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ah ah, criminal negligence bass, how russia's foreign ministry is describing the work of some western journalists seeking to mislead the public into believing russia wants to invade ukraine. it's like continuous denials from officials in moscow. hollow side, thought openly calling for a di escalation, some nato member states on sending miss south and other weaponry to ukraine. the u . k. insists the arms are only for defensive purposes and posed no threat to russia . your promise? good would i have probably, you know, perform, would anybody what would happen us president joe biden says his job performance has been della. but the latest poll numbers indicate that the opposite examines the ups and downs of biden's 1st year in office. i'm gonna say it's not willing to
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host a migrant detention center for the u. k. as media reports claim the british government's is looking to decode illegal migrants to 3rd party countries in africa, particularly ghana and rwanda. with very well welcome. you're watching all t international with medicare. now, western journalists trying to convince the public that russia wants to invade neighboring ukraine are committing criminal negligence. that the view from moscow where officials have been strenuously denying those deceptive efforts by the media and the american establishment. it's amazing how american gen, lest speak was all certainty about russia's attack on ukraine and seemed to have never heard about nato expansion to the east or the obligations of western
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countries to the indivisibility of security. it is as if they did not know anything about the provocations of the key aversion and washington support. well, is this holy simplicity or impermissible? neva, t, i think it's criminal negligence will at media hysteria that maria's a horrible mentioned there has spread across the west like wildfire over the past several months and bite and seems to be just as captivated by this idea of some sort of russian invasion as his friends in the western media are who seemed to be in lock step with nato. at his 2nd major press conference since taking office, he said that vladimir putin is still calculating. he still waiting for his moment to take some sort of military action. and when does he think this invasion will be? well, with all of the might of the u. s. intelligence services at biden's disposal. he seems to think that it all hinges on putin having a bad morning one day. the only thing i'm counseling is that decision
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is totally soley, completely to decision. nobody else can make that decision. no, no school in practice. he's making that decision. he and i suspect it matters which side of the bed he gets up on the morning as to exactly what he's going to do. although the side though binding did not pull any punches when he was talking about threats against russia, he promised that there would be sanctioned the likes of which vladimir putin has never seen before. he confirmed that $600000000.00 worth of sophisticated military technology has been deployed to ukraine and other nato and nato countries in eastern europe. so, and that was all echoed by a number of republican lawmakers who said that biden should give prudent, bloody nose if he takes any action against ukraine. so we've got 2 sides here, both saying that they're looking for a diplomatic solution, but washington just seems to be disregarding all of russia's negotiating points. so
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i was just going on, what's the word from russia? well, these accusations of an eminence, russian invasion of ukraine. they've been going around for months now and time and time again. moscow has said that it's just a fantasy. they've said that, you know, russia has the right to move its own troops around in its own territory, and that should not be a threat to anyone. we stress, once again, russia is not going to attack in the practice of moving troops on our own soil is a sovereign right. we call for an end to the serious, so as not to pile on tensions around the down this problem. and most importantly, not to push hotheads in key of towards new provocations. now to make the whole situation even more tense intelligence services from the self proclaimed done yet the people's republic have said that ukraine is actually planning to attack and sabotage key points along the point. the front line, the line of conflict between a key of controlled territory and don boss and ukraine. so far there has not been any comment from kiev on these developments. but this combined with the west's attempts to stoke hysteria around and the legit russian attack. i mean,
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they're not doing anything for the escalations, a conflict there. and it's kind of the mid b west's efforts to weapon eyes ukraine. just recently, the us approved in nato plans to deploy anti tank missiles and other arms to force is near russia's borders. with the by did administration additionally planning to ship $200000000.00 worth of missiles, ammunition, and other equipment ukraine in the coming days. and it's not only the us doing the escalation, if it's in ukraine, bringing more lethal weapons. air force thought if the key of within the 7 large military aircraft, with where from ruth anti tank weapons on board,
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ukrainian officials don't hold back their excitement. this military assistance will strengthen our forces and increase our defense capabilities. i want to stress that we will only use these weapons for defense purposes to protect the critical infrastructure and civilians from any actions that may lead to escalation. royal air force bringing peace and stability to europe since the belgrade bombing or russia is hoping for. a breakthrough in upcoming talks with the u. s. in geneva on friday as their top diplomat seek to rein in the currently escalating tensions. oh that ukraine. we can now go live to constant in gary law, the head of the russian delegation for military security and ons controlled based in vienna. mr. gavin love is a great pleasure to have you on the program. thank you for joining us. i'd like to ask you, how would you assess the mood surrounding the talks on fridays talks with us
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good morning to anybody this morning to make it i think a. busy lot of work done, radiate, discussing these nations proposals in vienna in brussel and geneva, 1st of all in geneva. and that is not so inspiring. wheeler position to our partners and they're working, going to be waiting the reason responses from us and from nevada. and i said about yesterday in the rooms for security to go the wrench and the corporation meeting. the more is everybody expecting? i've seen the meeting minister to 2nd sibling will help to make progress in these negotiations. i think right? isn't, isn't ability of them many come side feel pretty way doing least
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negotiations. so you're optimistic that you want to make concessions. oh, go to missing all ready for the unforeseen developments. but whole for the mess. that's good to hear. well, you know, this comes off of the coming spokes person to meet your passcode. last week's i called last week's round of talks on successful new thing. there is no sense in negotiations without results. so you are expecting some breakthroughs this time. that's really good to hear, but it is all empty. everybody thinking good results. i think we'll go, but if nor is min securing security and we have fighting for the diplomatic waves and we don't lose hope to get complete results. do you believe that your
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delegation, facebook page was blocked by mistake or to them? they could have been more this move by the us networking site is not for the for the, for negation that page in there. but the company is the result. they explanations, they blocked a page, and the intervention of the journal is the minister of foreign affairs that establishing one of these facebook page 3, they've been explanation. just an explanation for being confident what they have, nothing had nothing to put their own. b, p d was related to the comment of the expressions. assessments regarding the security is nothing more and the same formation which
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is formed. but i didn't mention the mailing from the media center. decided suddenly the page, i think it's motivated, it's very, very much biased and it's necessary. we're ready or you can relations in our company to make them will be to the rule. so our country and to became broken into it. the valley is said that the count downs begun to getting a written us response to russian security demands. how long are you prepared to wait? is the question not much? not leaks. is the question over they put in the minutes?
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they said, we are ready to vote, we cannot make them to to go do little good negotiations on this issue. they say that maybe it comes and they come because they know these positions, we need it, we can just forms. i cannot. ready tell it what time, but it should be weeks and if you don't get it earlier, you mentioned other means may i ask what they are? if we see that if we are working on these, if not, we'll take what experts will advise you to do manage the experts really device to the president, to the chief of the country forward to secure russian interests. what is watches
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response to western threats of sanctions over be the lead plans to invade ukraine? the situation already many in the city. i tell you what happened to 900 century when the come. busy to the impediment i found that she gave a lunch to the very best in his residence in some pages book and also embarrassed to persuade him to move his troops from the board and managing the hungry wheel to do or to rush and border in bed or 2 or 4 mainly from the throne is to the best of the instead, that's what we'll do is exactly reflect the situation in the sections.
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how dangerous do you consider this ramp up of troops and military equipment by nato states going into ukraine? and how do you think russia can react to that we're trying to do this, you know, giving to evans to the ukraine, and it provokes conflict on the border on the border, visit us in that public system. they just can be from vacation, but they continue doing this. and during our conversation, i told them that the candidate only cranium went to us and they going in the wrong direction. and the rest of your brain can be collect at all. and it will be fair
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rep, told them, given it the level of extensive hysteria. and i suppose an invasion of ukraine. don't you think russia should be holding on plans? drills with bella. bruce, we have to do how cooling, how many times on we can make all the sizes, move the troops according to our international obligations. and now we get indicate a big rush of the plan for the conference . the briefing called the deputy minister of defense explaining what is the way to what they're doing and really nothing. we
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don't manage to. busy anybody, we're doing our training on our, everybody must understand. surely you must understand that any such moved by russia is going to be interpreted in the western media as something provocative is how we can interpret, send the weapons to ukraine, and better natal ranging the borders over russia empty. where on the mission, how should we consider that we are doing this? i just made it. that is to say this so knowledge and maybe doing on other july the candidates this is showing that it really depended missile is very high. they're making meaning that it's logical, it's normal, was your reaction to nato now declaring base
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a sphere of collective defense. meaning that we could respond, for example, russian would talk to the nato, stay south alive. i mean, clearly the question could yes, of course, and i'd like to know your reaction to nato declaring a space, a sphere of collective defense. i think they can, the able to think this influence in space and see instead of the national not regulating and it all the little regulating it's necessary to see i'm not in the space law but i think it's. ready getting ridiculous and obviously will be much better for everybody involved this tomorrow at the talks, an agreement can be reached that you know,
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but what the west be drumming up such fears of a russian invasion if it really did want this diplomatic solution. you know, they use these big relations and then through men to influence position. nothing more at all levels. it will, we don't in rate ukraine. we don't mean these now didn't believe making propaganda who to, to, to have negotiations positions before negotiations, bills. i think it's they accusing laming graduate never to think what can happen, but formative form. no, we don't do these, but they can be bro occasion on the board by agreeing in the forced to sit reading, writing to prevent doing to prevent such. it was said by everybody at all levels
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mess then they want us interests are served by this war mongering by what, while once, once the us, what is the aim? why is it some using all this provocative language? why is it accusing russia of planning and invasion? who was trying to achieve him better results than that to be opinion this. russia is the most the trying to do everything but just opposite name in the us doing their best to make patients do make a rush to react to these. but we don't do this and even a ukrainian politician said on wednesday that russian invasion rhetoric, well this is talk call this unnecessary panic, is,
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is not good for the ukrainian people. executive in many is the time is ukraine. the positive impact is ukrainian people and these are with drug describing russia, invade possible in that it says that it says that they make people think really think that this can happen in the family and they trying to calm down because economy. it's not in the best shape and not the better conditions. and i see that it isn't panic himself. these all these again makes the sizes. thank you so much for taking the time to speak to
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us today. it's a great pleasure conference in willow of head of the russian delegation for military security and arms control. here's hoping for positive results of the talks in geneva tomorrow. thank you, dave. moving on. it's been a year since jo bought and took office as america's president. and despite numerous problems on sagging approval ratings, he remains relatively beats claiming with mid term elections coming up that he's doing even better than expected. i don't leave the pulse, i didn't know or promise in, but i have probably upper form when anybody thought would happen that most americans don't seem to share biden's optimism about his management of the country . the recent pulse shows that most voters think the president has taken the us down the wrong path. richard becker of the anti will organisation. the honestly coalition. so he's one of the biden's biggest problems,
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is that so many of his meetings to seem to go nowhere near trying to today to prove somehow to people that he succeeded. and in fact, was the 1st year of this administration has been, has been crisis that through crisis. and those prices have not been south instead of reaching out to the public and trying to invoke popular support for the legislation. instead just repeatedly carried out these meetings. but led to nowhere. on c correspondent caleb moping takes a closer look at what's marked biden's 1st year in office. madame c. so as presented, joe biden was quite an honor to celebrate his 1st year in office. he and his vice president have been immortalized in wax. ah,
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pamela harris is the 1st vice president to go in with some joking that she was added simply because joe biden can't cope on his own. now they're hollywood smiles are recreated almost to realistically for some put them in the white house. it would have the same results or probably better. can we put them in the oval? they're about as useful as the real things outstanding job of capturing the likeness of both prison biden and vice chris and harris. historic because it's the 1st set of wax figures with the same amount of careers met and mental capacity as the real versions. so how did we get to this point? well, when joe biden 1st took off his mainstream media, talked about it like it was a fairy tale he was sweeping in to rescue us from the nightmare of donald trump, he was going to re unify the country president elect joe biden, and vice president harris told the grief and regret out of the privacy of our hearts, if just for a moment so that we all could share it. he's going today to,
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with the stroke of a pen, start to take real action on the challenges that are facing our country. and that's gonna be one of the 1st things he does when he walks into the oval office 12 months later. and mainstream u. s. media is now reporting on a very different atmosphere. the president will arrive in this room at a moment of national exhaustion and drained morale. as the crone of ours pandemic heads into a 3rd year. amid a sense, the events at home and abroad a cascading out of control. and the vicious ideological divides could to america appalled, and they're always holding joe biden speak to the fire, asking him tom west chance about important issues. or maybe not. i can answer more questions. give me a voice or do i, except now you're living there and you're president. it's been 4 weeks. what's it like you guys are bad? i'm not supposed to be answering all these questions was to leave americans. patient is running out the price of gasoline and food is rising. so as crime cove, it is raging out of control. the usa is longest. war ended in
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a chaotic disaster is pull out that made america the laughing stock of the world. the mean for dissing sleepy joe is let's go brandon, with some wondering if biden even gets the joke. yeah, i hope you guys have a wonderful christmas as well. but feel brandon, joe brand and i heard, or maybe he does know what it means. and then he just forgets every so often and then he remembers again with with no, no, no way to me. i'm asking you a question. i said is that accurate semester? you're not a,
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with the one that comes down on. thank you very much for your present. harris. mike took a virtual tour vaccination center in arizona. ah los angeles, and i one my daughter to long beach long reach. thank you a days you and are going to write yet another chapter in the beautiful story of the french mainstream media is suggesting just a year into his presidency that maybe biden shouldn't run again in 2024 summer. suggesting hillary clinton again, or maybe biden could add trumps arch enemy republican lose cheney to the ticket. a
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lot of biden's voters have turned against him. the 14 point shift to republicans that just took place around the country is the biggest on record. it's pretty safe to say that jo biden's 1st year in office hasn't gone so well for him. he's pretty unlikely to get his face added to mount rushmore anytime soon. that said, this is america, and he still gets 3 more years. caleb martin, r t new york the west african nation of gonna has completely rejected media reports that is considering hosting an offshore migrant detention center for the u . k. it being claimed that britain wants to deport illegal migrants to 3rd party countries in africa such as ghana and rolanda. u. k. newspapers reported details of a document dubbed operation dead meat, which contains among others, a measure supposedly being drawn up by u. k or thirties to send migrants to countries such as rwanda and gonna for processing and resettlement. garner has not engaged with the u. k. on any such plan
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and does not intend to consider any such operation in the future. a similar case took place 3 months ago when albanian and u. k. officials were came to be close to striking deal on a processing center without being authorities. likewise, dismissing the reports as being absolutely untrue this month alone, more than a 1000 migrates, are believed to have crossed the english channel from the e. u to british shores expected that this year the number will reach 65000. the u. k has been trading playing with france slave, the drastic rise in illegal migrant crossings, and 400 president, a monument crony 5th, the u. k. should create legal fe fruits to britain and an address to the european parliament. he said the issue won't be resolved if the u. k. doesn't ease its migration policies or the u. k. home secretary said early this week that the armed forces could take charge of operations to limit to migrant crossings in the channel . we discussed the situation with the u. k. independence parties fullness spokes
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person on immigration. he says that boris johnson's pledges on the issue are a bid to distract the public's attention away from the so called party gates scandal amid claims. he hosted boozy get togethers during a covey lockdown. this ridiculous idea. it's used, the navy, the british navy has been cut to the bone anyway. and its purpose is not to repel illegal immigrant boats. we are without countries like gone on to actually knowing about it, saying that we are going to transport our illegal immigrants over there. that rightly replying and telling us that they don't want them. this has been a problem ever since a into power back in 2019. theresa may was little bit week on this. she famously assigned to you and migration or show some has come out with big words, which is very convenient. the only now as the illegal immigrant crisis reaches
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a crescendo, and at the same time the recalls the bars johnson to go that this, these firm promises a being made. we've been full too many times by preaching, selling the conservatives. i'm not going to do anything about it. thanks for joining us there and i'll see international as always you can get in touch with as my follow guys on social media and legal, your comments that we see you again in session with join me every thursday on the alex summon sure, i'll be speaking to guess in the world politics? sport? business. i'm show business. i'll see you then. mm. yes ma'am. oh, oh, risky. in fact, will you elisa,
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