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tv   News  RT  January 11, 2022 7:00pm-7:31pm EST

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and it's words what will be the cause of this failure a. tonight the u. s. establishes a new national security unit to combat domestic terrorism. just as america marks the anniversary of january 6, capitol hill riots as eyes turned to brussels for the next round of russia. security talks with the west. we look at the groundwork that has been laid during talks between russia and the us so far more problematic partying for the british prime minister. elite email has revealed a 100 downing street staff, were invited to a get together during the 1st national lockdown. and it's 20 years since the 1st detainees arrived at the notorious u. s. one ton of obey detention center. we speak with former inmates about the horrors they face low is a black hole,
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needle black hole. so they're all sorts of shocking things that were taking place. one can only just one on the biggest human right with 21st century. broadcasting live direct from studios and monica. this is our international. i'm john thomas. certainly glad to have you with us now one year and one week after the capitol hill writes the u. s. department of justice has established a new domestic terrorism unit to combat threats that they claim have doubled in the past 2 years. i decided to establish that domestic terrorism unit to augment our existing approach. this group of dedicated attorneys will focus on the domestic terrorism threat, hoping to ensure that these cases are properly effectively coordinated across the department of justice and across the country. that was testimony we heard from mark olson, who is a deputy attorney general with the national security division of the u. s.
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department of justice announcing the formation of this new entity that will deal with the issue of domestic terrorism. now this comes as part of the senate judiciary committees hearings about january 6th, that was the capital riot. and after that happened january 6, 2021. in the aftermath of that, we saw a number of republican representatives saying that the responsibility came squarely from trump, that trump quote, there's responsibility for when wednesdays attack on congress. and in the aftermath of that we see an investigation. now, in the testimony we heard today, we heard department of justice officials talking about how white supremacist anti government activists and others are the primary domestic terrorism threat. and in some of their language, they even compare them to as long as it's stream it. here's what we heard from my perspective of spending a lot of time focused on the radicalization of international terrorists and islamic extremists,
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extreme as of all stripes. this group shares many of the same characteristics. people who feel like their way of life is under attack. many of those people i would, i would guess last year had carried those exact beliefs and thoughts as they march their way to break into the nation's capital. now, republicans described all of this as a, with chance setting. the stage were clamped down on the sand in the united states serving a political agenda that will only further divide the country and increase division and was asian u. s. society. here's some of the republican reactions. unfortunately, one year later, the majority party seems no closer to answering the central question of how the capital was left so unprepared and what must be done to ensure it never happens again. instead, they are using it as a partisan political weapon to further divide our country. now, republicans have also raised concerns about why this single riot that happened on
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capitol hill is getting far more attention than the year of rioting that preceded it. and the protests around the country, almost every major city had rioting, property, destruction going on in the lead up to the 2020 election in the aftermath of the killing of george floyd. and such, there's a, there's a feeling that democrats are using january 6th to serve political ends and that these ongoing hearings and investigations and potentially this new unit being formed to investigate domestic terrorism, serves a political and for the democratic party. but we did hear this announcement of the department of justice has said that this formation of this new unit is taking place . so that's what we've heard from testimony in capitol hill, about the u. s. department of justice and their ongoing efforts against domestic terrorism. with the groundwork laid out on monday between russia and the u. s. and security talks in geneva, eyes now turned to brussels, where to go. sions with nato are due to start on wednesday. so far the u. s. has promised
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a written response to moscow's secure demands. they include no further eastward expansion of nato or missiles pointed near russian territory with more on what's been said so far. here's our kesha, davinsky. well, the talks may have been described as being business like and frying. when the russian us delegation made to children in geneva, however, it does seem that no information has been laid back to washington. a slightly different view seems to be taking place with the white house spokesperson suggesting that russia could be getting ready at any moment to spread this information about what was said in those meetings in war may have been agreed in terms of potential wave forwards to angry reaction from the russian foreign ministry with the spokesperson saying that the u. s. authorities was simply out of touch. we are preparing yourself for the possibility and likelihood. no one should
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be surprised. i should say, if russia spreads disinformation about commitments that have not been made, or if it goes even further and instigates something as a proof text for further destabilizing activity. and so we would continue to urge everyone not to fall for any attempts to pushed and disinformation out there. as for the numerous statements made by the white house press secretary legally, but it is sincerely regretable that the american leadership is represented by people who do not know the subject well enough. but it's telling them we advise you colleagues not to forget to use critical thinking and carefully double check with at least the most important stories, so as not to show your incompetence to the whole world. no interesting with those comments that russia could be ready to spread this information. given that the russian delegation held an open press conference, there was a live stream of that press conference with the deputy foreign minister outlining what had happened in the talks and plenty of questions in regards to that from
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media from across the world. us by contrast, didn't hold an open press conference, so to speak. it was a press conference that was or do only a telephone with a transcript late to being released. some might question who therefore has something to hide? but of course, what we do know from those discussions is that the u. s. is expected to give with a written confirmation response later on this week. in regards to some of the red lines that were outlined by russia, including potentially that old ukraine. now it was a session business like they said, however, it does appear that there is a lack of optimism as a result of those talks. now from both sides. we do not see any significant reason for optimism. the only thing that deserves positive assessment is the way the talks were conducted with openness, thoroughness, and directness. but this is not something that can bring satisfaction because what
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is important is the result, not the process. it was not what you would call a negotiation. we're not to a point where we're ready to set down texts and begin to go back and forth even before going into these talks that they were of course, new possible, thank sanctions. being threatened by the united states. if it said russia invades ukraine, no, russia is that time and time again, it does not intend to evade ukraine. and that was reiterated again at the press conference on monday night. however, the russian deputy foreign minister saying what russia really wants right now is, i implied, guarantees that ukraine will not join the nato alliance. now, will ever, we are fed up with loose dog ha promises, misinterpretation of what happened, that different forms of negotiations behind closed doors. we do not trust the other
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sites, so to see we need iron clad waterproof bulletproof legally binding guarantees not assurances, not safeguards guarantees. so no concrete breakthrough, particularly with the united states, saying they couldn't discuss issues of ukraine and it's possible membership of native without me to being present its allies being present at the negotiating tables. and that is the stage that we are now at with new round of discussions to take place on wednesday between nato and the russian delegation, where ukraine of course will be a large part of those discussions we've also heard from the nato secretary general, who's pads lowered the ball when it comes to talks, suggesting that a good outcome would be that they would be more talks in the future rather than any
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concrete action. however, when stilton blake has said that when he was prime minister over norway, he had many discussions with russia. and he had found that the russians were open to negotiations. so perhaps there is a ray of lights at the end of the tunnel. yet more party pressure for the british prime minister boys johnson. but once again, it's social, as well as political a leak. d mail has revealed another lockdown gathering, involving the leader and his wife is claimed. a 100 downing street staff were invited for a booth. he get together at the height of the kobe lock down there in 2020 hi all. after what has been an incredibly busy period, it would be nice to make the most lovely weather can have some socially distance drinks and the number 10 garden this evening. please join us from 6 p. m and bring your own boose. well, it seems as though all the prime minister was doing during this pandemic is party. and while everybody was simply in a lockdown,
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it seems as though the government was acting as if there was a cause for celebration. in fact, the prime minister's chief 8 simply sent out this message saying that the lovely weather in may of 2020 was ample enough reason to host a party. and so invited around a 100 people to a, bring your own booth, downing street garden party. now it's alleged that around 40 people attended this party, including boris johnson. the only problem is at the time the rules clearly stated, even reiterated just an hour before that invitation went out. but you can only me talk with one other person from another household and of course, social distance 2 meters apart. so it's probably not much of a surprise for me to tell you this huge amount of opposition to it, including calls for the prime minister to resign. people will find it utterly outrageous that the most powerful people in the tory government would be using up at number 10 downing street proving yet again that it's one rule for them. and
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another for the rest of us. if the prime minister had a shred of integrity or an ounce of shane, he would resign many months ago, boris johnson has consistently shown that he has no regard for the rules he puts in place for the rest of us. at the time, everyone would have known that go into a body was wrong. so how can those run the country have filters was ok. now, number 10 are yet to comment, but forest johnson has previously and repeatedly said that all guidelines have been followed. of course, metropolitan police and are weighing and considering investigating and now in communication with the cabinet office. but just to give you a bit of an idea of what was happening at the time here in london on may the 25th. that's 5 days off of this, so cool party, 10 days off is that wine and she alleged why? right? florence children said this, the only reason we have been able to make such progress is because the country has observed the social distances. rules feel free to speak to people yourself if you
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feel they are not observing the rules as the police will step in if necessary. so it comes as no surprise then it's no wonder that even tories are now losing trust in the government. according to the latest shocking pole. more than a 3rd of tories think that boris johnson should quit and almost 4 in time, think he is doing a bad job, of course, considering that is now being dozens of party revelations and allegations floating around during the locked down period. it sounds as though the government was almost on the booze cruise, but it seems as though the bar johnson may not go down with his ship. u. k. radio host, john gaunt, says the saga reflects the sorry state of british politics. morris johnson has absolutely disgusted me. it is completely and utterly wrong when we, the people were following all the advice to the letter. and some people were getting fined when they broke it. how did he and other members of to have it if
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they, with their break their own rules and no man or woman is above the law and the law should take precedence here and they should investigate. it's not good enough that that's going to report in weeks and weeks needs to report. now what this story illustrates, it's just how poor our mainstream politicians are today. they're all pretty useless and you couldn't put a cigarette paper between them. we've been let down in our country by the political class, the professional political class. they all basically discuss me. it is 20 years since the 1st prisoners were taken to the notorious us prison camp at guantanamo bay. and we have been hearing about what they went through. former detainee mo awesome bag was held there for about 3 years without ever being charged with a crime. unfortunately, on this anniversary 20 years,
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there are people i spoke to young boys were no longer young. 1819 years old, who never met at all because they probably be help without child or travel channel list they. so me and i saw 2 people. i saw one prison with his hands part of his head to the top of the page being repeatedly punched and kicked him children. the american accepted that this was a homicide. i also was subject to the sounds of a woman screaming in the nest cell that i was led to believe was my wife while interrogated in some way pictures of my children in front of me and threatened to send me to egypt and the syria. if i didn't cooperate so that all sorts of shocking things that were taking place, i say i was only 3, is there a few people then up to literally 20 years without charge across a new report by human rights watch details. the tragic extent of the systemic abuse at the prison camp, it is assesses the torture and illegal detention of hundreds of muslims at
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guantanamo, and calls upon president joe biden, to repair the damage done. and finally, close the detention center. here's a brief history of that infamous facility. ah.
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we also spoke to 2 more former guantanamo bay detainees, and like many others, both of them were never charged with a crime. here's what they had to say. we think of one's animal, we try not to, but it does come up. of course it's continuous is something that continues with us throughout our life is something that is a grained inside our hearts and spirits. and we have to think about it all the time is something that we cannot change. and sometimes one can tell them, well, like now was in the news. we think about those 2 are still in so i can tell them i was there for 5 years throughout the 5 years there was continuous thought. so. busy
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there was no rules, no god, no laws, nothing. the god did what they like and the american system did what they want, something else. so sometimes you are humiliated sexually. sometimes you're beaten. sometimes anything that today thought will get information out of the prisoners and they were willing to commit those points. that's why we're corrupting and tell them when i tell them or is a black hole, legal black hole, what is going on? you know, what time is a place that retake garage, you know, injustice. one time when i was a simple torture injustice lawlessness. i'm using power in different dishes. when i was one of the biggest human right by the 21st century, no law lives there. no human rights, no any kind of rules or basic right for, for humans. so gonna tell me it's existence is a torture injustice as it is now, it's 20 years. and it won't turn to be a political game,
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or i'm from democrats and republicans. what want to keep it open because that gives you some kind of publicity or something more books. sadie boys, that humanity and they know what else is wrong. they don't want to exist in the 1st place. so the kind of the program at medical facilities are overwhelmed and facing severe staffing shortages as america reaches the world record for daily registered covered infections. soc international ah join me every thursday on the alex salmon show, but i'll be speaking to guess in the world of politics, sport, business, i'm show business. i'll see you then
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you know, everybody is concerned about the coin being upon justine, but in fact it's the only thing out there. there's not a monte scheme, it's an open source project built by volunteers policy. but there are a lot of policies out there. ah, emotions, medieval institutions and then i go like technology and the combination of these 3 very you could say historically distinct seeks fixes within our psycho physical makeup have rendered us pretty dangerous list to ourselves to the planet. ah, welcome back. this is art international. now
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a disturbing landmark for america, it broke the world record for daily registered cove infections on monday with more than 1300000 cases according to reports. now, the de also saw the highest number of hospitalizations with many medical facilities overwhelmed and facing severe staffing shortages. health authorities have even allowed metix infected with coded to stay on at work if they have mild symptoms. they will, however, be required to wear extra protective masks and should be assigned to only treat cove at patients. this still not clear quite how this will be put into action. we don't have any information on whether hospitals will adopt this approach or not . but what we do know is that hospitals are expecting many more patients in the coming days than they're going to be able to care for with the current resources. my colleague spoke with david green, the president of the service employees international union. he says, allowing the mildly infected to continue working could worse in the crisis. you
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know, it's a really scary, dangerous time because you know, our job, our 1st job is to protect the people we serve the patients and these hospitals. and by forcing our nurses and health care workers to tap to come in, if there coven positive it puts these patients at risk. so we're asking our local elected officials here, and our community groups, and anybody that will listen to, we want to reversal this policy. and we, we really believe that it's health and safety crisis if they force our nurses to have to come to work while their covert expose we, we thought it could be, it could make a really difficult crisis even more difficult. nevertheless, amid the covered chaos in the u. s. president biden is continuing to praise his team's policies during the pandemic. today, america is the only leading economy in the world where the economy as a whole,
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is stronger than before the pandemic. no wonder one lady in economic, se me analyst describe what we've accomplished in 2021 is the strongest 1st year economic track record of any president in the last 50 years. however, a recent poll suggests that 60 percent of americans say the economy is their biggest concern. now, while just 37 percent, think the virus is one of their top 5 priorities. a major shift and opinion from a year ago, daniel mcadams, who is a director of the ron paul institute for peace and prosperity, things biden's dreaming. if he thinks the economy is in great shape. while the pull that came out just recently was actually conducted early in december. and that's why it's so interesting because it indicated that even at the height of the micron scare campaign in the u. s. media, the propaganda to be terrified and stay home. she said, don't go out for christmas,
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keep your relatives away. even at the height of the scare, you saw a huge dialing back on the part of the population with regard to the importance of cove it to their, to their concerns and their voting activities. my guess is now after they warned us that this will be a long dead, deathly winter when those tests have not occurred. probably if you took a poll right now, it will be even less of a concern for koby, particularly as the u. s. administered the by the administration's coven narrative, narrative is falling apart as we speak, much less concerned for that than the economy, that runaway inflation and build the supply chain problems, the lack of goods in the stores, the inability to even purchase a new car. you know, i think these things are even going to be a more concert. it's a big problem for democrats going into the mid term election. well, if he's going to run on the economy, he's going to have a tough road, a ho. in fact, no matter what the democrats run on in 2022, they're going to have a difficult time of it. obviously, the inflation,
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which they claimed was transitory. and then said, well, actually it's not transitory is having a huge effect. we're seeing the effect of shutting down the economy, which is that the supply lines have been shut down. you're seeing a lot of stores empty in the united states and people are noticing it. in fact, trending on twitter. i think the other day was people taking pictures of the empty shelves in their stores. i seem to supporting employment numbers that just came out this past month. so i think, you know, biden as usual is kind of living in his own dream world. american retailer, wal mart has have the paid leave for workers that test positive for cove it or must isolate new company policy says they will now get just one week off. and we heard from and walmart, employee who says the move is putting people's lives at risk. i don't want to have to pay sick leave for employees who aren't going to be at work. they'd rather us come to work sick, spread the virus to other people get other people sick have don't have to go on our way even all that. some are afraid. you know, of getting
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a virus. if they get the virus, you know, what are they going to do? if they're so sick after 5 days? i mean, i feel the same way. i can't come in to work when i'm so have coven spread it everywhere? they really don't care. it's, you know, all, all of our lives in danger, even more than before, as just not. we're not going to die for wal mart. and i don't think anybody else wants to dr. wal mart either. while much new policies follow updated recommendations from the u. s. centers for disease control and prevention that allow people to isolate for 5 days after a co, with 1000 infection instead of 10 wal mart spokesperson said they had also introduced a number of other policies to help employees during the crisis. including working from home where possible until the end of january. my surgeon cove cases in the u. s. has caused a significant labor shortages. a survey of hourly paid workers found that 65 percent of them reported being sick in the last month said that they went to work anyway. peter not again believes that it's because people just cannot afford to
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take the time off. if you have something below a fever, you still might feel sick. you know, i still not feel well, but you still can come to work after 5 days, you don't get paid anymore. you don't pay more paid pay for that because of that. a lot of people are going to say, even if they do have a fever or something like that, they're going to say that they, that they feel fine because they can't afford to or not, they're not going to pay. so they're still going to come to work sick with the virus and be contagious and spread it to everybody else. it's very fair to say i was miss step. in fact, it was complete negligence on their part. they should not have done that. they should have, are, you know, in thinking a rush, but the factors think of their profits. and right after wal mart announced its new policies tech trying to amazon followed suit and short paid sickly for its workers as well. employees will now be entitled to 7 days instead of the previous 10, the guidelines impact all workers regardless of their vaccination status. meantime,
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across the atlantic in the u. k, ikea has just announced it's cutting sick pay for certain groups of unvaccinated workers as well. who have to self isolate that as a for me in 32 minutes, i'll be back with another full and fresh lucas new say with a start international. mm. well the pandemic, no, certainly no borders line to nationalities and you as emerge. we don't have authority. we don't of maxine who worried needs to take action to be ready people are gonna. 2 come with, we can do better, we should be doing better. every one is contributing each in their own way. but we also know that this crisis will not go on forever. the challenge is great,
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the response has been met. so many good people are helping us. it makes us feel very proud that we are in it together with oh, is your media a reflection of reality? in the world transformed what will make you feel safe? isolation, whole community? are you going the right way? or are you being led somewhere? direct. what is true? what is faith in the world corrupted? you need to descend
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a join us in the depths or remain in the shallows. now we have e cigarettes. i just heard that it was a healthy alternative to cigarettes, and do we trust tobacco companies with their message that these new products are actually going to reduce these sugars are making the tobacco with the russia, u. s. foxon geneva were highly anticipated, but expectations of a positive outcome were low, very low. russia's chief negotiator says americans under estimate the gravity of the situation, these are ominous words. what will be the cost of this failure.


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