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ah, oh well, it shows the wrong one. i just don't know any world. yes to shape out. disdain becomes the attitude and engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look for common ground. it's an open secret that private military companies have been playing a role in om conflicts. world wide u. s. government doesn't track the number of contractors and uses in places iraq or afghanistan, the united states army. and the military in general is so reliance on the private sector. i would call that dependency, but we don't know who's the on the ground presence of these companies overseas. we
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just don't out west and private military companies can in their turn use so called sub contractors from countries with trouble pass the chances a quite good that they had also been child diligence processes. i was a child, as i drove professional, joe is he's with me for one full quarter when if i said that that with no flaw, minimum own wall shit, which i mean to be merciless killing machines. now they fight and die in other people's was people carol, lot one or a dead soldier or dead marine shows up in this country and then we start asking ourselves, why did they die? why, what were they fighting for? nobody bothers asked about that. contractors in hold me
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a racist his extremist. what have i done to deserve that? the battle between anti mandate a truck drivers versus canadian prime minister and just introduce it continues to build as a more truckers enjoying the freedom convoy and the capital comes to a halt for another day. but is the convoy the result of an entire workforce being educated? conservative talk radio. this as the drums of war to be pounded my most on broadcast tv. but it's almost the exact opposite by talk radio. so who is more accurate about the sentiment regarding the next steps, the u. s. should take and ukraine. we're going to ask our panel. and do you remember the 5 cases against the governor, andrew cuomo, which caused him to step down from office? the da has just dropped the final criminal probe of the sexual misconduct,
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which means there will be no criminal court prosecution for the former governor, for the action, and is only punishment being removed from office. we will discuss this serves as an f justice for the 5 victim t allegedly assaulted and is a good thing when politicians fulfill their campaign promises, except when it means a giving a sex offenders a juvenile sentence. but one wonders, how can someone who says this actually get elected? well, look, no further than the district attorney's office. where bring you the latest outrageous case of justice. not being served from george guess cons office. i'm sorry, i know you said news use use. we're going to look at these stories plus, i'm insane. video of an angry brawl which broke out at one buffet when they ran out of meet in a scary highway shooting all caught on camera. we have lots of discuss. let's get started. ah,
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we start today trying to engage the sentiment on ukraine as americans find themselves divided once again. but this time, it's not along the usual political lines or the last several weeks. multiple congressmen, senators, have actually traveled the ukraine and upon their return have been some of the loudest pro us intervention. with the same points me echoed by both republicans and democrats, where the opposition comes in is from the elected officials of surrounding countries including ukraine. they've made it very clear they do not believe a military attack is any more eminent and even ukraine's presence liskey urged world leaders to tone down their rhetoric. the only ally the biden's and us politicians seem to have is u. k. present worse. johnson. there is in kit and double down on his bet. a russian attack was eminent, saying it's a clear and present danger. and russians were preparing for an eminent military
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campaign. while the politicians are saying one thing, what is american people believe all in regards the u. s. as role in ukraine? well, let's bring in from colorado state senator ted harvey. good afternoon. thanks for me on. we're on us involved in ukraine. conservative media has been less aggressive compared to their liberal counterparts. well, i think it is a tough situation for the administration and i think it makes matters worse when the american people don't trust the administration to actually make the right decision when it comes to foreign policy. if you look at what happened in ghana, stan, which in my opinion was the greatest military disaster in our nation's history, at the hands of joe biden, and had a joint chief of staff and the secretary of defense, the head of the day. it was a joke, yet none of them were fired and replaced with competent individuals. so those same incompetent people are continuing to run this administration's foreign policy
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efforts. and now we are putting a situation where one of our allies is being threatened by a communist country. and what are we supposed to do? i think that's why the majority of americans are concerned about what's going on. it's not necessarily concerned about what's happening there. it's about who's in charge of the american government right now. you know, ted, it's funny that you should say that because a lot of people think that america, under the ministration is a lot like a communist country. something that ended in russia 991. but let's actually get back to the topic we're discussing. do you see this opinion of americans regarding how involved americans should be in the ukraine, divide along political lines, or people versus the politicians. and there seems to be a different sentiment. i honestly don't think it's just a long political lines. i think the whole world had a front row seat to watching the disaster in afghanistan. and nobody has any faith in this administration, whether it's our allies overseas or whether it's our enemies overseas. nobody has
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faith in this administration to stand up and do what is right and to do it competently. and the american people are watching that in the american politicians are watching that and they all agree with the american citizens. but this is deeply concerning that we have this administration in place that is that you know, the gang that can't shoot straight. well, ukraine is actually turn around. they've asked to turn down this war talk hungry is saying he doesn't want the u. k. troops for now. so why do you think boars johnson is deciding to get involved in ukraine right now? and why do you think that he feels like the case should be involved in the situation? is this about loyalty to his ally? well, i think it has loyalty to do with europe of great britain is one of the leaders of the year dad, but europe is said, stay out of it. you've got french president mer chrome, you've got germany. every country has said, look, stay out of this for now. let us kind of handle this diplomatically, why,
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why send in all those additional military support unless you want war or you want to stop war, i believe in peace through strength as well. and i think that this is specifically europe's issue to deal with, but i honestly don't trust germany to be a good arbiter or a good ally and defending europe. right now. they are the ones that are allowing the russian oil and gas pipeline to be brought into germany against most people's wishes. and when this happened under ronald reagan, he blew up the oil pipeline. he said, we're not going to be funding nato. and putting all of our boys and girls at risk, if we are going to then be turning around and funding russia, who is, who is why we are there in the 1st place in nato. so i think germany is actually trying to starting to decide to go in the direction of being allied with russia
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more than they are allies with nato. interesting on this, i think it's one of those things that ultimately is, is it, the business of the united states actually involved in or that the people over there handled themselves native itself is founded after the world war there was supposed to be dissolved for some reason it is kept on, and i find it really interesting that conservatives and liberals alike agree that we should be pouring more money into a country that does nothing for the united states except possibly cause bloodshed of our brothers and sisters go figure. take great to chat with you. yep. thank you . prime minister justin trudeau is coming out of hiding after announcing he tested positive with cove it on monday. and with some harsh words against the freedom conway truckers protesting in canada's capital city of ottawa. we are not intimidated by those who hurl insults and abuse of small business workers and steal food from the homeless. we won't give in to those who fly racist
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flags. we won't cave to those who engage in vandalism or dishonor the memory of our veterans. that is all started as a group of truckers protecting the cove. in 1000 vaccine mandate, hundreds of rags and cars lying city states, actually thousands and ottawa and thousands camped out in front of parliament. they say they are not by gentle mandates are lifted, and life returned to pre pandemic normal. my government is supposed to have my back when you're in trouble and you need to help your government is supposed to be there for you. they're not supposed to drag. you down, i work hard and one day, you know, i was here with no, i'm, i'm a racist, and an extremist. it hurts. it hurts so much to i can't even put it into words. it makes me not want to be a canadian anymore. however, the and sympathetic reaction from the prime minister is not always struck a chord with the truckers who believe their rights are being infringed upon. and
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also in parliament where the deputy leader of the conservative party kenneth virgin chastised trudeau for demonizing the truckers. yeah, so again, i will ask the prime minister, who may i remind this house war black faced hard time with paula ties to the peace loving, patriotic canadians who are outside right now. just asking to be heard. and there was a roaring tear after that when you know the momentum is now being passed on to the neighbors in the south. because there's a facebook group called convoy to dc and is calling upon truckers across united states to form a nation wide protest against a vaccine mandate. that group already has a 130000 members and counting on facebook for the coverage of the freedom convoy has been just as polarized as the vaccine mandate with substantial air time being given from traditional conservative media outlets and support. with the more liberal outlets. pushing stories of truckers being investigated for criminal activities, disruptive behavior and taking food from the homeless. but the story is not just
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about the actions of the present but also about the power of the media medium truckers use most. so let's discuss the role, talk for your place and the freedom come boy and bring entity. we were talk radio host of the steve brewer show and bring back home or colorado state senator ted harvey. thanks for joining me gentlemen. you bet. okay, is this steve? i'm sorry, what is the difference? do you believe between the information being given on talk, radio versus other media medium. this show of course, removed from that fair enough. let's just talk about a chairman trudeau, the boy king. you know, in certain circles, people think that joe biden is incompetent probably for good reason for a variety of reasons. but he's old, you know, he's 79. what is just untrue? those excuse. here's a guy the word blackface. here's a guy that's saying that truckers are using hateful rhetoric for what, asking that their government respect their wishes to not be vaccinate with
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something they don't trust. these truckers were held up as the the gold standard of frontline of central workers, both in canada and america. and all of a sudden they're racists, their white supremacist, their, their opinions are not acceptable to this guy who ran and fled like a little child to hide, who, by the way, has had to vaccinations and a booster. and ironically, today has tested positive for coven 19 just in judo, underlying for so many that run the open roads, the free people that sit in the cab of their trucks, usually by themselves. delivered goods across the country of canada and back and forth across the american border and have done so patriotically for 22 months now being attacked as being vile. anti canadian, anti american people come out just in judo. his political career is over today. it's over trust me,
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whether he knows it or not hiding in his little cabin there. it's over and canada knows it. and steve, i agree with what you're coming from. but i think there's actually a bigger picture considering what has happened the last 2 years in this war on freedoms and mandates in the government control. can i ask this question and this is about talk radio. i know that you do dozens of radio interviews, you know, these radio has personally, over the past years, guarding the various mandates and regulations. do you think talk radio has played a role and actually encouraging people to voice their opinion as compared to other media as who tried actually smell that idea and make everybody think everybody's for one direction? well, what the, the, the conservative if you will, alternative media has donna's actually brought the truth to the american people about the vaccines, about alternative medicine that can actually prevent a serious illness from the corona virus and a much more certain way than the corona virus. i've been the covet vaccine. i don't
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even like to call it echo it back. see? but because that's a misnomer, it's not a back seen. it doesn't stop infection, it doesn't stop the spread of the virus. we have learned that now over the last 3 months, and i believe that's why you're seeing these huge uprisings all across the world, not just in canada, not just the united states, but across the world. because all of the people of the world have been bad. this lie by dr. fowl, chief by the mainstream media, by these dick tutorial, fashion medical bashes that are running these countries the saying get the vaccine, get the boosters, you will stop this virus. it is a pandemic of the unvaccinated. and then what we're seeing, even with rudo today, if you actually believe he has come down with a virus, i don't believe he has. i think he's using excuse to hide just like job i'm did during the campaign, but they've been spreading that lie for the last 22 months. and now we know for
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a fact that the bank, maxine doesn't stop the spread, the transmission or the infection and the, the people of the world are rising up and saying, we don't want to take this vaccine for a virus that has a 95 percent survival right, right, and once again, lots of information thrown out there, something that you're not hearing and traditional media, because if he did say that you were probably going to be terminated yourself or at least targeted the very least. steve, i wanna talk about the power of these truckers because we obviously know they're a lifeline. they're, they're literally what get to our goods around the united states. same as in canada, you have to talk show, how popular do you believe that the truckers are would talk radio? how often do they come to your show? the tractors are popular, make no mistake and here's the bigger problem you haven't touched on yet. the fact that there are the vaccine mandates at the american canadian border implemented a week and a half ago by canada and, and follow suit by jo, by the following weekend. what this means is our biggest trading partner. we cannot send trucks back and forth across the canadian border without vaccine proof from
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the drivers. here's the problem. according to the american trucking association, 50 percent of the american truck drivers, men and women behind the wheel of these 18 wheelers are not vaccinated. and guess what? they don't tend to be. there are 100000 open trucking jobs in america today. they can move freight all over this country. never have to go into canada that deal with the hassle. not deal with the boy king chairman trudeau. they're done with him. all right, but the problem is this agricultural products, new cars, car parts, timber, all of these things will stop if you thought we've had supply chain issues to date . what you're about to see in america is going to be dramatically worse, empty shelves and stores farm goods, not making their way out. not going to canada, not coming into the us. the truckers have tremendous support and they have tremendous power. if the truckers in the united states just throw it in park, they don't even have to do a convoy freedom convoys. nice if they throw it in park and they're joined by the
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farmers. the engineers of trains, the people that build it, push it pilot, move it, do it every single day, carpenters, electricians, plumbers, every single one, the trade people of this country have it figured out. they can stop this country and bring freedom back and they can do it right now. well, this might be the beginning of the endemic, as i like to call it. thanks for joining me gentlemen. when we return a line, oh, predicted what was going to happen when new york governor cuomo resigned from office and he was right. but unfortunately that means no future accountability. first possible, wrong line. i'll join us to discuss after the break. ah, this is all smart city, is a city that's using technology to make people's life easier, happier, collecting
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a lot of data to try to improve the way things are in theory, these big organizations that are now amazing and pulling all that data together. they're not looking at you as an individual, necessarily lose data being collected. so much data that there's a real possibility of privacy violation. i'm not something most of us wouldn't want the world's transparent, but we must live with surveillance. with
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ah, a sexual assault case involving a ran a gender woman with 8 here. old girl is raising eyebrows as los angeles district attorney, george gast gone, refuses to try the now woman as an adult. now some blame the new california soft on crime policies for the life sentence article respond natasha suite has the details . more outrage for los angeles district attorney george gascon as a 26 year old sex offender gets off easily with a juvenile sentence. it's just another example of gasket, the lesson in the blow for criminals upsetting victims families. the move is also causing some to question their own safety if there are little to no repercussions for perpetrators. a 10 year old girl was sexually assaulted by 26 year old hannah tubbs, who now identifies as a transgender woman. however,
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at the time of the arrest at age, 17 touch, reportedly identified as of male, and only after the incident said she was transgender, while prosecutors argued to try tubs as an adult gas concert by an earlier decision that those who were under age should not be prosecuted as adults gasket went on to defend tubs, saying she might even be targeted in jail for being transgender. so now tom's will be moved to a you treatment center and will not have to register as a sex offender after her 2 year sentence in 2018. george soros paid some $4000000.00, backing left wing candidates for district attorney positions across the country. gasket was one of those candidates. this comes as a 2nd effort to recall gas con has been approved by eli county, with local council members joining in on the effort. critics claim mean gasket is simply not doing his job. this year, some $56.00 counties in california will hold elections for a new district attorney including los angeles,
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reporting for news news. hughes and hot suites r t. prosecutors had found insufficient evidence to charge the former governor of new york with a cry. therefore, the 5th and final case has been dropped. now this is the exact same language used by prosecutors and the other 4 counties as well. but does this mean the former governor is innocent of not sexually harassing or misconduct it from his accusers? let's ask the man who predicted this legal and media analyst lion thank you. okay, so the far prosecutor, what's the bottom line on why andrew cuomo wasn't prosecuted? whenever you want to look at whether somebody is perhaps guilty of something, whether rich the january, 6 insurrection which are true, whether rich sedition, which is good be, or in this particular case, you have to look at what's being charged. now battery would work or assault, but they were, there was a statue,
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they were considering called forcible touching. and since this is a family show, i'm not going to go into it. but the statute involves you having to prove that the governor intentionally knowingly the forest himself upon women touching them to d grade for his own sexual gratification. now that made to many people say, well that's what i think happened. that made me very tough for a jury to believe, especially when he perhaps might put on evidence that shows that he was being flirtatious. maybe he stupid, that wasn't his intent. maybe there was some, perhaps history of not, not anything that would contend to this, but too many pitfalls. so the prosecutor said regarding this particular case, not good. well, there's more. is there more okay. i say there's a lot of course there's more, there's always more of you. i know. what would you focus on? 15000 deaths of the elder people who were put in nursing homes,
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who had coven positive patients placed into nursing homes. now, even that might be not excusable, but understandable and not prosecutable because he was acting in the capacity of governor, he might have made a mistake. and it was a new pandemic hearers. to $64000.00 cash. did he or had any of his underlings order that the numbers be fudged that the data be kept? was there any type of conspiracy, any obstruction of justice, that's what the fed need to go after and they still could be as we speak. well, that's what i was gonna ask you, what are the chances they're actually la can't. i mean, we always said that the reason why this came out now, even though it happened years ago, was to help clear him and distract from the actual desk that happened in the nursing homes because of his command. so do you realistically think that they're still going to research as considering those 5 cases have all been dropped at this
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point? one of the problems with this is no and here is why scotty, if he were to take the stand, let's say this goes full to trial and he says, well, let me tell you the problems i came up with with the bible and ministration with his underlings. with his staff they might not need this right now. you know you've got midterms coming up and you've got a problem. i need to make this political blynn my say, you know what? it is. and listen, if our department of justice and f b, i aren't going after. feel eminent, t for rioters who destroy property. do you really think they're going to stop and go after a democrat who for whatever reason has the ability to point fingers back? probably not, but if this were a perfect pure world, that's where i put my money. okay, so does this mean now that he's been cleared and i say they do not look into him and his case is in of man in the nursing home cases. does this mean that he can run
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for office again in the future? i mean, there's been no charges. there's been no progress. oh, absolutely. and also remember there's an issue too. um, does he have to give the $5000000.00 back for the book that he wrote on leadership? and does he have any, did they really investigate whether he has actual staff work to write this, but to answer your question, he has, he is innocent as the day is long. he has not been charged anything. he is, he wasn't impeached. it was, it won't. he wasn't guided nothing, so of course he could run again much to the chagrin and the dismay of the empire state for a child. and what could scare me about that line? oh, if anybody would have that much audacity, it would be a cuomo. so i was nicely exactly align always thanks to talk with you on this and once again you are right. even though it was wrong for america, said hubert, now several recent violent incidents are raising the question. whether there is an epidemic of a rage in america,
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alongside the ongoing pandemic that's causing people to lose control our teeth. john hetty has more miami is known for having aggressive drivers, but even this is too much and just to warning the video you're about to see is a big graphic cop. say this guy, cut off another driver on the busy i 95 freeway and then did what's called a break check hitting his brakes. just add insult to injury. and then he opened fire when the person he cut off through a water bottle. that is har. please say the hot headed driver empties the guns magazine. thankfully, no one was hit. there was some damage to the 2 cars though, and state police arrested the shooter after he turned himself in. now he's facing felony charges. and in another recent incident, this one at the golden corral restaurant in a philadelphia suburb and all out brawl involving 40 people broke out, complete with punches grown and high chairs flying. the re is in an argument, reportedly over the buffet running out of stake,
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one guy in the video that since gone viral can even be heard saying, all i wanted was some stakes there just to recent examples of road and restaurant rage in the united states. crazy questions. it's a pandemic. stress is causing some people to lose control and lash out. there been numerous studies and reports since 2020 about people stress levels at all time highs and the effects on once physical and emotional health. the centers for disease control and prevention cdc has even updated its website about dealing with stress. they include take breaks from watching, reading or listening to new stories, including those on social media and take care of your body. take deep breaths, stretch or meditate. and of course, the cdc recommends getting vaccinated with coven 19 vaccines. for news news years. john? honey. okay, you can a why not watch nothing else,
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but watch the show and you still will be stress free. i'll at least on sundays. and that brings us the close of today show. most importantly, let's continue the conversation on this and all of the issues we've talked today for me on twitter as guardian hughes use the hash tag team and b 8. until we see you again, i'm counting on you to say happy stay healthy and stay informed. thanks for watching. ah, mm hm. all those driven by dreamers shaped by thinker some things with theirs sinks. we dare to ask
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in a guide. i don't why i advise mamma teachers. hey, that's not a friday. that's the last time i buy it from a teacher. so i go watch kaiser reporting a russian foreign ministry vows to retaliate against german media outlets in russia after germany use media regulators slops are broadcast bomb non r t sister channel r t. d also i had on the program today. you asked natal response to russia's proposed security guarantees. is the link and published by a spanish newspaper. the document rejects russia is key to mom including keeping neighboring ukraine out of the military on the you could soon called the
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green label on the gulf nuclear power paving the way for.


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