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ah, ah, the headlines this out of the world's 10 riches people double their wealth while millions, diet coke with a damning report from oxfam, says the pandemic has increased inequality across the globe from the bank they make, has really exposed, been the qualities over the last 2 years it's been really exponential, so we call it a victim. a judge says that a 17 year old boy who sexually assaulted a girl and then transition to a female should not be sent to jail for fear of being victimized to critics. they say the case is making a mockery of america's criminal justice system. and another u. k. politician appears to break co restrictions this time. pictures of britain's opposition lead to have emerged showing him drinking with colleagues while the country pausing lockdown. public patience is wearing the fit. the whole bunch of
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people. they do what they like, and then we are locked. there's one more for the government, one room for the rest with good afternoon. you're watching artie international now. the wealth of the world's richest people has doubled during the pandemic, while the poor have suffered increased death rates and poverty due to a lack of vaccines and treatment. well, those are the findings of a report by oxfam called inequality kills. and it claims policy choices by government, so always skewed in favor of the wealthy. to well said, the wells at 10 the richest men has doubled. since the pandemic began the incomes of 99 percent of humanity, a worse off because of coven 19. this is not by chance, but choice. economic violence is perpetrated when structural policy choices are made for the richest and most powerful people. this causes direct harm to us. all
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the fan they make has really exposed inequalities and fuel them. so oxide has been tracking billionaire wealth for some time, and of course the forbes list shows that it has been growing over the last 40 years . but over the last 2 years it's been really exponential. so we call it a billionaire bonanza. and at the other end of the spectrum, of course, for 99 percent of humanity. it's been a very, very difficult time. and most people are worse off as a result of the pandemic. of course, more than a 160000000 people have fallen into poverty during this time. and it's in a moment when you can see the differences really showing very, very starkly can't cause success. when there is such disparity, that at one end of the spectrum, you have people who have more wealth than they can spend in several lifetimes. and at the other, we have people struggling to pay their next health bill or, or not knowing where their next meal is. coming from having such a level of,
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of disparity affects everyone, even the wealthiest because you know, and it's a sign of an unhealthy state of affairs, of a unhealthy society that needs addressing. what, according to walks found, the pandemic has pushed over 160000000 people into poverty on an estimated 70000000 have died from corona virus, and around 6000000 have also died due to a lack of health care in poor countries. meanwhile, the top 10 people on forbes rich laced like l. musk and bill gates of 6 times more money than the poorest 3000000000. but while they doubled their wealth, the incomes of 99 percent of the world's population actually got worse. since the pandemic began, and you, billionaire has been created every 26 hours. ok, sam believes a key driver for an equality is vaccine supply. one of those key drivers for inequality has been a vaccine access to vaccines. so the difference between rich and poor countries has
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grown, but in quality. so and the 4 countries in africa and generally only 10 percent of the population has had his 1st course of vaccination america. and it's, it's economic power and several other countries in the world can help reverse that from unlocking that and from the calculations that, that we have made. it would be possible for example, to vaccinate the whole world to achieve and health care for all the universal health care and their ways. and, and others have campaigned for lifting those intellectual property rights. that in fact, mean that pharmaceutical have a monopoly over corporate vaccines that are not readily available or produced as, as, as, as they could all over the world. i still had view over the next few minutes, the scandal surrounding british mph partying during the country's 1st co lockdown drags in the opposition leader. he was also pictured drinking with colleagues at
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the time. look at how the public's patience is wearing thin. a judge in the united states says that a 17 year old boy who sexually assaulted a girl and then transitioned to a female should not be sent to an adult jail for fear of being victimized. but the decision by the los angeles district attorney has attracted plenty of criticism, is kind of morphing now reports. so how does a criminal avoid prison time for assaulting a 10 year old girl in a women's bathroom? apparently, if the criminal was 17 and not a legal adult at the time they committed the crime and they then changed their gender. they can get off with a mere sentence of home confinement and not a prison term, as well as words of sympathy from the district attorney. the district attorney expressed consent that tubs itself would be victimized if placed in an adult facility as a transition to woman. and noted a probation reports actually recommended tubs be sentenced to home confinement.
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james tubbs allegedly assaulted a 10 year old girl and a women's bathroom. in 2014. the police were able to track in 2019 with dna evidence when he was once again arrested on suspicion of battery. now the cases sparking outrage across the country tops will be offered therapeutic interventions under the auspices of her story of justice and possibly granted only probation or parole. where is the justice for her young victim? in her family, it's madness. it makes a mockery of a criminal justice system. the d i is trying to distance himself from the result and late blame on the judge when in fact, it's only happened because of his policy against transferring juvenile cases to other colt. this is not somebody who should appear in the juvenile system. this clearly shows you the dangerous aspect of the blanket policies of george gaskin. the l. a. county district attorney has vowed to stop prosecuting children as adults, many liberals as well as conservatives, have taken issue with his policies. beverly hills city council members have led the
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charge for him to be recalled amid a string of robberies in this wealthy community. they blame him for eliminating bail and dropping charges in many cases. i think we're opening a very, very dangerous can of worms when we allow on gender or the sexual orientation of a person to basically allow them to escape crop were punishment to saying that because they are, you know, they were a minor, at the time of the crime that they shouldn't go to an adult facility. these type of decisions are very dangerous and they surely throw justice out the window in the last 8 of the american people. this is a modern day trying to see to, to be a 10 year old girl in the bathroom and attacked by a complete stranger will cause fear in her for probably years in her ability to feel safe and comfortable in just normal surroundings. and so for her to have to
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carry that knowledge in that memory. and then to also know that tubs is not going to be properly placed in jail in hell and, you know, for 2 years, i recommend it. it's really a travis each know that this person gets to walk away with committing this crime and, and walk away escaping proper punishment. there's no question that us policies of mass incarceration have been out of control over the last several decades. the u. s . a has the highest prison population in the world. communities have been devastated. however, the rising crime in cities across the united states, a middle wave of new liberal policies from local prosecutors, as people wondering about the dangers of the opposite, extreme fail bobbin r t new york. with
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a t v. i go there with what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy. even foundation, let it be an arms race is on offense. very dramatic development. only personally and getting to resist are those 3 how that strategy will be successful? very critical time. time to sit down and talk with
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yes ma'am. oh oh, risky. that rule, at least the typical there's only 9 but already a university. students that away national world. if everything is a new model, let's see here, you've got the was restored to deal with a with
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yahoo. tell him that he may come come, no recalls he with now. bush night, nebraska, of course with the yeah. my i said with him was in your mom, she's in the something that he was with his teacher was also reason. it's been a good. mm. ah, welcome back. you with our say now after a series of public crimes. harry potter ortho j. k. rowling is having further trouble with the transgender community police in scotland to have an answer. they
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will not investigate a tweet made by an activists that revealed rollings home address. at the time of the post, the author wrote a scathing response to the trans campaigners they should have reflected on the fact that have now received so many death threats. i could paper the house with them and haven't stopped speaking out. well, the post included, transact of his standing by her house holding signs with slogans such as trends liberation now, although deleted, it was immediately re posted with her home information available for or to see rolling said she had been targeted for speaking up for women's sex based rights people were quick to point out to the apparent double standards in the police's decision. i wonder why no action being taken. i'd assume it's because for kyra the food chain or transport us and don't upset the apple cart, the fact her address or any one's address be posted on line without knowledge or consent is wrong regardless of why it's a violation of safety docs. thing is illegal and it doesn't matter if you delete
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the content a few hours later makes you wonder what the police are playing at cherry picking. what is lawful, depending on who is complaining. she used to pander to those people, even changing the sexuality of characters, to please them. she played woke a mental gymnastics and slipped up, and then the mob turned on her. it is quite surprising. they're not taking any kind of action. although you see this is very much a gray area where legality is difficult to prove. and in this particular case, i believe the, the police were reviewed the circumstances clearly with the lawyers and decided that there wasn't any legality that we have now a situation in the u. k. in other countries where people don't believe the others have a right to have a view, and this is an opposing view to them. and i think that's quite disgusting. and you know this? well, it could well end up in some form of prosecution for someone should cause
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harassment acts. and i believe that she has said that she had also said problems since then. so individuals committed harassment afterwards may well end up being guilty of crimes. what a backlash against rolling began in 2020 after she walked to headline about people who menstruate by claiming the meaning of the word woman had been lost, twitchy, uses. quickly hit back. the author for excluding transgender men and women. political commentator andre walker says, police are only willing to go off to crime when it seems any police force that equality can do more or less investigation. i refer you back to the case of the scottish comedian that taught his dog or the watchdog. how to do hitler salutes in order to prevent of a joke, probably scotlands not only prosecuted but sort a custodial sentence and he went to prison to hate speech. they are perfectly
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willing to put it in the resources when it suits them, but they're not willing to put in the resources when it doesn't suit that police. scotland will be perfectly happy with j. k. rowling being intimidated, perfectly happy without being harassed and will take actually no action to defend them because they don't agree with that. politically. my comment is next. jake has all he's going to say she can afford security. what about the rest of breton to have these highly political police force, highly political police leaders, police under political control, what politicians tell them who to prosecute when that is a danger, not to j. k. rowling, cuz she's rich and powerful ones are ordinary people, like, you know, maybe now the case party gay scandal is gaining momentum for change though. it's not the prime minister boris johnson, but the british opposition leader who's the center of attention. that's because footage, as a merge showing the labor party to kiss darma drinking beer with staff,
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showing the 2021 spring lock time. and although he insists he did nothing wrong, unlike the prime minister, he's refusing to apologize just days before the election. we were very busy, were working in the office and we stopped for something to each and that we carried on working no party, no breach of the rules, and absolutely no comparison with the prime minister. well, it all comes amid a high profile scandal involving the u. k prime minister, he was pictured partying during the country's 1st locked down. story still making headlines with johnson's popularity plummeting to an all time low. i. when it all unfolded, mr. starving himself ridiculed the prime minister for the way he justified. the bash says to fence that he didn't realize he was at a party. ha ha is so ridiculous that is actually offensive to the prayer with the whole country was locked down. he was
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posting boozy part is in town express. yes, he now going to do the decent thing and resign. well, people who spoke to in london that he seemed to be leading their patience with the whole saga. the whole bunch of people. they do what they like, and then we are lost. no, you can't do this. you did agency family. i've been with my friends in april, april. she died in april 20 i wasn't even able to see her live into family nissan. this one for the government one will for the rest of what should happen is either gone to lose farms or the finds a scrap and everybody was signed to get their money back. i think. but he was not appropriate at all to spectrum and then to his as well. and then we vote care of was basically society or the wall had to go from. what so smell,
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it's the stench of hypocrisy. obviously he wasn't doing what a lot subarus staff seemed to be enduring, having a right booze up in garden. but he was inside the house. he was drinking beer and his excuse that they were having a chinese and therefore is a work meal is frankly ludicrous. these politicians are all the same, they make the rules, and they want us to act in a certain way, but they don't want the rules to apply to them. but there are many other things. now we need to move on. things like assuring inflation that the job losses that are going to be around the corner. let's talk about the migrant problem as well at dover. let's talk about law and order. there are other things that the british public now won't boorish to get on top of now right wing presidential candidates in france has been fined 10000 euros are for a court found him guilty of hate speech. although eric simo has rejected that
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ruling. calling it a crackdown on free speech reporting from paris he shot at davinsky. we once an end to this system which every day tightens the noose on the freedom of expression and democratic debate. this system manufactures the crime of opinion on industrial scale. there is an urgent need to drive ideology out of the courts. justice must become justice again. will that certainly how eric seymour would see this? he is the bad boy of french politics, particularly as we head into that presidential election in just a few months. he's now been slapped down once again. so what did he say that was at so exclusive hearing france? well, when he was speaking on that show back in september of 2020, he was talking about unaccompanied miners. so children who come here illegally and many of which are living on the streets in france, particularly here in paris. and he described them as being thieves,
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his killers and as rapists. now those comments were seized on by number of organizations who made a complaint, and of course, it's now gone all the way through the course. eric's in war has been reacting to that decision by the court to find him 10000 euro saying that what this is, his condemnation of free spirit at by a judicial system which he is described as being invaded by idealogues ability. once again, i am the object and the victim of political justice that i'm condemned for incitement, though complicity in the incident. but the complexity of the formula used is too much to understand. i know that these immigrants like unaccompanied children and not a race in missouri. well, eric seymour also says he stands by his comments and he is due to appeal that fine and by the court. and then he went on to say that from his perspective, that the majority of saying mobile phone facts, it took place here in fonts, were being carried out by these unaccompanied miners. he says he's also got
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a really busy legal agenda at the moment and he said that's because they, when he means they, he means the ruling elite are trying to demonize him to try and silence him. however, there was other reaction to that decision by the court on monday, and this came from the lawyer who represented the 30 or so organizations that originally filed a complaint against what he said. if you more, it's definitely an important decision because we want him to understand that we want acceptor, we need him to understand that there are human rights defenders. there are anti racist. so we need him to know that we will stand up against a political project aimed at destroying the legacy of the french revolution and the enlightenment error. now, it's not the 1st time that sir moore has been convicted of hate speech. in fact, he's been convicted of this twice before, and there have been around 16 investigations into incendiary remarks that he's made particular topics such as immigration and on islam. he has plenty to say about both
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of those subjects. now whether you agree or disagree with the most views, what is absolutely clear, cannot be disputed, is the fact that when he discusses topics, it is something that becomes an explosive debate here in faults. and people pay attention. and as a result of that, when he announced his candidacy for the presidential election just a few months ago, he's surged in the polls automatically and what his voice is done, whether you like the contribution or not it's pushed the debate towards right wing agendas and some would say that that his even pushed present mack on his traditionally like to be part of the center debate to the right with policies that he's made and policies he will be campaigning on in this election. so this is an election that is going to be for pretty much exclusively on right wing issues, and that is partly due to voices like eric's and more at no doubt, his support has dipped since he 1st came on to the waves and said, i want to be the president,
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but the reality is he's shaking up the political debate here in france, and he is certainly a voice that we will hear a lot of in the next few months. the mile ahead of the 2022 u. s. midterm elections. the democrats are facing many challenges with 7 percent of americans who were loyal to the party last year, now swinging to the republicans match despite president biden, insisting that with him in charge, things are actually getting better. merck is the only leading economy to world war household incomes, and the economy as a whole are stronger than they were before the pandemic packages are moving. gifts are being delivered. shelves are not empty. clearly the current strategies failing . and we need a major course correction. it seems like the democrats can't get out of their own way. the democrats have got to do a better job of being clear on what they're trying to do. well,
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another poll does show to that. 70 percent of americans think things roach, actually any getting worse. and half of respondents do feel to that they are disappointed with jo biden's presidency. we got reaction about biden's policies from people on the streets of los angeles. i had a party is doing what it is that the democratic actually believe in my how they're with democrats or economy in the real radio. they're doing everything that you want. anything wrong with all the zombies? like how divide in the country is landon right, rich or late? there's hardly any middle class anymore either. i honestly feel like racism is a big thing here on immigration. the way that we're handling with
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health care, even though the newly elected republican governor. meanwhile, with us state of virginia, glenn young kim has cancelled the mask mandate for children in public schools, but one school has already announced it will still require students to wear mass in classes and on school buses. white house press secretary gen pataki has expressed her support thank you to arlington, public schools for standing up for our kids, teachers and administrators, and their safety in the midst of a transmissible variant. while young tina has implemented yet another controversial policy in public schools to fulfilling his campaign promised to ban critical race theory about alleged systemic racism in american society. yes, we will teach all history the good and the bad, but to actually teach our children that one group is advantaged in another,
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is disadvantaged simply because of the color of their skin cuts across everything we know to be true. well, glenn young kin is the 1st republican governor to take office in virginia in nearly a decade. but besides c r t c. he also campaigned on taxes, crime, and solving problems related to the pandemic, while promising to empower parents in schools. there is a revolt against the way our schools have been managed comprehensively and critical race theory is a big part of the critical race theory is a political agenda that as absolutely in our schools and then pits our children against one another. let me be clear on day one, we will not have political agendas in the classroom and i will bad critical reading theory with young can sit up, prepare parents as far as the right that they have to decide are going what affects their children in school and when, when democratic opponents said that parents have no right basically to determine
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what is taught to kilbourne and school republican seems to be more speaking up for what parents view. and i think parents new, not new, very positively, the incorporation of a critical race theory or aspect of that has their children or younger grades going to school. i think it's inappropriate for that. i think the democratic party out of basically not a tune or out of touch with their, with a large percent of the population. while parents in america have been left, stunned after a satanic club was launched for their children as an after school activity. however, the group called the american satanic temple does claim it simply off as a scientific view of the world. satan club for 1st grade is good for this illinois school district is possible. the club is full of interesting lessons and fun and sponsored by the satanic temple of the united states. the satanic temple
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supports children to think for themselves own after school satan clubs of based upon a uniform syllabus that emphasizes a scientific rationalist. non superstitions well viewed, the global help, children from 1st to 5th grade to learn benevolence and empathy. the lessons include games, puzzles, scientific projects, an outdoor nature activities. well, the public seems unimpressed. the satanic tempest stated about it's after school club program that no proselytize ation or religious instruction takes place. nonsense everyone has a belief system or religion. the satanic temple uses that clubs to brainwash kids in the antique or religion of evolutionary naturalists. more proof that all country is going to hell. i can't imagine any parent would read out the after school said in class, sponsored by the satanic temple and think this sounds perfect for my 7 year old. despite the outrage, the illinois district defense, the site and club,
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as they meant to be education, enriching, and allowed by the local board of education. actually any organization can take rent in publicly funded schools to illegally deny their organization. viewpoints to pay to rent are publicly funded institution after school hours, subjects the district discrimination lawsuit which will not when likely taken thousands upon thousands of taxpayer dollars away from our teachers, staff and classrooms. waiting now for strippers in casino clubs of the school. and that brings you up to they say with all use for this, are you watching out international was good to have you company with back again to the top. ah, ah,
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with method boom, but the one business. so you can't afford that number and your board and i'm rachel blood and then washington coming up the world economic forum has kicked off. it's virtual fun. it will tell you what kind of president had today. and what we've learned about the performance of the tiny bit harmony in 2021, that manufacturers in the u. k. are feeling the heat from storing in place. and we'll take a look at how those rising prices are impacting the post bracket. era was as the crypto space continue to expand, the 1st european nathan is taking steps to curb the influx of advertisement. we'll look into what's going on in spain with lot to get to. let's go and we lead the program with the latest economic data out of china where growth slowed in the 4th quarter to 4 percent bringing the total gr.


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