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tv   News  RT  February 4, 2022 2:00am-2:31am EST

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ah ah, 6 children are killed to mid heavy fighting in northwest syria while president biden hales the skill and bravery of american commanders claiming they killed the leader of his like state at the same time in the same location. do just come out and say this expect us to believe it. without you showing a shred of evidence that is actually true. the state department spokesperson is grilled by journalists after refusing to provide any evidence with us claims. russia is preparing a false flag attack as a pretext when they do crying. so the western media take aim a beijing with a host of accusations. major powers boycotts the opening ceremony of the winter olympics, which is about to get underway in china. and also coming up for you this out, military maneuvers in valley road are in full swing and as you can probably see
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behind my back there is it hang column that is rolling towards it. firing positions . joint military exercises between russia and other risk commenced with corresponding reporting from the center of the action. with that very good morning and appreciate you joining me here on the international units that says that 6 children were killed at the time. the u. s. conduct to the special operation in northwest syria. president biden held that mission as a success, claiming as learning states chief, had been eliminated. forces carried out the operation with their signature preparation and precision. and i directed the department of defense to take every precaution possible to minimize civilian casualties. unicef confirms that at least 6 children were killed and one girl was badly injured overnight in the border town
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of asthma in the northwest of syria due to heavy violence. while the pentagon admits 3 civilians were killed in the operation of videos emerging of what's said to be a helicopter, us commanders were foreseen, blow up during the re to you can see what is left here. all of it, american officials deny though, that it crash the was shut down and they say that the crew is safe. ne, mark as the f. as more on the us operation in syria. locals have described these speech battle that took place at the one a m, just after midnight, syrian thought, and that lasted for hours and in which, presumably these half a dozen children as well as for women, were killed as well as the leader of isis. a boy, abraham, me al, has she, me, i crazy. she locals. describe how helicopters hovered in the air. soon as i left them, there were helicopters flying at low altitude, about 4 or 5 aircraft. then we saw soldiers landing the soldiers targets as
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a house near where i live. the house was surrounded. they spoke through loud speakers telling everyone to surrender or the house would be destroyed than the fighting started near or inside the house for about an hour. the helicopter carried at 4 or 5 machine gun attacks on the house. skinner came on a law. we were preparing to go to sleep and suddenly we heard wind and the sound of helicopters on my aunt went to see what was going on. but she found the sky totally red. i am at the asked as through loudspeakers to go out. we did that, but then they searched us and hank of my father, they asked our names and what we knew about our neighbor. we said we didn't know anything. they asked us to move to the neighboring house and started rating ours in the united states. says that he designated a suicide vest, while together with members of his family, we still have no r verified information as to how will these children perish? these are civilians as well as women. whether it was american miss aus 5 by
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helicopters. small arms fire by us special forces in the ground, or indeed at this suicide west. what we know is that these casualties have occurred . multiple sources of said this, including unicef. this information about civilian casualties, while tragic comes at that, especially bad time for, for biden, whose administration has been rattled, or by, by calls for resignations, as well as accountability following the, the deadly drew strikes. and i've gotten to start in kabul in august, and just a week ago, lloyd austin, the secretary of defense, had the rule that issued a call for the pentagon to form rules to do more, to prevent collateral damage, will, will civilian casualties. because he says that doesn't represent the values of the united states or its partners. and he called in the pentagon to come up with concrete measures on how the pentagon should conduct war whilst minimizing civilian
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casualties. we spoke with juliet tumor, unicef advocacy, and communications chief in the middle east, who told us the surgeon fighting is taking a dead little, especially on the most vulnerable when we have seen an escalation and violence in that area. and what this means is that our children be 1st and they pay most. and if we compare the number of casualties of children during the month of january in comparison to, let's say, december last year. and the number is certain, the higher. and this has been the case since the beginning of the year, and this has got to stop children continue to be the 1st and most to pay in this 11 year long conflict. we call an all sides and all parties to the conflict in syria to stop the fighting for the sake of serious children and it's future. we spoke
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with american author nicholas davis, who says us military raids have led to countless civilian deaths. how can it be? were killing 6 children for the sake of killing, you know, one al qaeda leader apparently slam estate leader who will quickly be replaced by somebody else. now this is, this is just her ethic. and secretary austin trying to come up with new rules to prevent the killing of civilians. i feel like it's under his command, you know, waited the united states has been a war and all these countries and the middle east in the greater middle east over 20. yes. to think that, you know, these couple that we have recently heard about some how unique in the fact that they killed civilians is, is just to be, would be utterly crime. you must,
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the moscow is accusing washington a fabrication after the us alleged thrust is planning to carry out a false flag off in ukraine as a prelude to invasion, something the state department failed to provide any evidence for one possible often the russians are considering and which we made public today involves the production of a propaganda video, a video with graphic scenes of false explosions, depicting court corpses, crisis actors, companion mourners, and images of destroyed locations are military equipment entirely fabricate fabricated by russian intelligence. we are not surprised by the new creative scenario outlined by the press secretaries of the u. s. department of state and the u. s. department of defense on february, the 3rd about russia's alleged preparation of an operation under a false flag against ukraine. this is typical of united states. the international community remembers the forgeries, the u. s. use for their military interventions around the world, including the well known vial of colin powell. that vases refer to that was used as
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a prop for when american made this case to attack iraq, which the white house at the time claimed had chemical weapons. a claim that later turned out to be unsubstantiated me, while the latest allegations of left, some journalists unimpressed. what is the evidence that you had that suggested that the russians are even planning with matt? i'm not saying that they're not, but you just come out and say this and expect those just to believe it without you showing a shred of evidence that it's actually true other than when i ask, or what anyone else asked what the information you said, well i just gave it to you, which was just you making a statement. we do so we do classify information only when we're confident in that information. if you doubt, if you doubt the credibility of the u. s. government of the british government of other governments and want to find solace and information that the russians are putting out. that is for you to do what we now have us intelligence officials who
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are coming forward and saying that russia is planning to develop a propaganda video. now the state department spokesperson was pressed on this specific evidence supporting the video claims. ned price said that once the white house is sure this information is accurate, then they will disclose what evidence they have. now, there has been a barrage of headlines and accusations from western leaders against russia over the last several weeks. and russia has responded with com to many of these allegations . now at this point, we've got kremlin spokesperson dmitri past gob who has pointed out that there had been just been so many claims over the last few weeks and most of them and all of them really have not added up to anything, were turned into anything that could be proven even care now. so the situation on the border is not as 10 says being portrayed by officials in washington. we spoke
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with investigative journals, dave lind off. he says us insinuations of a false flag attack cannot be taken seriously. i had to laugh when the us, the spokesman was saying, you know, when we release these intelligence things, we're always, we always wait till we're sure. they've released a lot of stuff over the years. and in recent years and months that's been brazenly untrue. and, and that including, you know, during the attempted counter, coos against them, maduro government in venice. well, it poignantly faults from the us intelligence agencies. so for them to say that is just laughable. meanwhile, despite the sense of urgency, the white house is trying to cray with the false flag allegation, the state department spokesperson also said renting that food and hadn't actually made any decision about war. yet, at the same time, america is now stressing that russia supposed invasion is no longer deemed imminent
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. and that would imminent is one that's been used frequently in recent weeks. putin has a lot of options available to him. if he wants to further invade ukraine, and he can execute some of those options imminently, when we said it was eminent, it remains imminent. but again, we can't make a prediction of what decision president will make. we said he could invade at any time. that's true. we still don't know that he's made a decision or not describing it. i haven't, and over a week the white house, we did not use the word imminent in terms of invasion. is that perspective changeable? so i, i think there's been some confusion around this because we've always been consistent that in so far as we know, vladimir putin has not made a final decision. so until and unless he makes a final decision to invade, this will not be imminent. one of the major reason is that jen, saki has had to walk back the word imminent regarding a possible russia,
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they acclaimed russian military invasion of ukraine. so lensky was, i had a press conference at and said that this was counter productive to the interests of ukraine. it wasn't about to happen. and so i think that the u. s. and the white house looked completely deranged and out of place. and this kind of, this kind of disconnect between the us and its allies, makes for the rest of the world to sit back and, and does everything that the us is doing. and it makes us look more and more adventurous and reckless. the 2022 winter olympics get underway in beijing on friday, but the great sporting events been marching contrivances. some countries refused to send diplomat to the ceremony. the west also accusing china of preparing to spy on their estes lexia,
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shasky reports for decades. the international olympic committee claimed that sports has nothing to do with politics, and all the games or the olympic games are absolutely free of politics, but in the case of aging 2022 games, it seems like it's a 3 way abas, where politics, sports, and covet come in to one now, of course we know about the political boy caught several states and not willing to send their leadership into the opening ceremony of the a. beijing went to 2022 games are those countries include of course, the united states, also canada, u. k. and australia jumped in now in the latest news. also denmark and the netherlands refused to send their diplomats to attend the opening ceremony. even the athletes who are going are getting bombarded by the press not so used their phones not to open their e mails and b,
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extremely wary off of the fact that they will probably be surveilled upon by the chinese government. and some are even taking into stuff too far. bill any a george soros even compared suiting been the leader of china to adult hitler saying that these games are a good chance for him to use his strict control propaganda. just like out of hitler did in 1936 olympics just before the start of the 2nd world war let's of course not forget the issue off rush. this participation in these games rush is not allowed to fly its flag because of the water decision. a several years back that in fact, 2022 is the last year that russia can perform at international competitions under a different name under a different flag in this case. just like in tokyo, it will be r o c. and one of the prominent wind to athletes of russia's history for figure skating olympic champion, alec c. u. good in launched an online petition saying that enough is enough that
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athletes have already suffered enough and that the country should be allowed to fly its flag and sing its national anthem in the olympics. the petition has already been signed by more than 40000 people. anti cove masses, of course, have been pretty strict in the chinese capital, but tolerable wilco especially compared to the arrival when at the airport. the tests were really, really difficult to take, but now every day i leave the hotel i have to take a p c r test. and i'm going to show you just exactly how easy it is to make hello a bus. i have to brent is mine station and now time to some fun sitting in a booth. doing my pc, our test now. that's it. very simple. and pretty much every half hour.
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this little chap here is traversing across the hotel space, disinfecting the air. everything is pretty much automated here in beijing. ah, of course i'll be keeping track of everything happening here in beijing for you. alexi rush, husky, r t reporting from the olympic capital of went to 22 games. beijing in china. amid the pandemic, china has in full strict measures to get the games as safe as possible. we spoke to alexia good in the 2002 olympic figure skating cham. and now a commentator at the beijing game, see, explains how the safety measures have affected athletes. i honestly don't mind about masks, i don't mind about the quarantine. of course, it's
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a pity for the athletes, but in my opinion, it's better this way than there being no competition at all as a former athletes and the person who understands what athletes go through. i would be happy to wear space suit if i had to in order to compete. i would take any tests in the nose, mouth ear, wherever. as long as this sports festival takes place. it seems to me that athletes don't really notice all these tests bubbles and so on, because it's part of their daily routine to train and perform. the main thing is to be safe. and you can watch the full interview with alexia. good in on our correspondent, alexia shasky, social media accounts thousands of russian soldiers and an belarus for large scale military exercise that in nations are moving to bolster their alliance . some attentions, with nato and ukraine, i correspond, constantino's, cough is in the center of the action. ah
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ah, the military maneuvers in valley roads are in full swing and as you can probably see behind my back there, is it tang column that is rolling towards it, firing positions. now elsewhere on this training ground, which is by the way, located next to the bowers polish border. we're going to see aviation motorized, infantry units, pirates reversed. so all in all this is going to be a pretty intensive action packed day. both for rushes and bowers is military. now, this is a combat readiness task of a joint russian battle russian task force, the military se their main goal here is to see how quickly they can deploy combat units at valerie and secure keep infrastructure as well as val versus land border and air space is reported that trial russian asked you 35 fired jazz long with a number of air defense complexes,
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including asked 400 triumph have been sent to valerie from russia to support these exercises. now the number of troops involved doesn't require the 2 countries to notify other nations that russian defense minister, serg assure you. however, russia did let everyone know including native members about the exercises in advance as a gesture of good will. ah, now the most active part of the exercises between russia and bowers is expected from february 10th to february 20th. that's one. drills are going to be health, cross 5 training facilities and for air basis in ballard route punctuating the masses of the united front of moscow and minsk in troubling types. moscow has bonds, germany's to which vela channel from broadcasting in russia. it's one of a number of retaliatory measures up to germany's media regulator,
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blocked to assist the tunnel r t d. russia is drawing up a list of representatives, estates, and public structures in germany involved in restricting the broadcast of r t d. and putting pressure on the russian media outlets who will be denied entry to the russian federation. in addition to which of l has been ordered to close its moscow bureau, while as journalists are going to be stripped of their accreditation, the channel will also be placed on russia's list of foreign agents while german officials involved in the decision to shut down r t d, a will be blacklisted by russia. the decisions about r t d was made a few days ago. german officials saying that it lacked the right broadcasting license to operate in the states under european law amount. disputes that saying the permanent obtained in serbia meets or requirements. in the meantime, r t france may also have a headache to do with the french media regulators reportedly investigating our sister channel, the broadcast. the says that if true, that amounts to censorship,
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while he shall the dubious give reports from the french capital. archie, france, caesar in the cross hairs of the audio visual and digital communications regulator hearing from stacy's all come now. this was something that was put out in a magazine article, the magazines called challenges halem, france, and in it, it alleges that all come is about to start looking at how r t phones are assist. the channel here has treated several subjects since it started broadcasting. the subjects into the yellow vast protests, also stories from syria and stories from central africa, all pretty sensitive topics in the country at the moment. now they haven't been any official confirmation from all. come about. they 40 fancies self says it hasn't received any notification. this is about to happen, but we have had reaction to that from the head of the channel. according to the
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challenges website, the french media regulator, all com has opened a probe into our tea, france. perfect timing, right after the situation with all tv. if it is confirmed that the regulator is investigating sensitive topics concerning associations, let's welcome a new world of censorship. while she went on to refute that there have been complaints against the channel and said that there was one issue that was dealt with by the csp, which is the old regulator. what is interesting is this apparent. dig it, the channel comes with a very crucial time here it prompts we just 2 months now before the presidential elections take place. and we know that my call president microns party is extremely concerned about what they've described. spin foreign digital interference and misinformation ahead of those elections. author fransen auto international selves have actually been denied entree to the leave, a polished
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a cup of press conferences to be able to question the governmental decisions that are made as we get closer and closer to that presidential election. there are likely to be more attacks on our channel simply for doing what we do, and that is questioning more independent journal grievances, the french governments long been irritated by the work frances de it was clear from the very beginning of our t and other russian media in france that they were not like by president mccord all . and don't use them for producing fake news while it's been funny when you see the number of fake news produced by the french traditional press r t covered the shows strikes the yellow fest. so well that it really annoyed the power, deutsche development is also, especially with, you know, when they speak about gas and dependents of germany. a ball rush and guess that
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should not continue all. and what would be the replacement american gas? wonderful. thanks georgia for your information. it's the same thing as the same tricks. it doesn't work. you know, we should stop doing this. we should let the, the media media such as r, t and the american media, and all of us speak up and the citizens can make their own opinion. according to the un urban prosperity index, moscow is the best metropolis in the world in terms of quality of life and level of infrastructure development. auntie saskia taylor takes on a tour of the russian capital. welcome to moscow, dean that city on a famous. so the song goes ok, ok, fine. according to you, when ah, infrastructure took
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a huge channel in the report and there was no battery called the why then the metro, the busiest in europe, it's, it's amazing combination of convenience and beauty. now this why here that you might look the station not teen off filming inside, but trust me, it's like a bull room downstairs. it's got multiple columns. i'm chandeliers. so it does make the morning commute a bit less of a grind. a friend one visited me. i'm looking through this, the most iconic move in the whole country and she said to me, which shot you my question plans here, and we have electricity to in much it's not just the choice, the level of service and mostly on like anything i've seen. i've lived in london, hong kong, most shops are open until 10 pm, some even later, many food shops of 27. when moscow did beat out all the competition was in quality of life, meaning medical, cab, education,
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public spaces, safety and culture, no full culture. most tourists will probably only think of the famous centuries old bel choi theatre. but did you know that in moscow there are over 170 theaters and pre context coffee. 14000000 thea, to visit on you late? no, roughly, that means that every single moscow resident went to see a pay. you'll come sit 4 times a year floyd or a lot. we don't survive on bush and thought to come. this area right here is the capital's restaurant. mecca might not look like much, but then again, it is a pretty shitty weekday. come here on a friday in july and you won't be able to move so no armed guns stood, doug rone, the streets, the buzz generating stick to siberia. and it's not all grey and crumbling. moscow
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is now it's colorful, it's full of energy. but then there are quiet moments like this too. it's a city that never sleeps and now it is official, one of the best in the world. but don't just take my word for it, come and see if yourselves academy to ride up to date. thanks for your company here, and i'll be back with more than 30 minutes. ah ah ah ah, is your media a reflection of reality? in the world transformed what will make you feel safer?
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isolation for community. are you going the right way or are you being that somewhere? direct? what is true? what is faith? in the world corrupted, you need to descend a join us in the depths or remain in the shallows. you're chatting with geography nutrition too, but john the methodist church and the sub boshoway she can. hi sharon, my name is rich rel ah, with
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a steady latoya. this new booty with she been wholesale millennium kelly recording court and i renewed my faster than i t issue of that 1000 with london. keep to unload anatomy for she gave us times to i must be lucky. i could fatima sack no go, you know if that i'm looking. i don't know pesky. asking you myakea. pathetic, pushy mom. again, martha. the money that i can live with for february, ukraine continues unabated with the u. s. and u. k. taking the lead. however, not only for members on or even ukraine is attempting to dampen expectations of an armed conflict with russia. will washington in london get their way? hey folks. dennis miller here next up on dennis miller plus one will talk to the
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comedian improv artist, actress, writer, producer. and she has a new part on a, a animated series called freak brothers. her name is andrea savage, and freak brothers is a cartoon running over on to be, i know what you're saying to be or not to be. well after we talked to andrea, i think you'll be signing up, andrew savage, right up to the sun dennisville or plus one thing. welcome to dennis miller plus one. nice to have a guest in the studio. we've all hit the mattresses for the last. what is it? 1718 years. we have an intrepid, young girl coming out. comedian, andrea savages come on the show as she is best known for the t. v series. i'm sorry it's, it's if. busy you've never got enough of the flu faggots in that will use.


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