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there will be a good meal and that that's part of the us. one will be the daughter. you know, the pin go from time time is that i bet you grandma being go off at the most internet to an alley, los angeles. i mean all a monocle in the file. yeah. i'm not body. it's that i checked the filter. a dusty excuse, likeness is 250 meters long and covers 25000 square meters. the canvas as a wheat field and the brush stroke supplied by a tractor and plough bottom, but the cause it to the future and also the side. i don't want to release that the land, the after the fact it added that a k bus. the k is by you and asked the morgan on de la juice to fione. she capacious will be to care about about the and there will be a c k 5 that the zeno bus. dance that same precipitate. by the way, up until that point on point engine light. if you need to
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go to the future daddy gamble in says his art is ephemeral. it doesn't last long and disappears in a few days, which can't be said about the impact that dusty ski himself has had on world culture needed to that need to be located to grounded see, call a war and yes to main screen, thought a shot or not perform that traffic medical to go back and forth. so they've got a tray and a time to, to, to see the issue. the fire when i remember seeing awful is supposed to talk about a list we all new time off. see if you capital perform the elevator, the main a russo stands for acura stuff. like i said, no man chris, the d o and i got it back
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a i for path of my own amok. one than thesis. maybe he caught that ah. edu. she had a i probably will not villareal pity or dig around the k dot for which anthony noise emma, could i v i v nancy elijah, is supposed to i the body moon . i don't know if i call it a trophy. i think we all got on to when i guess that does make it a tricky patrick weiss is holding a figurine. the prize he won at the annual dostoevsky games a contest for students from the leading universities in north carolina, which is among the main centers in the u. s. for study and dusting ascii. it was my last semester of college and i took a i just, i ascii class and the idea was just to, you know, read a few of those to ask is worse. but somehow they got so carried away by dusty epsky
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that his novels were given. new modern interpretations wrap allusions and video all inspired by his novels, crime and punishment might be his most popular, even mainstream, novel, murder, money lending, blood, and redemption, full fit quite neatly into a modern music video. now this is the story all about how my life got flipped turned upside down, though i'd like to take a minute. and in any event, i'll tell you how i did a crime and how i got punishment. this video was literally made in a day with help from friends on the campus, but it brought patrick his victory in the dusty epsky games. such a clear and concise representation of the russian writer's work is rare. thinker not to do it in my little cesspool and writing some stuff. when i dropped out of school, then i got an idea and i thought it was good. i should kill a lady in my neighborhood. i grabbed one little accent hitter straight ahead. next thing i know she had her sister a both i and i was just trying to may of by approachable version of the
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novel thing was going to call. it was interesting. i guess i felt that i, i looked the part turned towards the end of my senior year. and you know, i just said like long greasy back in my house i dreamt about healing. when i woke up, did was in my room, kill it for the dialogue. did phoebe got into that sort of work together? and it was a lot of fun and we sort of just like did it didn't 2nd guess ourselves too much. and when i actually shared at the dust ascii games, it was, i was very embarrassed. i could hardly watch it myself, but now when i looked back at it, i think it's awesome. i was just thinking, i haven't thought about punishment for a while. my grade book, i just re read it and you should check it out again and also just being able to read it at a slower pace. why didn't he pretty much held on to the idea that he did
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it till like test his theory, you know? and because he thought he might be like an extraordinary man that does yesterday very unique very, it felt really special like something like that doesn't happen regularly. like 35 people who are all young, but also interested in just a se sick with a wicked and know tar so tight. my body hurts. that's how notes from on the ground. one of dusty f skis, major lex begins. it was published in saint petersburg in 1864 and reborn in the
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21st century on the other side of the ocean. an experimental theater group from philadelphia carried dostoevsky leading character and the scenery to a ghetto in the western outskirts of the oldest city in the u. s. single story america. small houses, countless anonymous streets and alleys resembling the yellow st. petersburg. dostoevsky portrayed in his novels. one of the quotes that really stuck out to me that i really identify with her. i would now like to tell you gentlemen, whether you do or do not wish to hear why i have never managed to become even an insect. i tell you solomon that i wanted many times to become an insane, but i was not deemed worthy. even of that, this call comes out burly. that drives this character, the underground man, based on dostoevsky, owls, carrots, in this online play. the lead character is not a retired government official from st. petersburg as dostoevsky wrote, but
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a black police officer whose work too long for a system steeped in violence and racism, was a wicked man when i was on the phone, was flat leisure, a mistake. and now live in all my life in my corner on the internet, taunting myself with these spiteful fuel tau constellations that is even possible for an intelligent black men to become anything in this city. in this country ah lagoon, he come anything in the system built. oh, yes sir. intelligent black man of the 21st century must either sit down or shut down. the image of a small, resentful and oppressed man in notes from underground has become particularly relevant to a new generation of black people fighting for their rights. the concept of a hero isolated from the outside world at,
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i think an internal battle came in the wake of the pandemic. we wanted to do a whole season of shows around isolation to match our at the moment of being in isolation, due to cove. it in a reflect the time that we're going through. and that's kind of the cool thing about this adaptation of just overlaying those different given circumstances of like okay, no more 19th century 21st century. i was like, oh wow, this is really easy to recontextualize because yeah, they and they talk about politics. how like a man's perspective and how he treats a woman with the story was inspired by events here in philadelphia. in may. 1995 usaa authorities destroyed a whole block with explosives while storming activists from move the fringe group that advocated living with nature opposed. technology and medicines and campaigned against animal abuse. the events of 1985 in philly drove our character into hiding. and then he resurfaced had this new, ah,
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age of protest. and one of the characters in the play lies i, who and the dust. a ascii version is a prostitute in our version. she was a, an activist. and she lived around this neighbourhood and he goes to check on her kid unseeded, the exempt as a woke me up to a death prison in assisted figgs. i had chosen to ignore the sneaky belie the abuse child with mm. move became a song in the side of us authorities, black hippies who rejected the system regularly disrupted local government proceedings, gave shelter to a drug addict and eventually started taking up arms. it was finally decided that the group had to be dealt with for good. the operation to evict move ended in tragedy. a residential area was bombed and the resulting fire destroyed dozens of houses. mm. ah,
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dear dad. has disney shows me kind of screams echo today. riding with me was fire. everywhere is still still the sound of bullets for hours lead. 61 houses will be disappeared. everyone in the house did. mm. well we're walking to the site of the move bombing. so this is where the house actually sat. 2 was young. i was young at that time, but i can remember hearing about just wanted and how what effect to be and how it still bothers me today because it didn't have to happen.
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what is america? our characters is more so, but hero as opposed to dos, the ascii character, but it's the human struggle i could really identify with that struggle. i mean, both pieces are kind of approach that piece like dust. a ascii was in kind of commenting on the russia of his time and right with our piece for commenting on the philly in the united states of our time, which i mean human nature never changes with while our officers are facing in increasingly dangerous environments, we are seeing a growing debate about so called warrior cops, the term that i've heard in the militarization of police. this is an admirable vehicle we acquired through the 1033 program, very free program with the government program that follows military property that
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is no longer use to local law enforcement with building an army over here. and i can't believe the people i see those thing an agency all to frontier. yeah. thing a terrorism here because it again, if you live in ahead, you have to deal with your harm for us. who are you putting in a uniform cover? bands is a powerful thing from time who's like money in play, tricks, and people mine a big bad know is the walk is out the door very bad. john. good job. good news. you have job security because the world desperately needs with emotions. medieval institutions and then i go to like technology and the combination of these 3 very you could say historically distinct seeks
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fixes within our psycho physical makeup i have rendered us pretty dangerous to ourselves to the to the planet. yes. me. oh oh is that will i? lisa typical, there is only 9 but already a diversity students that away m slash a like it's an emergency appointment. let's see it. yep. you got the glass doors to deal with or get it not then local to able to go, but yeah, but that's a little losing a yahoo to him specially make them can only constantly with now bush night nebraska porcelain veneer special. i will for yeah, my is what i say the 1st way and i was thinking what certified that was to get to
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him was in your mind it was something that he will use if the double you that he was as much color. i knew it when america with of soon lose with when you most of judge the blanca from his teacher was also reason is balise. we'll come with it. 6 ah, what happened? i make no, no borderline to nationalities and users as a merge, we don't have with the we don't have a vaccine. the whole world leads to take action and be ready. people are judge, you know, common crisis with we can do better, we should be better. everyone is contributing each in our own way. but we also know
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that this crisis will not go on forever. the challenge is great to response has been massive. so many good people are helping us. it makes us feel very proud that we are in it together with oh, is your media a reflection of reality? in the world transformed what will make you feel safer? isolation, whole community. are you going the right way or are you being led to somewhere? direct. what is true? what is great? in the world corrupted you need to descend. ah,
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so join us in the depths or remain in the shallows. yell leash was nice. did i say less, sam? have blogger ilia? yeah. theater literacy. you gioviatto for you, your bravo. soviet. yeah. get every jelly osha krista. you're still navea. please just hear softer sheets. yeah. for darcy. it was no accident. when elisa lena, students from north carolina read a specific passage from dostoevsky, demons. the 200000 adversary of the great writers both coincides with another milestone. 150 years ago while travelling, he was finishing one of his least known, but perhaps most significant works. and i think was in this book in particular, i found it very rewarding to read in the sense that i can find any reflections within myself and within real life today. clicking on the essay,
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the younger generation is kind of always hating on the older generation for being wrong and better about it and that older generations. kind of always looking down upon that these novel ideas with a lot of kind of like fear that there, you know, just traditions are gonna be upgraded. so i think just like all these things are very apparent throughout time, i don't imagine not ever stop being renovated and there was, have been relevant. dostoevsky conceived demons as a small pamphlet, critical of the near lists and radicals of the day, the new generation that rejected the established social order. but he ended up writing quite a weighty tome. of political thriller, satirical pulp, fiction, religious drama, and existential tragedy. all in one how this reading felt for you between tuesday and thursday. are you getting more engaged in the novel? are you carrying more about these characters? now?
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when you were before the plot of demons is discussed at workshops, among students at duke university, one of the most prestigious in the united states, almost a contemporary of dostoevsky himself. duke university was founded in 1838. it's known to day, not just for teaching medicine, law and business, but also as one of the world's leading centers for the study of russian literature . is peter a revolutionary? is he a socialist? right, he does have political goals as you're saying, right? he wants to manipulate several again, he wants to destroy things. he hates old forms, like god confess to karmazin alvin. he doesn't really want to create anything new except just to square everything puts to broken and taught. professor carol apollonia of duke university is a renowned american expert on russian literature who's published many books and research papers. despite her broad knowledge of the subject, she admits that she re discovers dostoevsky every time she reads his work. when i
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teach these books that moved me so much, i read them again with my students almost every time. every time i teach, i think, well maybe i should stop reading the book again. and instead i read more about the book. just ask, it always draws me back and he says, no, he says read me, read me again, read me with your students, not. and then we'll have a real conversation. every time i read i'm learning new things i just ask is work written in the 19th century is now reinterpreted by her students. perhaps surprisingly, while reading demons, for example, they don't only see modern life parallels, but also associations with certain politicians kilter is trump, for sure we will. it's trying to change his mind is trying to consider his opinion based on what this person has said. i think what this these books have for us is this kind of a pyre, the timeless warning, be. think about what we're doing to ourselves, to our environment,
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towards stoles. caution ourselves. we think that's what the stand sky wants to tell us. he always says, all of his characters, say stuff, rogan or pewter, stefan of shadow. sonya and kind of punishment beg forgiveness. that's what you have to do and you can be saved. you can better yourself. you can be improved. one way to think about that is the death penalty ah, execute people because we think that they're not worth keeping alive anymore. regardless of the fact that it's more expensive than our system to execute someone that is to keep them alive. we do this because we think people are either undeserving or incapable of rehabilitation. they've done something bad and now they can be thrown away like human trash. and they ask, you says that's not true. even the murderer ask only cough can be sent away to prison. he can read his bible, he can be saved by sonya and he can be better. just
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a ascii was a witness to that himself. does i ask you not the guy to make you sit silent? he's the guy who will bring out your opinions even in just using his texts, almost reveal who you are and what you believe is such a useful exercise. you know, i felt that i learned a lot about myself in reading his book so much like therapy. your therapy session that was written 200 years ago when in a language you don't, don't understand in a culture that you've never met that well, i'm believe professor carol, apollonia maintains it doesn't matter if you read dusty excuse books in the original language or a translation he's relatable anywhere in the world in any language. perhaps that's why dostoevsky is the most translated. russian author insulation on is actually not something that takes away from the original work. it's quite the opposite. the translation is something that actually increases the power of
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a work of literature expands its range around the world. but there's one particular passage that professor apollonia prefers to read and russian what it's going to cost dream in the crime and punishment epilogue. what dostoevsky wrote back in the 19th century isn't just relevant today. it's more like a prophecy. ah, the more good he is, the less belizean you would to vis mira so young. bizarre to a cookery just rationally, nicely friendly in the ve than they more are voy. yes, yes. it does. she's cool bingley. as in liverpool. yeah, those anybody plugin or chrome ian yucca thought of this monumental give ease. but in the rascal nick off is now in prison, up paying for his crime of murder. and he falls ill and, and he has a dream and his dream is a dream about these microscopic sort of both something like bacteria, these tree hiena that have affected the entire world. and when i, when i read this, i think about our pandemic, which is
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a disease. but it's also tied up with the, the other sort of divisions and stresses that are, that our world is suffering today just as he is really relevant today. and the idea that his writing is, is sort of writing of extremes on edges and his for him, the theme of apocalypse point at which the world is threatened with ultimate destruction. his message, i guess in his works about how people's intellectual concerns are divide them from each other, i think is absolutely relevant to the way our political world has been developing. recently china, the country that's always had a unique culture with its own morality and customs. dostoevsky is novels like chinese characters, can seem indecipherable to europeans, but the great authors, popularity here is clear. his novels are published and republished almost every
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year, and many have multiple translations or this johan the tissue. hi, sure, ah, it will deliver safer per year for since it's in south neosha hope in bush a fit home you should just replace it with metallic back. then cit. hunter, danielle galvan. our sense. oh, that is your dream yet. surely if your hope, your tissue dosher or sheila dw top, so it since an immune value of how they should lay out chance syrian was issued out as your full dodger till human cla doctrinal offers. for one issue, you are young. this your quote sure shot nominee that, that appeared rogers on, on the only are social was for you of your domains here to utah. well, ashleigh culture hunch, ha, nancy. in fact, it turns out that chinese people don't just know dostoevsky, but each of his characters too, by name, to celebrate the $200.00 anniversary of the writer's birthday students from various chinese institutes got together and staged the brothers karamazov,
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the novel that rather encapsulate the writer's whole life, dostoevsky finished it just a few months before he died. oh yes, yeah. oh wow. wow. wow. everyone's heard of best i asked even if they haven't actually read many chinese admit that the russian classical writers, dark tones don't exactly resonate with their views of life. however, it turns out that even there you can find color or had some of your own l. okay. sir, i says, oh yeah, those yeah. yeah. like i got another funny, influential. yeah. deangela. sure. uh huh. yes i yeah. how can i go now? sand now. hello. okay diane, you said i should. hi again. so wasn't say yeah, i can share plan. yeah. there. ha, ha,
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ha, ha, ha, ha, question. mm roscoe. nicole hat, sonia mom, a lot of us shall all missions coat, dostoevsky, renowned dandy and follower of fashion, who used the best st. petersburg taylors paid close attention to his heroes clothing and billing it with special meaning for the 2 hundreds anniversary. a group of st. petersburg artists put on an interactive exhibition of illustrations, which is a bit like a coloring book. walt and where to draw on dostoevsky is an individual decision. ah, go street. it's named after dusty ascii once had a different name. no via bush don't go further. dusty ascii was born here at the marine sky hospital in a wing for the pool where he lived for almost 16 years. this is where he 1st imagined the heroes of his future novels. the one small museum commemorating the writer became a huge exhibition for the big 2 hundreds anniversary. you must here with
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culture, is the way with 3 flaws of personal belongings, manuscripts and video installations. dostoevsky moved from here to st. petersburg. oh, life lay ahead. forced labor temptation, the search for meaning only later will crime and punishment demons than the brothers karamazov come to light, but it all started here. 2 centuries later, we still live with the reality of dusty excuse weld. we're all his heroes, all over the world. ah.
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now we have e cigarettes, i just heard that it was a healthy alternative to cigarettes. do we trust tobacco companies with their message that these new products are actually going to reduce these sugars are making the tobacco with yes more. i will go with it, but will i, lisa typical, there is only 9, but already 8 university students that away m slash a new model appointment. let's see. yep. you got the stores to deal with a yahoo teams that he may come from no recalls. he really shows control such programs . now brochure, nebraska, of course with them. well, you're special,
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but i'm the yeah, my what i say the best way to get what you're at the point that was to get on the she was and you mentioned this, i'm dealing with sue mccord with when you most of judge one, could you put his teacher or what was all reason is balise, we'll come on. 6 down here emotions, medieval institutions. and then i go to our technology and the combination of these 3 very you could say historically distinct seeks fixes with, in psycho physical makeup rendered us pretty a close to ourselves,
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to the planet. and i went into that garden just after 6 on the 20th of may 2020. i believe the implicitly that this was a work event where these families are outraged by doris johnson's apology. after he admitted attending a down the street party during the you case 2020 national lockdown. we've spoken to a man who buried his father during that period of the same time that i was at my father's cheating. he was taking part in a bring your own views party. why does he believe that the rules that he outs create that he made didn't apply to him? how the job will pick up the tubs? canada's quebec province is planning to punish the unvaccinated with a special tax locals. tell us how they feel about the plan. i think it's unfair to just guess it's the responsibility or the fall to the.


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