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no, everyone help me with a story that shake the weak ukraine dominated both the headlights and the minds of nato steaks with lethal on ammunition and military equipment handed over to kia while the u. s. and u. k. prepared to send troops to eastern europe, but not all nato members agree to weaponized craig. germany was slammed by allies for going against the block slide while some spanish opposition party say it's not bad countries. war to wage. spain has no bleach in this conflict. we are not interested in any worse. all this is a pro cation of the united states and nato in an attempt to reshape the work order in which they are losing influence. elsewhere this weekend candidates prime
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minister that is reportedly rushed to a safe evacuation site as more than 10000 truckers and this supported flood parliament held there in opposition to vaccine mandates with russia. the usual suspect behind a mass movement and a merchant in the super joe biden is called on my consulting a fox news journalist who is just trying to get answers about record inflation plague in the us. we went shopping that in new york city to see just how prices are being affected that and our local how much is i think them in their pocket. you have to, you have to make concessions to you to fit your budget, to, to buy the essential things to feed your family. i got 3 kids in the class. the food is going up. i drive the car almost every day because the gas going up, i only is doing anything with
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the hi and welcome to the weekly random, but the big stories abroad are not in to national over the last 7 days. my name's kevin o. in 1st of the week, so nato countries pouring weapons and military equipment into ukraine did mit britain's and as to what it called his biggest possible offer to come soon to nato, a major military deployment, apparently to eastern europe, the u. k. then following a similar line to washington, with president by them, pledging to send more american troops to the region in the near future. depending on the ready put 8500 soldiers on standby for possible deployment, or that of course, to deter russia. but now, even kiev is urging tom, instead of panic, claiming it won't be attacked despite repeated warnings to the country. from the u . s. i were moving us to europe in the nato countries near term. these would be additional brigade combat teams, with just ex personnel. medical support, a vh one, support intelligence,
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surveillance and reconnaissance, as well as transportation. and maybe even some additional capabilities after that. those are that, you know, a lot of such power, militarism appears in the media and i asked to reduce the intensity that exist today. little the situation is quite clear to us. there is no reason for us to panic, no grounds for searching and full scale funds for dreams. our country is even physically impossible to achieve or not. so comes, will not all nato members, the united weaponized cry, and this came out of the week. germany is refusing to send arms and is also ruled out evacuating his embassy there to say the move. it only adds detentions, but it also doesn't believe there's any immediate side of ukraine joining the nato alliance. one knows that this is not on the agenda at the moment, including russia. the people of ukraine want to live in peace and security. many have been separated from their families for years due to the conflicts in the down boss. that's what the matter is about. not in imminent entry into nato. that was nathan mitten in ohio. that war is looming right now in the middle of europe
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without doing everything we can to prevent a military escalation of the situation. of course, we do not deliver weapons to ukraine, is about keeping the peace, lasting peace order in europe would not work without russia, but only with russia. cracks have also merged inside another nato member, which is already said to navy vessels to the black sea, spain and his pledge it's full support to the block, but suddenly a position are not in favor of the move. no, so we'll go more. we as one of the signatories of this manifest so and the bulk of those who made the formation of the current government possible. believe that firstly, spain has no place in this conflict. we are not interested in any worse. all this is a pro cation of the united states and nato, in an attempt to reshape the world order in which they are lose an influence. the us openly admits this is very important for its national security. so the u. s. and they to our escalate intentions. the united states and nato want on the one hand to
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control europe and on the other latin america literally crushing everyone who questions the hegemony of the united states and the united states. and they to want to direct the resources of control europe and lead in america to attack those whom they consider their main threat in this whole story. neither spain or the e. u has any row our troops should not become cannon fodder for this most enormous mission of genocide in history for nato. on friday, russia's top diplomat spelled, had, clearly that the country does not want war, but it cancel out his interest to be ignored. either for a minister 2nd lover of shed his thoughts cheering a 90 minute interview to russian media use for your facility. if it's up to russia, there will be no war. we don't want any wars. but ignoring our interest is not something we can allow. either. americans are trying to create a hysteria of the escalation around ukraine, burrell and blink, and repeating it to some kind of a mantra. they say we hope that raja is going to choose the path of diplomacy. and
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i can tell you that is something we've always stuck to since soviet times. and the outcomes of this diplomacy include the is stumble and astronaut declarations, stipulating that no one is going to strengthen their security at the expense of others. this is the embodiment of diplomacy. i need more good our proposals to nato might seem exceptional only if the experts who assist these proposals assume that the americans have already taken everything around. so why bother put up with that? confine yourself to the bare minimum. but we want them to work with us with honesty, the day before yesterday we received their response and obfuscate things as the west is prone to do. but still there are some responses to our basic questions. in particular, with regards to intermediate and short range missiles. we also offered to withdraw military exercises further from the border on both sides. there were other measures on de escalation that were ignored for several years. but now nature seems to be
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willing to talk about that. it's only something presentable. the president has already given an answer to that. if our attempts to agree on mutually acceptable principles of ensuring your atlantic security fail, we're going to take measures in response with regard to what kind of measures he said that they can be different and will be based on the information provided by our military. if they insist that they would not change their position, we will not do it either because their position is based on distortion of facts. and our position is based on what everyone's put their signature on. i don't see the grounds for reaching the compromise here because they are, is still seeing the previous decisions that were commonly adopted. virginia, so as for the sanctions, when our president spoke, in particular, we told the americans that the package of sanctions, including russia's disconnection from the financial systems, controlled by the west, would be equivalent to the severance of diplomatic ties. we gave
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a clear message and i think they understand it. i don't think it serves anybody's interests the wants, what is her relationship between the u. s. and the mainstream media and k f came into question in the wake of to say and, and deleted then reinstated an article alleging that the ukranian president told joe biden that america was over playing the eminent russian invasion cod says kit taylor, that story on thursday to you, as an ukrainian president, had a phone conversation, and the media reported the biden was warning the well, the brink of wild wall, 3 hooton's waiting for the ground to freeze over in february. and that hell give the signal for an invasion, zaleski for his part, was trying partly to calm his you ask counterpart down by stating that it's all still ambiguous. it seemed then that the 2 leaders would very much at odds. a call between u. s. president joe biden and ukrainian president followed him, or zalinski on thursday, did not go well. the senior ukrainian official told cnn i met disagreements over
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the risk levels of a russian attack. zelinski urged his american counterpart to calm down the messaging warning of economic impact of panic. according to the official, he also said ukrainian intelligence seized the threat differently so quickly sought later that on top of all the other disagreements within the you and nato. now even washington and kia, who off, quite literally rob is in arms on to, on the same page. but then something that cutie happened. less than an hour and a half off to the scene. an article broke. it just disappeared. there was no trace any more of bite and whipping up hysteria about him in a wool and zelinski, telling him to calm down on in its pace. what a pit? well, a few of tweets from cnn people on from her field about how the white house disputes, how the coal wasn't a success. in fact, it was all just one big lie. white house on biden's, zalinski call, anonymous sources are leaking. falsehood. president biden said that there is a distinct possibility that the russians could invade ukraine in february,
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reports of anything more different than that, are completely false on hot on these heels. he also came out claiming that the original article was riddled with mistakes. dear colleagues, some reports regarding the content of the talks between presidents villa dimmer zalinski and joe biden have appeared on social media. citing the alleged senior ukrainian official. these messages are completely false. so to put it simply, we had an article, citing a senior ukrainian official. now the articles disappeared in a whole army, both in the ukraine on state side, out, doing damage control. what happened behind the scenes? it's still a mystery font, understandably, there are lots of questions and what suspicions? why such a shot? 180 who gave the order for the story to be taken down. and so probably not a surprise. biden's critics are calling the transparency. what they want is a transcript of the phone call. will someone ask press secretary if the white house
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will release the transcript? when will you release the transcript? what exactly was said in the hour and 20 minute chat between bites and ansolaski is still unclear. what did dynamic between them to lead to says it's still unclear. is it indeed true that zelinski was the one telling biden to tone down the hysteria that are a lot of questions that also seems to be the sense that at best this was poor on verify john anderson. and it was, if we're being re cynical, that was something in that article that someone really didn't want to come out. with the development of the we just gone amid the current simmering tensions rusher agreed to move planned naval drills further from the coast of island after the irish government and fishing communities expressed concern about potential damage to the exercises could cause to the area in response to the request and minister of defense of the russian federation sake, a chicago, has made a decision as a gesture of good will to relocate the exercises. but the russian navy plans for
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february said to february, 8th as side the irish exclusive economic zone with the aim not to hinder fishing activities by irish vessels in the traditional fishing areas. moscow just announced that it will move its naval drill, scheduled for next week, which were originally set to take place in international waters, just about 150 miles off the coast of ireland. now that's after irish fishing authorities said that moscow was well within its rights to carry out these plans, but it would disrupt fishing activities in the area. so they asked if they could be relocated. we also heard from the iris, foreign minister, who pointed to the recent tensions around the conflict in ukraine, russia and the international law of the sea can of course, undertake military exercises in international waters. this isn't the time to increase military activity and tension in the context of what's happening with ukraine at the moment. now, as the iris foreign minister pointed outright there, there's nothing illegal about russia carrying out military drills in international
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waters. something that's been in the works for quite a while now, but moscow sees the decision as a gesture of good will, considering the fact that the western media has been hyping up, claims accusing russia of planning to invade ukraine for months now. and that diplomacy has been facing, set back after set back concerning this issue. so while tensions do remain high, at least ireland and russia can see, i hear why now, canadian prime minister just into doze, this we can reportedly been rushed to a secret, secure evacuation location. for protection as more than $10000.00 truckers and their freedom convoys supported to send on parliament hill in the capital over the national food supply crisis ongoing, after driving so told no job, no job. these are drug pictures, then mass crowds and vehicles block key roads around the parliament. buildings will turn out. yeah. protest is great. extreme cold warnings to event. the passionate opposition to vaccine mandates. another pandemic restrictions they have to
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hire moment time to figure a country back. the restrictions i've been going on for way too long. people me to do their own thing and is a great day for unity for the lot, not just one problem. the whole thing in general society is overtaken by fear. this convoy is all of the freed up. it's not only with a truck driver, it's actually for every single person you, me, buddy, down the road. it doesn't matter. it's all about your free choice. that's what it should be. like i said, if you're vaccinated, cool, you did it. well, most people did it because of work, but you know, you could do it off a free will off of your own choice. for meantime, the countries talk more make it to demonize the rallies with mr. trudeau himself, branding them an acceptable hello with a public safety chief, dubbing demonstrate is extremists. and in a repeat to practically every big north american political story of the past 6
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years with 0 evidence. kind of this top state broadcast of no play. the russians fueled uneven, started the entire mass, public movement concerns that russian actors could be continuing to fuel things as this as this protest grows. but perhaps even instigating it from, from the outset a local journalist telling us this is sad already. then the canadian protest as a heard more by us base building a l. a must and their own government, which he says, really cares more about power, not health. so, so you want to ask, has, has supported this protest, and that's more, more support than we've seen from the political leadership in this country, which is really frustrating for the convoy. they told me frequently that they expect to political leadership in this country, both liberals and conservatives, to either support them or at least listen to their demands. the mainstream media in canada had convinced canadians that we ourselves loved the vaccine mandate. but now
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that we see on the ground, how many people are coming out onto the highway in the bitter cold minus 30 degrees celsius in some cases, to wave flags and support this convoy. it's clear that the what we've been told about the support of our team and it isn't really true, but the government doesn't want to release the story that they've gained through this pandemic. they're dead set on keeping a iron fisted grip of power over the people, deciding what they're able to do, where they're able to go, depending on their medical status. we'll continue to keep an eye on it. meantime, you without international. hi, there are a weekly random for the stories abroad of the last 7 days after the break. and other twist and similarly never ending saga. we also keep an eye over the years as you'll know, the whistleblower joining us such winning the right to get his extradition ruling reviewed by the u. k. supreme court. kevin, don't think it through that more very soon.
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i what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy confrontation, let it be an arms race is on offense. very dramatic development. only personally and getting to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very political time. time to sit down and talk ah with
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ah, his out international so a pesky hot mike moment then cause it barrison for joe biden. in the wake out, a news come from the president was asked by the record inflation currently blighting the u. s. with one journalist going about rather more than he'd expected . oh as well. it was a nasty booster baby. i'm befitting the president. but that is imagine he was,
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he was stressed right. he he, he needed an outlet, but silly moment we will have moments like that. but the issue here is the subject neither not is inflation because there are, there are 2 explanations for what but, and said the 1st is that perhaps he was kidding. you know, he was angry. this is an outlet, again, again for his stress, for his ag. and the 2nd option, which is even scarier is that he actually believes that inflation is a great asset. i'm you fall to brought, you felt that the inflation that has gripped the will not, not only live the past year, but over the past 2 years of the course of the panoramic. you walk into a shop, you look at the process. this is, this is everything fuel for our cars, clothes, for food, the prices and in supermarkets, i mean cars, computers. everything's gone up into the stratosphere. nobody's gaining from this. people are literally watching that their salaries, their wages,
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especially people on fixed income, or even worse, poor people, low income people. they are watching their salaries, they're purchasing power evaporate. so it is incredibly strange reading, reading what some and the media wrote. and i'd like to note that this is, this is left wing media that inflation is somehow a good thing, why inflation can actually be good for every day americans in bad for rich people. why the inflation we're seeing now is a good thing why inflation might actually be good for the economy. those headlines that some of them have apologized the authors, or they have been ridiculed to such an extent that they had, they had to go back on on what they wrote big there is. there isn't of justice on this. so the, the says we, we are seeing in the united states, right, inflation that is an absolute record in 40 years and 40 years. i mean the, the numbers are absolutely tremendous how much. 1 people are using the reason that
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this is all happening will part of the reason why there is the pandemic. but there is also the printing press on which the united states toward to, to a greater extent than the european central bank to a less extent, quintin trillions, trillions. they ran these for, for so long that give our people checks, covered checks, and what people used these co rejects for it is by basic necessities. they, they went for electronics, they went for free for luxury things. and what this did is these caused inflation, supplier supply chains already disrupted theory with a combat. all of this is to is a for, for central banks we, we've all heard, you know, central banks, high rates or whatever. and we will whistle. what the hell that mean, what it means that by way of increasing the interest on all loans, central banks cool off an economy by making sure there is less money to go around. the problem here is that the united states is now $29.00 trillion dollars in debt,
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$29.00 trillion dollars in debt. and if they hike rates, they, if they hi, grades long term. so for example, for, for 56 years, the issue will be that they're going to make much more payments, many more payments on the existing debt. so for them it would be like, shooting themselves in the foot. so they're trying to balance the needs of the economy versus the, the outcry from the public and from the people, and try to squeeze by are either pleasing, ultimately, no one, you know, see the correspondence there. so it's clear, it's not only joe biden, filling the pressure from the economy, small businesses in the household across the us to be crushed under the weight to the spiraling inflation. kellum open checked out what it's doing to store prices that in new york city, as the saying goes, a dollar and a dollar any more, an american families are being squeezed by inflation. there has been
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a 7 percent increase and consumer prices over the past year. that's the fastest increase that we've seen since 1982 joe biden has promised that he is going to fight these increasing costs of pretty much everything. and he has already found someone to blame for the crisis. so bottom line, this isn't just about quick winds. it's about reversing decades of concentration of her workers, consumers and small businesses. it didn't happen any one time. it's been over a period of time now a long time. now the average cost of the local bread and new york state in 2021 was $0.88 per here at a popular supermarket in manhattan. there's bread for sale for roughly $3.48, or $4.27. now, prices in manhattan are loc, steeper, even in good time. so that's a pretty significant increase in cost for the consumer. i so ridiculous thumb is really going up really quickly, really high, and the feminist check. we gotta get out of whitfield on just
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a regular trip to the supermarket. as it is becoming, becoming more difficult. you have to, you have to make concessions to, to fit your budget, to, to buy the essential things to our feeder. families got 3 kids in the cost. the food is going up. i drive the car almost every day, the cost, the gas is going up. i don't think there was anything class january the price of gasoline and manhattan was roughly $2.37. but now here it be p in midtown manhattan. they want $4.79 per gallon to fill up your tank. if i could get this under control, a lot of people would breathe a huge sigh of relief. a new survey shows that 76 percent of small firms in the united states have felt the negative impact of inflation over the past 6 months. there's nothing natural about it is the result of political decisions and the result has been vast borrowing of money to speculate in the stock market. and
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some of that money has now fallen over into the rest of the economy. and so we have an inflation mostly because businesses have wanted to offset profits last in 2020, and the 1st half of 2021 by raising their prices. now, it is a profit driven decision also the, the way quickly found the german assange than winning a bid to us. the u. k. supreme court to review a previous high court decision to execute extradite him to the united states. he's wanted by washington on charges of espionage. the latest court decision will hold to sunday's expedition from the u. k. then for now, there's the latest step is a long running battle to avoid trial. after wiki leagues published us classified documents more than a decade, that goes rumbled on so long. but those close to the whistleblowers say it is still a long way to from the result that they were looking for. what
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happened in court today is precisely what we wanted to happen. but we are far from achieving justice in this case because julian has been incarcerated for so long and he should not have spent a single day in prison. as long as this case isn't dropped. as long as julian doesn't pre, julian continues to suffer. what we need for this case to be dropped entirely. that is, that is that is the only real victory for war for journalism. but for julian, this is of course of the problem longed incarceration is already been for more than a 1000 days and belmont prison. we've always been protesting vigorously. the fact that after the united states lost in the lower court, they were allowed to, to submit the so called up. so sort of assurances along the way on to contribute to richard matters has been closely following the hearings. he told us he thinks julia sounds is going to strong case of the supreme court. now we have to be clear. it's
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not guaranteed that they'll take the case. i personally think that they will because this is a very important point of law. it basically is the united states, the requesting state, allowed to provide assurances after its last the case, you know, there being a sore loser, effectively because julian is on one is extradition battle in january 2021 fair and square. and then the united states provided assurances afterwards, they spend weeks arguing that you know, special administrative measures and these horrific conditions that they're going to put them in are fine. you know, they, they weren't convinced that this is the right way it's thing to do. and then once they lost the case there, they started providing these assurances. and this is what needs to be determined by the supreme court. if can a requesting state in an extradition give assurances to an appellate court to, to an appeals court that were not given that were not provided in a magistrates court. so this isn't just important for julian assange. it's important for all extradition. and it is 100 percent relevant to british common law
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and to the public and the west to keep in mind that even if julian does end up free, he's not safe and other jurisdictions. if he steps foot in france or germany, or anywhere else where the u. s. as an extradition treaty that could again start a new thing. i certainly hope that the supreme court will do the right thing. and that's just a snapshot of the big news had brought you here of the last 7 days in moscow tonight is kevin with a big thank you to for watching the weekly and checking in with us here adopted to national news. i you're chatting with jagger, the nutrition too much on the mute issue and sending. yeah. can you them from boshoway machine camera? hi sharon, i'm wish wish rob lee with him
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again. i sure. yeah. that it's latoya, this is rudy mcgrew. she been wholesale, millennium jello recruiting court and i renewed my for azure night issue of that 1000th of london and keep to our lord madam for she doesn't mind too. i must be lucky. i can fatima sat my loading off that you can think of that lucas gaston jak here to push him. um we'll proceed again. martha, the money that i can le let thump, ah, without federal enforcement of the new civil rights legislation,
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the states enacted the black codes. these punitive laws restricted the movement of blacks, read the labor economy against them, and doomed them to low wages and debt. the laws also open the door to the widespread use of convict leasing, which was just another form of slavery. so if you broke these laws, then you could be in prison for it. and so then that starts the cycle of people going to prison for really trivial reasons, but getting caught up in the system because then if a white land older or business person paid their higher than they had to work off that fine. and so you could be years maybe for the rest of your life in these situations because these people were.


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