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[000:00:00;00] ah, to west, when to fall, let's be frank in violation of all international obligations and common sense they chose to escalate this situation. russia foreign minister, it doesn't hold back during his annual press conference with one topic dominating major with sergio up. ross, once again on line moscow's red line. also coming up, the cia has reportedly been trailing a late you korean special operation themes on u. s. territory, amid wanting tensions with russia. yet more twists in this saga involving tell us superstar novak brokovich the world number one is visa is revoked once again by australia, meaning he could face a 3 year entry,
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but it's still a schedule to play in the ish really an open on them and jo biden's bill on voting rights is effectively blocked by his own party. a day after the american supreme court struck done the president's vaccine mandate purposes. with 1 in the morning in doris alum income, paula, and here in moscow this saturday, january the 15. welcome to the news hour on arthur. the west went too far. those were the strong words of the russian foreign minister on friday when talking about international security issues. at his annual press conference, sugarloaf also slammed the u. s. sound, its allies for hypocrisy. when it comes to human rights violations, also the west,
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when to far less be frank in violation of all international obligations and common sense they chose to escalate this situation. well, you see the west condemns violent actions against civilians. they condemn human rights violations. but when bloody codes are carried out by those who swear their allegiance to the west, the west embraces them. this is what happened with the ukrainian qu. many people died there, including at the hands of provocateurs and his crew was approved by the united states and the europeans just accepted that as fact. and no one is going to investigate the my down atrocities. there's a course that outside rushes for administered here where the press conference or with cautious. foreign minister said a lever wrapped up a few hours ago and it did go on for quite a few hours because level of, as you heard, they're pulling no punches over the worse than the the u. s. in a situate, attend situation around ukraine at the moment. another press. it came at an important time, of course, as regards the situation in ukraine as talks with nato and talked to the u. s.
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in geneva and in brussels earlier this week, let's you pretty much a debt and the us not bending on moscow's demands to provide security guarantees over that situation with ukraine. of course, the question on everyone's lips has been whether there will be a so called a invasion in ukraine, or why russia, of course, the worst accusing russia and strengthening his forces on the border and ukraine as nato expands. eastwood. russia says it has every right to defend its borders. now that question was raised at the very start of the press conference and we can get circ a lab rose, answer to it right here. american nato seem to have made it very clear that they're not going to, it's a give you the security guarantee. if you don't get the guarantees, you've said that you, ne, that there will be a military response. what does a military bombs actually me could you, could you lay that house?
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are you ready to use military fool to ensure that ukraine never joined native, virtuous worker who knew now only western colleagues, guess using tea leaves. they immediately grabbed the sanctions. baton wheel for everything being decided on the basis of mutual respect and a balance of interests. the position of russia presented by nato is based precisely on the balance of interests and is aimed at the security of europe as a whole. including russia. anita wants to create military footholds around the russian federation to dominate europe. good deal, now, lover, i've also said that even if ukraine isn't drags in sinay, so as it were, any appearance of nato forces on his borders will be seen as a will constitute a red line. of course, red lines was a buzz words for the geopolitical situation. in the past few months, he said that is not acceptable. russia will not accept that. neither will it accept us building military bases or placing a strike missiles anywhere in
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a sea of as of that also constitutes a red line. he outlines those red lines in the press conference, and we can hear just how they constitute red line for russia in this graph. here we are good to go teach q. you put a human, we categorically do not accept the appearance of nato on our borders. it's a red line, they know it, even if ukraine remains outside nato, there is still a possibility of ukraine in agreements with the u. s. the u. k. in other western countries that a building military facilities and bases on the see of as of there, this is also an acceptable to us. this is another red line that he talks over the past week have also said as a marker of the tensions between us and russia. of course, the u. s. are not bending on any of russia's demands. it seems. and i also was lucky enough to ask
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a sag i love rob about the words of the u. s. secretary of state, anthony lincoln, who said that all president putin has done in the past 2 years or so, is there to facilitate what he wanted to present or prevents or her rather. and those are kind of strong words from the usa is oliver said, that really isn't the case. said he was surprised at those words by blinking gossip . latasha anthony b. u. s. secretary of state, blinking argues that what present boone has done over the past couple of years has only speeded up ever in the pudding would like to prevent on which faces does blink . and make such comments. do you think, we presume putting putin has been devoting all the last year to strengthen russian sovereignty, which is constantly under attack by the west. those are attacks on all fronts, direct military to terrans, information attack, soft power mechanism. and others is a shame that someone thinks that russia is in the pocket of the west. much of what is being said, today's connected with escalating tensions around the russian federation. so as you see that sig lyle, revenues press conference,
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that i pulling absolutely no punches as it goes the west and nato. he's called out the hypocrisy of nate, so reporting to standard full human rights. however, then supporting a bloody cruise until the revolutions, as it were, as regards what happens in ukraine, and just instead of calling it a q fully, instead a diplomatic processor. they also said a sense of the west now is that the u. s. he has written to washington as regards those guarantees on safety and security and it's up to them now the pool is very much in the u. s. school to find a peaceful resolution to little k. know the story we're across today. the c i a is reported to have been training ukrainian, special operations, teens, amid tensions with russia. the program is believed to have launch 6 years ago. ortiz don quarter can tell us more about the revelations. according to a recent yahoo news article,
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basically the cia is training ukrainian special forces units on american soil. and this is to fight in case of an apparent russian invasion of ukraine. again, we've said many times in this channel. moscow said many times this is basically just nonsense, but nevertheless, ukrainian troops are apparently getting some state of the art training from the, you know, us government. the program has involve very specific training on skills that would enhance the ukrainians ability to push back against the russians. said the former senior intelligence official, us base ca program has included training and firearms camouflage techniques, land navigation tactics like cover and move intelligence in other areas. yahoo news of course was not specific about the actual names, but it says that 5 former intelligence and national security officials pass this information along to them. apparently these training programs involve camouflage exercises, land navigation exercises and the like. but all the while washington saying that these are not offensively oriented exercises,
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us officials claim that they're just centered around intelligence gathering us officials deny that the ca, training program is or was ever offensively oriented. but just what intelligence support entails in the paramilitary contexts can be ambiguous and how this training will be applied by the ukrainians may change rapidly with facts on the ground. now what is exactly intelligence gathering mean? i mean, well, in the context of power, military operations, we don't really know because we don't know what the ukrainian special forces are going to be doing with the training they've received on american soil in the future . we at least know that the u. s. military advisors were training ukrainians, ukrainian forces, specifically after the events of euro, my don in 2014, but that was all on ukrainian soil. we also, we for marcia. executive said that going back decades, the ca has provided limited training to ukrainian intelligence units to try and shore up, you know, and i suppose it independent kiev and prevent russian subversion as i saw it. but
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that cooperation specifically was ramped up after the crimea became a part of russia. now we did reach out to the cia and the defense, the defense department of the united states for comments. so of course, we'll bring our viewers any response we get while to talk more on this story, i'm delighted to welcome on to the program, scott ritter scouts a former us marine cord intelligence officer, an author, and alice. hello to you. if the report scotts in yahoo news become consolidated later down the line, surely it's yet another sign. the plough missy between moscow in the west right now is essential asap, please. it's a 1st of all, let's put in context. what we're talking about here is unconventional warfare, the training elements of ukrainian army or intelligent service for stay behind operations. the assumption is that russia, if it invaded ukraine,
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would occupied territory. and these are classic stay behind units that would carry out guerrilla warfare against, against, against russia. so that's, that's what's going on. there's, you know, it's not intelligence collection, it's not anything else. it's unconventional warfare. and what's interesting about that is it presumes the defeat of ukraine, which means the united states for all of its rhetoric, isn't there to do to back up ukraine to defend, to try to, to prevent the defeat of ukrainian military. it's, it's looking at long term disruption of russian interests. and that means war. i mean there's, there's no 2 other, you know, there's no other way of putting this means war between united states and russia. whether it's followed by proxy or direct is irrelevant at this point. and i will also say that anybody who's been involved in wars, i have understands that piece is far better than war. diplomacy is
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a better option than, than the national conflict. and right now we have a window of opportunity because this is still just training. this is still just hypothetical. so it's imperative both united states and russia. find a way to read some sort of diplomatic outcome because the alternative is going to be is going to be bloody is going to be messy and it's not going to be benefit. anybody. it's been widely reported that ukraine has received western arms and civilians are joining the army in droves. is it understandable? and moscow would take measures to ensure a military preparedness in defense. and i'll just read one of the sources in that article. scott saying, a former cia official is purported to said the united states as training and insurgency adding up the program. i taught the ukrainians how to kill russians. that's apparently from a source in the yahoo news article there is no doubt about it. unconventional warfare means the united states is train, you can't ukrainians,
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how to kill russians. and trust me when i say this, that if it goes to an insurgency, the game plan would not be to limit the insurgency on the cranial soil. but to project this insurgency into russia, to take the fight, russia that's, that's, that's how, that's how it works. that's how unconventional warfare works. ok. now, i will also say this in the united states doesn't have a great track record for the last thing i'd be worried about. russia, frankly speaking, is the amount of money that united states pours into anything. we port billions of dollars into a trying to keep the afghan government, the afghan military in place, that all that money is by equipment. the alibi now controls and i was to say the cia, the fact that you and i are talking about this means that this is not a covert program. and if we're talking about it, i can guarantee you that the russian intelligence services know about this. i very much guarantee that they know every name of every individual has been trained by
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the united states specially brought them to the united states. so, you know, while this is a worrisome development and i don't think it's one that rush is going to lose too much sleep over the again, fact that you and i are talking about this it's, it's not a secret program. just another point on the, the article, those sources among us officials, the training program isn't offensively orientated. that's how they describe it. what do you think that it's like of a defense such as not? is it diplomatic language or to be taking a pinch of salt? you take it seriously that well, 1st of all, it's understand that the unconventional war spec, a warfare aspect of this training would not be engaged unless russia 1st attack. so the premises, there will be a russian attack. and that this unconventional warfare response would be because of the russian attack, which means we're not offensively oriented with the best defense is a good offense. i mean,
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on commission warfare means are going to be blowing up. russian, all refiners, we're going to be blowing up bridges, blowing up trains, blowing up, a things are going to be disruptive, and that's offensive oriented. i know it's not sitting around waiting for russia to attack an unconventional warfare program. would be taking the offense to russia in an unconventional way. so. yeah, it's, it's, it's, it's, it's, it's word game we, i think russia knows exactly what unconventional warfare is. and you know, nobody's fooling anybody. i think sometimes that say we take for granted that he says the, the aim the objective. that's what governments are striving for. but is washington interested in diffusing tensions in the region? no washington has been as it is for mister lab, rasa washington is the sole perpetrator of tension the strategy of the united states, since the collapse of the so union hasn't been to engender stability in europe.
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it's been 2 years. instability in europe in a manner which further constrains russian powers, that's the sole objective of american foreign policy today is the constraint of russia that living in peace with russia and russians backed up as far as you can. i mean, there, there isn't much left for russia to do to avoid conflict. if the united states were seeking to avoid conflict, there are things that can be done to de escalate. primarily which is stop treating ukraine as an extension of nato. stop your training. ukrainian stop putting resources in ukraine. stop talking about nato membership with ukraine. all of this is designed to destabilize not to, to create stability or piece. scott, thanks. it's all for your time on your thoughts. scott ritter, former us marine corps intelligence officer and author. many times, thank you. ah,
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trillion has agreed to delay the deportation of tennis superstore no back door carriage. it comes after the country's emigration minister and friday revoked his visa for a 2nd time. today i exercised my power to cancel the visa held by mister novak joke of it on health and good order grounds on the basis that it was in the public interest to do so. i'll salia has again revoked the visa of tennis sickness dog. novak a joke of age at this time on the health and good order grounds now, his lawyers are already lodging at pales and at a late night co tearing australia have agreed not to to port him just yet. if they do go ahead and to port him, of course he will face a 3 year ban on re entering the country. needless to say, it time is of the essence now is to 3 days until the australian opens starts. therefore jock of inches, sight have said they want the full herring to take place on sunday morning so that the result will be heard by monday morning in time if will good for duke of
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h to start competing in this tournament said there is a glimmer of hope that but it's really been nonstop drama, since jokers which landed on australian soil on the 6th of january. his visa was revoked to upon arrival it. few days later it was than reinstated. but since then, questions have been raised about how he flouted isolation while he was coated positive and also inaccuracies on his travel form. he's put all of these things down to human error. my agent sincerely apologizes for the administrative mistake and ticking the incorrect box about my previous travel before coming to australia. this was a human error and certainly not deliberate. the whole saga is divided opinion across the world for his fans. of course, it's a different story. this, that just so angry at the unprecedented nature of australia's decision and also so upset that they see the apparent encroachments of politics into sport, to actually spoke to a few people, some as nathan jokers, which is fellow,
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serves on the streets at bow. great to get their opinion of all i am revolted and angry because i did not expect they would treat the world's best tennis player like this. but he did not deserve this, or was additional or no luck with nobody's going through is the frustration of our entire nation disorder. or if they had said from the beginning that only vaccinated people can participate, it would be all right, look. but at one point they tell him one thing, another time, something else. just the funny thing. this is pure politics. the issue here are the principles we live for. at least us europeans, freedom, fraternity equality are you? i think it's fair to say we might also see anger, spell out on the streets of melbourne once again, just like it did after his visa was revoked for the 1st time. ah. so what's next for know that joke of h y,
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which is going to have to wait and see but this just couldn't have come at a worse time for him this year as australian open represents the pinnacle of his career. so needless to say, a lot of stake here, i'm the father of the tennessee, so slum the treatment of his son by cambra saying exclusively to ortiz out the attempt to counsel the world number one's visa was politically motivated. you can delve into the likelihood. now the reading 3 in a row australian open champion, getting a chance to defend a strong over at r t dot com. joe biden's week has gone from bad to worse. now, after seeing his blunt from mandatory vaccines shut down by the supreme court, the u. s. president was ban, hoping to change voting rules in the senate and pushed through some key built, but that's been derailed by members of his own party. that's ortiz, kill moment, talk me through earlier. the biden administration is down dealing with the fact that at this point we have one of their own party stepping up,
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cursed and cinema. stepping up a senator from arizona saying that she will not vote to change the senate rules and enable the repub, republican opposed bill that is going to extend voting rights. according to the democrats intended to protect the rights of voters. she's not going to vote to change the senate rules now kirsten cinema. she did say that she opposes the republican legislation around the country and she favors of, you know, protecting the rights of voters as the joe biden bill intends to do. but she's not ok with changing the st rules in order to do it. this is what she said. where does this dissenting spiral of division lead and how can we stop it? our country's divisions have now fueled efforts and several states that will make it more difficult for americans to vote and undermine faith at all american should have in our elections in our democracy. these bills help treat the symptoms of the disease,
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but they do not fully address the disease itself. and while i continue to support these bills, i will not support separate actions that were sent the underlying disease of division infecting our country. now this refers to the filibuster, which is a rule in the u. s. senate that enables the minority party to block legislation by refusing to close debates. i essentially, they continue to have of the minority party speak and continue to make remarks until, until the opposition a, it is able to stop the bill. it's a way of just kind of prolonging the proceedings, preventing the vote and preventing the bill from passing. it's been used throughout u. s. history for various causes and by various parties, the democrat and the republicans are both used to filibuster tactic at different points to stop legislation when were the minority party. now at this point we have the white house stepping up and accepting defeat on this. this is what we heard
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from joe biden. the honest to god answer is, i don't know whether we can get this done. as long as i'm in the white house, as long as i'm engaged at all, i'm going to be fighting to change the way these legislatures have moved. so kirsten cinema is refusing to enable the democrats to overrule the filibuster in order to pass the bill. now it's quite interesting because joe biden, at one point, was on record saying that he was strongly in favor of keeping the filibuster as a necessary check on the majority parties. power. this nuclear option is ultimately an example of the arrogance of power. it is a fundamental power grab by the majority party. now on tuesday and joe biden went to the us state of georgia to promote this voting rights bill giving an important speech. but many noted that stacy abrams arising star in the democratic party did not attend the speech. and this led to some interesting speculation on m
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. s. n. b c. from their commentators about why that may be. politicians don't show up with presidents when their approval ratings may be in the thirty's in the state whether or not. so at this point, we're seeing the biden administration continue to have its poll numbers dropped. it's becoming less and less popular. and now we see members of the democratic party increasingly derailing efforts led by the white house. this is just the latest example, but we saw the supreme court overturning jo biden's vaccine mandates. we've seen other moves, joe biden. it seemed came into office promising that he was going to fix many of the problems that he blamed on the previous administration and restore the unity of the country. however, if you look at the results over the past year, that has not exactly panned out. democrats do have a major problem. it's looking like there's going to be a way, something like what happened in the 1993, i think was a 103rd session of congress when newt gingrich came in,
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will be recalling revolution in the contract with america where they're well over a 100 seats that change hand, i suspect that's going to happen in 2020 to mid terms. the problems that president biden has right now in his own party, if he's very unpopular and the only person less popular than him is, is vice president. and people are floating hillary clinton as the only possible savior for the democratic party. you have 296 us democrats and governors, senators and congressmen and you're telling me none of them are going to be look good for 2024. how bad is your party rate a us diplomat voice concerns about a risk between moscow on the west over ukraine. arguing that the situation is getting increasingly unstable in eastern europe. the drumbeat of war is sounding loud, and the rhetoric has gotten rather shrill. we have to take this very seriously. we
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have to prepare for the eventual audi that there could be an escalation. list statement comes amid a series of tense talks between the west and russia that were initiated by moscow. president putin is looking for agreements that nato will not expand any further east, but so far talks of stalled. meanwhile, the polish for administer warned the risk of war within the post soviet space was at its highest in 30 years. while his russian counterpart circle of ralph stated, the west has gone too far in escalating tensions. nataline law is concerned at bites, a russian military build up on russia's western borders. russia has been firm in saying that any negotiations about where military personal on its own land go cannot happen until it receives written guarantees that western build up in ukraine will stop. key of being offered membership to nato was a major issue for moscow. 14 years ago, nato decided ukraine should be allowed to join. and the current head of the block
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in stoughton berg still defense that decision i was actually present at to them natal summit in bucharest in 2008. are all allies agree that that ukraine will become a member over natal? and though we stand by her, that decision and the decisions are taken off the record of summit on the shoe over your grains, are a possibility to become a nate door member or former us senior security policy. unless michael maloof spoke to the programmer by the attentions he said a less belligerent approach from the west would be a means of de escalation. i've heard from diplomats, russian diplomats and in the past where they say that the united states diplomatically seems to always be talking down to their, to, to russian diplomats and there and there. and this is another example of that, that we will do this and we won't do that, that's off the table. and this is the problem. if you're going to take everything off the table before you even begin discussions,
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then what's there to talk about. and so this is basically my, a washington through brussels trying to lead this process. and i think that it, that moscow could reverse that trend and become much more assertive and thereby take over the initiative and actually take control of events rather than always be in reacting to events if at any moment that those channels are, are closed off. because of arrogance or bye bye bye o, the west vin, in launching these preconditions and not having that honest discussion and looking for that half way medium and understanding moscow's concerns. then that's a problem. like a maloof speaking to arts, he will love is where we leave the news for not but do keep peter scott company at the top of the hour. he love all the latest updates affecting your world today. stick
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with with now we have e cigarettes. i just heard that it was a healthy alternative to cigarettes and do we trust tobacco companies with their message that these new products are actually going to reduce these cigarettes or making the tobacco up until tours? it really is happening here in al dante alabama door and then to be known globally as the home a bit going to city and we're witnessing the demise of gold as a monetary. the monetization take place. hey, i don't think i've ever missed an episode of shark tank until mark cuban. got
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a little one perience in the last year, but up till then i was on board with the team. always love laurie. good near you. of course. know her is the one who always wants to go to q b c with it and get some of the things that are in everybody's households and scrub daddy. yeah, yeah. he, you see that? absolutely. everywhere she's beta met and she made a lot of friends along the way. good lady, laurie grenadier right after this on dennis miller plus one with folks. welcome to dennis miller plus one. well, this is exciting for me, laurie greer is a prolific inventor and entrepreneur having created over $500.00 products long time shark on the hit show shark tank, which she's in 13, i believe is currently airing fridays on a b. c. and


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