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tv   News  RT  January 23, 2022 9:00pm-9:31pm EST

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really, i'm getting to this is, i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very critical of time to sit down and talk with the head of germany's navy dead down after stating that crimea would remain parts of russia, sparking a diplomatic route, russia lashes out to us officials on the media of pushing on proven claims against moscow, published just before friday, security talk with the school through a couple of random pages to be sure, none of the provisions stand up to any critical analysis. in many cases, it is simply aligned with chaos in the heart of europe,
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the 5th standoff unfolds in brussels is i'm good. boils over against coven restrictions and government plans vaccine mandate with welcome to the weekly here on our team, the national. my name is peter scott. and thank you for joining now, the u. s. embassy in care who's authorized the voluntary departure staff and ordered the departure family members, washington sides. russian military action is the reason for the move. we stressed that the authorized order departure decision will in no way impact our commitment to finding a diplomatic solution to rushes deeply troubling build up of forces in and around ukraine. we emphasize that russia put us on the current path, while the united states continues to pursue the path of dialogue and diplomacy. if russia chooses escalation and massive consequences due to significant military action against ukraine,
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the current unpredictable security conditions could deteriorate with little notice . washington's decision comes with the us and russia remaining at loggerheads after high stakes talks in geneva of ukraine, nate, so unsecure, to guarantee the russia. now, russia has repeatedly states that it has no plans to invade ukraine. moscow says the u. s. is using ukraine as an instrument for pushing their own interest in the region and destabilizing the situation. while we discuss that situation with a former pentagon security, now this michael maloof, the united states is escalating this situation by the minute. this is all part of a disinformation campaign to heighten the tensions in order to cast ro, russia as bad, and the united states as good. and then i just don't understand. and nor have i here heard rather from the united states government. what the national security imperative is for ukraine. how does ukraine affect us national security?
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and nobody in this administration is willing to answer that. plus the united states is not willing to address many of the concerns, legitimate concerns that moscow has laid out in the, in its to written documents. what the united states is doing in ukraine now will clearly escalate into something that's going to be untenable. and it's going to create tremendous tensions around the world for quite some time to come. well, as the u. s. calls so russia to pull back his troops on the ukrainian border. the 1st shipment of washington's $200000000.00 military aid package arrived in care of on saturday. i will note that the united states is delivered more security assistance to ukraine in the last year than any point in history. these deliveries are ongoing, including today there's more deliveries coming. we recently notified congress of our intent to deliver and 17 helicopters of the nato members, estonia,
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latvia in lithuania, have pledged to send more lethal weapons to strengthen ukraine's ability to defend itself. in case of a russian invasion, russia has repeatedly denied planning any kind of military offensive. germany meanwhile, doesn't support sending weapons to ukraine, saying it's will not help defuse the crisis. in response, key of accused berlin of undermining the unity between nato allies, even going as far as the accused germany of encouraging an invasion. well, berlin claims arms x force will only push tensions higher. the federal government has had a clear stance regarding arms exports in recent years. we have not supported the export of lethal weapons from germany. meanwhile, local authorities in the self proclaimed done yet republic claim around to $120000.00 ukrainian soldiers have gathered along the border. civilians in the war torn region have been living in fear for more than 7 years already. and now it seems, there lies, might be its even greater risk due to the escalating tensions former us marine
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corps intelligence officer, scott ritter believes washington's arms exposed to ukraine a counterproductive and undermined security. if you don't leave a weapons in the united states, that opens up joe biden to criticism from congress at a time when he needs congressional support for domestic programs. so where we're seeing here is the consequences of allowing your foreign policy, your national security policy, would be hijacked by domestic little the fact that tony blinking his meeting with lab rob to discuss a diplomatic off ramp for the current crisis. at the same time, the united states is green lighting of the delivery of weapons for the sole purpose of killing russians, because you don't have deterrence unless you have a real capability, it's totally counterproductive and it undermines the american position when they say, you know, we won't allow nato to join for years. you don't need to worry about it. what's the
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difference between a ukraine that's a member of nato receiving western military aid and ukraine, who's not a member of nato receiving western military from the russia perspective, there is no difference. and looks like showing even the slightest support for russia can cause you daily, given the current political climate. germany's navy chief has had to resign. after saying crimea is now part of russia, and that the western stop demonizing body may proof in, with his words spots a major diplomatic backlash or europe correspondent pizza. oliver picks up the story. vice admiral k. r. him shown by caused big shocks on saturday evening, as he stood down from his role as chief of the german navy. it follows comments that he made about the russian president vladimir burton and the ongoing tensions between russia, ukraine and nato. following this fall out from what he said and everything
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revolving around it, he felt his position had become untenable. i have just asked the federal minister of defense to release me from my duties as inspector of the navy with immediate effect. the thoughtless comments i made in a neon security and military policy are increasingly weighing on my office in order to prevent further damage to the german navy. i consider this a necessary step. the federal minister has accepted my request. well, it all relates the comments that shown by made while he was in india speaking to a defense think tank. he was speaking about crimea, which he said would remain part of russia also about the russian president, vladimir burton, who he said only wants respect and probably deserves respect. is falling pressure because he can do it is easy to give him the respect he, you pass and also his us economy. appearance was not to commit. this is the fact once the video became public,
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therewith outcry from sections of society, saying they had shown by hand to go more than an embarrassment what the german maybe commander says he on the label, utterly unacceptable, that must be consequences. but this is not the position of german foreign office vice admiral playing down the russian sabre rattling. this is a shocking statement since crimea was annexed by russia. it almost sounds like god, blood for putting fire hen and navy chief must not play his own foreign policy. game in a crisis. clearly vice admiral shamrock thought he was off the record, but he was also fundamentally wrong on prospects of appeasing russia. ukraine is also not happy with what has gone on. in fact, the foreign ministry in t f is calling on germany to officially distance themselves from their fall. that navy chief and what he taught to say they saying that these comments went on to undermine the sovereignty of ukraine. the foreign minister there calling them on
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acceptable. but this is just the latest issue that we've seen very recently between kiev and berlin just last week. there were problems over the fact that berlin doesn't want to send weapons into ukraine. also, germany has blocked the sale of a stony and weapons that were german made to ukraine. this su concerning the now former navy chief, just the latest and was becoming a growing number of problems. when we spoke the journalist and also thomas fuss bend, who shared his view about the german vice admiral's comment from crimea? of course, the year, the leadership, the john political leadership and the media are concerned about the fact that within the rank and file of the government, of the army and among the population, there is this common sense understanding that crimea will remain within russia and that there is there is this common understanding that whatever mister put in did
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over the last 20 years, or whether it's against us or, or for us, whether we like it or not in the man, deserves a certain level of respect. so i would say the fact that, that the provoke the anger was that this was not that he does not represent a solitary and individual opinion here. but rather why did distributed one that you get this feeling over the last weeks, not only among the population. there was always a strong consensus in terms of good relations with russia, but among the countries leadership, the leading media that there are certain initiatives that say, well, it's not the site too strongly here with one side in this conflict. and people understand that the ukraine is not the model democracy that we have to defend, that germany has to defend at all costs that this is but a by and large, an effort to project u. s. power, right up to the, to the russian border. and the extent to which germany wants to support such an
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effort by the you as you politicians does not meet consensus here in this country. and yet another wave of accusations against russia, the british foreign officer, said he's got evidence of a plot to install a pro moscow government's in care of. while russia hit bike slamming the claim as nonsense. the misinformation spread by the british foreign office is more evidence that it is the nato countries lead by the anglo saxons, thus escalating tensions around ukraine. we call in the british for office to stop provocative activities. stop spreading nonsense and concentrate on studying the history of the thomas will yoke. the british government for so far provided no evidence to back up its claim of a russian plot in ukraine. but london has named for me ukrainian and p if guinea more i have as a potential pro kremlin candidates, he seems pretty surprised by that pointing out that he's actually been banned from russia since 2018 r. c sent a request to the british foreign office, asking them to clarify the allegations. we also thought our drill cassandra,
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a political risk consultant and lawyer. and he says the allegations stem from london's own political crisis. brittle less you sometime ago, and it's 6 for its place in the world. we know that the global writ written project appears to be a foss, when we know that the current, the, or is johnson, is having a very serious trouble. and in my opinion, what the british government is doing through the british intelligence is to, i mean, to say it's place within the u. s. framework to contain russia. also, we have to bear in mind, at least trust is aiming to step into boys. johnson shoes is a big advantage. we'll have to go in february and one more time to russia and portray her so as a totally read leader who can, you know,
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stood up to kremlin them to put in. so this all the politics within the tory party and national politics in the u. k. so yes, it is a distraction on this, not only the u. k that moscow believes is bogged down in fake news. just hours ahead of security talks on friday, the u. s. state department outlined what is cited as examples of russian disinformation rushes. foreign minister was critical of both the content and its timing it to my you concluded rosenberger. these documents which the u. s. state department has of course prepare deliberately for today's meeting. a simply impossible to read. it's enough to scroll through a couple of random pages to be sure, none of the provision stand up to any critical analysis. in many cases, it is simply a lie. in response, russia has drawn up its own fight checking lists and accused washington of a toxic campaign against russia. artes mod gasdio has been comparing the 2 stances
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. you may have seen this list a hand tastic expos, a of russian fiction. that's a good read, bold print and a world painted in black and white. simplified, pre digested and regurgitated russians. bad moroccans, good liter does not in circle russia. nato enlargement is not directed against russia. over the last 20 years old nato coalition potential has been a mass on its eastern flank. the lances expansion towards russian borders is accompanied by the creation earned modernization of military infrastructure. russia has 16 neighbors in the ninety's. only one of those was the nato state. that it became to poland joint, then it became 5 with ukraine and ga, potentially joining. that would be 7 with all the perks that carries like us bases
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and troops. pray tell how with that not the dictionary definition of encirclement. russia uses statements from high level officials, as well as disinformation and propaganda outlets to intentionally spread outright falsehoods, to attempt to create a pretext for military action. we all know how the u. s. uses differ information to create a pretext for invading independent states. the irony seems lost entirely on the us state department. we still remember collin bow, right. sadam. hussein has not verifiably accounted for even one teaspoonful of this deadly material. the chief of the state department wedding of all around 2 decades ago. lying to the world about saddam's weapons of mass destruction and setting the stage for the invasion of iraq, which killed an estimated half
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a 1000000 people. because i don't believe that russia has come close to that level of misinformation. there are no credible reports of any ethnic russians or russia. speakers been under threats from the ukrainian government violations of the right self. the multi 1000000 russian speaking population in ukraine have reached an enormous level. the government wps discriminatory laws on language education and so called indigenous peoples driving the russian language. out of all the spheres of life, ukraine is not that democratic paradise. the washington portrays it to be and is one of the most corrupt countries in the world, say various reports, a country where the leaders of the 2 biggest opposition parties are right now, being prosecuted and persecuted, a say to keep them out of power. a country where opposition media has been forced
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to shut down one after the other or tact without any sort of international reaction . ethnic russians are no longer recognized as native residence. the russian language, the native language of a 3rd of the ukrainian population. as now forbidden and schools and governments in coffee shops in supermarkets. yes, russians in ukraine are very much the de finish it of persecuted. nato never promised not to admit new members. on the 9th of february 1990 u. s. secretary of state, james baker said, during the meeting with the soviet foreign minister, edward shivered. not say about the ironclad guarantees that nato jurisdictions and military units won't move an inch eastward. it's a sorry world where, where russians know what the state department said better than the state department
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. the shame, the director of the cia robert gates famously warned against the expansion of nato because and i quote, gorbachev's and others were led to believe that that wouldn't happen. west german, foreign minister hantz d 3 again, shit. and i quote, this is to a large crowd, nato should rule out any expansion of its territory towards the east, moving it closer to the soviet borders. i have much more just not enough time, but it is remarkable how a document that sets out a fight rush and this information bathes and basks in so many lies of its own will. archie has also become a targets of u. s. accusations. the state department has released to report insisting that this channel and fellow news outlet. sputnik used disinformation, instead of supporting mainstream narratives. the reports even accuses russian media
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portray ukraine as a nazi states. and so back that's up in mentions an article written for artsy by historian paul robinson. here's what that article actually says. the problem here is not that the government is a fascist johnson. that is clearly an enormous exaggeration. despite restrictions on the use of the russian language and the recent repression of some anti government meter and personalities, ukraine remains arose, be free and open society. it's not remotely fascist. an article i wrote in which i actually say that the idea about ukrainian government is fascist, is an enormous exaggeration. and ukraine is not remotely fashion this, specifically what i say in the article. and yet this article is linked to in this state department report as evidence by r t is spreading the false narrative that ukraine is a fascist state or is the article in facts as the,
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the direct opposite. and then was more of a similar sort of fo, statements on the next page about something else. the story about a boy who was killed in a rebel occupied dumbass and the russian press reported bad time. he'd been killed by ukrainian drone. the state department report says that the o s. c. investigated and stated that the boy was not killed by a drug and event provides a link to the o. s c e report. but when you go to and can read what the o s c said, this does not say that the boy was not killed by a drug. it's simply states that the boy was killed by shrapnel and blast injuries. so the statement in the state department report that b a c e said that is entirely untrue. in over news, a huge march against coven restrictions took place in brussels on sunday. at least $50000.00 people took the streets and several dozen were arrested during clashes.
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ah, as you can see here, riot police were out in force to point to gaston war to kind of belgian already requires vaccine tickets for public been used, including restaurants and bars. and the rules are just got even for, for with the cobra pos validity period. shortage to just 150 days, meaning millions of people will have to take the shots and some lawmakers are pushing for a full nationwide vaccine mandate. following austria's example. and i did this spot wide spread fury. ah, much of the anger on sunday was directed to the you leadership with a crowd running outside european action service building, which is the equivalent of a foreign and defense ministry,
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e u foreign policy chief, you're set burrell as an officer and his windows were smashed. now braille wasn't in at the time, but he did later visit the sides and condemned what he called senseless destruction and violence. a local journalist in brussels earlier sensors, this report, ah ah ah, and now they have aggravating everybody. there is one with
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the other side and there is there, the person to protest that we spoke with. people are angry about the clash and the truth. we like to read about time, very little small everywhere. anybody do evacuation the board and the streets around. there were a big clashes in between the police and people all were in black. and some people who are held by the police because people who were thought of the trashes, the wealth of the world's richest people, has doubled during the pandemic. while the poor have suffered increased death rate on poverty due to lack of treatment and vaccines. those are the findings of reports by oxfam called inequality kills the charity claims policy. choices by governments
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. a skewed in favor of the rich to well said, the wells at 10 the richest man has doubled. since the pandemic began, b incomes of 99 percent of humanity, a worse off because of coven 19. this is not by chance, but choice. economic violence is perpetrated when structural policy choices are made for the richest and most powerful people. this causes direct harm to us. all the pandemic has really exposed inequalities and fuel them. so oxide has been tracking billionaire wealth for some time. and of course the forbes list shows that it has been growing over the last 40 years. but over the last 2 years, it's been really exponential, so we call it a billionaire bonanza. and at the other end of the spectrum, of course, for 99 percent of humanity, it's been a very, very difficult time. and most people are worse off as a result of the pandemic. of course, more than a 160000000 people have fallen into poverty during this time and is in
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a moment when you can see the difference is really showing very, very starkly, can't cause success. when there is such disparity, that at one end of the spectrum, you have people who have more wealth than they can spend in several lifetimes. and at the other, we have people struggling to pay their next health bill or, or not knowing where their next meal is. coming from having such a level of, of disparity affects everyone, even the wealthiest because you know, and it's a sign of an unhealthy state of affairs, of an unhealthy society that needs addressing. according to oxfam cove, it has pushed more than 160000000 people into poverty, while they allege an estimated 70000000 lost their lives directly due to the virus, and around 6000000 more died due to lack of health in poor countries. meanwhile, the top 10 people on the forbes bits list, including well known public figures such as mosque jeff pays off,
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and bo gave have 6 times more money than the point 3000000000 combined. but while they doubled their wealth, the incomes of 99 percent of the world's population fell. since the pandemic begun, a new billina has been created roughly every day is the executive director of ox. i'm again, one of those key drivers for equality has been a vaccine access to vaccines. so the difference between rich and poor countries has grown the inequality. so and the 4 countries in africa and generally only 10 percent of the population has had his 1st course of vaccination america. economic power and several other countries in the world can help reverse that from unlocking that in from the calculations that, that we have made. it would be possible for example, to vaccinate the whole world to chief and health care for all the universal health care and their ways. and,
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and others have campaigned for lifting those intellectual property rights. that in fact, mean that pharmaceutical have a monopoly over over vaccines that are not readily available or produced as, as, as, as they could all over the world. with the, on the con varian taking hold worldwide. countries such as denmark have become administering a 4th vaccine a spokesperson for the world health organization for us through the latest developments and what could lie ahead well, what we see leaks is, is a critical increase in number of concessions around the world. and as we see on current becoming a dominant variance, we have seen in one we 50000000 new infections, which is the absolute direct versus the beginning of that many contributing decrease from the previous sleep. so the sheer number of infections will bring more
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people to hospitals, even though one crew may prove less your disease. then delta and previous periods, these numbers are low. we will need more pressure on how system. so it is very dangerous situations. the country are trying to find the best way to, to reduce the risk of transmission. we know what needs to be done. so we hope that people have not been oxygenated, will be max and they can become effective mostly those who have not have their primary series of mac sees the countries are basically looking into how that we can completely understand that governments are trying to find the ways to balance the public health side of the story and public health benefits and social issues. so you need to do that. however,
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we are trying to see why me is having any different periods or shutting of the virus period than previous dose studies. we need some time. that's what i mean . we are still being offered 10 days. the isolation fortune cases, 2 weeks current time woke up. and now these 2 weeks current, kennedy tucked down a bit appropriate well, i already mentioned the scene inequity, and this is a still probably another guess who says boosters may come for extra benefit and we are looking to date now. and it is very much possible that we could work out how to prevent the decks. the zation, the biggest benefit is the primary doses of i c. and we want to make sure everyone is with us calling this primary workstation is being available to everyone around
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the world. well that's recap of the week, just gone head over to r t dot dot com for more stories in depth coverage. my name is peter scott, and i'll be back again at the top of the hour. ah, there may, may, we should all be may or may, we should all be angry because of what's going on right. can understand united states history and the role that slavery play use already a very formal institution. by the time united states became a nation, it actually find the nation, the rise of capitalism clearly on the backs of flight and the slave down. if you had investigated lynchings, any great extent. you can't believe that your country and country still.


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