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tv   News  RT  February 2, 2022 4:00am-4:30am EST

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ah ah, the spanish newspaper links, what it claims is the u. s. nato responded to russia's proposed security guarantees . the document flatly refuses to keep the crate out. the align something masika said it would not follow this theory among french muslims is the metro and government moves to dissolve the faith council with islam becoming a key issue in the run up to the countries election. tries to the peace loving patriotic canadians. you're outside right now just asking to be heard. as canadian truckers rally against vaccine mandates, the country is media and authorities brown them a danger to society. we've spoken to one of the printer
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with either great, have a company, midday, here in the russian capital, you're watching out the internet. the full text of the confidential us nato response to russia. security concerns has been linked. the supported document was published by spanish, newspaper vice. i don't know if she speak spanish or not. he's definitely trust the story for askew taylor jones. when the stories ask you just take a certain, every wants to know what was in the lead documents my spun such isn't that bad? over the past few weeks, we've seen at the highest diplomatic levels, riley's of accusations of verbal sparring, and that's just what's been happening and public. so we can only imagine what's going on behind closed doors. but now a fresh document leak has all put off a glimpse into what is indeed happening behind those doors. and it's really showed that moscow and washington, alongside nato, a very,
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very far from reaching any kind of consensus with regards to ukraine, issue, uninsured. well beyond move, not that does seem to be almost a blind unwillingness from the military alliance to recognize any of russia security concerns. now, the spanish language paper hasn't managed to get it comes on the nato and us response to russia. security proposals now will remember those proposals they were sent back in december. they fin triggered a flurry of 2 kinetic talks and cools, and essentially they requested legal guarantees, restricting father nato expansion, specifically with regards to ukraine. the document that we're thing now that reveals a very blunt response from washington and brussels. and it's in all states should respect the right of other states to choose or change security arrangements and to decide their own future and foreign policy free from outside interference. in this slide, we reaffirm our commitment to nato's open door policy under article 10 of the
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washington treaty. we have of course, requested comment from both nato and the us state department, but if we take just this document, it seems that it is an open shot case. them, they will not compromise. that is despite vladimir putin warning. but this is a very reckless disregard of russia's concerns. it's not well for help because don't people realize that this could potentially set all nations involved down a very dangerous path of no return association. because when you might listen carefully to us, i say, in ukraine's own document, it is written that they plan to return crime matter, including by military needle just that it's not what they say public when you go to imagine for yourself that ukraine and nathan members will begin military operations in crimea, they should do. what do we do? go to the nato block? has anyone thought about cannot origin. so the situation is it seems to me both sides refused to budge and let him pitch and set it there in a slightly different context. but what do we do?
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what's versus reaction been to this. moscow has already sent, follow up questions to this document. so clearly that there is a desire for continued a dialogue. but most disposition on this has been consistent from the beginning. it recognizes, of course, that every single country has the right to determine its own policy and ensure its own security thought is not what's being disputed here. the issue is when a countries choices have ramifications beyond its borders and actually pose the very real physical threat to someone else. and let's just be clear. a potential natal launchpad, located in ukraine is just a couple of minutes miss all away from, from russia. so it's essentially, i think this there, that really underlies rushes, concerns in the room that shows emotion is just ignoring our concerns, the u. s. and they refer to the right thing to freedom of how to ensure the curate we did it. but it's not just about giving someone this right after all,
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nor deal with any one parts of the well known formula for the indivisibility of security. technical technical part says that once they're not allowed to strengthen and if anyone security, bennett for the security or not check for them where the watson leaders asking why must we sacrifice our security that someone else can feel safe? not said it would be remiss if i didn't point out that the document has some encouraging moments. i'm talking about reestablish communication on military channels, reinstating the nature office here in moscow discussing arms control. so reducing missile deployment to ukraine. but if we get to the bottom of it, let's be blown. according to this document, the west responds to normal, existential concern of russia says, we hear you, but we don't care enough to do anything. and this is in fact case closed. we're not gonna discuss it further, but here's a list of much smaller things that we feel that we can give you to project an image that we are listening and being co operative but do nothing in any way to address your fundamental concerns. and with that kind of inflexible rhetoric combined
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a course with this ongoing footage of millions of dollars worth of weapons being sent to camp. it's very difficult even with the best of intentions to see where to move from now. so kerry situation continues to appreciate the update. well fortunately, the situation in ukraine could soon be resolved because the british prime minister paid a visit to crane and to show support occasion to warn russia any invasion would lead to a blood bath over him or not a little late to this hour. now under the news, his anger in france is muslim community after the government moved to dissolve its council of faith. this has been an official days on point between the 2 and with islam set to be a dominant tissue. the next election, many suspect a political motivation behind the micro administration's decision on charlotte, duke explains o season council of the muslim faith, known as the cfc m. has fallen out of favor with the country's government. after
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years of being the official interlocutor between religious leaders and the authorities, it's been unceremoniously dumped. why? the muslim worship council was created to try to structure islam in france. it was structured at that time around national federation of algerians, moroccans, tunisians, koreans, and turks. to day we are seeing extremely strong interference from foreign states, and we cannot accept that. we hope there will be no more. this is the end of islamic foreign influence in france. instead, the government is moving towards a grassroots for him, which will include him, mom's women, and influential figures. this is, it says, much more representative than the cfc m, but the cfc and general director says it won't be able to replace what it does. and despite reports, it won't be dissolving, reminisce forms, a platform for discussions for the exchange of ideas in this form will not be
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a replacement for the cfc m, which deals with issues of religious practice. so we live in a secular state. it is not the state that should decide whether the see of c. m should be dissolved, but the muslims themselves. in addition, interior minister dominique in his statement said the form is a space for dialogue, but also those responsible for a child chosen by muslims themselves. so it is we who have the right to choose who will represent us as far as our religions concerned, and not the state lou. and once again, the c, f. c. m, c's. this change of heart by the french government is being mired in politics ahead of the presidential elections. i'm not sure, but we're really in the pre election period like when islam is being talked about on all tv channels on the radio. i think these attacks on islam muslims represent a significant this is aisha practice that is unbearable. the talk about muslims in islam to avoid of an important issue. so i see that charting with the far right the
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more with his hate speech and with his race, his speeches. naturally, there are some political parties, lot more moderate. who are joining the more platform, making the same speeches several times more moderate on what they nevertheless, are hoping to bring the right to an extreme right into their ranks. but that's crazy. we need to stop is hates of features. the stigmatization spirit. stop constantly pointing the finger of muslims. what was fixed in the timing of the said now to wind is pretty interesting. the entry of the firebrand right winger, eric's more into the fray of the presidential election, hasn't seen the debate. we focus on issues such as is amazing now with around 70 days before the voting manual mack on has decided to revolutionize the organization of islam in france. it also comes as a new light has been shown on issues around radicalization in the country. a report on french tv about woo bay, a city in the north of france's once again provoked controversy. allegations that
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who bear had become a no go zone with women eating in restaurants, he blew behind cubicles and shops, selling faceless doors for muslims who believe that it is forbidden to depict facial features has stood up a hornet's nest. don't give an audience to this pile of felt called a show. m 6 via zone inter died is getting rich largely because we muslims like masochist enjoy watching this degrading treatment of us. they say it's a minority minority and schools, and minority and mosques and minority and the rat, a minority in cities, et cetera. it's starting to be a big minority. it's amazing how they want to demonize religion. it makes me want to throw up the presenter of that program and one of the main guests now live under police protection. as a result of those threats, many of the allegations that the report contained,
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of also since been denied. what it does show is how divisive the issue separatism remains in a country where the memories of terrorism, whether that be the attack at charley abdel, the back to klein, or even more recently the beheading of teacher, samuel patty, are still fresh islamism as a debate still has the power to hold court ahead of april election, charlotte, even sky r t. paris canadian truck has been out in force protesting against mandatory jumps. the government's condemned, their action with the premier of our bill. alberta also quick to denounce the protests. and it is, however, unfortunate to see a small number of people who engaged in protest over the past few days express extreme views and embrace hateful some symbols. it's also unfortunate to see a small number break. the law, create a public safety hazard and
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a enormous inconvenience for law abiding canadians, including thousands of other truckers. by blocking the border at coots, i want to be very clear. we are not intimidated by those who hurl insults and abuse of small business workers and steal food from the homeless. we won't give in to those who fly racist flags. we won't cave to those who engage in vandalism, or dishonor the memory of our veterans. canadians who are, is outside today patriotic peace, loving canadians recalled massaging us and races by the prime minister. why? so again, i will ask the prime minister, who may i remind this house war blackface? i apologize to the peace loving, patriotic canadians who are outside right now. just asking to be
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where you can hear them there. the truck is chanting freedom as they use their vehicles to block part of the us border in the province of alberta. that'll despite the threat of being arrested though it's reported negotiations on taking place between canadian authorities. and the truck is we spoke to one of those who took part in the freedom convoy protests. every single if i would say 95 percent of the vehicles was going dead for the corner voice boat and people are standing on the bridges. it was minus 25, damp digit outside. and people who are standing on the bridges of it that occurred xander, elderly people's rate. once we entered in ottawa, it was a completely different why people off of on the street, on the sidewalks. they were like seeing, thank you for coming. thank you for coming. it's not for new minority, or do i flirted with, i would say almost some around a 1000000 millions of people,
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right? so it's not a fringe and nor denotes of where you can say some majority of people over dear. i was there for morning till midnight. there i haven't seen a single single kind of since you don't get to my own eyes. i don't know what are they projecting? what are the showing the flags and everything? i haven't seen anything with my you when i can, that is mainstream media is being accused the following in the steps of the government by vilifying the truckers with an onslaught of headlines slamming the protest. this, despite this organizes of rice, nearly $10000000.00 in donations, we spoke to journalists, kim beck's to says that the media and the government are making a mess of the handling of the protests. i've been on the ground in ottawa for the past couple days and ever since conway actually arrived and the means for me has completely botched their coverage of, of this protest of this demonstration in this movement. in general. they say that it's full of races, sits. i personally have not seen any confederate flags, were not c symbolism, with my own eyes. i've seen footage of it,
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but i've also seen fast spots of people i outraged at the fact that that happened. and the thing is, i don't really trust. i don't really trust that it's true because you know, these people are hiding their face. they're showing their flags for a few minutes and then disappearing. but the problem is just intrude i was relishing in this tyranny. just trudeau is enjoying every moment that he's able to scapegoat a minority of people who are unvaccinated, 15 percent or so. and use that as a political step stool to stand higher and preach to his base who are eating it all up. still gum comedian and tv personality would be goldberg is suspended following her comments about the holocaust that sango after the break. ah ah, not long ago open public debate was considered
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a good thing even essential for a stable in functioning society. today. if you do not follow and propagate liberal pie thies, you are the use of misinformation and should be banned from polite society. shut up or else pros driven by drink shaped bankers, senators with ah, dares sinks. we dare to ask join me every thursday on the alex salmon. so i'll be speaking to guess all the
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world politics sport business. i'm sure business. i'll see you then. ah, we'll come back. the british prime ministers paid a visit to ukraine, an issue of support, who used the occasion to warn russia any invasion would be forced down to the last ukrainian. and he said he had his dashti breaks down boris johnson's visit. well, burst, johnson has up the ante and up the road bust rhetoric against russia. now saying any escalation from the country would result in a humanitarian, political, and military disaster, essentially threatening russia with strong minutes re might, and boots on the ground, only not british or bruce on the ground. as of course, no western government would really want to bring the crisis that close to home instead speaking at key in care of at the joint conference with president of
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ukraine. or as johnson is threatening sanctions, he says a packet of sanctions is just there waiting at the ready on the way side should a single russian soldier even enter a tow cap into the region. however, in terms of this military might be quite specific that it's ukrainian military might, and it's also appealed to the russian public. the single most useful thing we can do is get over to the russian public, the ukrainian army route for a 200000, a new crew. they would put up a very, very few bloody resistance. right. i think that, oh parents, mothers in russia should reflect on that. well, what we learned from barnes johnson's trip to care is that he's essentially hoping to run away from the issues that embroil him and his government right here in the
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united kingdom. quite embarrassingly than for the prime minister. the very 1st question in care was all about the party gate scandals engulfing westminster. which surprised surprise. he somewhat ignored. instead, he focused on saying he was trying to de escalate tensions. having said that, boys johnson hasn't even picked up the phone to vladimir putin, even though he promised at the beginning of the week. he would certainly do so. but still, we're waiting to hear from that phone call. but all of that has been essentially branded as a joke. a lot of things talk, i'm pretty much pathetic treatment of an escalating crisis where boys johnson is somewhat putting his own politics domestically ahead of an international crisis. amid a dangerous crisis threatening peace in europe, a vital diplomatic opportunity has been missed his boris johnson scrambles to hold on to his job. these are the real world. consequences of a distracted prime minister, unfit for office, running a government in disarray. boris johnson says he's helping with the diplomatic
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situation in russia and ukraine. he has no credibility. no one trusts him. the best thing he could do to help would be to resign. well, it comes as the latest polls suggest that $9.10 people want boris johnson out and don't think he's fit to run the country. plus his approval ratings are all, no 7, all time low, just 22 percent. so it seems as though bars johnson immediately wants to move away from the su grey inquiry into the downing street allegations. and so that's why he has headed offer to care, but it's not as and these know the public now, but the british media to, they're coming out with some pretty serious a damning headlines against boris johnson. the government, including pointing to the fact, is only a matter of time for the prime minister that his roman empire is falling and even that his government is the worst in history. what i will say to the present it is that i think we really want to step back from the brain, another russian to someone they bring. the end of the party
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british from is the birth johnson on the brink of exit chorus. on the brink, labor store, my head in latest pulls off the party shock. a guy to party gave the credit be stupid scandal make up for his job. the job through grace's downing street behavior is difficult to justify florence johnson to weaken, but paused to get time bob to influence ukraine crisis defense chief wounds. yes. want your own bring climbing. london's former myrtle du sanctions would back fire on the u. k. anti claims johnson's just trying to detract from his own problems. back at home. on 26 years old, i grew up in a world where we were dominated by the cold war. i and we were told all the time by politicians we run, distract from what was said in the soviet union. today is russia. and then after
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the cold war ended, we, we aren't all the documents released. i, we haven't been on the tray and actually, america was the big aggressor. i don't believe a word. pretty government or the american government is saying about the intentions of putin. if you go, the lead of ukraine is telling the west to sort of wind all this down. i don't feel under stress at all. if we get into sanctions with russia will be in a position where it damages many of our businesses, many, perhaps tens of thousands of people would lose their job here in this country. and the simple fact is that he's all i think, being ran tough by our prime minister boris johnson to distract attention from the scandal he's involved in that he held always illegal parties. 10 downing state, while the rest of us re knocked down a, b. c has suspended, comedian and tv personality will be goldberg for claiming the holocaust was knocked about race, but rather
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a conflict between 2 groups of white people. she since apologized. she made her remark on a b, c show the view and it provoked the furious backlash. you're going to do this, then let's be truthful about it because the holocaust isn't about race. now, it's not about, you know, the goldberg, the holocaust was about to not to systematic annihilation of the jewish people who they deemed to be an inferior race. that he humanized them and used this racist propaganda to justify fluttering 6000000 jews. holocaust distortion is dangerous anti semitism is a cancer and a poison that is increasingly excused in our culture and television and permeates basis. that should shock us all. racism was central to nazi ideology. jews were not defined by religion, but by race, nazi, racist beliefs, fuel, genocide and mass murder of the sheets memorial, which preserves the site of the infamous nancy concentration camp,
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responded by offering go burger course on the holocaust. mark schulman, editor of history central dot com, says memory of the tragedy appears to be fighting in the united states, particularly right now, jews are sort of considered white people part of the establishment, at least amongst the far left and amongst some parts of the american community. and that's what she was. so referring to that, you know, she made the statement that the holocaust was to white groups killing each other, so to speak, a one white group, killing another white group. and that's something that way too many americans, particularly on the far left hand accepted. i think we're really, really in a situation where the holocaust is fading into history and it's very hard a someone to teach us. history is very hard to get people interested in history. and be most importantly to understand history, to put things into context and way too often. we take a certain event and take a totally out of context. and kind of context is really the key to understanding our past and probably understanding our future as well. rob said of you watching
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all t international, i'll be back with updates of the top of the hour to see in blue blue with a with a
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your channel we can i get another mick jagger the nutrition too. but john, the munitions and the are coming from boshoway. she can hi, sharon, this is rob lee with betty latoya. this is judy mcgrew. she been hosting online in cali recording court and i renewed my financial and i to assure that 1000th of london keep to i learned that refreshing the bathroom and i must be happy. i could have them of the fact not only not that in your cooking class, i know cuz he asked him you me actually had to get approved for him um, receiving in my stuff the money that i can live with
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. what happened? i make no sense. no borders and is blind to nationalities and you guys as a merge, we don't have authority, we don't have a vaccine. the whole world leads to take action to be ready. people are judgment, common crisis with we can do better, we should be doing better. every one is contributing each in their own way, but we also know that this crisis will not go on forever. the challenge is great. the response has been massive, so many good people are helping us. it makes us feel very proud that we are in it together with
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ah, i mean, ah, i'm after fancy, we're going undergrad after a battle u. k prime minister for us, johnson tries to save his premiership amidst a visit to ukraine, coming up on the show as boris johnson refuses to resign and continues to fight for his political life. of the findings of number 10, failures of leadership and judgment. we ask why millions of afghans are fighting for their actual lives and civilians are reportedly selling that children and their organs in order to feed themselves just by millions and aid being pledged by the u . k. in its allies. and as syria successfully intercept
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u. k. u. s. a. you nation armed israeli air strikes on one of the oldest cities in the world this week, damascus. why is israeli spyware apparently targeting human rights watch? we speak to the h r w. human rights investigator allegedly attacked by pegasus. all of them all coming up in today's going underground. but 1st, while circled mainstream media here focuses on a mysterious imminent russian invasion of ukraine and the n. devoris johnson. in recent days, the u. k. government pledge an extra 97000000 pounds in aid to one of the world's worst humanitarian crises. afghanistan with over 22000000. threatened with starvation and reports of children and organs being sold in exchange for food. what now for the country? the defeated britain, the u. s and such a high cost. joining me now from afghanistan's capital cobble is the spokesperson for you and hcr afghanistan pita kessler. thank you so much pete. of her. coming on . i mean the foreign secretary here says the u. k continues to provide vital humanitarian assistance, enough canister on supporting of
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a 2700000 afghans with life saving a by the administration, working to keep you on the tearing assistance flowing to have get this done. all us funds are directed to closely vetted local and international partners. i mean, surely, the aid is coming through from the countries that, of course, i'll give the detroit the country up to 21. well, you know, let's look at the bass needs in this country. afghanistan, a country of some 42000000 people. some 24000000 are in need of humanitarian assistance. right now, you know, with our partner agencies, we're aiming, we've prioritized to hit some 22000000 people with assistance this year. and we believe that this $22000000.00 figure is achievable if the humanitarian pipeline don't our pipeline can be kept filled. and that's not just a responsibility for the.


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