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but that's when you move to judge you belong to you from his teacher over the course was really just by. 6 the personal views that can cost you your job in the headlines here on r t, a german navy, admiral steps down off, respond to diplomatic route by publicly saying crimea is now a part of russia. meanwhile, a quote useful meeting with a kind of exchange of opinions at a critical moment. that's how the russian and u. s. foreign policy chief described around 2 of their talks in geneva this week, which do commonly rising tensions over ukraine and the issue of next over spanish. we recently notified congress of our intent to deliver and 17 helicopters off. the latest round of id escalation told the us joins all the nato member states and
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wrapping up supplies of weapons to keep all the while, telling russia to pull back its own troops on its own soil. and a bite of fact checking russia lusher, doubted us officials on the media pushing fresh unproven claims against ma scope published right ahead of those crucial security tool. the functional police. but it's enough to scroll through a couple of random pages to be sure, none of the provisions stand up to any critical analysis. in many cases, it's simply a lie. the what it's been such a busy week via worldwide headlines are naughty, is an optional that's highlight some of the top stories with the weekly. it does look like showing even the slightest support for russia these days can cost you dearly, particularly given the current political climate. a german navy chief has had to resign. after saying that, crimea is now a part of russia and the west should stop demonizing vladimir putin. you can
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imagine his words sparked a major diplomatic backlash. let's get more details now. here's all correspondent peter oliver, vice admiral k. r. him shown by caused big shocks on saturday evening, as he stood down from his role as chief of the german navy. it follows comments that he made about the russian president vladimir burton and the ongoing tensions between russia, ukraine and nato. following this fall out from what he said and everything revolving around it, he felt his position had become untenable. i have just asked the federal minister of defense to release me from my duties as inspector of the navy with immediate effect. the thoughtless comments i made in the neon security and military policy are increasingly weighing on my office in order to prevent further damage to the german navy. i consider this a necessary step. the federal minister has accepted my request when it all relates the comments that shown by made while he was in india speaking to
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a defense think tank. he was speaking about crimea, which he said would remain part of russia also about the russian president. vladimir burton, who he said only once, respect, and probably deserves respect, is falling pressure because he can do it is easy to give him the respect he needs. and corey also deserves the crimea. finance was, is gone. another come back. this is this effect once the video became public, there with outcry from sections of society saying they had shown by hand to go more than an embarrassment what the german maybe commander says he on the label, utterly unacceptable, that must be consequences. but this is not the position of german foreign office vice admiral playing down the russian sabre rattling. this is a shocking statement. this crimea was annexed by russia. it almost sounds like god blush for putting fire hand. a navy chief must not play his own foreign policy game
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in a crisis. clearly vice admiral shaunberger thought he was off the record, but he was also fundamentally wrong on prospects of appeasing russia. ukraine is also not happy with what has gone on. in fact, the foreign ministry in kiev is calling on germany to officially distance themselves from their fall, that navy chief and what he taught to say they saying that these comments went on to undermine the sovereignty of ukraine. the foreign minister there calling them on acceptable. but this is just the latest issue that we've seen very recently between kiev and berlin. just last week. there were problems over the fact that berlin doesn't want to send weapons into ukraine. also, germany has blocked the sale of stoney and weapons that were german made to ukraine . this su concerning the now former navy chief, just the latest and was becoming
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a growing number of problems. we spoke to john list and also thomas fast spend just a short time ago here on this sunday program, he told us what he thinks about the german vice our roles views on crimea. of course the, the leadership, the jump, political leadership and the media are concerned about the fact that within the rank and file of the government, of the army and among the population. there is this common sense understanding that crimea will remain within russia and that there is, there is this common understanding that whatever mister put in did over the last 20 years, whether it's against us so far as whether we like it or not. demand deserves a certain level of respect. so i would say, the fact that that provokes the anger was that this was not that he does not represent a solitary, an individual opinion here, but rather, why did you get it once you get this feeling over the last week,
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not only among the population there was always a strong consensus in terms of good relations with russia, but among the country leadership, the leading media, there are certain initiatives that say, well, let's not side too strongly here with one side in this conflict. and people understand that the ukraine is not the model democracy that we have to defend, that germany has to defend at all costs that this is, but by and large, an effort to project us power right up to the, to the russian border. and the extent to which germany wants to support such an effort by the u. s. g. politicians does not meet consensus here in this country. earlier in the week, the top diplomats of russia and the us held a 2nd round of security talks in switzerland. washington has now promised to provide moscow with a written response to the kremlin concerns next week. and just one moment, here are some of the key points of a 2nd round of talks. ah,
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not here, any reasoning, justifying the american position on the russian ukraine border. only concerns, concerns, concerns with bush and officials. i've never threatened ukrainians as a nation, not even once. president zalinski, who has been under the wing of our western colleagues who patronized encouraging any sorts of action publicly said that if any ukraine citizen regards himself and russian, we should get out of ukraine z regional for you who is the one making threats and what can these threats possibly lead to that is the big question, is we will not go back on the fundamental principles that we have are and that we are committed to defend. and one of those is a narrows opened, or russia has
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amassed very significant forces and ukraine's order and continues to do some 100000 troops. most recently, including forces deployed to beatrice. russia has addressed every concern which has been voiced, they admit that it's our own territory. was still say that there are too many troops and then immediately in the same sense. and they say that whatever americans are doing with their own fuels, ignore it. that work is none of our business. we do not claim any spheres of influence, but what nato is doing in regards to ukraine is clearly showing that the alliance sees it as a sphere of its own influence. it reflects the mentality of the west and community fully confident in its exceptionalism. they can do anything and the rest of us, only with them permission in yet another wave of accusations against russia. the
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british foreign office claim drove evidence of a plot to install a pro moscow government in key f, of course, is something that russia has slammed as nonsense. the misinformation spread by the british foreign office is more evidence that it is the nicer countries lead by the anglo saxons, thus escalating tensions around ukraine. we call on the british foreign office to stop provocative activities. stop spreading nonsense and concentrate on studying the history of the taught among will yoke. the british government has so far provided no evidence to back up its claim of a russian plot in ukraine. but london has a name, former ukrainian n p. you have any more than i have as a potential pro kremlin candidate. so he express surprise about that pointing out that he's actually been banned from russia since 2018. we have center a low request such as say to the british foreign officer, asking them to clarify the allegations. we'll let you know what kind of response we get from them. however, we can learn more. now with an age we'll correspond to a political risk consultant and lawyer joining us now live from the u. k. a very
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good afternoon. so it's great to have you on the program today. the british government claims it has a information that russia wants to install a pro kremlin leader in t as though there's no indication at all as to what this information actually is your thoughts on. well, my international thought goes through what is happening currently in the u. k or within the u. k. government, at the moment. we know that the britain left you some time ago and it's 6 for its place in the world. we know that the global brit britton project is a piece to be a fos. when we know the current, the, or is johnson, is, is having a very serious trouble. and in my opinion, what the british government is doing it, or what the broad british government is doing through the british intelligence is to finding, to see it's place within the u. s frame a framework to contain
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a russia and also we have to bear in mind that recently lease trust and also born ban wallace have gained the permission or received the invitation from a minister of russia. mister shaw agree? no. to meet with him in russia. so in this sense, it is more increasing is form a cup of tea and finding a way to being equal to united states or meaning the future of the ukrainian st. mr. uh, can i just jump in because i think what you're saying is that london is potentially using this as a distraction because just this week, a senior tories accused their own leadership of blackmailing m. p. 's trying to force bars johnson out of power. some might say that this so called information
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that london suddenly has about this pro kremlin a pro russia scheman key of is just a distraction. you're saying? yes, it's a distraction. yes, of course i agree with you. this is one. this is basically what i'm saying. it is a, it is a destruction. also we have to bear in mind at least trust is aiming to choose. so it's, it's, it's, it's, it's a big promotion and it's a big advantage. we'll have to go in february in one time through russia and portray house. so it's a totally read leader who can, you know, to talk to kremlin and to be put in this all the things within the tory party and national politics in the u. k. so yes, it is a district we're talking about list trust, who, who was recently did a bit of a p r photo opportunity of her being photos sitting on top of a tank to show strength and resilience in the face of russia. so called aggression
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. wanted to ask you rather conveniently, the ukranian ambassador to the u. k. has backed up this claim of our russian plot to install a puppet regime. so rather than actually having this information, mister cassandra, is it possible? the british government is just relaying what has been told by kiev, perhaps. i'm not sure this is really what the government is key of is saying, because the key of government is an open government. in my opinion, i. well, i was myself in 2000 and a 2014 in the ukraine. i was you know, seeing the a revolution with my own eyes. i was preparing a very large report for the house of lords. and we knew that miss the younger coverage was ousted by having the same i miss them. right? saying that we shouldn't divide ukraine between pro western or pro eastern the country. could it could be live in peace by seeking or having an advantage by
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trading and dealing with europe and russia of western powers, united states, and united kingdom. they won't complete a subordination of the powers which are installed in and ukraine to be pro weston and neglecting to the soviet heritage. so i think that until the west will press ukraine to all the governments in ukraine to be only pro western. we will have this division because ukraine use for both russian and european. and we have to understand the call to me within the pulse as the communist will also be a nation of mars. i'm sorry to jump in, but i think it's really interesting. you said you with that, my dad, during the 2014 revolution that alluded to was basically that of a, a case of us back regime change where they want to talk about color revolutions or arab springs. these are just straight out of langley's playbook. regardless of that,
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the situation right now in ukraine, what is the best way? and i've only got 30 seconds for you here, a trail. what is the best way to de escalate the situation with ukraine right now? but in order to de escalate, the situation is that when the western governments will come to the conclusion that the best and all the way to move forward is to force or somehow convince ukrainian government to comply with that means agreement. we know that the korean government is not comply with the means agreement, and they said the rustling, trying to portray russia as a villain. but this is not the truth. we have to bear in mind that this is about the national security of the country, which is surrounded by nato basis and foreign post countries. the question is, what would you k o united states do if russia would send or try to change the regime in latin america?
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for instance, in mexico, in canada, they would go ballistic. so i don't blame russia about answering your question in order to desolate the situation. is simply to comply with the means agreement, thus it duffle, adrian christ onto political risk consultant on lawyer joining us from the u. k. it's been a pleasure. thank you very much. likewise, thank you very much. well, it's not only the u. k, which moscow believes as bog down in so called fake news. just hours ahead of this week, security talks, the us state department outlined what it cited as examples of russia and disinformation. rushes for administer was critical of both the content, but perhaps more importantly, it's timing it to my you got it. but these documents which the u. s. department has of course prepare deliberately for today's meeting. a simply impossible to read it off to scroll through a couple of random pages to be sure, none of the provisions stand up to any critical analysis. in many cases,
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it is simply a lie and response. russia has drawn up its own fact checking list and accused washington of a so called toxic campaign against russia were let's have a look at both sides of the argument with autism or ad guest. if you may have seen this list, a fantastic expo say of russian fiction, that's a good read, bold print and a world painted in black and white. simplified, pre digested and regurgitated russians. bad americans good later, does not encircle russia. nato enlargement is not directed against russia. over the last 20 years old nato coalition potential has been amassed on its eastern flank. the loss is expansion towards russian borders is accompanied by the creation earned modernization of military infrastructure. russia has 60 neighbors in the
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ninety's. only one of those was a nato state. that it became to poland joined, then it became 5 with ukraine and ga, potentially joining. that would be 7 with all the perks that carries like us bases and troops. pray tell how is that not the dictionary definition of encirclement? russia is uses statements from high level officials as well as disinformation and propaganda outlets to intentionally spread outright falsehoods, to attempt to create a pretext for military action. we all know how the u. s. uses differ information to create a pretext for invading independent states. the irony seems lost entirely on the us state department. we still remember collin bow right. sodom, who shane has not. verifiably accounted for even one teaspoonful of this deadly material. the chief of the state department. whether of all around 2 decades
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ago, lying to the world, about saddam's weapons of mass destruction. and setting the stage for the invasion of iraq, which killed an estimated half a 1000000 people. because i don't believe that russia has come close to that level of misinformation. there are no credible reports of any ethnic russians or russia. speakers been under threats from the ukrainian government violations of the right self. the multi 1000000 russian speaking population in ukraine have reached an enormous level. the government wps discriminatory laws on language education and so called indigenous peoples driving the russian language. out of all the spheres of life, ukraine is not that democratic paradise. the washington portrays it to be and is one of the most corrupt countries in the world, say various reports,
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a country where the leaders of the 2 biggest opposition parties are right now, being prosecuted and persecuted, a say to keep them out of power. a country where opposition media has been forced to shut down one after the other or tact without any sort of international reaction . ethnic russians are no longer recognized as native residents. the russian language, the native language of a 3rd of the ukrainian population. as now forbidden and schools and government in coffee shops in supermarkets. yes, russians in ukraine are very much the de finish it of persecuted. nature never promised not to admit new members. on the 9th of february 1990 u. s. secretary of state james baker said, during the meeting with the soviet foreign minister, edward shall not say about the ironclad guarantees that nato jurisdictions and
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military units won't move an inch eastwood. it's a sorry world where, where russians know what the state department said better than the state department . the shame, the director of the cia robert gates famously warned against the expansion of nato because and i quote, gorbachev's and others were led to believe that that wouldn't happen. west german foreign minister had viewed the getting ship and i quote, this is to a large crowd. nato should rule out any expansion of its territory towards the east moving it closer to the soviet borders. i have much more just not enough todd, but it is remarkable how a document that sets out to fight russia this information bays in box in so many lies of it. so as a u. s. calls for russia to pull back as troops from the ukranian border,
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the 1st shipment of washington's 200000000 dollar military aid package arriving here on saturday. i would note that the united states has delivered more security assistance to ukraine in the last year than any point in history. these deliveries are ongoing, including today there's more deliveries coming. we recently notified congress of our 10 to deliver and 17 helicopters, other nato members, including estonia, latvia and lithuania, have all pledged to send lethal weapons to strengthen ukraine's ability to defend itself in the event of a russian invasion. what russia denies all the allegations about planning any kind of military offensive in time germany doesn't support sending weapons to ukraine, saying it won't help to defuse the crisis. but now kia accused by lynn of undermining the unity between nato allies and of encouraging putin so called invasion. however, germany claims alms export to ukraine will only push tensions higher. the federal
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government has had a clear stance regarding arms exports in recent years. we have not supported the export of lethal weapons from germany. meanwhile, local authorities in the self proclaimed on yet script public claim around $120000.00 ukrainian soldiers have now gathered on the border of civilians. and the waterloo region have been living in fear for more than 7 years already. and now it seems that life might even be at great risk due to the good lading tensions. well, we discussed all of this with a former us marine corps intelligence officer, scott ritter. he believes washington's alms exports. the ukraine are not only counter productive, but at the end of the day, the clearly undermined security if you don't leave the weapons in the united states . that opens up joe biden to criticism from congress at a time when he needs regression support for domestic programs. so, you know, we're, we're seeing here is the consequences of allowing your foreign policy, your national security policy to be hijacked, by domestic little concern. the fact that tony blinking his meeting with lab rob to
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discuss a diplomatic off ramp for the current crisis. at the same time, the united states is green lighting of the delivery of weapons for the sole purpose of killing russians. because you don't have deterrence, unless you have a real capability, it's totally counterproductive and it undermines the american position when they say, you know, we won't allow nato to join for years. you don't need to worry about what's the difference between a ukraine that's a member of nato receiving western military aid and ukraine, who's not a member of nato receiving western military from the restaurant perspective. there's no difference. ah, well that's, you know, led up to the public anger in europe over red lent, las covey restrictions right now. there's a huge march underweight in brussels. ah, the picture's done entirely to
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a josh just as we understand those thousands of people in our gathering in the city center where there's a heavy security presence. many a voice in their fury over a vaccine mandate, which the belgian government is considering. a ride police resorted to a harsh crowd control tactics, firing chia gas among other things to clear the streets. so thought no injuries reported though we are keeping track on developments in brussels, we will keep you up dated. so the government dec considering introducing vaccine mandates as the government in england has well gotten rid of all covered restrictions. could that be the catalyst to start a snowball effect? we'll just have to wait and see. for the meantime, your weekly returns to the top. ah, by the end i make no certainly no borders and just to nationalities.
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and you guys as a merge, we don't have authority. we don't have a vaccine. the whole world leads to take action and be ready. people are judgment, common crisis with we can do better, we should be doing better. every one is contributing each in their own way. but we also know that this crisis will not go on forever. the challenge is great to response has been massive. so many good people are helping us. it makes us feel very proud that we're in it together with ah
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ah, your may i am i? yes, stuart as it is she is. i am now. alyssa, typical, there is only 9, but already a university student. she could well be the most famous and talked about child in russia. now i bring him for him. lisa's brothers and sisters are way ahead in their studies too. so might even try to get into university earlier.
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my daughter was only one when they took like offset the names. i had to wonder if give to children with a product, a very early studies, or just had a natural gift coach. you should you teach chemistry to a 4 year old and what about other people who has kids were so far ahead of other children their age? are they more successful now? to seek an answer? i met some child prodigy and adults who had been described as prodigies. don't local, choose snable goals and put on here. but the actual thorn with select vehicles for under sean freedom, which is questioning to difficult when is the sketch putting them unit ok and you only thought give that away means national robot if as everything in fact keep that but it seems a new much but when the lithium lip developing glass doors to deal with or getting it started with his teacher or was also reason is balise them every corner because they pick
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ah, it's a block of have 7 children. so getting them old rice, they're ready to go for a walk. is a challenge, they don't use babysitters or ask the grandparents to help and their kids are all being home schooled. elisa is already a university time del passed his year 9 tests at 75 year old laya has finished 4th grade at for sarah is just getting ready for school. i love it too. i've already learned to read for a learn to say, who's the youngest or the only to not get break in any records. but she was in your mind, shit, in the something that of i just have to double you should that he was, are snow. charlotte, thomas thought israel ne, with your senior thought would have been, can you much, but for middle, when it comes down to somebody at your school and your most wasted luggage to mackenzie, what im had told you not to get somebody doors need it honestly to assist you with
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the shipping methods, you at no cost to ship the typical office don't believe that some children are born gifted. they think that any child's intelligence can and should be developed as early as possible. that's why they've developed their own accelerated teaching method, mr. to play golf says they have enough material to write to duck tauriel theses. don't want it. yes, yes. i yes me. i didn't really look, we're screaming for will. there are methods have proved so successful that even the lease his mother sometimes doesn't understand her architect. can you always, you know, go edward for valerie no fraud? yeah. good. i feel was more like a brokerage official put a marker kid from dc. i wanted to remind you the wrong and learn. yeah, those i'd love. would you allow me to discuss valadez dillard, which i'm looking for bell? fuck, or let me when pray, ease senior probation of bill as i've been gone. you thought valuable as that they're going to use gauge in florida, film these little j u. s. important. think you're george form you.


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