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tv   The Alex Salmond Show  RT  February 3, 2022 6:30pm-7:01pm EST

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with another look at today's biggest stories in about half an hour. ah, your fever over ukraine continues unabated with the u. s. and u. k. taking the lead. however, not all made from members on board, even ukraine is attempting to dampen expectations of an armed conflict with russia . will washington in london get their way? oh no one else seemed wrong when all 3, just a sheep out disdain becomes the advocate and engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look so common ground.
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ah well come to the alec salmon. sure. where we examine whether the highly infectious or more convenient of novel corona virus is surely proving a blessing in disguise. when the african sciences discovered on a convenient, late last year, they quickly followed up with empirical and detailed clinical observations that the vedic since my old and its impact compared with us delta arrival. however, it was only when their findings were confirmed by 2 studies in the u. k. that governments throughout the west and both started to discuss treating on record like the flute of relaxing social restrictions despite so in case numbers and of living
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alongside divided. so it's almost controversial in the her community that the pot to worldwide vaccination program has failed to provide. or is it a collective bite of wishful thinking, which could lead humanity open to further new and more deadly radiance? today we ask to talk doctors, doctor, and we could see in south africa, i'm professor human coming in the u. k. both with hands on experience of corporate patients for their of you on whether or not crohn is proving a blessing or the cause. but christ, do you treat the most i message is in response to i special show last think. celebrating scotlands national by robert brains. first from india by who said really enjoyed this episode. and while i always knew robbie burns was recognized and celebration worldwide underestimated it. when i listened to billy case history of robbie barnes and was fascinating. and then john, 5th and reference for that famous poor thomas johnson. i only by and recently the
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cutty stark was the name of the which i thought it was the horse. jord shirley says, i don't think that's been a program on burns covering the man and his influence in such depth and with such rated content. congratulations on the issue. invited me when you talk in relation to alex and not me says, you're looking very smart to be no less than the average highest. we'd expect. of course, if be addressed. now doctor and we could see short to international prominence when in mid november last year, she alerted her countries authorities that in her deep practice in pretoria, she was to take patience with unusual cooper, 900 symptoms. quickly south out the confines, this identified the new on the convenience and reported it to the world health organization. on the 24th of november, alec speaks to doctor could see from her busy surgery in pretoria. and i was my great pleasure to be joined by doctor angelica, could see it from her subterranean petunia in south africa. and of course you
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welcome to the i'll examine, show you so much, it's a big owner for me to be on your show. and i really appreciated what was that like to become the end of last year, the, the doctor who the skull of the on the convenient and be propelled to international celebrity for what was taught, like, stable and i didn't discover the only current i discovered or i'm a really sore the clinical symptoms and i reported on the clinical symptoms and the scientist with their sequencing discovered that is easy to new variant and not the delta were all these new symptoms that i saw on that specific day. and because i'm part of the ministerial advisory committee on vaccines, i am also in this, at the how do i way through that specific day that this day and i,
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and this is something strange is happening. i'm seeing and clinical picture, outpatient, positive now, but washington, d. c r testing and rapidly. so that's, that doesn't fit any pattern. it's not delta isn't at the north and it's not beat up. and that's how it started. we're very modest articles have been none. the less it was a, a eureka moment is sort of could see how many patients will be talking about. you identify this a suffering from this new variant towards the end of last year. and for with the new year 120 patients, i've been told about 2 to 3 days ago. and we still pacing on a daily basis. patients coming in with a check in seconds. but he's not really any positive cases anymore. so i think within the next week or 2, we would be down to lisa the seat and out of the full flight. so a no was a father, jude experience and petroleum was concerned. a or micron was a,
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a variant that swept through the population because of its been infect 70 and but it was up like a rocket. the men don't like the stake a because presumably the population regarding a, an immunity as a result of the infection. would that be your analysis? that's a difficult one. i know the scientist is not going to agree with me, but i think it's the nature of the hardest. i think this isa. it's like a heating iran, you know, eat very high in september. you write it and it is a very, very steep m as in klein. and then just as quickly as it came, it went away. do you have of a theory ill or something from your practical experience? which would give you a clue as to where the omicron valiant has been? because it seems to have come down a different line of development from the original move han virus than for example, the delta valiant. so has it been and developed in a patient with
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a compromised immune system or ought i said, been arrested elsewhere, unidentified? or even has it been and the, the animal kingdom of any any feel as to where you think omicron came from? mackenzie, the new, the nets and, and, and we were lucky to, to pick it up clinically in south africa and on sequence you. but i think i'm, yes, most probably it will mutate in a person with inc compromised immune systems. because the immune system would not be able to detect the parts that easily. and this is exactly the type of person that artist needs to do to new date and why he and his leisure. so i think that's really important. amolla the can't ago whether i was 1st minister scotland the had a dispute for the like use that with the swine flu almost. hi there, michael thought of that time. where because we have identified number of affected
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patience. we were probably the 1st come to the world in scotland to be able to say with some reasonable certainty. this is a hyphen, in fact, of infectious violence. but it doesn't seem to have a severe impact on most people that was similar. them wasn't to you'd experience with omicron because a very early stage, one of the rest of the world was still saying, well, good the says could be duty. you would able to say lutely evidence we have from to toria. as yes, it's very infectious. but also it's rather milder than some of the other venues that the clinical experience and in the mean, if you have been through the delta away, delta is the scary, scary, scary variance. i never ever want to see that being in my life. and if you didn't, so the clinical picture of those patients and you've got the clinical picture on the cross. it's like choking gee sheets. different total, different picture and, and it's much more like the flu or to pose and with our temperature
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i without oxygen need. and so easy, it is really not this time than delta, and there was another frazier on me to say that you know that while disease. but if you look at the definition of the world health organization, what is the mind to see in terms of covered 9020 percent, it fixed there. the criteria for from us of african point of view. well, you know, with the, at the level of vaccination and what more do you think can be done in terms of the how provision in south africa to, to protect the population more we have low vaccination m numbers. if you look at it in the price of europe, but you know what, we just need to keep on much as i think our patients to grandkids themselves. sex united alyssa differ shulty in south africa. the, the motivation of the people to be vaccinated on is that the logistics of
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a vaccination supply? it is the logistics entities that and people that's not always, that's happy to go and get them. so maxie night it's, i think it's a shaped lot of people. big if south africa, which has perhaps the most developed health service in the whole african continent has been in counseling. these difficult, what message could you give to the international community, about vaccinating the humanity as opposed to just bits of it? so what we need to do is we need to get another form of actions and the am storage requirements. all these bonds are not conducive for africa. very difficult to long distance is that it needs to travel to lots of logistics, lots of edge or programs around. and then you just start looking at the po, for attempts of the development of what's called a whole valleys vaccine. that is a vaccine that both as a doesn't have to be stored and quietly in the conditions of the,
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of the current ones, but also is effective against the whole virus. where do you think we are in terms of medical breakthroughs? the science in terms of getting to a vaccine which will, which will defend against the virus as a whole, as opposed to just salmon variance. when i hope, hopefully we'll see the next year that will start to happen. and the science is quite to launch. so need see what happens, which watch the space and finally adopt code say in terms of your experience a you the modest in terms of a few identification of the, of the valiant love you propelled, you've got your own and substantial wikipedia page though i'm interested in you personally, i will look that last 2 months as men for from being a while, this and distinguish position and petunia, but to enter an international a. so i, the next step to on the, on the, on the variance of this virus was not meant to you past lam and that's sort of
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almost a different what all does it. yeah, and actually, and you know, i am be active in the health sector. ready and so for me, i'm very much outcomes based. and i have noticed already in the last few years that these a move away from practical clinical needs to more impersonal makes. and you know, we treat the patient over their health is our health platform, which is not acceptable to me. you can treat new patients, are that you cannot apply abdomen, you cannot become groves. it's, you know, we do it their own way. we are, we are moving away from good old mason and more technical environments, which i don't think it's going to be conducive going forward for the majority of patients. we will see a lot of problems going forward with the human element is not there. and of course
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i, you've been contacted by general practitioners around the world who are saying, you know, good on, you angelica, if demonstration of, of what hands on practical care of patients. they can tell us about the friends from, from viruses, assess the understanding. you've been the 2nd lots of emails from fellow gps on the planet saying good on you. yes, yes, i have, i have good it and i got hate mail as well. so, but i didn't, i don't, i'm too old for that. i know what i just needed that i know how to do that. well, i could tell you the code. so you have one very strong admirer from scotland and myself for that. i know the views of the alex, i'm going to show it will appreciate your wisdom and thank you so much for joining me on the show. thank you so much. join us after the big well,
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we'll examine the impact of on the corner in the intensive care words at the u. k. with professor he went gummy of university college london. we'll see you then i started financial survival dr. stacy, let's learn about fill out. let's say i'm a striker and here i'm greece on base of the fight. c wall street broad, thank you for helping ah, enjoy that right, so out it will dest slavery. welcome back. the highly infectious armor conveyed into of novel corona virus is ripping through western societies. but isn't proving to be a blessing in disguise. professor human coming at both an outstanding academic and pride thing in the intensive care wards of london. alex discuss it with him. the
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impact of american professor, human gemelli, boy academic but also hands on consultant in the busy intensive care wards of london. so what has been the situation over these last 2 omicron months in the intensive care was when it's been interesting. m, as you, we well aware, mccomb is very, very highly transmissible, very highly transmissible. it had a really big competitive advantage over lots of other viruses and the other covey to variance. and, but it wasn't as severe as it turned out. and we also had a large number of people who were excited, which really helped. so the numbers hitting our intensive care units for mechanical ventilation when we're, when near those that we saw in the 1st and 2nd waves. the really big challenge the all hospitals faced was the fact that of course, the american burn still made people sick. it still meant that they had to be at
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home twice late. they were often laid up in bed feeling lousy 4 days, sometimes the long code which we can talk about in a minute. but it took them away from hospitals where they would be working for instance, it also meant that their family members or children were sick. they had been bolt in child care and the epidemic did sweep through. you'll remember that in some areas it was one in 11 in 151 in 20, people infected. and that was a really perfect storm are certainly in london during december. it was absolutely savage. huge numbers of doctors, nurses off sick, huge numbers of ambulance crew off, sick ambulance waiting times very substantial to get to patients and the ambulance couldn't offload into the hospital because they went the doctors and nurses to receive the patients in. and the system got very badly corked up. so i had personally probably the most sleep deprived run i've ever had in my consultant career. and beating even waves one and 2 in december because of those sorts of
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issues. and it was large numbers of, of sick people, lot of people going off sick. and of course the usual when to search it was there. now that we get every year of our, the virus is heart attack, chest infections, et cetera. so it's so intense pressure beginning to ease know at least the or mclauren in it's a cute impact on people. it seems to be markedly demonstrably less potent than previous videos. yes, that acute impact is less am. we are seeing the numbers beginning to decline in hospitals and plateau off many hospitals that flipped their unix, i major areas have become coded and they'd restrict the numbers of non coded up intending to flip back certain mean in the london situation. and we seem to be soon, the really big hit were swept through our staff very readily there so plenty people
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off sit with it, but no and near what we had in december. so things are coming down. but of course, you know me, alex, we've spoken before i'm, i'm not in the law mess, but i'm also not complacent. this is still a disease, but lots of people haven't had, it does look as if there may be a signal to noon or longevity of the mean response isn't quite so good. so that is more easy to get a version again and more quickly. and something will do still get very ill with this particular people with suppressed immune systems can become very poorly with this as good reasons for everyone to be vaccinated and not to pass this to other people. and personally, a large number of people is still a significant proportion get symptoms. they've gone a lot longer than just a week or so, feeling flurry m, you know, people, we all know people who are still saying, i'm still breathless. 2 months later, i've still got a call for a friend of mine talking to me this morning about a daughter who's as a national standard swimmer,
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saying she's 2 months out and still can't perform properly. and these are not minor issues and i personally would rather not have said so i think the same sort of principles which you and are spoken about a long time before remain and without destroying one's life meeting people outdoors, in well ventilated areas, wearing masks where one can on public transport and so forth. one of these things just makes sense and they don't tend to ruin your life. and if you could do the most of the time, i think so the use of a physician having seen the impact of covered. and so many patients do you detect them on politics is not just in the u. k, but you're denmark because relaxed all social restrictions this week didn't take all muster of complacency, creeping in this all over bother shouting recovered. well, i do. and of course it could be right. i was wrong with the amr com baron when it 1st asked appearing before we had the south african dates that might be milder when
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i saw it infective, etc. i thought this could be very bad, and i'd always rather prepare for the worst and be pleasantly surprised than be caught on the hawk. now the trouble is, there is a general narrative, isn't there in the press and elsewhere, and in the body politic that we're now going from this pandemic phase where you get these waves of infection sweeping around the world that we're now into an endemic phase. in other words, the varsity to bed in society, it's going to grumble along at a low level, and they'll have the occasional swing upwards, downwards in the winter months, as meeting with flu. and that combined to the, not the narrative that viruses get more infectious, but less severe. and this municipal is part of its natural course end up being a bit like the common cold. now that speculation it can do, it may well be more likely to do that in the longer term, but we absolutely cannot be confident that's going to be the case right now. it
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could be that we end up with a very, very much nastier bear in cropping up. then we've got the moment we just don't know and i'm not a puritan are not suggesting we will go to live as bunks for the rest of our lives . but i do think we've got to be a little bit cautious now about the way we manage the future. and what is this be a 2 very of amazon that we're no hitting about in the u. k. well, this is the, i mean we've, i've not seen the sequence central sequences down, not looked it up yet, but the end is just yet another variant, this time of the on the con, bear. and it's a new variable, micron, which seems haven't gain a slightly great a competitive advantage in terms infection. so if we look at the genetic signature of our micron that we're getting from patience, what we're seeing is an increase in our competing the original micron. just as the way the armor crumb totally swept the delta buried to side, the good news is we're not at the moment seeing any signal that this is in any way more severe as an illness. but again,
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caveats go with all of that. and the thank heavens, an awful lot of that is because the vulnerable at the people would suffer. most women on a chron or a coke infection are well vaccinated. huge numbers of people in great britain from 12 years old, upwards a vaccinated. i'd like to thank all of those people that have had their vaccines and their triple vaccines because they are preventing these things spreading as, say, potentially turning into nasty events and potentially making other people sick. so am, it's a good new story vaccination. even say no. first one governor in the show have been screamed to dr. angelica caught see the inventory in the south african, the g p, who identified the patients with what top note to be the omicron variant. she was slightly frustrated that that practical knowledge built up in south africa, hadn't managed to transfer the information as easily as she'd hoped to, to other countries despite her best efforts and broadcasting. or we have
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a situation where people doing the practical work sitting cove at patients pass on to the colleagues of nationally, their experience, for example, with the former on very it's a very, very good point actually. and it's something i've learned from this process too because of course, when we got way one, we had no idea what this virus is like or what it was doing. pretty much everything was here. say, remember, the 1st few cases were cropping up really in china, in mid january, we weren't really getting too much of a signal from what was going on there. then italy got it, and then it was us. we very quickly learned. we had to talk to each other my very 1st friday night on call, where we got absolutely sledge hammered. i was on the phone to friends that next day going, what are you seeing? does it look like this for you? are you seeing this as well? what are you doing for that? are you finding this works as well, or are you finding this is tom full to the very next week? we expanded those knowledge shares as we called them nationally and had the calls
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in and then disseminated information verbally and on its social media. but we also moved means nationally, so we had calls within that 1st week with italy, germany, france, spain, united kingdom. but also china, iran, and many other countries around the world and it was incredibly useful. and we kept those up actually during wave one and wave to and then i guess took her eye off the ball a little bit. and that were we seem to have got this one cracked and now our politicians departments can do most of the heavy lifting and communicating. now we're not on the back foot and tell us what's going on. but actually i have learned from this that may be the thing i should have done been on my cron appeared was to call up my colleagues in south africa. i've got plenty of friends he worked there and said, can we just all get on a call? every day or 2, and just triangulate what we're actually seeing. because it's often from those direct conversations you continue to signal out. and from that i've learned to pick
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the phone up again. next time i'll just try to keep those ch is a communication. ok. i think it helps to be or crating at all levels, political and policy, but also his practitioner friendly human gemelli at this stage and the pandemic once your greatest hope. and what's your worst fear about the development of those fighters? well, it's nursing one, i've got her again, i'm not an alarmist. i i'm, i'm hoping that my grace is hopes play out. and i hope that people continue to maintain their vaccination status. so my hope is that people will continue to do that. my fears all that we might end up with abandon, people just going, well, i don't need these vaccines anymore. that's all gone. the new variance will mild, i don't care. and i'm not going to worry about it any more. you know, it's end of term. all the works dawn, we can now party like it's 1999 to the next year or 2 and it will be fine. i think that might work out, but it would be
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a big gamble. and my other concern is that we end up with a nasty mutation appearing. and then of course my looking at the back of my mind is what comes next? because we've discussed this before, but in the last century we probably only had a 3 spill over events as they're known from animals to humans. and this last 21 years. we've had 17. we've had sales cove, one source cove to we've had mergers. we've had serv strep, so as the bacteria, we've had zika from rhesus monkeys. we that mendez train these because of the way we're treating our planet in terms of deforestation, for instance, forcing predators and pray together, which wouldn't normally ever seek other wet meet markets and life meet market, putting animals with feces for and feathers together, which shouldn't be seen either and then having these crazy international use of airlines where we had nearly
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a 150 people are 2nd boarding an aeroplane in the days before it. so these viruses get spread around very quickly indeed. and as the old saying goes, if you will do what you've always done, you always get what you've always got. and if we've had 17 spill over events in recent years, we will have more go gates warned about this one coming. he was right. and we will have others if we continue to behave of as we done before. and it be hubris for us to do that. we need to stop doing it because the next thing that helps us might be one have a lot worse than this one is professor human governor of the somber words. thank you so much for joining me. once again, on the i'll examine, show. thanks very much. how much pandemic scary and new hyper infectious, vital radiance release. gayety. muscle was understandable that many countries would react cautiously to the emotions of the oma convenient in december by moving to tighten their social measures against the base of the vitus. given the infectious
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nature of all con, this is not stalked. the new vedic, sweeping through country after country from an early stage south africa provided empirically based information suggesting the owner con, although much more infectious, was significantly less potent. as this information was confirmed by western studies, official policy has gone into reverse in many countries with restrictions relaxed, much talk now of living alongside the virus. natural selection dictates the final scenes that tend to become more infectious, would infect kristovich, didn't. the more successful it becomes in competing with other streams, but there is no such absolute determination. disobedience are in themselves, less potent along the divide survives, and significant numbers. the more opportunities are, as for such a nightmare scenario to march. so far,
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so good. although that still means they're running at $300.00 per day in the u. k. on 10000 a day worldwide. however, the real problem assess the extent of on the con, spread either to the vaccination program will confer some protection. however, it seems far too early to be putting the bunting out and taking the face masks off . for now from alex myself and all at the show is good by. stay safe. i'm hope to see you all again next week. ah.
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ah, poor b bro. ukraine continues unabated with the u. s. and u. k. taking the lead. however, not all major members are in or even ukraine is attempting to dampen expectations of an armed conflict with russia. will washington in london get their way with to believe it? without you showing a shred of evidence, that is actually true. d u. s. state department spokesperson is grilled after refusing to prove claims that russia is preparing of a pretext rebate ukraine. something there is no longer being branded as imminent. as the white house seemingly tones down its wall rhetoric. at least 6 children are killed in heavy fighting in northwest syria, while president biden held the seal and bravery of american commanders claiming they killed the leader of islamic states at the same time.


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