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and the r g proposals aimed at preventing a negative scenario in our shared region. you and i'm in urine who wouldn't bottle suitable and in least case we'll, we'll continue to watch the reaction of our colleagues. and we will try to understand how serious of the r, wendy sherman, who was had in the american delegation in geneva. you later gave an interview and she said that those urine mold negotiations. that was, it may tend to study trousers physicians. well, it's very eloquent because we came with arab positions that were formally at the dishes in writing months before at the geneva made hang with me smuggling over the this month and from the us failed to study our proposal so as to formulate the, our own position looking schuessler wilson,
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and instead they chose to follow the or oral explication, suburban moorefield. well, the stage is long over. what was your 2nd question with opportunities? the speakers, mike is also a william lew. while we have them all to faceted military and technical ties with our partners and our elijah really have it, our presence in various regions of the world. and it's something that has to do with narrow bilateral relations with various countries and to forest. hulu proceeds on the basis of global stability and precious ones motion closer. when we discuss further steps with our allies by laterally. ah, yes my and now we have reached a fit of 9 will give the floor a to zeus. journalist who are present on line is daily telegraph here with us. good afternoon saying that he did it again. daily telegraph, natalie,
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i'm assuming you don't miss young as you are now. the topic or ukraine's not joining neater on these was activities in eastern europe have been on the agenda for a long time. and russia has raised these issues. on many occasions, however, russian officials vehicle lease issues with urgent and demand in urgent action right now. highly. why jazz has lease issued because it becomes so crescent in december, what happened? look, abuse. it has just become too much. she was to look beauty with was a deal north while ago. it started in the ninety's when those pharmacists that had been given on native non expansion and non deployment doesn't care at military infrastructure in the east and on deployment troops in the territories or you need to members, when brochure of comes those promises, we're simply thrown away by ne to members will little should in and there are
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healthy and look group 5 waves of expansions. and as a result, nater is here at our borders should be smoke when, when we am ugly c. noodles were found in our relations with nita on late po. lunch was an aspiring country, but the situation is vastly dramatically. dear friends right now. right now, all of these new nathan members are lean actively used by the alliance. and our proposal is aimed at william, shrinking new military low for military and from confrontation and the escalate the situation in nettles, europe, but nater is doing exactly the opposite. the art will expand in the presence of the or landtroop and aviation in the territories adjacent to ukraine on the roof, conducted exercises in the black sea. and the number of such exercises have grown dramatically over the past few years. and many other things have happened. and it
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gives us ground to believe that lease loftier rather than reg of the west. that even if russia does not comply with the west demand this lee were destroyed for a garden, what it can do with its own troops in its own territory. we just ab search in itself. the van with the news in the commons of 2 or 3 months, the west would increase the our activities or fosters of poems and special operation of troops around our borders to share with locals. that is why answering your question. i'd like to tell you that many things have changed or, and for most of them go through. so the only is this situation regarding the real configuration. you arms and military equipment, a mouse in europe should move. i read her 8 and we will be in the room. she will look musty of weakness that he does inadmissible waste. when the
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require us to santa our troops stationed in our english territory back to the barracks for you and americans, canadians and english are almost permanently deployed while they pretend that it is a rotation. but in fact, they are permanently deployed in bolting states and other north european will dates when they creation great bases in the black holes in the black sea of them when they build basis in the, as i will see in real grain ski warming stories. and we can not be happy with that . look, it's inadmissible. thanks to really a negotiable rubric. so the moments whose child least only re flagged the fury it when the western exploded. that not means the words she resented. let's be frank, this in violation of all their international obligations and count her 2 of us,
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3 common sense lead chose to escalate the situation to zapata. so while you see in the west, you can dance violent actions against middle sheeny prov. julia civilians of the vacant and human rights violations. but when light a good, a charge of them are made by those who swear allegiance to the west. the west, we will embrace them. you. this was what happened around the ukrainian coon worker. many people died lira including at the hands of prover caters aluminum city and the school was e. let me give you an understatement. it was approved by the united slaves, louisiana and her urines followed suit. it is a known story and no one is going to investigate the my dying my dont the line sna
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. when's going to investigate what happened in odessa? lona: the 2nd of may good when people were burned, elijah so vicious. what's the use it right and frank last cameras. you showing me here right now, but osha because it is. nothing's changing. lewis shoot to put a release right. sectors aren't the foundation. belushi, we're every new authority version cuz they're land scheme aren't just all the same and disease organizations used to be considered as extremist in america. but right now it's different english and it's quite similar to what happened in 2008, in georgia, whence hawkish really gave his orders and the special mission of the ear. mm. or that was trying to understand what happened. the officially reported that it was such a shrilly who started the word, but still georgia remains a friend of the united states and france are allowed to do whatever the want and according to the west washington,
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our patience has come to an end. while you probably know that sir, it must be doing while you are a russian speaker, so you're probably aware which for the poor verbs actually will take a lot of time to prepare. but right now, we are ready to centralink on a journey with you to conclude from the most and we are waiting for the west to respond to our specific proposals. let us continue to with online apc, lemonade. we seem to have a b, c with us. yes, good morning, miss lab rose a few english member. i know you understand her. thank you very much holding press conference and talking to us. american nato seem to have made it very clear that they're not going to. it's a give you the security guarantee that you buy for the brain, and other countries will not join nato. russia has admitted that the talks have
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failed to address grievances. now, assuming that this position doesn't change, it seems to me that whatever letters or exchange aren't going to bridge that gap, if you don't get the guarantees you've said that you need, that there will be a military response. what does a military response actually mean? could you, could you lay that out? are you ready to use military force to ensure that ukraine never joined native, not necessarily an invasion. you rule that out. what does a military technical response actually mean? if i can also ask, just as a supplementary question, when president putin and by the met in geneva, there were assurances that president putin would look into the case of pull whelan . and trevor reed is that still the case is, is still being looked at. is there a possibility that the 2 men might that be released? thank you very much. let's shoot out
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a new one. you should the boys. as for your question, i cannot add anything to what president bruton said after his friend press conference. when he was speaking to a journalist, cl mckorick, he was asked you directly, water gonna be released, won't leave russia's proposal on security guarantees is reject elements. and he said, well, exactly the following, these response can be and you can vary depending on their proposals. dead i, she motion many precedent switching. get from russian military expert, visible google scholar go to that's why i'm not going to do anything until you leave for readings goes, rosie, do so britain. so that's something that americans like to do with the eggs that's always lever is the use of the sanctions take whenever they don't like something was global. moreover, i like it. that was for a few years,
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acquisition over had over the department for it. sanctions exist, no longer lee department offices here in the state. you there is a separate division which that is in charge of punishing everyone. we're sure um how disagrees with the united states, or sometimes doesn't do anything bad at all and punished just in case of fury that shows us more believe that financial matters should be settled on the basis of mutual respect and balance of interest. russia's position that was presented by americans over in the milan, seen to americans. and ne term is based on the balance of interested in the lease documents, apostrophe aren't encountered, insurer gradually. security in europe, in general, in all european countries, including the russian federation. so using the position of the united states and it
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was a nice is 0 when you about 0 wish to dominate what's enjoy revocable. closely want to crate or who holds military food holds rounds. rochelle says the was the really want to create irritants, machine guns, to rush around our borders, or she will shoot you money. and let me draw your attention once again to go to something that i started with you lose of do read the european security charter, adopted in eastern bull in the 9009 to 9. the every thing that he's, that the west is frankly sane or a danish notion constituents accrued in violation of the era obligations under this document. it will be pretty close to them like it shouldn't be. and i remember all too well, let me give you another example. when we made such an attempt, let me get back to the previous question. why? when we were waiting, when for so long, we did not, we'll, we'll go back in 2010 is very long. and remember this,
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we and to notice in the 1st draft agreement, you for as a wesley for our western colleagues to consider. it usually will the point and we weren't misunderstood exceptions that we were told that was never going to be discarded. back then, we quoted you with the taxes of documents including the european security charter and other documents that you miss sobriety. do you, louisa, to respect the indivisibility or security principle for 2? and we only said that we sent me it was want to translate the lady called the delegations into your butch, legally binding the review form. the response was very informative. geo rance is of course, legally bind insecurity guarantees can only be given suitable. and here members of the north atlantic lions is going to put the release is loss of food undermines never given that which has been done at the always g after handled the cold warm,
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the more dense, including the principle that i have just quoted, that no alliance in the euro, atlantic has the right to dictate what else it was a to others. believe something washington is jen, and i take it that it's enjoying that. we take no pleasure in this lion. you mean this, however, we know how to insure our own security little boy solution in any case. so let me also assure or use action where are not going to wait. and lastly, didn't warrant any who are angry with you promising was managed to let me be frank zappa, the shoot lunel law, the money that the, when the leaves, expecting a scenario that will enable of americans to reject the are responsibility for solving this issue. actually go seizures with us with thoughts of suitors 1st,
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there are going to diluted in their rationale to counselor when the involved there . so like with allies, shall i say, oh, really delight news when you was more lucy and add the oh, i see it so outright impossible to conduct any negotiations and things of so we'll go ballistic to go order or if this organization would be prepared to negotiate that was issued become an organization 1st and foremost, and laid on not even have a charter so that they always see would be a legal entity in global affairs. but it lagoon richard before that and we have been proposing for 15 years to start working on such a charter here with you are sold. joe is saying that it's good, it's flexibility. that is the main advantage of that. oh, i see. noticing you,
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however, flexibility is not applicable with 2 strict security through guarantees who see, we can see what is being done. we can see that leo want too much water it down in. it's kind of a nebulous discussion. so we will firmly await from the u. s. government, as we have mentioned to them, their response, a grown up response is to persuade some over lamps. if you would allow me, i would like to go back to those present in person. i would like to give the flaw to thine learned role to part of europe, not either myself or nato. yours, serrato nathan. the one with ah lewis arrived. you're a u. s. radio ruba in fin learned cbo. so something my but exist, wallace, virginia level. we mr. love from you know, going to navea you have already mentioned scandinavia at the outset of this press conference, letting dirt in lundy via does russia respect the serenity of final attempt sweden
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and our right to independently make decisions on security policy or linear inc. moving with regards to nato accessible as you fall in missouri, i would like to say you shouldn't go that russia fully respect of the serenity of o finland than sweden. we believe that the neutrality of those were countries as one of the main contributions into the global and european security architecture, and ensures young reserve security and stability in europe. but those who do not respect the serenity of sweden and finland are those who by any means want to provoke them to join nato. and this question shows a, has been stirred for a long time. it was in and at this stage, when we have submitted the proposals to the school on,
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through this youth ensure their status grove on j mortgage notional. as to wholesale problem. many of tuition by elation from the west is something that we have observed human and we can see that the public and the people in sweden and finland are not satisfied with that struggle with yourself. so what is happening now is that so com and, and helsinki is urged, well, to join nato, they are saying that it's going to be quick and painful. so to say all the ships come on the road, they are promising slash to the swedish. and if you finish people that go and this is something that we are discussing away of our colleagues from finland and sweden during our negotiations, your spirit. and we see that the leaders of finland and sweden are aware of all of that for a mattress and aspects of cloth you through the situation. and we are sure
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that their contribution will remain resolute, splitting place that i did. ok, saying shackleton from a good afternoon, good sputnik agency, mr. oliver, on the 10th of january, the new york times reported to promise that there had over the battery, the e. u. diplomacy issues that beryl has sent a letter in was deal it's obstinate today. heads of the you policy that has like europe, needs to come up with its own security proposals and he supported a direct dialogue with you personally. so a few brief questions. have you received a letter that we got for that? i and our is russia prepared? it a to awesome is a past, this is conduct a direct dialogue on security with the e you separate from nato and the u. s. and how could you comment on the statement made by just that barrel? boy bogan, over the last 2 days with regards to the outcomes are happening, go,
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she, shes back on security between russia, the u. s. and nato. and then do you believe that of the e you is more ready to compromise, then russia and nato, when it comes to security, guzzle. and what did just that barrel say about our negotiations this week? i did it more. he said that he wants to have a separate direct. i look with you and security. so this is why i ask this question . maybe he send you some kind of letter. it's regarding what happens to proposal to arrange a meeting, et cetera, et cetera. and when it can take place, if it is settled, officer game included loose from bartonville. well, as for the comments made by just that barrel got a job with regards to security guarantees and the context of negotiations between russia and the us and russia and nato. we purchase through the school. yes,
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we have indeed. she will had the impression that the e, you feels that it is left behind. we war and civil. so they urge were for their contribution to be taken into account with the good overseas. they do not want to have any agreements in place that would circumvent laser you, kirk euros. so use video. i'm not sure. so you chose to lower his upper how the e. u. c's, it's you what dissipation in those negotiations? no, let's go and you said, and you mentioned that perhaps there is a possibility to have a direct channel of communication on security with the e you separate from our security discussion channels with the u. s. and nato. could you, oh, well, i can't say and not because we don't want to have that some rural so you flee
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actually regret that. so in and a half years ago, the e, you destroyed google, all the mechanisms of including those mechanisms that serve to discuss the practical issues related to security in your book you discussed. and now that we have multiple calling, minimis tried to negotiate with the u. s. and nato, so listen and with nature, we have at least on paper, the russian nato council and the underlying document in place and all the while any channels of communication have been close to by our european colleagues. so this is a question that we should post to you just a brow and her met. are the members of the you are dealing with? she will, as for a possibility of a separate dialect with the you, independent from our dialogue with nato and the u. s. well, i guess we should ask nato and the u. s. whether they would allow the you to have
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an independent course in this regard. because we want to have an independent european union. we are closely monitoring the trends that we are currently observing within the e. u. for, oh, those are quite controversial trends at times and we see that the e, you said, well, we'll do moodle, so on. your group is concerned that to their interests might be ignored, especially after afghanistan, especially after what happened with or curse you lose system to shoot a futile so we have seen that some of the e u members sending signals to there is a need to form a strategic autonomy when it comes to resolving security matters in them. but at the same time, she just grew. the e. u pal will use a very resolute lobby that to least counteract any attempts to separate
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themselves from nato when it comes to security issues. and they insist that nato is a key to security or cooper in europe. who is it? those are the questions that need to be resolved in between those structures. and we are not greatly concerned by the fact who exactly is going to lead the negotiations. if those negotiations will be helmed by the united states anyway, it is on the united states that suited the security policy depends on the security policy in europe and in other parts of the globe build where you, where nato is trying to establish its role. regardless of the initial mission, this organization needs one in the united states was of movies, occlusal york, you may have managed to issue, refused to go back to their leading,
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dominating role in europe through nato users. and they are actively used to see us supporting the course for your rob wilson related to any military issues of the sun moon. between the e, you and nato, they have special agreements in place on military mobility. when the e u countries not part of nato should provide their territory and to their transport infrastructure for the movement of nato forces. this is a very serious issue and sweden and finland, austria through chief ragowski are home, slew o chin is sometimes taking part and even quite often are taking part in military drills. would know. and there legend to look at the origin of those military drill says not something innocent. i'm apollo. we've talked with
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her just at beryl you the last time we match at them always seem in is cheerio and stuck home on the 2nd of december. you, what's your view, this abuse that we did not have a specific meeting, but we did meet and we have reaffirmed that we are not trying to avoid each other. but at the same time, i can remind you that the boy ins in the use court, we have not been trying to caught our ties. we have been talking to just browse just last year and we are prepared to continue talking with him. but it all depends so on to what extent he will be allowed to renew the dialect with the russian federation and on how constructive would be the issues they are going to tackle ascom hubbard. kaz, extend, please a must have critique for. can you please turn on your mike?
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nothing you should ignore videography, and said to the extraordinary video conference of the c s t o conference with usa, the president sat that this is to your mechanism is now fully functional. does there can extend it conflict mean, what does that produced on the possibility of the usage of the collective court? as of this is to your becomes ever more real and to what was meant, bly re shannon. they need to advance the procedure for the use of joint forces and how the forces would be consolidated to fight to that sleeper. terrorist cells glitzy. dr. lazuli schools of stone, i believe that situation in cas exten, but his vehicles are still going to do for him. so usually come form of and the fact that the president of cas extend on work with her has addressed and has requested to the help of those will be a studio member. steve good showed me that the efforts undertaken within the
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organization to create a peacekeeping. what is more, if you feel in potential to create of this is be keeping contingent. we're good. it's very relevant to school young world as they say, the sure if you want peace prepare for war. so likely we did not see a war, but the potential of those peacekeeping forces proved that they aren't capable of resolving issues to the global community. the rest, the day was astonished by their lead with which the events unfolded in chasm stanton which and the speed with which the forces from littler all day c. a c o members were deployed in catholics, den, sued for the schools, welcome, newsome new. the vast saw viola do such so rapid deployment, what it is, or should the usual bush when you produce. and i hope that it means that, or we will not have any recurrences and future of using and deploying such forces.
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little screw possible. but if we would, you, they both of a book loser will choose for go back to the old russian wisdom. we hope that nothing like that could be repeated again. still crew will go, but we are doing everything in our power so as to prevent any such rare occurrences in future. but if anything should happen, we should be prepared because gloves attempts from the outside world to dismantle the situation in asia, supposed to have been slowly increasing muscular and to those attempts are becoming ever more insistent and at a more risky, especially stubbornness after the u. s. withdrawal from afghanistan together with other nato member. it's ann marie who's laughed at again. it's done in the state that it is currently in when we need to restore the state hood of of gaston boone.
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something else you asked. she says she talked about this a sleeper sofa sleeper, teresa, south of sewer, field creature. well, it's all included super middle and you've got a church in the mandatory collected forces. it also includes those fighting sleeper, terrorist cells that you should be carried out, not by armed forces, but by special services intelligence services. we have relevant structures in place to the aegis of the c s t o and under the aegis of the security council of our country. it shows we should all new city new board was put in your mouth. so now this issue will be taken. you won't even more seriously and to their work, what would be ever more relevant? mere tv program, please, especially by sure. so get it. there is roughly to me as mr lap rog.


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