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everything you a did go on a case to teams and you must appointment. let's see. yep. you got the floss which dos padilla, the video, smarter than noble. choose to snable to whole, but oh yeah, but that's a little only thing. could i pick it up? so the loss of my baby someplace yahoo terms the he may come can no recalls. he really shows control center program is now bush night, nebraska napoleon warriors fresh, but i will the yeah my is what i say the thursday and i was thinking what the certified that was to get to him was a new mom sitting some the little while as if did i believe that he was as much color, but he, i knew it with soon losing credibility to do to put a good when you most of judge that he blanca for his teacher was also reason because my lease will come with you live in an annual festival in st. petersburg dedicated to dust ifc.
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ah, the great writer thinker and psychologist, people didn't turn to his love to understand russia and russians and perhaps even themselves. if what they see, nobody seek would be asleep on the married vehicle. anita, while you do need that, picked up wait because every didn't changing a rita transforming them as they read that dust i ask is unique ability to stay of sky wants to tell us and you can better yourself. he makes you face your true self for recuperating beyond conventions, rules of schemes, beyond the boundaries and time. dostoevsky is a global brand whose classics, as every one knows and never out of style. a narrow street, the bustling piazza madura countless arches. fyodor just
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a se once walked here in the heart of maloney. he visited italy 3 times when fleeing from lenders and found inspiration. it was in italy that he finished his novel, the idiot. she put the matter. why do you need that saturday meal? i know that many on you know, tackling getting to the on you mean nice break at a national. ah. the italian artist study has often read these lines from prince michigan's monologue. dust i ask is the idiot at his favorite. it inspired him to paint a giant portrait of the author. from a male, it's pretty nice to love all on. are you doing today? or there will be a good let me and that part of us will be the daughter, you know,
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the pin go trend time. if i put you in granite bingo, if possible, if at the most internationally, los angeles, i mean all, i'm on a call. anytime i'm not 40, it's that i check the filter. dusty excuse, likeness is 250 meters long and covers 25000 square meters. the canvas as a wheat field and a brush stroke supplied by a tractor and plough bottom, but cause it to the feet, you know, sort of the side to release the land to my side. it added that k bus, the k value and the morgan on de la just to see on a she capacious, we'll be talking about about the and it will be a c, k father. the zeno bus. dance. same precipitate boy boy tension laddie. yeah. last point on point can sure lot if you need to
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a lot that i caught up in the future. dario gamble in says his art is ephemeral. it doesn't last long and disappears in a few days, which can't be said about the impacts that dusty ski himself has had on world culture needed to that needs to be located to granted p. carla was in a book to yes to see could i main thing. so nashville screen thought a shot or not perform the medical to go back and forth. so they've got out today a tray and a normal standard to, to fire when i v, i remember seems awful. partuto bad a list way all the time off. see if you capital perform the elevator, the main a russo button for the simple. no man equates the d z o and i got to get a part that path to play more than 50. maybe he caught that she probably will not
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believe. i'll put it was on the golf for which and so i need know what i see. i cannot see it, but i me i don't know if i call it a trophy. i think we all got it when a. so i guess that does make the truth. metric wise is holding a figurine, surprise he won at the annual dust, a ascii games. a contest for students from the leading universities in north carolina, which is among the main centers in the u. s. for study and dusky. it was my last semester of college, and i took a dose de ascii class. and the idea was just to read of you of those to ask is worth but somehow they got so carried away by dusty epsky that his novels were given. new interpretations wrap allusions and video all inspired by his
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novels. crime and punishment might be his most popular, even mainstream, novel, nevada, money lending, blood and redemption, full fit quite neatly into a mobile music video. now this is the story all about how my life got flipped turned upside down, though i'd like to take a minute and, and any of it, i'll tell you how i did a crime and how i got punishment. this video was literally made in a day with help from friends on the campus, but it brought patrick his victory in the dostoevsky. games such a clear and concise representation of the russian writers work is rare, thinker not to do and in my little says school and writing some stuff. when i dropped out of school, then i got an idea and i thought it was good. i should kill a lady in my neighborhood. i grabbed one little accent hitter straight ahead. next thing i know she and her sister a both i and i was just trying to make a fine approachable version of the novel. they are skolnik av was interesting.
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i guess i felt that i, i looked the part towards the end of my senior year. and you know, i just said like long back in my house i dreamt the felt healing when i woke up did was in my room, kill it. phoebe gala did. phoebe got it, i sort of work together and it was a lot of fun and we sort of just like did it didn't 2nd guess ourselves too much. and when i actually shared it at the dust ascii games, it was, i was very embarrassed. i could hardly watch it myself, but now when i looked back at it, i think it's awesome. i was just thinking i haven't really thought about her punishment for awhile. but a great book. i just re read it and you should check it out again. and also just being able to read it at a slower pace. he why didn't he pretty much held on to the idea that he did
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it til like test his theory now. and because he thought he might be like an extraordinary man. that does yes, dan's very unique very, it felt really special like something like that doesn't happen regularly. like 35 people who are all young but also interested in dusty of ski sick wife with a wicked and dug tard so tight my body hurts. that's how notes from under ground. one of dostoevsky major works begins. it was published in saint petersburg in 1864 and re bone in the 21st century. on the other side of the ocean,
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an experimental theatre group from philadelphia carried dostoevsky leading character and the scenery to a ghetto. in the west and outskirts of the oldest city in the u. s. a single story . america. small houses, countless anonymous streets and alleys resembling the yellow st. petersburg, dusty etzky portrayed in his novels one of the quotes that really stuck out to me that i really identify with. i would now like to tell you, gentlemen, whether you do or do not wish to hear why i have never managed to become even an insect. i tell you solomon that i wanted many times to become an insane, but i was not deemed worthy even of that, this quote comes out burling. that drives this character of the underground man based on dose, damascus. i'm scared in this online play. the lead character was not a retired government official from st. petersburg as does the if he wrote it's
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a black police officer who's worked too long for a system steeped in violence and racism. oh man. when i was on the phone last night legit and it made me sick. and now i'm living all my life in my corner on the internet, torturing myself with these spiteful futile constellations that is even possible for an intelligent black man to become anything in this city in this country. holy food, he come anything in a system built? oh yes, it's allison black man of the 21st century. must either sit down or shut down. the image of a small, resentful and oppressed man, it notes from underground has become particularly relevant to a new generation of black people fighting for their rights. the concept of a hero isolated from the outside world and fighting an internal battle came in the wake of the pandemic. we wanted to do
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a whole season of shows around isolation to match our at the moment of being in isolation due to cov, it in a reflect the time that we're going through. and that's kind of the cool thing about this adaptation. it just overlaying those different, given circumstances of like okay, no more 19th century, 21st century. i was like, oh wow, this is really easy to recontextualize because yeah, they and they talk about politics. how like a man's perspective and how he treats a woman with the story was inspired by events here in philadelphia in may. 1995. you s authorities destroyed a whole block with explosives while storming activists from move the fringe group that advocated living with nature opposed, technology and medicines and campaigned against animal abuse. the events of 1985 in philly drove our character into hiding. and then he re surf,
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had this new, ah, pickable, age of protest. and one of the characters in the play lies i, who in the dust a ascii version is a prostitute in our version. she was a, an activist. and she lived around this neighbourhood and he goes to check on her kid unseeded the exam as a woke me up to it, that prison an assistant. because i had chosen to ignore the sneaky belie the abuse. so many horrible things were moved became a song in the side of us authorities, black hippies who rejected the system regularly disrupted local government proceedings, gave shelter to a drug addict and eventually started taking up arms. it was finally decided that the group had to be dealt with for good. the operation to evict move ended in tragedy. a residential area was bombed and the resulting fire destroyed dozens of houses. mm. tear gas canisters a shows,
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kind of strange echo to day riding with was fire. everywhere is still distilled the sound of bullets. posley. 61 houses. oh be decimated. everyone in the house was dead. mm. well, we are walking to, ah, the sight of the move bombing. so this is where the house actually sat through. i was young, i was young at that time, but the doctor, i remember hearing about just wanted news and how it affected me. and how it still bothers me today because it didn't have to happen. what is america?
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our carrots is, is more so but hero as opposed to don't stay ascii character, but it's the human struggle i could really identify with that struggle. i mean, both pieces are kind of a protest. he's like, just a ascii was for kind of commenting on the russia of his time and right with our piece for commenting on the philly in the united states of our time. which i mean, human nature never changes for while our officers are facing an increasingly dangerous environment, we are seeing a growing debate about so called warrior cops. the term that i've heard in the militarization of police. this is a mammogram vehicle we acquired through the 1033 program, very free program with the government program that funnels military property that is no longer use to local law enforcement with building an army over here. and i
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can't believe the people. i see 1st thing is dealing with me because it again a feeling that hey, you have to deal with our practice. who are you putting in a uniform? got beds is a powerful thing. is sometimes like money in play tricks and people might, they think they can, the bad know is the walk is out the door very bad. john's work on the good news that you have job security because the world desperately needs to have people ah, and i make no borders line to tease a new fresh as emerge. we don't have a therapy, we don't on the back seat. the whole world needs to take action to be ready people are judge, you know. 2 common crisis with we can do
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better, we should be better. everyone is contributing each in their own way. but we also know that this crisis will not go on forever. the challenge is great, the response has been mess. so many good people are helping us. it makes us feel very proud that we are in it together with to what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy confrontation, let it be an arms race is on, often very dramatic development. only personally, i'm going to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very difficult time time to sit down and talk with
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yeah, till leash was nice. the anyway. yeah. listen if blogger eating yet. yeah, yeah. do that or see you gioviatto for you, your bravo, snobby. yeah, get every jelly ocean christopher. you're still navea pre shes here. soft sheets. yeah, i see it was no accident. when elisa lena students from north carolina read a specific passage from dostoevsky demons. the 200 anniversary of the great writers both coincides with another milestone. 150 years ago while travelling, he was finishing one of his least known, but perhaps most significant works. and i think within this book in particular, i found it very rewarding to read. in the sense that i can find any reflections within myself and within real life today, clicking on the essay, the younger generation is kind of always hating on the older generation for being
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wrong and better about it. and the older generations kind of always looking down upon that he's not like diaz with a lot of kind of like fear that there, you know, tradition traditions are gonna be upgraded. so i think just like all the themes are very apparent throughout time, i don't imagine they'll ever stop being renovated and there was, have been relevant. dostoevsky conceived demons as a small pamphlet, critical of the near lists and nichols of the day, the new generation that rejected the established social order. but he ended up writing quite a weighty tome. of political thriller, satirical pulp, fiction, religious drama, and existential tragedy. or in one how this reading felt for you between tuesday and thursday. are you getting more engaged in the novel? are you carrying more about these characters now than you were before? the plot of demons is discussed at workshops among students at duke university,
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one of the most prestigious in the united states, almost a contemporary of dostoevsky himself. duke university was founded in 1838. it's known to day, not just for teaching medicine, law and business, but also as one of the world's leading centers for the study of russian literature . is peter a revolutionary? is he a socialist? right, he does have political goals as you're saying writing what manipulate several, again, he wants to destroy things. he hates old forms. like god confessed karmazin alvin. he doesn't really want to create anything new except just to square everything puts the rogue and and talk professor carol apollonia of duke university is a renowned american expert on russian literature who's published many books and research papers. despite her broad knowledge of the subject, she admits that she re discovers dostoevsky every time she reads his work. when i teach these books that move me so much,
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i read them again with my students almost every time. every time i teach, i think, well maybe i should stop reading the book again, and instead i read more about the book. just ask, it always draws me back and he says, no, he says, read me. read me again, read me with your students and not. and then we'll have a real conversation every time i read, i'm learning new things. mm. dusty ask is work written in the 19th century is now reinterpreted by her students. perhaps surprisingly, while reading demons, for example, they don't only the modern life parallels, but also associations with politicians. joe, there is trump, for sure we will, is trying to change his mind is trying to consider his opinions based on what this person is said. i think what this these books have for us is very timeless warning . they think about what we're doing to ourselves, to our environment, to our souls, and the caution ourselves. think that's what this dam sky wants to tell us. he
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always says, all of his characters, say stuff, rogan or po, to step out of it or shadow, burn sonya and crime and punishment. beg forgiveness. that's what you have to do. you can be saved, you can better yourself. you can be improved in one way to think about that is the death penalty. i execute people because we think that they're not worth keeping alive anymore. regardless of the fact that it's more expensive in our system to execute someone that is to keep them alive. we do this because we think people are either undeserving or incapable of rehabilitation. they've done something bad and now they can be thrown away like human trash and dusty ascii says that's not true. even the murderer rascally cough can be sent away to prison. he can read his bible, he can be saved by sonya and he can be better. just a asking was a witness to that himself? does i ask you is not the guy to make you sit silent. he is, he's the guy who will bring out your opinion even in just using his text to always
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reveal who you are and what you believe is such a useful exercise. you know, i felt that i learned a lot about myself in reading his books so much like therapy because you have therapy session that was written 200 years ago when and a language you don't, don't understand in a culture that you've never met. that. oh, i'm believe professor carol apollonia maintains, it doesn't matter if you read dostoevsky. books in the original language or translation is reliable anywhere in the world. in any language. perhaps that's why dusty ascii is the most translated russian. ortho translation is actually not something that takes away from the original work. it's quite the opposite. the translation is something that actually increases the power of a work of literature expands its range around the world. but there's one particular passage that professor apollonia prefers to read and russian or skolnik aust,
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dream in the crime and punishment epilogue. what dostoevsky wrote back in the 19th century isn't just relevant today. it's more like a prophecy. ah, you more good he is eligible, isn't you? would to vis mira so young before 2 o'clock or to us thrash me nicely friendly in the v than they more avoid? yes you do. she's grouping as in a rural area. does anybody pa giblets chromium nika? thought of this monumental give ease, but in the rascal nickos is now in prison up paying for his crime of murder and he falls ill and, and he has a dream and his dream is a dream about these microscopic sort of both something like bacteria, these tree hiena that have affected the entire world. and when i, when i read this, i think about our pandemic, which is a disease. but it's also tied up with the, the other sort of divisions and stresses that are,
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that our world is suffering today. just as he is really relevant today, the idea that his writing is, is sort of writing of extremes on edges and his for him, the theme of apocalypse, the point at which the world is threatened with ultimate destruction. his message, i guess in his works about how people's intellectual concerns are, divide them from each other, i think is absolutely relevant to the way our political world has been galloping recently. ah, china, a country that's always had a unique culture with its own morality and customs. dostoevsky, novels like chinese characters, can seem indecipherable to europeans. but the great author's popularity here is clear. his novels are published and republished almost every year. and many have multiple translations. or this yolanda fisher. hi. sure. ah. so it will
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deliver safer. per year for census and south neosha hope in bush a fit home you should just replace it. we should metalli back in for 20 answer. our sense. oh that, that you're dry yet. surely if you're home the otisha dosher or sheila dw top, so it since an immune bella, how they should they all chance? yeah. yeah. or since you got on your full a dodger till human co dash and offer sure go venetian you are done in chicago. sure. sha nominate that that appeared rocher sean on the on your social. it was for your for the on your domains here to utah merle ashleigh encountered hunch. ha nancy. in fact, it turns out that chinese people don't just know dostoevsky, but each of his characters too, by name, to celebrate the $200.00 anniversary of the writer's birthday students from various chinese institutes got together and staged the brothers karamazov, the novel that rather encapsulates the writer's whole life, dostoevsky finished it just a few months before he died. oh,
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shoot it. oh wow. wow. everyone's heard last day of school. even if they haven't actually read him. many chinese admit that the russian classical writers, dark tones don't exactly resonate with their views of life. however, it turns out that even there, you can find color or had some of your own ela. hey sir. i says i yeah, i those. yeah. yeah. like i now like the lee is was yeah. deangela. sure. huh. yes i yeah. how can i go now? sound loud. hello diane? yes. i should. hi again. so was in town. yeah. yeah, i had kat chairs, lan, household dentist. i had i question mm. roscoe nicole hat, sonia mom,
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a lot of us shoal all michigan's coat. dostoevsky, a renowned dandy and follower of fashion, who used the best in petersburg, taylors paid close attention to his heroes, clothing and billing it with special meaning for the 2 hundreds anniversary. a group of st. petersburg artists to put on an interactive exhibition of illustrations, which is a bit like a coloring book. walton, where to draw on dostoevsky is an individual decision. ah, go street. it's named after dostoevsky once had a different name. no, vale bush don't go further. dostoevsky was born here at the marine ski hospital in a wing for the poor, where he lived for almost 16 years. this is where he 1st imagined the heroes of his future novels. but one small museum commemorating the writer became a huge exhibition for the big 2 hundreds anniversary. he machine, with
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3 flows of personal belongings, manuscripts, and video installations. dostoevsky moved from here to st. petersburg. whole life lay ahead, forced labor temptation. the search for meaning only later will crime and punishment demons than the brothers karamazov come to light, but it all started here. 2 centuries later, we still live with the reality of dusty ascii is willed. we are all his heroes, all over the world. ah ah. now we have e cigarettes, i just heard that it was a healthy alternative to cigarettes. do we trust tobacco companies with their
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message that these new products are actually going to reduce these sugars are making the tobacco with oh, is your media reflection of reality? in the world transformed what will make you feel safer? ice elation for community. are you going the right way or are you being that direct? what is true war his way in the world corrupted. you need to descend a join us in the depths or remain in the shallows.
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ah, it is breaking news this all your analogy international as an allied peacekeeping mission and catholics dawn comes to an end. there's a situation in the country report from the stabilizers, but it's, it's by much speculation in the west that the russian contingent would never leave . also in the program. when i went into that garden, just after 6 on the 28th of may, 2020, i believed implicitly that this was a work event for british families are outraged by boris johnson's apology. often he admits attending and down the street party during the you case 2020 national lockdown walla. here in the program on oxy, we talked to a man who buried his father during that period of the same time that i was at my.


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