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ah, who dares thinks we dare to ask in a gun man, i can find a german university lecture, whole injuring for people before turning the gun on himself with his dog, large scale navy drills in the mediterranean sea amid face of a conflict in you pray. meanwhile, russia is conducting its own military exercise in the baltic sea, involving more than a 100 warship wiki league found the julian assault when the right to appeal to the u. k. supreme court preventive extradition to the u. s. on espionage charges . the ruling has been welcomed by his family and support. what happened in court today?
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precisely what we wanted to happen. we're far from achieving justice in this case, because joanne has been incarcerated for so long and he should not have spent a single day in prison with a very welcome. you're watching all t international with me. nicky, aaron, it's great to have you. with that, we start with news from germany. a gunman has opened a lecture hall at the university of heidelberg during 4 people. people are saying the shooter then killed himself. let's get the full story now from ortiz donny armstrong, who joins me in the studio. thanks for coming in, don a can you just bring it up to speed on what happened today? no. go to the breaking news over the last couple of hours. a little bit of a developing story. let's bring you up to date on what we know now. a lone gunman had an open fire on a lecture hole heidelberg university. that's the oldest university in germany, in the southwest of the city. one of the most well known in the world and certainly in europe for students were injured on the attack. one of them critically is said,
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elisa said the gunman entered the lecture hall wall electra was ongoing, open fire on students, and then fled outside. now that were reports initially. initially the security forces had shot the attack a dead in response to the incident. it is now known that he turned the gun on himself. the attack was reportedly astute. it is not known whether he was a student of heidelberg university or a student of a know, the higher learning institution in germany. police have also said that the attack was not a literally or racially motivated. he was acting alone, was carrying several firearms with him. at the time, the one that used to commit the was a long federal gun, commonly known as a rifle. the one that's kind of held in 2 hands and props against the shoulder and police record. and off the north of the c. c. a swat team has been deployed
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a police helicopter as well. now, who's going back to the political and racial motivation? there was no kind of motive behind it. as of yet reported, it was reported on social media that it was some sort of radical reagan who had gone to exact some thick prevent on humans for the suffering of animals that was rubbish by police in their reports. but of course, this is a developing story and will be keeping you up to date as and when we know information about it. thanks very much, tony. we appreciate that. that's all she's done. the armstrong of the us and it's nato allies have started a series of navy drills in the mediterranean sea. the 12 day neptune strike exercises come amid face of a conflict in ukraine, although they haven't been directly linked to that crisis. meanwhile, the e. b, u is offering ukraine 1200000000 euros in 8 to counsel the suppose. a threat from russia sees pizza, oliver. that's why we got major military drills underway in the mediterranean, involving the u. s. navy,
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the u. s. s. harry truman aircraft carrier involved in those it's worth pointing out that these particular war games that are underway, they weren't listed on the official schedule of what was going to be getting underway. however, the u. s. navy have been very quick to point out that as far as they're concerned, this has nothing to do with the situation that's unfolding in eastern europe regarding russia, ukraine, nato, and all of the tensions underway. their what we have seen though, on monday, is a promise to increase presence of nato forces in the east of europe. that's come from nato. manders, denmark, at the netherlands, france and spain as well. they've all promised either military hardware in the form of war, ships, or aircraft, or in the form of personnel moving eastwards. what we have seen though, is a response from the russian presidential spokesperson, particularly to the announcement so of new nato troops moving eastwards and bows. a
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u. s. navy war games that are underway, the presidential spokesperson in moscow saying that they're paying close attention to what's happening, but don't reduce to such nato actions and increase nato activity. now borders cannot be ignored by a military who are responsible for the security of our country. there is a constant process of drills, maneuvers, and military build up, which has never stopped and will continue on. the british prime minister boris johnson has said that getting involved in ukraine for russia could be a new chechnya for the country. but we also need to get a mesh verse in needing a crime from a, from russia that is jente who barnes and bla this. this could be a huge issue elsewhere, e u foreign ministers have been meeting on monday and heading into that meeting. it followed on from the news that the, the embassies of the united states and the united kingdom in kiev would either be
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evacuating staff for the, the families of staff from those embassies. heading into that meeting in brussels. the a, you foreign policy chief, yoseph burrell said no such action was going to be taken from the you side just yet . i don't thing. we had a time with eyes. as far as the negotiation going on sunday and going on. i don't think that we had to let the plane and i leave. there are splits among the nato allies when it comes to what to do with nato when it comes to what to do with regards to russia and ukraine. we've seen a lot of pressure placed upon germany, where the chancellor all f schoultz has said that berlin won't be sending weaponry to ukraine. now, neighbours such as add those in the baltic states have been saying they should be stepping up and doing a lot more or less sholtes remaining firm on this one,
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saying they won't be offensive weapon re sent from germany. what he has said though, is that should there be an invasion of ukraine that there would be serious consequences of from nancy's also said that johnny will continue to send medical aid to ukraine. it will also continue to step up. it's ariel surveillance for nato based out of bases in romania. meanwhile, of the senior political figures in germany have been talking about what's going on . market loda, who's the leader of the states of bavaria, said that you must negotiate with russia not as an enemy. we must reject aggression and avoid escalation. nobody wants a war in europe. in doing so, the territorial integrity and independence of ukraine under international law must be respected, but constant, new threats and ever tougher sanctions against russia alone cannot be the solution . on the one hand, because sanctions have had little effect for a long time and on the other hand, because these new sanctions would often harm us just as much. meanwhile, in key,
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as the ukrainian president vladimir zalinski has been addressing a gathering of foreign intelligence officers, he told them it is time for that particular branch to move from the defensive on to an offensive footing. we have learned to effectively contain and counteract external aggressions. i am sure it is time to move on to offensive actions to defend our national interests. while bell russian president, alexander lucas shanker said he's been watching the situation closely that's unfolding and in response would be moving it. army contingent of bel russian forces to his country's southern border. it is all unfolding at the moment. i'll be keeping a close eye on what comes out of that e. u foreign ministers meeting in brussels. if there's any new information from there, i'll bring it to here. a naughty of russia have vowed a response to the latest surgeon nato activity and is conducting its own naval exercise in the baltic sea involving up to $140.00 warships. a former foreign
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minister of india gave us his views on the crisis in ukraine. thomas about things. europe is not in control of its own fates. right now is the us, is that the wheel? i think this is playing with the goal question, is the expansion of nato? do you agree? and if that problem is evolved, everything else falls in place and i am always surprised why didn't learn and sweden would remain out of natal during the whole war. when the soviet union, very strong and is said, was the front or the world and continue to be outside the door. why can't there be an understanding around ukraine? why is the west, especially the united states pushing? for grant's membership of natal knife on this, there can be a fundamental in understanding. then i think the best of what is happening is
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totally unnecessary. and what is surprising is that europe is not in control of his destiny. it is united states is domestic politics that are pushing for a confrontation of what you claim, not the thing is that in actual war is inconceivable. all will control the escalation that night the site gap and it will be devastating. so i am 100 percent sure. russia doesn't want to war, and i don't think the west or europe wants more either. so this kind of need less muscle fixing by the european, by natal, it only venoms the situation makes it more difficult to dissolve. ultimately, you have to have political negotiations on the basis of equality and mutual security, and that is the core of the issue and go to the from well, me well me, what british media outlets are increasingly blaming russia for alleged aggression against ukraine. now says the foreign office named a former ukranian, m p as
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a pro russian candidate that the kremlin wants to replace the current president. moscow, say the accusations on nonsense and accused the u. k. government of intentionally escalating tensions. ortiz, don't court, has the story. a big claim from the british foreign office, but not a shred of evidence put forward to back it up at the end of its midnight embargo. the tale of an apparent russian plot to install a puppet government and key of made its way across british headlines. and some of its details were more than fishy enough to raise a few eyebrows. confusion over you. kate claimed that putin plans coo and ukraine foreign office claim of plot to install pro moscow government and kiff comes with scant detail. it's unclear what means britain believes russia might use to install a friendly government in chief. the u. k. government made the claim based on an intelligence assessment without providing evidence to back it up. the u. k. foreign officers press release had more than
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a few inconsistencies take if danny mariah former ukrainian m. p, he cited as moscow's potential candidate to replace the current president vladimir zalinski, except more i of his, on russia's sanctions list on top of that, his party failed to even past the last parliamentary elections. 5 percent threshold . this guy's not exactly poised to take the country by storm and seizing his property. sure was an interesting way of appointing him head of the future occupation. you have made my evening. the british foreign office seems confused. i've been under russian sanctions since 2018 due to a conflict with victrum advert shook. my family's assets are frozen there. how the united kingdom, secret services and foreign office can square that with russia supposedly wanting to make me the head of an occupation government. that's the question for mr. bean. london's not just spreading questionable stories about modern ukraine though the day before this story broke and added to the hysteria of russian invasion fantasies
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. the u. k. foreign secretary liz trust gave a speech praising ukraine for its resilience against invasions of the past. we urge president painted to desist and step back from ukraine before he makes a massive strategic mistake. ukraine is a proud country with a long history. they have known invading forces before from the mongols to the tosses. unfortunately for trust though, she also demonstrated a lack of understanding of the region history. the mon goals and tart hers were one in the same invasion force, often referred to as the tar mom goal yoke. so when she says from one to the other, it's not exactly clear what's in between for russia. diplomats mistakes like that are both laughable and disturbing. comical as these are now is not the time for laughing. we are witnessing the actual professional level of people who alongside making absurd statements. a providing ukraine with lethal weapons increase in their
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own military presence russian borders and encouraging kids to further undermine the minsk agreements. we have to look at the record and the frustration, challenges, services, and how they the news. we had the debacle about the iraqi war and the president weapons of mass destruction where you had fish in challenging services alleging that the syrians have chemical weapons when in fact resist last found them in class. and then recently we have been terrible at some of the tools for my son, which re position childhood services didn't know what was going on. and for the situation where you have to look to what you know, what is actually in versus interested in purchasing, tries to have in stability in the ukraine, always in brazil, and trust our mutual ukraine, which 399,
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g 160000 them. meanwhile, authorities in the south proclaimed republics and the don't by region claim key of has deployed heavy rocket artillery, the border bosses, they say more than a $100000.00 ukranian soldiers are currently stationed in the area for that isn't towns in the republics that don't yet scans the guns could been showed for years from the other side of the border with thousands of people killed. lou ah, sometimes there is shooting that simplest county, but there are times when a company sleep. they go to the basement, you're in shooting. if i'm next to my house while on my way to school and there a shot i ran home. if i'm near school, i can hide in the school basement youth more than 2 than i was born during
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a war and maybe i will die in the war. i don't know how to farm it. it's painful and insulting. you go to bed and wonder whether your house will be destroyed. mm . ah suits you list. there are no shells flying here. you walk carefully, you run the household. what else can we do? digging for every day. there shannon us, they hated the village. blue people are suffering, many of them have been known to this cause by the fighting. my husband died of a stroke during the hostilities. my son died in 2015 in combat.
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sh with unique sound a julian assange has won a bid to ask the u. k. supreme court to review a previous high court decision to extradite him to the us. he's wanted by washington on charges of espionage, r t that saudi edwards dusty reports now from outside. the court. unison has been granted permission to take his case to the court. of course, that means that he can now appeal to us extra addition decision that was gross. you don't the end of last year. we start with a much decision whether court or rule to overturn a previous decision not to extra right during the song on the basis it would be a prostate considering how high a risk of suicide he may be if he was sent to the united states and held in cost center throughout the year last year, the courts then changed their mind following a 2 day appeal. as the us offered a packages assurances as to the fact that he would not be held under maximum
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security conditions. in the last few minutes, we did hit got announcement, and deep morris is the partner of june. the sergeant held this as a victory. what happened in court? today's precisely what we wanted to happen, but we are far from achieving justice in this case because julian has been incarcerated for so long and he should not have spent a single day in prison. as long as this case isn't dropped. as long as julian isn't free, julian continues to suffer for almost 3 years. he's been in bel marsh prison, and he's suffering profoundly day after day, week after week, year after year. we also heard from the, with the lease editor, and she says again, this is a school victory for the course. eunice, i'm still remains behind the prison pauses last prison. what we need for this case will be dropped entirely letters. so that is, that is the only real victory for or for journalism. but for julian,
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this is of course of the pro long incarceration is already been for more than 1000 days and belmont prison. we've always been protesting vigorously. the fact that after the united states lost in the lower court, they were allowed to submit the so called up. so assurances with it a general purpose perspective. this is just absurd since the ruling in favor of the united states some months ago. so just team off the high court directly behind me to allow this case to be sent to the supreme court. now, not all cases go to the supreme court. there must be an all people point of law and the case needs to have a public importance that now has been deemed a public importance. and the sanchez team were arguing those implications for the future of public interest reporting and the ability to defeat politically motivated cases. they argue that this case is absolutely politically motivated. we look
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throughout the year last year, all of these reports of the cia plus to kidnap kill assassinate, a song spy on him. while he was hold up in london's ecuadorian embassy, they argue this deems it a politically motivated case. and as we well know, under the u. k. u, as an extradition treaty, nobody can be expedited on political grounds and that is indeed enshrined in that law in that treaty. then, of course, on the grounds of future reporting, many of the san jose supported, i didn't do the defense. they argue that the united states is simply making an example of june assange for revealing these legible crimes of documents relating to the war in iraq and afghanistan. ah, a
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with ah, a. so what we see now is a decade long soccer, illegal, labyrinth of horror story put you in a song. well, he goes through, back and forth, various court systems, here in the united kingdom. all of these protests is when they heard that announcement some few minutes ago. they all are opted into child saying free, free at eunice, orange. of course this isn't the end. he's still behind balls and there's still a long way to go for doing a song to try and fight against expedition to the united states. well,
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let's go live now to human rights activist pete attach. all thank you for joining us on. the program is great to have you with us. now peace up, how much all the break through is this in due to the song as long battle to avoid expedition to the u. s. well, of course, it is a victory. the decision has been made that the case can be referred to the supreme court, but the question is, will they decide, will it supreme court decide that they will hear the case because it's a 2 step process. the supreme court next step is to decide will they examine this case. and that's another hurdle that during a song has to pass. it is so shocking, but so much public money and sources of being spent on helen being this man who only told the truth. he told the truth about us government and military
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matters that were being hidden from the public. i think he acted in the public interest and he has said such a long time, 3 years and more in belmont prison here in london. and before that, effectively de facto imprisonment in the ecuador and embassy that is a long, harsh punishment. i think there is no public interest whatsoever in further pursuing this case. and i hope the supreme court will agree with that. what do you think is going to happen? do you think the supreme court is going to accept the case while the case before the supreme court will hinge on the matter of the assurances given by d, u. s. government. the judges today decided that those assurances that he would not be abused imprison, i had some problems. so there were some question marks over them. and i totally agree in the assurances they get out close to where they're saying
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he will be held under the most. c strict, severe super max prison condition, but there are exceptions, exceptions, and get close to that assurance. and that, i think is understand to be a reason why the judges today said this must be reviewed by the supreme court because there is a risk that if he is expedited at some point in the future, the u. s. the ministration could change the terms of the attention in a way that would be extremely damaging to his physical and mental health. and as we know, sanchez been in bel marsh for almost 3 years now. and recently had a stroke. what do you know about his current state of health and the way he's being treated? well, everybody from his partner, stella, 2 other friends, lawyers, and doctors say that he isn't
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a very fragile join us on just a very fragile mental and physical condition that he would not be able to withstand the rigors of us imprisonment. that he would be a serious risk of suicide or having major health issues, including possibly another stroke that might kill him. so on all those grounds on compassionate humanitarian grounds, there are also very strong reasons why julia sounds should not be expedited to the united states. now if a songs were to lose the case and get sense of the us, what do you think, what happened to him? well, there may be other grounds of appeal or other legal processes that could be used. but then of course, ultimately it would fall to the home secretary patel. she would have the ultimate side whether it's a sanction that tradition. and at that moment i think there would be she pressure on the u. s. government to back off and on the u. k. government to
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release him. he is to be, you know, more than a decade in detention either in ecuador, an embassy or in belmont prison. i think that pretty patel looking at the case from the point of the public interest, the cost involved and the jeopardy, you know, so on just how would i hope with public pressure and only been public pressure because she's not a very liberal person, but with public pressure may be motivated to decide against extradition, but that is not a given at all, and it would be a very tough battle. pretty battelle adel homes. if she's a very tough cookie, she is not easily persuaded. she doesn't have a liberal heart at all. peter, thanks for talking to us today. it's always a pleasure. human rights activists that be to touch on the novak,
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the mondays have been causing havoc in canada has been hit by supply chain disruptions due to a shortage of truckers and software. new jobs mandate took effects applying to dr. is crossing to and from the us, people floated twitter with images of empty shelves all across canada. but one m p was quick to rebuff. claims that to supply crisis exists, saying he's personally seen no evidence of any shortages. anyway. not only is this picture not from canada, but i've been to grocery stores in my community and i've objectively observed no empty shelves. this is just another example of conservative misinformation and fear mongering for political gain. liberal members of parliament thing, there is no problem whatsoever. i went to a grocery store and look how best plan to plentiful it is. there's no pumpkins and i just had to retreat images that my own brother sent me from ontario to be affected. who are you going to trust me or your own eyes? you can feel it everywhere. although from what i'm told it's sort of worth outside
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of the big cities. well in response to the mandate which prevents on vox and partially vax truck, is crossing from the us into canada without a 14 day quarantine. hundreds of canadian, dr. probably going to so called freedom convoy a journey from vancouver to also in protest against the new rules. industry groups are saying the restrictions could for 16000 truckers off the roads with some even ready to quit their jobs. while there is reportedly a modest optic of drivers getting vaccinated, at some companies, there are substantial reports of higher than normal turnover, and others declaring their intention to leave the industry over the impending mandate at the border. the canadian transport minister defended the measure saying the biggest threats to our supply chain is covered. that is why we created the vaccine mandate for truckers. but david tre hayes again believes the monday he's only going to cripple the supply chain. 2 years into this a we, you know, they have not imposed a mandate on truckers, they were essential workers. they were the heroes of the road for whatever minority
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of them don't get vaccinated and i don't know exactly what that number is. they have a pretty solitary profession to begin with. and so to pretend that the and that it's the vaccine mandate that saw her going to save the supply chain as opposed to actually cripple it. it's intellectual dishonesty if not overt dishonesty because even if you're double vaccinated and you get sick because you could still contract the virus, we know that you still have to isolate, even if you're double vaccinated as a trucker and become exposed, you still have to isolate lift the measures protect the vulnerable and let the healthy live a free and productive life, and maintain the very infrastructure that we need to deal with any crisis. not even this one. just to remind that the world health organization say is claim 19 vaccines. i vital to linda, fight to end the global condemned make. well, thanks for joining us here in arty international will be back at the top of the hour with the latest headlines dawn is that
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ah, with bring you the very latest every out the day. this is our national phone, everyone here with with .


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