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a with her, what are you doing? what do you do like day? police go in heavy and canada capital with law enforcement making 23 arrests and issuing more than a 1000 tickets. as the mass movement, paralyzing ottawa downtown area enters a 12 dig. i'm still, we would need, you asked me if russia wants to fight with may. so let me ask you, does night. so want to fight a war with russia in your protein, warren's nato, to stop playing games and cease ignoring moscow security demand. the strong words come as the russian and french president agreed to work on stability amid the ongoing tens of situation around ukraine. in the u. s u
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though, phil, taking a different road with president biden threatening, that a crucial european gas pipeline will be shelf if russia invades ukraine. there will be no longer north street. we will bring it. how will you do that? i promise you, we will be able to do with a lot of direct from our studios in moscow. this is our t international. i'm john thomas. certainly glad to have you with us. are now ottawa, law enforcement makes 23 arrests and issues more than a 1000 tickets. as a mass movement, paralyzing the canadian capital's downtown area enters a 12 de authorities have pledged to arrest any one supplying fuel to protesting truckers using brutal force against demonstrators, including a 78 year old man forced against his car while being detained after he honked to support and reportedly insulted some police. now some protesters were left heavily
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bruised and cut, including this elderly protest or or what are you doing? what do you do? i did lots of. so i got it all on video. yes, you did. i thought you were running. the authorities have already opened more than 60 criminal cases in connection with the demonstrations. while canada's prime minister has accused vaccine mandate protesters of trying to derail the country's economy. and democracy is our chief john hunting with the latest from candidates troubled capital. as we saw over the weekend and as i described, there is a much more vibrant atmosphere. i described it being like
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a winter carnival. there were thousands of people coming down here showing support . there was why, you know, there was music. there were bouncy, gas, older families, rain children. well that's really calm down. it's so much wider atmosphere, not necessarily here, but in other parts of the city. is this the police really rad? sure enough, your enforcement measures they issued more vehicles. they're basically trying to cut off the fuel supplies to the truckers and also fine have increased. so this is all part of the effort. the basically shut this protest down. however, the police chief here in the city said, i need an additional $1800.00 officers to do so. they called on the federal government to help you heard the prime minister talking government officials. and paul said an insurrection mostly from what we saw and talking to processors is very peaceful over the weekend. but there is some volatility now that things are quieting down. yesterday, we are talking to some of the protesters and supporters. residents of the area walking by calling them to go home, making watching her residence file bad. while class actually was the jug granted
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a temporary injunction to try to shut this boy down quite in the middle of the protest. not only here but elsewhere, continues. in fact, you've been following and developing story out of what is or can it be in bassett or ridge there are very important bridge blinking ways are canada. detroit michigan was walked like on boy truckers overnight. we understand that traffic is starting to flow again and really a lot of support coming and internationally as well. the federal, the federal government get lady officials want to stop. now the question is, how much longer will they fill on and will really be a battle of political will if you're over a dozen politicians in human rights organizations have now signed and opened letter calling for canada government to negotiate while emphasizing protesters should refrain from violence or arming local businesses, we spoke to a barrister and solicitor who also signed the letter. she says that there is no legal basis for detaining peaceful protesters or individuals providing them with
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supplies. i can't speak for prime minister his intentions, but there hasn't been any sign that he's willing to negotiate and we're hopeful that going forward. when you see that the protesters are not going to leave without some sort of negotiation, there has been seizure of fuel which the truckers need to keep warm as you know in canada right now it's middle of the winter time. the temperatures are minus 20 degrees celsius overnight and they need that fuel to keep warm because they're sleeping inside of their trucks. and of course there's, there's no legal basis to arrest any one's forgiving truckers fuel. i mean, if there's a charge of mischief, mischief relates to criminal intent and the protesters are not engaging, incremental activity. they're engaging and people protest which is protected under the canadian charter of rights and freedoms. so the absolutely, the governmental overreach and you know, we have serious issues with these action in other related developments. the u. s. a
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fundraising platform go fund to me is caught in the controversy after shutting down an appeal for the canadian freedom convoy, claiming the movement insights violence. now this is despite previously given its backing to a fundraiser for seattle protest which blocked a large downtown area 2 years ago. or 2, dan young strong takes a closer look. it seems that one man's freedom convoy is another man's terrorism. crowd funding platform. go for me, has frozen donations to the tune of $10000000.00 after siding with also that truck as were waging terror on canada. our city is vendor siege. this group is a threat to our democracy. what we're seeing is bigger than just a city of ottawa problem. this is a nation wide insurrection. canadian officials have pilloried the protest as an insurrection that is spiraled out of control and place the city on the siege. mpm
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managed to pick out extremist among truckers dancing with children at mini concerts . the site has closed the page and frozen donations after claiming convoy protests had turned into a violent occupation. we now have evidence from law enforcement that the previously peaceful demonstration has become an occupation with police reports of violence and other unlawful activity. so we can safely assume that go fund may have always shut down. similar efforts to fund occupations surely course is actually named, occupy would be the 1st to feel the freezing wrath of go fund me right well wrong in 2020 the platform that only hosted but actively promoted fundraising for the left wing supported capitol hill occupied protest in a community with no police, this farmer is feeding people and bringing them closer together. that's right. an actual occupation of smashing grappling things, shooting death, gun toting mass,
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gangs, and vehicle rings. all in the name of a good cause, according to go for me. o. back then west, the media of course sang off the same virtue signaling sheet, describing the events as just one big block party is a far cry from the criminal activity of kitty come sit and carrying fuel supplies. mm go fun. me promoted the t for occupied chopped zone in seattle but they shut down fundraisers for truckers protesting cove. it mandates. we've got questions. remember that go fun. me was perfectly fine with donations to chaz chop in seattle . that's where people were actually kill reminder when radical nest is to legally took over parts of seattle and multiple people were murdered. go fund me,
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allowed multiple fundraisers to facilitate the unlawful occupation. so in the face of the chokers or for $1.00 and $1.00 for all mantra, it seems that it's one room for $1.00 and $1.00 for another. well, canada left his leaning western media, draw a fine line, or no line of tall between trucker and terrorist fundraising and fascism and peaceful protest and organized occupation. that is, of course, unless it is an actual occupation. the president, putin has warned nato, against ignoring russia's key security demands, one of which is not allowing ukraine's membership of the western military alliance statement came as he met with his french counterpart in moscow amid sore intentions over ukraine. earlier, my colleague collin bray and doug give discussed some of the crucial points while we're putting made for the international community. during that meeting. some stuff
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you asked me if russia wants to fight a war with mason. let me ask you. does nato want to fight a war with russia? if nato does nothing but demand action from us, let's not play that way. that's a bad sandpit. we don't like such a game. we hadn't heard bruton b this direct these, these strong in his language in, in quite a while. look, there was, there is plenty of impetus. there is plenty of cause for this for, for both sides to be more open with each other, especially behind closed doors. when nothing's going to leak because emmanuel mack on said himself that there are days left days left to resort to resolve this crisis . and look, given the gravity of the situation, either it all comes down to what vladimir putin said. mutual security concern. he said, we have with nato's growth ever, ever clues, encroachment towards russia's borders. what happens if you crane a sense to natal,
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if it's accepted and decided to launch a war? and we take crimea by force, which is written in its doctrine that, that is a potential avenue for you credit. that would mean war, perhaps nuclear war between natal, his and russia is ukraine of wood. if ukraine is in nato and tries to take by crimea by military means, european countries will automatically be embroiled in a military conflict with russia. there will not be any winners. do you really want to be in a war with russia? do you want france to be in a war with russia? because that is the way it will be, and neither mister macklin nor myself want such a development. time and time again, vladimir putin alluded to to the proposal security proposals to present the united states and nato, that the bulk of which were rejected. the chief concerns russia's chief proposals or even demands. and that is that nato offensive weapon. it isn't stations on
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russia's borders guarantees that native doesn't expand further towards russia. vladimir putin said it isn't look at, isn't us going closer or to, to, to nato's borders? it is them coming towards us. and also we're returned to the 1997, a infrastructure where, where various systems were back then that is offensive systems rockets, and the like. all of that has been met with dismissal or by the united states by native which head will, will expand however we want and you have no right to tell us where to go and hear vladimir putin said, look, this, this isn't going to work. we must, we must hear each other out. and manual mcaden heard him, but vladimir putin also shake the theory path forward. now here, ease or other means agreements. and that ukraine can no longer pick and choose which parts to, to implement and which to ignore what to do as a twice,
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already ukrainian authorities of trying to use military force to resolve the crisis in don bas, where are our currencies? but they won't try a 3rd time if everyone wants peace, tranquillity, and prosperity. tell me what's wrong with not placing strike systems near our borders. manual macro on came out and said that yes we, we must work together. and for a joint solution in which everyone security concerns are taken into account. let me put in also said that the manual macro made several proposals are behind closed doors that we will find about a fight about too soon. but that they are interesting and they will be discussed and we can you elaborate on that a bit? because what's the reading of where president micron really is on this right now? because his tone does diverge from the noise is coming from nato. it diverges drastically. and already there is a lot of speculation i own on social media in,
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in france about why a manual makram spoke the way he did, which is yes, admit that marshall security concerns. ah, does that russia does have security concerns as a basic thing, but this is something that has been ignored for, for many years. there is, of course, as i mentioned, motivation to get things done now, because europe's entire security infrastructure is at risk of a what's happening in new grade mission pos backer bt. it's necessary to build new mechanisms that will ensure stability in the region. but these new provisions cannot be built by revising the treaties of the last 30 years. i'm revising fundamental principles or limiting fundamental european rights. new decisions on european security will be innovative moment, how innovative they will be remains to be seen. nevertheless, we have concrete proposals from mr. mack on ones which apparently vladimir putin
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found satisfactory, which is already more progress than has been achieved in many months of this, of this crisis over what is happening in ukraine across the atlantic. a tougher stance on russia has been proposed. the u. s. president meant with german liter all of scholes after which joe biden vowed that there 2 countries would put up a united front during the fractious state of relations between the west and moscow . by naso threatened to halt the north stream to gas pipeline. if russia were to invade ukraine, there will be no longer a north steam to we, we will bring it into. how will you, how will you do that? exactly. since the product and control of the product is within germany's control, we will, i promise you will be able to do. officials in germany had repeatedly stressed the importance of russian gas for the countries energy needs. they've called for an end to the political dispute over the pipeline,
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saying it has nothing to do with politics. however, with the latest to stand off digging in germany is apparently making you turn and city the energy mix. today we are talking about one quarter of energy that is linked to gas, and only part of that gas comes from russia. late parts come from netherlands. and of course, it's very important to us that we develop the infrastructure that will give us the opportunity to have all options available and reactive needed. so you don't have to be concerned. there are some of have to be concerned. you see themselves too much as a deliver of such resources. we are looking at opportunities to make up for lost cash l n g from russia. we're on their way of trying to see what we can do to do that. do dealing with our friends around the world as well. we think we can make up for significant portion of it that would be lot a day after meeting with put in moscow, the french president went to kia for talks with ukrainian leader vladimir zalinski
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. and his tuesday rhonda road continued as he then met the leaders of germany and poland in berlin. during the talks of the german chancellor said the common goal now was to prevent a war with more on that. here's our teeth, peter oliver. it's not the most well known of international formats, the leaders of germany, france, and poland come together. when they do, it's called the, the weimar formats. i didn't know that every days a school day, i guess i do know that now. but anyway, was short and sweet when it came to what the 3 lead is, had to say. they gave a short press statement here in berlin on tuesday evening, all f shows the german chancellor saying that an all shared goal is to stave off a war in year of andre, due to the polish president saying that we're seeing scenes at the moment. we haven't seen since 1989. he also said we're seeing military drills. we haven't seen in terms of size since world war 2. but emanuel mack on the french president was all about dialogue. he said it was important that dialogue with russia was
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maintained. and you can't say that he hasn't been amount of he's word really a manual macro on is gone above and john to try and make sure the dialogue has been happening over the last few days. on monday, he was in moscow for 5 or 6 hours of dialogue with the russian president vladimir burton tuesday morning. he was in key f for air, for talks with vladimir zalinski. now he has come in for a bit of criticism back at home in france and elsewhere around europe with some saying that this ad johnny on the spot that he's cast himself as in terms of being a europe's go to e u member state leader. and he's all for, for show back home that he's cast himself not only as a president in, for, and france, but also as a, an international statesman of broad with one eye on that presidential election. that's upcoming in france. but one thing you can not accuse him of is having not put in the leg work. i mentioned he been all over the place while he was in a kia ve spoke about the meeting that he had in moscow with flooded me approved.
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and he said that he'd received guarantees from the russian president. he also said that there were areas in which the dialogue in which the talks could get swell real progress. that real steps forward could be made, flourish on a russia decided to put pressure on the international community. i've spoken to president putin about that. we need to collectively reinstate order in our continent. i have concrete, practical solutions which will allow us to move forward. i've raised that with president putin, as well as with our european partners and with our allies. at that same press conference, letting me zalinski the ukranian president said that keith was committed to the minsk agreement, where the minsk agreement set to be discussed. an awful lot more right here in berlin on thursday, because it was also announced that there will be another round of norman d format talks that will be taking place here in the german capital normandy formats and both representatives of the french, german, russian,
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and ukrainian governments these talks will take place at the political adviser level they follow on from talks that took place 2 weeks ago in paris. with bearing in mind before those talks 2 weeks ago, that hadn't been, and you know, any normandy format talks since 2019. so it does certainly seem that there is something that they've deemed worth while continuing the stalks. course when they happen here in berlin, i'll be bringing you all of the latest as it comes out of the survey. kind of gone off of the council for a foreign and a defense policy in russia says the issue is now more about maintaining european security overall van, resolving the crisis in ukraine. lafelle present loose for after his own place in europe and probably in the world are you into trouble, but i hope that they have a way out and maybe maybe coming today. but i'm not sure. ready
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that in the coming days, enough or, you know, they will find this on a stand roses of settlement. it's not an escalation. this settlement of the crucial problem of the european security are trying to and from the really the real issue, the expansion of nato expansion of military drug, chester, and cor probable european security. it's unfairness. also. now russians are saying openly, when we were talking with nathan 30 years ago, which was a defensive alliance, anita became aggressive alliance and meeting several aggressions and military grants. so united states is not interested in the realizing europe doesn't want a warranty or which could you need. we need it on the american
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territory, those nuclear, but they're not interested in the stable settlement in europe. the europeans, i'm interested but unfortunately, over the last several decades, they have a capacity for strategic planning and 1st to strategic action or t spoke exclusively to russian foreign ministry spokeswoman maria, the heart of on the worsening tensions in the region. she began by highlighting the length berlin has gone to in blocking our german language history channel r t t he linear past on. if they can look at such conditions or sad, that one arguments are not accepted john this a doubt to the reg, blow, all this is accompanied by elements of harassment. the german government said it had nothing to do with the conflict and distance itself, but we have seen these from the negative attitude of the german authorities to a number of russian information resources. they did not hide the irritable reaction
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to the work of our t. secondly, how the german media repeated the same theses against russian news agencies with such orchestrated accuracy. and the german union of journalists played a big role. this is the 1st time i've seen the professional community of journalists supposed to unless there are statements such as that german structures were supposed to use your license, but did not therefore broadcasting is prohibited. this is ally. this is a classic trick of propagandists when the fact is taken lies are edited. all this is mixed up and offered to the consumer. the tv channel broadcast from moscow. germany has in this case only a language criteria. germany spoken not only in germany, it is spoken in austria, switzerland are they also going to show licenses to any one who produces products in german. the license was obtained from serbia. it is fully fledged. it gives the right to broadcast and $33.00 countries. if germany takes the path or reduce intentions, looking for solutions, they will see an error response. we will also do our best to return to normal, respectful dialogue with partners and fellow journalists. nutter.
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yes, sir william only out of being is it. nato is a military organization. there are no borders for nato. they have not outlined the zone of influence of orders, which would be the logical thing to do. there is no collective thought in nato. there is a desire to use the collective potential to realize use ambitions. the siesta has no basis anywhere. her natal bases are everywhere, appearing like mushrooms, and they're not located where there is a threat of terrorism truck trafficking. kidnapping. they're concentrating closer and closer to russia. can you show me at least one effect of nato operation everywhere on the destruction cares and disorganization? libya did not attack any one the situation. libya began to threaten piece after nato in violation of the un security council resolution committed an act of aggression against the sovereign state. basically, the structure remains the same as it was during the cold war. ideology and mentality completely geared towards aggression. the anti hitler coalition paid a great price for a peaceful future and we cherish it. and we don't want any provocation to put an
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anto desire for peace. me because they just don't movies and we have been running the anti fake section for a long time. we give the most striking examples of facts about our country. we give a detailed description of the lie with statements about specific media. it is impossible under the guise of freedom of speech, to engage in open fakes, which we see every day. this is the involvement of the media infrastructure when there is corporation between the media mass media technologies at the junction of the media, the film industry and cinema. before the start of the olympics of the media right, that russia is about attack than the bloomberg material comes out. that it will not attack now because according to dubious, bloomberg data sheeting pin called putin and asked not to attack during the olympics in parallel. there are references to the bay gina olympics because russia will certainly need to attack at a time when there will be a world sports festival. but many people forget that in 2008 during the world sports festival aggression was real, but not by russia, but by georgia against a set here under the cover of the night estates. as you heard, maria's heart of
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a stress there, georgia and aggression against south occurred against the backdrop of the 2008 summer olympics. a challenge. and they're also faced from tbilisi in the late 1990 s, which it is still struggling to overcome or to spoke to the republics foreign minister who outlines the problems the country, faces and its efforts to be recognized on the international stage. our nation suffered from george and aggression in 99 to 900 free, and it was georgia government, members of georgia government who started that war. and it is necessary to say that a present people led by the 1st president, where you live out in bur, tackled with his challenge and defeated the enemy. and from that time were facing many challenges in this fear of economy, social, sphere, security, and so on. and other point, the russian federation and some other partners recognize the independence of the
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republic of oppression. russia helps in the context of social, economic development and security. and it is very important for us and according to the key documents of the united nations, all nations have the right to determine their political life, their political status, and all members of international community should respect that. and i shall say that as a result, as a result of many years of struggle, a present people protected their right to self determination. and to day we signed, addressed to the secretary general of united nations to consider the possibility of securing the status of an observer of the republic of a policy. and if this is very important for us, i think that all nations should have the right to participate in discussions on global level, especially where speaking about united nations and all nations should have
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a voice on global level. so i think that it's time to act decisively for all members of global policy to protect and to provide more secure world that does it for me this hour. i'll be back in about 32 minutes with another phone. fresh look at your new stay with our international, with ah.
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back kaiser's financial survival guide. housing, rob? oh oh, you mean as a downside, artificial mortgage right now get carried away. what guys are important ah hello and welcome to cross talk. we're all things considered. i'm purely about wild tensions remain high over ukraine. one thing has abundantly been made clear. russia
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and nato have fundamentally different ideas. about pan european security and neither side appears to be in the mood to compromise. is this why the propaganda war is reaching new heights? ah, to discuss these issues and more, i'm joined by my guess. i'll robinson in ottawa, he is professor at the graduate school public international affairs at university of ottawa in pittsburgh we have. den kabbalah is a professor of international human rights law. an author of the plot to state from russia, and here in moscow we have to meet research law. he is deputy director of the center for a comprehensive european international studies at the higher school of economics. right. gentleman cross talk roles and effect. that means you can jump in anytime you want and i always appreciate it. i'll go to.


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