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this is boom bus one business show you can't coordinate the bridge of boron wash and here's a way of coming up. the question is becoming, how many interest rate hikes will we see from the better reserve as wall street is upping? it's prediction while the i a math warrens that moving too fast could have an impact on emerging market. we'll discuss. plus it's been a bad start to 2022 for big point in some of the most popular crypto currency. we'll take a look at what's behind the slide and what the future old and later it's a new year with a fresh rec, that negotiator. but the talk seems to be the same. we'll go over the latest wrangling between the u. k. e. you over the northern ireland protocol. got a lot to get to get started. we leave the program with concerns over the impact of the us better reserves plants to tighten monetary policy. the international monetary fund has warned emerging economies that faster than expected interest rate hikes could cause volatility and financial markets in appreciate currency. in
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a blog post monday, the i m f said a gradual tightening of monetary policy could be weathered, but emerging economy should prepare for quote, economic turbulence. if conditions like inflation in the u. s. cause the fed to speed up its timeline. the central bank has maintained we wouldn't see an interest rate hike until full employment is reached while continue to keep an eye on searching. inflation, which is sitting well above the bodies. 2 percent target jobs data release friday may give some insight as the unemployment rate dropped to 3.9 percent in december. now, big banks on wall street are predicting for rate hikes in 2022. analysts that goldman sachs had predicted rate increases in march, june and september, but now they've added another one in december. and after that job that it was released on friday were both j. p. morgan and deutsche bank projected for rate hikes as well. so where exactly do we stand on the future of bad policy? well, joining us now just is form or fed insider and ceo of quill intelligence,
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daniel dean martino booth, and our good friend, boom bus, co host christy. i. thank you both for joining us. danielle, i want to start with you on this. obviously, what's the takeaway now that it appears the threshold for maximum appointment has been reached? do you actually see that we could see for rate hikes as predicted by these big banks? i certainly see the public wanting for this to happen there looking at the tea leaves as a tear to day. and today's market action was very indicative of how wall street feels about this prospect of 3 or 4 interest rate hikes. the higher the yield went on, the 10 year treasury the benchmark for the world if you will. the lower stocks fell as we started to see flight to risk after the math came out with its, its basic play to the federal reserve saying don't high interest rates too quickly . you're going to slam the world economy as we saw that flight to safety back into treasury's, we saw yields come down,
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and stocks were covered well off their lows. are now christie, i want to touch on the i m. s point there because what exactly are they warning? what are they seeing here? well, the war was mainly for the emerging economies that are very dependent on nations like the us. so a faster than expected and move could battle financial markets and sugar capital outflows. and also currency depreciation abroad. so emerging markets with high public and private debt, foreign exchange exposures, and lower current account balances. they've already seen larger movement of their currency relative to the us dollar. so this is a warning for us to basically prepare themselves for markets is stronger inflation, pressures or your institutions. they should act quickly to let these currencies depreciate and then re bench mark market interest rates. countries with high levels of debt denominated foreign currency should also look to heads, their exposures, where feasible as well. and then on top of that, they warn that sustain supply bottleneck could also boost prices of more than
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anticipated and fuel expectation for more rapid inflation. so the impact of the fed tightening areas like that could be more severe for the vulnerable countries and in recent months have already seen larger movement of their currency. so the combination, the slower growth and elevated vulnerability could create adverse feedback loop for all of them. and now daniel, obviously you as a fed insider, i know we kind of ask you these questions all the time, but is the bad actually worried about that plea from the math? well, the fed is going to say outwardly, and it's going to be interesting to hear what what chair powell has to say to the senate banking committee tomorrow. during that initial confirmation hearing of his, he's going to say that it is his job to, to, to safe guard, to shepherd the domestic u. s. economy, primarily. but there is no way that he's not aware of the fact that the us dollar us interest rate policy. it does indeed trickle through to many of these emerging market economies that are very vulnerable and fragile. it's christy was,
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was describing just now and there is a duty, it is incumbent upon the fed to make monetary policy, knowing that it's the most powerful central bank in the world and that it's policies ripple throughout the world economy and even the corporate bond market globally because of the effect that interest rates have, because there's so much debt that denominated in dollars, whether you're talking about sovereign debt or, or, or, or corporate debt. and obviously, as you just mentioned, jape, how will be on the hill this week. but also we're going to get some inflation data on wednesday or this week analyst expect to see a rise of 7 percent from last year. the biggest jump since 1982. i do see that speeding up the fed timeline even more than with telegraph in the minutes from december's f o. m p meeting. well, when you pile on what we've already heard from the minutes and then the wage inflation data from friday and the fact that you mentioned, we've got a 3 handle in front of the unemployment rate. if we do see that 7 percent print just one week before the fed convenes to release their statement,
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this coming this coming friday, you know, there is a possibility. there is the distinct possibility that we do see a fed that's trying to hurry up and tape or even broadcast. you know what our taper is going to end, and we're going to start hiking interest rates in march. a few that officials have already indicated as much, but if we were to see this in a statement on january the 27th, that would be much more formalized. and i think markets would really get the point and know christy. i know danielle kind of alluded to this just a few moments ago, but you know, we've seen report after report that all this volatility and markets that week and know over the last 7 days, that is to say which have been dropping and recent days is mostly due to the concern over this monetary tightening over possible rate hikes over q, we coming back. what are you seeing there? well yeah, a lot of equities are falling now that interest rates of bike. so the tenure benchmark yield traded briefly above 1.8 percent on monday and now that we have expectations for re. 1 type that is
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a lot more than we previously been expecting. and i think the thing is a must have been prepared for the said to start hiking interest rate. they also know that the central bank is putting the amount of on the buys each month that they also figured the paper would lead to this reduction in nearly $9000000.00 an asset holding. so that was all expected and anticipated what was not expected was the possibility of all these 3 things happening at the same time. so that's kind of why the market is in such term while right now, because while paul had said the fed would remain dated dependent, the prospect for a much more oppressive good was definitely called for warry. after nearly 2 years of the most accommodated monetary policy in history. so call is scheduled to speak for a confirmation hearing tuesday. so it is to be seen in his tone changes that all are offers more clarity. absolutely. i mean, i guess the final word here on this is, i mean, with these markets taking a beating. does that take the fed actually take that into account and, you know,
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kind of slow down maybe their trajectory. i don't we keep asking what they're gonna do with your fed insider, you know, better than any of us. what are you seeing there? well, well, i think the game changer here is that the market has been at liberty really to listen to the market, then to follow the markets and to take the markets will lead to be reactionary, if you well to what the stock market is doing. but let's get back to what's going to happen on the hill. there are a lot of politicians right now who are really leading on the federal reserve to pay more attention to it's inflation mandate to then venture and employment to say nothing of the stock market. their constituents are saying this inflation is choking us. it's hurting our household budgets. and the political pressure in the mid term year we are in a mid term year, could become immense and force power to possibly tighten more than he otherwise would choose to do. it's going to be interesting to see because as we've talked about, obviously the stock market is not indicative of how the u. s. economy is performing to your point. however, many people do tend to see it that way. form or fed inside are daniel d,
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martina booth and blue bus. christy, i thank you both for your excellent analysis today. thank you. thank you. and if you're a fan of bitcoin or crypto currency, the new year isn't exactly starting off. great. in fact, bitcoin fell from the 5th time in 6 days, putting in on pace for its worst start to a year that the earliest days of the digital alternative to money. now the world's largest crypto currency fell below $40000.00 on monday to its lowest points in september, bringing its last this year to about 12 percent. the decline is the largest for a start of the year since at least 2012. and it's not just bitcoin, ether, and most other crypto currencies have fallen as well. so joining us now discuss this is by crypto analyst been swan. now ben, this isn't only bad news, but it's possible the worst possible for crypto deb started the new year. what's going on here? yeah,
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i mean that's really the best way to sum it up. it's the worst possible way. look, obviously there's been a lot of liquidation in the crypto market. certainly there's been a lot of liquidation with big coin. i think you can attribute that to several different things. one is obviously there's a lot of insecurity about what's happening with the fed, right. and when i say the fed, in this case, i'm talking about federal authorities, the i r s coming in and saying they're going to heavily tax crypto currencies. a lot of questions about what's going to happen with the fcc. and so we're seeing more institutional players beginning to liquidate, right? obviously that's something that we can expect. we've actually been watching that happen since november. the problem is, you know, they call it catching the falling night, right? so at some point you expect there to be a floor here where some of the long time holders in wales and bitcoin start to buy back to kind of create a floor that's not been happening now. there could be a couple of reasons for that. one of the reasons for it could be that there is an attempt right now to see how far it is going to fall before institutional get back in and begin to invest in it. once again,
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i don't think they're going dead. i certainly don't think it's going to fall all the way back to, you know, 3000 where we were before the started this rise again. but i do believe it could continue to fall for some time because you're by the dip. and i think that's what we're going to see is wait to see how low it gets before folks are to buy back. and, and some analysts say that bitcoin could drop to as low as $20000.00 by the end of 2022. and it's funny to think $2020000.00 a couple of years ago was the moon as far as anybody was concerned. here we are today, but many of these analysts are also saying that's going to climb to a $100000.00 just a few months ago. so is there any way of actually knowing where this is going to go? well, there really isn't any way of knowing, as i said, because we don't know where the, the floor is going to be at this point. but yes, you're absolutely right. look. last year there were analysts, you were saying $100000.00. it certainly could happen, but i want to share something with you. i think this is kind of interesting. remember 2018 was when we saw a big one go all the way up in 2017 all the way up to $20000.00. like you said, it was the moon. it was a record. right. and then all of
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a sudden it began to fall off in 2018 and it dropped all the way down to about $3000.00 a coin. so when that happened, there were some kind of significant that happened because we saw these indicators of what's called being over sold and it's actually happened 4 times, right? it happened when between dropped in 2018 all the way down to 3000. it happened again when it was up and then dropped down 210-002-4000 then when it went 230000. so this is actually happened before. and right now it appears. we're also in one of those oversold markets. so it's possible we're going to see this deb and then it may shoot back up again pretty shortly if sooner than some people are expected. but the honest truth is, nobody really knows it could fall back all the way to 20000 or it could bottom bottom out here. and within a couple of weeks i might be back on here talking about how 45, it's a 5060 again. it certainly could happen. i don't know, bad, you know, it seems like we always used to talk about when the market was down. it was like, bitcoin was, was up there was an inverse correlation there for sure. and that, obviously with what we're seeing with the markets right now,
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doesn't seem to be the case. so there's no movement and people say, hey, the market, they're looking like they're going down on top of all this better reserved policy. so maybe we ought to get in there just waiting for that bottom at this point as far as you're concerned. i think they're waiting for the bottom, but there is another issue here too. and that is the issue of people can trying to correlate bitcoin with inflation, right. and so when the fed started talking about, well, we're possibly raising interest rates. all of a sudden there's this idea that, oh, well then we don't need big point anymore because back to the dollar that's, that's not going to be the case. the bottom line is those who are really in it and not the institutional, i think actually believe in bitcoin as the future of currency and, and other crypto currencies as well. keep in mind because sound if areas down. so we're seeing a lot of the top coins are down right now, but that doesn't mean that the centralized finance or the defy market is down. in fact, there's enormous growth in that space right now. so you have to remember that even though we might be seeing some indicators that show that as a currency somebody is currencies or down right now, the technology that surrounds them continues to rise and it continues to be used at
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a higher and higher rate. so that's important because when we talk about smart contracts, are we talking about in f t 's? all of that technology has an underlying crypto infrastructure to it, and that's only growing right now. it's all upside as far as that's concerned. absolutely bad. and we're unfortunately out of time for you, but at some point this week we have to talk about with this bitcoin drop. how that's actually affecting el salvador, which adapted as legal tender is making move still in that base boom by spence want . thank you so much. thank you. the russian and us officials met monday for talk to geneva over tensions on the border of ukraine. now the talks are part of the strategic security dialogue launched by president joe biden, and let him reputed during their summit in jude. in recent months, the u. s. and it's western allies have said russia will pay quote, severe costs if it were to move against ukraine. something it says it has no intention of doing now as for those costs. well, bloomberg and the wall street journal are reporting financial punishment and
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sanctions on russian technology. if they were to move across that border. citing sources familiar with the matter. the reports say the efforts could include limits to rushes, energy exports as well as curves to rushes, access to items consisting of a certain amount of us technology, similar to export barriers leverage against china and time. now we're a quick break, but when we come back, the bret fit saga continues to shake out on the british isles. as the united kingdom, new negotiator is already threatening to do away with the northern ireland protocol . we'll discuss it on the other side. and as we go to break here, the number, the quote, the me
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in the world transformed what will make you feel safe, isolation, whole community? are you going the right way? where are you being that somewhere? which direction? what is true? what is great? in the world corrupted, you need to descend a join us in the depths or remain in the shallows. ah, with
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ah ah, i use the welcome back. it may be a new year and there may be a new chief breakfast negotiator, but it appears the u. k. is still keeping article 16 on the table when it comes to trade disputes with the you over the northern ireland protocol. now i had talked with you counterparts, u. k. foreign minister and duly minted chief negotiator list trust. pend it opinion piece for the telegraph titled, quote, i will trigger article 16 if the you does not cooperate. not
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a lot of new was there in the piece trust, right? she quote will not sign up to anything which sees the people of northern ireland unable to benefit from the same decisions on taxation and spending as the rest of the u. k. or which still sees goods moving within the u. k. being subject to checks in response to use the bathroom to the u. k. spoke with sky news about the significance of the northern ireland protocol. the problems arise and we're triggered by brags, it's not by the protocol and the protocol tries to media. it's the serious problems created in northern ireland by the breakfast and the kinds of brags that was chosen . so we are focused on solutions. the protocol provides a huge opportunity for another not just remember that this is the only territory in the world that has access to both the united kingdom markets, but also to after 1000000000 people market,
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which is the single market the european unit. so the only tenants in the was so where do we stand as the northern island protocol and article 16 once again, take center stage and post to go see asians will. joining us now discussing hillary ford with president gro mark business development consultants and board member with the british american business association. hillary, i was a pleasure to have you on i it seems like lives trust in setting the table for just how these negotiations will go as she gets involved. did you expect her to take such a hard line, fancy or in any, in your opinion? is this the right way to go about it? well, pleasure to rec, back with you, always friend and i was a few things. mean, not many people think the less trusted is wishy washy. i she sounds, he says she's going to do and you did poke from her article in the telegraph yesterday. i know that she was very clear and she said that she's not asking for anything unreasonable tool. and the plan is really a pragmatic compromise. ah, she on the school that there will be robust enforcement of everything that's in
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agree to don't forget. and let's not forget that both sides agree to the northern ireland protocol, but also both agreed to article 16, which was enabling i decide to back off. should any situation become intolerable in terms of trade or environment or anything to do with civil life? and all these tricks have become so, but she's agreed and it's always been agreed that all goods that go from northern ireland, into southern island and the rest of my life therefore into the you could be still tracked and she's not just going to anything to that or it's come down to the bottom line is everything going into northern ireland from the u. k. shouldn't have to have all these checks as a u. k is always maintained because it's part of the same country. and as i stated before, just imagine if the germans had to have checks on things going into bavaria or the french had to have things going into the all provence. they wouldn't like her books
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. i really seem to be talking to be a part of the protocol, an article 16 on the people of northern ireland and the e. u is obviously maintaining. this is the best for northern ireland. is that true? what do you see there? well, i will say one that you just had a quote there and it was from the new brick set negotiation for the you and what he was right. i mean, this is the only territory in the world that has such close as an open access basically to 2 different places to the you and also to, to the u. k. or course, what does the you want, the e, you wants a southern island to and the republic of islands to become closer to the even looked at you as a trading partner versus the you case, of course, a going to say that, meanwhile, obviously from the u. k, and anybody in ireland doesn't want to have to have their pets have to have a passport. they don't want to have checks on medicine. and one of the things is just untouched back in her article and turned off was even, you know, the kotia jewish community in northern ireland is having problems at having kosher
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food delivered as lots of problems in northern ireland. but both sides indeed what to we know over the republic of know that so okay, we've got the i bet out of the way and comments publicly. but what are we actually expecting this week out of negotiations? is there any way the 2 sides are actually going to be able to come to terms others? you may decide who's right and who's wrong, but can they ever come to a pragmatic solution between the 2 m? oh, you're right. what comes up as negotiations, negotiations with this has been going on for so long. we talked about a lot. what i would say is it can not go on for about the u. k. of course is not put into into place any of those checks. and eventually that comes a point where one of the, one of the sides is going to have to relent on something. i do think that the you has to make this as difficult as possible for you. okay. obviously, because they can't have other countries leave. and obviously we've already, we've already heard about fix it movement in france and switch it into in our suite
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next it in the netherlands and poland is looking at way too. so the e u is going to stand at steady. i think i would not be surprised if list trusts even though people said she be less rusty, a. david frost. i would not be surprised if she did an act article 16 if you just back them or what would i mean? how would you be the timelines on that? because we've been kind of over the last 6 months. i've heard a lot of wrangling over the idea of article 16, but nobody's really pull that trigger yet. no, we have. we knew that it would not go into effect for the whole christmas holiday season. but i mean, don't, don't mess with las trust me is that there's a reason that she's been able to see or 72 tray deals of nations because she's really strong. she's really pragmatic. ah, she doesn't threaten, she just does what she says she's going to do. and i think the you knows that about her and being so pragmatic. she doesn't want she, she has to also and the u. k. has to embrace everybody in northern on because they're part of the u. k. so just of your question timeline, nobody knows,
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but something's going to break on this really soon, and i would not be surprised. eventually the e u has everything to lose. because if they make a mess of this, they may encourage other countries just to say, look, you know, it may be messy, but in the long run, we want to do this and look at the use being unreasonable. they meant that they're walking this time balancing act between trying to keep you together, but not seeming totally, natalie impractical numbers or earned to your point. i mean, what the u. k. gotta do leave again from e was alec. that's going to half of the much worse for that, you know, when it comes to the u. k. beckett really take place here. hillary, forward of the british american business association. thank you so much for joining us today. pleasure. and finally, there has been another massive acquisition in the video game industry as take to interactive the publisher of blockbusters franchises, like grand theft auto and red dead redemption has made a deal to by finger that's best known for releasing social media sensation. farmville. now we all remember the early days of facebook after it opened to the
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general public when you couldn't go one day without a family member or old school chum, inviting you to farmville. in fact, at one time think it was the most successful developer on the social media site. as for the numbers here as part of the deal, which is the important issue here, take to is buying the mobile developer for $12700000000.00 and a mix of cash in stock that's bigger than microsoft purchased. and then emacs just a few years ago. which was worth about $8000000000.00 on the news. think of stock surge more than 40 percent on monday. will take to last as much as 15 percent take to was hoping to capitalize on the highly lucrative mobile gaming business which account for half of the video game industry. and that's it for the time you can get boom bus on demand on the portable tv app available on smartphones and tablets through google play in the apple app store by searching portable tv, portable tv can also be downloaded on newer model. samsung, smart tv and roku devices, or simply go to portable dot tv. the next that boom button
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me when i would show the wrong one. all right, i just don't need you to fill out the thing because the after an engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart and we choose to look for common ground. you know, everybody is concerned about the coin being upon the screen. but in fact, it's the only thing out there, there's not a ponzi scheme, it's an open source project girl by volunteers trying to policy. but there are
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a lot of policies out there for a while. our officers are facing an increasingly dangerous environment. we are seeing a growing debate about so called warrior cops the term that i've heard in the militarization of police. this is an app vehicle we acquired through the 1033 program, very free program with the government program that funnels military property that is no longer use to local law enforcement with building an army over here. and i can't believe people aren't seeing a feeling that hey, you have to deal with our practice who you putting in the uniform beds. if the problem is sometimes is like money in play tricks and people mind they think they go bad. no is wolf is out the door very bad, johns are coming. good news. you have job security because the world desperately needs that you have to get
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a protective pepper spray to germany and another round of demonstrations against strict new cobit measures. that european state struggle to contain infections and increasingly angry citizens, a video emergent, bought and protested, and catholics down shooting at a government building. but as the situation stabilizes, the president says peacekeepers will start to be withdrawn within days. but the latest from all correspondent in one minute. fans of tennis number one novak joke of h rally in melbourne, where the star was detained off for legal folly in which an australian cold fact is, coven exemption only to the immigration minister to threaten his.


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