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ah ah, i can use here and i'll see a massive chemical far in passaic, new jersey, sending large plumes and potentially toxic smoke up into the air, headed in the direction of near by new york hospice lans washington for alleging rushes, preparing a false flag operation to justify suppose ukraine invasion plans, our guests size up the chances of any possible military contract need. so and supplement was always going to waste attention. you have here in the ukraine, the plan to be miss out 5 minutes from moscow. the question is, how do you, how do you deal with a bully? allegations of the united states intended to commit genocide. the lead of the
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indigenous shoshone nation tells us to nuclear tests with deliberately carried out on land belonging to native americans with dire consequences for people's health. and these things were conducted without our knowledge and under a culture of secrecy, of the united states. and there in is the intent to commit genocide and the law group accuses to us states of racism for issuing guidelines that recommended prioritizing non whites for coaching with either very good afternoon. thanks for joining me here on our t international. well, we'll start this out with breaking news for you. this story coming in of a massive chemical foreign per sake, new jersey. it is sending plumes of very highly potentially toxic smoke up into the
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air or getting information that at least one fire fighter has been injured. so far, residents have been evacuated from the immediate area of this blaze, which has been burning now several hours. of course, in the early hours of the morning now in the united states, more than $200.00 firefighters of reported to of guns battle the blaze which continues the mary of the city. so residents to stay away from the fire to remain in doors to keep the windows closed, the governor of new jersey is repeated the same message by a switch. it's not clear at this point what actually started this spot. but there is great concern with public safety because of large quantities of floor impel it, stored at the side of the fire. and when it goes, when it's a gas highly toxic, it can cause injury to skin eyes and it's extremely toxic when inhales. this is one of the videos that emerged from the scene. just bringing you various pieces of
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food that we're going to gather together for you. besides the city of around 70000 people. very large public concern and a lot of people haven't been heating that message, stay and those are drawn towards the flame to see what the all the concern is. great. a concern is that new york city with a much bigger population of just 21 kilometers away at this point, no way of knowing just how great the the, the house concern might be posted isn't the new york city, but we are getting information that the residents in new york city have been warned, they might see or smell smoke coming from this place will keep you on the stories said the far continues to burn in new jersey and has been doing so for several hours. moscow slammed us allegations at rushes, preparing a false flag operation in ukraine us medium and officials claim that moscow has pre positioned a group of sub terms who will create
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a pretext for invasion and response. the russian embassy in the u. s. is accused washington resulting to old tricks. such rhetoric confirms there is an ongoing information campaign being waged against russia. we see the same scenario being repeated again and again. first, some sensational story is dropped and makes the headlines. and then it becomes a key talking point. on accounts covering this story 1st. good afternoon nikki. you get the claims coming from the u. s. might be the truth may be the false. nobody knows because there was hidden behind intelligence sources. i've got anything more substantial to back up like, well, such bold claims are coming from the us there and the only intelligence on offer are these elusive source is the allegations we're fetch reported by cnn and swiftly echoed by ukrainian and u. s. officials. we have information that indicates rush has already pre positioned a group of operatives to conduct a false flag operation in eastern ukraine. the operatives are trained in urban
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warfare and in using explosives to carry out acts of sabotage against russia's own proxy forces and the russian military plans to begin these activity several weeks before military invasion, which could begin between mid january and mid february. so note, the timeframe mentioned that between mid january and mid february, the claims are that president putin's window for invasion is dictated by temperatures. basically he needs a layer of ice on the ground so that his heavy hardware like tongues can roll across the border right now is too mild for an invasion by march. it would be too muddy. so apparently president biden as allegedly hide meteorologists to give him a full cause, basically about when this invasion might take place. now, how seriously people are taking these claims? we witnessed as no, but the, and the old familiar headlines. russia plans an invasion of ukraine. in fact, russia planning an invasion of anywhere has become so common,
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especially over the past year. in the spring 2021, we saw the headline screaming putin threatens war again. that software, they started military drills on the board that they were more warnings in december with both the west and ukraine, so certain that the invasion would take place in december. and yet here we all still know invasion. stuart calling from both sides. of course, you don't like any story that we have a cover here in the news. you can look at it from, from both perspectives. and one can look aggressive. one can look defensive, which is what russia says. it is, you know, what trips are on our territory from the outside though. the accusation is this is basically a massing of troops ready for an, an invasion. how is moscow defended its position on this? how's it tried to kind of calm what seemed to be growing concerns from, from the wider community? moscow has repeatedly talks about hit its red lines, those being the further east with expansion of nato. the deployment of nato bass is
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right at the border with russia. we've just concluded the week long talks, diplomacy talks between nato and russia. no progress has been made, nay. so is unwilling to compromise it. it won't provide any assurances to russia on any of these points and even torn thing russia as well in a way, by saying, well, ukraine is going to join nato. it's a done deal. it's just a matter of when recent reports not bringing anything, any sense of security or piece to russia off the yahoo investigation found that the c i is secretly training ukrainian special ops on american soul and has been doing so since 2015. the program is involved very specific training and skills that would enhance the ukrainians ability to push back against the russians, said the former senior intelligence official, the u. s. bass ca program has included training and firearms camouflage techniques, long navigation tactics like cover and move intelligence and other areas of washington has reportedly claimed it solely aimed at defense. but given the nature
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of the training, it, plenty of questions arising which we have already addressed to the us or therapies ourselves all in over the russian position on all the developments the russian foreign minister. i love robbie held these annual press conference yesterday and i'm answering all the questions. they're all really including on the western phase of an invasion. good. let's just go to news that the now the soon as our western colleagues guess by reading tea leaves, they immediately grab the sanctions. baton. we are for everything being decided on the basis of mutual respect and the balance of interests. the position of russia were presented to nato is based precisely on the balance of interests and his aim to the security of europe as a whole, including russia. one later wants to create military footholds around the russian federation going to dominate europe. russia has never and nowhere threatened the ukrainian peoples and kia, makes direct threats to us. so a week ago,
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as nato in russian delegates prepared to embark on days of talks, expectations were already low for a positive outcome. now we can see a week's worth of diplomacy is clearly failed with the situation now feeling so much more tense than it was before it lost count. during that press conference is circle of rob. how many times he said nato in east an expansion, and we want to, you know, written assurance is whether that message will seep in where they'll get rush. we'll get those assurances. we'll have to wait and say, appreciate the update on it. early august, shoot over whether the current tensions really might have the potential to escalate into a full scale conflict, whatever the rights and wrongs of the situation. but damage to european security. not only the risk of war which itself is huge, but also the capability of the states to cooperate, to tackle the existential risks facing the world. or how can people
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seriously negotiate in glasgow around climate change when they're about to go to war against each other? which house, remember something else? georgia did launch a war with russia, you know, and it was backed up by america. and britain essentially didn't know to intervene. and we have seen in recent weeks, in the black sea, american, british and french warships involve the naval movers and going both to ukraine and to georgia. that would seem to me quite provocative in the current situation of america and the british american ships entering as well. russia now, what russia waters that is a major propagation. well, if you think about the iraq war and the excuse, iraq will be in the southern hussein of missiles potentially 45 minutes from london . we have here in ukraine, the plans of the miss of 5 minutes from moscow, 7 minutes from russia strategic nuclear defense is in effect. russia will have a knife to throw and not enough time to recover if it allows these in russia. we'll
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have to stop those missiles coming in. this is the cuban missile crisis part, so it could end differently from that one. if we don't look at this very carefully, the element of this is the idea that ukraine, if nato wanted to, part of nato actually became involved nato because that would, in effect, and ukraine ability to launch an international wall on the hall with an interest and kim who teaches are completely irresponsible on this question. so that would be another, might move in my strategy coming from a jo biden's administration. i think if there's anything positive that has come out of this crisis, it is the west will recognize that it can't get away. scott free by bring you crying in tonight, so it would be awfully hard for them to say so. and so come, it was always going to weeks to tensions one sure natal course is in the baltic states one or forces in point to check like elsewhere. the positive in georgia,
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in the black sea, once you have that revised russian feelers. and as i say, you don't ban of blythewood pearson to understand what those fears given russian's most recent history. given what happened in the 2nd world war, i was going to say, it's clear that there is a process of regime change across the world. wherever there is governments, we don't fit with the neo liberal law. denila, florida, which is control the same story by the united states through the gas, et cetera, etc, etc. we will always bring down any government or trying to bring down any government which doesn't correspond to those interests or don't disagree with chris is saying . but i also think, but we need to have full about just sliding into just a confrontational approach towards these sorts of interests and, and, and development. because because they, because they are incredibly powerful. and the big question, the all of us, whether we off commentators in the west or the russian government or anybody else
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is how do you, how do you deal with a bully? and the way of dealing with the bully is not just to face up to them and, and then get smashed in. you, you have to deal with it very cleverly and you have to try and build relationships and positive connection. i'm the way in which people managed to do that in the past with england colon from other european government to some limited success has been to be valuable. and important thing that is vitally important for the future of the planet is that russia is included in a new security architecture. you can have a new, secure wave in an old one with russia labeled as the enemy, with the ukraine matching office is close to russian border as it can without any commentary from the west, the media and nature. politicians are learned to russia as the enemies. you cannot have stability to the russia, of course, to seize itself as a victim where this is heading has to be included in security architecture.
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otherwise there's no security for anybody. for years united states can it's a nuclear tests on land populated by native americans on t quarter with the current head of the western shoshone tribe. who told us that the tests of devastating consequences on people's health. the most bombed nation on us, the label claimed by the shoshone native american tribe, as their sacred lamb turned into a u. s. nuclear weapons testing site. and these things were conducted without our knowledge, and under a culture of secrecy, of the united states. and there again is the intent to commit genocide because these things were developed without our consent. the weapons are tested upon us and there are test series with specific goals to expose humans to radiation. and we are the victims of that. it all started with the 1863 treaty a ruby valley, when the western shoshone handed certain rights to the us,
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but did not see the land. these and friendships shall be hereafter established and maintained between the western bands of the shoshone nation and the people and governments of the united states and the said ban, stipulate and agree that has duties and all depredations shall cease from 1951 to 1990 to the u. s. conducted 928. tests that a 128 underground nuclear tests and 100 atmospheric this resulted in full outs of around 620 killer tons. the comparison hiroshi my only had 15 killer tons in 1945. all that devastating effects on tribal residents who began to investigate health consequences from exposure to radiation to try to understand what had happened to us. we had a significantly higher exposure to the radiation that led to those health consequences such as cancer's leukemias,
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auto immune deficiencies. and what we began to understand is that there's a wide variety of illnesses really strange illnesses known to be plausible from exposure to radiation. but we weren't getting any help. we were not getting any support. he says the she showed he never agreed to new weapon. the testing finding justice is a tough road news. it's the show any people are on their road. so we really need to continue to investigate and understand this, but we're not getting any help from the united states. they're not investigating this because they're the perpetrators club east of acts which are destroying the sheesh. only people, disgustingly shameful, that us politicians, the president and the court. they don't talk about these issues. what we began to understand is that we're experiencing a assault. i feel that this is what nazis did in world war 2. the nuclear chest saw just one of a number of crises,
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the western shoshone. try the fun to in your to hear about the others. you can watch our interview with ally to info at assay dot com unusable as in continues after this short break with oh, driven by drink shaped banks, concur. some of those with dares sinks. we dare to ask
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ah ah ah, took back the estate of utilized being accused of having racist policies for giving priority points to non whites when it comes to eligibility for co. the treatment the state of minnesota had similar guidelines but is now removed advice to take
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race into account. both states have been threatened with legal action using a patient skin color or if necessity rather than the unique and specific medical circumstances of an individual patient as a basis for deciding who should obtain lifesaving medical treatment as a part in a ton of crisis. tough decisions have to be made, sometimes, decisions of life and death. because pandemic is one such time and who to prioritize for life saving medical treatment is a decision health workers have to make. now you may think that choices are taken based on greater health risk or the needs of the patient. perhaps the raise, your fragility, their co morbidities and chronic illnesses. race may be the last thing on your mind . apparently, you may be wrong. think you're liberal, a kidney disease is a high risk. think again, your heart problem or neurological illness will only lead you one points on this scale. so will your shortness of breath. but you could get double points based on
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your ethnic background. the you saw department of health explain the system using statistics which show people of non white or his spinal committee. a 35 to 50 percent more likely to be hospitalized than white patients, which means at 1st, the system does sound logical and truly studies have shown ethnic minorities both in the united states and some other countries have been in this proportionately affected by coven. the reasons multiple and complex, but the analysis goes deeper, while more people in ethnic minority communities may be diagnosed, there appear to be no differences in final health outcomes and critic say that for no reason to prioritize treatment. the risk of sa covey to diagnosis was higher in most ethnic minorities. but once hospitalized nuclear inequalities exist in coven 1900 outcomes. the findings highlight the necessity to tackle disparities in social
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determinants of health, preventative opportunities and in house case across the ocean in the u. k. statistics have shown a civil, a pattern of high impact on minority communities, but govern reports have also cited specific reasons why this could be the case. these range from someone's occupation to the household size or even place of residence and pollution. in theory, you could fall into these higher risk groups, but not be a minority and achieve a lowest score in the table. so unless we assume by default, but all members of ethnic minorities labored other crowd of households in the private areas and work in high risk sectors. critics say the focus should be on concrete risk factors and not simply skin color. and advocacy groups have been quick to pick up on the controller, say, these racist policies decide questions of life and death based on skin color and must be rescinded immediately. it's an abomination. they radically violate federal
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law. the united states constitution and the sacred principle of equal justice for our, despite increasingly harsh measures wave off the wave of cobra, it continues to affect the world. many specialists say targeted measures are needed to protect those in the population most at risk. and just how those population groups are determined based on rational scientific study, may be part of the puzzle in ending the pandemic. there is no scientific basis to judge a person's need for medicine or higher is just based on race. there are many, many other factors with quality you live in. houses are multiple occupation. many people, small houses, and you do jobs are highest category such as hooks cleaners, last drivers. furthermore, there are then medical conditions and medical conditions are such as diabetes,
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immune suppression, heart disease, kidney disease, obesity, high blood pressure cause a lot of immigrants tend to be of what you would call darker skin and they are also poor. and they're also working in high risk jobs. so be that you are white or color as they call it in america. it is, it is quality that kills not necessarily the color of your skin. the scandal mired u. k. government is now finding a fresh corruption claims after the countries high court ruled that a so called v i. p lane for warden contracts for p. b was unlawful. ministers gave to companies an unfair. busy advantage during the 1st wave of the pandemic, the claimant have established that the operation of the high priority lane was in breach of the obligation of equal treatment. the illegality is marked by this
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judgment in a rush to supply the an hfs, the government for 32000000000 p. p items costing over 18000000000 pounds. in normal times transparency rules are in place for state contracts to ensure fair competition. but in the case of a natural emergency, these rules were cast aside. instead, the i p lanes are reserved for referrals from m. p. 's ministers, and senior officials and billions of taxpayer cache signed over. well, danny street is considering an appeal against the ruling that some of these behind closed doors dealings were illegal. o contracts underwent sufficient financial and technical due diligence and the court found that we did not rely on the referral to the high priority lane when awarding contracts. this isn't the 1st time the courts have ruled against the government over p p contracts. but number 10 has been consistent that it hasn't acted inappropriately. can the prime minister give a cost on assurance that from now on from now on,
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all government contract will be subject to proper process with full transparency and accountability? absolutely, it's a huge $1.00. these are pretty sure i would check the idea that somehow the government acted in a way that was wrong. we wanted to get the 32000000000 pieces of p b in the front line because what was important is to save lives. i make no apologies that the government did everything in its power to ensure the n h s. and frontline workers did not run out of p p, even though the judge ruled both the offers in question were likely to win contracts anyway. if you went through the high priority lane, you had a one in 10 chance of being successful. those outside of that in a circle had way less than a one in a 100 chance. according to the national audit office, 50 firms benefited 18 had tore links, which the opposition,
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se screams cronyism. while our hard working n h s staff were going without p. p. tory politicians, so an opportunity to line their cronies pockets the judge has now ruled that v i p lane unlawful. but that may be just the tip of the iceberg. well, only where some company is given an unfair advantage. the prices were hyped up, in some cases by 200 percent. when the equipment arrived. some of it failed to meet basic medical standards. so did the government treat a public health crisis as an opportunity to impose to the pockets of pals at the public's expense? very like crazy. i mean it, cause you have to do with things quickly there's, there's no reason why having to v i p lane. actually many things could be dealt with more quickly. it just meant certain people got preferential treatment. i think that shows history. god for use of tax has money and disregard to the safety of
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front line health and cast off. at the beginning of the pandemic demand for p. far outstripped supply to keep up normal procurement rules were relaxed. but all this feeds into the idea that if you have the prime minister number on your phone, your numbers in your bank account will grow and it's free lateral flow tasa to be potentially phased out. is public health. simply becoming a commodity. more russian peacekeepers of returned home after completing them mission and kessick stump. this defense mr. video will show you now shows the plane the brought them back, 17 of other flights also to party castanan saturday. the russian contingent was in kazakhstan as part of the c, a c, a military blocks mission assistance requested by the cause. a president is deadly and sweat the country. these keepers from by the rooster dykus, dan keller, gaston and armenia also took part situation in the country. is now reported to the
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stable and as conclude, the, our quick recap of our breaking news story of a massive chemical fire beside new jersey, which is sending plumes to potentially toxic smoke into the air. our latest information we're getting is that one fire fighter has been injured in tackling this blaze that residents were evacuated from the immediate area. more than $200.00 firefighters were dispatched to try and battle that fire. the mayor of the cities told residents to stay away and to remain in doors with the windows closed, the new jersey governor, so reiterating that message is unclear how the fire began. but large quantities of flooring pellets stored at the sides of this blaze. and the concern over toxic smoke. now this is another video that has emerged from the scene that passes the city of around 70000 people. so the concern is obvious. chlorine gas is a highly injurious to the human body beats,
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injuries incurred on the skin or to the eyes are particularly toxic when inhaled, and new york city emergency management, se residents might see or smell smoke even so far away as new yorkers 21 kilometers away from the sake which is where these pictures are, were reported with today from this developing and potentially very serious situation. and the said that when you ride up to date, appreciate company this saturday afternoon here. and i'll take the very latest news coming away in 30 minutes. ah, it really is happening here in our day our salvador turned to be known globally as home of the coin city or with the saying, the demise of gold as the monetary the monetization takes place.
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ah, we have recently, of course, the un, sorry, did the united states talking about human rights talking about press freedom. if you go to the tool you got to go. in other words, you've got to be consistent. you can't solve on the one hand, we believe in press freedom, but on the other hand, we're going to exclude julie massage. and i think that here in the united states and this child, she's really likes to want to be really mad about the, the guy sitting here in australia where they just don't understand them. right. what is the starting citizen which comes down with .


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