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in the $30000.00 to $40000.00 range in the united states that may wait for until 251015 1000000 coin before they finally wake up. with canada prime minister tries to slag off an escalating protest movement as a mob of racist who steal food from the homeless has more than $10000.00 truckers and their supporters rally against no job, no job mandates at the parliament building in ottawa with prime ministers words seem to have only poured fuel on the fire. it breaks my heart, like government supposed to have my back. he's calling me racist. extra is a deserve that day to see go. we all standing together with our nato allies against the potential aggression
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vladimir putin force. johnson's attempt to shift attention to ukraine is criticized by law makers and to be proven to downing street and from 2020 to lock down. parties finds the serious failures and staying with ukraine. no threats of a planned invasion has ever come from any russian politician, moscow's envoy to the un is clear about attempts to escalate the security situation in the region. i guess we have massive local brandon. is it a prima? see? also a passenger accuses an airline violating his freedom of speech after he's asked to remove his face mask because of the anti bible. let's go brandon slogan written on it with direct from studios and moscow. this is our international. i'm john thomas. certainly glad to have you with us now canada's prime minister who recently fled the capital as thousands of truckers and their supporters took to the streets to vent their anger. about vaccine mandates appear to have poured fuel on the fire by
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calling them a mob of racists who steal food for the homeless. i want to be very clear. we are not intimidated by those who hurl insults and abuse at small business workers and steal food from the homeless. we won't give in to those who fly racist flags. we won't cave to those who engage in vandalism or dishonor the memory of our veterans. i've been a truck driver for 18 years. i've never had an accident. never had a violation. and what my government is supposed to have my back. when you're in trouble and you need help, your government is supposed to be there for you. they're not supposed to drag you down. and what i've seen over the past 2 years, it's been devastating as breaks. it breaks my heart because my government supposed
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to have my back. when i'm out there working hard and i'm trying to do my job, keep these stores like like this wonderful store behind me this, this warehouse was gonna fill up my traitor and go he's calling me a racist his extremist. what have i done to deserve that? this is footage of sundays protest in the canadian capital work, crowds and vehicles blocked key roads around the parliament building. protesters brave warnings of extreme called an ottawa to vent their opposition to pandemic restrictions. many said that they were not against the jobs, but just being forced by the government to take them out of the police say that it's costing $600000.00 a day to maintain security in the capital during the rallies, the protests erupted after the government extended job mandates for truck drivers crossing the border with the us. now the truckers say that that threatens vital
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supply chains that the canadian health agency justify the move siding, rising covered cases and hospitalizations, was now just take a quick look at how the protests have been folded over the past few weeks. it's not about the vaccine itself, it's about demanding and the freedom to choose. that is what these ordinary hardworking canadians are here. they want to, they want their freedoms store ah, the small fringe minority of people who are on their way to ottawa for holding unacceptable views that they are expressing do not represent the views of canadians who have been there for each other ah
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. overtaken by fear. this convoy is all of the read it, not only with a truck driver, it's actually for every single person, you mean money down the road. it doesn't matter. it's all about your choice. ah. canadian truck driver, steven whitman again expresses his outrage, saying the government is dividing the nation to serve its own goals. what is happening over here is an absolute tragedy. our own prime minister, who is in charge of our provinces and territories, is using words like races. massage in is the extremist to describe truck drivers and people are across canada that are fighting hard every day to keep our supply chains stocked in full so that nobody is suffering. and we are already in
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canada 23000 driver short. and by putting these mandates, it further puts strain on, on the system of almost $16000.00 more drivers, which is going to drive the, the prices up. and it's infuriating that he is dividing a nation. he's dividing his voters so that he can push an initiative to be popular on the world stage. the movement right now, it is bo my mind. it as a truck driver. i've been following it almost every hour. watching the numbers grow and the support grow and it is so heart warming. it's so emotional to see the support from around the world. and it's growing. i mean, it's growing and it's growing so fast, it's taken a life of its own. that is so wonderful to watch. and the convoys now inspiring
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crowds across the world. this is footage from protest in australia and also the netherlands with people demanding that coven health rules are scratch. we will keep you posted on the growing wave of global anti restriction route in an abrupt reversal of an unpopular policy in the u. k. the government has announced intentions to scrap of vaccine mandate for health care workers in england, amid severe staff shortages at hospice. while vaccination remains our very best line of defense against carbon 19, i believe that it is no longer proportionate to require vaccination as a condition of deployment through statute. tens of thousands of national health care employees had faced losing their jobs if they didn't get their 1st shot. this week, the policy had sparked massive outrage as about $80000.00 and each us workers are still on vaccinated. we talked with a frontline worker nurse, naomi bennett, who says the mandate infringed on personal choice. it was quite dangerous. you know, taken away the choice for the health care workers. busy and you know,
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there's lots of resistance around the decision to actually make the faxing mandatory for health care and professional staffing kids to look at some of the options. it's important that i keep up to date with the changing information because that's most important. it's not, it's not ideal to target a certain set of what the work for the please. it could have applied to, but you know, to specifically have health care work is lisa, i'm really pleased that they review the situation that is at the same time as the party gates candle is going from bad to worse for britain's prime minister. now, boys johnson has shifted focus to russia and it's supposed to plan to invade ukraine on the day and internal prob, in the u. k, came to damming conclusions, forcing him to apologize. personally, i want to say, sorry, mr. speaker. i guess i will fix the promise to should do the decent thing and
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resign. yeah, of course he won't because he has a mind without saying if there was any on any or not a public life, that he would reside the way it is. and he law really are my colleague kevin oh and got the latest developments from ortiz team in london for weeks like government almost head behind the phrase, we await the su gray report today really was supposed to be the day to hold morris johnson and the government to account, but now we've got this report. it's just a measly 12 pages long. it's more of a common tree. more of a summary. definitely not the full report like we were expecting last week. now she was supposed to talk about 16 policies, but the police are looking into 12 of the meanings. she could only talk about 4. now about these 4 parties though some of the key lines included some behavior is
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difficult to justify. to little thought was given to public health, and there are many failures of leadership as well. but another line that laptop to me is on page 5 of this report and it reads, it is not possible to present a meaningful report now that su gray. almost saying there's a lot more than i want to say. but at this point, i simply cannot do so due to this metropolitan police investigation now, downing street says to grey can update this report later. but that pretty much rules out. any sense of the full report will come anytime soon. but for the public, they really want to know what happened on many of these key dates, like may the 20th bring your own booze. party were allegedly a 100 people were invited. boris johnson's birthday party in june, the 19th and of course, the parties what happened allegedly happened. and the night before prince philip's funeral snow, su grey says the government needs to address this immediately and does not need to
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wait for the police investigation bar. as johnson, as he just heard the saying, he's sorry, and he will fix it on that. the government can be trusted, but really the public. all questioning boris johnson how trustworthy the government is. and in fact, a poll suggests that knowing in 10 people, one boris johnson at to resign on the sentiment in westminster, in the house of commons, is no different either many m. p 's, including within ours johnson's own party. want to see paris johnson walk out of number 10. forget. yeah, you get the sense times are really running out. but he said bravely out of the moment, what a good time than to deflect attention to talk about ukraine, russia. let's talk about that with you. he said, what's happening on that side of it? well, pers johnston is fighting for his political future at home, but seems to be concerned with perhaps focusing minds elsewhere. now, he did face a very raucous house of commons, who were of course, pinning down and trying to put him under the under the spotlight really for that
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alleged lawbreaking over the course of the previous oh, nearly 2 years now. and the. busy parties and the other examples of alleged lawbreaking over that period, but as far as bores johnson is concerned, people should be focusing less on that. and what he says is the danger posed by russia at its president vladimir putin today. mrs. be here, we are standing together with our nato allies against the potential aggression vladimir putin. when he wanted not said on the go to install the prime minister as prime minister, a labor leader who actually published nato, i. now all of this comes off to the u. k. his sense of military forces to ostensibly, as they would say, train forces in ukraine also sending funds for the purchases of weapons. now parcels was due earlier monday to have a phone call, a telephone call with vladimir putin,
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but that was initially pushed back to the evening. it's now going to be held tuesday. we understand and barbara. busy johnson, looking at to really try to distract politically from his own words. the russians are less than impressed. they say that this is exactly what that is. an attempt at of she's cation and distraction. and that something which has been mimicked and repeated by those, even within the house of commons, who again say the bars, johnson has far more important things to concern himself with. boris johnson says he's helping with the diplomatic situation in russia and ukraine. he has no credibility, no one trusts him. the best thing he could do to help would be to resign. he will travel to moscow or wherever he's going in eastern europe this week. but every one will know that he's a man with a time bomb sitting under him. now, tuesday of our assumption is also scheduled to head out to the ukraine a for a number of meetings there. he'll be hoping that sir,
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will mindful be focused on that rather than his own political precious to that. and as far as secretary liz trusts has been speaking in the house of commons. tough talking words really from the foreign secretary, who's been saying that, sir, in order to add discourage russia from what they say our intentions to invade ukraine, something that's been strenuously denied by moscow. they, the u. k. government are willing to impose sanctions on russian companies. and on russian business men, so all eyes will be on bars. johnson's a trip to the ukraine fan of course, that key phone call with vladimir putin to see whether actually the prime minister's more concerned dialogue or with ratcheting up tensions. right. former london, mayor ken livingstone told us earlier that this has nothing to do with russia's supposed invasion of ukraine and everything with the scandals piling up around. johnson used to being lied to politics all my life. and i don't believe a word that the british government,
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or the american government is saying about the intentions of putin. if you low, the lead of ukraine is telling the west to sort of wind all this down. i don't feel under threats at all. if we get into sanctions with russia, we will be in a position where it damages many of our businesses, many, perhaps tens of thousands of people lose their job here in this country. and the simple fact is, this is all i think, being ran tough by our prime minister boris johnson, to distract attention from the scandal he's involved in that he held always illegal parties at 10 downing street while the rest of us were only not them. and when a prime minister's court lying is the end of their career, and the simple fact is, the poll ratings boris johnson. and if i had to take out a bet, now that we didn't show up, i'd actually be pressing that boris might be our prime minister. at the end of this year, and rushes envoy to the un gave more details on the fake hysteria built up around
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the ukraine crisis at a special meeting of the security council. the world, no threats of a plan division of ukraine has ever been made by any russian politician us initiated un security council meeting on ukraine is yet another attempt to drive a wedge between moscow and key of the meeting took place and opened with the representative of the united states, i made a number of serious allegations against russia, alleging that they are planning and invasion of ukraine, that a large number of russian troops are a mass on the border that rushes on the brink of invading ukraine, violating their sovereignty, heard the russian representative say that they have no intention of the invading ukraine, that no threat of invading your brain has ever been leveled. now furthermore, they argued that the united states is putting ukraine in danger. that these allegations from the united states have already taken an economic toll on ukraine, that there are voices in ukraine, arguing that these actions by the united states are not benefiting ukraine. and
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consistently, the russian representative called for recognition of the minced agreement and talked about how the united states seems to be ignoring this very, very important agreement that was made with the intention of de, escalating the situation in the country. russian representative, as he was leaving the un security council, he made very, very clear that the goal of russia is to have the situation de escalate. and he did speak about the danger of a possible provocation from the united states or a provocation of some kind designed to maybe present it is if russia was invading ukraine when they weren't or provoke some kind of action from the, from russia. and he warned about how the united states seems to be trying to put your grain into a situation where the situation could intensify. he pointed out that in the remarks that were made by the u. s. representative, they gave a number of people that had been killed. the russian representative pointed out that most of those people that were killed in the conflict were civilians who were
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killed by the ukrainian government. white, a meeting, quite big differences between the united states and russia around this issue. russia maintains these allegations coming from the united states that some kind of russian invasion of ukraine is eminent. these allegations are just not the truth. u . s. official says, the russian government has responded to washington's proposals for the escalation of the ukraine crisis. without elaborating, we will bring you more details as soon as we get them. as independent journalist martin summers has noted, ukraine has been warning its western allies to tone down their belligerent rhetoric . zelinski is potentially, you know, somebody who could negotiate about this is a saying to his western allies and pot and patrons. you know, you're not helping us here. now you thought that might make people what doris johnson take a step back in and have a word with themselves. but of course they've got their own. i mean, he's got his own reasons for talking me talking to us was going to basically does
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not want a peaceful resolution of this crisis. it won't fit to drive home so that they can bring sanctions to bear on russia. general geo political contest was the russian federation. you know, basically threatening to fight to the last ukrainian. ah, this is not america anymore, is how a passenger on spirit airlines reacted when staff told him to remove his face mask because it had the anti bite. and let's go brandon slogan on it. video of the incident has exploded on social media, backing up more than 400000 views on tick tock alone. not america anymore, the america anymore. the company here. if i had a b, l, a mass guy, what is it been? okay. what does that mean? like lives out or? no, what does that grand in? what does that mean? it's my name. but isn't it freedom of speech to have the mascot? is it? is it a freedom to see? is this message?
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i just, i can't, we are a massive says, let's go brandon. like, is this anybody? i don't understand. it is a public, an airline. it's a company that they can enforce, you know, policies and things and things like that, but i still, they get balls under freedom of speech because it was, you know, it was basically violated. it wasn't spirit. it wasn't spirit policy that i should not wear this. so it was, it was a directional situation with the actual flight attendant. i mean, anything will offend anybody and it's, it's not, it's all a personal thing. it's not, you know, she might have thought, you know, something else was offensive if i, but if i would have had, you know, by the 2024 or 5 or anything, anything of that sort. what she had told me to take it on, you know,
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and i don't think that would be the case. i think if she would have liked it, she would have, let me, let me wear it. the passenger next to me had a and i fell mass gone. i mean, and it's l to be political. i could have been offended me, but she would have told him to take it off. incident happened on a flight from cleveland to tampa. one of the crew said it was unacceptable for the passenger, adam ra donya, to display a political statement, citing the airlines policy. we've contacted spirit airlines for comment and will bring you any response. we get one that slogan, let's go. brandon has become a code for insulting president biden. it started when nascar driver, brandon brown was being interviewed a few months ago. after winning a race car behind him began chanting an expletive about the president, but the reporter thought they were saying, let's go brandon. that spirit airlines, passenger adam or donia says freedom of speech in america is increasingly in taken away. i mean, we do have free speech. it says, i think it's,
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you know, being taken away from us by, you know, one sided censorship. i mean, the cfo, media all the time that you know, let them, you know, jump supporters post, bang, you know, they'll be taken down or you know, things that they support. but if you talk to the other side, it's not centered. so i feel like, you know, the freedom of speech there is you know, being, being taken away and it's basically one side of the u. s. government is allegedly relocating illegal migrants from southern border areas to other parts of the country, including new york on secret flights and border patrol. agents are speaking out about the policy, including an angry exchange during what was meant to be a morale boosting visit by the head of homeland security. and the us border patrol
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chief in laredo, texas was over 180000 migrants tried to enter the u. s. from mexico in december alone. and over the course of last year, a total of more than $2000000.00 entered the u. s. from the southern border, congressional republicans have urged joe biden to stop the secret migrant flights. we demand you provide congress and all new york is with the current location in status of each illegal immigrant. you have transferred to our state the new york because we represent are entitled to know how your failure to address. the crisis at our southern border continues to impact that communities in day to day lives. we discussed the issue with political analyst and radio host, dave perkins, who thinks these substantial public backlash could put an end to the secret flights . the only thing that can stop this is very strongly expressed,
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very large public opinion against it. because the more the public is aroused, the more they will make efforts to find out more about what's going on. the more that is learned, the more public opinion will turn against it. and in the end it will cost these people power. but as long as they don't think they are at the point where it will cost them power, they will continue to do it because the gambit of filling america with illegal aliens and then demanding that either we give them the vote or we are racists, is going to work, but it better work fast. another 4 years goes by like this. practically the entire american public will be against it and them, and the democrats, instead of getting power for life, will lose it for a very long time. so they're in a hurry, and that's why they haven't slowed down, but rather have sped up the process of bringing in thousands of illegal immigrants
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a day. they intend to change the demographics of american elections and take permanent power this way. the french ambassador to molly has been given 72 hours to leave the country as relations between paris and the west african nation. deteriorate further, our corresponded charlotte davinsky, explains 72 hours to vacate the country. and that is the message to francis ambassador from the maryan authorities. this mocking a severe escalation intentions nap between paris and bomb. okay. basically what we know is that the molly and authorities are outraged by what they say have been comments coming from french government officials over the last few weeks, which they say are outrageous. more to those comments where we have heard from the french foreign minister. this is new to peon, who basically said that the ruling june to, in molly was out of control. and we also heard from fairlance poly, who's the fence minister in france saying that france won't stay in the country at
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any cost. now, of course, the tensions are even rushed it higher with this announcement that the ambassador must go. the tensions have been high for over a year now since the 2nd military coup in morley in 2 years took place back in 2021. now at the time we heard from the family and authorities that they would be free and fair elections in february of this year, but that promise has since been rescinded, and that has been to the anger of paris. president micron has also announced in the last few months a phase with pool of french soldiers in marley soldiers that have been in the country since 2013 as part of operations to trying to keep a lid on jihadist insurgencies in the country. now at 1st those operations seem to
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be so in the ab seeds of success. but in the last few years, the has been an escalation intentions in the country. and that doesn't seem to be the case any more. in fact, mullins is becoming increasingly frustrated with foreign soldiers on their home turf. many of those who are french, and of course, there are soldiers from other european countries as well. and as a result of that, they have been protests across molly with people saying this is a sense of these continuing colonial ties of the country. now in the last a few weeks, we have covered hair on our t, the sanctions that have now been impose on molly because of the fact that the ruling authorities are not going to hold those elections in the foreseeable future . the e is also backing those sanctions now it's also a cause tensions that are marlin authorities of actually called on russia for aid in 2 of training their soldiers on the ground. and of course,
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that has ended the european union, which is now supporting these very severe sanctions against the country. molly, one of the poorest countries in the world with 1200000 people who have food insecure and 7500000 people who are said to be in urgent aid at the moment. and we've heard from agencies that those sanctions are really going to hit the most memorable, but the latest news coming out of the country now is that the tensions between france and molly? all right, pretty much an all time high. that announcement that the molly and authorities have given the french ambassador just 72 hours to leave $31.00 and a half minutes. that's when i will be back with a look at your this is our international. what? ah,
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more panic is in the air, but not in care of. apparently, nato says it's united against why she is so called aggression against ukraine. but alliance members as indifferent, even contradictory ways. washington in london approved to want confrontation their allies. not so much. it's an open secret that private military companies have been playing a role in om, complex world wide. u. s. government doesn't track the number of contractors and uses in places iraq or afghanistan, the united states army. and the military in general is so reliance on the private sector. i would call that dependency, but we don't know who's the on the ground presence of these companies overseas. we just don't out west and private military companies can in their turn, views. so cool subcontractors from countries with trouble pass the chances a quite good that they had also been charles diligence. i says i was a child as a,
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as in my job, professional job is he's with me for one full good. if i said that looked with no loan law, which i mean to be merciless killing machines, and now they fight and die in other people's was people carol, lot one and a dead soldier or dead marine shows up in this country and we start asking ourselves why do they die? why do what would a fighting for? nobody bothers down to about that contractors in thank.


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