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e cigarette uses worldwide has increased dramatically in recent years. in 2011, there were around 7000000, so called vapors by 2018. the numbers had grown to 41000000, a nearly 6 fold increase. the relentless rise of the vapor cigarette has not escaped the attention of the tobacco industry. with the big players have now joined the bandwagon and are marketing their own innovations. or a time with senior along co forced to those extra yard and the fortune. the in the steer towards a judgement and put on marker comment. i course doesn't visit for this one for the
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whole hosted. they're gone for the entire option on just to investment tool is unable to const sucrose. tighten in denver consummation esa on mer ativa product to unbidden on because on validation good farms will shift. so it's yet it's not the 1st time that the tobacco industry has sought to market its products as homeless to health in a nation wide survey, doctors and all branches of medicine were asked, what cigarette do you smoke? doctor brand names most was cameras. tens of thousands of doctors, general practitioners, surgeons specialists, doctors and every branch of medicine were included. and according to this nation wide survey, mar, doctors, smoke, camels than any other cigarette. the tobacco industry has a history of trying to sell us price that they think, or they tell us will reduce har. now we have e cigarettes, right? and the question have to ask ourselves, is,
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do we trust tobacco companies with their message that these new products are actually going to reduce hard? especially when we know that their fundamental motivation is to protect their business. and they need a new generation of users hooked on nicotine. oh, do you think she's handsomely pain? in hollywood stars, such as audrey hepburn in breakfast at tiffany's, show to how it was done and we followed the lead. for decades, smoking was viewed as a harmless pleasure to be pursued. worry free like rita hayworth in the film was gilder the cigarettes gave you that certain special something. oh number 30 and play with oh i'm sorry. i'm
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loving personal i oh no. i was just tossing away my frustration, but in the 1950s, the moods began to change. far more often it was said that tobacco cigarettes might not be as harmless as was claimed. smoking makes you ill. with in the years that followed, american scientists would prove that smoking causes lung cancer and whistling to chronic bronchitis and other diseases. the american health authority said smoking is suicide. in slow motion against this backdrop, millions of people stopped smoking. the industry was faced with a problem. it's hard to make money from the manufacturer of products that cause
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illness even death. ah, it is when a pleasant undisputed tba or the dog do in dog kit to let's not dare put that mom darcy apology. if foxy mo and now you're not there. mellow net. pisca la, so a net. so here d visa john is we have to add hall gay. it was all movie pasco said the saddle don't down dog lenders teeth doubly she never and i've given up there and you direct see not and assume hipaa. and so the tobacco industry sets to work on new advertising campaigns and new products, such as lights and mental cigarettes, as well as the filter. the message is clear, the new products are healthier. smoking is no longer quite so deadly
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in the tobacco companies did not acknowledge the scientific findings. on its harmful effects. james richard found in tobacco smoke are concentrations which can be considered harmful. the components themselves can be considered harmful, can they know anything can be considered harmful applesauce is harmful if you get too much of it, i don't think many people are dying for mental, so they're not eating that much. there are elements in cigarettes in the content of cigarettes, which are causing the tenant for others for their new york city. in this way, the tobacco industry muddy the waters. as intended, these doubts provoked
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a debate that distracted from the actual dangers of smoking, the corporations understood this from leon as this internal industry document from 1969 shows, ah, and it works. once again, the smokers, the cigarettes symbolizes freedom and zest for life. smoking is relaxing and fun. mm. this is marlborough country, philip morris's sales of cigarettes, also to have increased exponentially in the 1st 8 months of its campaign for the new marlborough country. the advertising premises have global reach also in paris. ah, this patient remembers mobile advertising from her childhood emergency. ginger in a has your name. yeah. it's okay. so like her case for mediate secret godaddy plan
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free and she don't need any anything god. all right, you're getting kinda deeper. craziness, jonathan. more she may a got going from really last year, a horsey came and i bought luca. yeah. the clerk. the magic is allergic. laugh hosted with probably my he dear, really hand and you guys you laugh and she has smoked marlborough and other well known brands for over 30 years. now she wants to free herself of her nicotine dependence. today she has an appointment at the outpatient addiction clinic of the george pompey to hospital in paris. she wants to remain anonymous. you $6010.00, an influence on tiffany and a separate several hershey sheen shoes and really good service. right?
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if she makes her a year, i mean the probably long. i'm not a samuel garcia. if you're here legally to g. then dr. le fowler's scene is the head of the local department for addictive disorders. according to her, many medical professionals in france are themselves dependent. and it's the nicotine that makes giving up so difficult. don't plenty good tina philip or ged g . ha, ha. and kelley of selby don't ask me. and her. and the kelley as nice to financial saginaw, said so it's a fixed l darren, sceptre, l n u t. t san donna salvo and you've which to food now he go, boss is had done this a 50 question i left was you please. e r street to new york also passed, you know, buffering ballot that to the left. the t the morning had seen
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a person in jests, the more dependent they become with waller officers are facing an increasingly dangerous environment. we are seeing a growing debate about so called warrior comes a term that i've heard an authorization of police. this is an ama vehicle we acquired through the 1033 program and very free program with the government program that follows military property that is no longer use to local law enforcement with an army over here. and i can't believe people. i see 1st thing in the all to the frontier. yeah. terrorism here, cuz this again a feeling that ahead. you have to deal with your harm. her. what you putting in the uniform cover beds is a powerful thing. is sometimes like money in play through people mind they bring the gun, the bad news. the wolf is out the door. very bad. john got on the good news. you
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have job security is world desperately needs with oh, cool. so the, you in the story, the united states, talking about human rights, talking about press freedom, you got to talk the talk, you gotta look, in other words, he's got to be consistent. on the one hand, we believe press freedom, but on the other hand, we're going to return to the massage. i don't think your property or station is tracy's really makes a lot of people really mad about the car seat turning here in australia where people just don't understand them. right. what is the starting citizen which comes down with yes me, i do you think makes risky. in fact, will you elisa,
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typical there's only 9, but already a university. students that away on slash a on the kids to seems a new, modest appointment. let's see. yep. you've got the was, there's dos padilla a yahoo chose that. he may come from no recalls and he reads shows control such programs. now brochure of course with level you're special, but i want to yeah, my i had my 1st ticket. what the plan was to kinda push him was in your mind shifting to something that it was just for doug that he was not sure how with his teacher was also reason is balise. we'll come with. 6
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mm oh, is your media reflection of reality? ah, in a world transformed what will make you feel safe? isolation, whole community. are you going the right way or are you being led somewhere? direct. what is true? what is great? in the world corrupted, you need to descend, have join us in the depths or remain in the shallows ah
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flu. the corporations were quick to recognize the role played by nicotine in their products. a document from 976 from british american tobacco lays it out. nicotine is an important aspect of satisfaction, and if a nicotine delivery is reduced below a threshold satisfaction level, then surely smokers will question more readily why they are indulging and inexpensive habits. thus, a products with too little nicotine constitutes a threat to the industry. in increasing numbers of consumers, quit smoking. it's not just a question of a loss of revenue. in the long term, it could even harold, the end of the $1000000000.00 industry. nicotine is
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a natural components of the tobacco plant. so how can the tobacco industry pass on as much as possible to the user? ah, in this national laboratory in sigma, chemists are studying tobacco products. ah, you regulations state that tobacco smoke may contain a maximum of one milligram of nicotine. here the scientists regularly assess where the german tobacco products adhere to the standards. the nicotine content is tested using the smoking machine. but how dependable are the values that it provides? efficiency, thought, safety, planar rico that monday the south. lisa poverty on the roost. crank him after hours like seed then is full tommy diania icon. we've sog money pulled out. she owned is out, oregon. get out for women. is my, she know, up heart foot didn't the size of the 70 lot. she wants to heal. vote by looting
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dork. it's all done the devil for didn't. what this means is that on the smoking machine, the holes enable compliance with the li, the required nicotine levels. a closer look at the filter reveals the miniscule operations. but what these holes mean for smokers? ah, been dead. oh, how did you get that to you, or do you hunt name? don't ahead. situation did finger on donovan. so a cup of tea for $10.00 to get picked the now because what do you consider to be it of anyhow? i'll be me and you couldn't help me. a shot off him. get the ball not to the hell. no shot philip. ah mm. i'm really coming to get it. is because he has spelled for the
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commonality. i one actually gave it different football. how of can nominate di tissue, you know, how far they know of seat lethal to elephant of empty lots your condemn at diety? surely that's i'd mini comp once you get it. oh, lena has all outdoor. that's the pleasure you get in the clean, fresh piece of bel air, new bel air, the light mental cigarette that gives you through the back of the holes in the filters hawk back to when tobacco companies 1st introduce the light cigarettes. thanks to these holes. they managed to lower the nicotine levels measured by this monkey machine, giving the impression that they are low in nicotine. but that doesn't mean that might cigarettes on less harmful today their band. but the holes innovation has endured a taylor his decides. he does still often schnell,
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on feed ninteeen, to fulfill them hard to been on the bow. hook this cache for your hot. if all he, it's new christine, done. that we assist, i, nick, go to market. when else why it died pseudonyms and this nicotine fluted inside him to send them and that is really when, when a sash no seal, you called se scientist or so to freedom or is there could meet these a mica dish be consistent? intermountain toya, the more rapid, the nicotine supply, the more satisfied the customer for doctor le fowler seems patient. the nicotine is what makes it difficult to kick the habit. thinking that you see from our own melodies, because now collab didn't have a question. if you think i'd get with dan is scott mackenzie of yeah, she's been di, rules with her for dr. the fall as seen. the addictive factor of nicotine is
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comparable to that of heroine. one, verola he should now go took a martha he, me else. she said hale more likely to kill or suck any for places. so the bow of i found the humility nicholas kendall to reggie cuba minister on the melody about colton. yes, me to see how not typical in ignited cure. you said the giant passive air to the city judge joined the jolla. gum deco slash, not the cautious your psychiatrist. for decades, the tobacco industry pretended to be unaware of nicotine addictive qualities, such as during this hearing in 1994, when chief executives of the 7 tobacco giants testified before us congress just yes or no, do you believe nicotine is not addictive? i believe nicotine is not addictive yet. i don't believe that nicotine for products
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are addictive. i believe i believe the nicotine is that i believe that there is not a decade. and i do believe it. but is that the truth? in the same year, the university of california in san francisco was sent thousands of internal documents from 8 becca, industry whistle blew on may 12th 1994, a box of about 4 or 5000 pages of secret internal tobacco industry. documents got delivered to my office. the return address was mr. bucks, which is a tune character in our popular comic strip here. obama, voice of the like,
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older one. my 1st the subpoena and the documents were the 1st look inside the tobacco companies. and what they showed when you were looking at the correspondence to the communications between their top management and their top lawyers and their top scientists and their top public relations. people which they had figured out the smoking caused cancer in the 1950s . they'd figured out and caused heart disease in the 19 sixty's. they recognized nicotine as an addictive drug in a 1960, some were designing cigarettes to maximize their addiction all the time publicly denying all this. and so it's just amazing to be wet behind the curtain. ah, the internal documents revealed the truth. they showed the importance of nicotine 40 tobacco business. in the early seventy's, a document from
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r j reynolds saints. the tobacco products is essentially the tool for the delivery of nicotine mm liquids for e cigarettes also contain nicotine. what reputation does nicotine enjoy here? vanessa de la ru takes the view that nicotine is vital for the satisfaction of the consumer. it's the only way of preventing the vapor from taking up smoking again. language even when it gets confusing, leave that believe that boys uncle was also a nicholas or yeah. to piney kid is your best anita leaking. anita that said, you should say on you out of that security kid mega this you to think why feel a call is to she came there so she make sure tender us you me left mason. yeah. you got to give sony. he took seek to listen, hulu. indeed, the classic
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a cigarette does not burn tobacco. the all important liquids are poured into the device. the batteries activated and the liquid is heated up. as soon as the user pulls on the device, the liquid evaporates, the vapors can be inhaled. the liquids come in smooth vials. these are available in a variety of flavors. such as pineapple with coconuts wild strawberries. the liquids also come in different strengths. as far as the customers are concerned, the nicotine in the liquid is as harmless as it is indispensable. back actually both peel c gas, allen's good
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t goodness hoping spend that i had done a cigarette and met to non and nico tina took in the bab clearly come, does he get any pendle showed us also outside of france. vapors are persuaded that these new products are less harmful than traditional tobacco products in germany to there's a general belief in the concept of harm reduction because it could, not surprisingly, the spokesman for the e cigarettes association is convinced of the benefits of electric smoking. i'm. i'm both 18 this and tradition crumbson's dusty it's he got her own course normal b negotiate issues of c cover to got them on top thus hoping, mr. young. just hoping what holler this and trust us. i just need the help of asking her the hope to state id, as i am to for the chemo, ignore,
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off of the other fuckers. so the, the cigarette is seen as a solution to the tobacco epidemic. why do you have to have her call and clocked virtually diversity? it's he got out of his medicines and also 50. she was with a stomach to go on to be up and young and review the syrian. he's out there until the time night are oakland on cell phones that's about co industry also sees the problem in the burning of the tobacco and not in the nicotine. for brendan, this is how problem i'm on to do some good list. does of a nicotine issue this probably visits with the kids vital visits robinson convinced viking to see to hopefully hoping conquer this off if i dont meaning visiting them on just nicotine of named in art and what does it mean for brent when are you on dot com get id either not even in fear on dozens of the business. yeah. flood,
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switching from one on to put sense or non non to put in vinegar music. this is all reminiscence of the health promises of times gone by images such as this suggest that it's possible to use e cigarettes with little or no concern. is this indeed the case each cigarettes generate the error? saw by heating up a liquid, but they don't set it on fire. and people are saying, oh well, that's better because you don't have combustion. but the fact is that error. so all those very, very tiny particles that are 50 to 100, the size of a hair are themselves tremendously dangerous. they cause heart attack because one disease, they cause strokes, they trigger inflammatory processes and e, sugar at you know, differ from cigarettes. you talk about that ah,
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daniel evans knows all too well the risk to health post by e cigarettes. at one time, daniel had dreams of joining the navy. the ships, the water, they were always his passion. this stream is gone forever. i lost 50 days of my memory from the dogs that they gave me in the hospital for pain, etc. because i was so sick, i just kind of woke up and i had the scar. and that's really the only reason i knew that is something bad had happened. like if the dog is and told me, i really wouldn't have known what had happened. a so called enhanced interrogation techniques used by the u. s. officials were basically designed as techniques to break down the human mind.
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if you force a human being to stay in a certain position doesn't take very long to the pain involved to become absolutely excruciating, but nobody's lean finger on you. you are doing it to yourself. we started adopting those techniques when i was stationed in mosul. among them were stress, positions, sleep deprivation, inducing hypothermia. there's already beginning to be evidence that these old techniques are now being used on immigrant and children, whatever you do or more comes from home. nobody has been held accountable for the torture that happened in the past and the moral authority, the made america leader sucker fudged the shimmer of effective interrogation. ah, we have recently, of course, are the un,
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sorry. did the united states talking about shaman rice talking about press freedom? if you gonna talk to tube, you got a wall to wall. other words, you gotta be christian. you cast out on the one hand we believe in press freedom, but on the other hand, we're going to exclude julie massage. and i think the hypocrisy of the united states in his choice, she's really makes a little bit really mad about the caching, turning here in australia where people just don't understand them, right. what is the strike incentives? are these religions down with over the last 2 and a half years, russia, nato agreed on very little. if anything, however, both agreed to meet for a high level midi and they did in brussels. both sides made their case. nothing was really resolved. lots of words. what happens next? maybe action july,
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an annual festival in st. petersburg, dedicated to dostoevsky. ah, the great writer, thinker and psychologist, people often turn to his work to understand russia and russians, perhaps even themselves. they put a single movie, say, put basic, bought the vehicle in the wiley field, that changing a rita transforming them as they read. that's a dust i ask is unique ability. the stay of ski wants to tell us you can better yourself. he makes you face your true self serve. are we cooper? deonte conventions, rules of schemes. beyond the boundaries in the time, dostoevsky is a global brand whose classics. everyone knows. i'm never out of style. i aah!
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with a significant encroachment into people's lives. the u. s. supreme court post to block jo biden's cobit vaccine mandate for large businesses, saying that it exceeds his powers that that hasn't stopped implementing enterprises to implement the policy anywhere. his royal highness, no more queen elizabeth seconds on print sounds stripped of all military titles and band from using a char, rachel, midday. high profile, sexual abuse, and burning viewers off american use. broadcast the cnn, such as a devastating drop in audience figures. declining 90 percent comparing the 1st week of this year with plaster.


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