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tv   Keiser Report  RT  January 20, 2022 3:30pm-4:00pm EST

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republicans that just took place around the country is the biggest on record. it's pretty safe to say that jo biden's 1st year in office hasn't gone so well for him. he's pretty unlikely to get his face added to mount rushmore anytime soon. that sad, this is america, and he still gets 3 more years. caleb martin r t new york state seen for the cause a report in just a few moments time that we're back in often out with all the very latest global news headlines to join us again that ah ah hi max kaiser. this is the kaiser report. you know,
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other shows are happy to report. pleasant sounding lies. our politicians are constantly telling us. pleasant lies. i'm the show. we dare to delve into unpleasant truth. stacy, the truth is, honey badger. don't care. remember all the fight you heard on the mainstream news 1st about bitcoin boiling the oceans. well then that turned out to be fake. and we actually have headlines relating to how fake that is. but they also said that when china shut down, bitcoin mining operations, that this was the end of a coin, but those minors picked up and they moved to texas and then they moved to cows exten and then conflicts them had some turmoil over the past few weeks and that electric grid, internet grid went down for a while and they were like, oh my god, this is bud. well, you know, i hash rate has just hit a new all time high. and we saw a very interesting story at a costa rica. and this relates to both the hash rate and it relates to the energy
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for relating to bitcoin. hydro electric plant in costa rica is mining bitcoin. after i had to pause it's operation because the government stopped buying electricity. miners are looking for clean, cheap energy, and a stable internet connection. which coaster rica has plenty of. so this stranded energy located all around the world is being captured because of bitcoin. yeah. you know, humans have been around about 300000 years and it's been the same story for 300000 years to search for perfect money. that's the characteristic that defines humans and it makes us different than any other life form on planet earth. and big coin is perfect money and we see infinite demand for perfect money by humans. therefore, we're going to see the hash rate always. busy go up and we're gonna say energy
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efficient, all was get better. that's why in the country like about salvador, the economy is growing, is growing faster than has grown a decade. but the carbon footprint, even though their energy usage is going up, the carbon footprints going down. this is the same thing, a big coin. big coin is basically 51 percent attack on the global energy supply. it will dominate all energy globally. however, the carbon footprint of planner earth is going to go down because you're getting rid of the out money, which is a huge waste of carbon. the military industrial complex, a huge waste of carbon because bitcoin monetize is peace and love. and you, what you end up with is much more efficient economy. this has been our journey for 300000 years. we're finally getting to the point where humans are finally discovering who they are. so with the piano system based on a petro dollar, you've seen not only the extraordinary mis allocation of capital, which has caused all these boom and bust it is caused, that contingent can till an air class. i'm going to pronounce it not in the french way, because i'm not french, i'm american. so i'm going to say can't chilion air,
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right? oh, sake of all, i'm not going to say can called t no, no, no, no, the separable. so the fact is the mis allocation of capital and the missed opportunities, right? so bitcoin as you see it own it, it basically captures stranded energy stranded opportunity, stranded wealth, that stranded human resources around the world. and it's, it's a redistribution of opportunity and you know, potential for wealth. so j miss a lot about this article relating to costa rica using the hydro electric. i don't get alarmed if you hear dogs or something in the background because that's a natural thing that you happened to here in a coastal town like this in el salvador. i know some people might get scared if they hear like roosters and cows and dogs, but don't worry. but jamieson lop said about this costa rica story big quins hash rate will continue growing as more and more energy producers realised that the at
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work as a perfectly predictable energy buyer of last resort. right, the big coin energy usage is in the safe trouble. there i'll never ever be a time when the big coin networks not looking for more energy and it'll starved of energy. things like the money that will also start of energy, things like gold. i think people are just going to walk away from gold mining and they're going to use that energy to mind bitcoin. and that's how you get a lot of possession of gold. also, all of the many, many thousands of all coins out there will simply wither away and die because i was gonna spend any energy on those coin. people always talk about the market capitalization, the compare them between these coins. they look at the hash rate and the energy usage. there's big coin with over 90 percent of the energy usage and everything else is struggling to stay alive. so from that we're going to move on to what the queen is doing on the nation state level. again,
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kaiser report was the 1st to tell you about this. and you could have tuned in to the mainstream media and said, look at the last 10 years of content, you can find it on youtube and compare us to them to look what we were saying about bitcoin. back in 2011, 121314151617. 18. 19. and then, you know, they started to cover it in 2020. let's see. like what our conversation said versus what there is and what they were warning you about about big when they were saying bad things about bit going back in 2014, 151617181900. while we were telling you that it would be a game theory would go up to the nation state level and drive nation states to want to not only mind bit point, but accumulate the coin. al salvador is the 1st to do that. and here is what fidelity bank, one of the largest asset managers in the world, is not publicly listed. so maybe it doesn't get as much attention on the seo doesn't often go on those mainstream media shows. but the fact that there are massive bitcoin, i, you know, miners, and they've done
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a lot of research on bitcoin. and this is what they say about bitcoin gibbon by i think we're all, salvador said we also think that there is a very high stakes game theory at play here. whereby is bitcoin adoption increase? is that countries that secure some bitcoin to bay will be better off competitive lee than their peers. therefore, even if other countries do not believe in the investment thesis or adoption of bitcoin, they will be forced to acquire some as a form of insurance. in other words, a small cost can be paid today as a hedge, compared to a potentially much larger cost years in the future, we fair $4.00 wouldn't be surprised to see other sovereign nation states acquire
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bitcoin in 2022 and perhaps even see a central bank make an acquisition, right exactly. as we said 2 years ago, we call the global half war or a global half race. the game theoretical aspects of big coin would reach the nation state level. this was another huge fundamental reason to own big coin when at that time it was under 2000 a coin. of course we started talking about the coin. it was a dollar. but even a couple, 3 years ago it got down to below 30024000 coin. we were saying global hash wars coming. it's like the sputnik moment when the russia put up those put nick satellite america entered the space race g 7 countries got an answer, could be a nice day. it could be another g 7 country. they will start to do it. i'll salvador, did el salvador got the 1st mover advantage. countries in this region will take break coin on as legal, tighter around the world. a number goes a lot higher. right. and about this statement from fidelity and in relation to el
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salvador. this is what i tweeted, i'm being self referential here. but as my show and max's, we can do what we want. fidelity is one of the biggest asset managers in the world . they see what idiots fail to understand. first, mover advantage goes to el salvador game over for fee at game on for bitcoin. and i have a little boy quino, a moshi, and an el salvador flag. right, and you know, i laugh when i say big coin hers, who, by the fun of all the usual suspects slinging mud, that al salvador, for whatever reasons. and he got a few big coinage try me in like, oh, look lot, you see there's a problem there. if, if you believe that you're not a bit corner. okay. do you think that then go play in the ult phone market, go play with the theory and go play with dodge coin. okay. you don't understand
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bitcoin simple as that. a coin fixes everything and it, that's the thing is if, if you've got big quaint then it's, it's whatever your problems might be. it's going to be fixed real soon. it might not happen today might not happen tomorrow, but it will happen soon enough. certainly relative to other nations as fidelity, is even pointing out that all of the nations are going to have to accumulate bitcoin in some way as either today. while that eat that the ability to hedge is not only easier. there's some liquidity and availability of, of coins at this price. but you're, you'll have to do it either today when you can do it for a cheap price or to morrow. when you have to do it very expensive price. and alex glad seen, tweeted about the fidelity report. i agree with fidelity, of course, but still astonishing to read this on big coin adoption game theory and such a mainstream financial report just looked at kaiser port going back 10 years. i kind of guy the did all in a series called to the moon,
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and this is what we talked about for years and years and years, not just 2 years ago. we talked about it 5 years ago. we have a clips from 7 years ago where max is talking about the game theory built into the big wine protocol that it would draw in, not only the best mines in the individual sector, but then the corporate sector. and of course, the corporate sector came along 2 years ago with michael sailor. and he brought in the likes of pol, tutor, jones, and san druckman miller, all the best hedge funds in the world, all the best financial mines. and now we have no jeep could. we kelly of el salvador was the 1st leader to get bit coin, and he's brought big point to this nation. he's inspiring other nation states to do the same. they're looking at that. they need to get that the game theory means that they all will do it. now they have to do it. so who's the next one will find out soon, but every single country will have to accumulate bitcoin and fidelity agrees with us. yeah, i'm surprised out. glad state is surprised that you know, he's a great writer and but he has described bitcoin entrance into some countries as
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a trojan horse. but i would compare more to lady godiva. bitcoin is open source, it goes naked, open source, right through the front door. no trojan horse necessary. the people who are buying into it know exactly what they're doing. we're though exactly what we're doing and we know exactly what we've been saying. and we know exactly what's going to be happening. perfect money triumphs over all gold and figure out money and all coins full stop. just get it through. you're not right. and we, we do also know what we're doing. we're having an event, a live event here in l. zante bitcoin beach law, liberty todd, in el salvador on february 11th. and the thing is, i have to say, you know, as fidelity is pointing out, everybody's going to need to get a coin. so there are so many impostors of the 2 of us, but especially max guys are right now, including on instagram,
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it goes by max kaiser official. it's not max. but they are, they have tens of thousands of followers and they are defrauding everybody. so whatever you do, don't pay for any tickets to public events with us and because they're free and just be careful out there on social media because everybody wants their big coin, don't give it to them for free. good advice. well, we're going to take a break. going to come back, watch mark coming your way with gothic with other health wellness patsy ski to coordinate the debrief coupon and push and push it for her even though she somebody somebody from a few minutes ago. but it was 3 to what i still love with it. but adults, ah, medical me and boom, here's group. we're going to leave a little bit of your hope,
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all right, from what you will be with. you know, this was a world like it, but you rule for pretty whitaker live for mobile show for documents that are in your booth. ah welcome back to the kaiser record, i max kaiser time now to return to our conversation with alex mccloud of gold money dot com. welcome back lobby. nice to be with you know out there. there's one company in england that i always am fascinated by. that's the rolls royce, jet engine company. they make the most sophisticated manufacturing product in the world, i think a 70000 parts. and it seems like
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a microcosm maybe to discuss what's happening around the world. so is this company able to function tier knowledge, given supply chain issues and also and disruptions in the travel and leisure industry. but you know, i think it's good proxy. maybe i'm just guessing here. i thought of this just 20 seconds ago. but curious what your thoughts are. well, it's, it's interesting because i think a company like rolls royce has to carry a very good stock of spare parts. so i mean, they don't necessarily have quite the same problem as adjusting time. measure manufacturer. it seems to me to be pretty well run company they, they have to be, i mean the technology because they're just engines, you know, like wiki has got to be really the best. so yeah, i think they're ok. i mean interestingly, i thought you might pick up on the, on the other story, which is the other rolls royce, which is now and that's for, and i think effects phone and they were having a record. yeah. selling very,
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very expensive. most currently people in lockdown. they haven't been traveling, they've been spending money on extremely fancy, both cost anyway. that's been very well. okay, we'll pick up on that that. thank you. i think it's very interesting because it does show during this locked on period and incredible redistribution of wealth to the top. so the central banks have been fighting, quote, unquote, coven pandemic crisis with money printing. but as always, al serra distribution of that money never seems to get to where it's supposed to be going. it seems to get choked and cut off and aggregates in the hands of the people who are responsible to do the distribution. and they have gotten fabulously right, we've got, since the crisis began now several decor, billionaires, $100000000000.00 net worth or more, there's room, or that we may see the 1st trillion air. what about this problem that central banks and the economy? have they state that they are looking to stimulate by printing,
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but the money 1000 and get distributed? it just gets sit on the balance sheet of the same people and they go on by rolls royce motor cars and half a 1000000 or $5000000.00. a clip and it just goes on and on. yeah, i mean it and it inflates stock prices, it inflates everything except as you rightly point out, you know, the poor guy on main street who is trying to work for living. he misses out on this completely. and western that he finds that the purchasing power is wages is going down relative to prices. so yeah, i mean it's, it's, it's, it's, this transfer of wealth is not an even thing until the people who know how to benefit from is really to make a rich. and, you know, when you look back, what happened in germany, 923. there's a chap called hugo stennis who is known as the inflation king. he made an absolute auction out of inflation and that is what the rich basically do. post dennis died
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later on the operating table. unfortunately, i didn't get to draw it as well for too long, but yeah, i mean, the point you make is absolutely right. and we've seen it time and time again in the history of fit money inflation, right? it's called a speculative attack against a central bank, and we have going on right now. we have michael salary micro strategy who is borrowing effectively and 0 and buying bitcoin, which is a perfect inflation has. and he's made billions of dollars and less than 24 months . simply gaming the system and gaming the central banks. but let's talk a little bit more about car since around cars used car prices are up 37 percent last year. you know, i think about that famous show full and horses. what's the name of the show? i always forget only fools and horses early few and there's the character of del boy, you know, in this environment dell boy would be a multi millionaire ouster. yeah,
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i'm not quite sure. the 2nd hand car price story embrace is prolong robbins, which are, you know, for those who don't know the sort of pretty old fashioned 3 wheeler, which i wouldn't recommend to anyone. yeah, i think i think it, peter sellers drove that in some of the pink panther movies. but anyway, let's move on. i digress. let's talk about gold for a 2nd. so everything's going up. aluminum. copper, chin, old lego toys used cars to grandma's. all you know, tupperware set everything, everything's going up out there except gold. gold is actually going down. and this of course is a perennial question. what so why, why, why, what's wrong with the gold? apparently the basil requirements which are changing maybe this will give us some hope ouster. they're going to is this going to break the lid on goal? give us something to be helpful for ouster this. i mean,
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when it comes to the basel train that stable funding ratio regulations, the banks don't actually have to comply with it is just that if they ignore it, then the balance sheet is less efficient if you like. and you know, they make returns, obviously to the regulations and i think the answer is that there's no pressure for them to immediately comply with. with these, i mean, well, let the risk pressure to comply, they have to comply. but what i mean is they don't need to cut their positions immediately, saying they will reduce i think over time bumps the thing that's going to drive go, i think is something which nobody is ready looking at the moment. and that's is that, you know, we've got a, if you like an inflation crisis developing, people don't think it really is. yes, an inflation crisis. they say ok, it's going up and they probably believe of the central bank because the saying about it's being, you know, this is a temporary saying crowns. and i think it's the press. i mean, it's going to,
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it's going to become a lot more obvious what's going on. i think in the 1st months of this year. and i think the other thing is that, you know, people who would normally hedge against this thing and sort of think, you know what, all this money printing is not going to be a good thing in the long run. i mean, they don't bitcoin their, into the crypto currencies. so the 2nd is if, if, if all the investment money, which would go into gold in the stages, i think it's probably gone into, into crypto currency. so it's a number of factors, but we'll catch up and i think when it does, it could well do it with a bit of a bang. and of course the other thing is that. 3 we've got so many derivatives, i mean the derivative mark is basically, you can expand a contract, do what you want with this and use that as a means price control, not basically it has been happening, russia and china. i've been buying gold for years. big buyers are called that kind of a rush of kind of pull back,
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and i really not buying that much gold anymore. i'm or i don't know what the story is with china and meanwhile, you've got some looks like a new cold war. heating up with russia, the u. s. a lot of saber rattling there and then it would that help goal? well, i think there could come a point where, where it does a bit. but i would say that the problem is, is, is a monetary and currency one, i think actually put it in context. my colleague james took published a book from earlier this year called money and literacy, which actually describes what money is, what currency is more credited. and it's absolutely clear that money throughout history is always been go, metallic money go down. so, and if i'm to say something about sofa, i mean with all this being as they're trying to get away from fossil fuels and all the rest of it, i would have thought silver is gonna fantastic industrial potential on top of it.
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so monetary quality. so that's something which perhaps people to look at. but i think the other thing max is, it's a good price runs way and everybody's got time to sort of jump down on things i buy . by which i mean the politicians. there is the risk that they might try and stop aubrey. people buying gold, we can never forget what roosevelt did in 1033. this is the sort of thing politicians in desperation do. so i wouldn't rule out this sort of tussle. it's going to be a very interesting and potentially difficult. yeah. but i think anyone who hasn't got physical girl and i don't mean paper go is going to be the physical. i think i could find that they just can't get it at some stage. yeah, we have james park on recently talking about a new book. he claims you saw you on barrick street in london trying to sell your goal for some beanie babies. is that true? i'm afraid it's just
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a thank you for putting that to rest. all righty. so let's, let's continue on. i guess we have to visit the obligatory geopolitical question of rising tensions with the super powers. i mean, let me ask you this. it seems that you know, somebody with famous one said that train war late the currency war leads to hot, warm. and are we on the edge now of things getting a little hotter? well, yes, we are probably not quite in the way in which it appears at the moment. i think the sort of that chain of events that you describe, you know, the current state leading to a war, a rest of it. i think i would see the potential for civil strife within the european union because i think that the euro will destroy it. so i think the c, b is destroy the euro. and then you've got, you know, your germany in one side along with the netherlands and fin the luxembourg and the
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other side you got france who are in pretty bad shape as a death wise and also the pigs. and so i think the going to be a big, big split and that i think is going to be a problem when it comes to the relationship between russia and america. obviously, you know, the scoring every, the crane, i don't think russian wants to invade ukraine. i think what russia wants is a proper buffer between it and they say, and that's really what president bush is angling at. and i don't think the americans being very constructive in this problem. i think also is that europe in, in the middle and europe is so badly led. i just, you know, i mean, you don't know who the hell to talk to you. if you talk to new german chancellor, or do you talk to micro or who probably be out of office anyway fairly it,
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it is very, very difficult to know who to talk to. but what it means from the, from russia is point of view is that this is a divided block and he can benefit from that. so russia, i think, is likely to get closer and closer to your, your zone if you like. as a matter of policy and drive away between europe and america, so that i certainly see main mont, america and various others have been trying to step things up in covent storm. i understand there's a huge number of n g as in catholics time is quite quite a strawberry and that has jumped on very, very quickly. and that to me, if you like, is the new sort of thing that happens having withdrawn from afghanistan. so this is, i mean there's quite a lot, i think, happening under the hood as it were, but nothing the moment is getting out of control. all right, you mentioned russia 6 buffer between itself and made out that's an eminently
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reasonable position. one that i think should be looked at by both sides of the atlantic before we go, we've got about 20 seconds. last, i gotta ask you just a quick, you know, betting question. since i know you bread loved to make their bets 6 months time. well, bars, johnson still have a job. yes or no over number 10, downing street. i don't know. chelsea calling out. there you go. well al serra cloud thanks so much for being on kaiser report. my pleasure. max . okay, and that is going to do it for this edition of kaiser report with may max guys or, and stacy like to thank our gas out from a cloud of gold money dot com until next time via the me i
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l. look forward to talking to you all that technology should work for people. a robot must obey the orders given by human beings except where such order that conflict with the 1st law show your identification. we should be very careful about our personal intelligence at the point. obviously is to race trust, rather than fear i would like to take on various job with artificial intelligence. real summoning with a robot must protect his own existence with so called enhanced interrogation techniques used by the u. s. officials were basically designed as techniques to break down the human mind.
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if you force a human being to stay in a certain position doesn't take very long to the pain involved, to become absolutely excruciating, but nobody's lean finger on you. you are doing it to yourself. we started adopting those techniques when i was station in mosul, among them were stress, possession, sleep deprivation. and using i prefer me up. there's already beginning to be evidence that these old techniques are now being used on immigrant and children, whatever you do or more comes home. nobody has been held accountable for the torture that happened in the past and the moral authority, the made america leader sucker fudge. of the shimmer of effective interrogation with,
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ah, ah, the russian kovak, things v demonstrate strong protection against the recently moment. wrong trying not to go into a new italian study and also produces more antibodies than the price of job criminal negligence. that's how rushes for ministry. at least is describing the work of some working journalist seeking to mislead the public into believing russia wants to invite you, trying to spot continuous denials from officials in moscow. disturbing declassified video shows the seconds before us drone kill 10 afghan civilians, many of them children flying on the street and one of the most to puling incidents in the box to withdraw from the country for boys. no says he makes no apologies whatsoever.


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