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an engagement across the trail. ah, when so many find themselves well to part, we choose to look for common ground. ah, western media bound in the principle of leaving politics of sports with war mongering, common trade to the beijing winter olympics, kept going. also ahead you just come out and say this expect the student to believe it without you showing a shred of evidence that it's actually true. the u. s. states department spokesperson is grill by journalists for failing to provide evidence for a sensationalist us claim that russia is preparing a full fly, get sack as a pretext to and made ukraine and in the u. k. hi. so electricity
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bills are about to store by more than 50 percent. so after the regulator lifts up, price can potentially lunging millions of people to fuel coverage. i can't imagine military choosing between feeding myself in one family or heating it. this is another increase this another burden governments with wherever you're joining us from today. welcome to moscow on to then use our here on our t. my name's unit on the 2022 beijing winter. olympic games has officially begun with the opening ceremony hurley or on friday marking this start at the event . but rather than celebrate a global sporting spectacle, bringing together some of the best athletes on the planet. western commentators seemed to want to talk more on politics. instead. russia has a mass more than
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a 100000 troops on 3 sides of ukraine. us officials have threatened severe sanctions in russia. makes them move. so especially in the light of almost bar, call them please to the media and everyone involved to stay away from politics during the 4th. particularly in respect to athletes, participating in the games. these calls have been disregarded by some media outlets with a clear hyping up off the wall potential war and accolades and political situation and ukraine. even before the opening ceremony was over, several pundits ran the headlines. something like a limbic war games seems that the entire focus is on the political situation. in light of the crisis in ukraine, journalists representing western media out that's have ultimate full t jokes online. during the opening ceremony politics and olympics, and avoidable these days. it seems, and we of course, no political boy caught from a number of states like us, canada,
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australia and the united kingdom in light of what they called, genocide against population of seen john province. there were even headlines like genocide games as well. and even fun parts of the beijing olympics, like robotic devices, robotic starting drinks and food. here at the press center in beijing are branded by some media outlets as dystopian. some of this tension have been filling out from outside of the media coverage. of course, there has been an incident during the figure skating warm up when a russian couple nearly collided with us couple during the warm up and that led to a fire exchange of what i thought really clear what exactly happened that the russians k to later play down the incident saying that they are good with that couple in from the us of the pitch. but nevertheless, it seems that this tension is also present here. we could have collided with the u . s duet during the warm up. we were the 1st to start practicing in element,
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moving backward, so we couldn't control the situation. i said something to the u. s. skater, but don't remember what exactly. but it's going on all day. i'm fed up with this 5 to 6. i'm psycho masters daily vcr number, all covered cases happening in the camps of national teams and across the media. there's also been some organizational blips as well. for instance, one of the russian athletes a by athlete who i tested positive a phone, a rival to beijing. and she quickly realized that her chance of participating in the olympics was over. she complained on instagram of low quality foods that she'd been served during her warranty here in beijing that she lost a lot of weights. and we reached out to folks person of rush by a long association. and this is what you had to say about that. i spoke with filarious today, she's very stress, this is a difficult psychological situation for her as an athlete. her dream was destroyed
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by the positive test and should only get another chance to realize that in 4 years, this is not exactly a complaint we were just told by an athlete that she was not too happy with the conditions. we are trying to improve that. for example, together with the i o c, we've already agreed on a new menu in general. as far as i understand, everyone is satisfied with the conditions. from what i've seen on the video, it's quite nice. some of a bias. let's say that these are the best conditions. they've seen any olympics. adding a little more fuel to the fire is the fact that i o. c has recently lightened it's rules when it comes to expressing political views during the olympics. previously, athletes were completely banned from doing it. now they're only banned from doing a during metal ceremony, but they are free to do it in the field a flight, unless it interferes with the actual process of sport. so we are in probably for a rollercoaster ride off olympics here and i'm here to cover everything and i will
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bring you all the latest updates has i get it in beijing. we like to think that is a time when the world comes together. drops of politics and we celebrate the athletes. the people who worked so hard to be there for the api said selves, we imagine that they would want to be focused on their sport on, on winning metals and doing the best they can and to represent their country. but inevitably, there are going to be politics that sneak in to the games, you know, and here we have the media in the united states are wanting to do really drive that home. we really want to create tensions between the ukraine and russia, wanting to insert the united states into that. that's just what the american media does. all this comes from wanting to hype up the conflicts or the losing conflict, as they want to say in a ukraine. and to distract from what's happening in this country. what do they do? well, let's start talking about world war 3. let's start talking about going to war with
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russia. that is something that can certainly distract from the failures that's happening in this country. and the media is very happy to do that for the administration. ah, well, perhaps, and not on related rushes accused washington of making things up again. that's after the u. s. alleged moscow was preparing a false flag, often ukraine to create a pretext for an invasion. the lack of evidence for the latest claim has also left some journalists confused. southgate taylor takes us through fuss. they promised a new year invasion. then they said it was too muddy for tanks and the cabinet was holding off until the ground froze. then they decided that an invasion was indeed, imminent. putin as a lot of options available to him. if he wants to further invade ukraine, and he can execute some of those options imminently, when we said it was eminent, it remains imminent. but again, we can't make a prediction of what decision president putin will make. then after some thought,
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no, actually it wasn't. we said he could invade at any time. that's true. we still don't know. these made a decision. you're not describing it. i haven't in, over a week the white house notably did not use the word imminent in terms of an invasion. is that prospective change at all? so i, i think there's been some confusion around this because we've always been consistent that i, in so far as we know, vladimir putin has not made a final decision. so until and unless he makes a final decision to invade, this will not be imminent though. lawmakers on the hill apparently didn't get the memo. it seems the u. s. just can't make up its mind on russia's plan to take ukraine, despite people on the ground, they're telling them to lay off the hysteria. there are signals even from respected leaders of states. they just say that to morrow, there will be war. this is panic. how much does it cost for our state? but as is tradition, america has decided it knows better what's going on in far away lands. and how can
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it not panic when there's no hard evidence proving that russia's new plan is to make a film complete with st. corpses, mourners and nato drones, as a pretext for this imminent, but not quite invasion. what is the evidence that you have that suggest that that, that the worsens, are even planning with matt. i'm not saying that they're not, but you just come out and say this and expect those just to believe it without you showing a shred of evidence that it's actually true. all of them. when i ask or what anyone else us, what's the information you said why just gave it to you, which was just you making a statement? we do so we declassify information only when we're confident in that information. if you doubt, if you doubt the credibility of the u. s. government, of the british government, of other governments and wanna, you know, find solace and information that the russians are putting out. that is, that is for you to do. now as part of the build up to the u. s. is release of
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moscow's epic block buster washington's been promising for weeks that the russians are up to something a bit special. the irony of the u. s. state department talking of fabrications is palpable. we are not surprised by the new creative scenario outlined by the press secretaries of the u. s. department state and the u. s. department of defense on february, the 3rd about russia's alleged preparation of an operation under a false flag against ukraine. this is typical of united states. the international community remembers the forgeries, the u. s. use for their military interventions around the world, including the well known vial of calling poll. oh, yes, we, when man, by the u. s. is backed up by solid evidence pretext to invade to rock and the subsequent loss of almost 200000 civilian lives. but do we also remember how and why the white house paid a p. r firm over $500000000.00? back in 2016. the work consists of the 3 types of products.
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the 1st was television commercials portraying al qaeda in a negative light. the 2nd was news items which were made to look as if they had been created by a big tv. the 3rd in most sensitive program was the production of fake al qaeda propaganda films. us marines would take the cd on patrol and drop them in the chaos when they rated targets. yes, net price at the state department would know exactly what a false flag operation looks like for the war hawks in d. c. though it's not even the thought of a possibly eminent war that keeps them up at night. no, it's not. they weren't managed to get best sanctions in a row before it possibly starts. i'm concerned that mister putin's time table is different than ours, and he may well move before we can get this done. meanwhile, on use of the cremins, hollywood debut has provided next an opportunity for the u. k. and the u. s. is special relationship to evolve. turns out they've got
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a lot more in common than they thought, because biden would much rather talk about ukraine in the context of russian aggression than in the context of laptops, cocaine, nepotism, and abuse of power. and boris, while boasting comes a lot easier to bow than apologizing for a legal booze ups at number 10. i think if you look at what we've been doing for the last 2 or 3 months, the u. k has be way out in front, in making sure that people are respond. yes, the ukraine crisis has been kind to them both heaping as spiraling ratings in the shadows. what did they say? never let a good crisis go to waste false flag or knobs the u. s national security agency has been breaking its own rules to spy on americans. according to the organizations own internal watchdog. in a report released on monday, the inspector general found that the essay had abused they controversal law. the
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foreign intelligence surveillance act allows the government to intercept communications between foreign nationals anywhere in the world without a warrant snooping on americans without a warrant is forbidden, though, unless quote, i query is reasonably likely to return foreign intelligence information. the report concludes that the loophole has been abused in many cases with internal rules bypassed. and as a whistleblower edward snowden sees the practice has been going on for years. this has happened year after year since the program began. every couple years. there was a new report documenting how either n s a or f b. i violate the law routinely and how they spy on americans. but for some reason, those who claim to be so devoted to the rule of law don't seem to mind. well, let's welcome on to the program now. william benny the original an essay whistleblower who spent 30 years at the agency. mister ben,
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you're most welcome. thank you. why do you think the an essay inspector general decided to make this public firstly? i think probably because they feel sake and dealing with the what the $7.00 oh $2.00 program which is a legitimate program that's passed with law and it's backed by law. the problem is they're only talking about in a say analyst use of that data. they're not talking about f, b i c i a d o j state department or anybody else is use of that data, including the i r s who also have access to all the collection that's stored by in a say whether they don't even talk about them looking into the data requiring that data, that's the big problem behind. that's really the dirty secret behind all this mass surveillance and mass collection and storage of data. they can talk about, enters a analyst, not looking at the data, but that's all that's the limit of what the id does. he didn't talk about the f,
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b i or anybody else. and that's really where the violations come in, in terms of looking at u. s. u. s. communications not just small parts, but all almost all of it own e mail networks, skype and you know, chatter, texting all it's all stored. and so anybody can come in at b, i can come in and look at it and do wary and, and i say don't even talk about that in the uses again, people do arrest them for common crimes. and then they, they do a parallel construction and, and reconstruct data so that they can substance push, push it into the court, saying this is the basis for the arrest. when it back, it was the a collect the data. so that's called perjury. and they've been doing that since 2001, at least, and some of that goes back to world war 2 with program shamrock. it is quite extraordinary when you put it in those terms. and just to reiterate,
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and the foreign intelligence surveillance act allows spying on americans, if there is probable cause that they are agents of a foreign power or in contact with one, i suppose the issue is their high, broad definition is it could potentially be almost any one couldn't read yes or no, and then i would point out also this too hot principle that they talk about that is i communicate with you and you talk to somebody else in there if, if i'm involved and they can look out to hops, where if you're involved they can look through you. so what it means is if you contact google for example, and you know about approximately a 1000000000 people every day, look at google. so that's, that's almost in a couple of days of the whole planet. so far too hot. now they can look at anybody in the world. so it's just the word game with them and they're playing this game behind the scenes in secret, behind the secret dorms and the courts. they have no idea. they're just stupid. they don't have any idea what's going on. with a mug, wouldn't you? they don't want to. i would imagine that some would suggest that it's possible that
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by bending the rules, the n s a has managed to prevent crimes including acts of terrorism. what would you say to that claim? i say that they were challenged to prove that especially preventing terrorism by the by the senate judiciary committee. les, hey, senator leahy, challenge them to prove it and where alexander claim $54.00 attacks were prevented, he could prove none of them. so the point, the problem is and i kept saying this is what i was saying since the 1990 s by collecting all the data and the on the in the planet and exploring it and searching it. you have buried your analysts and made it virtually impossible for them to succeed. and that's fundamentally what's happened. and that's why that's why they keep st. but the point is, by collecting all this data, it does give them power over everybody. it gives them power over presidents, senators, judges, naming anybody in the planet should the public or how
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much should the public be alarmed by an essay rule breaking mr. benny or really have people got used to these kinds of snooping practices and almost become numb to them. i think yes, that's probably part of it. the other part is they don't think they can do anything about it, but they, they really have the ultimate power. if they want to do something, they can scare the hell out of people in washington, and you'll see that 6 january thing. then they erected this perimeter of fencing all around their buildings and put up and brought in military to guarded. and after that demonstration, there wasn't anybody there, but it shows you how frayed they are, the public that they're supposed to serve. they, they in fact are, are violating all the principles of the constitution, the rights of the, of the, of the people in this country. and every country in a world, so, you know, there's a much better way to do it. and i put it in an affidavit to the students, the supreme court in the united states, along with the file filing a complaint that says they were spying on everybody. and violating the
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constitutional rights of lawyers and everybody and the supreme court refused to hear that. now you would think that they were the arbiter of what his constitutional, what isn't it? and certainly any violation of the constitution on the scale we were legit they would at least begin to hear and make a decision based on their judgement or the constitution. they refused to hear it. so that told me that they that that court should be fired. they're worthless, their derelict and duty, they are following their, their charter, which is to verify that to, to ensure a check and balance on the constitutional actions of the administration of this country. and they are not doing it. it is quite extraordinary when you scratch away the details of that william beneath. thank you very much for coming out of the program. considered one of the best on the list in the history of the national security agency live on our t ah, u. k. homes are being asked yet again to dig deeper into their pockets energy bills for british high soldiers sent to increase by an average of $700.00 pounds
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a year after the national regulator lifted a price cup its rays, the spectre of math fuel poverty. at the time when energy firms are cashing in on near record prices are ti, shoddy, adverse dusty picks up the story. if the eating or hating die, lemme wasn't bad enough people in britain and now worry they might not be able to do either. that is the energy price capital rise by 54 percent in april to just shy of 2000 pounds cores. it worries me because, you know, i say worker and governance worker, we don't have enough salary. and if this is another increase, this another burden think we're paying too much for our energy calling much more like a risk choosing between the feeding myself and my family. or heating tens of millions of households will face paying $693.00 pounds more making bills almost double what they were just a year ago. the changes will have
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a chilling effect on people's finances. so the government has unveiled a support package. but what we can do is take this sting out of a significant points shop for millions of families by making sure that increase in prices is smaller initially, and spread over a longer period. as we come out of coal, we face a real cost of living, crunch, particularly in energy. and the government has to help people. so what richie has announced is a 9000000000 pound package to help people with the cost of their energy. and then $27000000.00 households will benefit from a council tax rebate with $150.00 pounds and then a $200.00 pound loan on top of that. and while that may sound reasonable, it's actually somewhat limited to next blog and includes a discount on pills worth $200.00 pounds only. it's not a freebie, it will have to be repaid and 40 pounds installment because i think the bill is going up by more than $200.00 pounds. so it's going to make some difference. and
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let's say find other mechanisms not for this needs to be this one, just 5 and the regulators calculation is based on soar and gas prices due to a high global demand. the grits the paying for it only cat this, you can gas exports have doubled in a year. it will probably come as a surprise to many people that when gas as i watering li, expensive gas exports from britain to the continent have been unusually high. the reason is very simple, the gas doesn't belong to britain or the british people. it's extracted by commercial companies that sell to the highest bidder. wherever that may be, even if brits are in dire need, actually the energy cap announcement came on the same day as shell was celebrating, a 14 fold rise and profit a mix soaring prices for gas with shareholders, lining up for a bumper pay day. 2021 was a momentous year for shill?
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well, the energy price cap may lead you to believe that some sort of deficit. actually the market is so lucrative that the government hasn't waited a moment for yet another oil field to be approved. meanwhile, the energy companies don't even have to pay a winful tax. so the price kept sore, $693.00 pounds for dual fuel homes to 1971 pounds, making energy unaffordable to millions. why the hell isn't the government? considering the windfall tax on runaway north c profits, he's not asking the oil and gas companies who are making the most of all this to be a single penny towards this needs to be addressed and the government should look at it. so doesn't look so much positive uncalled for. i think when companies are given the choice they're making money, they go to that. well, it seems like forest bills would be cheaper post cracks. it was just local mirrors
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because to the poor in the u. k. the cost of living squeeze is as bad as fit, although the worst is yet to come. charge edwards dashti, ot london k. moving on. now the canadian trucker is protesting against the cobit vaccine mandate have partially lifted a blockade of some us border crossings. the protesters have opened up one lane in each direction of the main border checkpoint in alberta. they're part of a so named freedom convoy spending canada piling pressure on the government to east coast restrictions. around 15 percent of canadian truckers are on vaccinated and under current rules they are required to quarantine for 2 weeks after arriving back from the us. meanwhile, side of the border truckers have set up a facebook page and solid doroty with their canadian colleagues. although were swiftly blocked. jeremy, why did facebook take down your page?
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censorship at a sinus don, it's not just facebook that go fun me. website has belong donations to the drivers, citing legal issues. that campaign had received her on $10000000.00 canadian dollars for the convoy, more than was raised for the countries and major political parties in the last quarter of 2021 county cody ne canadian conservative party member to me earlier, a worrying precedent as being said by private companies trying to restrict the movement go find me is going to be, has been invited to the house of commons to discuss things. and the convoy have their lawyers and accounts looking at everything. there's a lot of censorship that's going on. they seem to want to have one narrative, and if you are a question that narrative or disagree with that narrative, or you just have a difference of opinion, you're shut down. the administrators, i have been in contact with and they turned off their personal pages. they're not able to access their personal facebook pages and some of these amends user facebook
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for business purposes. and they have personal information, photographs that they can't access and facebook will not allow them to be up and running. and since it uses their addresses, and there are serial numbers on their phones, they're unable to create a new account to move forward on facebook with their business. people involved in the convoy what's 3rd mood after days. all of this on on constant opposition from the media from government. so many truckers have traveled to like 1000 miles to have their voices heard and instead of being hurt, we have a prime minister that is not speaking to them. instead as being a saying, a lot of hateful, discriminatory comments about these truckers and that just for the divide to segregates community and our country. and at this point, the whole purpose of the convoy is to move forward, unite our country and make sure that we have a resolution that is successful so that we can actually continue coming coding
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while protests are also on going in the canadian capital. also up on the media coverage, both domestic guns international has been largely negative with headlines accusing truckers of quote, paralyzing the capital dumb locals. afraid to go outside. a convoy organizer from ontario say the government is using the media to undermine the protesters. the problem we're having is we have a prime minister gas lighting protesters and people who are simply using their, their right to free speech, the right to protest. but he doesn't like what we're doing. they've been using liberal, biased media to attack us, calling us all these horrible names which is just not true. and even to the point where the price we, we feel that the prime minister is. ready using lobby groups to do setups across our, across ottawa, you know, stuff like he facing the war, the war memorial, which was done by and chief up, but we got the blame for it. so we actually went out there and we have people who
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are guarding at 247. now the citizens of ottawa, it's a very small percentage that are upset and i apologize for, for, for making them upset. but they also have to understand that we're simply standing up for our rights. now the majority of people who live in ottawa have given up their homes have set up shuttles they, they've, some of them have even rented out the apartments just so that truckers could get, you know, a place to stay. and so i mean the supports been really good from, from people in ottawa, it's a very small percentage and the liberal media is just ostracizing to something that's not true. nobel prize winning author or hon. palumbo is today special guest on visionaries. count, chit chat with sophie chevron and say in moments this is art in
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ah ah, ah ah, poor february ukraine continues unabated with the us and you, kate taking the lead. however, not only for members on board, even ukraine is attempting to dampen expectations of an armed conflict with russia . will washington in london get their way
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overcome to sophie collision, or is me sophie shall not say. and times of trouble way turned to art for comfort or return to literature for wisdom and my guest. today's the world's literature, demi urge, master storyteller and noble prize winner, or hunt palmer or hunt by milk novelist recipient only a 2006 noble prize in literature. it's really great to have you with us once again . 12 years later, great pleasure hype. i am also very happy to address my address and readers. so i just got my copy add basically 2 days ago, and i'm like, deep into this book i, most of the russian readers are gonna get it this week. so it's like a huge.


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