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tv   News. Views. Hughes  RT  February 2, 2022 8:30pm-9:01pm EST

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us troops are being deployed to romania, poland, and germany. and it seems only one country's leader seems to be publicly standing with the by the administration's plan of action and ukraine. but it is more about distracting from his own problems at home. well, we are joined by our team to actually retain 0 to discuss why the u. k. prime minister boris johnson is in hot water. and if this is affecting his foreign policy decisions, that a 4th country is completely lifting cove restrictions, while others still find themselves in lockdown. should there have been a better global policy regarding coded from the very beginning, we will ask a policy expert and a total shock today coming from a major news network. well, at least according to their media reporter. as you said, case worker has been a larger than life, figure out this is organization for nearly a decade pioneering figure. and now his resignation is stunning, this newsroom in the news industry. but like with any story,
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there's more to be told. and as you can imagine, one former president who could not resist wang in on is that a resignation. i'm guy now. hughes and he stories a more on today's news views. let's get started. ah, we start today focused on the relationship between us president joe biden and u. k prime minister boris johnson. now both have recently found themselves and hot water at home. biden is continuing to suffer from record low approval numbers, mainly because of a trouble economy. continuing border crisis and continued lack of control over coded just to name a few under his leadership. but while abide and has been a gradual downward trajectory, johnson saw the most dramatic drop and global leader approval ratings in the month of january. according to the latest morning, so paul,
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only 29 percent approval of the prime minister, a net loss of 36 percent off since december. so why such a substantial loss and it this why the prime minister is parenting the bite and ministrations and narrative of an ominous invasion by russia that is discussed with my colleague actually in returns, a host of going underground here on r t. i thanks for joining me. thanks scott. even having milan ash in my now, most of you and we all know the revelation regarding these 8 legit parties which happened at downing street during covey lock downs. how upset really though, are the british people by these gatherings and the prime minister attending and how far do you think the people are willing to push for accountability and punishment for those involved, including the prime minister himself? you know, critics of johnson have compared it to al capone's being done to the tax evasion, all the other things the u. k. prime minister bars johnson has done during his time
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is removal of free school lunches for the board. children in this country is presiding over one of the worst karone of ours dev tools in the world, the worst it comes in and out to statistically in western europe in terms of death . and so people are saying, why, why, why is it parties because it is very serious because infamously, and it been widely reported when the queens and died, she had to, there were pictures alone in a chapel. meanwhile, our boards johnson stuff for all partying. and is often in this literally, is it the british people's disgust, and what they had to do and went through and were told to do by maurice johnson during corona virus is to cover up because we must remember a boss johnson who is be known not to tell truth, and he was fired from the barclay brothers danny telegraph for
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a line. according to them, he said at the beginning there were no parties. then he said that there were events that he didn't know about. that he said he went to the then he said he went to the body, but didn't know it was a body. this kind of chaos is led to well within the past few hours, public didn't see ations of him by m. p. 's on his own side and mainstream media here reporting that it could well trigger a lead ship contest i, which could lead to the end of his political career. so obviously there could be some real accountability very soon, but in the present, from your observations, do you think this controversy is affecting other areas of leadership like johnson being one of the only leaders who are echoing by didn't defensive ukraine. and the british people feel adamant about sending support to ukraine if they, if they're caught upon and what would that affect, be on the u. k. if you case i had to get as active as the u. s. looks to be doing right now. well, what happened the imminent you just said that over the i don't worry where it
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prints and you told your brother, you told the british i that for gordon johnson to do his press secretary? well, i mean the, it's lock step here with the, the white house for us. johnson is saying he went to kiev and i mean wag, the dog was about, was covering the monica lewinsky scandal and the horrible destruction of we are chief of medicine factory ensued dawn, killing so many people. and people in africa is, is the largest medicine factory reform, real trenton, who get the media to stop talking about the oval office. so, i mean, is it a case of wag the dog? well, what french old rusher is eminently about to invade? and at the same time, the russian se then also going to be made. and now you're telling me, jim, saki says that they're not going to be made. but at the same time, again, in the last few hours,
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well that they're going to move thousands of troops into european union countries all over the place to protect your up from, from the invasion. that makes it mad as much sense as everything else has the past monday, following the ukrainian process and what the u. s. is doing. but one thing is coming out and i don't know where this is coming from. but there's this criticism regarding the targeting of another network because of the reporting on these party, saying that it is just boring johnson getting back at him. do you feel that that is actually accurate and i get it is one of our, the one of the competitions for our tea. but at the same time we call we're, we're eat fair balance. we key things equal. so do you think it is accurate with the abolishment of the bbc license fee and 2027 networks finding frozen for the next 2 years that they and this happened because they were reporting or joining in the reporting on these parties that boris johnson attended? well, it was, they were just laughed at in the image it to a revelation of to revelations and were coming out from his act consillio or
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a who had a blog of parties. and corona virus, criminal alleged actions that he would then say, we're going to do this policy that policy, one of them being this idea, which was put up the flagpole of abolishing the statement age of british broadcasting corporation. that seems to have gone away to one extent. i'm not sure why he would be anti the bbc because arguably it's as supported. the government did so many times and whenever it comes to was famously it's director general and i had to resign. so there were, was he trying to chase the story is to stop the media from covering this the scandal of a legit criminal a corona virus, violations. but that's what's the big one is ukraine, is that because now you have the leader of the opposition body, which i, i do, the, has benefited greatly themselves just benefited in the polls, because of the destruction of, of johnson's, a whole lead in facts, against arma,
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seems to have bankrupted the art labor body since jeremy go over their ideas of that. the thing is ukraine is, is that issue and the b, b, c. of course, a like other networks here are saying, you know, it's not so important about lying in office trust, career myers dilation, scotland yard inquiry. what's important is ukraine and russia? well, 2, and they're using i. 3, actually, i think it's interesting. they used to call boris johnson trump 2 point. oh and, and he's actually more like biden to brain. oh, and he showing that right now and how he's handling his policies, both domestically and obviously on the foreign territories. well, always great to chat with you, my friend. that gives guarding. while some countries continue to grapple with increasing coven 19 infection rates, other countries are scrapped and walk down measures and restrictions in getting back to normal life. r t. john heidi, has it the story?
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the island of tara and the south pacific announced he was going into a nationwide locked down after several people tested positive for the cove in 1900 virus just weeks after being battered by a volcanic eruption. and soon army island 1st closed its borders in 2020 and had only recorded one case of the virus that is until now. but while tango maybe shutting down other countries are loosening up and even lifting their cove in 1900 restrictions, norway's prime minister announced his country is scrapping most of its remaining locked down measures. and just across the north sea, denmark became the 1st european union country to lift all of its coven 19 restrictions. with officials, they're saying the virus is no longer considered a quote, socially critical sickness. finland is also ending its coven restrictions. in switzerland. the government dropped its work from home order and quarantine requirements and is now reportedly considering lifting all remaining restrictions by mid february despite an increase in virus cases. this was president said
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hospital i see use are stable though. thanks to the combined impact of vaccinations and the lower virulence of the on the kron very, and even going so far as to say, the endemic phase may be approaching. but the director general of the world health organization warned not so fast. it's pretty my tune for any country, either to surrender or to declare victory. this virus is dangerous, and it continues to evolve before our, our very eyes. he says the w h o is tracking for sub lineages of the micron variance and that the w h o is quote, starting to see a varying worrying increase in death in most regions of the world. india, for example, report more than 300000 new cove in 1900 infections with just the 24 hour period back in january. and several european countries are still dealing with increasing numbers, including france, the u. k. italy and germany, for many coven restrictions, despite ongoing protests against them,
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remain in place. but all that said, just this week, there was some very good news out of one country ravaged by cove in 1900 and it's variance. south africa, the government there said it's lifting. most of the remaining coven restrictions. thanks to the proportion of people with immunity to coven, 1900 rising substantially. in fact, the government said 80 percent of south africans are either vaccinated are recovered from coven 19, with their blood sample shilling, high levels of antibodies. for news use, use john hardy for joining us now. please welcome a preamp gandhi mowdy. she is a policy and communication specialist who actually worked closely with indian primary, certain render mowdy. she's also author of a nation to protect leading india through the covey crisis. she's here to share insights on any experience to find the pandemic. and looking at the policies globally, including here in the united states. thanks for joining me. thank you for having me
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. ok. well, no 2 countries, as you probably have done, your research are exactly alike in india's unique situation to determine the shape of its covert response. but is there anything you think in india's model at the u. s. isn't doing which would possibly make us policy more effective? well, i can choose to get out of the kind of mostly depends on the leadership. and in that respect, the kind of got it right from the get go right from the time dependent. he's been clear, the policy has been fine, you're going and he's been talking to the people of the country and he other estimates there. so he offers trying to figure action out before me any major policy decisions regarding it. and i was kind of people and the fact that he
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has flip flop on the major position. so i think that's very, very mock difference. there's a lot of loving as a leadership, lo, we're talk to kind of get right down well in consistency and common sense and trusted that your people, that you gover, and actually had the common sense to choose. so therefore they should have the common sense to want to be healthy is something that i think was lacking and a lot of the policy approaches to policy. but i want to look at the treatment. so i think there's also a difference. what has been india main approach to treatment that might be different from what we had here in the us? sure, so we said it's very, very isn't from united states. most have a general practitioner who's a doctor who is accessible. so they can get a phone call with
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a doctor, they can even just text the doctor and just how most mild and moderate cases kind of got manage or they have to, you know, before the change to severe and has to be, you know, have to go to the hospital. so that's where i feel the case is that we were able to manage patients right from the point of mine as well. and we're 2 years into this at this stage. and i want to want to take a moment to listen to what one state level legislature legislator in virginia, and he said about constituents and mass mandates in schools. universal masking is not preventing the spread of co, but it is actually causing unintended negative health consequences. in other countries, when they trained children to be a suicide bomber,
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do you know what they do? they mask, they don't want children to learn to care about other people. and we are depriving our children of this on top of the educational impact. here in america, i think we've done a bad job of thinking about the other part, the other health problems that will cause from some of these policies that they put in place just for coven alone, forgetting what else could happen? did india do a better job? do you think of looking at the entire situation and what was really dangerous for kids? so yes, cool nation has been trying to kind of narrow the digital divide and try to make education accessible for kids. even though it's online, but i feel that it should definitely start because he
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really is really become a ship because so the schools in india are still closed because they're vaccination rates are very high. 90 percent of our eligible population is fully reaching about 80 percent of fully vaccinated people. well, and i think it also comes down to here in america. we saw this issue. we saw koby become very politicized. and real quick to your point, did you see this become a political debating point in india as much as we've seen it here in the united states? so not so much. and again, i have to get credit to the prime minister. he, he's kept in that home guy, vaccinations. i find the politics out of it right from the beginning. he's just at the experts and, you know, he's kind of just closer ears to political noise very well. i very
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much appreciate you giving us all inside of how india has handled this. and once again, it's a global pandemic. the prompt united states is this all happened in an election year, which i think that actually hurt our response to it. and i give you a lot of kudos for coming up with obviously what you feel like was a successful program. and it shows that in the numbers and india, thanks for joining me. now after a short break, a well known at network executive resigned. but that it more about ratings in a relationship. and what could this mean for the entire network? what we're gonna discuss with our expert panel after the break. ah, that long ago open public debate was considered a good thing even essential for
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a stable functioning society. today, if you do not follow in propagate literal pi fees, you are a use of misinformation and should be banned from polite society. shut up or else. mm. no chatting with them from gashodi, she can. hi, sharon, i'm miss re sure. no problem with i studied latoya this summer, google with she been wholesale and kelly recording court and i renewed my for azure night issue. that 1000th of luck didn't get to our lord madam for she gave us times to i must be lucky. i had him of that mother, you know, if that more cooking class,
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i don't know, christie, i think you may actually get approved for him. um will proceed with the money that i can love. thump o, cnn. a well known network here in the united states and abroad. but now as ratings have revealed viewership is plummeting, or to correspond at a touch sweet takes a look at the numbers. it's a rough start to the new year for cnn, after already seen a massive decline last year and ratings. they're now at an all time low. the poetry of that, if it happen, seen in the ones trusted network internationally, is now seen a dramatic dip and ratings. according to nielsen,
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the 1st week of january of this year, the cable network average 548000 viewers. as compared to 1270000 in the 1st week of january of 2021. 2020 was a good year for cnn was reported to be the most watched year ever since its opening date back in 1980 covered the riot that took the nation's capital by storm last year brought in viewership. but things took a turn this year, and on the one year anniversary of the riot coverage of that event did not produce the same result for cnn, as it did initially. in fact, it did quite the opposite. nielsen reporting viewers actually flipping over to fox and m. s. m. b. c. for the coverage was cnn simply to biased. the networks hatred for former president donald trump was no secret exchanges like this at the white house news conferences seemed to be the norm. when you report fake news, which he and, and does a lot, you are the enemy of the people. but even during its prime year of 2020 things weren't perfect for that. ah, in 2020,
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during the george floyd protest, there was a demonstration outside of the scene in headquarters in atlanta, protesters vandalized the giant cnn sign and smashed window. oh, most recently, last december in los angeles, demonstrators in support of the ethiopian government claimed san it was providing viewers false narratives about the gray war. now cnn's international station is considered to be well known. 79 percent of people pulled, having heard of it, but the popularity of it ranking only 27 percent. according to you. gov reporting for news views hughes and harsh sweets r t. so how much did the falling ratings have to do with jeff suckers resignation, or is it purely about failing to disclose an in house consensual relationship? and what does all this have to do with the coma family? well, i know who to ask a very own host of depressed, evolve for an investigative journalist, a ben swan. both of these men have spent their fair share type of time working for
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the networks to know the broadcast industry. and i appreciate them coming on today to talk about this. you know, i want to start with this reasoning behind jeff decker's resignation and how this involves the comas, which i think that's the story or forget the personal side. leave that to the families, don't want to hurt the family. have obviously been through a lot. it's about journalistic ethics, i think is in question right now been, can you give us all of the details of the ties between jeff allison gulas, who's the girlfriend and was the v p of marketing there at cnn? and the cuomo family? yes. well apparently all of this started because of the ongoing investigation into chris cuomo, who by the way, is accused of, of having used his position to get information about when you were coming forward about his brother, the governor of new york at the time. andrew cuomo and so you see, and it was doing an internal investigation, apparently, somewhere along the way during that investigation. it was revealed that jeff sucker was having this relationship with a woman he'd worked with for 20 years. it was
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a consensual relationship according. 7 to her, she made a separate statement by the way, she's not leaving the network, made a separate statement and said that this was something that happened during corona. it happened during that the course of time, which by the way, is very interesting to me that these 2 are carrying on during corona whenever one supposed to be separated and see and is pushing for everyone to be masked and not be too close to each other. and yet of course, of course, at the very top, you know that the boss is having an affair. but the point i think of all this is i don't buy any of it. as jeff zucker is a good guy who stood up and said, hey, listen, i think that i didn't properly disclose this as per the rules of, of a t and t and cnn. and so because of that, i'm going to step down humbly. i don't believe that at all. i think the ratings are garbage. he knows their garbage, and this gave him an exit to try to look like a good guy. oh, well i don't know if he's looking like a good guy right now, but steve an estate my decker said as part of the investigation has been mentioned, it is all about cuomo in his tenure. he was asked about the relationship he was
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required to disclose when it began, but he did it. here's where i have to put the time i'd get a chest, but from his wife and 2018 after 21 years of marriage. do you feel like this is about saving the feelings of his wife and sure, because he told them that he was in the relationship, he just didn't tell when it started or do you think this is more about ties with the clothes and we just point out they actually met when she was communication well, when they were at the today show together. but also about when they, when she was, she was communication director for governor cuomo back in 2012, 2013. so there's a long history, a long time between all and all 3 of them. which one do you think there could be any any? is this just a coincidence? a 1st of all, cuomo despises andrew cuomo, i'm sorry. chris cuomo despises, i believe cnn and jessica right now. they're the reason the lawyers are involved in all this is because they want to get paid for the, the time that he's no longer there. and i believe cnn doesn't want to pay him as full salary. so i remember reading of weeks ago that you know chris cuomo was
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willing to disclose a relationship and you know, possibly involving silk or if you didn't get his money. so it came up through comb, owes lawyers, you know, aggressively pursuing saying, hey, you say quote, my client had a conflict of interest. what about your conflict of interest by having an affair with this woman? you know, who's the head of marketing had cnn now, so that o'brien who used to work at the network many years ago said this with an open secret, this good that this couldn't have started a, with with cove it during cove. this has been going on for some time, according to her, and according to brian shelter, if i'm reading what i'm reading right now, he said that the sucker was going to be fired. he knew it. he asked if he could stay on just to help rearrange or restructure things and they wanted him out today, which is what i read. so i know that now whether or not this is the a t and t bras saying this is our excuse. this is
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a good reason to be able to do it, but why sucker would fess up to with the affair and not just go out with not without a word if they wanted about today. i really don't know, but a lot of people, cnn, a lot of female staffers reportedly are really ticked off that this woman keeps her job. right. stay, well, one other alumnis. i got twice again several and start to real quick, been ratings ratings, vomiting and on tucker carlson. is going up actually taking viewers a specific demographic from cnn 15 seconds. do you think that also has any effect on why this happened today, or is it more about what's going on the court room with, with the quote was i think it's all about ratings from the ratings have been abs. truly abysmal foresee. and then they continued to drop a t and t, you know, put out a statement saying that they're very proud of seeing it. now they're not seeing it is completely falling apart. the viewership is gone. others like tucker carlson or actually gross demographic that's supposed to be dead. that's what it's all about. it's written and it's all about the 2 of you coming on the show and the writings
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that we get because of it. thank you so much for joining me. okay, that's all the time that we have a show, but i promise this is a conversation which i'm going to continue on. the i took her at scottie and he's the hash tag team and and for the show him more download the portal dot to the app or apple or android device. thanks for watching news for is your media reflection of reality in the world transformed what will make you feel safer? tice, elation for community. are you going the right way? or are you being that somewhere? direct? what is true? what is faith?
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in the world corrupted, you need to descend a join us in the depths will remain in the shallows. join me every thursday on the alex silent. sure. but i'll be speaking to guess in the world of politics, sport, business. i'm show business. i'll see you then. it's an open secret that private military companies have been playing a role in om conflicts. world wide u. s. government doesn't track the number of contractors and uses in places iraq or afghanistan, united states army and the military in general is so reliance on the private sector . i would call that dependency, but we don't know who's the on the ground presence of these companies overseas. we just don't out west and private military companies can in turn use so called sub
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contractors from countries with trouble pass. the chances are quite good that they had also been child diligence processes. i was just as i drove professional, joe is he's with me for one foot. good. if i said that with no loan wall, which i mean to be merciless killing machines, now they fight and die in other people's was people carol, lot one and a dead soldier or dead marine shows up in this country. and then we start asking ourselves, why did they die? why, what were they fighting for? nobody bothers asked about that contractors in as long as humans are at the end of the day, self interested,
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you can pretty well predict which way bitcoin is going. and the fact that nations will make it legal tender and they'll be a hassle. are going on in the house, right? ah, the russian foreign ministry vows to retaliate against german media outlets in russia. that's after germany is media regulate the slot a broadcast found on all these. this, the general, all the d, the u. s. nato responds to russia's proposed security guarantees is leaked and published by a spanish newspaper. the document rejects russia's key demands, including keep in neighboring ukraine, out of the military alliance. and the, you could the green label on the gas, the nuclear power paving, the way for a subsidy isn't tax. it comes as men, the states clash over the switch to renewables in the midst of an energy crisis.


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