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corrupted, you need to descend. ah, so join us in the depths or remain in the shallows. ah, this our top headlines right now here with our teeth and moscow bowels retaliatory measures against the german media accredited right here in russia. of course, it comes off to berlin, slaps broadcast fan on the aussies sufficient a channel, t london's a police chief is current. we on the fire after a report. exposure how offices some of whom are still in the job, shed jokes about rape and violence. the c n cheap. jessica quits over an affair with his co worker though he does leave plummeting writings in his wake to offer a torrent of scandals hit that media giant with
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live and a 100 countries worldwide. and always questioning the mainstream narrative. welcome to your stories on how to international. well, moscow has vowed a mirror response against german media accredited right here in russia. it's off for a burden watchdog band off sister channel r t t e across every platform. the verdict of the german media regulator is an unambiguous signal that russian concerns have been defiantly ignored. this step deprives us of any choice but to start implementing retaliatory measures against german media accredited in russia. as well as internet intermediaries who have arbitrarily and unreasonably deleted the channels accounts from their platforms. well, russian officials already said that they'll raise this issue with the media regulator with a foreign ministry. also stating that as
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a retaliation for the pressure exerted by the generally media regulator on or t d, e. german media outlets and russia may also face restrictions in view all these measures. and of course, these are quite unprecedented in germany. the media regulate has band r t, now not only from media from satellites, but across all platforms, including online and applications, as well saying broadcasts must stop. the required media law license was not available. the organisation and distribution of the tv program via a live stream on the internet via mobile and smart tv parking news and via satellite must therefore be discontinued. our tv has the source appeal, the decision, the case now will be with the lawyers and the courts to see what the future will hold in the short term. yeah, i mean, what's the basis for, for the, the pale? how will r c, will russia in challenge the decision? well, t d says that it's broadcasting is within the ream it. so v laws and regulations, they're saying they're paying their license under the european convention of trying
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to frontier television through serbia, saying that case was costing germany is legally tied. and there's generally absolutely no broadcasting happening from berlin at all r t d e. the tv channel is o broadcasting right here for moscow via a license that was obtained with absolutely all according european rules and regulations, according to the european convention on transferred to your television. and we are free to broadcast via that license in 30 plus territory across europe. well, this isn't the 1st multi has faced pressure, of course, off to the lot in berlin. it was taken off with its use your title as soon as it loads the difference with its signal as well be with had trouble getting it signal with the european regulator regarding its quote and to be taken care of. and even the president vladimir putin has commented that this prussia, it has faced, that is unprecedented,
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which i know about the closure of bank accounts and so on. there's a large number of tactics they using. so r t d cons operate, they're infringing on freedom of speech and that's very bad. was clear that has been a very intense, concerted effort to stop all tv broadcasting from moscow to germany in any way, shape or form. and it has had repercussions now, unfortunately, from german media in russia. so both sides here are the victims and really no winners in the situation. well, according to rock legend at time to activist roger waters, he says the ban smack is of or talk prosy. they want to create and may chain a monopoly of media that only expresses the accepted western narrative that comes down to them to those major outlets from the ruling class in western society. and when in the western countries state,
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russia today actually provides an alternative view into the view that is given by certainly every single american tv network. russia today, which you can watch in the united states, gives every appearance of a much more direct and truthful about the reality of our lives on this globe. they would like to shut down, shut down any voice that doesn't necessarily tow the line and agree with big brother on every single issue down to the last cross t and doughty, di and full stop. this is so, or, well in this is 1984 come to life. they're looking in a mirror. when that, when they accuse are see a big dissemination of disinformation particularly now with all this nonsense about
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your brain. they're looking in america. that's exactly what they are all day and you report in the u. k reveals the metropolitan police officers have been joking in private messages about violence and rape. quick warning, you may well find some of this stuff offensive. officers were found to be glorifying domestic abuse, rape and murder. a number of messages were about the female colleagues. some of those behind the texts are still in their jobs. here's our correspond and taking a closer look at our fees. shantia, edward stashed all kibble, incidents of hate crime involving races, sexism, homophobic messages have been discovered by a watch drug investigation into the police. thousands of messages taking place between 20162018 were reviewed yet only 2 officers sacked. 9 of the 14 investigated are still serving in the force one another holds a contract to staff role. now the commission of faces schools to go,
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but not just from the public, but senior politicians as well as former high ranking officers. we're not seeing one of instances we've seen now too many instances of the most appalling behaviors . i also think it shows a feeler of leadership in some quarters. the match police may be the worst for institutional mas sultani and racism, but they're not the only ones. only a statutory judge let inquiry will do. only new leadership will do. surely. christina, they cannot be proud of her record when this is the norman charing cross neg, get her 6 to your salary pot was renewed last auden, which feels like rewarding failure. the defense just bank apparently, in fact the independent office, so please conduct found an officer was named mc great, the right person, following rumors about bringing a woman back to the police station to then sexually assault the met says it was sorry. we a deeply sorry to london isn't every one they have failed with their reporting
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conduct and acknowledge how this will damage the trust and confidence of many in the met in the u. k. officers as opposed to police by consent. but how can trust be restored or even wasn't ever that what investigate to say, the insidious culture is widespread. we believe these incidents to not isolated or simply the behavior of a few bad apples. the highly dumbing report is just the latest scandal under police commissioner, crescent dick's watch. institutional feelings were placed under intense scrutiny by the rape and murder of fer evarado, by a serving metropolitan police officer known to colleagues as the rapist during his earlier career. and i'm just the meta serious about ridging the force of rotten abuses of power. surely those individuals must go and that boss to all is a toxic, dangerous culture that yet again, leadership turns a blind eye to any cost. this is just not an isolated instance part of this culture,
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which is a very toxic culture. number of offices have been challenges way since we saw when cousin being arrested for the offense murdering sara ever or they were number one. this is from his own department that we charge to drape. is it damaging, is extremely damaging, significantly has damaged the reputation of the met police. i have spoken to number of women who've said they don't feel comfortable in coming forward to report anything to offices. don't feel comfortable speaking to policemen, and certainly will not get in the car of a policeman, says the trust and damage amongst communities as well, how the culture needs to be tackled head on. we need change now. cnn boss jeff zocker has fallen on his own sword for lying about an affair with a colleague during an investigation into another scandal at the channel. that one
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was involving the former host, chris cuomo, jeff sucker, a world class least back who has headed ratings and real news challenge cnn for faults, who long has been terminated for numerous reasons. but predominantly because cnn has lost its way with few is and everybody else. it had been a few weeks since someone had cnn resigned over some sexual deviancy. but jeff is up, came through today and made sure we didn't forget what a band of sick perverts that entire news channel is. jeff zocker surprised his employees with an email announcing that he had been having an affair, a consensual affair with an employee, one of his colleagues, and he did not disclose it under cnn's policies. what started out as a friendship, i evolved into a romantic relationship and because of that, he is stepping down from cnn. i acknowledged the relationship evolved in recent years. i was required to disclose it when it began, but i didn't, i was wrong. as a result, i am resigning. back in december john griffin, a producer at cnn,
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was arrested by the f. b. i on rather serious charges. he was taken to federal prison where he waits trial. ah, and and john griffin was charge with setting up a facility to run interstate commerce for the purpose of a, you know, luring in young under age girls and their parents and training these under age girls to be sexually submissive. this is someone who rub shoulders with chris cuomo and you'll recall that chris cuomo also stepped down because it was proven that he was colluding with his brother andrew cuomo when he was facing scandals and eventually stepped down as governor new york. when my brothers situation became turbulent, being looped into calls with other friends of his and advisors that did include some of his staff. i understand why that was a problem for cnn. there's been another recent dust up a kate rosenfeld, cnn commentator kat rosenfeld as she compared jo grogan's audience or the podcast,
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or joe rogan, who's been at the center of some controversy. recently. she compared his audience to people that are overweight and made some other comments that many did not appreciate about the audience of joe rogan. here's what she said. here's people who you know. they like something that we consider ourselves more enlightened. don't think it's good for them. you know, we think that they're internalizing this information that they're using it to make bad decision. many found these remarks to be somewhat ironic because the listenership and viewership of joe rogan's podcast is roughly 11000000 people. now it's important to know that the viewership of cnn has been significantly decreasing . last year. in the 1st week of january, viewership of cnn was 2700000. but now in the 1st week of this year, it was only $548000.00 and many of looked on at this. and they've noticed that trust for mainstream media in the united states is certainly declining according to
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polls. and now i guess we see that jeff zocker, after 9 years the head of cnn is stepping down, not good times for cnn, and for american mainstream media. we met him, i'm talking to legal and media analyst, lionel, he says cnn. like some other outlets essentially on that last legs. if cnn was a patient and a hospital, the doctor would call a co, the doctor would look at his watch or say, call at, that's it. they put the sheet over the patient. cnn is gone. if i didn't know better, i think cnn, before every broadcast says, what can we say? that is so fundamentally stupid. so, and so unbelievable that people will talk about it. because we're not getting audience audiences from doing what we're doing. we have to get audiences by having people comment, how stupid we are. many people expect expect theory to be fairness. many people
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believe that c n n owes them a duty of fairness. people will say, this isn't fair. cnn your journal, as they're supposed to be journalist, this isn't fair. how can you say this? how can you get away with this? how can they do this if you can't do well on your show, say something stupid and hope somehow that, you know, social media picks up on. if social media pick up on your story, maybe that will help because that's the 2nd tier of their worth. not truth, that journalistic in charity go. no, no, no they don't care. did you notice us how to be doing the clicks on the metrics or we get like are we being re tweeting? what are people saying? are we viral? that's all they care about. cable news as like a runaway train or a monster that keeps eating and consuming and you've got to keep feeding this
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monster 24 hours a day. anything, paper, just feed it. news stories, anything a click repeat, repeat what other people are, start your own problem. and as you can get a canada now where author was police chief has hinted, the army may need to be sent in against the truckers to a protesting mandatory covert injections. there may not be a police solution to this demonstration. this is a national issue. every option is on the table to resolve this demonstration. but protest is situated along the canadian american border say they will not budge unless the government makes a youth. those entering canada will now be required to quarantined upon arrival if and job but the reports of negotiations between the 2 sides to the surface. though as far as we understand, as to this point, no apparent success is that the one truck driver we spoke to. he said he's been
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overwhelmed by the public support number for spanish and when we're traveling on the convoy, i was a lead truck. and every bridge you came up to overpass. the crowds are unbelievable. there is one bridge that i had to get across to pick up part of my convoy and hamilton, that the police were calling me and say, you know, when you come and i might have to close it for leon bridge, there's 500 or more of your supporters on this bridge it's getting unsafe. i was able to get through there, but i mean, it was yeah, there was people. hi 5 in me as i drive to drop my truck. it was just unbelievable . every bridge. ad flags on it flying. there was companies that hadn't been creams up in the holding flag. there was, it was, there is thousands and thousands and thousands of people that we've seen and
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bridges wait for us in the fields by their farms logging companies, sitting along the edge of the road waiting for us. it was, it was unbelievable. meanwhile, they go fund me site has stopped donations to the driver's, citing so called legal issues. today it is raised around $10000000.00, and that's as facebook removed, a page advertising that rally, which of course critics have slammed as quote censorship at its finest. the truck we spoke to says the protesters won't be stopped. me all that is supporting us. we are getting support. busy for everything, we're not going to run this applause. we're not going to run out of time. what our prime minister doesn't understand is all those trucks that are there. they're not working because it is mandates. well, we have nowhere else to go. we can stay in our trucks where we're used to sleep in
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and out. busy or trucks for weeks on and we stay on the road. we have just a quick count. we got oceans of trucks are sold to come here on the program one ot t international vladimir putin right there. well, he's going to meet his chinese counterpart on the 1st day of the winter olympics. that is on friday, comes at a time of heightened geopolitical tensions with moscow. hailing a new era in relations with beijing. we'll give it details on that on a couple of guests. as well with back with
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as long as humans are at the end of the day, self interested, you can pretty well predict which way bitcoin is going. and the fact that nations will make it legal tender, and they'll be a hash guar going on in the house. right ah, would that be with us for this thursday broadcast live from moscow? so russia and china is 1st top level so much in over 2 years. that is going to be happening on friday. it coincides with that of the grand opening of the beijing
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olympics. reporting now from the chinese capital la corresponded egleston. so the russian president vladimir putin and his chinese counterpart teaching pain about to sit at the same table, face to face something that they have not done in over 2 years. the occasion is as good as it gets the opening ceremony of the winter olympic games here in bay g. a head of his meeting with his chinese counterpart, lateral potent even wrote an article for china's dominating news agencies in what they focused on the cordial relationship between the countries between the leaders and on historical ties between the 2 nations. but given the geopolitical and diplomatic agenda has indeed accumulated between the 2 countries over the course of the past couple of years. it sounds like a perfect opportunity to, to some sports on related events. give them both nations up rule face
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a common adverse re. that's the united states, washington has been applying pressure on both russia and china and will, in doing so, we have been doing so in very similar ways. for example, the mainstream media headlines have been dominated by speculation. whether or not russia will indeed crate speculation spearheaded by the white house and its allies . and well, the general consensus among mainstream media analysts have being that, well, bet you money on. yes, that's despite russia vehemently denied any plans or intentions of the sort. and even ukraine also saying that it's not seeing any significant threat going on, or anything well, particularly threatening going on. it's buddhist with china. ukraine is what fort taiwan and the rhetoric is very much the same. the rhetoric is very similar when it comes to, well, the chinese ambitions and one taiwan is in question. and even the very subject
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olympic games has been utilized by washington to apply pressure on b. james, for example, washington announced a diplomatic boycott of the games that's as the f b, i advised the american athletes to use burner phones, citing the thread over spine as the main reason. so in the latter upholden and the teaching thing have a lot to talk about, and it has already been announced that the 2 leaders will sign a very hefty pile of documents. and this includes of whose political initiatives, like, for example, creating an independent fiscal system that would allow both russia and china to withstand and to counter any unilateral sanctions that may be imposed. ready against the nations by the united states and its allies, business deals are on the table as well, mainly in the energy market, given that russia is a major exporter of gas. and also it has been teased that vladimir putin and
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teaching pain will assign a memorandum over new ways of building international relations in the new iraq, whatever it means we'll, we'll hopefully find out very shortly. and hopefully we'll also see if there are any well mystery boxes hidden in the drawers of the presidents tables and makers non reporting from beijing oxy. a short time ago i spoke with economics professor benjamin chow. he told us of the west is even using the olympics to promote an antique china agenda. the beijing olympics is starting tomorrow, but the west is not reporting how well pitching is, is a time we check specially valuable for the statement. trust them putting has made today because to west is now reporting how much beijing is facing the pressure to pull medic boycotts from several key western countries. although this will not change the fact that it's a special olympics will be held after all. the spotlights should be on the fleet,
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not on politics, but you will still be nice to have some support from the national leaders. so, and here we go, we have president for team, highly acclaimed, bitching preparation. and he believes that bridge and the host to when he picks up the highest standard at the same time, china is also very important to russia right now. if the situation at ukraine for developed to west, if you ever like to sanction russia even further, that would tip to balance to faith, racial china relationship even more as russia chinese trade me reach a historic height of about 140 p d. and last year that's been an explosion on an oil producing vessel off the coast of nigeria. and the following video shows the optima, the boating ship was called, the spirit of trinity in it appears to be half submerged in this picture. it does belong to an jury and company. we understand no casualties reported as of yet will keep you updated as this story develops here on out to the international finance
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critics of around it on the anti defamation league for taking a swipe will be gold book. she caught outrage recently by saying the holocaust had nothing to do with race. however, when the head of the a d l, which fights anti semitism picked her up on that, he seems to have forgotten his own website definition of racism at the time, which actually appears to justify gold bugs, views the marginalization and or christian is people of color based on the socially constructed racial hierarchy, that privilege is white people. unfortunately, it is not surprising that will be goldberg is confused about racism in the jewish people when the a d. l just change the definition. dear, new definition causes tremendous confusion and damage to countering jew hate. we see that here. why is the abl mad at ruby gold birds, holocaust comments? she was just using it's new definition of racism, marginalization and slash,
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or oppression of people of color to benefit white people. anti defamation league corrected would be goldberg now, who's gonna correct the anti defamation league with the gold bug was suspended from her t. v job over her holocaust views. a back in 2017. the atl adopted a definition of racism that was largely in line with critics of goldberg, but in 2020. when the u. s. was in the grip of b l m. protests that actually changed it to one that seems to agree with her by maintaining that racism is something that only happens to people of color. willing to respond to the criticisms or the ideal is now were voted to a more encompassing definition. saying that a racism as a matter of discrimination based on race or ethnicity. well, we got a reaction to the whole debacle from a derek gibson who's running to be new york state governor. i think it's very critical when they change their belief. not so call people of color definition they put out there and buy the c o to come out and make the statement against the gold
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coaching with the wrong. but she's clearly aligned with the things and they should go back in search and themself before they dump on and make a statement of what she said because she's definitely well that's understand a number of civilians are reportedly dead off to the pentagon, said american special forces carried out a successful counter terrorism mission in north west syria, early on thursday, depending on the didn't, didn't provide any further details on its official statement. now, the u. k. based a syrian observatory of human rights, at least 12 people, including women and children, were killed near the turkish border in the syrian province of lib. as media speculation that the mission targeted that of a suspected high profile terrorist us forces remain active in syria despite having no permission to actually be that from the country's government. and we have asked the pentagon for comment will bring him on the story. as we get it always updates
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on our storage as well at auto dot com. otherwise, if you want to check out some cool videos, just hunter oddities youtube channel. it's fun. thanks for joining us. we're back soon with blue. humanity always wants the impossible they 1st day a say to the government police probably you government b. they say to move to any italy or please don't touch my my pride with my phone touch my business don't touch my freedom. and this is an impossible contradiction. ah, the word eminent will now be scratched from the white house of rhetoric when referring to the actions of russia, ukraine. but at the same time, a $3008.00. u. s. troops are being deployed to romania, poland,
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and germany. and it seems only one country's leader seems to be publicly standing with the by the ministrations plan of action and ukraine. but it is more about distracting from his own problems at home. well, we're joined by ortiz, the action returns, eats are discussed why the u. k. prime minister of boris johnson is in hot water. and if this is affecting his foreign policy decisions in a 4th country is completely lifting coven restrictions, while others still find themselves and locked down. should there have been a better global policy regarding co bid? from the very beginning, we will ask a policy expert and a total shock today coming from a major news that worked well, at least according to their media reporter. as you said, caseworkers been a larger than life. figure at this is organization for nearly a decade, a pioneering figure. and now his resignation is stunning in this newsroom and the news industry. but like with any story,
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there's more to be told. and as you can imagine, one were president who could not resist, wang in on is that this resignation? i'm guy now. hughes and the stories and more on today's news views. let's get started. ah, we start today focused on the relationship between us president joe biden and u. k prime minister boris johnson. now both have recently found themselves and hot water at home bite and is continuing to suffer from record low approval numbers, mainly because of a troubled economy. continuing border crisis and continued lack of control over coded just to name a few under his leadership. but while abiding has been a gradual downward trajectory, johnson saw the most dramatic drop in global liter approval ratings. in the month of january. according to the latest morning concept, paul only.


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