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i'm calling for his teacher who was also reason displaced, 0 calling because it ah, your headlines for this our life on our tea. moscow slams washington for alleging rushes, preparing a false flag operation to justify it's supposed to ukraine invasion class in the program. a guest size up, the chances of a military. hon nissan. so come and was always going to weeks, detentions we have here in ukraine. the blinds of the missiles, 5 minutes from moscow. the question is, how do you, how do you deal with a bully? also a massive chemical fire in passaic, in new jersey, you still sending large booms to potentially dangerous smoking to be act. and it's also apparently heading the direction of nearby new york city in the program. also, the leader of the indigenous shoshone nation tells all to you about the devastating
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impact of nuclear bomb tests on land belonging to native americans or even a ledgers. the aim was to eliminate his own people. and these things were conducted without our knowledge. and under a culture of secrecy, of the united states, and there in is the intent to commit genocide ah, live worldwide, it's our team international live from the russian capital. welcome to the program. moscow has slammed us allegations that rushes preparing a false flag operation in ukraine. american media and officials claim moscow has pre positioned a group of sapa toes who will create a pretext for invasion. loudy and my colleagues niel harvey and nicky air, and discussed what the russian embassy in the united states has branded washington's old tricks. such rhetoric confirms there is an ongoing information
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campaign being waged against russia. we see the same scenario being repeated again and again. first, some sensational story is dropped and makes the headlines, and then it becomes a key talking point. such, both claims i coming from the us there and the only intelligence on offer are these elusive source is the allegations we're fetch reported by cnn and swiftly echoed by ukrainian and u. s. officials. we've information that indicates rush has already pre positioned a group of operatives to conduct a false flag operation in eastern ukraine. the operatives are trained and urban warfare and in using explosives to carry out acts of sabotage against russia's own proxy forces. and the russian military plans to begin these activities several weeks before military invasion, which could begin between mid january and mid february. so not the time frame mentioned that between mid january and mid february, the claims are the president. putin's window for invasion is dictated by temperatures. basically he needs a layer of ice on the ground so that he's heavy hardware like tanks can roll across
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the border right now is too mild for an invasion by much it would be to muddy. so apparently president biden as allegedly hide meteorologists to, you know, give them a full cost basically about when this invasion might take place. now, how seriously people are a taken these claims week, which i don't know, but the old familiar headlines. russia plans and invasion of ukraine in fights, russia planning and invasion of anywhere has become so common, especially over the policy dia, ines spring 2021. we saw the headline screaming putin threatens war again. that software, they started military drills on the boards that they were more warnings in december with both the west and ukraine. so certain that the invasion would take place in december. and yet here we are still no invasion, so we're still coming from both sides. of course, you know, it's like any story that we have a cover here in the news. you can look at it from, from both perspectives and one can look aggressive. one could look defense it, which is what russia says,
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it is in our troops on our territory from the outside though, the accusation is this is basically a massing of troops ready for him. an invasion. how was moscow defended its position on those? how's it tried to con. com? what seemed to be growing concerns from, from the wider community? moscow has it repeatedly talked about, hit its red lines. those being the further eastward expansion of nato l. the deployment of nato bay says right at the border where the russia, we've just concluded that week long talks, that diplomacy talks between nato and russia. no progress has been made. ne, so is unwilling to compromise. it's that it won't provide any assurances to russia on any of these points and even taunting rusher as well in a way by saying, well, ukraine is going to join nato. it's a done deal. it's just a matter of when i reason reports not bring it ain't bringing any sense of security or piece it to russia off the a yahoo investigation found that the cia is secretly training ukrainian special
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locks on american solan has been doing so since 2015 the program has involve very specific training and skills that would enhance the ukrainians ability to push back against the russians. said the former senior intelligence official, the u. s. bay ca program has included training and firearms camouflaged techniques, long navigation tactics like cover and move intelligence and other areas of washington has reported declined. it's solely aimed at defense. but given the nature of the training, it depends your questions arising which we have already addressed to the u. s. will thirty's ourselves all in over the russian position on all the developments the russian foreign minister. i love robbie held his annual press conference yesterday and i'm answering all the questions. they're all really including on the western phase of an invasion just because she knew she. now as soon as our western colleagues guess by reading tea leaves, they immediately grab the sanctions, baton. we are for everything being decided on the basis of mutual respect and the
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balance of interests. the position of russia presented to nato is based precisely on the balance of interests and is aimed at the security of europe as a whole, including russia is, while nature wants to create military footholds around the russian federation to dominate europe and russia has never and nowhere threatened the ukrainian people and kill makes direct threats to us. so we could go as nato in russian delegates prepared to embark on days of talks, expectations were all ready low for a positive outcome. now we can see a weeks worth of diplomacy is clearly failed with the situation now feeling so much more tense than it was before. earlier, a panel of guests had a pretty heated debate over whether the current pensions really do have the potential to escalate into a full scalable whatever the rights and wrongs of the situation, but damaged europeans curacy. not, i mean the risk of war, which itself is huge, but also the capability of the states to cooperate,
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to tackle the existential risks, but faced the world. how can people seriously negotiate, blast around climate change when they're about to go to war against each other? we should also remember something else. georgia did launch a war with russia, you know, and it was backed up by america, and britain essentially didn't know to intervene. and we have seen in recent weeks, in the black sea, american, british and french warships involve the naval movers and going both to ukraine and to georgia. that would seem to me quite provocative in the current situations of american and british american ships entering as well. russia now what russia waters that is a major propagation. well, if you think about the iraq war and excuse iraq will be in the southern hussein of missiles potentially 45 minutes from london. we have here in creating the plans of the miss of 5 minutes from moscow, 7 minutes from russia strategic nuclear defense is in effect. russia will have
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a knife to throw and not enough time to recover if it allows these in russia. we'll have to stop those missiles coming in. this is the cuban missile crisis part to it could end differently from that one. if we don't look at this very carefully, the element of this is the idea that ukraine, if nato wanted to, part of nato actually became involved nato because that would, in effect, and ukraine ability to launch an international war on the always on here of an interest and kim, who teaches are completely irresponsible on this question. so that would be another, might move in my strategy coming from a jo biden's administration. i think if there's anything positive that has come out of this crisis, it is the west will recognize that it can't get away scott free by bring you crying in tonight. it would be awfully hard for them to do say so. and so
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it was always going to weeks to tensions one sure natal course is in the baltic states, one or forces important to check like else will the positive in georgia in the black sea. once you have that revised russian feelers. and as i say, you don't ban of why do a piece in to understand what those fees are given russian's most recent history given what happened in the 2nd world war, i'm just going to say it's clear that there is a process of regime change across the world wherever there is governments, we don't fit with the neo liberal law. denila florida, which is control the same story by united states through the gas, etc, etc, etc. so we will always bring down any government or trying to bring down any government which doesn't correspond to those interests or don't disagree with chris's saying. but i also think, but we need to feel about just sliding into just co confrontational approach towards these sorts of interests and, and, and development. because because they, because they are incredibly powerful. and the big question, the all of us,
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whether we off commentators in the west or the russian government or anybody else is how do you, how do you deal with a bully? and the way of dealing with a bully is not just to face up to them and, and then get smashed in. you, you have to deal with it very cleverly and you have to try and build relationships, some positive connection. i'm the way in which managed to do that in the past with england and some other european government to some limited success has been to be valuable. and important thing that is vitally important for the future of the planet is that russia is included in a new security architecture. you can't have a new security. so even an old one with russia labeled as the enemy, with the ukraine massey harvest, is supposed to russian border as it can without any commentary from the west, the media and nature, politicians, referring to russia as the enemy. you cannot have stability the russia of course,
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the sees itself as the victim aware this is hating it has to be included in security architecture. otherwise there's no security for anybody. well meanwhile, the e u foreign affairs chief, joseph burrell, has said the fate of a key russian gas pipeline to europe could now pen what happens over you cried a lot more in that story just a bit later in this part. but for now, here we're not see a massive fire has erupt at a chemical plant in passaic, new jersey, leading to a warnings about air quality in the region, at least at 155 as we understand has been injured. now the authorities say they have managed to contain the fire off the battling the flames. throughout the night . a locals were told to stay away from the area and remain indoors with a windows closed. i was unclear what caused the fire, though as we understand large quantities of chlorine pellets have been stored at the side, hence the concern over that of toxic smoke. well,
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we can show you one of the videos of the fire right there. there's been posted on line with a total cottage. you can see a per se, cuz the city of around 70000 people located roughly 12 miles from new york city authorities. there are a warning people might be able to seal smell smoke from the fire, but nothing more serious than that. well, let's learn more about this now. we joined, lied by sharon george, a senior lecturer of environmental sustainability and green technology at keel university in england. welcome to the program. thanks so much for joining us here. you might have seen the pictures. it's real devastation coming out of new jersey, the local mayor, rounding the fire the worst he has ever seen. how worrying is this? well, i think and for i think everybody is right now relieved that they said back under control. i mean, this was an incredibly close coal and the chemical store, i believe chemicals wasn't, wasn't breached. and that from, from off, hey, and, and, you know, i think if that had happened would be looking at
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a very different picture now. but even that is, you know, you can see from pictures that, that plume of smoke, any fire is environmentally damaging. you've got the, the water, it's been you tackle that fire is, is blinking down and washing around the, the police change from the site itself. the plume of smoke will be traveling, know, many miles potentially away from the site to the fire itself. so yeah, right now, a fire will, will you take with toxic chemicals from furniture and things that it is. so the things that we have around our furniture around readings have chemicals in them that when, when the band are toxic, so they're not meant to be burned in this way. well, if that chemical store has been great, then we do that, that the chemical that we give most perhaps consent back to the chlorine in that.
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and that will then change the nature that fire and the smoke and pollution that runs from that side. this is going to go back to bring up with you to, to georgia to apologize for interrupting you. but you mentioned the chlorine pellets, apparently vast amounts of chlorine pallets are stored at this side. it does, it does out a bit of a wiring dimension to this, doesn't it? because as you, as you were saying, all sorts of plastic particulates and other bits of things getting burned up into the atmosphere. but this is chlorine, we're talking about yes and coin any, any, any cell is quite active when think about when it burns and, and react with all the things you end up with. you can have an explosion risk, but also the pollutants that result from not can be quite toxic. any particular react twigs, county pollutants that are in, that fine makes. and, and so you know, right now this would have been, you know, we would have been watching not play and looking at whether you course we can which direction it going in and thinking about whether those chlorine products from that
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night, those chemical reactions will be and you know, and you know, those landing some and then not being washed into rivers. and yeah, the, the problem, the fire like this is it's not just the site itself. you've got things being thrown up into the air and throw your pin down to being being disbursed. and that's where you have a problem. so this is why the evacuation happened. this is why people have been told to close the windows either or just to set that safety precaution in case that the coils and go to not fire. we thought to george what, what, what about where all of this is going showing these vos plumes of smoke. as you've been talking to watson, i'm, there really are surprising. it looks like just carnage with the flames and the smoke as well as we understand this. chlorine cloud is making its way towards the big apple. new york city is roughly 12 miles away. how can authorities in new york prepare residents for potentially a chlorine, cowed a cloud coming into the city?
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well, it really does depend on how much chlorine was involved in the fire. and, and i imagine right now they'll be an assessment as to whether or not the vast majority or if that chlorine was involved, or whether it was even involved to toll and that cloud. and the think with clouds from fires, they can loot quite to lawman and the particulars themselves. you know, they can, you can have the big black cloud that can be just particulates from the smoke. and you can't tell by looking at the cleaners make whether or not to toxic or not. so right now will be lots of words going on at the side to say exactly was burned. and the ways of telling and sampling the ad around the site and looking to see what that chemical composition is that they are now tackling. but you know, this is,
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it is serious and you know, any pollution and chemical especially when you have a population densities like that will be as concern and you know, they'll be throwing resources at finding out and quantifying exactly what, what that will go to george. i'm running very low on time. finally, one last question for you before i let you go. thanks so much for joining us. by the way, you are saying that the, the particulates and, and the things that melton burn and go into this cloud. it's not just people that are at risk, animals, wildlife, the water table, fresh water. what other concerns should we have yet? well, exactly, because it is easy. it is the particular to mr. ross perry tree effect on this. but if, if especially things are cloyd. yes ma'am, this is it's, this is a, the swimming pool cleaning chemicals. these a built, these are chemicals that belt to be toxic, him to kill off. things like can you phone think things are our key and to can be
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potentially harmful to aquatic life. so the last thing once is these things to end up in water. and course you. so i imagine man to fire philip in measures put in place like block, you know, strains to stop that war to run out from the side getting into the war to so yeah, potentially very, very difficult situation that they, they daily with that very, very serious via bush are and george, our senior lecturer of environmental sustainability and green technology. at teal university in england, it's been a pleasure. thank you very much for your time. ah, was good. have you with us for the saturday program here on naughty for years. the u. s. conducted nuclear tests on land that was populated by native americans. we caught up with a current head of the western shoshone tribe. he told us, one of the many consequences was the impact on people's health. the most bond nation on earth, the label claimed by the shoshone native american tribe, as they sacred land turned into
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a u. s. nuclear weapons testing site. and these things were conducted without our knowledge and under a culture of secrecy, of the united states. and there in is the intent to commit genocide because these things were developed without our consent. the weapons are tested upon us and there are test series with specific goals to expose humans to radiation. and we are the victims of that. it all started with the 1863 treaty a ruby valley, when the western shoshone handed certain rights to the us, but did not see the land. deece and friendship shall be hereafter established and maintained between the western bands of the shoshone nation and the people and governments of the united states and the said ban, stipulate and agree that hostilities and all depredations shall cease from 1951 to 1990 to the u. s. conducted 928. tests that 828 underground nuclear
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tests and 100 atmospheric this resulted in full ounce of around 620 killer tons. the comparison hiroshi mom only had 15 killer tons in 1945. all that had devastating effects on tribal residents. we began to investigate health consequences from exposure to radiation to try to understand what had happened to us. we had a significantly higher exposure to the radiation that led to those health consequences such as cancer's leukemias, auto immune deficiencies. and what we began to understand is that there is a wide variety of illnesses, really strange illness is known to be plausible from exposure to radiation, but we weren't getting any help. we were not getting any support. he says the she showed he never agreed to nuclear weapon testing. finding justice isn't tough, road sits the show any people are on their road. so we really need to continue to
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investigate and understand this, but we're not getting any help from the united states. they're not investigating this because they're the perpetrators of. busy these of acts which are destroying the shoshone people, disgustingly shameful. that us politicians, the president and the courts. they don't talk about these issues. what we began to understand is that we're experiencing a after wave of assault. i feel that this is what nazis did in world war 2. the nuclear tests are just one of a number of hardships the western shoshone people had to endure. you can hear about the others who's working full in to be on line with that leader at r t dot com. so the fate of a key russian gas pipeline to europe still hangs in the balance despite construction of node stream to being completed last year. it's still not been given the final go ahead by the e. u and the blocks foreign affairs chief,
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joseph burrell, says that could depend on moscow deescalate intentions on ukraine's border. the commission should have been institutions cannot forbid that someone lives an infrastructure, according with reduced support, in which rules we high in a free market economy and certainly there functioning august 1st. and after we'd also depend on the development of the events, a new crane, and that is due to russia. and you cannot imagine that we are thinking one side on boarding sanctions just in case. and on the other hand to open the infrastructure. meanwhile, in the united states, republican senator ted cruz made his own bid to stop the pipeline. this week, he put forward a bill to sanction businesses involved in the project. if russia invades ukraine. however, the senate voted against the move on thursday for the democrats, if not, but forward an alternative, which will target key russian officials in stead. meanwhile,
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is skyrocketing energy prices continue to be a major headache in europe. on wednesday, the swedish government said it would allocate almost $700000000.00 in order to help citizens. those had hardest by searching prices could get up to $220.00 a month to help out. over the winter. electrical costs in the country are up more than 250 percent compared to last year. and when it comes to the fate of north stream to we spoke to economist like a hammer. everybody knows that the pipeline will be used because it's not only useful, it's essential for germany's and europe's energy supply. these are all games in before that the main parking ups or negotiations are past, which adjusting us and russia and all the others are neglectful in this matter. are trying to get a big deal out of the big business ruling the day. and they don't care at all on
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the, on the necessary piece of the german population of the russian public of the, your asian population. they don't care at all. they want to make big money and they don't even what risk a war a scandal. my u. k. government and fending off fresh corruption claims. it's off to the countries . high court ruled that a so called v i. p lane for awarding contracts for p, p e was unlawful. i. ministers gave to companies an unfair advantage during the 1st wave of covert. the claimant have established that the operation of the high priority lane was in breach of the obligation of equal treatment. the illegality is marked by this judgment in a rush to supply the and a chest, the government for 32000000000 p. p items costing over 18000000000 pounds. in normal times transparency rules are in place, the state contracts to ensure fair competition. but in the heat of
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a natural emergency, these rules are cast aside. instead, the i p lanes are reserved for referrals from mpm and ministers in senior officials and billions of taxpayer cache signed over well dining street is considering an appeal against the ruling that some of these behind closed doors dealings were illegal. o contracts underwent sufficient financial and technical due diligence and the court found that we did not rely on the referral to the high priority lane when awarding contracts. this isn't the 1st time the courts have ruled against the government over p p contracts. but number 10 has been consistent that it hasn't acted inappropriately. can the prime esther, give a cost on assurance that from now on from now on, all government contract will be subject to proper process with full transparency and accountability. absolutely, it's a huge one. these are pretty sure i reject the idea that
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somehow the government acted in a way that was wrong. we wanted to get the 32000000000 pieces of p, p in the front line because what was important is to save lives. i make no apologies that the government did everything in its power to ensure the n h s. and frontline workers did not run out of p p, even though the judge ruled both the offers in question were likely to win contracts anyway. if you went through the high priority lane, you had a one in 10 chance of being successful. those outside of that in a circle had way less than a one in a 100 chunks. according to the national audit office, 50 firms benefited 18 had tore links, which the opposition, se screams cronyism. while our hard working n h s staff were going without p. p. tory politicians, so an opportunity to line their cronies pockets the judge has now ruled that v i p lane unlawful. but that may be just the tip of the iceberg. not only was some
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companies given an honest advantage, the prices were hyped up, in some cases by 200 percent. when the equipment arrived, some of it failed to meet basic medical standards. so did the government treats a public health crisis as an opportunity to impose the pockets of pals at the public's expense? very like crazy. i mean it, cause you have to do with things quickly. but there's, there's no reason why having to v i. p lane, actually many things could be dealt with more quickly. it just meant certain people go preferential treatment. i think that shows history. god for use of tax has money and disregard to the safety of front line health and cast off at the beginning of the pandemic demand for p. far out, strict supply to keep up. normal procurement rules were relaxed. but all this feeds into the idea that if you have the prime minister number on your phone,
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your numbers in your bank account will grow and it's free lateral flow tasa to be potentially phased out, is public health simply becoming a commodity. more russian peacekeepers have returned home after completing that mission in cast on this defense ministry video shows the plane that brought them back. 17 other flights also left context on on saturday. the russian contention was there was part of the c s t o military books, mission assistance was requested by the catholic president of deadly unrest was sweeping the country. but it wasn't just russia. peacekeepers from bella just on us down. and armenia also took part as we understand for now, the situation of the country is stable south pacific nations including australia, remain on alert, offers to nami, hit the small island nation of congo. it was actually caused by an underwater volcanic eruption. oh,
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yeah. and this video, right, he has been posted on social media. it's unclear what the extent of damages right now. no reports of casualties. the epicenter of eruption was 65 kilometers from target capital for so strong, it was hold on fiji, 800 kilometers away. gamble pictures more videos without a doughty dot com also while g you tube channels out as well. thanks for sharing some of your saturday with us here in moscow. we are back at the top of the hour with more of your welcome. ah ah ah,
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my math guys are more of my guide to financial survival. this is a hedge fund. it's a device used by professional scale you ags to earn money. that's right. these hedge funds are completely not accountable, and we're just adding more and more to them. totally, the stabilizing global economy. you need to protect yourself and get inform, watch guys with action or tanzania, watching a special edition. oh, going underground less than 20.


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