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it is, this is not a threat to us. now they say that the next step is ukraine. so they must prove it. i think join because when you much nato, so listen to me, listen to me carefully to the equipment, the someone creating a new piece and they're still in ukraine in doctrines. it says that they want to take bag crimea, and they have to, they will use military force that so they are not just for it. that's part of their doctrine. now let's assume that ukraine is the need to state, so they are pumped with weapon they have modern offensive weapon, like they do it in poland, in europe, and now they start an operation and crimea. i'm not even talking about done the damp as here. that's a sovereign russian territory with mrs. so it's pretty stance to known. started are for us on the, not the so lance imagined that ukraine is a natal state and they start the separation. so now do we have to start the war
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against the nato alliance? did any one think about that? i don't think so. believe me and ask for implementation of the ministration agreements now. toner, on the one hand we hear the statement that ukraine wants to implemented. and we are accused of non implementing means sca agreements and then be publicly stated that if you crane is going to implement this agreements, it is going to collapse. and when you do more south of the you has anyone thought that if it's going to pose such a threat for russia, it is going to pose the same threat to itself, the setup. all these aren't the matters that men must be very careful number attention to, and i mean, we should take into consideration interest of each other. they say each country can choose, it's secure and mechanisms, and we grew with that. but i think the united states,
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they don't care that much about the ukraine insecurity, it's maybe they think about it, but it's a secondary priority for them. but their main job is to deter the development of rush. it hinder the development of pressure. and in this sense, ukraine is just the 2, you can do it in various ways. you can drag seem to some kind of military conflict on conflict and by using their allies in europe to impose these hard line sanctions against us that the united states is talking about, or they can drag ukraine into nato. well, governments, they can deploy their strike weapons, particularly an instigator, some kind of vendor tends to return. don, best for try me with force. and dodson rigging, i've seen 2 on conflict again. so if we look at all this process manner and
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multiple matters, if we think about to carefully, it will become obvious that you know what we want to avoid this negative scenario. and to do that, we need to consider interests of all the countries including crushing in to find no possible solution. why did we sign these agreements and treaties in eastern bull and astronaut and where it says that no country can frankton, wants security at the expense of any else and security. so not the very thing that if you want to ukraine to join need to, it will undermine our security, and we want to pay attention to that. so they talk about open door policy. where did they get that from open doris policy? it need to where does it, where is it and shrine? no, we're article 10 from the 49 agreement. if i remember correctly about establishing nato, it says that the alliance which can be in agreement with all the members of nato,
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you might, might accept other european nations to become part of this. or can you say it might, but it doesn't have to put and the united states and nato great, they can tell he crane as well. we want to strengthen your security. we care about it, respect your desire, but we cannot accept you because we have the other subject other obligations we assumed earlier. so, why is it not clear to ukraine and what is so insulting about the ukraine? here we must find a way to ensure the security of every one of ukraine of the european nations of prussia. but it is only possible if you take seriously your proposal was drafted by us. i hope that we will continue talking about it yesterday. we agreed with the president of friends that maybe he will also come
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with the visit moscow and the near future. and we will talk about this matter with him as well. as of may do, i hope that eventually we will find this solution, even though it's not going to be easy when resend that, but you get to, i'm not ready to talk. what kind of solution we it will be. thank you, victor. thank you. right then? well, for the last half hour or so, you've been listening to the joint media conference to the russian president vladimir putin and the hungarian pm, victor all by victor. oh, of course is a privilege. criticize from is you colleagues going to moscow, but it's a friend visiting a friend as far as putin and all been so it, there's a lot of talk about what they thrust out very positive. apparently they talk for 5 hours. they talk to,
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but russia continuing to those nuclear power plant in hungry that talked about cooperation over splitting the v building a factory to produce the and also sanctioning sputnik light to come on christmas. remember, the hungary was one of the 1st european nations is the only sort of 1st european nation to have given the green light to splitting the v oberman very pleased by that they said they've done very well without another looking to get the last of the final regulatory takes, they've got 6, i think it's 7 to bring in the splitting light as well as a booster and a lots to talk about the let's talk about how well that we're getting on. not so much talk initially about the ukraine, that troubles, but then a journalist at the end, there are 2 questions each asked about the ukraine troubles and what polluted and thought about that. what all been thought about it were pushing highlighted the dangers as he saw it. of ukraine entering, nate, so the situation around crimea worried about the future there that if ukraine was to, to join nate. so what would happen?
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you've seen the thing we're going to be covering it for the. busy next, coming out, but next i want to talk about another 15 day today. another conversation with the criminal talk diplomat held a telephone conversation with you as counterpart onto the blink. you said it was open to discussion on the issue of the indivisibility of security. however, secular provided that there was a negative overall u. s. and nature response to key russian security interest most because of course, particularly concerned that washington seems willing to carry out his existing commitments. at the certificates you look at the principle of indivisibility is not something we will give up on. we insist on an honest conversation and on an honest explanation of why the west does not want to fulfill its obligations, wants to fulfill them. or we selectively in its favor or i will go and call her correspondence across this one, so to speak more about what came out of this phone call. and while i was just
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recently that the russian foreign minister served a live, rob had a telephone conversation with us secretary of state anthony blinking and basically what live raw has set after that and have that conversation. basically, he's called out the united states for one. what one might call a hypocritical interpretation of its responsibilities for security in europe. what do we mean by that? well, in a letter to the foreign ministries of every member state of the organization for security and cooperation in europe, the lab, rob actually expressed moscow's point, he said that he feels that moscow feels disturbed at washington's what seems to be a selective interpretation of specifically, the o, s, c, e, it's san bull, and astonished declarations. now what those things, what those declarations do are basically describe the boundaries within which a country a sovereign nation can choose what military alliance is going to be a part of. and the documents clearly state that any sovereign nation, of course, has the right to join any military alliance and wants that clause. the united
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states loves, of course, as we know. but russia's foreign minister is actually pointing to the fact that washington is ignoring another point. another equally as important point, and that is that a country's choice of military alliances cannot impede on the national security of another sovereignly. that's something that even last week live. rob also said that he mentioned this double standards during negotiations in geneva with the us secretary of state. so let's take a listen to what he said back then. me on the so so. so at the, so think it's your mac, though the principle of indivisibility is not something we will give up on. if we insist on an honest conversation, and on an honest explanation of why the west does not want to fulfill its obligations, wants to fulfill them. so we selectively in its favor when you bring the statement comes just about a week actually after washington completely rejected the proposals that moscow had
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made for security guarantees that moscow made back in mid december actually. and these are the 2 key proposals, basically of these security guarantees, basically concerned stopping the deployment of offensive weapons in europe that could possibly hit russia in the event that they launched and a promise that nato will not expand further eastward, specifically into ukraine and georgia. and this is something that russia, you know, considers russia says that they were actually promised this back when the soviet union was still around when mikhail gorbachev was the president of the soviet union . and nato promised that it would not expand any farther than the older river in, in europe. and this is something that we actually heard echoed in the recent press conference that were just listening to vladimir putin. he also talked about how the united states is not seriously considering this very important point of the stumble and astonish declarations that make it should make it impossible for a country to join the military alliance at the expense of another. another
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country's national security and some of the people at some of the ambassadors that had, sorry, some of the foreign ministers that had received loud robes letter, have already publicly stated that they are actually discussing what, what to what to make of this and what decisions to make with them going forward. and it's also important to note that this is all of course, happening on the backdrop of months of, you know, this idea that russia is planning to invade ukraine. this is what's been saying, and this is what people been saying in the western media and nato and american officials have been saying for a long time, moscow has long rejected this. so this back and forth is really, you know, the cause of this disagreement. here. i got you because the european leaders getting involved in this kind of thing of the mon, we just heard about president macross had a conversation with the put in yesterday. you said may be due over most goes soon. but for his job said, well, he's been getting involved in this kind of thing is, well, he's on a play nice today to ukraine,
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a very difficult time for him. british little make a slam, the british prime minister, a skipping a major coal with president putin on that ukraine, m. p. say the growing party gave scandal as a force to take his off the ball on crucial world affairs and corresponding chargers. thus the reports and peace have profited the governmental embarrass. johnson, a joke, pathetic and the laughing stock. they say the boy johnson calling even organize a telephone call, let alone run the country. that's all in relation to this phone call that was supposed to happen between black putin and boris johnson about alleviating the crisis and ukraine. now partials, and couldn't do that, has been pushed to wednesday now. but many people points to the fact that the italian prime minister and the french president, they've already gotten on the phone to flash and embarrass johnson is literally the last in line with many people. joking at the fact that the poorest johnson is literally the last one to the party. only of course birds. johnson has been dealing
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with allegations inquiries on police investigations into his alleged rule breaking and downing street, which has also been in relation to this telephone call, branded as pathetic. and joe, this are almost saying it's by the proof. the birth johnson is clinging on to political life amid a dangerous crisis threatening peace in europe, a vital diplomatic opportunity has been missed. his boris johnson scrambles to hold on to his job. these are the real world consequences of a distracted prime minister, unfit for office running at government in disarray. boris johnson says he's helping with the diplomatic situation in russia and ukraine. he has no credibility. no one trusts him. the best thing he could do to help would be to resign when it comes as 9 and 10 people don't think boris johnson is fit enough to run the country. and the latest approval ratings has shown that barnes johnson, his party, has sunk to just 22 percent. so it seems like borrow's johnson is trying to immediately move on from the su gray, black clash,
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a foreign secretary liz trusted in the house of commons. she was ramping up the rhetoric even with threatening sanctions against russia, but she was actually met with laughter and jazz across the house of commons, who are taking the government seriously. those in and around the kremlin will have no way to hide. we will make sure that those who share responsibility for the kremlin aggressive d, stabilizing action. will sharon bearing a heavy pulse? and today, mrs. b. o, we are standing together with our nato allies against the potential aggression a vladimir putin when he wanted not. so don't go to install the prime minister as prime minister, i may believe who actually published may turn this well, that the prime minister acting quite big in his rhetoric in the house of commons saying potential aggression of putin. but on this tough talk, many m p 's,
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they simply say the government is ramping up. the rhetoric is somewhat of a distraction, a deflection of exactly what's going on in the heart of westminster in number 10 in downing street. and that's the sentiment. the fees are replicated among british media journalists, as well with headlines pointing to the fact is only a matter of time so far is johnson is out. his roman empire is falling, that his government is the worst in history. and essentially, it's time for him to walk out the door. what i will say to the president, it is, i think we really want to step back from the brain. and i think a russian to bring to someone they bring the end of the party british from is the birth johnson on the brink of this chorus, on the brink, labor store, my head in latest pulls off the policy shock, a guide to polity gate. the incredibly stupid can make up for his job, go through grace is down the street behavior. it's difficult to justify florence
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johnson to we can push part to get time both to influence ukraine crisis defense chief wound p. s one. your own. bring primary former london america, livingston predicts us the end game for boris johnson's political career. when they started to come out, he lied again and again and again, denying it all. now he sat except that he wasn't telling the truth, and this is the most dishonest, prime minister my life time. and when a prime minister's court line is the end of their career. and the simple fact is, the poll ratings for boris johnson is so low. that is to told him he's don't get rid of him, and he takes them into the next general election. they're going to be wiped out. oh, my truck, sorry we've been falling all we can. canadian truck is of now block part of the us border and the province of alberta is part of the rally against cobit vaccine
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mandates. for drivers, the prime minister reportedly fled the capital says he had cove against along with his 2 daughters as thousands of truckers and their supporters descended on the city is now put fuel on the fire. he's brought them a mob of racists who steal food from the homeless. i want to be very clear. we are not intimidated by those who hurl insults and abuse of small business workers and steal food from the homeless. we won't give in to those who fly racist flags. we won't cave to those who engage in vandalism or dishonor the memory of our veterans. the prime minister dressed up in racist costumes of so many times. he can't remember them all. doesn't mean every single liberal is a racist. i do respect that member. i just wish his government would respect the thousands of people who are fighting for their livelihoods right now here. who are
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trying to do the best to get this country back on track. can i did talk to steven whitman told us the government is divided with nation to 7. so goals he's calling me a racist his extremist. what have i done to deserve that? my government is supposed to have my back. when you're in trouble and you need to help your government is supposed to be there for you. they're not supposed to drag you down. and what i've seen over the past 2 years, it's been devastating as breaks. it breaks my heart because my government supposed to have my back. i work hard and one day, you know, i was hero and now i'm, i'm a racist and an extremist and it hurts. it hurts so much that i can't even put it into words. it makes me not want to be a canadian anymore. it further puts strain on, on the system of almost $16000.00 more drivers,
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which is going to drive the prices up. and it's infuriating that he is dividing a nation, he's it dividing his voters so that he can push an initiative to be popular on the world stage. the movement right now it is bull my mind as a truck driver. i've been following it almost every hour, watching that the numbers grow and the support grow and it is so heart warming. it's so emotional to see the support from around the world. and it's growing. i mean, it's growing and it's growing so fast, it's taken a life of its own. and it's so wonderful to watch. the video shows truck has maintaining the blockade of the boulder as they continue to the amount of oxy mondays be scrapped to fellas, monday's rally and the capital altima. i spoke to a resident tracy roseborough. she was among the crowds. we have the prime minister who is not being extremely advisor or are spot downs and magnate
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on people. now using language, the whole of our process take very slowly this to go back firing longer divide by the longer just again, the fax, the fax. we want to gather all of this and the next, the saudi led coalition targeted civilian buildings in the middle of residential neighborhoods. the you have any capital in the late i was a monday night, according to local media. it comes as condemnation grows of the saudi lead, a raid on a. yeah, many prism that cause the highest division civilian casualties in years ortiz, daniel hawkins, has the latest on it. it's one of the deadliest single airstrikes in yemen. civil
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war, starting out even among dozens of such incidents, would the red cross condemning it as the worst incident of civilian casualties in 3 years. and i had a love on her since we didn't have any information that there would be an attack. and we only heard the sound of the strike that i heard it when i was at home. i went out and entered the jail of it. i saw a body parts everywhere. oh, i did a lot of us. i heard groans and screams. some prisoners were clinging to the walls . i shined the flashlight and saw a huge number of people. the bodies of some of them were torn apart. others crawled on their stomach. some tried to get up and walk. others were locked inside the building when they were 3 strikes. the 1st blast hit the building on the east side from the side of my house. then to strike came on the western side that lives in casualty estimates in the heathy run detention facility very from 80 to over a 100, with hundreds more injured prisons had been here before. an air raid in 2019 kill dozens as of wedding parties. hospitals and schools. officials from the saudi led
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coalition denied at responsibility for this strike, then pledged to investigate amnesty international reports on the incident as well as witness accounts on the ground. point to an all too familiar picture. a u. s. manufactured and supplied bomb, launched by coalition aircraft. go aquila, you assign us forces attack to back a prison and city of saudi using smart bomb sense that these bombs are used against ground targets and heavily fortified objects again at his band. bombs have been used earlier. why these are american bombs, as they are used by the u. s. navy and air force, as well as the saudi arabian air force. images of the shocking aftermath of hundreds of strikes had been tragically consistent throughout more than 7 years of bloody conflict. and, and jose have repeatedly called out a weapon sales to the region as a key factor in the worse and crisis heretic images that have trickles out of yemen, or jarring reminder of who is paying the terrible price for western states
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lucrative sales to saudi arabia and its coalition allies. the one thing as consistent as a stream of appalling images from yemen has been given policy on arm sale to saudi arabia and its allies. 3 administrations, both democrat and republican, have completed billions in weapons deals while the ball and yemen has raged. and walled from enthusiasm for arms deals with saudi princes was well known. there was hope, the bottom administration would be different given, but now prisoners criticism of saudi arabia on the campaign trail and pledges to tone down support. this war has to end. and to underscore our commitment, we are ending all american support for offensive operations in the war in yemen, including relevant arms sales. there is a very important distinction between our commitment to not engage or not support
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or offensive activities and operations in yemen, including to the provision of offensive weapons and the legitimate needs of the king of saudi arabia in terms of its own defense of the united states. will continue its diplomatic outreach and engage with various stakeholders. reality has been different. the spot, the efforts of some sentences, the blog sales weaponry has poured into saudi arabia and billions of dollars into the accounts of us. all the manufacturers mounting civilian casualties have been no obstacle deciding new deals the latest just months ago. and as, and he owes and groups have certain senators and congressmen call for a change in policy. even decrying the arm sales is a violation of us laws. it seems for now business will take precedent. wireless very assurances of change and the stream of distressing images from yemen. well,
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the weapons which are being used in the middle east have been quite a very long time given by the american. so nothing new. because the biggest weapons manufacturer, right now in the united states, they will continue to do this. they will need to sell because the foreign policy of the states, the big be paid by the military industrial complex or the money that noise and the but i live right now, but will it be is once again, a huge be beneficial and profitable business. why do they leave school? this is the sale that have taken place with we did a b, n america. and america ok next back to the top story of legitimate poets in tonight says hungary can now enjoy guaranteed long term gas supply to budapest. or extended
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an agreement with guns from to 2036 to receive the cheapest gas in the u. food in health, multi hour towards $15.00. i was earlier on today, the hungry prime minister here in moscow and also most go out his room and coast. he was at that news conference that we brought. our view is just now roman, the summit up for us for he was just joining victor. robins confirmed the headlong for him. this expansion of the agreement with gas from was it tell us about relations to russia, hungary spoil. indeed, we've been waiting for at least 5 hours, while the 2 leaders vladimir boots and prime minister of hungary lease or orb, and met behind the closed doors and actually a mixer organ himself. well, a he said that's a back in 2021. a hungary saw the most successful year, and it's that relationship of with russia. indeed the sides or earlier today, spoke about expanding it or a gas commitments for lou. for years to carmen and deeds until the year or 20 or
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$36.00 are hungry, will pay for their gas prices will be at least $5.00 times cheaper than those in the rest of the o. e. u. well, prior to victor or bons arrival here in moscow, he faced a lot of criticism for his decision to meet with vladimir putin. you faced the criticism from you partners, as well as from the opposition. now hungry is a country that's both a member of the european union and of nato as well. but say he's seen a somewhat alpha black sheep, if you will, because he has maintained a good relationship with russia. actually, he called it a hungarian model of dealing with russia country being a part of the e u and a part of may. so at the same time, but maintaining the good relationship with russia, he called a sanctions against moscow as a counter effective. and he said that his country actually suffered more because of
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sanctions that were imposed against russia by the european union and others. now of course, energy was one of the main topics of conversation during their amazing today, russia is currently building a nuclear power plant. it's a joint venture, of course, your bill and nuclear power plant in hungary, russian specialists of the russian estate company. a rossiter might take and bought a well as a russian specialists, and of course it is will be partly financed by a moscow as well. now the countries are old, so they have a lot of relationships in other spheres as well. for example, hungry was the 1st country in the european union to, to buy sputnik v vaccine, and they actually accepted it as well. now they're talking about building a plant in hungary and producing sputnik v as well. and they also spoke about
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a buying a booster vaccine of sputnik light in the near future as well. of course, after the press conference, they accepted questions from the press here and one of the questions was about i ukraine and a victor or been a once again. he reiterated that hungry is so for peace and diplomatic way of fun to put magic solution is on the top of the agenda or i, roman, good day was night for a hungry then as a russia welcome to another friend. good thanks, spring or something like that. from the kremlin now that sir 29 and a half when it's past 8 is our world news and aid from moscow. with me, kevin, now in thanks for watching this edition. on a very good evening team. mm. with traveling to the city has taken mel due to his family several hours with him or his
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wife, son and 2 daughters. 9 year old layton and say who she is for. after the long, bumpy, and dusty road, they're all tired, but they have little choice. they couldn't find any buyers in the village. cheerless, i think i got a little fish. yeah, this is a hot that, it's like why this? like beauty was good. she didn't post on any color, was caught a cold and irony massage. nike showed that as long of london 2 toy letters that she gave us and i'm still playing with . 7


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