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tv   News  RT  January 15, 2022 3:00am-3:31am EST

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the world politics, sport, business. i'm show business. i'll see you then. ah, secret squad, a new report claims the cia has been training a leak ukrainian special operations teams on us. revelation likely to fan tensions with russia. guests of debated the widely touted spectra of military comfort. ne, someone's document was always going to weeks tensions we have here in creating the plans of the missiles, 5 minutes from moscow. the question is, how do you, how do you deal with a bully allegations that america intended to commit genocide. the leader of the indigenous shoshone nation tells our team nuclear tests were deliberately carried out on land belonging to native americans with dog consequences for people's help.
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and these things were conducted without our knowledge and under a culture of secrecy, of the united states. and there again is the intent to commit genocide. and the law group accuses to you a states of racism for issuing guidelines that recommended prioritizing non whites for coven trade. with putting out international thanks for joining me this morning. we will start this out with news that it just come in. this is of a shooting in oregon's eugene city, which is left to 6 people hospitalized. this incident occurred at a local concert hall on friday evening. police a multiple shots were fired inside the venue. no information has been released yet about the condition of the casualties. the police have not yet made any arrests.
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will keep me up to date with the situation. ah, another news. a new investigation, alleges a c. i is secretly training ukrainians, special ops teams on us soil. the revelation comes with escalating tensions between moscow and washington reports as the scheme was launched back in 2015 earlier my colleagues were associate on quarter discussed. well, the article describes as being an anti russian program. the program has involve very specific training and skills that would enhance the ukrainians ability to push back against the russians. said the former senior intelligence official, the u. s. base ca program has included training and firearms, camouflage techniques, long navigation topics like cover and move intelligence and other areas. yahoo news of course was not specific about the actual names, but it says that 5 former intelligence and national security officials pass this information along to them. apparently these training programs involve camouflage exercises, land navigation exercises and the like. but all the while washington,
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the saying that these are not offensively oriented exercises, us officials claim that they're just centered around intelligence gathering. us officials deny that the cia training program is or was ever eventually orientated. but just what intelligent support entails in the paramilitary context can be i'm big us and how this training will be applied by the ukrainians may change rapidly with docs on the ground. now what is exactly intelligence gathering mean? i mean, well, in the context of power, military operations, we don't really know because we don't know what the ukrainian special forces are going to be doing with the training they received on american soil in the future. so this is a pretty serious revelation. what you're discussing here, but as i understand it's disturbingly enough, it's not actually the 1st of its kind. right? that's, that's correct. actually, we at least know that the u. s. military advisors were training ukrainians, ukrainian forces, specifically after the events of euro. my don in 2014, but that was all on ukrainian soil,
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a former c i executive said that going back decades. the ca has provided limited training to ukrainian intelligence units to try and shore up, you know, and i suppose that independent kiev and prevent russian subversion as i saw it. but that cooperation specifically was ramped up after the crimea became a part of russia. now we did reach out to the cia and the defense department of the united states for comments. so of course, we'll bring our viewers any response we get. meanwhile, with russian nato tension on the rise, the blog secretary general has stressed as no definite date by which georgia and ukraine will join near lines. the membership was promised 14 years ago and is a prospect. moscow does not relish russia's foreign minister accuse nato planning an imminent build up along his country's border. miss sue, unless according to loud statements made by the west, we have reason to believe that the west will increase the activity of reaction forces and nato's special forces. near our board is in 2 to 3 months. this is if
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russia does not comply with absurd demands on how to deal with its troops on its territory. in light of the situation, laska recently initiated a series of talks with the west president putin's demanding legal guarantees that nato will not expand any further a so far proposal. so have that with a muted response. instead, the west has been increasing the russia escalation narrative, the drumbeat of war is sounding loud, and the rhetoric has gotten rather israel. we have to take this very seriously. we have to prepare for the eventuality that there could be an escalation brushing landing ships or an example of offensive capability. they have passed through denmark's great belt straight and continued into the baltic sea. we want more nato troops in estonia, we need a strong presence to make sure we are not going to be attacked earlier. our guest chewed over whether the current tensions really have the potential to escalate into
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a full blown war. whatever the rights wrongs of the situation, but damage to europe, insecurity, not only the risk of war, which itself is huge, but also the capability of the states to cooperate, to tackle the existential risks that faced the world. know, how can people seriously negotiate glasgow around climate change when they're about to go to war against each other? we should also remember something else. georgia did launch a war with russia, you know, and it was backed up by america. and britain essentially didn't know to intervene and we have seen in recent weeks in the black sea, american, british and french warships involve the naval movers and going both to ukraine and to georgia. that would seem to me quite provocative in the current situation of america and the british american ships entering as well. russia now, what russia waters that is a major propagation. well,
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if you think about the iraq war and the excuse, iraq will be in the southern hussein of missiles potentially 45 minutes from london . we have here in creating the plans of the missiles, 5 minutes from moscow, 7 minutes from russia. a strategic nuclear defense is in effect, russia will have a knife to throw and not enough time to recover if it allows these in russia. we'll have to stop those missiles coming in. this is the cuban missile crisis part. so it could end differently from that one. if we don't look at this very carefully, the element of this is the idea that ukraine, if nato wanted to, part of nato actually became involved nato because that was in effect and ukraine ability to launch an international wall on the hall with an interest and ok kevin, who teaches are completely irresponsible on this question. so that would be another, might move in my strategy coming from a jo biden's administration. i think if there's anything positive that has come out
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of this crisis, it is the west will recognize that it can't get away scott free by bring you crying in tonight. it would be awfully hard for them to do say so. and so it was always going to weeks to tensions one sure natal course is in the baltic states once you update your forces in point to check like elsewhere, the positive in georgia in the black sea. once you have that revised russian feelers. and as i say, you don't ban of why do appears in to understand what those feel given russian's most recent history given what happened in the 2nd world war, i'm just going to say it's clear that there is a process of regime change across the world wherever there is governments, we don't fit with the neo liberal law, denila florida, which is control the same story by united states through the gas, et cetera, etc, etc. so we will always bring down any government or trying to bring down any government which doesn't correspond to those interests or don't disagree with chris
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is saying, but i also think, but we need to feel about just sliding into just a confrontational approach towards these sorts of interests and, and, and development because because they, because they are incredibly powerful and the big question the, all of us, whether we off commentators in the west or the russian government or anybody else is how do you, how do you deal with a bully? i'm the way of dealing with a bully is not just to face up to them and, and then get smashed in. you. you have to deal with it very cleverly and you have to try and build relationships, some positive connection. i'm the way in which page has managed to do that in the past with england and some other european government to some limited success has been to be valuable. and important thing that is vitally important for the future of the planet is that russia is included in
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a new security architecture. you can have a new, secure wave in an old one with russia labeled as the enemy with the ukraine. monthly harvest is close to the russian border as it can without any commentary from the western media and nature, politicians, referring to russia as the enemies. you cannot have stability, the russia of course, to seize itself as the victim aware. this is hating it has to be included in security architecture. otherwise there's no security. but anybody for years, america conducted nuclear tests and lands that was populated by native americans, and he caught it with the current head of the western shoshone dr. who told us the tests of a devastating consequences on people's health. the most bombed nation on us, the label claimed by the shoshone native american tribe, as they sacred lamb turned into a u. s. nuclear weapons testing site. and these things were conducted without our knowledge. and under a culture of secrecy,
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of the united states. and there again is the intent to commit genocide because these things were developed without our consent. the weapons are tested upon us and there are test series with specific goals to expose humans to radiation. and we are the victims of that. it all started with the $1863.00 treaty a ruby valley. when the western shoshone handed certain rights to the us, but did not see the land. these and friendships shall be hereafter established and maintained between the western bands of the shoshone nation and the people and governments of the united states and the said ban, stipulate and agree that has duties and all depredations shall cease from 1951 to 1990 to the u. s. conducted 928. tests that a $128.00 underground nuclear tests and $100.00 atmospheric this resulted in full outs of around $620.00 killer tons for comparison. hiroshi my only had 15 killer
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tons in 1945. all that had devastating effects on tribal residents who began from investigate health consequences from exposure to radiation to try to understand what had happened to us. we had a significantly higher exposure to the radiation that led to those health consequences such as cancer's leukemias, auto immune deficiencies. and what we began to understand is that there's a wide variety of illnesses really strange illnesses known to be plausible from exposure to radiation. but we weren't getting any help. we were not getting any support. he says the she showed he never agreed to new weapon testing. finding justice is a tough road. this the show any people are on their road. so we really need to continue to investigate and understand this, but we're not getting any help from the united states. they're not investigating this because they're,
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the perpetrators of these are acts which are destroying. wish only people, disgustingly shameful. that us politicians, the president and the court, they don't talk about these issues. what we began to understand is that we're experiencing a assault. i feel that this is what nazis did in world war 2. ah, the nuclear tests, and just one of a number of crises the western shoshone nation have had to and your to hear about the others. watch our interview with the leader info and dr. call the u. s. state of utah's being a case of having racist policies for giving priority points. the non whites when it comes to eligibility for coven treatment, the state of minnesota has similar guidelines, but it's now removed advice to take race into account. those states have been
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threatened with legal action using the patient, skin color or if nifty, rather than the unique and specific medical circumstances of an individual patient as a basis for deciding who should obtain lifesaving medical treatment as a part in a ton of crisis. tough decisions have to be made. sometimes, decisions of life and death. the covered pandemic is one such time and who to prioritize for life saving medical treatment is a decision health workers have to make. now you may think that choices are taken based on greater health risk or the needs of the patient. perhaps the raise, your fragility, their co morbidities and chronic illnesses. race may be the last thing on your mind . apparently, you may be wrong. think you're liberal, a kidney disease is a high risk. think again, your heart problem or neurological illness will only lead you one points on this scale. so will your shortness of breath. but you could get double points based on
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your ethnic background. the you saw department of health explain the system using statistics, which show people of non whites or hispanic committee, a 35 to 50 percent more likely to be hospitalized than white patients, which means at 1st, the system does sound logical and truly studies have shown ethnic minorities, both in the united states. some other countries have been in this proportionately affected by covert. the reasons multiple and complex, but the analysis goes deeper, while more people in ethnic minority communities may be diagnosed. there appear to be no differences in final health outcomes and critic say, therefore, no reason to prioritize treatment. the risk of sa covey to diagnosis was higher in most ethnic minorities. but once hospitalized nuclear inequalities exist in covert 1900 outcomes. the findings highlight the necessity to tackle disparities in social determinants of health,
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preventative opportunities and in house case across the ocean in the u. k. statistics have shown a civil a pattern of high impacts on minority communities. but government reports have also cited specific reasons why this could be the case. these range from someone's occupation to the household size or even place of residence and pollution. in theory, you could fall into these higher risk groups, but not be a minority and achieve a lower score in the table. so unless we assume by default, but all members of ethnic minorities, labor, other crowd of households in the private areas and work in high risk sectors. critics say the focus should be on concrete risk factors and not simply skin color . and advocacy groups have been quick to pick up on the controller, say, these racist policies decide questions of life and death based on skin color and must be rescinded immediately. it's an abomination the radically violate federal
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law. the united states constitution and the sacred principle of equal justice for our, despite increasingly harsh measures wave off the wave of cobra, it continues to affect the world. many specialists say targeted measures are needed to protect those in the population most at risk. and just how those population groups are determined based on rational scientific study, may be part of the puzzle in ending the pandemic. there is no scientific basis to judge a person's need for many sin or higher is just based on race. there are many, many other factors with quality you live in houses are multiple occupation. many people, small houses, and you do jobs are highly category such as hooks cleaners, bus drivers. furthermore, there are then medical conditions and medical conditions are such as diabetes,
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immune suppression, heart disease, kidney disease, obesity, high blood pressure cause a lot of immigrants tend to be of what you would call darker skin and they are also poor. and they're also working in high risk jobs. so be that you are white or color as they call it in america. it is, it is quality that kills not necessarily the color of your skin the scandal, marduke a government is now finding a fresh corruption claims up to the countries. high court ruled that a so called v i. p lane for awarding contracts for p, p e was unlawful. ministers gave to companies an unfair advantage. during the 1st wave of the pandemic, the claimant have established that the operation of the high priority lane was in breach of the obligation of equal treatment. the illegality is marked by this
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judgment in a rush to supply the and a chest, the government for 32000000000 p. p items costing over 18000000000 pounds. and normal times transparency rules are in place, the state contracts to ensure fair competition. but in the heat of a natural emergency, these rules are cast aside. instead, the i p lanes are reserved for referrals from m. p. 's ministers in senior officials and billions of taxpayer cache signed over. well, danny street is considering an appeal against the ruling that some of these behind closed doors dealings were illegal. o contracts underwent sufficient financial and technical due diligence and the court found that we did not rely on the referral to the high priority lane when awarding contracts. this isn't the 1st time the courts have ruled against the government over p p contracts. but number 10 has been consistent that it hasn't acted inappropriately. can the prime esther, give a cost on assurance that from now on from now on,
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all government contracts will be subject to proper process with full transparency and accountability. absolutely, it's a huge one. he's a p p, i reject the idea that somehow the government acted in a way that was wrong. we wanted to get the 32000000000 pieces of p b in the front line because what was important is to save lives. i make no apologies that the government did everything in its power to ensure the n h s. and frontline workers did not run out of p p, even though the judge ruled both the office in question were likely to win contracts anyway. if you went through the high priority lane, you had a one in 10 chance of being successful. those outside of that in a circle had way less than a one in a 100 chance. according to the national audit office, 50 firms benefited 1800 tory links, which the opposition,
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se screams cronyism. while our hard working n h s staff were going without p, p, tory politicians, saw an opportunity to line their cronies pockets. the judge has now ruled that the p lane unlawful, but that may be just the tip of the iceberg. not only was some companies given an unfair advantage, the prices were heights up, in some cases by 200 percent. when the equipment arrived, some of it failed to meet basic medical standards. so did the government treat a public health crisis as an opportunity to impose the pockets of pals at the public's expense? it's very like crazy. i mean, of course you have to do with things quickly there's, there's no reason why having to v i p lane. actually many things could be dealt with more quickly. it just meant certain people got preferential treatment. i think that shows history. god for use of tax has money and disregard to the safety of
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front line health and cast off. at the beginning of the pandemic demand for p. far outstripped supply to keep up normal procurement rules were relaxed. but all this feeds into the idea that if you have the prime minister number on your phone, your numbers in your bank account will grow and it's free lateral flow tasa to be potentially phased out, is public health simply becoming a commodity. more police officers were killed on duty in america in 2021 didn't. and the previous year in the last quarter century, that's according to the f. b, i, which is 73 offices, were lost in the line of duty representing a significant increase on the year before that when the number was 46 homicide violence also searched last year, 13 year cities reported record high homicide rates. that's across democrat run state to push progressive policies such as d, funding, the police among the cities involved oakland, portland, and philadelphia,
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which registered more than $500.00 notice. and the spike in those numbers is being blamed on a range of factors from the pandemic to inflation. another seething anger at police brutality, especially so in the wake of the 2020 merger george fluid. we spoke with a former police detective who says offices that become a scapegoat, failed government policy. police morale is low offices are afraid to use force because they're unfairly on a justly persecuting. there was a case here in 2014 detectives, raphael ramos so when you look worse ass and eating, when they were sitting in their patrol vehicle. there was an unprovoked attack. there been $25.00 unprovoked ambushes out of the $74.00 police killing this year. in this country, that was the 1st one that really took the nation and we shed light on this, this situation. and this person was emboldened by an ideology,
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the black lives matter ideology. while the police are, have always bring the code of government killing government policies, right? the police are the front line, right? that's why we see with it in blue line, the thimble line between us and our key in order. the police are always the 1st arm of government that people deal with violent crime in the cities. there's been 13 cities across this country that have recorded record number of homicides this year or last year. and as a result of police are shoved in the middle of violence, and this n r t is being supported by politicians. and you know, unfortunately they become casualties. that war go green, unless you're rich, a new study says the european commission is planted, maritime di compensation could be biased. a new emissions tax does not apply to a number of ships, including offshore vessels, fishing boats,
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and yards supplies only to ships of 1000 gross tonnage. the total c o 2 emissions from exempt did vessels? well, it's comparable to the emissions of denmark last year. sorry. in 2020. the fact that switch contribute a sizable share are exempt. has many people riled. be a lead to me. you are imposing new carbon fuel taxes, but are exempting private jets and yachts. what a sick joke. carbon pricing is for you. not for them. you see the you have 2 rules . one for the plants like you and me and another for the billionaire lee. we spoke to sarah flanders, co director of the international action center who told us, despite all the political fanfare about going green, very little is actually being done to curb emissions. every part of this agreement is absolutely critical. private yaks. private jets just means that the super rich already saying that these agreements are genuinely
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fraudulent not meant to really deal with the terrible problems of climate. all so asked for their own personal exemption. now to the latest meeting in glasgow, there were $118.00 private jets that driving in glasgow taking all different political leaders and world figures. they all make grand promises, but they're doing very, very little to curb carbon emissions. excluding private yachts and private jets is just one more piece of taking out everything that is essential in actually lowering carbon emissions, greenhouse gases, and all that is leading to a dangerous escalation of the poisoning of the entire environment.
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the breaking news here, an artsy international, a massive chemical fall in passaic, new jersey is sending plumes and potentially dangerous smoke into the one person has at this point, reportedly been kills. the matter of the city was told residents to stay away from the area and to keep the windows closed. large quantities of floor in pallets are stored at the side of the fire. this is a breaking story as the more information comes and we will, of course, bring it straight. you can see from the pictures though, the, the size of the blaze which reportedly has already leased 200 firefighters. they're all location attempting to extinguish it, but clear from the pictures were getting, having very little success at this point. and there is a considerable concern about public safety. at this point. as mentioned dom reportedly 100000 pounds of chlorine pellets have
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been effected already. is the estimation of the consideration at this point is that resident safety is at risk were local residents have been told to shut their windows and stay in doors because of that concern. over what the effects might be on them on public health, and the place continues to rage as fire fighters that attempt to take action and extinguish oh hey. okay, we will be keeping up today with that story and the rest of our top stories this morning. thanks, thank without international, more in half an hour. now we have easy grids. ours is heard that it was
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a healthy alternative to cigarettes and do we trust tobacco companies with their message that these new products are actually going to reduce? are these issues or as are breaking the tobacco tours? ah ah i max kaiser, this is the kaiser report. it really is happening here in l. zante all salvatore. soon to be known globally as the home of bitcoin city, and were witnessing the demise of gold as a monetary democratization takes place,
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stacy? yes. max, we are in el dante, in the state of la liber todd, in el salvador. we are going to be here for the next few months as a super hot. we're going to get a new look which is for the super hot weather. i speaking of super hi, i'm reading this book right here at canis. up can is naji, but book kelly, and i'm reading it in the spanish language. so i am learning this learning spanish . and, you know, since we've been here, we've been in the news every day on the local national news and stuff like that. and i want to turn attention to a concept called the economic hit men because lo and behold the, the people who bitcoin were called charged with being economic hit man in the headlines here. and the headline reads julia. evelyn martinez opposes the economic
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development of the country and describes bitcoin errors. max kaiser and stacy herbert.


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