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ah, ah, this hour is headline stories, the world 10 richest people double their wealth while millions, diet, cobit a damning report from the ox. from charity essays, the pandemic has increased inequality across the globe. the trans they make has really exposed inequalities over the last 2 years. it's been really exponentially. konita billionaire colanda also russia's top diplomats surrogate left off accuses berlin of violating international conventions after our german language channel r t. d was taken off her following pressure by a german media regulator. just who is the victim? i just say that a 26 year old who sexually assaulted a young girl as
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a teenage boy. and since transition to a female should not be sent to jail. for fear of being victimized critic say the case is making a mockery of america's criminal justice with one minute past 6 me here in moscow this tuesday, january the 18th. welcome to the news r and r t. my names, you know the the wealth of. busy the world's richest people has doubled during the pandemic, while the per have suffered increased death rates and poverty due to a lack of treatment on vaccines. those are the findings of a report by oxford called inequality killed. the charity claims policy choices by governments are skewed in favor of the rich dwell for the world's 10 riches men. his w, as the pandemic began the income of 99 percent of humanity,
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a worse off because of coven 19. this is not by chance, but choice. economic violence is perpetrated when structural policy choices are made for the richest and most powerful people. this causes direct com to us all the time they make has really exposed been a call. it is an fuel them. so oxide has been tracking billionaire wells for some time and of course the full list shows that it has been growing over the last 40 years. but over the last 2 years it's been really exponential. so we call it a billionaire bonanza. and at the other end of the spectrum, of course, for 99 percent of humanity, it's been a very, very difficult time. and most people are worse off as a result of the and then make, of course, more than a 160000000 people have fallen into poverty during this time. and it's in a moment when you can see the difference is really showing very, very starkly. can't cause success when there is such disparity, that at one end of the spectrum, you have people who have more wilson,
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they can spend in several lifetime. and the other we have people struggling to pay their next health bill or, or not knowing where the next meal is coming from. having such a level of disparity affects everyone, even the wealthiest, because you know it's a sign of unhealthy, state of affairs, of a unhealthy society that needs addressing. yeah, for some pretty staggering figures. according to aux farm, the pandemic has pushed more than a 160000000 people into poverty. while an estimated 17000000 village have died from croon, a virus on the rhine, 6000000 more of also lost their lives due to a lack of health care. in per countries, meanwhile, the top 10 people on forbes rich list including well known public figures such as elan must jeff bays off and bill gates have 6 times more money than the purse $3000000000.00 combined. but while they double their wealth,
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the incomes of 99 percent of the world's population worsened. since the pandemic began, new billionaire has been created roughly every day oxfam believes a key reason for such inequality is vaccine supply. one of those key drivers for equality has been a vaccine access to vaccines. so the difference between rich and poor countries has grown the inequality. so and the 4 countries in africa and generally only 10 percent of the population has had his 1st course of vaccination america. economic power and several other countries in the world can help reverse that from unlocking that in from the calculations that, that we have made. it would be possible, for example, to vaccinate the whole world to chief and health care for all the universal health care. and there ways and, and others have campaigned for lifting those intellectual property rights. that in
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fact, mean that pharmaceutical have a monopoly over cobra, vaccines that are not readily available or produced as, as, as, as they could all over the world. ah, there's been a lot of reaction to this next story and you may understand why a judge in the us said that a 26 year old who's sexually assaulted a young girl. as a teenage meal understands, transition to a female should not be sent to jail for fear of being victimized. the decision by the los angeles district attorney has attracted a lot of criticism that's kill moping can take us through. so how does a criminal avoid prison time for assaulting a 10 year old girl in a women's bathroom? apparently, if the criminal was 17 and not a legal adult at the time they committed the crime and they then changed their gender. they can get off with a mere sentence of home confinement and not a prison term, as well as words of sympathy from the district attorney. the district attorney express concern that tubs south would be victimized if placed in an adult facility
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as it transitioned to woman and noted a probation reports actually recommended tubs be sentenced to home confinement. james tubbs allegedly assaulted a 10 year old girl and a women's bathroom in 2014. the police were able to track and 2019 was dna evidence when he was once again arrested on suspicion of battery. now the cases sparking outrage across the country tops will be off for a therapeutic interventions under the auspices of her story of justice and possibly granted only probation or parole. where is the justice for her young victim? in her family? it's madness. it makes a mockery of a criminal justice system. the d i is trying to distance himself from the result and late blame on the judge when in fact, it's only happened because of his policy against transferring juvenile cases to other colt. this is not somebody who should appear in the juvenile system. this clearly shows you the dangerous aspect of the blanket policies of george gascon. the l. a. county district attorney has vowed to stop prosecuting children as adults,
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many liberals as well as conservatives, have taken issue with his policies. beverly hills city council members have led the charge for him to be recalled amid a string of robberies in this wealthy community. they blame him for eliminating bail and dropping charges. in many cases. i think we're opening a very, very dangerous can of worms when we allow on the gender or the sexual orientation of a person to basically allow them to escape crop were punishment to say that because they are, you know, they were a minor, at the time of the crime that they shouldn't go to an adult facility, and these type of decisions are very dangerous, and they surely throw justice out the window in the last 8 of the american people. this is a modern day trying to see to, to be a 10 year old girl in the bathroom and attacked by a complete stranger will cause fear in her for probably years in her ability to
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feel safe and comfortable in just normal surroundings. and so for her to have to carry that knowledge, that memory. and then to also know that tubs is not going to be properly placed in jail and, and hell, and, you know, for 2 years as recommend it, it's, it's really a travesty to know that this person gets to walk away with committing this crime and, and walk away escaping proper punishment. there's no question that us policies of mass incarceration have been out of control over the last several decades. the u. s . a has the highest prison population in the world. communities have been devastated. however, the rising crime in cities across the united states, amid a wave of new liberal policies from local prosecutors, as people wandering about the dangers of the opposite extreme fail bobbin r t new york. there's been another updates in the often inflamed relationship between harry potter or 3rd,
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j. k. rowling. members of the transgender community police in scotland. covenants, they will not, not take any action retweet by an activists that revealed rulings home address. at the time of a post, the writer wrote this response to the trans competitors. they should have reflected on the fact that i've now received so many death threats. i could paper the house with them and haven't stopped speaking out. well, the post she's responding to include a trans activists standing by her house holding signs with slogans such as trans liberation. now though deleted, it was immediately re posted with her home information available for all to see rolling, say she's being targeted for speaking up for women's sex based rights on people were quick as well to point out the upon double standards in the police. this decision not to charge the campaigners i wonder why no action being taken. i'd assume it's because for kyra, the food chain are trans supporters and don't upset the apple cart. the fact her address or any one's address be posted on line without knowledge or consent is
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wrong regardless of why it's a violation of safety. dock thing is illegal and it doesn't matter if you delete the content a few hours later makes you wonder what the police are playing at cherry picking. what is lawful depending on who is complaining. she used to pander to those people, even changing the sexuality of characters, to please them. she played woke a mental gymnastics and slipped up, and then the mob turned on her. it is quite surprising. they're not taking any kind of action. although you see this is very much a gray area where legality is difficult to prove. and in this particular case, i believe the, the police were reviewed the circumstances clearly with the lawyers and decided that there wasn't any legality that we have now a situation in the u. k. and other countries where people don't believe the others have a right to have a view, and this is an opposing view to them. and i think that's quite disgusting. and
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you know this? well, it could well end up in some form of prosecution or someone should call it harassment ass. i believe that she has said that she had also had problems since then. the individuals committed harassment afterwards may well end up being guilty of crimes. a backlash against rolling began in 2020, after she questioned the headline up, quote, people who meant straits by claiming the meaning of the word woman had been lost. some twitter users took out to mean she was seeing transgender men and women should have fewer rights. political commentator, andrea workers says you can't police are only willing to go after crime when it suits them. any police force of any quality can do more or less investigate should i refer you back to the case of the scottish comedian but taught his dog or the watchdog? how to do hitler salutes in order to prevent of a joke. they are perfectly willing to put in the resources when it suits them,
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but they're not willing to put in the resources when it doesn't suit that police. scotland will be perfectly happy with j. k. rowling being intimidated, perfectly happy without being harassed and will take no action to defend them because they don't agree with that politically. my comment is next. j. k. rowling is going to say she can afford security. what about the rest of breton to have these highly political police force? highly political police? li does put police under political control. what politician, fellow, who to prosecute when that is a danger? not to j. k. rowling, cuz she's rich and powerful to ordinary people. like, you know, russia's top diplomats circle up. ralph has accused berlin of putting pressure and art t's new german language channel. after talks with the countries foreign minister in moscow or a correspondent donald quarter was following developments. one of the main points
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of discussion at the press conference was of course, the fate of our chief, german language channel, our t d e, which has been facing a lot of censorship in germany, the russian foreign minister, circ a live. rob said that the german state was actually directly involved in this violation of free journalism. going as far to say that sanctions may even need to be taken if the matter is not resolved. as for his german counterpart, she said that the state actually was not involved. so let's take a listen to what they both said. not i cannot ask the state interference regarding r t d. well, that's just not true enough. unless you know why. we have every reason to believe that the german government is directly involved in what is happening. let me remind you that banking services for our journalists were stopped at an early stage. the german media regulator blocked the satellite signal despite the serbian license. we believe that this is an interference in the work of independent journalists. and i wasn't all bare bach had to say about the rtp,
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actually she want to went on at length to speak about how popular channel is about how it's the 4th largest on social media, based on what she said, you might even think she was one of our fans and cannot all teen to, he has confirmed it's the 4th largest on social media. of course, there was also a lot of talk about the security guarantees that russia's proposed for itself and nato to prevent further escalation of the conflict in ukraine. russia is still waiting for concrete answers from nato and the west. although we have heard from washington, which is called the the, the proposals that rushes put forward. nonstarter negotiating points for the german foreign ministers. part though, she said that the german government is ready for serious discussions about these proposals, while she also demanded security guarantees from russia. and she said that russian troops are somehow threatening the russian troops that are located on russian territory near ukraine. as for lab, though, he said that the russian state has the right to do what it wants with in its own territory. next, buckingham. this may, i will not in recent weeks,
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more than 100000 russian troops and military equipment were messed near the ukrainian border without any visible reason. it's hard to consider this as anything other than shreds we needed. but we explained that the provocation, coming from many western politicians, is making it necessary for our troops to conduct combat training measures. and we explained that we cannot accept certain demands regarding the actions of armed forces on our own soil. we drew attention to the fact that while the us and of the ne, to members at demanding the removal of our forces, they are positioning troops, including troops who have arrived in your, from overseas. the double standard here is obvious that it does seem though, that the 2 foreign ministers do see eye to eye on the north stream 2 gas pipeline bare bach said that europe needs russia to be a reliable supplier of gas to solve this energy crisis. that's right now, plaguing the consonant while lab rob said that he had a long talk with his german counterpart about the unfortunate politicization of the
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north stream to pipeline. so a lot of topics were discussed at this press conference between the foreign ministers of germany and russia. 16 minutes past the hour still to come, the scandal surrounding the british prime minister, partying during the country's 1st. kobe locked a no drugs in the opposition leader. he was also pictured drinking with colleagues of the time we look at how the public's patience is wearing thin blue when you strip out the, the fake aspects to the c p i. number the actual inflation number is exactly what we said. months ago it's 15 percent. people's purchasing power is degrading. 15 percent wages might be up 3 or 4 percent,
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but in places of now 15 percent on net. net people are losing out really losing out . and it's a problem that is intractable because the central bank has a problem that they can rectify. they can, if they were going to raise rate stacey to rectify this problem, they would have done so already. the reason they're not doing so i was because they were simply can't raise right. there is a cure for this. this is tao at the beginning of a hyper inflationary collapse of the money. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy, even foundation, let it be an arms race. his on offense. very dramatic development. only personally and getting to is this. i don't see how that strategy will be successful. very political time. time to sit down and talk ah, hello again. american athletes sent to take part in the fast approaching beijing
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winter olympics have been warned to ditch their personal smartphones and instead use disposable mobile phones. the u. s. the limpid committee has issued a stern warning about a legit chinese state surveillance. every device communication transaction and online activity may be monitored. your devices may also be compromised with malicious software, which could negatively impact future use. well, one of the ramifications all the advice the u. s. measures could make it hard for the athletes to of course, stay in touch with a family and friends amid restrictions on foreign spectators to to cove it on could prevent them from posting their accomplishments on social media and beijing. an important aspect of keeping in touch with funds and building a profile. louis is not the only country taking such measures, canada, the u. s. and the netherlands have also worn their athletes about potential surveillance in china,
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giving the same recommendations about using disposable cell phones. less cross live now to benjamin chow, dean of asia, programs at the poorest school of business for his take good to see you today. benjamin should olympic athletes be worry of surveillance in china off the games? i think it is quite probably the u. s. propaganda who stigmatized china, it is especially laughable that to more so his kid had nations spy nations. i mean he to, well, really at this stage do not need to talk at persons to be physically within a country to be spied on. and we are not forgetting what we're snowden has set right. on the contrary, why they not report how much china has done to protect the athletes this time in duelling pace. you see robots delivering food for the athletes in the canteen to prevent corporate transmission. that's i think china's answers to public health coming to the world's athletes. well, that's what i was going to bring up. in fact,
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is there an element of hypocrisy, considering us internet surveillance efforts? where are they? yes, of course. so this, i think, is that part of the campaign to stigmatize china. and also, we're not forgetting ever, snowden, the west to western countries cannot prove that they themselves are not spying on other people. in fact, they are quite infamous of doing so, right. i was still there has said about what do because spine countries seem to, well, you now infamous, you at east dropping off is allies, is already quite common knowledge to well christian or is allies had openly criticized to us on that. yeah, it's also another aspect, benjamin it's, it's hard not to view these and similar warnings as a result of political agendas interfering with sport. we've seen a lot of that hadn't way in this case the enjoyment of seeing the world's best
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athletes competing against each other at full speed at full pelt, seemingly of secondary importance to, to all on stout st substantiated claims. really. from what you're saying, coming from the west for identity sir, the ideals politicizing sports is a welcoming for many countries and is strictly forbidden in the olympics charter. but since the olympics is receiving so many sport lights, it provides a convenient conduit for malicious. so politicians to politicize sports in a tend to disrupt their preparation and opening of the beijing retail. what impacts, why do you think washington or the olympic committee in the u. s. has, has decreed that this should happen that day to, to use burner phones. burner laptops as well. are they being overly cautious or is there more to it? is there an international diplomacy aspect to all this and
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i think they are quite exaggerating the situation, i think. and i think the years is suspicious of filling the funder of the merits of the chinese government. now that the preparation of the owner picks is in such good progress, and how much the chinese citizen i sacrificing so cooperative in containing the pandemic in welcoming to world, to come to beijing to see how much beijing hasn't changed, how much a lives or people have been improved since 2008 summer games, i think, you know, as i said, you know, if it's a nation, be the one to spy on people. so many nations, you know, well by now i able to do it without you physically in the countries. so why are you exaggerating the exposure disposable funds at this point? why they want to stick to funders of the good preparation of a chain by now? i just finally, we know here in moscow there was lots of pressure against russian athletes on
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doping allegations for a number of olympic gains both summer and winter. just to put a generally from, from your point of view, from, from china right now. as they prepared to host one of the biggest events of the year, is there too much politics in sport? if you look at the history is not just china, russia, but also germany and japan have been stigmatized by the u. s. when the, these countries are starting to rifle to the united states. so they are not reporting. i think how much do these countries have done to our at live c go for all the world, but they just report the negative side of it. and the us right now is using the same strategy or not, who asked someone to prove that they are innocence, they're not doping. they're not playing on people. instead of assuming one is innocent and that's proven beauty. so i think if someone is st. china or russia
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needs to prove that they would not spy on the athletes or other people. i think more fair for these countries to prove themselves 1st that they were lost by on other people's kind of 1st place. professor benjamin child from the poorest school of business. thank you for joining our tea today. the u. k. 's party gates scandal is gaining momentum for a change though, it's not the prime minister barak johnson but the british opposition leader who's the center of attention for bridge has emerged showing the labor party leader cure storm drinking beer with staff during the 2020 on spring locked up, although he insists he did nothing wrong, unlike the prime minister, he's refusing to apologize just days before the election, we were very busy, were working in the office and we stopped for something to eat. and that we carried on working no party, no breach of the rules,
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and absolutely no comparison with the prime minister. it, it all comes in at a high profile scandal involving the u. k. p. m, who was pictured partying during the country's 1st locked on the story still making headlines with johnson's popularity plummeting to an all. busy time low. well, when it's all on folded mr. stormer himself, you may recall ridicule, the prime minister for the wait, he justified this index says to says that he didn't realize he was, it's a party. ha! it is so ridiculous that is actually offensive to the british. yeah. with the whole country was look town. he was posting boozy policies in town, extra ac now go to to to decent thing and resign people in london that we spoke to. question why much more important issues affecting you kill life or being ignored in their opinion and generally appear to
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be losing their patients with the whole party gates the whole bunch of people they do what they like and then we are lost. no, you can't do this on the agency family. i be with my friends when april april she died in april 20 i wasn't even able to see her live in the family. there's one room for the government. one room for the rest of what should happen is either johnson who's farms or the finds, a scrap and everybody who was side to get their money back. i think, but he was not appropriate at all. did he threaten and then to as, as well. and then we vote care of what basically society as a wall had to go from what's a smell. it's the stench of hypocrisy. obviously he wasn't doing what a lot subarus staff seemed to be enduring avenue, right. booze up in garden. but he was inside the house,
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he was drinking beer and his excuse that they were having a chinese and therefore is a work meal is frankly ludicrous. these politicians are all the same. they make the rules, and they want us to act in a certain way. but they don't want the rules to apply to them, but there are many other things. now we need to move on. things like assuring inflation that the job losses that are going to be around the corner. let's talk about the migrant problem as well at dover. let's talk about law and order they, they're the things that the brave public now want boorish to get on top of a british man who took 4 people hostage out a synagogue in the u. s. state of texas that the weekend was previously flagged by u. k. authorities malik at pfizer actress had been seen as a potential islamist harris during a 2020 investigation by britain's m. i 5 intelligence agency. now the u. k. authorities determined that he posed no threat at that time. he was left on record
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as a person of interest, but was a to fly to the u. s. and by a fire on there, it appears the u. k. authorities had not relate any of their concerns about him to their american counterparts before the attack. now the alleged perpetrator was killed after 11 hours stunned off from the synagogue and cali vill sir burb of dallas. all the hostages survived. police in england have detained 2 teenagers as part of the ongoing investigation into the attack. earlier i spoke with a former m, i 5 intelligence officer who said the incident resulted from a failure on both sides of the atlantic. failure to level one is that and my 5 did drop the investigation into him and it might well have been because he was seen to have mental health issues rather than terrorist to contention. but the other m astonishing thing from my perspective is the fact that he was out into the states as well, with a string of convictions and with his mental health issues in the background. and,
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you know, the u. k. u s. homeland security act is supposed to be the precisely to blog people coming in to the u. s. on these grounds. so it's not just my fault, i think, although i do think we have a problem one in the ship holding his mission. that guessing, shave, holding the people they have to investigate. but for the u. s. also to have allowed him in not have caught out the u. k. and said, this man's got convictions all over the place. we can't let him in sending bag. noticing that when you read into it, that he was able just to get a gun out of lethal weapon without being on any authority watch list at all. that just shows an absolute failure on every front face. the intelligence agencies in the u. k. the border security usa, the policing security in the usa as well. and i think, you know, it's great now that we can pinpoint what happened, what went wrong in this case. but that's not how our intelligence agencies based in the usa and the case working. they all there to preemptively gather intelligence,
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to preemptively stop the sort of terrorist hogs, not just having information that can be used and be useful after an attack about the police are going to do. so why do we spend this money on all, incredibly invasive intelligence agency, if they are letting these old people sit between the cracked time after time after time, not just in the u. k, or the u. s. sake, but of course europe as well as the last 7 years. are you confident lessons have been learned as to what happened over the weekend, or are we going to see further instance other crimes happening if there is what seems to be on the i said such a weak communication between the u. k. and us authorities. i'm sure they will say the lessons learned what that will mean in reality is that they will probably scoop up and share even more and increasingly invasive communication technologically. and they will say to protect all of us against terrorism. whereas in fact, if they did.


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