition. you know, these, the pictures that more than 2055, these are in, gauged in tackling the place. witnesses claim people to jump from windows to escape, the flames. city authorities described the instant is the worst of its kind in decades has been a further twist. in the case of col. rittenhouse, if you remember,
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he was acquitted late last year in the killing of 2 people and wounding a 3rd during civil rest. and cannot sher in wisconsin. well now the man who pulled him a rifle when rittenhouse was too young to illegally purchase one himself as made a plea agreement on charges of delivering a dangerous weapon to a minus kellum opens. got the latest on it. in the year of 2021. the name kyle: written house with the u. s. public like a knife showing how beliefs can shape opinions about facts and fundamental rights. driving an already divided country even further apart. ah hm.
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with mm kylie written tile each right. health not guilty. ah us media was all over the case with emotions running high. rittenhouse was either a hero or a murderer depending which channel you were watching. he wanted to do it because he was cool. a black kid that killed 2 people and injured another person. how would america feel about that? so we really surprised that looting and arson accelerated to murder. how shocked are we? that 17 year olds with rifles decided they had to maintain order. when no one else would fact did not seem very important to those who covered the case for prime dime . one,
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cnn newsroom presenter said that his mother had driven him across state lines that he was armed and he was the only one who had fired shots which turned out to be false. his mamma drove him across state lines, dropped him off so that he could help the cops or do whatever he thought he was doing. and the only person who fired shots that night was written out. now in the m . s. n. b c, version of events written house ran and shot protesters under age said he bought an a r 15 because he thought it was cool. he appointed himself a militia member. he goes around and he ends up unloading what 60 rounds. now the media is telling of events was also incorrect in some media outlets version of events. the victims were black and he shot them because he is a white supremacist. you want to know why critical race theory exists. look no further than the trial of col. rittenhouse, this is white privilege on steroids, white nationalist and domestic terrorist across this country are high 5. the people
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that kyle written house was on trial for killing were white, but that just doesn't enrage people enough. check out this headline, tick tock, also band pro, written how statements one cop were anonymously donated to kyle defense was fired. he's still not got his job back to the america. you can. you can agree with your neighbors and other people in your community. and you can disagree with them, it's just because someone has a different opinion than you. it doesn't mean that you should try to destroy their lives. take your job away with trial, open the floodgates of abuse. not just for kyle, but for the judge who presided over the case. the judge started receiving threats during the trial media wanted some hype to and m. s. n. b c correspondence. spied on the jury and was removed from the court room. i have instructed that no one from emission b c. news will be permitted in this building, someone who is following out of the jury bus. that is a very ex,
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it's extremely serious matter. this isn't to quit him rock the country divisions deeper than ever. 2 hashtags were trending on twitter after the trial hash tag pray for kyle and hash tag, no justice in america. even the president was confused, having initially labeled written house a white supremacist. this is what he had to say after the trial. i stand by with the jury as concluded, system works and we have to abide by after that, portland saw some violent scenes yet again. i feel like in this case it feels like the victims lives don't matter. i and heartbroken. now the verdict is shaken. people so much that some businesses were urged to give black people the day off following the verdict. how written houses trial did not clear him in many people's eyes,
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but one thing it did do is once again lay bare the deep divisions and america. caleb martin r t. new york journalist, a political commentator chadwick more telling us the media twisted the whole narrative of the story. the media had drummed up a lot of times try to make this into some kind of racial thing and come political thinks the media from day one. just look at the language reporting on this. you have people who are just reminded of, obviously poisoned by the media. the media doesn't care. the media is warm ideologues as well. they see the world a certain way. they push a certain narrative for a lot of people. it's, it comes 1st thing with realizing that the media line to you, it's something you know small like, or one incident like this, like the written house case. and then you get the question, what also the lying about. and you know why, if you see evidence to yourself that contradicts the media narrative, you begin to wonder, begin to look into other things of the media may be deceptive and that is sort of
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as a shattering effect. and people really begin to wake up right now. so been suggesting, ever since he was acquitted, that there is going to be a reckoning that he is going to come after media organizations that tried to paint him as violent to murder as to try to tie him to like white nationalist, white supremacist, things like that. so they better be scared, they better look out for this weekly march international with me, kevin, i went in the whole say tonight, thanks. have a so much for checking in my but with more just over half an hour's time, which way we can go on to the i choose this isn't an orphanage. even the children have been queued for the fun in house.
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papa mom much, mom was when i was nice many goals show me don't oh gosh adam nguyen is violet ma is violet. sienna, mom, yes. a bunch of people. i was like me a knowing you know, some young under discussion
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a shuttle. i can redeem a thing to join me and me, alex simon. sure, i'll be speaking to guess of the world of politics. small business, i'm show business. i'll see you then. mm. waller. officers are facing an increasingly dangerous environment. we are seeing a growing debate about so called warrior cops. the term that i've heard in the militarization of believe this is an amber vehicle we acquired through the 1033 program, very free program and the government program that follows military property that is no longer use to local law enforcement. with building an army over here, and i can't believe the people. i see 1st thing that agency elder, a terrorism here because it again


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