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tv   News  RT  February 1, 2022 9:00pm-9:30pm EST

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ah ah, what do we do? go to war with the nato block? has someone thought about this? vladimir putin expressed as concerns about ukraine's potential nato membership as the direct threats of russia's national security. meanwhile, the british p. m. so from this rhetoric against russia and threatened sanctions, grave consequences and a response from the army, just not britons, ukraine's and no job, no job, no way. canadian focused continue to take a stand against coven mondays in the skating words of the prime minister. he's called me a racist, his extra nist. what have i done to serve that?
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ah, coming through ally from my headquarters here in moscow, you're watching r t international. my name's peter scott and welcome to the program. russian president vladimir putin has delivered a stinging rebuke against nato's military backing of ukraine, warning of dire consequences from that strategy. proposed this discussion when you might listen carefully to what i say in ukraine's own doctrinal documents. it is written that they planned to return crimea, including by military means that is not what they say publicly imagined for yourself that ukraine and nato member filled with weaponry. and begins and operation in crimea, not to even mentioned dumbass that his sovereign russian territory. for us in this sense, the question is closed. what do we do? go to war with the nato block? has someone thought about this? and this seems not. while vladimir putin definitely had some strong words for the
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west of that press conference, he flat out accused washington and nato of deceiving russia with their refusal to stop the military alliance from further eastward expansion into countries, specifically ukraine and georgia. this is something that nato actually promised to the soviet union, back in 1990. they promised that the, that the military alliance would not move an inch eastward of the older river in europe actually, and put, and specifically pointed out that there is nothing actually in nato's charter that concerns a sort of open door policy that a lot of western officials have been pointing to with relation to potential nato expansion here and said that it's the charter only says that the alliance can accept new countries. maybe if all of the actual member countries agree to this. now, according to put in this behavior also shows that washington is not actually interested in the defense of ukraine or security. they're actually interested more so in
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putting a lid on russia's growth. so it just, it seems to me the united states is not so much concerned about the security of ukraine as about holding back the development of russia. ukraine itself is simply a tool to achieve this goal. now at another point in that press conference put in extrapolated on what he said there, he said basically that can be achieved to one of 2 ways. dragging russia into an armed conflict or driving a wedge between itself and its european allies. and then there's another big conversation to mr. blink and mr. leverett, earlier on saying, basically the same thing on the phone. yeah, that's true. this all comes really shortly after they had this conversation over the phone where they were discussing washington's rejection of moscow's proposals for security guarantees. following that phone call, lab rob immediately sent letters to all of the foreign ministries of the member states of the organization for security and cooperation in europe, basically called out the united states for its selective interpretation of specifically the estate ball and astonished declarations of that organization. that
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i just mentioned, they are, these declarations basically defined the boundaries within which sovereign nations can choose what military alliance they want to be. a part of these documents clearly state that any sovereign nation can, of course join a military alliance that it wants to join. and of course, us loves this was, but what the russian foreign minister is pointing to in this letter is that washington is deciding not to look at another no less important clause in these documents. and that is that a country cannot join the military alliance if it impedes with the national security of another sovereign nation. so let's take a listen. what live, rob said the certificate to look at the principle of indivisibility is not something we will give up on. if we insist on an honest conversation and on an honest explanation of why the west does not want to fulfill its obligations, wants to fulfill them. so we selectively in its favor for you. now that comes just
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about a week after washington officially sent its response to moscow's proposals for security guarantees rejecting them these security guarantees moscow proposed back in mid december. so it was a while after they proposed that they received this response and it's the 2 key proposals that were that are that were concerned with here are like i said, the eastward expansion of nato. and to specifically ukraine in georgia. but also the deployment of offensive weapons into europe that could possibly strike russia. and this is all, you know, this is relevant because it's all after months of nato officials, western officials, the media saying that russia is planning some sort of a vague invasion of ukraine. that their military exercises on their own territory is somehow threatening to ukraine. and moscow was time and time again said there's nothing threatening going on here. and we're not planning an invasion of ukraine. so you know, we have to see diplomacy develops here. but so far, what we have heard is that you foreign policy chief,
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has already discussed russia's letter with represented washington and nato. so we'll see how it developed well area. we spoke with political analysts, nicholas coverage and journalist daniel lazar who said that u. s. policy over ukraine is dividing europe, thus because many countries on the continent is simply no longer willing to follow washington's lead, the us will never forgive potent, for, for taking over the crimea. busy or for in any way supporting the rebellion and don, that's going to have or opposing us side plans to take over the ukraine as a whole. and to install the nato client state on the russian border. the european union is definitely in quite of an awkward situation. it has been used to following everything that is coming out of washington, and it has been paying by the american playbook since practically a conception. and now we've seen a lot of cracks within the european union, and it's not credible anymore. how credible can it be,
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what it's following the u. s. playbook and at the same time and then it has no backup from the us and countries like hungry and i'm sure there are others will definitely take advantage of the situation. think that, well, we don't want to play by this playbook anymore. we want to look into the are own interest. the rest of the world's concern is that the takeover of the of the crimea is a done deal. it was already as part of part of russia, giving it back would be like the us giving back new mexico to, to mexico or giving back texas to mexico. it's really just inconceivable. so i'm, so i think that recognizing the reality of that situation might be a good place way to start on winding this whole rises. definitely the u. s. cannot europe today so your opinion, it needs solutions that need to be co hear it and their new way can be, can hear it is by is by letting the opinion country member states decide for themselves. getting hungry is a model, has been a model country,
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put your opinion for these, for these past years or from an economy perspective. and we've seen these factors that even though it has been pinpointed for. busy its laws and social laws, and it's still have continued going its own past. it has negotiated vaccines with, with russia. it is now negotiating energy and it's not been kicked out of the european you know, because of that. so i think it is showing. busy that there is a parallel root within the european union. and while pressing point saw that the west doesn't care about ukraine. meanwhile, over the key of the british p. m with hinting any russian invasion we fought to the last ukranian, well versed johnson certainly ramping up the rhetoric today as saying that basically any escalation from russia would be a political humanitarian, aminet, tree mistake, and disaster threatening russia with strong military might boots on the ground only not british troops on the ground because apparently no weston government really
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wants to get that involved to bring the price is too close to home. but speaking, kevin, a joint conference with the president of ukraine bars. johnson was also threatening russia saying that a packet of sanctions was right there at the ready should any russian military personnel step even a co cap into foreign territory. there would be ready to lump russia with these sanctions, but also in terms of this military might thing very specific about the ukranian army, but also appealing to the russian public to the single most useful thing we can do is get over to the russian public. the ukrainian army will find a $200000.00 medical bill on rome's in ukraine. they would put up a very, very fierce and bloody resistance light. i think that parents, mothers in russia should reflect on that. well,
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what we've learned from birth strong from his trip to care this is almost running away from issues right here in the heart of a westminster, at home falling all of these party gates scandals, offer scandals. i have a wrapped it in westminster, but quite embarrassingly for as a prime minister bar. as johnson, the very 1st question addressed to him in kiev was all about the party gates scandal and gulping westminster, which surprised surprise he somewhat ignored. instead, he tried to focus on deescalate intentions on the eastern border, although some would argue he's not doing a very good job of that either because he's still yet to have a conversation with may appear to. and even though he was supposed to have it much earlier on in the week, it's still being postponed. it still hasn't happened. and the fact that bars johnson hasn't even picked up the phone is being branded as a joke. embarrassing and pathetic by m. p. 's here in westminster, who thinks he's putting issues at home above a serious crisis. amid
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a dangerous crisis threatening peace in europe, a vital diplomatic opportunity has been missed. his boris johnson scrambles to hold on to his job. these are the real world consequences of a distracted prime minister, unfit for office, running a government in disarray. boris johnson says he's helping with the diplomatic situation in russia and ukraine. he has no credibility, no one trusts him. the best thing he could do to help would be to resign while it comes to the latest pulse, just knowing in 10 people here in the u. k. i don't think bar johnson is fit to run the country. it also comes as his approval ratings are really, really low at the moment, just 22 percent. so it seems like he wants to move on from the to gray report and all of its findings on the backlash to it as quick as possible. so he's a new crane, but he is without the foreign secretary liz trust. she's actually tested positive even though she was supposed to be assisting him on his travels. however, before she tested positive, she took to the house of commons, upping the ante as well. with that robust rhetoric and threatening russia with the
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sanctions. however, unfortunately for her, she was met with cheers and laughter from across the house. as it seems, many m p 's can't really take the government seriously. those in and around the kremlin will have no where to hide. we will make sure that those who share responsibility for the kremlin is aggressive, the stabilizing action. will sharon bearing a, have a cost? well, take to cap on bars, jones in the prime minister describing potential aggression of the land to mid to 10, but all of this tough talk many m p 's here in the ok. so they say it's a quite a distraction and deflection from what exactly is happening in westminster and what exactly the government has been up to during the pandemic and it's not just m p, 's know the public to have that opinion. but indeed, british media and journalism in general is coming out with some pretty tough headlines against the prime minister boris johnson saying it's only
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a matter of time till he is out that his roman empire is fooling. and even indeed, that his government is the worst in history. what i will say to the present innocence, i've said, is, i think we really want to step back from the brain. and i think a russian someone they bring the end of the party, british try, mister burns johnson, on the brink of exit chorus. on the brink, labor store, my head in latest pulls off the party shock. a guide to party gave the incredibly stupid scandal makers for his jobs and his job. through grace's downing street behavior is difficult to justify florence johnson, too. we can, but pa, to get time. boom, to influence ukraine. crisis defense chief wounds. curious mind your own. bring prime in london's former merits orders, the sanctions would backfire against the u. k. and the boys. johnson's just trying
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to detract from his own rather pressing problems. back home on 26 years old, i grew up in a world where we were dominated by the cold war. we were told all the time by politicians, we run, distract from what we said in the soviet union today, russia. and then after the cold war ended, we are all the documents released. i, we hadn't been on the actual america was the big aggressor. i don't believe a word. the british government or the american government is saying about the intention of puting. if you know the league of ukraine is telling the west to sort of wind all this down, i don't feel under threats at all. if we get into sanctions with russia, we'll be in a position where it damages many of our businesses. many, perhaps tens of thousands of people would lose their jobs here in this country. and the simple fact he's the, he's all i think being ran up by our prime minister bar is johnson to distract
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attention from the scandal he's involved in that he held always illegal parties 10 downing street, while the rest of us really not them in or the news to school shootings on the same day have sent shock waves throughout the american communities . one took place as a private arts college in virginia and the other. it's an academy. minnesota is corresponding caleb morrison with the details. well, 2 shootings today at schools in the united states, the 1st at a liberal arts college called bridgewater, and this was a shooting that took place. this was in virginia and from what is reported to police, officers were shot down before the suspect was ultimately apprehended. 2 police officers were shot students were in their classrooms. they heard gunshots, they describe the scene and described seeing the bodies of the officers. now, the shooter in virginia is now in custody. now, far away in minnesota,
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in the town of richfield. we saw a shooting at the south educational center, and in that incident, 2 students were hit by bullets. one of them was shot and killed the other in critical condition. and from what we understand in richfield nissan, that is not in custody and no arrested yet been made. so white and alarming day in the united states and understand that federal officials are involved in both trying to get to the bottom of what exactly happened as well as local police. the schools were both locked down, slapped, searched quite an extreme day in the united states were not one campers for educational purposes, but 2 were shut down by mass shootings with people being killed. gunshot incidents truckers in canada have been blocking major roads in protests against covey back to
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the mandates that includes blockading the national parliament building in also were under busy points of entry on the us border in l birth. the province police shut down a highway in an effort to disperse the protesters and threatened to arrest them. and so away the vehicles. prime minister just ensure jo fled outward as an estimated 10000 protesters, descended on the capital. eas, nevertheless, poured fuel on the fire by branding the demonstrators as a mob, rafe, this steel food from the homeless. i want to be very clear. we are not intimidated by those who hurl insults and abuse of small business workers and steal food from the homeless. we won't give in to those who fly racist flags. we won't cave to those who engage in vandalism or dishonor the memory of our veterans. the prime minister dressed up in racist
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costumes. so many times he can't remember them all. doesn't mean every single liberal is a race. us canadians who are as outside to day patriotic peace, loving canadians, recalled massaging us and races by the prime minister black. so again, i will ask the prime minister, who may i remind this house war black face, mine eyes to the peace loving, patriotic canadians. yeah, i've been on the ground in ottawa for the past couple days. and ever since conway actually arrived, i personally have not seen any confederate flags, were nazi symbolism, with my own eyes. i've seen footage of it, but i've also seen vast swaths of people i outraged at the fact that that happened . and the means for me is completely botch their coverage of, of this protest of this demonstration in this movement in general. they say that it's full of races, but they said at one point it was organized by russia. they said that they were
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stealing food from the homeless, but it's quite the opposite. in fact, they actually just set up a pop up soup kitchens, where they're, they're feeding pizzas actually, to anyone who needs food. they're playing hockey in the streets. and their message is that they're calling for an end to pandemic policy and, and to lock downs and into the tyranny that they feel prime minister justin trudeau is pressing upon them. we spoke to some of those involved in the process, such as canadian truck, a, steven whitman, who says the government has been dividing the nation to serve its own interests. he's called me a racist, his extremist. what have i done to deserve that? my government is supposed to have my back when you're in trouble and you need help, your government is supposed to be there for you. they're not supposed to drag you down. and what i've seen over the past 2 years,
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it's been devastating as breaks. it breaks my heart because my government supposed to have my back. i work hard and one day, you know, i was hero and now i'm, i'm a racist and an extremist and it hurts. it hurts so much that i can't even put it into words. it makes me not want to be a canadian anymore. it further puts strain on, on the system of almost $16000.00 more drivers, which is going to drive the, the prices up. and it's infuriating that he is dividing a nation, he's it dividing his voters so that he can push an initiative to be popular on the world stage. the movement rate. now it is bo my mind it as a truck driver. i've been following it almost every hour. watching that the numbers grow and the support grow and it is so heart warming. it's so emotional to see the
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support from around the world. and it's growing. i mean it's growing and it's growing so fast, it's taken a life of its own. and it's so wonderful to watch the truck as a determined to remain at the blockades. and as despite the threats of being arrested, organizes the freedom convoy protest. movements of already raised nearly $10000000.00 in donations by a gofundme page to support their efforts. that's around 3 times more than the countries political parties report to the monies to raise last quarter. now to discuss this protest, we can cross live now to freedom, convoy protested. pol minda thing. pol minda, welcome to the program here. nazi international. thank you. thank you. thank you so much and i appreciated a lot and it means a lot like you are. you are giving attention to ordinary people from the protest. thank you very much. thank you very much for joining us. can you,
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can we start off by? can you tell us what the atmosphere is like at the protest, please? to be honest, i will only share my experience, what or whatever i have seen with my own identifies, with my own hired there. and once the re left from toronto from toronto to all of all of a year, seen convoys all the small garza all kind over. he goes there, but they are going in the sport of convoy every single if i would say 955 percent of the vehicle was going dead for the corner voice board. and the people who are standing on the bridge, it was minus $25.00, damp, dated outside, and people who are standing on the bridges with the kids and elderly people's rate once we entered in or to why it was a completely different of why the media showing something totally negative, but people off auto industry use on the sidewalks. they were like seeing, thank you for coming. thank you for coming. and once we enter the in the protest, it's all love and we,
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i felt like for you them and love was in the ear. so just just all not points. what would you make of the media's coverage of your protest? he seems to be different from what you're describing. it are the media wayne streaming area. yeah, the me man, see media, whatever the swing on the main stream. i was there from morning to midnight. there . i haven't seen a single single kind of since you don't get my own eyes. i don't know what are the projecting. what are the showing of the flags and everything? i haven't seen anything with them. are you? and i and i move on to the next question. prime minister, just intrude ho. he's describe the protest movements as a fringe minority. he's described processes as some as racist and some stealing food from the homeless. do you think those claims are justified from your experience? so ah, he said dudley go st community it was it's, it's not finger minority. the automated flood of it. i would say almost some around
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a 1000000 millions of people are age, so it's not a french minority notes. if you can see him, majority of people over there and he sing arrest, eating food from the homeless, know, look at my videos and everything weird. we are sharing food of re, re, re, re rented out of the, for law of food, the bananas and the rice partying, and the snacks and everything. and we are giving of a food. the weird so the giving of a food to the people in need and to the truckers and and truckers, they have their supplies with them. they have food and everything. why would they steal it from homeless people? what kind of western is this and to what kind of coverage did are doing? i don't get it. mm hm. and so just in trudeau, you would, you, i'd take it from that. you disagree with his assessment of those protons represent 100 percent that he's, he's he, i would say i'm laughing on his videos and then he's his joking around and look at his comments on instagram and hipa responding to him. i don't know what he's doing
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. he's imagining he is stuff in his head. i don't know why. to what extent do you feel that the media coverage on those words by trudeau have undermined your movement? they putting out their 100 percent effort so they can fail this moment. 100 percent on every single news. every single speed from mr. toodle, it's 100 percent negative. it's 100 percent allies on the mainstream media and mr. to do their laker? according to me, in my opinion, it's totally 100 percent lies dis, spreading, lies not showing that he a reality issue. they should, should i reality? what is happening on the ground and due to he just won the election. he should have enough confidence who faced people over there if he thinks it's a for the community. come face them over there, talk to them. why are you hiding rate fall, minda. thank you. on the freeway. we're running out of time now. but thank you. i, you know, if you're terrance with those, thank you so much. thank you. palm in the thing from the freedom convoy protest.
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thank. thank you. the saudi lead to coalition targets it civilian buildings in the middle of residential neighborhoods in the gemini capital in the late hours of monday nights. that's according to local media reports. it comes as condemnation grows against the saudi lead air raid on again many prison. the cause, the highest civilian casualties in years ortiz daniel hawkins reports. it's one of the deadliest single airstrikes in yemen. civil war, starting out even among dozens of such incidents, would the red cross condemning it as the worst incident of civilian casualties in 3 years. and i learned a lot about her and we didn't have any information that there would be an attack. and we only heard the sound of the strike. i heard it when i was at home, i went out and entered the jail. i saw a body bars everywhere. oh, i did. a lot of us. i heard groans and screams. some prisoners were clinging to the
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walls. i shined a flashlight and saw a huge number of people. the bodies of some of them were torn apart. others crawled on their stomach, some tried to get up and walk. others were locked inside the building. when there were 3 strikes the 1st bloss hit, the building on the east side from the side of my house. then to strike came on the western side that lives in casualty estimates in the heathy run detention facility very from 80 to over a 100, with hundreds more injured prisons had been here before. an air raid in 2019 kill dozens as have wedding parties, hospitals and schools. officials from the saudi led coalition denied at responsibility for the strike, then pledged to investigate amnesty international reports on the incident as well as witness accounts on the ground. point to an all too familiar picture. a u. s. manufactured and supplied bomb, launched by coalition aircraft. google u. s. sinus forces attack to back a prison and city of saudi using smart bombs sensor. these bombs are used against
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ground targets and heavily fortified objects again at the span. bombs have been used earlier. why these are american bombs, as they are used by the u. s. navy and air force, as well as the saudi arabian air force. images of the shocking aftermath of hundreds of strikes had been tragically consistent throughout more than 7 years of bloody conflict. and n g o z have repeatedly called out a weapon sales to the region as a key factor in the worse and crisis heretic images that have trickles out of yemen are jarring. reminder of who is paying the terrible price for western state lucrative sales to saudi arabia and its coalition allies. the one thing as consistent as the stream of appalling images from yemen has been give us policy on, on sale of the saudi arabia and its allies. 3 administrations, both democrat and republican, have completed billions in weapons deals while the war in yemen has raged. and walled from enthusiasm for alms deals with saudi princes was well known. there was
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hope the body administration would be different given, but now prisoners criticism of saudi arabia on the campaign trail and pledges to tone down support. this war has to end. and to underscore our commitment, we are ending all american support for offensive operations in the war in yemen, including relevant arms sales. there is a very important distinction between our commitment to not engage and not support offensive activities and operations in yemen, including to the provision of offensive weapons. and the legitimate needs of the king of saudi arabia, in terms of its own defense of the united states, will continue its diplomatic outreach and engage with the various stakeholders. reality has been different. the spot, the efforts of some sentences,
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the block on sales weaponry has poured into saudi arabia and billions of dollars into the accounts of us. all manufacturers, mounting civilian casualties, have been no obstacle deciding new deals the latest just months ago. and as n g o groups have certain senators and congressmen call for a change in policy, even decrying the sale of the violation of us laws. it seems for now, business will take precedence regardless of any assurances of change and the stream of distressing images from yemen. well, the weapons which are being used in the middle east have been a very long time given by the americans. so nothing new because the biggest weapons manufacture right now in the world is united states and they will continue to do this. they will need to sell because the foreign policy of.


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