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tv   News  RT  February 1, 2022 1:00pm-1:31pm EST

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before they finally wake up with we've been promised, nita will not advance isa. today we see where nato is. mean, they've conned us. said our president, quoted, responsible to nato expansion, easter, the news conference with hungary prime minister in moscow escalating touches with the west news conference to with ukraine's president in kiev. meantime, britain's prime minister doubles down on the clay and there are a 100000 brushy troops on ukraine's board, despite moscow's envoy to the un, dismissing that repeated delegation and no job, no job, no way. canadian truck has continued to take a stand against cove. it mandates the scaling words of the prime minister. he's
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called me a racist, his extra heaviest one if i don't deserve that with kevin, i will at your service. this is out international. welcome to our world news 9 from moscow. glad you change in just in time. i gotta look, tell your president potent 1st offices breaking as responded to nato expansion, east of the news conference with hungary prime minister in moscow earlier on its summit escalating tensions, of course, with the west. miss taylor, let me in the summer crane and listen carefully to what i say in ukraine's own doctrinal documents. it is written that they plan to return crimea, including by military means that is not what they say publicly. imagine for yourself that ukraine, nato member and filled with weapon. ryan begins and operation in crimea, yet not to even mention don bass, that a sovereign russian territory for us in this sense. the question is closed. what do
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we do? go to war with the nato block. have someone thought about this? you get seems not. yes, but a lot of talking around today. but the important breaking news, what mr. boats at the sailor on about the escalating tensions and the course is meeting with the gary and pm today. so for the 1st, what was said to the highlights, right, well 1st thing we got to mention some really strong words from russian president vladimir putin. as at this press conference, i mean, he accused washington and nato of deceiving russia with their refusal to stop this . their military alliance from expanding farther east, that something that russia sees as was promised to them back when the soviet union was still around in 1990. actually when mikhail gorbachev was president and they were told that nato would not expand any farther than the older river in europe put . and also specifically pointed out that there is nothing specifically about an open door policy in nato's charter. actually, it says that the alliance may accept new countries. of course, if all member states agree, but nothing about anything,
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nothing saying anything about open doors. actually, according to putting this behavior really shows that washington is not actually concerned with ukraine security. but actually it's concerned with keeping a lid on rushes growth. and he also pointed out to ways that that can be done, dragging moscow into an armed conflict or putting a wedge between russia and its european allies. now, these statements, they came not very long after russian foreign minister, sergei lab rob got off the phone with the us secretary of state antony blink. and they were discussing washington's recent reject of moscow, secure proposals for security guarantees. the in that was it. and then in a letter to the foreign ministries of every member state of the organization for security and cooperation in europe live. we're all basically called out the united states saying that, you know, the country is hippa critically interpreting its responsibilities to the organization for security and cooperation in europe and connection with washington
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. selective interpretation of the seas is done both specifically the stumble and i found that declarations. now these documents basically describe the boundaries within which a sovereign nation can choose the military alliance. it wants to be a member of these documents state that any sovereign nation has the right to choose its own military alliance, of course. but, and, you know, the united states sure likes that. that's what they're talking about with the ukraine of course. but the russian foreign minister also pointed to the fact that these documents have another no less important point that says that choosing a military alliance cannot interfere with the national security of another sovereign nation. let's take a listen to what he said, and the ticket to market, or the principle of indivisibility, is not something we will give up on. we insist on an honest conversation and on an honest explanation of why the west does not want to fulfill its obligations, wants to fulfill them. so we selectively in its favor. when you begin to give our
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viewers a bit of background the statement, the statement comes just about a week after washington's complete rejection of the proposals for security guarantees that moscow set forward in actually mid december. they were waiting for quite a while for washington's response to those base. and the key points of these proposals were basically that they don't want nato to expand any farther eastward, specifically into ukraine in georgia. and also they don't want offensive weapons placed in europe. that could possibly want to strike against the, the mainland of russia actually. and so, you know, a lot of this is coming on the backdrop, of course, of months of accusations by western politicians, nato officials that russia is planning some sort of invasion of ukraine. there's been media history on the west about it as well and time and time again. moscow has said that it's not planning such an invasion. so we're gonna see to see how this plays out. we've already heard that the e u foreign policy chief has been discussing live rob's letters with
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representatives from washington and nato. so we'll see how this develops. love that go see ations and diplomacy on the way to day. all right, thanks. so that briefing from what was said in moscow, we're all know more reaction from moscow. the west sections show his willingness for war in the crate is just how the credit is blasted, what it cold, early of the war like rhetoric coming from the u. s. during a un security council session monday. thus as over mccully to go, i don't know western colleagues talk about the need of de escalation. however, 1st and foremost talks about upcoming war are in itself provocative. you're almost calling for this, you want it to happen. the threats of aggression on the border of ukraine. yes, on it's porter, is provocative. our recognition of the facts on the ground is not provocative. razzles was over to guns, gallenger's. this is our american colleagues have gathered us here. let them provide any evidence apart from allegations that russia is planning to attack ukraine. russia's military build up on the border has been paired with extensive
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new demands and aggressive rhetoric. peri schuler says, this deployment of russian troops in own territory is getting our western and u. s. colleagues to say that there's going to be a planned military action. there, however, is no proof confirming such a serious accusation whatsoever being put forward. while even ukraine's president urged the western stop, it's hysteria too, as we know well many ukrainian citizens also claim they believe all claims of an eminent attack by russia or a baseless, in addition to $300.00 javelin anti tank missiles sent by washington. u. s. national guards, nerve in pitt, should teaching ukrainian troops in the western city of revolve, or the use rocket launchers there around $200.00 us national guard currently deployed in the country. locals in the northeast and border city of hot gov. shared their views on the situation tonight. the when you pull nurses, this is a theater. it's manipulation so that people don't think about what to eat to morrow
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. but think about where to hide. this all is against the background of the fact that life is difficult, or high prices, low salaries overall lawlessness it so that the protest sentiment doesn't strengthen or they simply throw this information at us yesterday that i consider this spite of an inflammation wall. he don't really need to believe in it's, it's a possibility of course, but you need to use common sense and filter through the information. but then if re, my school in west isn't involved in peacekeeping. they just want to inside a war. ah, well i said low negotiations on the way to day lot of painful from the west. we're flying east to various places and clothing them u. k. prime minister. he was on a plane to a ukraine earlier on, but of course he's got so much on his plate will hardly blame that they are. well, a shot edward dash the sir. i really don't know what we're talking about at the moment. i'm going to talk about maurice johnson. hello, shiela was dashti and say he was on a plane to ukraine,
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his face and all that stuff back at home with party gate, etc. but lily's been highly criticized her for miss nicole tutor hotel. yes, they what's been happening today while morris johnson has now landed in k, as he's been speaking with the ukranian president, they've come up with a joint estate men, both leaders warning that any russian in cash would be a strategic mistake pointing to the russian troops on the eastern border as far as johnson, very robust, and his rhetoric today really upping the ante now saying that any escalation from russia would be not only a strategic disaster, but a political one and the humanitarian disaster as well. he says, so there's a package of sanctions just there. the ready should any russian soldier even put a co cap into the u. ukrainian territories that quite the threat but also saying since 2015 the u. k. as assisted in the military assistance of 22000
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ukrainian military past now. well, the ukranian president, he was very welcoming as far as johnson's trip today. and was even welcome to the british governments help. so what really has the british government done? because bruce johnson, even in this press, it was just saying he's spoken to many leaders in europe about this escalating crisis. however, a very important conversation is yet to be hard, and that's with vladimir putin. it's been put off for some days. now, even though attentions are escalating, embarrass johnson already seemingly to say that he is right there at the ready to assist, but he hasn't spoken with president blacksmith to to just yet. however, of course, as we know, johnson has been dealing with quite a lot of issues right here in the united kingdom, from allegations inquire, even police investigations into all of the allegations of the downing street parties throughout the pandemic. so he's in a bit of tricky sticky walters right here in the u. k. and it's been branded by
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members of parliament. is absolutely pathetic. a joke, britton's. now a lot of things start because it can't even deal with issues right here at home, let alone abroad amid a dangerous crisis threatening peace in europe. a vital diplomatic opportunity has been missed is boris johnson scrambles to hold on to his job. these are the real world consequences of a distracted prime minister, unfit for office, running a government in disarray. a pathetic embarrassment. boris johnson says he's helping with the diplomatic situation in russia and ukraine. he has no credibility. no one trusts him. the best thing he could do to help would be to resign while it comes as late as polls are looking quite bleak for bar johnson, the government 9 in time people, one forest johnson out they want him to resign and say that he's not fit to run this country also the ratings are particularly low subarus johnson too just at 22
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percent now. so he's quite keen to move on from the sou gray report. know the allegations that come with it on, on to really trying to change the narrative, try to come across quite road boss in terms of foreign policy abroad. so as we know, he is in kia, but he's, without the foreign secretary less trust. he's just tested positive the kind of at 19, but before she went into isolation, she too was upping the ante in the house of commons threatening these russian sanctions as well. but she was a bit of a law things stuck in the house of commons, particularly as many people look at the government and think they simply can't do the job. of those in and around the kremlin will have nowhere to hide. we will make sure that they share responsibility for the kremlin aggressive. the stabilizing action will share in bearing have a cost to game it, to see who we are standing together with our nato allies,
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against the potential aggression of vladimir putin. when he wanted to go to install the prime minister as prime minister, a labor leader who actually published may turn because well, potential aggression of love to me, to not to keep message coming from boris johnson on it is tough talk indeed. but money on peace or in the u. k. they simply think all of this robust tool can all of these latest threats of sanctions and so on and so forth. simply trying to distract and deflect from what's going on in westminster, all of the part to gate scandals. plus it hasn't gone unnoticed with the british media to with many, a headline, including bars. johnson's roman empire is fooling. it's only a matter of time until birth. johnson's out and even that this government is the west in history. what i will say turn to the presentation is, as i said, it is. i think we really want to step back of the brain. russian,
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someone they bring the end of the party british from is the birth johnson on the brink leg, this chorus on the brink, labor store, my head in late is told of the party shock a going to party game incredibly stupid scandal maker for his johnson. his job through grace is down in free behavior. it's difficult to justify florence johnson to we can but party time bob to influence ukraine crisis defense. she wants yes. want your own bring prime in yeah, a lot of points to talk about and like the lazar is where the snow from a new york city danya. we're listening it earlier on. hey there, good evening. by the way, thanks from with, with this thing, al, you're on to that presser, between a big draw ban and poets. and it was towards the end, the last question, almost because most of it was about their bilateral relations. but towards the end, we got some real, more nitty gritty about putin's worry about nato and the ukraine,
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maybe joining nato somewhere down the line. and it ball down to crimea. and he said that, you know, ukraine still officially insisted on returning crimea by military means. and of course, if ukraine was ever part of nato will, wow, that would be such a kick off, wouldn't there? and this is putin's worry here where it was late come out when we heard it, but that's what we heard your thoughts on that. well, i mean the, the us will never forgive potent for, for taking over the crimea, or for in any way supporting the rebellion and don, that's going to have or opposing us side plans to take over the ukraine as a whole. and to install it as a nato client state on the russian border. i'm in the u. s. simply never, never forgives these kinds of outrages. it is always plotting revenge. it will never give an edge. but i think as far as the rest of the world is concerned,
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is that the takeover of the of the crimea is a done deal. it was already past part part of russia, giving it back would be like the u. s. giving back new mexico to, to mexico or giving back texas to mexico. it's really just inconceivable. so i'm, so i think that in recognizing the reality of that situation might be a good place way to start on winding this whole rises. we also had to earlier on today, but the u. s. dismissing key russian security concerns was a coal with the saga, lovegrove, apparently it was a call that was disappointing for the russian side. was it to be expected or could we have been hoping for some sort of leeway as some little bit a light? no, i mean, i mean biden is under intense pressure at home. i mean, the, virtually the entire republican and democratic party are united in pushing for a very strong, very hostile ante russian stance. so a biden has little maneuvering room. i mean, you have a cold war, maybe even,
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you know, the more you hear, but this may be even a hot war. we sale the troops or the ama that's been piled into ukraine at the moment. i agree, it's completely mis complete madness. but by and by this responsible, as any one for this, i mean, i'm, the democrats have spent the last 6 or 8 years demonizing, russia and vladimir potent in particular on the basis that really very little evidence. so therefore they haven't dug a hole for themselves. and they really can't back down. so the situation is, is very dangerous because the u. s. posture is absolutely intractable. well, russia says, you know, these agreements or be verbal, nothing was really actually signed, which is what i was playing on the west. but this agreement was reached back in the early ninety's that nato wouldn't expand even so it expanded things turned. does russia these days have a right to demand security around its board? is, you know, we're in this argument on the west. it's saying, well,
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you can't say russia, we can do what i like. you know, we can do what we like. an outboard is put transfer every one. it's all business and the west to say when to come, turn around to ukraine, this over in country and say, well, you can't do this, you can do this. they could have the same argument. what's going to give? i don't really know that the be the rhetoric out of the u. s. is completely unrealistic because after all, the u. s. places great constraints on what mexico, for example, a supposedly sovereign state can do with mexico, one or 2 to enter in a military alliance would say china, there would be a storm in washington. i'm in the u. s. s. has put cuba and embargo for more than 60 years because of cuba alliance with the former soviet union. so the rhetoric out of the us is completely unrealistic, completely one sided, of course, latimer potent ad, legitimate concerns about the ukraine, a country on his,
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his border which, which with, with which russia is traditionally had very close relations, politically and cultural. we've seen boris johnson on the plane today. mr. else is going to deal with. he's heading to ukraine. we've been hearing the various utterances, you know, europe standing firm on this regarding ukraine. but we heard victor all by layer on describe himself, of course as the other middle europe. and i remember very well, well, the cold war was like that. remember very well. well, the other, you know, the, the 2nd world war, the, the 1st of all was like that. remember being cut a caught up in the middle of all this very much so, and they, mr. all button said, that's exactly why they didn't want to get caught up in. so we know this again. where does europe stand tonight? really honestly, as a collective, do you think tonight, but ramping up the tension? see it. but real, really, europe is not a collective. i mean, it's being pulled in all different directions. the germans in one direction, the french and another eastern europe in a 3rd. the central european states like,
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like hungary and the czech republic and a 4th. i mean it's being pulled everywhere. and the reason is that the, as the people who are the father still what farthest away from the battlefield, or the most military, they have the least to lose. and the ones who are closest or the most nervous, i mean, the last thing, the last thing germany wants is to be drawn into a military conflict with russia. germany has been there, it's done that and it doesn't want to do it again in return. that's the last thing that goes that he called me and said in russia would want either. but where do we start tonight? we any closer to a real flare appear, or is it likely at the last minute to all calm down what she, what she vibe on it. it's very difficult to tell my very candidate is that the war for years of to get into recede? i mean, the u. s. has tried to drum up the crisis atmosphere. it's been going on for
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a long time. russia has not made a move to invade, obviously. so the u. s. is bluff is being cold and i think that the, i think that the, the tension is beginning to be reduced. i can't be sure the proven wrong, but that is my immediate sense that the worst of the crisis is passed us up. so tunnel is our political, endless, jealous north from new york city night. thanks so much for coming on. give us your thoughts. all right, let's sir truck sales and what's been happening throughout the weekend, including into the 1st few days of this week in canada, canadian truck, as of now block part of the us border in the province of alberta as part of the role going rally again, the coven vaccine mandates for drivers. the prime minister reportedly fled the capitalist thousands of truck. isn't the supporters descended on the city as no port fuel on the fire to didn't the just he branded them a mob of races to steal food? he said, from the homeless. i want to be very clear. we are not intimidated
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by those who hurl insults and abuse at small business workers and steal food from the homeless. we won't give in to those who fly racist flags. we won't cave to those who engage in vandalism or dishonor the memory of our veterans, the prime minister dressed up in racist costumes of so many times. he can't remember them all. doesn't mean every single liberal is a racist. i do respect that mamma. i just wish his government would respect the thousands of people who are fighting for their livelihoods right now here who are trying to do the best to get this country back on track it. well, canadian focused even whitman's folks, who says the governments, in his opinion, dividing the nation to serve its own goals. he's calling me a racist his extremist.
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what have i done to deserve that? my government is supposed to have my back. when you're in trouble and you need to help your government is supposed to be there for you. they're not supposed to drag you down. and what i've seen over the past 2 years, it's been devastating as breaks. it breaks my heart because my government supposed to have my back. i work hard and one day, you know, i was hero and now i'm, i'm a racist and an extremist and it hurts. it hurts the so much that i can't even put it into words. it makes me not want to be a canadian anymore. it further puts strain on, on the system of almost $16000.00 more drivers, which is going to drive the prices up. and it's infuriating that he is dividing a nation. he's it dividing his voters so that he can push an initiative
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to be popular on the world stage, the movement rate. now it is bull my mind as a truck driver. i've been following it almost every hour. watching the, the numbers roll and the support grow and it is so heart warming. it's so emotional to see the support from around the world. and it's growing. i mean, it's growing and it's growing so fast, it's taken a life of its own. and it's so wonderful to watch a video shows truckers make telling the blockade of the boulders. they continue to demand the vaccine mandates. we scrap said to follow mondays rally at the capital o 2. a resident tracy roseborough was among the crowds. she spoke to me when the prime minister not being extremely myself or dancer magnate on people now using very i guess the whole of our process very faithfully this. go back firing
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on it divided by any longer just against the fact that the facts we want to gather as we want all of this now just 3 days left. a very unique beijing olympics buffet. it caused by remarkably strict coded rules and threats of western boy cars are lexi years. f ski is there for a software that goes through some pretty. i watering tests, everything seems to be ready. the measures have been implemented by the authorities . well, i can describe them as relatively strict. i mean, you have to wear masks at all times. our arrival here at waging airport. it seems that everything was too complicated. you had to fill in a lot of forms. you have to fill in a health declaration form a customer declaration form and of course take a, b, c. and i've tried bcr tests in many parts of the world, but this one was something really, really difficult. and if you're not,
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if you're faint of heart, do not watch this because all my god, that felt really, really awkward the me. but despite all that, everything was relatively quick and it took us literally on to 90 minutes to get from the, from the plane into the hotel to those who covered the 2008 summer olympic games in beijing. all this seems very familiar because these are the same facilities that we use in 2008. now they have been re, say 3 model for the winter games, plus, of course, couple of new venues. the transportation seems to be working as a clock. we take buses from our hotel to the venues. one thing important to know that we have to exist in a bubble is so called bubble. it's like an echo system here. and beijing, right? we can only stay inside the hotel and move between the hotels and the venues. we cannot even go out into the city even to go to
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a grocery store or anything. we just have to stay within the hotel. the doors slammed shut. the st basically empty, and that is very unlikely side for those who know of aging, well, there are no traffic jams whatsoever inside the venues inside the let's say the press center which is just behind me. everything is pretty much automated. even food and drinks are served by robotic. despite all these anti coffee meshes, the rock was confirmed cases of coffee with the flying in delegations from pretty much everywhere. russia, sweden, members of different national teams, have also been tested positive. if you are tested positive, you are taken straight from the hotel to a designated self isolation hotel where you have to stay until you get to negative p c r test. fortunately, i, my p, c r test was negative, and i am able to actually see the venues and i will, of course, keep you posted from bay gene on everything happening here,
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including the political side of the story here at beijing, 2022 games alexi rush f k r t reporting from aging. what a fast us to get through a we'll, we'll continue following at that. so t's world news at 9 from moscow with me. kevin, thanks have a so much for watching those. appreciate it, and stop by for next shows and your part of the world after the break. ah, with
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a miss with this is been bus going business. you can't afford to miss. i'm rachel 11. been a bridge boy and watch it in here. we have coming up well, started taking a stand against crypto currently in the past, the nation is making move through for the world of block chain technology. we'll take a look at what impact that could have. then we thank you, next door to india, where the world's 2nd largest nation is later for a major rebound in the wake of coven, whoa!
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and later on, spotify says that will add a new warning on a platform after the most popular podcast or in the world was criticized for his content on the platform. we'll discuss the latest in the ongoing debate. we have a lot to cover. so let's get started. and we leave the program with china's foray into the exploration of block chain technology. now, the government may have cracked down on crypto currency. the nation seems to be embracing its underlying technology in a way others have not. china has now selected 15 pilot zones and identified several areas of application to quote carry out the innovative application of block chain technology according to a joint government statement on sunday that the pilots owns include areas in china's major cities of beijing and shanghai, as well as going, jo, ann chung, do so what do these new zones mean for block chain development? let's talk between bus co host christie. i for more christie. what's the reason behind these so called pilot zone.


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