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tv   News  RT  January 19, 2022 5:00pm-5:31pm EST

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[000:00:00;00] ah, ah, western media around bob rhetoric over russia supposedly planning to innovate. ukraine claim that moscow has consistently denied when a prime minister is spending his time trying to convince the great british public that he's actually stupid, rather than just a responsible and unfit for the job. those are just some of the accusation launch the going from and if the borrower's johnson parliament off the he apparently product is fame, ignorance about flowers, who would rules with the profits for montana, mo, data need it was released without being charged as taking legal action against the
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government to restore his british passport after the case against him collapse. they issued my passport, essentially after 8 years of waiting and then took it away 3 weeks later. this is all connected to the initial impression in guantanamo that hasn't gone away. the harassment continues over these past few decades with a quote from oscar. thanks for joining us, this our international. i'm daniel hawkins. who are you all this evening? you're very welcome with us on the program. now, western media stepping up better attacks on moscow, trumpeting what the kremlin kohls unsubstantiated warnings of russia's imminent invasion of ukraine. the russian government strenuously denied any move towards a conflict, but has laid out red lines against those eastward expansion towards its borders. he's out, he's down closer with more over the past several months. hysteria surrounding up
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reported russian invasion of ukraine has spread across the west like wildfire, and to top it all off a number of media outlets. specifically, cnn are continuing to show reports, proport accusing russia, basically of provoking the conflict in done boss. russia is preparing what's known as a false flag operation to create a pretext for another invasion of ukraine in the view of american intelligence. that could be an impending attack of some kind on the current in territory, move up from the crimea and join all his territory up. so your buffer zone is bigger. one level from that annex the whole of the coastline, uncut ukraine, off from the black sea. now, as you can see there, cnn even gave us a geography lesson claiming to prove why russia was intending to invade ukraine, apparently. but to be fair, though not everyone in the western media was failed to see this double double standard of accusing russia of some sort of aggression. well, actually, nato was arming
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a hostile government right on its doorstep. imagine if mexico fell under the direct military control of china, we would see that as a threat. of course. well, that's how russia views nato control of ukraine. and why wouldn't they? these accusations of m and an eminent invasion by russia of ukraine have been going around for several months now and time and time again. moscow has repeated that it is not planning any saw, any sort of invasion and that having its own troops within its own territory is not a threat to anyone. we stress once again, russia is not going to attack in the practice of moving troops on our own soil is a sovereign right. we call for an end to the stereo, so as not to pile on tensions around the darkness problem. and most importantly, not to push hot has in key of towards new provocations. and it's also important to note that moscow has made it clear that it's trying to find a diplomatic solution to the de escalation of the conflict and ukraine rushes made a number of proposals for security guarantees between itself and nato to prevent
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the further eastern expansion of the western military alliance, but unfortunately, washington has shot down those proposals as what they called non started negotiating points. so there still is a lot of work to be done in the sphere of diplomacy here. what's interesting is that just on wednesday, the u. s. secretary of state antony blink and touched down in ukraine for talks for, to quote, deter russia from further aggression. and at the very same time and entire shipment of n law anti tank missile systems from the u. k also touched down in the ukraine, so that might not seem like a very diplomatic move, but london says there are only intended for defensive purposes. i can today confirmed to the house that in light of the increasingly threatening behavior from russia. and in addition to our current support, the u. k is providing a new security assistance package to increase ukraine's defensive capabilities. we have taken the decision to supply ukraine with light anti armor defensive weapon systems. now the u. k says that these weapons are for defensive purposes, but it can't exactly control what he does with these weapons once it's in its own
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hands. right. and we're also seeing ukraine becoming much more dependent on western governments, both for armaments and military training. back in 2021. the u. s. also supplied with a large array of javelin anti tank weapon systems. the pentagon recently confirmed that u. s. military advisors will be staying in ukraine and they have also been reports that ukrainian special forces are actually being trained to fight the russian military on us soil. that's something that was unprecedented. and this is all, while nato countries are actually reinforcing their military positions right. against the border of russia. so if you look at the overall picture, doesn't exactly seem like rushes. the aggressor here guess we spoke to said the moves by the way, we're likely to, to back fire is very understandable. but most gay might be frustrated by the development say the recent, yes, i think the very act of pointing out that having
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a west and military alliance that covers basically all countries except russia is the stabilizer, is always been destabilizing the expansion of nato. in the 990, somebody to thousands has not been helpful to building trust and, and we do need to be pressing a reset button to coordinate fries. unfortunately, nato members have seen much more focus and emphasis on, on nato, and on military preparations, rather than upon common cooperative security mechanisms that are crucial to your future. the course isn't going to be a nation invasion. this is a sauce concocted. i said nothing in the united kingdom, you have a government in deep trouble and very unpopular. you have the same of joe biden. joe biden is plumbing debts, one popularity, but notice will deliver plums before accept the donald trump. so
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a fond is jackson say by that name, war mongering is always something which politicians turn to and which generally they can, they can rely on their media to, to deflect and take up. so we're seeing this doesn't phobic war mongering, comp. gander largely i think, is a distraction from the internal weakness of the key western government. british prime minister bras johnson faces escalating backlash on accusations, but he hosted boozy parties, hearing a cobra lockdown. even some of the party members took part in greeting him in parliament and insisting he resign opposition and peace led to the onslaught to speak when a prime minister is spending his time trying to convince the great british public that he's actually stupid. rather than disowning a time that he go now,
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this week was supposed to be open ation. see big dog. i was quickly become little petition. dogs don't know why can the u. k. government find billions of pounds for property or some fraudsters, but they can't find compassion. why it's so hot for this time minister to it meant that he made the bills so he should know to bill. yeah. and he should fall intervals while barbara johnson has faced the toughest prime minister's question since he was elected. and it also comes the day after he claimed that a downing street party, an alleged one, was in fact a work event. and that he wasn't born, that he was breaking any rules well near. no one is buying that in the house of commons today as dozens of m. p 's including some back bench tories have said his time is up and he needs to go. and that argument was spearheaded by the leader of the opposition, the prime minister, the conservative party of showed themselves incapable of offering the leadership
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when government this country does it. while we were sitting out plans to keep bills down. the was planning parties a while we were sitting out plans to save jobs in the steel industry. he was, he was trying to fight just one job. his own dawson, the country does up so much better than the other. i don't believe continuing to off your series of questions, which he knows will be fully addressed and wasting. he's wasting new time. he's wasting people's time. this is because he continues to be completely irrelevant to be delivered while they did that and we, we vaccinated. well, they've isolated, mister speaker, well, of course kissed alma hasn't gotten off scot free either as can. heights is a pandemic. he, too, was photographed eating and drinking in a constituency office in darville, though he is refusing to apologize saying there's nothing wrong with having a drink with your dinner and says,
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this is boris johnson's attempt to sort of shift the focus away from his own political scandal. which of course, or is johnson really is embroiled in? obviously this comes as pressure is mounting on the prime minister to resign, but he can also be forced out as well by members of parliament. in fact, 20 tory m p 's. they all met up just yesterday to discuss the future of boris johnson and several now have publicly come forward to submit these letters. all they vote of no confidence in boris johnson. although in an official capacity, the 1922 committee needs 54 letters to trigger a leadership contest. now, rumor has it. there are plenty plenty more. in fact, an official poll. it sells more, a pool pole of the public suggest the one in 6 people want to see this vote of no confidence come. however, in an attempt to distract from all of this forest, johnson chose to day to announce new cove. it measures,
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in fact he is ditching all covered restrictions including mandatory face mos, including the vaccine certificates. and of course are working from home guidance from next week. on monday we reduced the isolation period to find full days with to negative tests, and that will soon come a time where we can remove the legal requirement to so quite straightened together just as we don't place legal obligations on people to isolate. if they have well, that hasn't gone down to well with the public has back in 2020. when boris johnson was displaying cove its symptoms minutes before he actually tested positive, he actually was refusing to even isolate. but that isn't even the worst news of the day in a monumental move. what we saw minutes for full premises questions this afternoon. christian wake, but a former torri m p, actually decided to defects to the labor party. but let's see how all this goes and how it all unravels. over the next few days, of course, we're waiting for the investigation led by su gray. and in fact,
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some may say that bars jones is indeed hiding behind those conclusions. could they be the final now in the coffin? will some say, politically speaking, bars, johnson is already a dead man walking. johnson's scrapping locked on restrictions despite or disturbing rising cobra. death with $359.00 reported in the last 24 hours alone. followed what the bo group thing thank says the moon won't help the increasingly unpopular prime minister. i think johnson came out swinging today in an attempt to go on the offensive and went back some public support. and he used the repeating of preventive measures to try regains and public support. i don't think that will have swayed public opinion. i think they've been lied to too many times. and some honesty at this stage could probably feel that saying maybe regains national trust . i think the pm to have the honesty, sort of mich wholeheartedly, that he was wrong. rog,
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insurance goes from the issue. i think he may have regained some rules. one doesn't have to wait for the results of commission using the restrictions maybe to cover from, from the main story, which is that there's a lack of confidence in them. and that's not going to do any good with the fact that it shouldn't be all ready. rebelling unless channel that's become known as part of it is only one of the lingering problems. dragging down public opinion of the british front minister. the u. k. trays blame with from sober drastic rising illegal. margaret crossings in the english tunnel with more of a 1000, margaret's beliefs, made the journey from the e. u to british shows this month alone. well, the number of margaret's attempting, the journey has been growing exponentially in recent years and doesn't died or went missing last year while attempting to cross in 2021, 28000 law. grants of beliefs have crossed the channel to england more than 3 times the number just a year before. now u. k. officials believe that $65000.00 individuals could try this year. the u. k. independence parties, former spokesman on immigration,
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says johnson's pledges on the issue are a bit to distract the party, a scandal. the public vote. what before is ridiculous ideas use the navy. the british navy has been cut to the bone anyway and its purpose is not to repel illegal immigrant boats. we are without countries like governor oregon, the actually knowing about it, saying that we are going to transport illegal immigrants over there. that rightly replying and telling us that they don't want them. this has been a problem ever since into power back in 2019. theresa may was little bit weak or miss she famously saw in the us migration called laura show some has come out with big words, which is very convenient, but only now as the illegal immigrant crisis reaches a crescendo. and at the same time, the local subarus johnson to go that this, these firm promises a being made. we've been fool too many times by pretty to tell him the
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conservatives are not going to do anything about it. crossing a shuttle, the french president himself is under fire, over migration. ultimately, we cannot solve that problem if the way in which migratory flows are seen from the british side doesn't change. you allow people to work without papers because it's helpful to the economy. but that doesn't face the reality of migratory flows. now there need to be legal, stable roads to be able to migrate to the u. k. and this is the situation that we're confronted with. this is a dialogue that we need to pursue with the u. k. the lawmakers heckled him hallmark and see arrived at european parliament and then his views bro, tax in the chamber spokesman for france is national radi slammed his immigration policies while ahead. of the european people volunteer to some of dividing society in walgreen. any be going to do viciously lashed out at micron to face for filing
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to fight climate change for the planet is still head on these 2 are missing. you will go down in history. mister president is the president of climate in action because you ultimately been complacent. about the issue, you prefer to find truth with lobbyists rather than wage a war against climate change. you prefer to procrastinate, like meryl streep in the field. don't know. can you push back, give up, and fantasize about solutions in 1015 or 20 years, rather than declare a call to arms professors on break. more of the catholic university of lavon believes micron is 2 or 4 rotarians. listen to criticism no matter how heavy it is . the speech was really where they didn't stay for about these, you know, the world is he has a mission to consider these absolutely convinced of his world, you know, a super liberal democracy which is a bit of course is hope is always that there will be some of the,
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on the fight a, you know, kind of been, i was in, and he just a reflex to have him, he elected. but if that happens, then there will be a huge amount of attention that i'm sure. so i know what's going to happen that that's what he's worried about when he has passed since joe barton became u. s. president. but despite rising inflation or dropping the poles and problems related to the pandemic, she said relatively positive with mid term elections later this year. he claims to be doing better than any other president haven't been able to get some of these big legislative and real big wisdom bigger than any present ever gotten the 1st. but currently, mr. president, what was your live boy, caleb moore? pin our us correspondence. caleb, thanks for staying across the story and quite a long what was the address bar, joe biden?
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there one of the main takeaways from the president's address. sure, well, after joe biden gave brief remarks summing up how things have been going, talking about the availability of coven tests and the progress that's being made, his plans to improve the economy. he started taking questions from reporters. one reporter asked him if perhaps he over promised and his in his 1st year in office. this is how that exchange went promised to the american public. what you could achieve in your 1st year in office and how do you plan to course direct going forward. i used to not just look, i didn't know or promise in, but i have probably up perform when anybody felt what happened. now, joe biden continued to emphasize that those things are bad in the united states, in terms of inflation rising crime. the ongoing pandemic and coven numbers rising, that he thinks things are gradually improving. this is joe biden, reflecting on his perception of events which is very different than the poll
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numbers indicate the american people feel. we have made enormous progress. you mentioned the number of deaths from proven well was not 3 times. not long ago. it's coming down, everything's changed, is getting better. now joe biden news part of his press conference to play up the allocation and claim that russia is on the brink of somehow invading ukraine. this is how joe biden reflected on the situation with ukraine and russia. when asked about it by reporters, it is going to be a disaster for russia. if they further grades you invade ukraine and that our allies and partners are ready to impose severe cost and significant harm on russia in the russian economy. well, because she's never seen sances like the ones i promised will be imposed. now it's important to note that in the last year or voter registration, the united states have dramatically shifted. there has been
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a 14 percent increase and voters being registered as republicans and things do not look good for the democratic party in the lead up to the upcoming mid term elections, which are set to take place in november. jo biden's poll numbers are extremely low . the u. s. populate by the us. public is certainly not happy with his performance . this is the one year anniversary of his presidency and he took the opportunity to defend his record. but we shall see how his remarks had an impact because at this point, joe biden is not very loved with the american people. poll numbers show that things in the country are quite unsatisfying to much of us public. indeed, and that address, obviously still an ongoing we'll go back to caleb later for some more update center dot kellum open a form go on top of the tiny mos on bag. he spent nearly 3 years in the infamous us prison without being shot has now taken
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legal action for the u. k. to restore his passport bag to a british bucket thought he had been initially detained 2 decades ago. what allegations of involvement and terrorism. he was released from guantanamo in 2005. he was attained again by you can police a decade later, but the case against him collapsed, applied for passport in 2019 and even got one in september 2021. but it was revokes, just 4 weeks later, beg believes his passport his previous imprisonment at guantanamo the possible was when i received it, i was overjoyed i, i tweeted out that i'm finally be able to travel. and then within 3 weeks i was, i received a letter, an ironically the letter i received would show the great deal of incompetence was actually primarily the cover letter was addressed to a person who'd been convicted in the north of england for passport fraud. and it was dated 2017, and i left the letter sort of rece regurgitate and reiterated the reason why my
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passport has been revoked. back in 2013. it was, they said, based upon a trip that i did to turkey at the syria, again, i was in investigation investigating the role of the british government in working with various regime. i have no doubt in my mind that this has to do with holding the british government to account the fact that they issued my passport eventually after 8 years of waiting and then took it away 3 weeks later with absolutely no explanation at all shows. 2 things to me, one is a great deal of incompetence, and 2 is just for indignant vindictiveness that has lost it over 20 years. this is, this is all connected to the initial imprisonment in guantanamo that hasn't gone away. the, the harassment continues over these past 2 decades, and this is evidently a part of that bag was held on time for just on a 2 years, almost 600 days of which was spent in solitary confinement. he said he and other, the tiny faced what the us friends enhanced interrogation and called the conditions torture of this is
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a short history of the 2 decades of the notorious prison camp that continues the holding mites to this day,
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ah mas on bag says his previous incarceration at guantanamo is continuing to disrupt his life. i do believe that the my, my passport has been revoked initially back and when i came back from control them, or because primary for evidence that came out of guantanamo the former guantanamo prisoners, that i have documented. and worked with all around the world. clearly, i think the majority, if not all of them are actually put on some kind of a list of the united states that, that has stopped them or prevents them from opening bank accounts. it stops them from travelling properly harassing them. so the, essentially the, the imprisonment of guantanamo may end when you're freed. but the,
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the connection to guantanamo and the targeting and disruption of your life does not end for this episode. for me is one of the proofs of that though there are others the number of daily covered cases, his sons in europe, will be almost on various sporting across the continent. but so to a waves of unrest due to tough new restrictions being opposed in some countries. what award and you might find the following images distressing. what i have involved in class is in northern germany, where hundreds protested against the possible vaccine mandate would prevent people from entering into the venues without a negative cobra test. for a job. people settle font crackers and at least a dozen reportedly arrested. officers stop the project, the protest you to demonstrate is flouting off monday. meanwhile, in italy, thousands the streets in progress over the weekend. now mandatory there for everybody over 50 to get a coven job. and it's essentially bind unvaccinated from using public transport or entering bars and restaurants, even with
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a negative cobra test. i'm going to the international believes the clamped down about the discrimination and demands that the government rethinks its policies recently approved. reinforce green pass must be a time limited arrangement, and the government must continue to ensure that the entire population can enjoy their funded mental rights. amnesty international italian asked for alternative measures to allow the non vaccinated population to continue to carry out their work . auntie's means of transport without discrimination across the atlantic, the number of daily coated cases has reached almost 547000 spots. while a recent poll shows 59 percent of democratic voters who support government policy that we can find and vaccinated citizens to their homes, unless in an emergency. now one of the most popular newspapers in the state of utah are even published on it, authorial demanding the measures of brought in. were utah a truly civilized place? the governor's next move would be to find
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a way to mandate mass vaccination. going as far as to deploy the national guard to ensure that people without proof of vaccination would not be allowed. well, anywhere we discuss the issue with a panel of guess. so you think that if such a policy was introduced, that will create inequality and still not stop the virus from spreading. we are witnessing a manger action of discrimination and people i divided into clusters. and what we are witnessing is sort of cold. the civil war. i mean, i would call it a civil war because we put in brother against brother, friends against friend. all you vaccinate, you are not about to think it's right for any qualities. people standing on line in the u. s. for 4 hours, just to get a job, people having to travel in other parts of the world when they don't have disposable income to do so, or the time to take off from work because most people have wanted to return to normal. that's creating a lot of inequalities that go beyond just notions of ologies about whether people
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want to participate in the vaccine drive or not. we already know that the vaccination doesn't stop from having been there. i will say doesn't stop me from spreading the wires further. so i see where it does kind of seem to be very this proportion and actually taking away the choice of adults who have, you know, particularly under 50 lose, got lots of life experience and i'm pretty sure they are quite responsible people and they should be given the choice, the we protect the constitution, their right to move would provide to movement is one of the fundamental why to in the constitution, which is a document a positive, right? but it's also natural why to also natural law if you believe in the assistance of natural low. the reason why to free movement. well, i think we should be really worried about the effect of the public can have in these types of movements, particularly when government started to bring policing into it or military into it
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. that means that they've given some thought to what may or may not be legal and what may or may not be necessary. but again, i think that if we're, if we're this concerned about coven and listen, i've had 4 shots myself. so it's not that i'm opposed personally to this boat. i am opposed to it is that we don't start talking about keeping other people who are drunk drivers, people who are part of intimate partner violence, those. and there are other things in society where we seem to be pretty lenient. the world health organization continues to stress that getting vaccinated is important. time is a vital tool and fighting the pandemic. most of the people in the hospital, any country you take, or any city are unvaccinated. so let's just remember that we have very good vaccines now and we need to use them. we need to vaccinate more people, buy this it from the theme and myself for tonight's facing for cross talking about in a few moments tie. my insurance almost will take the hot seat right here in the studio to guide you through. but unlikely, global use headlines join us again. then i own auto international
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with with you know, other shows are happy to report pleasant sounding lines. our politicians are constantly telling us, pleasant lies. i'm a show. we dare to delve into unpleasant truth. ah, [000:00:00;00] with


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