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this is susan cook with blue, numerous usage. the blanca from his teacher was austin. this bernice wilkinson. good. ah, a useful meeting with a candid exchange of opinions at a critical moment. that is how the russian and u. s. foreign policy chiefs describe their talk to geneva, which come amid rising tensions over ukraine and nato expansion. we recently notified congress of our intent to deliver and 17 helicopters, white house announces it, sending military helicopters to ukraine just hours after de escalation talks with russia, other nato members are also ramping up weapon supplies to keep the functioning for the sports is enough to scroll through a couple of random pages, to be sure, none of the provisions stand up to any critical analysis. in many cases,
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it is simply a lie at the news conference after the talks are de la lashes out at u. s. officials and the mainstream media pushing pressure on proven claims against moscow . we will examine those claims, the sour broadcasting live director of studios and moscow. this is art international. i'm john thomas. certainly glad to have a witness. and now the top diplomats of russia and the united states have finished their security toxins, switzerland as tensions over ukraine remain high. washington is expected to provide moscow with a written response to the kremlin concerns next week. our team peter oliver reports now from geneva. it's all wrapped up here in geneva and we've now good a much clearer picture of exactly how both the us and russian side see these talks having gone. we heard from said again are for all the russian foreign minister who described them as useful and cons. roxanne we heard from antony blink in the u. s.
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secretary of state who said that they were frank and substances. we'll start with the russian foreign minister said gala for of low. he was 1st to give his press conference after the meeting wrapped up. he said that washington had promised to provide an answer in writing to security concerns that had been presented by moscow to their u. s. partners. now he said that these weren't just security concerns focusing on ukraine. they were for the wider european area. he said that the future of these talks would depend on the response from the united states there. but he said that the diplomatic doors pretty much remained open. it's worth pointing out, there was no major movement on any of the, the big sticking points during and these talk certainly what the are the representatives thief, a foreign minister in the, a secretary state had to say, there was no major air tectonic shifts in where the risk respective countries stand
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. what we did here though, from the russian foreign minister, as he addressed questions from the u. s. media with him say that there was no intention from moscow for them to invade ukraine at any time. why is russia doing this now? why do you feel that you need to make these troop deployments now, what really the security pastor of the u. s. a. nato really hasn't changed over the past couple of years. my store seemed to grow minute of because i think the u. s. state department should analyze the methods of cnn in regard to accuracy. you say we're going to attack ukraine despite our multiple explanations that we won't. but saying this will happen. you then asked why now, when do we not attack? it's a strange question. so we've caused repeated all fundamental point that never ending nato expansion to the east should be stopped. and nibbling, can repeated his position on the right to choose alliances. asked him how the u. s . plans to follow his obligation not to strengthen some on security at the expense of the security of others. he promised to explain the us position on and also,
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gala froze. press conference was followed up with one from us secretary of state anthony blinkin b us chief diplomat, saying that the diplomatic route remained open to finding a solution to the tension between russia on the west right now. he said that he received assurances from said de la, for all the router has no intention of invading ukraine at this moment. he said he'd received those assurances in the past as well, but that if the actions of russia didn't match up to that, then there would be a response from the united states and its allies and not response would be swift, severe, and united. he said that there will be a response from washington to those concerns that were voiced by moscow, and that response will be coming in the next week. he also said that there's ways and means available to take the heat out of the current situation. transparency, confidence, building measures, military exercises,
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arms control agreements. these are all things that we've actually done in the past . and that if address seriously, can i believe reduce tensions and address some of some of the concerns? well, the secretary of state also sketched out a potential timeline of where we could be going next. he said that once they've responded to moscow, he would expect that they would be further meetings at the foreign ministerial level, perhaps here in geneva. and if those meetings went well, that that could be another meeting between president putin and president buys and perhaps face to face, perhaps here in geneva, repeat of what we saw last year, which took place in this with safety. what we have seen though is a continuation, a willingness to continue the dialogue over these ongoing tensions between russia and the west. and the u. s. will now provide the am i 17 military helicopters to kiev. the announcement came just hours after top level security talks with russia,
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where the u. s. secretary of state claimed he wanted to de escalate tensions over ukraine. i would note that the united states has delivered more security assistance to ukraine in the last year than any point in history. these deliveries are ongoing, including today there's more deliveries coming. we recently notified congress of our 10 to deliver and 17 helicopters, just hours after this high level meeting. and already we have the united states increasing military aid to ukraine. and let's remember that if this meeting, we heard russia basically be urged by the united states to withdraw troops from its own soil. quite a situation now the helicopter is that the u. s. a is providing these helicopters are actually already in ukraine for maintenance. they're from the now defunct afghan army, and apparently the united states is going ahead and providing these military helicopters to ukraine. now it's also important to be aware of the fact that 3
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baltic states is donia, latvia and lithuania. have announced that they will be supplying lethal weapons to ukraine. this includes javelin anti tank guided missiles. they're going to be providing those to the ukraine. they'll be providing them with us support us approval. it's tanya nazi and the few ania and the allies of working together expeditiously to handle the security assistance to ukraine. this aid will further enhance ukraine's capability to defend its territory and population in case of possible russian aggression. but there is quite a rare among the united states and its allies. here we have germany, a long time important nato ally of the united states saying that they will not be allowing permits for the transport of weapons. there are estonian weapons based in germany, and they won't allow them to be transported to ukraine. and we actually have the chancellor of germany speaking up and saying germany does not approve of the
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sending of lethal weapons to ukraine. the federal government has had a clear stance regarding arms exports in recent years. we have not supported the export of lethal weapons from germany. now moscow still expects that the security concerns that they raise with washington should be addressed. but these current moves from the united states, increasing military escalation, are certainly not using tensions. informing us marine corps intelligence officer says the white house is bowing to domestic politicking by ramping up rush attendance. if you don't steadily, the weapons in the united states, that opens up joe biden to criticism from congress at a time when he needs congressional support for domestic programs. so what we're seeing here is the consequences of allowing your foreign policy, your national security policy, be hijacked by domestic little the fact that tony blinking is meeting with lab rob
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to discuss a diplomatic off ramp for the current crisis. at the same time, the united states is green lighting of the delivery of weapons for the sole purpose of killing russians, because you don't have deterrence unless you have a real capability, it's totally counterproductive and it undermines the american position when they say, you know, we won't allow nato to join for years. you don't need to worry about it. what's the difference between a ukraine that's a member of nato receiving western military aid and ukraine, who's not a member of nato receiving western military from the russia perspective, there is no difference ahead of the talks, the state department outlined what it cited as examples of russia disinformation and a report that presented the opinions as solid facts. it was published just a couple of hours before the talks. russia's foreign minister was critical of both the content and the timing. it's you my, you thought it was to present these documents, which the u. s. state department has of course prepare deliberately for today's
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meeting, a simply impossible to read. it's enough to scroll through a couple of random pages to be sure, none of the provisions stand up to any critical analysis. in many cases, it is simply a lie among the dubious claims in the report is that nato is not in circling russia with its military bases. it argued that the real problem is that russia is such a big country with moran. the story and commentary here is bernard, gas, jeff. well, over the past 24 hours, washington has launch something of a, of a p r offensive, or they, they've come out. and they've said that virtually are all the security concerns that russia has talked and talked about for 10 years for even longer than a decade. that all of that ease ease fiction. they've come up with, with a least the various things that russia has said that russia feels uncomfortable about who concerned about and explain why those points shouldn't be taken seriously
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. fiction rushes, deployment of combat forces is a mere reposition of troops on its own territory. fact deployed more than a $100000.00 russian troops, including battle hard uncovered forces and a festive weaponry, with no plausible innocuous explanation to the borders of a country that russia has previously invaded and still occupies in places is no mere troop rotation. it is a clear, renewed russian threat to ukraine sovereignty in territorial integrity. there is, of course, no mention of the fact that the russian troop buildup happen concurrently with the ukrainian to build up with the vase convoys of tags of artillery thesis. making their way towards the russian border towards easton ukraine and the conflict lines . the conflict lines there and the gist of that statement, for example, is that the united states is concerned with the russian troops moving inside russia . whereas, russia's concerned with troop from florida, from march,
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canada being sent half the world away, and stationed near russia as a you can understand where rushes coming from here. but there's a, there's a whole lot more where that came from. there are passages full of inhuman falls, heat, and stupidity. for example, they call fake mosque a statement that the re positioning of russian trips and russian territory means repositioning of russian troops on russian territory. brilliant. what is there more hair lies or illiteracy? i did not even want to deal with it. i know one thing for sure. this could only be published by the ministry of truth. similar situation would be, was her coming out and hysterically condemning a united states to build up in texas for example. there was, there were many other points such as another one, a fiction, or russian fiction is that nato is surrounding washer. and here they argue that, that no, it isn't. rush was a huge country with, with $1414.00 neighbors that
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a chairs, landlord, the women, and only fog, those a native states. well, if we look back 20 years, there was only one. then there were 3, then there were 5. and now with the essential potential ascension of, of george in ukraine in the future, i wrote about half of russia's, lambert, neighbors would be nato member states. so how can, how can you argue that nato isn't surrounding russia when, when you have the numbers right there, there was also another, another russian fiction, the new wouldn't promised russia that nater wouldn't expand it eastwards. this is, this is an outright lie. this is an in c, i a state department than european archives that yes they did. it's, it's in writing and a cia archives, for example. then director of the cia director robert gates said the gorbachev's had been promised, had been led to believe that nathan wouldn't expect this, but you had the james bake of the state department,
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the head of the state department, secretary of state back then a 3 times telling gorbachev's that they wouldn't move one inch eastward. you had a vendor of the then west german foreign minister asked either ginger saying that nato shouldn't expand east, but given assurances to russia, then the usaa, the, in the event of germany, re unifying that neither would movies. you have this in writing in rising lisa, archived memos, cables. nevertheless, there's this, as i say, much more in that list of russian fictions which a lot of questions about we ourselves here at our tea have even become the target of washington's accusations. with u. s. department alleging that the channel and fellow news outlets put nick, use disinformation to advance the cremeans at foreign policy. we got reaction from r t host and former british m p. george galloway. the timing of the launch of this
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report is naked, lay signed that that's part of our new propaganda offensive. but i have had the unpleasant task of reading all 33 pages of it, of the people that have lied to us over and over again. i'm now lying to us about ukraine and russia. there's market for it. there is an audience for it. but fewer and fewer people are believing these lies than ever before. thanks to the existence of r t. the existence of social media. people can find out the truth just with letting their fingers do the walking. more and more of them are americans are bristling over and eagerly awaited interview with the committee investigating the january 6 capitol hill right on friday. the committee was set to
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hear testimony from re epps in american, at the center of a much discussed conspiracy theory about suppose it f b i involvement and last year's protest, however, interview is yet to be made public, sparking plenty of mockery on line. hey, where's the re f hearing that's supposed to happens today? isn't right yet testifying in front of the sham committee to day effect the tv and can't find it. let me guess another hidden deposition that will be selectively leaks if you wanted to put ray ups. rumors and conspiracy theories to bed wouldn't a live broadcast of today's testimony. been a step in the right direction. just to remind you about this controversial case wraps was caught on camera before and on the day of the protest, inciting people to quote, go into the capital and was put on the f. b i most wanted list. however, his name was then dropped from that list, sparking conspiracy theories that he was working with the f b. i claim apps has repeatedly denied. meanwhile,
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the federal agency has remained at tight lipped on the matter. under intense questioning, the bureau briefly acknowledged that they were aware of him but declined to comment further. 2 who is re epps? i'm aware of the individual, sir. i don't have the specific background to him. on the night of january 5th, 2021 eps wandered around the crowd that had gathered. and there's video out there in canning tomorrow. we need to get into the capital into the capital. this was strange behavior, so strange that the crowd began chanting bed bed bed bed bed bed. miss sandra was out of bed. sir, i cannot answer that question. we spoke to bruce marx, who was a republican member of the pennsylvania state senate, who thinks it is too early to dismiss the fed man, conspiracy. f b. i could have determined that he wasn't involved. he did, he did nothing wrong. the 2nd answer is that he did something wrong,
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but he's cooperating, and therefore they don't need him to be on the list. and then the 3rd answer is of course that he could have been an f, b i, informant. and that whoever put him on the list didn't realize it at the time. in that once they realized that he was an f b i, informant. they removed him from the list right now that, that's just speculation. but it's possible the f b, i has used infiltrators in the past that joined organizations and, and encouraged to illegal activity. and i think it's a matter of concern, and that's why it's really important for the f b i and the department of justice to explain to the public whether mister epps was acting on behalf of the government or, or that it wasn't us house speaker nancy pelosi has been accused of a cynical you turn after she backed a ban on stock market trading by lawmakers despite her family topping the list of democrats, profiting from the much criticized practice. but critics note is she's hoping to
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divert growing anger, not officials, profiting from inside information by demanding that supreme court members are also banned from trading stocks. to give a blanket attitude, if we can't do this and we can't do that because we can't be trusted. i just don't buy into that, but if members want to do that, i'm ok with that. if we're saying everybody should be living by the same standard, then let so be it. that's okay with me. but i don't think that the court should be let off the hook. so i say when we go forward with anything, let's take the supreme court with us to have disclosure. plus his husband made more than $5000000.00 from a timely bed on google's parent company. just before house legislation seen as soft on big check was passed, nancy policies spokesperson insisted she had no knowledge of the transactions, but her husband's investment judgment has proven so uncanny over the years that many traders simply copy his picks to maximize profits. but now to senate democrats,
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i've proposed a bill to ban sitting members of congress from stock trading. yet a total director of the reactionary times new site says pelosi might publicly back the band, but politicians like her will never pass the legislation. i'm a fan of this proposed legislation. nancy pelosi herself is kind of flip flopped and been on both sides of this. i think it's because, you know, she's a politician and people are right now in favor of this unusual legislation. all these politicians can beat their chests and say that this is a good idea, was it comes down to the floor, they're never going to vote for it. it's completely unethical for members of congress to use the inside baseball that they have as it would be ignoring, you know, and foolish to not believe that they're not using the inside information that they already have to go ahead and profit on the stock market. members of congress have a direct effect on regulations and which all companies get to skirt certain
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regulations, which industry kind of get a push, you know, from the government in a little government subsidy asian. so you can kind of play the crystal ball in terms of the stock market. congress members have joined the public to blast the u. s. internal revenue services, new demand to use a 3rd party facial recognition app for tax returns with one congressman warning this is america, not china. the iris insists the i d dot me app is secure and won't be required for all services, but taxpayers point out clear potential for abuse and unsanctioned sharing with other government agencies breaking the i r s are now trying to require facial recognition to view your tax returns this is america, not china. you mean there is a problem with id theft for tax returns, but not for voting ballots. thank you sen,
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especially given what we know about the i r. s ability to share data with other federal agencies. i see the f, b i, d, e, a, et cetera. this is essentially creating mandated to us government facial recognition database that will inevitably be appeased, ban facial recognition, the host of the politics, politics, politics, podcast. told us the iris has a worrying record when it comes to data protection. the iris has had a problem and it's been a very, very serious problem in terms of data theft that it was way too easy to access somebody's back faxes that essentially gives away the golden goose in terms of somebody being able to impersonate you on line to the federal government has already done an extraordinarily poor job of securing our dated whether i d dot me remains a top to your vendor for which maintains their relationships with both states and federal governments. that is something that, that again,
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we do need to make sure that we keep a vigilant ion. but as for assurances, look, this is the internet. it is a dirty place and people can get pretty much whatever they want. if you are insecure and many of us are usa, vh and regulators have been forced to rush through new airport lending technology after top airlines warned of a catastrophe from interference by new 5 g mobile networks. after airline bosses said, 5 g networks could ground planes, the federal aviation administration approved new alternators that allow landings and low visibility conditions. major flag carriers from british airways to lufthansa ad already changed or canceled flights over the issue. because the proposed 5 g deployment involves a new combination of power levels, frequencies proximity to flight operations, and other factors. the f a will need to impose restrictions on flight operations using certain types of radar al to meet or equipment close to antennas. in 5 g
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networks, us pilot jason cornish says the aviation community is concerned about the issue. the aviation community thinks this is a huge problem, but basically because there is a potential degradation of safety if we're not confident that we can fly at a safe environment we want. and so it's going to lead to more cancellations than we've already. c 5, g is, is a lot of different countries around the world has already been implemented in and around airports. the difference that we're seeing in the international part is that the 5 g antennas are at different angles and using different power levels they do in the united states. and so when they're being turned on in the united states they're, that's was causing this interference. in your report has claimed that former pope benedict, the 16th failed to take action in 4 cases of alleged sexual abuse. while he was
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serving as archbishop of the german cities of munich and facing now, the study by a german law firm looked into cases of abuse between 945 and 2019. and how church officials handled them. according to the report, over 2 thirds of people investigated, turned out to be priests. the report also said that the former pope supported this latest inquiry but denied any wrong doing. we spoke with wilford phelan who says that he was a victim of sex abuse by the clergy during that period and he told us what he's been through the summer and it happened in the summer of 979. i was 11 years old back then pastor act served to st. andrews church and when he left us and groups of people started attacking me, they knew i was one of the reasons he left. we moved to another district of the town and in 1999, i began to be affected by my experiences. i could not work when i had dizziness. i could not drive or simply go out of the house. my whole family was suffering
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because of that. i started visiting doctors to find out what the problem was. and finally i got to see a psychotherapist. i told him the whole story and he said i had been through a really traumatic experience that triggered memories of all the abuse. i had experience. when i saw the pastor munich, he was standing among other pastor, smiling. i told myself, listen paraphilias disease. so he'll most likely keep going. he did is not the 1st time that senior catholic clergyman have been under the fire over alleged sexual abuse. numerous other cases have been reported in other german cities and also ireland in france as well. wilfred festival again says that after his letter, pope benedict changed punishment guidelines for clergy guilty of sex offences, but says that it's taken too long to happen. doug, i'm see what slides holes in 2006 in 2008. i sent an autonomous emails to the munich diocese. i wrote about my experiences with pastor acts when he was innocent . they ignored my letter in 2006. so i tried again in 2008 when abuse victims were
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demanding compensation for the 1st time. they then describe my letter as criminal blackmail, but it's clear that i hadn't been black mailing the church. those officials who came to me released i was a victim right away. they also realized they themselves had been used by the church . they were simply fooled by it. i was 1st of all concerned about justice because the pastor just went to another place when i was writing the letter. it was important to me to protect others in may. 2010. i wrote to pope benedict. i told him my whole story on may 21st. i got a response saying the pope would take care of it and he really did. but as we have seen, it took 2530 years for victim to open up and start talking about it. one is that, is it for me? i will be back to the headlines in about $32.00 and a half minutes. stay with us at internet. ah, no impossible form when everything started and all that needed to be done
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and such of need to believe in it before actually. and then even stuff expanding so where those equations come from and that hopefully the switch is all the contribution the science can. those is the earth's still large enough to satisfy the ambitions of jeff bezos. you know, it's got its tentacles in so many aspects of the economy. there's nothing that amazon isn't trying to get into to step by step. the amazon empire has extended its grip on the world that walks like a dog and quacks like a dog as a dog. ah, so amazon looks like monopoly trades like a monopoly makes money like monopoly behaves like, like amazon essentially controls the market place. it's not really a market is a private arena, a wild where a single company controls the distribution of all day. the products and the infrastructure of our economy is loose. the world,
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according to amazon. ah, 2021 has a game broken, an abysmal record. more than 17000000 hector as a forest have been destroyed by fire. and for the 1st time ever, smoke has drifted as far as the north pole, as recorded by satellite gothic wood by the f 150 feet of what man. the debrief you click on and push him, push it apart. he went to summer, but he met some incredible cumulus. got going to was 3. see what i still another problem. you started at the bible. you see what led me of these couple of wall medical near from here for very do you believe i will be with you? hope all is derived from what you are will be with you a phone or what, who i will report. number one, if i you why i would like to buy a prosper pretty weaker leah from a brush up scratch. mr. dina brewer them. russia has the largest number of
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preserved forrest in the world. however illegal deforestation, contraband forrest product, exports and wildfires of all across the country up to $13000000000.00 a year. and even worse, the loss of unique natural resources, old growth forest a yes. and when will not in your group, i will be at the menu in your group are which messed up. he has to be. you have to look up 3, you can the local number, which is why natural, you don't want good. it able promote bolts, good critics only to double cuz you must say and up to the school to with .


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