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tv   Keiser Report  RT  January 26, 2022 10:00pm-10:31pm EST

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they will answer well, we need to print more money, print more money and the food will get in the shorter supply and workers will disappear and the situation get worse and worse because it does never money printing never worked. ah, russia receives written replies both from the u. s. a nato to moscow's request for security guarantees that the mid bit of a conflict in ukraine. in other news, countries across europe ease their code restrictions, despite near high record infection rates. while health officials give, make signals on the threads of the only constrain. also in the headline, i would prefer to be led by law law. will he now with british prime minister boys johnson's political life, seemingly hanging by a thread with a government enquiry into downing street lockdown violations expected to be
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released any day now, except for police prob, is also under way? well, those are your headlines. it's 6 am moscow time. feel free to head over to r t dot com for more on those stories. and especially those developments in the ukraine crisis. i'll be back with another lot in half an hour. ah. match kaiser this is the kaiser report. yeah, we're still in el dante el salvador, bitcoin beach, where the weather is fantastic. stacy? right, you know, one thing you noticed here in our salvador is that there is plenty of food on the shelves. no shortage of food here. meanwhile, over in the united states, we've been looking at a lot of footage, lot of videos,
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a little photos on instagram and on twitter from people who are saying, wow, i went to the local supermarket and look, these are the shelves of meat or chicken or vegetables i've got a have vine for you here. you as to close borders to unvaccinated canadian mexican truckers on saturday the supply chain is already fragile, so it puts all of us in a precarious situation. oh yeah. well the, this is interesting because it's like a carry over from the cupboard days. so during the covert days, there were a lot of locked down to shut downs and the borders reclose. and now that they're coming out of it though they some for some reason they like that idea, border closures and food shortages. so i, it's hard to explain why, but i guess i eating is, is an optional thing now. exactly. so we're going to go into a wall street journal deep piece long piece about the food shortages and the emerging problem that's going to get worse. they say because there is
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a lag between locked downs and shut downs at various meet processing plans for example. and what we'll see in the supermarkets, but 1st i want to point to a headline from 2017 and this was looking back on 94243 and 44. and during that time, skies are right here. his mother worked at a canning factory canning peas and corn right up in wisconsin and you know, she was part of. 5 the women's land army. so i want to show you what we did back in the previous time of food rationing and shortages and things like that. food rationing and canning and world war 2. this is an image right here. grow more can more in 1944. so 2 and a half 1000000 women in america worked at the very factories in agriculture, making sure that there was food supply, a steady food supply to the american population. they sacrificed it because the men
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were sacrificing signing up after obviously december 941 when the u. s. entered world war 2. so, you know, you're not seeing that now a days when there's a certain class of people are locked down, working from home. and there's a certain other class of people who kind of get coined as the horrible in the mainstream media. they're the ones that work at the meat processing. they're the ones that pick all or food, or process all or food, and they're the ones getting on the cry. now they're the ones having suffering during the latest wave of coven. yeah, it'll be interesting because people pull together and made sacrifices for the greater good. and it's hard to imagine in our modern world, in our narcissistic instagram world, anyone making those types of sacrifices for the greater good, particularly when the idea of a quote greater good has been discredited and washed over with this idea of
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narcissism is good. so i'm curious to see what happens when, when the food literally runs out. that's the point, the headline here that i'm going to turn to in the wall street journal. it seems weird that it's like the slow motion disaster unfolding for 2 years now where there is no sort of plan. there's nothing in store for like literally. and here's the headline from wall street journal. us food supply is under pressure from plants to store shelves, weeks a worker is calling in sick add to continuing supply and transportation disruptions making store shelves harder to fill nearly 2 years ago. cobra 19 lockdown. stow research and grocery buying that cleared store shelves. a product such as meet baking ingredients and paper goods. now some executive, se, supply challenges are worse than ever. the lack of workers leaves a broader range of products and short supply food industry, executive,
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they with availability, sometimes changing daily. this is just the beginning really of some financial downturns supply line down terms. you know, you've got a lot of saber rattling, going on. so, you know, back in the day when my mom was working, canning peas, i remember she had to have these huge wooden forks, then move the hundreds and hundreds of cans of peas from the, from the p canning over to the flat bed frame. so that she had to go home, sometimes covered in p sugar and it was very cold at night and she would literally get frozen on her way home and couldn't make a step forward because that p sugar would freeze and she was covered with it. and so that was a comical time back then. right. but of course, back then we were in a world war we were united as a nation. we didn't have the hyper partisanship. obviously there was partisanship.
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there were 2 different parties and stuff like that. but now we have this hyper partisanship, but we also have like this weird, angry cable news network situation where there's just vile hatred between these 2 teams. it's like that, you know, professional wrestling, that's the sort of thing in america where it was kind of like we leave today, which is like, you know, these guys dressed in costumes, acting out parts of evil wrestlers and stuff like that. well, that's kinda what we have in the america where, you know, there's a dividing line between the educated and the uneducated, the i those to go to university and those who don't. those who don't go to university, they're likely to be the ones who are the truck drivers working in the meat processing working out of agriculture. and of course, there's a very, very little sympathy and a lot of like, hatred directed towards them can just assuming they're all republican voters,
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that they're deplorable that they're on vaccinated. so that sort of tension between these 2 groups of millions and millions and millions of americans makes the sort of planning on how to deal with this food shorted situation. emerging makes it difficult. yeah. so what's going to be interesting. so you talked about the hyper partisanship and the bitter cable news drama that goes on between the blue and the red. and of course, that's almost entirely fake because the u. s. has gone through an incredible couple of decades of growth up until recently and that bipartisanship was really created by the news media to, to, to grab viewers. right. so as the entertainment, it wasn't real. but now during the period of food shortages that's, that's going to be real. now that's not going to be fake anymore. there's really going to be actual people in the street, you know,
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ripping each other's clothes off, trying to find a dollar to go buy, you know, a hamburger. so we're going to see actual hyper partisanship for real now. and of course, everyone's well rehearsed because the news media got everyone practicing, hating everybody for decades that we get to actually hate people. also during world war 2, when your mom was working for the women's land army, there was everybody's sacrifice, right. all man registered signed up find on before even a draft came in. they all signed on to go fight in europe. now we're in a situation where we have that can tell you in our class that they never go to war . they start all the war as, look on the cable news right now. they want to start war against russia, against iran, against china. like there are multiple wars. they're agitating for right now as we speak. and none of them will go to war. none of their children or go to war, none of their families will go to war. so we have that. but on top of that,
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we have this war against probate, right. and they are shrieking on the news that they should be able to work from home. that all of the democratic voters should be able to work from home, like teachers, and unions like that. you don't hear the shrieking about who's going to man the meet processing factors, who's going to deal with the food shortages? who's going to resolve that situation as it's emerging? somebody has to go into a dangerous situation. somebody has to do it. and so it doesn't, it kind of, it, it's problematic for them to cover that because their whole, you know, their, their stick, their, you know, professional wrestling stick is that we, we are in so much grave danger that we should all stay at home for eternity from here till, till the end of time won't last. my tyson says has a plan and so they get punched in the face. right. so now we're going to get the
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punch in the face and find out that nobody's got a plan. nobody has a plan. they're just winging it, and of course, up until now for the past couple of decades, the solution was always print more money. but now that the money printing is causing a real inflation in exacerbating all the problems. that solution is only going to make the problem worse, but of course that's what they'll do. that's what the leads will do. that's what they plan to do. any inconvenience that befalls them? they will answer well, we need to print more money, print more money, and the food will get in the shorter supply and workers will disappear and the situation get worse and worse because the money printing never works. this next paragraph i'm going to read primarily because everybody out in the rest of the world watching this gets to hear the name piggly wiggly. you might not have heard of that. it's a supermarket chain in the south, and america add a piggly wiggly franchise in alabama, georgia about one 3rd of pickers needed to organize products and load trucks that
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the grocery change, distribution centers were out sick. and the 1st week of january said, keith, well, again, it's controller. the company has been struggling to get food stores on time due to driver shortages and staffing issues that haven't improved. said mister milligan, leaving piggly wiggly to change as ordering and stopping plans daily, in some cases frozen vegetables and can, biscuits are running low. he said, right, well, the quality of the food will go down because they'll rely more on long shelf life. food that has very little nutrients and the health of the country will go down. the medical emergency will increase. america already has a problem with life expectancy, declining infant mortality, rising obesity levels skyrocketing. so of course take fresh food out of the picture and all those problems will increase and guess what the solution is going to be was print more money. 2 let's print more money, but in fact, you know, in terms of that unhealthy food, there is a worrying statistic in this article in the wall street journal, which says that,
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you know, there's certain shortages starting to emerge. and in particular, they note sport strength pros and cookies and refrigerated dough are especially low with in stock levels. and the 60 to 70 percent range. there's a run on those people are stocking up in our house on that the least nutritious food of all which is that exactly the worst thing you should be doing anyway? we basically, we don't have a plan like we did during world war 2. there was a well organized plan of how to survive as a nation together. right. we have leadership during world war 2 and we are without any leadership at the moment. so we'll see how the sinking ship falls. it'll be like the titanic and break up into 2 places or just and in one place, we have to find that out. anyway, we're going to take a break. and when we come back, much more coming your way with
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samsung down through here in poland. this larry over here. so your camps are always a little nicer than this. this is evidence of absolute poverty, despair. people in our city and other cities all across america are living like this, where the original need and village, and then opened up in 2018. and right now there's 31 homes on the property. it's a little over 4 acres with 31 homes and a community center. unfortunately, a lot of people don't make it out of edition more homelessness line. i'm just really happy it. oh, her dad you with me. ah, ah.
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oh, well, it shows the wrong one. i just don't know. i mean, you won't have to shave out disdain, because the answer to an engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves will the more we choose to look for common ground? it's an open secret. the private military companies have been playing a role in arm conflicts, world wide. u. s. government doesn't track the number of contractors and uses in places iraq or afghanistan, the united states army and the military and general is so reliance on the private sector. i would call the dependency, but we don't know who's the on the ground presence of these companies overseas. we
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just don't out west and private military companies can in their turn, views. so cool subcontractors from countries with trouble pass. the chances are quite good that they had also been child diligence processes. i was a child as a, as my job professional job is, is with the whole 141. i said that with, with no fee, no minimum own wall, which i mean to be merciless killing machines. now they fight and die in other people's was people carol, lot one or a dead soldier or dead marine shows up in this country and we start asking yourself, why did they die? why? what were they fighting for to nobody bothers down to about the contractors. i
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the me welcome back to the guys report, i got your time now to turn to joan based on campus cannibal dot com. joan, welcome back. max. always a pleasure to be on. alright, now el salvador. that's where we're at on today because be just the new coin, mecca. you've made the pilgrimage so far. what are your impressions? absolutely incredible, that people are really, really nice. we know l salvador has the global reputation, but when you get here and you meet the people especially and i was on, i'm going to make my trip the sound part of a door soon. everyone loves them. bitcoin signs everywhere. people are accepting bitcoin even see it at the airport really in the world. so cypress quantization,
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the circular economy. it's all happening right here. and the whole region is very excited by this. have you heard anything on that's trying to looks like one or 2 other countries in latin america? i'm going to go making big point legal, tender. everyone is watched to see how this experiment works out. and we all pray that it works out really well. them going straight to legal, tender surprise, me a little bit. i would have preferred for all salvador to go more the michael sailor route. just use bitcoin for treasury, don't make any laws. just make it clear to the people bitcoin is accepted, you can use it. you don't have to use it, no one's going to force you to use it. we're not going to criminalize any bitcoin usage. and the government feels that is the safest place to store our money. i would prefer a dot route, but the route that was taken with legal tender certainly gave bitcoin a lot more global recognition. as i travel the world are more free to talk about bitcoin. if someone says, well why are you talking about the shady currency?
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i'm going to say really you going to stop from talking about the currency of a country now. so it definitely has a very, very good global import, right? well, i'm like michael sailor at micro strata, j. l savage are in the range and of course is under constant pressure from the i m f, and the u. s. who have been violently oppressing this region for decades. so bold action had to be taken. i refer to president who kelly is the george washington in this sense, and that he's taking his country into the promised land and remember what america became fray. certainly the english weren't happy about it. now let's talk about big coin prices. they're down sharply since all time highs that have certainly crashed over the past week. what's going on with the charts that he hoped for the handlers? are we going to be all getting jobs at mcdonalds? there's always hope for the hot water, som, i do not expect the bottles job soon. we've seen this before. many times. i'm personally not going to get concerned unless bitcoin falls below $20000.00. that is
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my concern level. $20000.00 was the prior peak with those that are traders and understand technical analysis. as long as it stays over the prior of peak, we're in a great space. in fact, if we do come down to 20, that is the ultimate by did that i think right now is a pretty good bided there. but man, if it does get down to low twenty's, we're talking about $20.00 to $23000.00. that psalm sell your 2nd kidney time advice them bitcoin because you're not going to get another chance again. right. well, speaking of buying the damper now, salvador, so president who kelly has been buying the dip. he likes to tweet about it and he says to bitcoin or so, so you know, based on your chart work, i think what you're saying is just keep buying the deb you bind, does that be i, i really liked the price right now. my portfolio, as i was talking about our line, started going into cash around 55000. it went fully into cash around. i want
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to say in the forty's around 45 ah, maybe even higher when fully into cash. i started buying the bip a last week at a small 20 percent, and i turned that back in the cash on this drop yesterday. just as we cross 414150. so 4250. i put it a little bush position and i cut that away at 4150 a waiting for another chance to buy the bip probably next week. i like this price, but this price and tie me a lot of traders don't understand that there's price and time to both or factor. people always say at what price you're going to buy at some point, the price doesn't matter if the time that matters, i'm going to buy next week. if the price is $30000.00, that's what i'm buy. if the price is $41.00, that's what i'm by the time is also a huge factor. so for me, it's next week. if i'm lucky, if it will also be the low price in the cycle sense, we've been involved in big point out for many years. and we now have publicly traded companies that have been aggressively buying big point or mining big point.
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let's talk about 2 situations to get your take on it. so the greystone, b, t, c, g p, a is trading last i checked close to a 30 percent discount and a b. what does that mean? and of course you mentioned michael sailor, his micro strategy company is trading at a 20 percent discount to their bitcoin position. well, let's talk about g b t. see 1st, is this a by and i guess the question is, are they going to be converted to an e t f? at some point? i do believe that g, d, c is a by at the 25 to 30 percent discount above par. the way g, b, c works as it saw south, sustained amount of bitcoin. so imagine a gold is not allowed to be brought in or out of a certain region. india is big on gold. so there's x amount of gold in india, and it's a lot less than gold in the world. and all of a sudden there was a market for a goal that india, sometimes it's under the price of gold. sometimes it's above the price of gold
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right now because of the selling. it's under the price of bitcoin gdc. but once foremost, that's by can and we both know pharma was gonna come back, that fear of missing out there is not going to be an g b t shares. and because it's not an e t f, they will not be able to add more g b t shared. so one of the buying starts off at once, we start going back up and price. there's not going to be enough g t shares to go around and the premium will of operate and probably go back above 0 . and let's talk about micro strategy stock for a 2nd. michael sailors company. so the price of the stock is that a 20 percent discount to the big coin that they have on the books. now the added advantage chair, of course, is you're getting software enterprise software company that's generating earnings. so you're getting a kind of a leverage big coin play. is this an interesting situation? it is. i believe that all microsoft stock is a good proxy for bitcoin itself. the p. s coming out,
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but there was an official if you have their future ctf. so by something like microsoft stock is a pretty good proxy to a bitcoin e t f. and if it's under value to the amount of coin that they're holding, that could be another potentially goodbye. and then one other category of publicly traded stock that there would be the big coin miners. so you've got riot block chain. you've got marathon, you've got hunt, and a whole host of others. they're trading down sharply in the last week or so on this pullback. do they represent value, or is it too early for that? no, i think that also represent a very good play. miners are still mining bitcoin at a pretty cheap price. that was one of my concerns when bitcoin was hitting the $60000.00, the fact that the miners were mining bitcoin, a sub $10000.00 prices means that the floor for the price, a big point is very low. and it would allow bitcoin to go about low and still binding is profitable. so mining is not going anywhere. if you recall that was one
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of the concerns in the barrel in the last bare market price, a big quote went to $3000.00 people, started screaming. oh my god, mining is going to collapse. how are they going to mine it? that costs more to mine, a bitcoin than the value of a bit coin. so and now it's the complete opposite. and it's always the complete opposite, right? this is when people get fearful, and when that happens, you bye for the fact that combining for so low means the price, the big coin can drop without endangering the big coin ecosystems. are you surprised at how rapidly the hash rate recovered after the china band going back 6 or 7 months, we lost 50 percent of the big point. hash right miners moved out of china. they went to texas, they wanted to cast, expand, and that were already back in new all time. i was not a surprise, not really because mining is one of the most capitalistic ecosystems that we have. and you know what capitalism is like those minors. we're going to get move very
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close quickly, one way or another and they going to find another home topic again and colic. stand right now. russia now they want to ban it again, and those miners will be on the move again. there's just not enough miners, myers are not being built quickly enough. people are buying minors or several years old, higher in price than they bought them originally. i am not surprised that all people will be binding because of how cheap it can be to mine a bit coin. if you have connections to electricity. i don't think it can. it can be possible in russia to band mining. think china is the only nation that can do it because the be the chinese people still listen to the government way more than almost any other nation, other than perhaps north korea. so in china, it can be done in russia, just like in a better way. a lot if can happen. people have had enough of communism in the region and they will continue to be capitalistic. even if it's dangerous, i just don't see even in china there still has right there. so underground
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operations, there are still mining and china, so even the chinese government is incapable julie banning, correct. but i also see china is a both to enforce their surveillance state, much better than any other country in the world. so mining and china is probably a lot more dangerous than mining in siberia, russia, for example, they have surveillance, they've got a trend now for countries to introduce their centralized central bank, digital currencies. and that's really a surveillance coin, an we're in an era now at the pandemic, where governments feel like 24 hour surveillance on the citizens and foregoing of all rights, even if the rights guaranteed by the constitution go out the window. so where is big coin fit in that it's actually great for big coin. so real quick on cb, the sees the central bank, digital currency. it is no different than our current currency,
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except you remove the 2 percent of physical cash. even the u. s. dollar, maybe 2 percent of all dollars and circulation are and paper cash. you remove the paper dollars and you half the bdc, you really need to spend the money creating a new currency. you just eliminate the cash and you have cdc, governments want cbd, cease for 2 reasons. one is complete and total surveillance of every transaction you make. so they can freeze your account, cancel your account, hands on campus, gate ability of bitcoin. and the other reason governments would love icbc is to remove privatization of money with private banks that i know how much of a, j, p. morgan, my former employer, and bear stearns, and all the other banks, at least they were created for a reason to separate government from money. the banks of the private institution have the ability to create money. that may sound bad, but it's better than the government creating money. okay, so it's a, it's a bit lesser of 2 evils. so the government wants to push out the private sector
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banking. so they have control of all money. like when i grew up in the soviet union, there was one big, big moscow, basically. so those 2 reasons, the governments want to create a cbc. and if the government to eliminate paper cash, bitcoin will go through the roof. those are the biggest catalyst for big coin to go up and price, the elimination of paper money and something like the breakup of the european common currency. all the italy is all the greeks. they're gonna rush into because we've got about 10 seconds. gary cancer is still on hold about determining whether a theory was a security or not. how do you weigh in on that? i always believe that there in the security i did a populist on that back in 2017 and sort of gary dessler thought, of course at mit. explaining why a theory him as a security. we'll see what happens. what the ripple case if the if you loses the ripple case as he sees in trouble in enforcing anything. and i believe gary guess wants to bring action against the theory on, but it is very, very challenging. i john, vice. nice to bring. i can report. thank you max. all right,
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and i was going to do for this additional cost report with may max kaiser and stacy roberts. thanks. or i guess john based on comp a scandal dot com. the conference is march, 3rd and last bag is be there until next time. by noon, ah, lines have been drawn and positions made clear after 2 weeks of high level talks, russia and nato, we main poles apart on how to define pan european security. moscow is presented its vision in writing while washington falls back on our cave. cold war cliches, there may or may, we should all be may or may, we should all be angry because what's going on. right. can't understand united states history and the role of slavery play.


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