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on the southeast with ah, nato announces its bolstering its presence in eastern europe. most goes, david won't hesitate to respond as well. the alliance is built up in ukraine continues on 10, should go for that post soviet faith. that high nato talks of a booth to his forces in the 8th more than a 100 russian warships to take to the thies at the start of major naval exercise with julian, a staunch wins the right to appeal to the u. k. that supreme court over the decision to extradite him to the u. s. on espionage charges. we hear from the whistleblower fiance. what happened in court today is precisely what we wanted to
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happen. but we are far from achieving justice in this case, because julian has been incarcerated for so long and he should not have spent a single day in prison and going forth shall begin to empty in canada as a supply chain. crisis chokes the country. it follows a covey vaccine mandate, aimed squarely at the truck drive with hello and welcome. this is off the international with the latest news from around. the world is great to happy with us that we saw with some breaking news from europe, where the e. u has proposed a 12b euro cash injection for ukraine in order to address the states needs resulting from the ongoing tensions with russia. the news comes just, i was off, the nato announced plans to boost his presence in eastern europe. with more details his piece all about nato members have said that they are prepared to send military
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hardware on personnel to the east of the alliance to bulk up their presence. there, denmark, spain, france, the netherlands of all said that they are going to commit or are prepared to commit to military hardware or personnel to eastern countries in nato. we've also heard from the united states who said that they are looking into possibilities of sending more of their personnel to the east of the nato alliance. this all comes as we are seeing a big meeting of e. u foreign ministers take place at the moment in brussels at that meeting, they are going to be discussing what to do about the ongoing situation and the tensions coming about between russia, ukraine, nato. and of course, the e u, which finds itself right on the side of all of this that is going on. what we have seen so far develop is that the united states and the united kingdom of both said that they're going to pull certain personnel and families of personnel out of their
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embassies in ukraine. so far from the use top foreign policy chief there isn't going to be such a move coming from members of the european union. i don't think we had a tele lodge as far as the negotiation going on sunday and going on. i don't think that we had to lesaine my leave. there are split between nato members when it comes to what to do with regards to the ukraine crisis. germany has come under a lot of pressure for its decision to not allow german made weapons to be transported to ukraine. the german chancellor, olaf schultz, has said that he won't allow those weapons to make their way to ukraine. but what he has said is that there will be serious consequences in germany would back though serious consequences. should russia take aggressive action against ukraine? now what we have heard from senior politicians in germany,
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including the leader of the state of bavaria. mark as oda, is that russia must not be viewed as an enemy. in this situation. we must reject aggression and avoid escalation. nobody wants a war in europe. in doing so, the territorial integrity and independence of ukraine under international law must be respected. because new threats and ever toughest sanctions against russia alone cannot be the solution of the one hand. because sanctions have had little effect for a long time. and on the other hand, because these new sanctions would often harm us just as much well, in germany over the weekend, we had turmoil in the armed forces. this was, as the chief of the navy stood down and meet controversy was after he was caught on camera on say it while speaking at an events, it addressing a think tank in india in which she said that crimea would remain parts of russia and lit vladimir putin, the russian president deserved respect that prompted him to step down quite
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dramatically on saturday evening. a shovel legally can do it. it is easy to give him the respect he demands. and corey also deserves the crime. yelton's rose is got no commer. this is the fact i have just asked the federal minister of defense to release me from my duties as inspector of the navy with immediate effect. the false comments i made in a neon security and military policy are increasingly weighing on my office in order to prevent further damage to the german navy. i consider this a necessary step. the federal minister has accepted my request. there are splits among those countries that have committed forces to it sent east. as part of this, nato moved, spain has said that it would send to navy vessels into the black sea, while madrid has committed it to its stands to back nato, fully some and the opposition in spain say this is the wrong move
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or we as one of the signatures of this manifest, so and the bulk of those who made the formation of the current government possible . believe that firstly, spain has no place in this conflict. we are not interested in any worse. all this is a pro cation of the united states and nato, in an attempt to reshape the world order in which they are lose an influence. the us openly admits this is very important for its national security. so the u. s. and they to our escalate intentions. the united states and nato want on the one hand to control europe and on the other latin america literally crush and everyone who questioned the hegemony of the united states and the united states. and they to want to direct the resources of control europe and lead in america to attack those whom they consider their main threat. ready in this whole story, neither spain nor the e u has any row. our troops should now become cannon fodder for this most enormous
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mission of genocide in history for nato. that has a big foreign ministers meeting underway right now in brussels. that meeting of e u foreign ministers be keeping an eye to see what comes out of that. sure. to see ukraine, russia, and the relationship between the a, you and russia dominating those talks. as soon as any news, of course, i'll bring it to you here and i'll see warships from russia's bowl take. please have that sell at the start of a major naval exercise, but you will the design to practice actions needed to protect russia, national interests and accounts, and military threats to the state. from the c. s. hotel of 140 warships are set to take part from a foreign minister of india camels. the bow believes europe is not in control of its own fates. right now, as the us is at the wheel, i think this is going with the goal question is the expansion of nato. do you agree?
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and if that problem is evolved, everything else falls in place. and i am always surprised why finland and sweden would remain out of the needle during the whole war when the soviet union, very strong. and his tread was the friend over the world and continue to be outside the door. why can't there be an understanding around you cream? why is the west especially not just is pushing for your grants membership of natal knife on this? there can be a fundamental in understanding. then i think the best of what is happening is totally unnecessary. and what is surprising is that europe is not in control of his destiny. it is united states, his domestic politics that are pushing for a confrontation of what you claim number is that in actual war is inconceivable. all will control the escalation that night, the site gap and it'll be devastating. so i am 100 percent sure. and other than
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want or, and i don't think you missed or you want more either. so this kind of need less muscle fixing by that you're going by needle. it only invented the situation makes it more difficult to dissolve. ultimately, you have to have political negotiations on the basis of equality and mutual security. and that is the core of the issue. and the meanwhile, british media outlets are increasingly blaming russia for alleged aggression against ukraine. that's at the foreign office named a former ukranian m p as a pro russian candidates that the kremlin wants to replace the current president moscow's phase, the accusations on nonsense and accused the u. k. governments of intentionally escalating tensions artist on quarter. how's the story a big claim from the british foreign office, but not a shred of evidence put forward to back it up that the end of its midnight embargo,
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the tale of an apparent russian plot to install a puppet government and key of made its way across british headlines and some of its details were more than fishy enough to raise a few eyebrows. confusion over u. k. claim that potent plants, coo and ukraine. foreign office claim of plot to install pro masika government and cave comes with scant detail. it's unclear what means britain believes russia might use to install a friendly government in chief. the u. k. government made the claim based on an intelligence assessment without providing evidence to back it up. the u. k. foreign offices press release had more than a few inconsistencies take. if danny mariah former ukrainian m. p, he cited as moscow's potential candidate to replace the current president vladimir zalinski except more i of his on russia's sanctions list. on top of that, his party failed to even past the last parliamentary elections 5 percent threshold . this guy's not exactly poised to take the country by storm and seizing his
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property. sure was an interesting way of appointing him head of the future occupation. you have made my evening. the british foreign office seems confused. i've been under russian sanctions since 2018 due to a conflict with victor med which shook my family's assets are frozen there. how the united kingdom, secret services and foreign office can square that with russia supposedly wanting to make me the head of an occupation government. that's the question for mister bean. london's not just spreading questionable stories about modern ukraine though the day before this story broke and added to the hysteria of russian invasion fantasies. the you case, foreign secretary liz trusts, gave a speech praising ukraine for its resilience against invasions of the past. we urge president painted to desist and step back from ukraine before he makes a massive strategic mistake. ukraine is a proud country with a long history. they have known invading forces before from the mongols to the
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tosses. unfortunately for trust though, she also demonstrated a lack of understanding of the region history. the mon goals and tars were one in the same invasion force, often referred to as the tar mom goal yoke. so when she says from one to the other, it's not exactly clear what's in between for russians. diplomats mistakes like that are both laughable and disturbing. comical as these are now is not the time for laughing. we are witnessing the actual professional level of people who alongside making absurd statements. a providing ukraine with lethal weapons increase in the own military presence that russian borders and encouraging care to further undermine the minced agreements. well, we have to look at the records of the opposition college and services and how they use we had the debacle about the iraqi. was me surprised weapons of mass destruction, where you have our mission challenges services alleging that the syrians have
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chemical weapons when in fact it resist less funding meant this. and then recently we've had a terrible at some of the tools on a stone which are time ready. our position, childhood services, didn't vary what was going on. and therefore, before the gratian to come. but you have to look to what you know, what is she and versus interested in graduation fast to have instead of the, let's say in the pride. or is it a restriction for us to have our mutual ukraine, which we had for 1991 to 2000 and jane. meanwhile, authorities in the self proclaimed republics in the dorm bass region, claim k of has deployed a heavy rocket artillery at the border bosses, they say more than a $100000.00 ukranian soldiers on currently stations in the area villages and towns and the republics of then. yet scandalous guns have been showed for years from the
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other side of the border with thousands of people killed. lou ah, sometimes there is shooting that a simplest county, but there are times when a continuously began to the basement you're in shooting. if i'm next to my house while on my way to school and there a shot, i run home. if i'm near school, i can hide in the school basement youth more than through the year. i was born during the war and maybe i will dine the war. i don't know how to survive it. it's painful and insulting. you go to bed and wonder whether your house will be destroyed. mm . ah sir. julius veron
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no shells flying here. you walk carefully, you run the household. what else can we do? every day they shannon us, they hate in the village. ah, people are suffering. many of them have been known to this cause by the fighting. my husband died to the stroke during the hostilities. my son died in 2015 in combat . sh, another breaking news this. our julian assange has won a bids. you ask the youth u. k. supreme court to review a previous high court decision to extradite him to the u. s. a wikileaks found that is wanted by washington on charges of espionage, r t. saudi at was darcy reports. now, from outside, the court unison has been granted permission to take his case to the court. of
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course that means that he can now appeal to us extra addition decision that was growing up the end of last year was that was my decision whether court or rule to overturn a previous decision not extra, right? doing this on, on the basis, it would be oppressive, considering how high a risk of suicide he may be if he was sent to the united states and held in cost center throughout the year. last year, the courts change their mind following a 2 day appeal. as the u. s. offered a sudden packages assurances as to the fact that he would not be held under maximum security put conditions. in the last few minutes we did hit, i got announcement, and indeed, morris is the partner of the sergeant child as a victory. what happened in court? today's precisely what we wanted to happen, but we are far from achieving justice in this case because julian has been
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incarcerated for so long and he should not have spent a single day in prison. as long as this case isn't dropped, as long as julian isn't freed, julian continues to suffer for almost 3 years. he's been in bellmarks prison, and he's suffering profoundly day after day, week after week, year after year. we also heard from the wiki, the editor in chief, he says, again, this is a school victory, but of course eunice, i'm still remains behind the putting down last prison. what we need for this case to be dropped entirely. that is, that is, that is the only real victory for or for journalism. but for julian, this is of course as a pro long incarceration is already been for more than a 1000 days and most prison. we've always been protesting vigorously. the fact that after the united states lost in the lower court, they were allowed to to submit the so called up. so sort of assurances with it the general's purpose perspective. this is just absurd since the ruling in favor of the
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united states some months ago. so just team off the high port directly behind me to allow this case to be sent to the supreme court. now, not all cases go to the supreme court. there must be an all people point of law and the case needs to have a public importance that now has been deemed a public importance. and the sanchez team were arguing those implications for the future of public interest reporting and the ability to defeat politically motivated cases. they argue that this case is absolutely politically motivated. we look throughout the year last year, all of these reports of the cia plus to kidnap kill assassinate, a junior song spy on him. while he was hold up in london's ecuador and embassy, they argue this deems it a politically motivated case. and as we well know, under the u. k. u, as extradition treaty, nobody can be expedited on political grounds and that is indeed enshrined in that
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law in that treaty. then, of course, on the grounds of future reporting, many of us on to supported on and did a defense. they argue that the united states is simply making an example of june assange for revealing these legible crimes of documents relating to the war in iraq and afghanistan. ah, a right mm i ah,
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so what we see now is a decade long soccer, illegal, labyrinth of horror story. i put you in a song. well, he goes through, back and forth, various court systems here in the united kingdom. all of these protests is when they heard that announcement some few minutes ago. they all are opted into child saying free, free at eunice, orange. of course this isn't the end. he's still behind balls and there's still a long way to go for june assigned to try and fight against expedition to the united states. let's discuss this further now and go live to arti. contributor, richard med host, who's been extensively covering julianna's sanchez, the extradition herring. thank you for joining us on the program. now i was thought the court today that was the sense, especially among the supporters of a small victory for julianna's songs. but how important is this decision? forehead thanks for having me on. well, it's pivotal,
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it's very important because the, the high court, you know, they, they usually deny appeals to the supreme court. and that's what they did here that's, that's normal because it says if the judge will be saying, we don't know what we're doing, go see the supreme court. so they denied that. but they, they did allow one point of law to be certified as sondra applied for 3. and they denied 2 of them, but they allowed one and that's enough. that's all he needs to have permission to go and try appealing to the supreme court. now he has 14 days to do that and then it can take a while for the supreme court to make a decision. and again, we have to be clear. it's not guarantee that they'll take the case. i. 5 personally think that they will because this is a very important point of law, is basically is the united states, the requesting state allowed to provide assurances after it's last the case, you know, there being a sore loser, effectively because julian is on one is extradition battle in january 2021 fair and
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square. and then the united states provided assurances afterwards. they, they spend weeks arguing that, you know, special administrative measures and these horrific conditions that they're going to put them in are fine. you know, they, they, they were convinced that this is the right way it's thing to do. and then once they lost the case, they started providing these assurances. and this is what needs to be determined by the supreme court if can a requesting state in an extradition give assurances to an appellate court to a, to an appeals court that were not given that were not provided in a magistrate ford. so this isn't just important for julian assange, it's important for all extradition and it is 100 percent relevant to, to a british common law and to the public. and unfortunately, it must be said though, that you know that there are other things that should have been discussed here is, are these assurances worth tend to be trusted in the 1st place? because some investigative reporting that i've done, other people who are given very similar assurance insurance as to julie and you know, they,
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they were violated the 2nd or enjoy us jurisdiction. those assurances go out the window and i think anyone with a shred of common sense that knows that that's going to be the same case that that will be the case to drill and the phone if you'd extradited. and so, you know, it would be better if, if we had the threat to press freedom being examined here, the quality of these assurances also being examined. but you know, this is a win and i guess people will take it, you know, and julian will take it. we should note that this decision today came, come, says, weeks off, the us will 31 there, high court challenge to overturn it earlier rolling that a song should not be expedited due to the risk of suicide. in your opinion, do you think in this case i should've got this far in the 1st place? no, absolutely not. you know, i was in london during the extradition hearing weeks and weeks and weeks of lawyers, historians, journalists, and you know, you know, i'm trauma or they all testified and they were so clear that this is a threat. depress me to, you know, doing the font has been being persecuted for 10 years, right?
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you being shuffled back and forth between court. and it's very clear that they're using a game of law fair against them. they're weaponized in the law against them. and i mean they, they really want the law to be applied 100 percent true in the songs of but the law doesn't apply to them when you were just talking about how to see i was putting to kill him or discussing plans, at least the potentially kill him, they certainly spied on him and they don't have a the law. but then they say that julian, a sorry, missed you know, be held accountable. i mean, this is really absurd, that it's gone to this point that this is a fundamental press freedom issue. and journalists everywhere should be scared about this because, you know, the us is extra territorial. i think it's law and take an extra, an australian from the u. k. what's they want to extradite someone else from another country? you know this a dangerous dangerous precedent and 10 years of persecution like this, you're not going on. this is, it's truly, truly a travesty. and the same applies for the u. k. for allowing this to happen. the
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extradition should have been blocked by the high court. it's frankly unbelievable to me that they looked at the assurance is given by the united states and deem them to be worthy. i can tell you that i can tell you personally from sources that the high court judges did not have all the documents relevant to the other cases they examined in the high court. so they haven't seen the full evidence case. so how can they make an accurate assessments that that us assurances are worthy? they're simply not. and this is very dangerous that they overturn the decision from january 2021. and even then it shouldn't have been blocked just for health reasons . like you said, a song saga, his story has continued for a decade. his support is clearly a die hard that will never give up on him. but do you really think that the songs will ever truly be free? i don't know. that's a really tough question because, you know, we've seen these, the least, you know how us officials were talking about basically, you know,
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persecuting a song by prosecuting him for one jurisdiction to the next. so that's the, that's been their game plan. and we can see that that's effectively what they've done, right? they've been doing this for 10 years. and when, when i was attending the high court hearings back in october, back in december, the lead prosecutor james lewis said that if this extradition case doesn't work out, they'll just start another one against a song. because we have to keep in mind, they haven't prosecuted him for all the things that he's published, even though it's absurd that a journalist is being prosecuted for publishing documents. but this is just, you know, that's what journalists do. they're violating every sense of press freedoms and freedom of speech, but that's what they're saying. they're just, you know, casually gloating about this in the course. i will, if this one fails, we'll just start next one. and there are things like the volt 7 lease about the cia and how they're hacking, take tape abilities and technological capabilities. they could easily start another case against them. and we have to keep in mind that even if julian does end up free,
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he's not safe and other jurisdictions. if he step foot in france or germany or anywhere else where the u. s. was an extradition treaty, they could again start a new thing. so i really can answer that question, but i certainly hope that the supreme court will do the right thing on that note which mate has taught contribute to thank you for your time. thank you. of actually mandate has been causing havoc in canada. it's been hit by supply chain disruption is due to a shortage of truckers, a soft or a new jump mandate took effect applying to drive as close thing to and from the us . people flooded twitter with images of n p shelves all across canada. but one m p was quick to rebuff, claim such a supply crisis exists. thank he is personally seen no evidence of any shortages anywhere. not only is this picture not from canada, but i've been to grocery stores in my community and i've objectively observed no empty shelves. this is just another example of conservative misinformation and fear
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mongering for political gain. liberal members of parliament thing, there is no problem whatsoever. i went to a grocery store and look how best plan to plentiful it is. there's no pumpkins and i just had to retreat images that my own brother sent me from ontario to be effected. who are you going to trust me or your own eyes? you can feel it everywhere, although from what i'm told it sort of worse outside of the big cities and responds to the mandate which prevents on vox down partially box truck as crossing from the us into canada without a 14 day quarantine. hundreds of canadian drivers have begun to so called freedom convoy a journey from vancouver to alter what in protest against the new rules. industry groups are saying the restrictions could force 16000 truckers off the roads with some even ready to quit their jobs. while there's reportedly a modest optic of drivers getting vaccinated at some companies, there are substantial reports of higher than normal turnover, and others declaring their intention to leave the industry over the impending mandate of the border. the canadian transport minister have defended been measured
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saying the biggest threat to our supply chain is cove. it. that is why we created the vaccine mandate for truckers, but david frey hate against believe the mandate is only going to cripple the supply chain. 2 years into this one we, you know, they have not imposed a mandate on truckers. they were essential workers. they were the heroes of the road for whatever minority of them don't get vaccinated, and i don't know exactly what that number is. they have a pretty solitary profession to begin with. and so to pretend that the, and that, that it's the vaccine mandate that saw her going to save the supply chain as opposed to actually cripple it. it's intellectual dishonesty if not overt dishonesty because even if you're double vaccinated and you get sick because you could still contract the virus, we know that you still have to isolate, even if you're double vaccinated as a trucker and become exposed, you still have to isolate lift the measures protect the vulnerable and let the healthy live a free and productive life,
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and maintain the very infrastructure that we need to deal with any crisis. not even this one. 0, just to remind the world health organization say is cove it 19 vaccines are a vital tool and a fight to end the global pandemic. and he would, i see, would love to hear your thoughts on all of our stories though. dig it in touch by following us on social media and leaving all your comments that will be back in 30 minutes with the latest wealth news. we'll see that ah proven by dreams shaped by center some of those with.


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