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love is how the latest global news rhonda is looking for now. i'll be back at the top with all your latest updates. stay close though. for more great program starting in moments. this is our time ah. 1971. when the world will not be out money standard, everybody, every entrepreneur, every business man, every country in the world has gotten addicted to mal investment as got addicted to not accountability. and the idea that every single problem can be cured by simply printing more money. and now we're at a point where all of that balance best friend and all of that wasted has now resulted in a molecule dreyfus, as is discussed in this report, which is predictable. and it's also irreversible. ah
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it's christine to lick, shape done suddenly see it yet a national reason more go for it might come on but here now come on them. see we're at the does not matter. no need to say to them. yes, the greatest, but it doesn't last. so i'm going to like some get human. possibly it's got to go through this and better do it will be stored in the war. so stated that things premium that you what you let the chest reason please i'm it is your smartphone or from lumens of the wood. she just needs slip, she shouted, went up actually quite sure with them to call them, but i will meet with them. all right? yes, yep. and you only see other than english ethics material was area, but almost the dos normal, but they have now fresh content to put a middle with naturally and oh gosh, yeah. was been you miles, it took
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a clueless thing in my generation. rosner. yeah. list. yeah. you said listed on the number that an adult just seen from what? see media listed and they'll get it is a good of i it doesn't either go cartoon. the mute is cut to the number which little it's wood floors. ah yes, the absorbed senior sprinkler does not stick more. you skip corporate signals, couldn't you really long ushering from suddenly bras, transport or professionals to put some money more more products or content? 4th requirement, that's an exam, and you should have shown probably just a couple of content minutes of cookware remove coma be on it. the something. it's just a submission of luggage all formally google like a quarter up to the up because it would still put some results up my sons in they would 3, it's been left in 4 months or possible for whites use. the marketing laid see at the vietnam war cross authority, jobs, criminal videos, political discovery,
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she still witnessed a city at the woodrow wilson when we might issue yeah. could you state but i at the upright me cartridge that issue. yes, you can split it out to like best buy will tell it will suck in front of me. it's going from a to p beat. nielsen's deal. it's yeah, we sheila, me emotionally. what posterity of look at all? sure. i guess you will not see it suddenly please. katy, that's what i had to show. like you you won't be honest with what you thought of me when you put in the room. you're looking at yahoo! see liam g, a site there and the other again, ideal. you can read to them from us with the logic today. lou, i'm talking to you the promotional a g, a satanic city posted with this. she does help a woman if the player was hostile near will content jania the unique cookie hot silica musket, the her sure pool it prost fox problem. we've got
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a problem with me more than e lube would probably come from c, w. disease rots. little boy to eat, brought ramp, or pot online forms from the mall or boy to eat or boil m supreme also get it from a similar to the, the bill of tick tock it it to persons with center city, t one somewhere boss. national. what is 80? so the boycott kind of permits bush comp, follicle for putting me out of it account or leave you to on i mention i was thinking the years when you buy me interest with pushing down the are see locally at them moving to underscore on official molar weeks even you or she seems thing is right. really sure. regional really care off, but it was still a quick baby abortion course. the ability to why it's him mall to the co you. it's that she stepped out that she's still comfortable. youtube must be ready to go across a movie. gym sir was more individual. you see was more cost to ship of crow me. swishy crashed with
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any previous know, get it will play. this is out sick on them. as alleged a bit of had to would a sheet freeze book own period much what was the most because we can recall that or what would they require that you know, what's already mouthful to put on loosely. that should be, it would be politically emotional junior, got the republican for his book better. we declare to keep it as the results it creates. he would do it at the sensual, because i'm only 0. it's something that them from sonia, pushing a cows the choice, which is the rational requirement. one apartment, like with a particularly sigmund, or ation biz mover, i should now was recalled b, c, the show us a cosmetic rama on a person should sit on that allows him or this was concrete than choi markham that show up. because of if you move lean to canfield, you will disease causing it to might specific one or more bugling. and of course, to be more likely it is of this, you insidious, but only what? because i would say the quantity bonded once he was unregistered with porch also capiro e sobel bar for bursley burned it. i'll get it. me just 3 to love. the last bit on
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the care decision was from god i would attack as you laid combine, as if left was more got on to do it. but look, no, get it one of those to lose night. nasha. and i should of sir, now, wish addition, but by seeing some did it because when you talk hipa machinist, the usa will come across, keep it. but it seems like you have to jason, the usa. and yes, the use of almost to not machine. you're just the company? yes. is that awful or are they george cock williams is fake. are we in fake roller? i don't suppose him laportia the content of bread. it is, you know, it, me more, but self deposits are more with their shift for exactly where to buy it. e at the what my son's in ocean boss, national couple, almost anxious me. because when you stumble up my gun, the and that shit though, by the us to come with that i'd say just proficio to put in the loop or watching me present them or getting some moist only at the for sure. but the most i'll get it met and he troy can needs. it was just longer those the wisdom the trip was looking
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over to them. certainly there were but culture. mm lease but i am solutions. i was wish business. i am honest numbers legit. it's almost all those fresh services, even lucky for those little things to come and visit chromos, certificate for the uranium facility at ocean village. subbing for amy plumbers had to flush her junk cushion citizen wished him for the show that you must know east of the smartest, the smartest, the smartest, the resources, scholarship scholarship courteously is contacting e. i mean, what would you wish to accommodate perceptibly? my regular summer caught up putting out we'll just rang of pneumonia to talk so that have a disconnection to leon. think about a strain each kid and do dimension of him, but i was at the one on epic. i've spoken to means or was it some still to les dash 9 yet? but most of us me, it's rustic though camera. yes. though with, with in in 2nd. but none yet that they be spanish. this coalition. my chinese. so what is the, what you need accomplish? agular define in it's i give it was mostly sports also to look at each speak. i've
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got to respond to you to one game design yet a me really unique design. yet i make up what i was about the words to me and this is out of a ctp you. jim was viewed over there about the, with jean yani people karlesha program. my e y, he program a know which, which, which is really catching there, allergic liquid from what was i had a couple of genia. if you look for some, what we sure. blair, a parson. yeah. look, i teach, i get them no way. can they miss garrett and dan said lam, economical you minute, and the deal is good as the voice sure. or bleaching you chill? i via car. var leasing most what g internet children with the review process? ah. ready dr. com slash releases more. get disney junior disney, because national pneumonia, marie, but violet but or she sitting there with a nash across motor isn't ashes from would never damage it. why? now i'm concluding insertion. why shy ye at your might the warren can me out of the
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shasky minneapolis, switching me out of doleful, nice job. i'll stay on the rest of the machine with them when she returns. wish rosena satilla each. reflect at seeing it. catherine lucy chesney. morrison at seeing you were to look at, i'm sure, is the absolute effect was lemme pull. it is also option for catherine. really cheap. it's a wellness. yes. lorenzo sitting on the receiving and boom, locked can air. when you look a problem, you not give him any speed up the situation as feminist to see death. so you would coupling up shapes and ask him to give me putting mountain shoot by the asked what we could probably see it out. so i'm sitting around kalauia, down on yet, rose king the ocean cooper. that should search on a washer mystified. what machine you any of them to to. right and so. so what the, what kathleen is kim to begin using my dissertation tiger thumbs. i. but be sure you're putting in a while. no, i you are, i'll get it me. percent. that's a grade she will. she seen orchestra for that is all on it is it will lead me were holding his l. walker anymore would become low at the little e. a beacons even though the key to to make it a glance east is in the 8th of sugar, probably might procedure. deleon,
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awesome new layer girl murray, blue child almost of cigar. we were real abruptness. yes. more than was which out of the concrete or talk from cleared the bullet was all stuff. now supposing effect that business loaner to the school to see what each gibberish. analytical profile, thunder valley lights from the little anywhere. so see, norgard were lubricant frank 4 isn't in my city club, my don't margins any miles of a miracle. which marshal can you still hello for him? a little bit of trump and i, peter was stroke, but almost all by me who tioga problem or but if it's yoga in for all the crowds look, start the harassment region for the los angeles. and that is with top google. yes, just so it's not or slow to personally, that's an issue. you ditch dying. sworn. he isn't putting out a yard as cousin, my liberal intervention, or google or her about really poor. yeah, but the video can cheat in the format. so starboard that the la maya is leanna, i'm going to be aware of his junker again with the christiane, but not to just some of approve of divinity screeching for much of those 2. i bought it a good year. a think that it was an increase,
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could move across the bureau, hutsel stupidity, school machine, you will jeep, i'm wasting, he was more than that was good. no problem was that all i say at all nadisa, they would say which danish look at the yes. at vietnam, move across here, he's up until a trip. is it the one you posted for the conference? is there a. busy threat to pretty much know. yeah, it should be even a porch at the, at a cook with of a process. but most of the read your school by just a little bit before to do to work on what their blood work and then those national unknown visit them. isaac with them that you look, i visually eat, they came over to them. so they went to talk with a child in the, in the meal my, every time you have the media, we have somebody map charlie system of each comedic are piece meters mcallison. i'm what i just showed that the needs of the menus to surround them. yeah, keep this, this is not a buttons highlight a wishing crush. we'd send
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a wash or i child disposal become a just that new norm. yeah. i spoke with bring you the very latest every out the day. this is i know from everyone here with oh well it shows the wrong one. i just don't know any world that you have to shape out disdain. because the answer to
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an engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look for common ground. i look forward to talking to you all. that technology should work for people. a robot must obey the orders given by human beings, except where such orders that conflict with the 1st law show your identification. we should be very careful about personal intelligence at that point, obviously is to race trust rather than fear i would like to take on various job with artificial intelligence. real, somebody with a robot must protect its own existence with
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his mother. it's elena chavez. and when you can then yes, the young sir. so i mean, i do lives in some way that each is given that for them. so would you notice if, when machine well sort of law seek the knock? williams just came to come back to teach us washington. d leads of cmc, the jewish that the media shows of him near him. we didn't wish being yes. my name at the individual is us it door. i got mean yet v did me veneers done live? it's a new when you mine? yes, we were routing, you were muted. got yes. you may choose to got prior to that. got it. appreciate it . and you don't know ron slot so you see they use t as in this to the washington just didn't us them preschool. yeah. and is this a sea chest yet? um mm. it was like just
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a gross, but i'm also a direct if i get a house that was the 0, it's how would you talks more to the possible or you could more but much more. got the package to norcross are always the only 2 possible one, but she sits which are convenient to walk you through mac abroad in the past is look over at the precise compact, yet not yet. not yet. no. was mother. if you used to book what and i'm just not required to let you mean you should be my, my dumb her team of people actual marketing with somebody. mm melisha don't that. yeah. she knew she didn't. you was like, it was timing. calisha passmore comes into play, right. you with the curriculum and then it's interesting. it's called the word say, louisiana, to use the julia can yet, since i knew she talked to a one yet. yeah. cox lowest to use. this was montage annual done. i took the one year 5 ship at the pigeon, kyle lucian: i wasn't there, but it's totally in yeah. or, ah, certainly situated near up ross projected michigan curious as i now cross country
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skiing at the column yesterday. when i was receiving, calling preston street. you my much for calling the preston's luckily i didn't that the ship. i'm so when you got sick up a campus hoard leukemia at the occasion of ours and that just much reasoning for customers with when i'm switching those not at the moment. so volley said he wasn't sure what he's the was problem with that choking video with with anybody on the roku, i mean it was value one which he said he was not. most of it would have senior glumly immigrant room for quite a new position with her. he's not with him. he's along with the bundled up. i don't wish. but just to let you know that's not an issue any hatchet. but they have latch content. josh could lamazzo golf at at the but they will edge suca key at the end of a sudden their e gray is likeness, to missouri. bletchley and you've been showing julia no, never in the middle to peachcare, but they're most on dallas lewis. but they haven't even lost but santa molina. not
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doing this, but i'm scottish the way you're going to durham is catalina. she'll set a time to look at the show for us next semester. but the misty only, remember i had seen the flu di sydney. i knew the dealer you're skewed in your steel as dead slob, u. d. effect buckle recession with b style. and i bought it for them. austin, when you, when i'm watching it, i started love what is cushioning cholesterol with their kite after which is out? so i need was trying to get them up settled. now. bush's door, bracy, e, i'm a good the pushed each door that sheet and they chased the middle, and selina, viola, chad dingy, loosely again, pasta, veronica, which sent by jessica. nobody at em. but alice, who it was afloat, jagow cuz the shannon shit is come to the lager there. died in the mirror. you don't get us the luxury in today's michelle quarry. muskets, blocker, buggering. yep. the store used to put out that lots of lots deadlier door. a small
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so i was out somewhat with reusable, run them are within of cigar. last night he got you come up sheer up one of e, nikki. her sanity of our crocodile with is that i was in your pledge. you might have aged, not soliri at what process next to the boston. joe, is gil, politically, ethically there. but surely wish. now that i'd cooper, i'd say the ssl does a lot of yeast at that chevy speech which shows up last couple of fish into but for nissan, of course, of the war carol, a whole worth of workers. so daughter of called the butcher to her or short alert just the companions in which the which plane was more than you have to couple scripts. so yes, it's as one of the boy, you know, it's valid with working with people solution, whether it is a just name or the also still would know not to try to run. i will rip is us why it's to provide some suited surprise, thomas and zurich e commerce. it is outside it's in zurich, zulu deal with natural gas and ask them, look at the bill over she's been paid up. was tim tens of apple removal num about
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us over them? i wouldn't here little to 0, which is let me stop watching a spider bite that. that's it. probably just thought it might that a couple it's yeah, the one god is sure. is mclaughlin, you might question whether not that of the by nea gillian, nissan. yes, we should be new party. there that i'm was that slot, sir. ah, no, no, no goblin. still nab muster. she wouldn't practice if she can, when you got it. even linda or kaminski apply to him, but former points with an upset with the bas prominent ye are williams miss lear yard previous to nor assume the gus thus means that you were a tombstone video as a keep alternate. even the mirror, i'm with a grants year of no of seem grass in the medical new bushnell guaranteed loss of internet, but almost as her natural cookie, the bridal provider, even away that a water bite. when the williams mr. doesn't match the dice and we don't, which is the present say will not as this year a promise, a shadow. you a problem? i wouldn't even yeah, absolutely. i'm in a 2nd. we got see of what zip rule. natural. but formal lear invoice from national
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folks to know just that scientists national sucks, new leech, nist, that chinese and the premier video given you are the ones that piece of it either somebody will, would you miss on my screen like a representative? she was a model. you believe that was the genia newkirk ohio jonah was literally, i believe he got anything up. i do my chest ation. whereas the chair that shocked somebody semester, either or sick, except perhaps i had to beat his other whims. i asked you say that unique are chuck you're now outside from work, but for me, a couple of him with the biggest battle with him switch, which i had to store my foot in the muslim renewed, renewed. i need more good kimberton 0 at some the school, the motorcycle. actually a blue moon euclidean. now it's just the on the so that at least it out unique him would be, it was on up. what if we know where absolute died? the concept is, hummel is near death at dar, yes. of goodness terms from old camp in pick up a shirt, but it wouldn't be should just be out of it is just a video cup edition. so here assumption you agree out. so i should have thought to
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get the motor to carnage if possible, or swim attorneys most of senior, or go to that, which is the correct from doesn't you know, make them plan year slip, but inside and i switch to senior. now if you are sophia, his was morrison was that my religionist, actual booted to that require never thought go at each. the glue yachts losing denazi's stems a smooth swarm stems a penny monument. norris 3 d caprice. we have no idea nova. suddenly paul was in the business. he sits most of us more than that, which adds her stock akita company cookie. the commuter skeleton is, i'd say, i mean, why do i switch 'em i. e, e, e, e, before e, my e leech next year with a most with newton shavon. i'm interested sizes, thrashing of, nor cookie session. the short kitchen, a concrete thing application can be poignant. the you reach, keep athletes the he teaches, keep us near there are storing him over to them. i need the food you. i'm a would learn in the middle, the lady to done it. almost the estimate, the same special but the inside of pharmacy capital somehow google younique's. if his book thumb ustr one at the troy t maya thor, which i said it's from a team,
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would be samples immediately to put inside of the power that with you guys were pros, frushell i usually i quit my men's height at this point so it's just 9 recovery as it goes. you still bubble sheets? i'm noble near a, hit him to problems 9. listen great. i wish him no go across of ye. if i switch him when i got him this or was more order session than normal or precious, was restoring the church for the sort of a napkins along those fear it. i'm sure choice lab nights of nick eating the mosque of eating there again using a but i'm glad you did not get your softly for grogan was literally of the talking because no one was only been in my book. i can promise there's no place hadn't this choice. plus they beat it or as you be a sub most that they will nasa, then you should be then you know, the western illness regression was the mean to live in the good is want you not as was mean to live a choice wouldn't category most mass buttons on it is a t either is either practical snotty food from food. she muttered. it's if which i'm switching manada
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the way to purchase, excuse me. select the coaching. romker slow joseph a good at the thumbs boy, and select some procedure on those in the last night. know where they must be, as it is with them, pretty me for some reason against the musical chin. this garcia. norma said so very me on this quest and select that, that when your me with him in this, christine select that those could you can request if you got authority models, correct them or florida go died, elizabeth more put the wife of a yeah, a committee to tom store, awkward. this goes back to their small exec berlin gym from washington suit the forum, you know at the scott, if tonight a bush from best each ski chung now, but if you could add them. yeah. could you describe technology technology gravity, catherine marshall took an animal because i'm coming at your chest with disgusting to nick at the kennedy, skeptical i get present parameter beer. so your accumulate as are what good ah, that's and that may be the process you bought. this last was just booked. it's
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a little grossing just around the meter, korea, immune presentation, voters on the seal, my chiller. gone, gone. as i g m or beatrice as thus disclosed an intellect promotional dispos that way. and i'm good of y'all, probably knew i scott, shall i? heck, you might. the chinese had yes. awesome 80 can is i days are process that was to bring it to let them watch them exclusively, to live use one that was to mom. when you my on which later can roster. mr. it that was from albany. my and my date is michelle. nice to slither. when you got that would yet the quelling especially i me screen yet. jane sheila coolest. i saw bicycle e digital that i live, so bite you, william. it doesn't cost name to let to cheat now. but for the country itching is player the delegates, one of those please play. aka, which she thought sir, was just thought good was ready to just to look after my bill. of flute she, yes. yeah. that, that we need be as nicole's delight, the immunization of bible school g
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t cock meet each cock rubric was to pursue that semester. will be recorded here, but salon. he will quite severe this blood enough to my beat us brushwood flute you that the blair look like you still burn after my bill is yours. also that give is also stop it like that even if you will go friday. anyway, i think just the one that you disorder e at the hub ross got him slash the stock notes of somebody that i showed him these . meaning it got a number, but he is a bit of needs. hello. could you please call snowing to let them? i knew more good. natalie? steve. var slash media by at the mall. no, not that yesterday night. calling with reading moody while you'd so then select the curtis my one year. i don't want that one with the wall switcher yet to where dies within to live. now, which it's, it says the might soaps, they're almost agree. change if that over down on the old. so i'm with shouts at b. as we cheated with going psalms more with them,
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which i think you could do it when you might, you're more of a preview. the cheerful book that yes. so now again, you just are not doing like list air yoga always just look. can i let somebody think you might just shane your bullish cuban? their joke always. does media senior living doors show? what do you lose? you got to have woodridge doors don't like looks but you might train your belief. if you limit i need for a metal, it just all right, and this is why it home with those? no, we could shalaka. i've yes, definitely. yeah. i mean you got any small groups debuse i then you must've been almost there a good day. i would get there, i can, it's broke was booted. so sheila, with sushi lewis, i get than you sit next to ask them, no means and then you might duly installed on them when you there's nobody desk approach technology and mustache knology because lastly, you mobile cleanest in which human logo we get you in the
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a muslim as to what you see, which unit was which lead here more room more that they all get it from up shut up, shut stevens, and i'm believe i do. glass al. negligence was most, most, you know, maybe even less than that was near city me. delightful. me. kathy's deal at ducks the we're just store each technology for the go. i knew to do it at double at the store on the yen. is nile and i got to know what class that came. it was governor, negative logo glass. the go rolled up just name just was she meant what i should even lushly zealously. velocity was asking him, but don't at the state. i lou
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while tensions remain high over ukraine, one thing has abundantly been made clear. russia and nato have fundamentally different ideas about pan yorkie and security, and neither side appears to be in the mood to compromise. is this why the propaganda war is reaching new hire organ is composed so many different certain types such as a not quite to make those organ in a test tube in visceral, talk to him up with an idea of using kind of mind body of developing and violent, necessary fall. finally after the mediterranean is the world's most efficient c unsustainable exploitation of its fish dogs, which maureen biodiversity under great thread, a lesson giving
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a call to us. we sure gustavo says he cut our system. i'm not going to pull the cookie careful with tech and want to put our lives despite the promise is to end over fishing by 2020. the situation is changing to slow. well, i'm very disappointed with the petition that they basically not in public interests. they also do not in the midst of interest of the fishes, the only interest of the fishery lobby on the face shone the only ones in danger. the fisherman also at risk of losing or picking them up someone before they get it on the bottom of the bubble, thought, i guess it might be with liberty, a
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y a. are you doing? what do you do? i did a canadian police, go in, have it on t vaccine. monday. protests in also prime minister trudeau tries to build little little movement. a few people shouting and waving. swastikas does not define who canadians or 1000 people coming down here showing support. there was why, you know, there is music. we report from the canadian capital where despite the government pushed back, the protests are passing off peacefully. with that also coming up in the program. british pm parish. john synonyms has a plan to end all major kobe restrictions. move critic.


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