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tv   News  RT  January 18, 2022 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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ah, ah, international human rights group sounds, villanueva, recently new, clamped down against the unvaccinated, saying such measures amounts to discrimination. across the atlantic, more than 50 percent of the democratic party voters would support a government policy. the require unvaccinated america remained confined to their homes. i'll guess that session why that would prevent equality while not stopping the virus from spreading. we are witnessing the major action of discrimination and people are divided into clusters. think it's right for any qualities. people standing in line in the u. s. for 4 hours, just to get a job, the u. s. state of virginia is newly elected republican governor, dismantled previous democratic policies and critical race theory and lifting mosque
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mandates in public schools in doing so, walking away evil with love from moscow. thanks for joining us. and i don't our team to national and daniel hawkins were either you or this evening. welcome to the program. italy's new clamped down against the unvaccinated amounts to discrimination. that's what human rights group dominance international says. the morning that the government re thing gets tough antique cobit policies. the recently approved reinforce green pass must be a time limited arrangement, and the government must continue to ensure that the entire population can enjoy their funded mental rights. amnesty international italy asked for alternative measures to allow the non vaccinated population to continue to carry out their work . anti is means of transport without discrimination.
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the statement comes in the wake of thousands of people taking to the streets across italy to protests. the government has made a monetary for everyone over 50 years old to get a job, and it's essentially bind the unvaccinated from using public transport or entering a borrow restaurant even with a negative cobit will. across the atlantic, a recent poll shows 51 percent of democratic voters would support the government policy to require unvaccinated americans to remain confined to their homes at all times except for emergencies. as if they refuse to take a code back thing in the us state of utah, one of the most popular papers, the salt lake tribune published and it was horrible. the morning such measures. were you a truly civilized place? the governor's next move would be to find a way to mandate mass vaccination. going as far as to deploy the national guard to
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ensure that people without proof of vaccination would not be allowed. well, anywhere. and we discussed this issue with our panel of guests who think strict rules create an equality and don't actually start devoris from spreading. we are witnessing a manger, action of discrimination. and people are divided into clusters. and what we are witnessing is sort of cold. the civil war, i mean, i would call it a civil war because we put in bother against brother, friends against friend, all your backs in a to you are not about today to. so the impact on society of those marrow. so do slow. he's simply devastating and i speak from the point of view of the story and i think it's right for any qualities. people standing in line of the us for 4 hours just to get a job, people having to travel in other parts of the world when they don't have disposable income to do so, or to the time to take off from work. because most people want to return to normal,
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that's creating a lot of inequality. is that go beyond just notions of ologies about whether people want to participate in the vaccine drive or not. we already know that the vaccination doesn't stop from having, you know, i will say, doesn't stop me from spreading the virus further. so i think that's where it does con, the seems to be very, this proportion and actually taking away the choice of, you know, adults with, you know, particularly over 50 who's got lots of life experience. and i'm pretty sure they're quite responsible people and they should be given the choice, the we protect the constitution, their right to move would provide to movement is one of the fundamental white in the constitution, which is a document, a positive, right? but it's also not to all white also natural law if you believe in the system, some natural law. the reason why to free movement, and i think is natalie, absolute, but it is also anti got to do chanel and illegal to prevent people from moving. if
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they are not vaccinated, well, i think we should be really worried about the effect of the public can have in these types of movements, particularly, and government started to bring policing into it or military into it. that means that they've given some thought to what may or may not be legal and what may or may not be necessary. but again, i think that if we're, if we're this concerned about coding and listen, i've had 4 shots myself. so it's not that i'm opposed personally to this boat. i am opposed to it is that we don't start talking about keeping other people who are drunk drivers, people who are part of intimate partner violence of those. and there are other things in society where we seem to be pretty lenient and for some reasons for us to be coming down so hard on this particular case where we're bringing and policing and military. i think we should be very concerned. and having conversations about our liberties and how governments are going against some of our rights.
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russia, so different saga le, off is accused burden of putting pressure on artes. new german language channel also talks with the countries foreign minister in moscow. correspondence donald course is across develop. one of the main points of discussion at the press conference was of course, the fate of our chief, german language channel, our t d e, which has been facing a lot of censorship in germany. the russian foreign minister circ a live rob said that the german state was actually directly involved in this violation of free journalism. going as far to say that sanctions may even need to be taken if the matter is not resolved. as for his german counterpart, she said that the state actually was not involved. so let's take a listen to what they both said. not i cannot ask the state interference regarding r t d. well, that's just not true enough. unless you know why. we have every reason to believe that the german government is directly involved in what is happening. let me remind
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you that banking services for our journalists were stopped at an early stage. the german media regulator blocked the satellite signal despite the serbian license. we believe that this is an interference in the work of independent journalists. and i wasn't all bare bach had to say about the rtp, actually she want to went on at length to speak about how popular channel is about how it's the 4th largest on social media, based on what she said, you might even think she was one of our fans and cannot all t 2, he has confirmed it's the 4th largest on social media. of course, there was also a lot of talk about the security guarantees that russia's proposed for itself and nato to prevent further escalation of the conflict in ukraine. russia is still waiting for concrete answers from nato and the west. although we have heard from washington, which is called the, the proposals that rushes put forward. nonstarter negotiating points for the german foreign ministers. part though, she said that the german government is ready for serious discussions about these
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proposals, while she also demanded security guarantees from russia. and she said that russian troops are somehow threatening the russian troops that are located on russian territory near ukraine. as for lab, though, he said that the russian state has the right to do what it wants with in its own territory. next, buckingham. this may, i will not, in recent weeks, more than 100000 russian troops and military equipment. we're a mass near the ukrainian border without any visible reason. yeah. it's hard to consider this is anything other than a threat we needed. those are still, we explained that the provocation, coming from many western politicians, is making it necessary for our troops to conduct combat training. measures and we explained that we cannot accept certain demands regarding the actions of our armed forces on our own soil. we drew attention to the fact that while the us and other nato members are demanding the removal of our forces, they are positioning troops, including troops who have arrived in europe from overseas. the double standard here is obvious. it does seem though, that the 2 foreign ministers do see either on the north stream to gas pipeline bare
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bach said that europe needs russia to be a reliable supplier of gas to solve this energy crisis. that's right now, plaguing the continent. while lab ralph said that he had a long talk with his german counterpart about the unfortunate politicization of the north stream to pipeline. so, a lot of topics were discussed at this press conference between the foreign ministers of germany and russia. gender neutral language is becoming obligatory for midwives, nurses, and other professions giving emotional and physical pools. and some of them don't want to get on board among them. are those behind the u. k. base switzer account, fix not gender. nurses and midwives, which provides a forum for those frustrated with the new terminology to be heard. though the reality is, of course many health professionals uncomfortable with a language and are working in fear of being ostracized or even worse, losing jobs. what it is, this will pro life to home worth, attendant,
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isabella maldon from new york, who's been encouraged to use inclusive language as part of job is what to, thanks so much for joining us. could be on the program today. thank you so much for having you 1st come across this, this rule. i mean, how did you react to hearing these, these new requirements? for the 1st time i came across the requirements was a do a training in 2016 in brooklyn, new york. and my initial reaction was to go along with it. i couldn't imagine how it would be hurtful to anyone because i was told that it was modern language. it was inclusive language and we wouldn't want to make anyone feel bad and i was the use of such language affected your work. i mean, do you have any sort of cases that, that spring to mind where maybe people, patients was surprised that you are now using this language or do you do it as a sort of case by case basis perhaps?
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so none of my former clients ever said anything to my face. i imagine that many of them were uncomfortable by my you know, array sure. of the words, woman and mother. but the way that it's presented itself, in my experience in working in birth and in women's health is getting kicked out of training programs. so most, you know, i would say if not all do birthdays and postpartum do live trainings, promote this kind of language. so it would be understand a stand understandable for one, you know, a young woman to say, well, if i don't want to go along with this, this means i can't do the work that i want to do. now that's obviously not true because you don't need a certification to support women in birth. however, women who are, you know, going the certification route or even licensing route have 2 choices. they either
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go along with it or they quit and they have to find an alternative way to gain experience and network and make connections. so, you know, most of the women that come to me are simply greeting their teeth in order to get the title that they want. i was unwilling to go along with the compulsive speech. and what that looked like for me was, you know, off being ostracized by my, you know, new york city birth and postpartum to look community. and then i was kicked out of a fertility awareness teacher training program in 2020. so yeah, it created so much discord amongst the women in the group, some of whom identified as they dance. and it's yeah, pretty kind of formulaic situation that happens pretty predictable thing that happens. one woman, it was me in this case says she, she thinks it's wrong and then someone reports me, you know, unsafe that's,
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that's really what happened in my case along with other kind of unbelievable circumstances. yes, certainly been emotion when a divisive issue, of course, on the other side of the divided people for whom this is an important issue for whom you know language is, is clearly something that they impacts them. why do you think mission you rule was introduced and what would you say to those people that supported them that say, you know, hey, it's just language was a big deal with all the way you speak to people. yeah. so i think the biggest problem is that there is a material consequence. so pronouns, for example, do not exist in a vacuum. it unfortunately leads to a lifetime of part of pharmaceutical dependence. kind of trans humanist future body dissociation putting children on puberty blockers, right? the pronouns and the language capture is part of the bigger picture, which is,
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you know, dissociation from our flesh to being in from our material reality. so anyone who is bio feel like who appreciates and sees the value in nature in our perfectly designed flesh, the way that we are perfectly designed to give birth in the way that menstruation and our digestive system that it's all perfectly designed and should not be you know manipulated in the ways that it hasn't should, should fear this. it's a really anti human ideology. so i would say that it's not just about speech. it's not just about being nice. and if anything, i would say it is absolutely unkind and not compassionate to lie. to someone's face, and pretend that they are the sex that they are not. and i would hold that person accountable, no matter how much suffering and pain that person may or may not be in it is
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inexcusable to appropriate, opposite sex, janet alia, it's completely wild. and to humanizing and objectifying someone would argue that for transgender people, they at least you know, in the way they feel this seems to be a sort of natural and respectful way for what many of them perhaps felt you know, what isolated and discriminated gate by the system, how would you say we move forward and make those people feel comfortable and accommodate that and listen to yet maintaining that sort of balance which you speak about comedy central. the thought of people that perhaps don't want to change the language. where does the balance lie? here, between making everybody feel comfortable included. i don't think we're ever going to live in a world where everyone is comfortable and included. i'm wildly offended by things everyday as, as a woman living in the world, you know, to,
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to expect this kind of utopia where no one's feelings are hurt. i mean, that's, that's insane to me. you know, i think the common, the common push that really pulls out people's heart strings is you know, trends, gender, people, whatever that means do you want human rights now? now as it stands, people who identify as the opposite sex do not lack access to anything that any other person has. they are simply male and female and what they want, what the advocacy is, is really being pushed in and you know what they're advocating for is unlimited access to cosmetic surgeries and wrong sex hormones. and, you know, i would really ask people to consider that this is not a human rights issue. you know, even, and again, we're captured by the language in the sense that we're told to think of this as treatment or transgender medicine. and so i would ask people to consider what do
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people who identify as transgender not have that all other men and women have today? you know, as far as you know, i mean, i'm in new york city so i can only speak for what's, what's going on here right now. in terms of your professionals, you'll be livelihood. have you ever felt threatened your livelihood, could be taken away and pops amongst your colleagues as well. they felt that they're being pushed out of their progress and push the other jobs based on these new perceptions and these new rules? absolutely, i mean, i mean i've, i've probably been contacted at this point by hundreds of women who are terrified of not putting their pronouns in their email signature because, you know, it's not even that they're necessarily, as you know, against the ideology as i might be. but failure to comply, even in that small way,
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sends a signal to h r. all it takes is one person to notice that the, the pronouns are missing in the email signature for it to become an h r problem. so it's happening, you know, outside of birth. you know, i've heard about women getting kicked out of agricultural programs, trauma programs for, for helping women, you know, heal their sexual trauma. i mean, it's across the board. it's not just in women's health and, and mental health spaces where this is being implemented. you know, i, i had a woman come to me who was going to study seeds and soil. and the very 1st, you know, segment of the training with an announcement about pronouns and how everyone had to go around and say their pronouns. so that is a ritual of compliance that not everyone is willing to do and to and to participate in. so yes, i would say absolutely people are being threatened. many, many women have come to me who have either been fired or left their job because
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noncompliance is, is not, is not tolerated yet. certainly not an issue that is going to go away anytime soon . and it looks like common sense will have to be found from both sides of it. so thanks so much for your time is ill. i'm. i've been home both attendance and podcasts, the good stuff in the program today. thank you so much for having me. now staying in the us, just days after taking office, virginia is me. republican governor was dismantling democratic policies, counseling a school mos mondays and binding critical race theory from the curriculum. the safety measures, though, are working on barrels of criticism. taylor morphin has a retail the new state of pace in the united states politics seems to be moving forward at full speed ahead. we have the new governor of virginia has been sworn in on saturday and his 1st day in office he signed 11 executive orders. now the 2 most
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critical were one, removing a masked mandate in public schools and another, getting rid of the teaching and critical race theory in public schools. now the move around the mask mandates sparked quite a bit of backlash. one mother spoke up saying that she was happy that the public school where her daughter attends is maintaining the mask mandate despite the governors move. that mother also happened to be the white house spokesperson. thank you to arlington, public schools for standing up for our kids. teachers and administrators and their safety in the midst of a transmissible variant school divisions across virginia are rejecting glen youngin's dangerous anti science executive action and keeping mask requirements in schools to ensure the health and safety of k 12 students in the commonwealth. now school officials in arlington, virginia, fairfax, and alexandria all said that they are going to maintain their mask mandate despite the governors move. now the governor had campaigned on the policy of empowering
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parents to have more impact on the decisions regarding the education of their children and public schools. so he decided to give school districts 8 days to listen to parents concerns and reconsider. well, 1st of all, we wrote the order specifically to give all of the school systems basically 8 days to get ready to listen to parents. now the 2nd pivotal issue was on the teaching of critical race theory. in virginia's public schools, there is a revolt against the way our schools have been managed comprehensively. and critical race theory is a big part of the critical race theory is a political agenda that as absolutely in our schools. and it teaches everyone to view everything through a lens of race and then pits our children against one another. yes, we will teach all history the good and the bad, but to actually teach our children that one group is advantaged in another, is disadvantaged simply because of the color of their skin cuts across everything
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we know to be true. now this moves sparked a wave of online backlash with many saying there was no problem to begin with and it critical race theory is a legitimate part of education in the state. critical race theory isn't in the virginia k 12 curriculum and lifting a mask mandate in schools is foolish. they know perfectly well that c r t isn't on the curriculum, but they're using it just like masks and vaccine as a way for their rhetoric and action to see more palatable. the p t a's have become radicalized recruitment centers. as a republican, i am sick of you already. virginia never taught critical race theory. you banned nothing. now your stupidity is spreading cove it in schools that will end the lives of more stupid republicans. why do you hate god in america? are you a fascists? now it's important to note, virginia has been pretty solidly in the democratic parties camp for the last decade . and the new governor who signed all these executive orders on his 1st day only
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one by roughly 2 percent. so. busy we're looking at the state of virginia, a historically blue state that now seems to have a red governor on the state leadership as example of how the united states remains divided in these times. it's pretty clear that virginians don't see eye on some rather critical issues for involving the schools where their children learn your wife. when i was doing life, i live in laura, former vice chair for the baterri and national committee. thanks for joining us. good to have you on today. this is a unusual result, isn't it for the state, how you explain? republican governor, glen young is victory in what's usually safe blue state. as the democratic party has more and more embraced the radical side of the democratic party, and this is a side that doesn't connect with suburban democrats that doesn't connect with any kind of mainstream america. more and more independent voters and actually more and
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more moderate democrat are moving over to the republican side. listen, democrat, being a democrat or republican, there's not a blood type of something you can change, and many people are changing it. they move the republican part of the libertarian part of that move to other parties that don't have this addiction to victim hood, that is become the defining view of the current democratic party. what house spokeswoman jump, saki was neutral step of criticizing the governor's decision. the scrap mos mandates for schools. what do you think of that is the white house here? perhaps i was stepping forward. he my meddling in a state of f. i mean it's not, it's not really a federal issue. i mean, i'm a math mandate. the state level math command, it has really nothing to do with the federal government. i mean, of course the president can use the bully pulpit of the white house for anything he sees fit. to me, this is kind of a weird reason to you that when it comes to math, live, and parents, if what they want their kids to be in a safe environment,
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they have the choice of online school. they have the choice of home schooling. if they want to be, have their kids around other kids is going to be rid math or no math vaccines or no vaccine, even if a vaccine is 99.9 percent effective. if you're surrounded now by a 1000 people instead of one person, it's really. ringback gonna balance it out so, so that's something that each parent needs to decide for themselves. do i want my kid surrounded by a lot of other kids or not? and that's something for, for parents. and i've really not something for the status. and it's certainly not something for the president to decide. do you think went out in a situation perhaps where that conflict you mentioned the federal and state is more perhaps about politics and viola you than it is about, you know, concrete issues like the battle of a drone of virus want to move when it comes to cone of ours, at a fundamental level, there's not 2 sides, right? there's not a pro corona, virus cider and an anti virus. you know,
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people are disagreeing. it's simply about techniques on, on how to achieve a goal that the entire human race is on the same side. and remember the grief of the goal, right? there is no lower taxes or higher taxes where there actually are 2 sides. there's really just one side to this issue and it's just a question of pragmatism. what do we think will work better? that's the only question being at the technical question is maybe a scientific question, but it's not a political question, but it has been turned into a political question. this incredibly divisive political question. so the question is, is that being done for political reasons or for any practically, there is no practical reason that could explain. it just has to be purely but political reason that is driving this kind of division here between the federal, state governments or between state government and individuals. these are, this is pure politics. there is nothing but politics happening here. some analysts are saying that such issues in america of today is making the country really more divided the never on everything from the co restrictions to, you know,
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education through critical race theory curriculums. will you say that's a fair assessment or is there actually unity across political devise? the device, the device ness is not happening because of the issues themselves. so use kind of viruses example. there's not 2 sides or no pro. busy corona virus side in the whole world. so there's not, there's nothing in the issues that's creating the divisiveness, the divisiveness is being generated by the parties, by the republican party, by the democratic party. they are trying to separate their, their team from the other team as much as they possibly can. and that is, of course, contributing to political divisiveness, of course is communicated, a contributing community level divisiveness. and that's something that we as individuals can move beyond, you know, we, as individuals can say, listen, we all have essentially the same goals. yeah, we have some differences on how to achieve them. but it's rare that there is a pro crowd of ours or a pro crime individual in the world. so this is something we can be working
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together on. we just need to make sure we're not letting those in power trick us into fighting each other when there's absolutely no reason to. yeah, absolutely. so about funding issues that put us on the same page to allman often. laura form of i share that with our national committee. thanks for joining us today on the program. thanks for having me on. well as it for this hour to buy for myself next that the call is a report social and almost all the 2nd the hold seats go out you through the nightly global news headlines. join us again in half an hour. ah, look forward to talking to you all that technology should work for people. i robot must obey the orders given by human beings, except where such orders at conflict with the 1st law show your identification. we should be very careful about our personal intelligence at the point, obviously is to race trust rather than fear
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and with artificial intelligence, real somebody with ah, a robot must protect its own existence with the by did ministration is under water in just about every way is this due to bad policies or bad messaging, maybe to vote. there's also important question yes, presidents come and go. but elite and special interests remain very powerful. are they a threat to democracy? ah hi our max kaiser. this is
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a kaiser report. we've been talking about inflation now for several years, and that's all happening, stacy? right, max, it's been an exciting times. we're still here down and el salvador. thankfully, because of course, we're escaping the parabolic nature, not only of inflation in the united states, but our numbers up in north carolina are shockingly, who's in terms of the number of coven cases. i want to say that inflation numbers of course, came in at 7 percent. that does not include things like used car prices which went up 37 percent of actual rent price as across us were up nearly 20 percent. but of course, those are not really reflected and the cpi numbers, house prices also went up that i so we're saying hi and.


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