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but according to our information, it's not yet precisely the case. i'm not talking about cows at stan and particular i'm talking about other different ex soviet republics. on many occasions. we heard that the yet bush nested me was that foreign minister against a simplified procedure for getting russian citizenship abroad. i know this is not the case because you made an active contribution to simplifying their citizenship grant, where she granting kind of dumb enough to do that. you know who's that i shared. so when our attitude gods evie change, when are we going to get our population bag in accordance with the ethnic principle? and when are we going to save and protect those citizens who found themselves abroad, even though they didn't want the country to collapse? there are many, blaze to this question or using a good me bold. and there are some shoes with allies and c,
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as in his sister. of course, there are problems and no one tries to hide them. and those problems are linked to the fact that new in the been countries that used to form part of the soviet union. and the really also made part of the russian empire we before the soviet union for the 1st time in history, they also had a chance to create their own countries summer and their own national states. national. i would emphasize in this review, and of course they tried to assert the national identity as soon as possible, which is doing been accompanied with some accident. oh, no one was denied. these always happens when grant, when cbg empires collapsible soviet union was the heritage of the russian empire of the buller. although i may say, it was
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a little more soft than the russian empire and other empires, like british empire, french, and by and some other examples. well, least you circle period, these version present the 2nd period. of course we inevitably see some accidents that i already mentioned and of course we want to avoid them. and we will spend aware of that in order to do this, including the use of our soft power issues, which we have sure located much more resources on their soft power. now we do now in our foreign ministry is actively working on this in order to develop such decisions from our government or to make our efforts more systemic if you just like a western countries do this really we are still far from this level level of those western countries in this area and of course,
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apart from the soft fall apart from the diplomacy and diplomatic means and the discussion of this issues during the contact with our partners or you of course, there is also a reciprocity that is based on the necessity to take into solution, muscle count or thinking about some issue so to feel to re muscle while you still addressing the issues that are of interest for partners. i mean, labor migrants, i mean, economic country, economic corporation and assistance and many other topics because our economies are shin to try and he cannot even reread and economic union is creating a lying share of economic nelson benefits. and of course, i don't see any contradiction here are to the development of friendly and close relations with the allots of our neighbors. so she's got like 2 years
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also emphasize leticia. this situation was caused by the true political disaster, the collapse of the soviet union. as mister prudence said, when 25000000 people just found themselves outside of the of their own countries, no one knew how to develop the communication between those new independent countries and states. this requires a lot of efforts and the fact that now the situation has normalized machines and we see and we understand who is responsible for what these is quiet and achievement already. but the issues that you brought up. so you move the issues or i was, compatriots should be of course, address on the mutual basis. and in this regard, i would like also to mention that the grocery, we have to be more proactive and we have to be more open in the framework of the c s. and we have to discuss the issues of human rights from g called lou with regards
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to rights of inducer. persons who roost you are from much though i would say the group of russians in kazakhstan and catholics and russia, a millions in as in as i by joan and vice versa. although they are not so many of them in those countries. and now we have the a, a consent of our apartments from the c s. for, for the following. when the c s was established for the order there is easy stipulation digital. there will be a commission on the human rights in the c s. and for over a long time, there was no time for this in the past. they thought, well, we don't have to do this because it's just for the west to see that we are dealing with these issues. but over the last years we in the russian federation. so we will assume, yeah, we proposed it is always to and discuss this issue on the
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collaboration and development of such a commission that we, that this commission was discussed, the issues of human rights on this in the c s countries. so that with you, with son, we, you would be able to and you can address those matters and those topics that we and not, that western countries, western structures like european court and human rights that has long ago lost, lost its ability to take into account the principles of justice and their decision showroom and rulings are more and more politicized over the time. yet another topic that new margarita mentioned that there was a competitors that wanted want to go back to the country. sure. i personally think that it would be, was in other interests, of course someone should come back and because they have their family,
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their relatives in their, in our country. but it will be an interest of our country. and of all our c s partners that all the citizens of new independent countries in the state where they were born and where they live, agreeable story, where they work, where they have that families, et cetera. of course, these requires the elimination of all the forms of discrimination. i would prefer that russians would leave calmly with you and flourishing kazakhstan, another republics of the excellent soviet union, and those who want to move to russia. of course they should be granted this possibility by all means. oh my lord, you yield now. many are you to wish it were in there because the wanted to use this prove secure of their conditions and of course,
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leave soon. you said eustace shipper a here is, let's see. did you see where we have to work with other agencies and the ministries in russian foreign ministry of calling for maximum liberalization? we already said this over the last years with our participation with the participation of ministry of internal affairs and other ministers and agencies. we were able to propose some amendments with national legislation and those amendments you just tried to, sylvia eliminate some, jo barriers, bureaucratic barriers for those who seek the russian citizenship. some barriers that were present at the moment of filing their petition among them is the necessity to prove the source of their income virtual door. and at the same time fours those sir, ah, who legatee are due to the for the,
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for the children for the parents of the russian citizens. we cancel the requirement to have the language of temporal permit for the residence. and now they can directly, we were on file the petition for the citizenship and just a couple of weeks ago, one month ago and 29th of december, our president is proposed a new version of federal law. we will citizenship, we have worked on that document with our partners with other agencies and ministries that are dealing with this issue. these drafter legislation broadens the foundations for a given the citizenship lusan. and this is true for as those who were born and the territory of russia and also force their relatives. and this
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also true for the simplification of fancy show given citizenship for foreign nationals and stateless persons who, speaking of russia, russian language resources and who are able to need to read successfully into the russian society. of course, this is not an objective junior, which in parameter butler, this is very important to me. and or, of course, the sooner she includes the greater use of our universities from foreign nationals, all stateless persons who graduated from russian university and the participants of state program of voluntarily relocation use of compatriots. and despite the challenges of the pandemic of a lost here, there were many new applicants to this program. and the number of regional programs has exceeded 80 along with the federal program. and we see these program in
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developed in the regions of the far east and some other regions which are the priority for those who want to relocate to the russian federation. so those are the government main programs and the benefits that we have in force. and we would like to do more correctly because not only for the fact that you have your family and your rails and the relatives in which the russian federation should be important for obtaining the grounds for obtaining the russian citizenship. i also think that there is a number of our issues that should be dealt with and this work has not been finished yet. and now we're just trying to capitalize on what we agreed upon. at this stage, the president has approved our concession will keep working in order
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to improve conditions for obtaining the citizenship. and at the initiative of the russian president present putting of russia. a commission has been established in the framework of the united russia political party in order to provide our compatriots with all the types of assistance. and we of course also include those who want to relocate to the russian federation. and we will provide our compatriots all the necessary assistance in the framework of your 1st question so that they would be able to feel themselves comfortable in that all in the countries where they reside. now invited mascara to please have the floor, but you know, i beg your pardon, roman. and you also mentioned the article in com, summers care provider about the many us on the history history books that are being published in or says countries. i will not comment on warden estonians
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ukrainians. lithuanians lap means more about thought the right in those books. but as for the c s countries we are with a lot of last years, we said that there is no need to scrooge. give nationalists the pretext by studio and go into some edition or modular complex issues of our road, while common history that held all the peoples that were living asked and are still living in this common space, it held them to establish their own statehood and decreed little she'll bring you more foundations for their statehood and some with while we do understand the request for asserting their own statehood mother. of course we do think that it is imperative to avoid those excessive allegations. mcguigan the glue that
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are also favorable for radicals and nationalists for machines, those relations should, should be avoided. lost. here we is improved the decision to establish a commission or an association of scientists. one of the main directions of its work will be the discussion of the issues of our common history in order to, well, i don't think that they will prepare some unified history. men, also, history textbooks, text book lot. they will be able to develop a common strategies and concepts. they will take into account the diversity of points a few towards our common history. and this is an important area of our corporation . we do have joint commissions of historians with poland, with germany, with little lithuania and in number of occasions they are is she is she there with
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some common documents and decorations? i do hope that this mechanism will be constructive and useful. take taken into account that we work together in many organizations in c, s, and as seo and other other organizations romani, you have the floor, please. mr. love, i would like to go back to our relationship. we might go with the united states. well, you just mentioned that we will keep working with them, or you will miss mr, blinking in several weeks about already. now after we receive their response, many experts will. so, i mean, almost all of them say that the united states and nato was on the watson and they are unlikely to change their position and their stand. and they say the same that the ball is at our court. i just would like to understand you say, and mr. prudent says that all we would add up some counter measures you say
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that those are countermeasures are, will be developed by what, which ministry of foreign affairs among the yoga and among other homeless stakeholders, cottages, hinton war direction with foreign ministry work in order to return, when the ball back to them in by this you mean like who cuba, venezuela or some other latin american countries, or should they be serbia or some other? my ask regions like iran can you just give us a hinton of how should we respond in this year? so that these guys would probably be use their brain and use the head in order to and he was the response and the main issues and main questions that we post well even says that they would not change their position. we will not do it either because their position is based on distortion of the facts and our position is
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being based on what everything with their signature. i'm good with everyone put the signature on i wouldn't, i do not see grounds for reaching the compromise here. because if they are distorting our previous decisions that were commonly adopted, that will be the key test for me, for all of us. as for when you 1st for the balls where we play different games, apparently they have, we are there playing baseball and we're playing lap to and some other games we just do not have to rush around because they just don't have to get rid of their responsibility. and that's precisely what they're trying to do now. i mean, they're our nato partners. they have to take up the answer and the question, why don't they do what they agreed upon? and we agreed upon not to strengthen their security at the expense of others,
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our ties. we the countries of the latin america and some balkan countries like serbia, with iran, with china and other countries that are decent on the international arena. there they're not trying to impose anything on anyone. they're always trying to reach michelle accepted, agree agreements and the cords of the what the are i me very reach those religions . average the includes humanitarian, educational, context, context and pause. they also include our preparation in milton milton technical copper areas store use are you and i would like to assure you that no matter what would happen in the harry of european security, we will continue developing relationships with those countries. the response
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that we received to warehouse in studying is humor. oh, we already express our motivations. we of course, trying which one to ask a question, why do the western countries do not are implementing the usually the decisions that were adopted previously? if they were frightened by the fact that we proposed these documents publicly and if it would help them to change their negative attitude towards our work. no, i will. proposals on i may have treaties and other issues like military drills. well, that would mean that the western countries, rebushka was that i was even the only understand this type of conversation like we've done this. i mean, publicly 6 years, i would repeat that. now we would concentrate and focus on getting
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explanations. monsieur introduce about the indivisibility of security because the western countries is trying to waiver of or out of there are obligations just like the non expansion of which of the nato. now it's in the world, those wars and i'm not sure oral obligations. and now we have our written demands, jim was please give an explanation on how do you or how do you know who to do with your written obligations. omar call please, a mr. lever off a speaking about colleagues, when you don't mind, there is a necessity to defend russian journalist, a patient, some limitations in the united states in germany. we know that you're working with the r t, the foreign ministry, public fee, and not publicly at the level of ambassador level of deputy minister,
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a coordinator who's trying to defend and protect the journalist. when we speak about the countries where the relations are more close, your behavior is rather so it is more of a, it's not that a test. maybe it's likely that there are, there were some examples in some countries where the head of the bureau is been jailed. and we see the murders of journalists who could a year like in ukraine, back at that time, foreign ministry try to defend our journals. but when our journalists were killed in central african republic, the foreign ministry hasn't said anything led 2nd question of me 3 more router, nobel prize winner and the editor in chief of nowhere, eta, without a investigative procedure, new ambassador of central african republic,
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the ambassador of the russian federation in this country has been labeled in 3 r. a foreign ministry knows this and their relatives and their families. you do not know that. there are no proceedings and procedures. there is no declarations from, from the foreign ministry about the central african republican officials. should we do the same about the about other countries like bell roofs and central african republic? well, you say the right things that we have to always defend the rights of our citizens. not on the journalist journalists, but also the rights of all the citizens, which is submitted johnson bruce. but, you know, if we look at the example of what happens in the united states, they are many journalists have been kidnapped and we have to defend our later journalists when we do have we are snowing grounds for the lives of which we expressed our concern by what is going on with the office of consumers care?
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father, we talked and discussed this with vladimir. yup. when you move it, i understand you are good, you need a little. she has his, this is the citizen of either. this is a citizen, velo rose, and these changes are everything because there are some countries that admit double citizenship and if something happens on their treasury, they do use their own own legislation. will bloody mom knows this. i will not go into details. there are some issues that needs to be addressed in silence. you will not publicly we would you mind indeed for our blair, so that the bell ruse authorities and officials would would, would understand it. and their position is they, they are ready to open any bureau, any office, but only with the citizens of the russian federation. i just like to repeat that we
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can see schemes are see at the situ on the situation of the russian journalist in the western countries were coastal blue. i do think most of them are suitable that they're request so that the only citizens of the russian federation would work in that office is not something excellent, exceptional and extraordinary. although i would like to mention that of course we would like that all the countries would protect and defend the rights of journalists with no exceptions. and in the cases, when these rights are being violated, we will keep a, we will keep talking about this and discussion about this. and the question about the central african republic, in the assassination of 3 russian journalists, well, we will be ready to transmit all the information that will be available to the families of assassinated russian journalists. as for the who has done this in order
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the investigation in been done by the authorities over the central african republic, you have zuba, which i just use the goals, which i don't want to justify those who, who did it. i just want to remind all the journalists that they should take into account all the precautionary measures. if they go into some country, when there is internal military conflict, when there's a terrorist threat as well, the chances and all those cases will be better for them to notify the foreign ministry. because in the case of some tragedy, the changes to resolve those problems will be much higher. and in this case, they, when they are just like a tourist, they did not announce the purpose of their visit. well, this is another just your justification. but these are what make it even more complicated to deal with the notice that susie challenger, of course,
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we will like journalist to work everywhere and for those journals that are working in hotspots. hi. say i can say that i just admire those journalists who work there with us and our colleagues in east of eastern part of ukraine. it's with again and again through you. i would like to ask those who can influence on the weston, who is a mass media, why? and on the side of the line of content in danbury, which is controlled by achieve journalists, are appearing all once and half a year, much new people. and they produce a, some distorted progress reports and investigations. and on the other side of the line of contact our journalists showing the results of these atrocities, of usa, ukrainian armed forces at our bombing kindergartens, hospitals killing people of notice that why don't western journalists show
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how the a houses are looking like in this line of line of contact on the line of contact that has been controlled by donors and lou hunts people's republic was republics for useless. as for the situation with the journalist in central african republic, we are working with this country when we get the information on the group 3 are, we already had this information to the authorities and we will do all that we can. i will spare no of it in order to finish this investigation. and once again, we just won the truth. and i would look at those usually like to proceed shooting call on our colleagues and journalists when the visit and the hotspots. if you do not struggle with, if you don't trust us, the foreign ministry, i cannot compel you. but for the sake of your own security, please, and notify us when you go to some hot spots. these would really help us get part of
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the what also come somewhat care provider, please. you have the floor. mr. laira. thank you so much for your support. just looking in there is history, but if you're not in, was i called think i would like to thank alex save in addict for bringing up or that he share that, but it's not all about journalists and much acres. ben jaden already for 4 months, and there has been no even number and an interrogation with him. i requested mister lucas shanker, present vela rose from here to deal with that problem, or there has been no reaction. and as you, as you said, that is not only about journalists as a for to day. here are very short or just so she did. he stood before 157 russian citizens are being jailed in bella. ruth, those as you, this is the that's the data of russian embassy in minsk. yesterday,
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this list has grown up in more by victorious c k, which is a citizen of russia, of the russian federation. she was detained. she has been detained. she was a tent yesterday because during the demonstration and she made a photo, i can show this photo to you. so this showed the selfie was done. our in leader, full red thread on the ceiling along with the actual forces that's was that was was the reason why she was jailed and you know, some say that she was beaten in jail for 2 years. what, what can we do about that? hamilton newman, that speller was maybe our interaction with them should be a bit different because it's to part of our state of union union state and you, goofy, apparently, and bell rose is the most difficult, the most difficult countries for journalist to work and not in germany. at nothing, georgiana, in the united states, we keep talking about our common unions, stayed with bell. ruth, that we need to synchronize it. desolation. what do we have in the future in this?
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do we have some, a, some chances to become a real stay in union state, marshall? well, as for the union state, as you're aware with what's last, what am long 28 call union programs were adopted but they were published. interestingly, while these are framework documents, because when i didn't know they had not been rendered public, i don't think there are any secrets inside. but these framework documents for you. you mean, 3rd, we are going to create content to feel h in every avenue of corporation with concrete directly applicable economic, financial communications decisions and so on and so forth. this as an important step towards consolidating the material via good economic.


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