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tv   The Alex Salmond Show  RT  February 10, 2022 8:30am-9:01am EST

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me welcome to the alex salmon show. we look at the political direction of a divided usb. for some our dream, a nightmare for others so declared. are we incarnated marlin and the film excalibur . however, the sanction is could equally well in calculate the range of opinion. in the polarized america, on the prospects over time can come back. why and how does pays angel team have been in the white house for just over a year? a year? that's a very long time in politics. while the new teams ratings with universally negative, the political prospect for the former present, they drummed out of office, are looking increasingly positive. so could there really be a comeback when we speak today to medical experts on both ends of the political spectrum? professor kenesha gone to college university of washington under my present traffic . it raises a modem back to you. i think i messed with it in response. actually last week on
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whether the over convenient is a blessing in disguise. referring to dr onto could see from pretoria, maybe murphy says what a lovely doctor this lady is. i'm so glad that she sent her the message. she said, there's any enlightening. these hawks is interesting to hear from the south african doctor too often the me get never revisit to story after the initial breaking news episode. at a point that medical research and policy becoming divorced from hands of practice applies to so many ages of life. it leads to so many of life. and finally, amber says fantastic. so that covered all my questions are we're pleased to hear it . now over to alex, the professor kenesha grant of hierarchy university on high heated the dangers of the company bible and what the consequences would be. professor grant, welcome back to the alex solomon show. i'm happy to be back with you. so when we last spoke just over a year ago, looking forward to know duration, when there was
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a lot of hope for the incoming administration on the lot of good will. now a year later, sauce pulling is almost universally bad for the bible ministration. what's gone wrong? jill madden ran on that idea that he would bring america back to some kind of stable and sacred ground. but what he found was that it wasn't possible because he had major challenges in the united states congress. and so americans are not particularly informed about or paying close attention to some of those challenges that have happened between the house of representatives in the senate. and so they have expectations about things that we're going to happen that didn't happen and they don't have a clear message from the white house about why those things didn't happen or whether those things might happen in the future. but if the central difficulty you've identified is if not good, lot them a very, very difficult to congress. that doesn't seem like it's going to get any better
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with the the midterms coming up at the end of this year. far it could get decisively was designed as a whole patrol for the recovery of the bible ministration. it could get decidedly worse. and most of the things i'm reading these day suggest a republicans will pick up more seats in the house of representatives, which will make it more difficult for democrats to do the little bit of work they have been doing in that space. i think it's possible for him to get some things accomplished, but he will have to maybe the case that the american people are sounding the alarm and they absolutely want particular things. and then they are pressuring their members of congress to get those things done. one example, i think we can point to is the pause of student loan payments in the united states . that's a thing the joe biden promised he would do. and he was doing it. it was happening before he came into office as a result of the call that relief funding. and it's something that they talked about in the, during his presidency, for financial reasons. but there was such
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a large outcry among the american student loan payers about their inability to pay in their own willingness to pay that he had to change his tune on that. and so i think he's hoping that the same thing will happen for other types of issues across this agenda. last press to, to plug used to such low poll ratings so quickly was george w bush. and his political fortunes were revived by 911. the phone was, is there any indication that the covington, ministration muscular policy towards china, russia looking for a staff and stripe survival in their functions? i think that americans are pretty weary and so i would, i would hope that they are not looking for that. i don't know that the american public would understand a conflict with china or russia as a thing that would be good. it would be something that would bring us together, obviously. but i don't know that the by the administration would be pursuing that
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for necessarily political reasons. ahead of a midterm or ahead of a presidential election instead. i think what they're hoping is that we're actually near the end of the pandemic as we're experiencing in the united states. and i think that they are hoping that by the time we get to the next presidential election, we are living with our mass. we are back to having major concerts and other types of things where people gather in large numbers and that people feel so good about being back to their normal lives that they will be willing to support democrats more sold in a military approach to drumming up that good will, but vice president, how soon to be having a pretty rough time. what do you put that down to? is that prior to the media against, against women against women of color, in particular on us, some indication that her boss, the president, is not giving the vice president the, the best of opportunities to shine things a little bit of both before she even went into office there was criticism about
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various aspects of her life and she wore the way she spoke how her hair looks. and so we knew going in the she will face those kinds of things and we knew going in that it would be difficult for some members of the press to know how to cover her that they might not cover her in a hard hitting way that's about the work that she's doing, but instead be covering her in a way that is more attentive to gossip and other things that we hear around washington. and so i think that is absolutely happening in this instance. but i think the other thing that you mentioned is also happening. she had a very difficult portfolio. and so you can imagine, holla harris, who was the senator from california who was among the most liberal senators in the united states. senate b in risk, responsible for immigration policy and having to go to the border and tell people who were coming to the united states do not come closer in a very precarious situation where she has to deal with some of these issues that nobody else wants to handle and so i mentioned immigration, i'm thinking here again about something like voting rights or many of the other
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very difficult issues in american politics. that would've been difficult for anybody, but certainly difficult for a black woman, a south asian woman who is also dealing with having a media that doesn't really know how to cover her at this time. well, let's just say that. so you got a call in the next few days, professor brown from the vice president's office saying, you press on, the hon, coming and give us some advice. what advice would you give as an academic and politics to, to the vice president, to recover that ground that has been lost? i will give her the advice and we need to hear more from her in the role of the vice president to support the president and kind of be in the background. and given the low numbers of popularity among this president, i think it might be useful for her to bolster their image. i think they could use some of the good will that she came into the office with as
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a way to help herself. and again, she has a balance seeming like she might be too ambitious with her support for the president. but i think for sure, we need to hear more from her about the work that she's doing on the day to day instead of having that information funnel through media sources. and i think she has to be given some of the feel good things in government that are happening as well. and so for example, we, i was reading about the number of black women judges that have been appointed to lower courts in thinking about what ahead of this decision that will be made about a potential black woman justice of the supreme court. and so that kind of thing that feels good, we know the administration is delivering on his promises. i would encourage her to be a part of those things and to talk directly to the people about the work that she has done to make those things happen. let's look at the functions of the asked why. uh, president trump. i mean, how surprised are you that a year after being traced from office in disgrace?
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the former president is know the book is favorite to be the next president. i can say, i'm surprised. i think that i was actually surprised that he didn't win reelection given the climate of the united states. and so i am not surprised that people who don't like the way they think the president is operating would be looking for an alternative. and i think the further we get out from moments, from political moments, the easier it is sometimes for people to forget where we just came from. and so i can't say that i'm very surprised. what i am interested to see is how the republican field emerges. i know that there is a governor from florida. his name is rhonda santis who is increasingly popular among public in circles. and so is going to be the case that trump has a bit of a run for his money and keeping the republican party broadly defined together. of course, there are people who still support him and support him very well. but i think that
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this other person de santis in this instance, and maybe some people we don't know about yet, might have the ability to pick off some of that report in my have the ability to make it less likely that he would get re elected. but i think in a job by donald trump matchup, it will be a lot of work for the democrats to convince people that they should stick with joe biden, because they haven't seen what they wanted to see from him. for people for a democratic persuasion lithia, the whole, the president problem still hostile, the republican party of these people hoping in general that somebody else like the governor comes to to challenge donald trump alternative lu. thank well, just about the only republican we could beat on the couple circumstances as a polarizing figure. like president trump, there are some people who are never comfortable with trump and would like to see the republican party go
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a different way. and so they might be interesting to kind of sneak away from trump, where to do things that are different from what he did. there are some people like mitchell connell and lindsey graham, who were taking positions that are separate from donald trump. and so we see that it is possible to have some differences, but i think the question is wide open about what direction that will go in the governor of florida, who i mentioned is a very polarizing figure. and he is lack of a new val trump. he is maybe a little bit further into the right in a little bit more extreme in his approach than donald trump is. and so it could be the case. then what we end up seeing is a person who is like truck 2 point. oh, i think that again, then there are some people in the republican party who would hold that there is an individual who represents the republican party who is maybe trump inspired, but not as rough around the edges as trump is. and so it just remains to be seen how their party is going to sort of felt. but as long as there is a unified base of people behind donald trump,
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and as long as he is endorsing candidates for office who go on to win their elections, he will have a hold on the republican party. that's undeniable. those things are all still happening. he's still raising lots of money and so he will continue to be something that the republicans and democrats have to be very, very careful about a, because it's time as a leader, as a president, people in my are in their party is far from over. so want them finally keeps people awake at night, and the life is state is of the prospect of a total of the donald waters of the danger for speaker vashon, of trompe and philosophy. who onto the polarization of american politics and american society. i think it depends on who you ask for democrats, particularly those on the list, particularly folks who are minorities in this country. i think they will be more worried about a sleeker version of donald trump. so there's a version of donald trump,
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who does it say things that are clearly racist or version of donald trump, who doesn't do things that are clearly on the edge of constitutionality. i think that would probably be something that keeps people up at night. i think the idea that we have a presidential candidate being donald trump or anybody else who loses the election and doesn't accept the loss of the election and the potential for something else that looks like on january 6th. and that to happen again. keeps americans up at night. we went through a lot during the trump presidency and so i think we have a bit more resilient than we had going into it. i don't think that we want to go back to that. most of the folks on the left wouldn't want to go back to that, but i think the scary or thing is this idea that there will be a person who is like trump, or maybe more charismatic than trump, maybe more well polished and who do things that are getting mental in the long term to the united states and whom i create a situation where democracy or the peaceful transfer of power cease to exist as we
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know it. profess commission grant. thank you so much for these fascinating observations on the state of play. of american politics. thank you so much for having me. join us after the break. when alex speaks with ed martin, the co author of the conservative case for trump, will see you then. mm hm . when you move, they directly resell, advertised as content to us and decide who sees what content like when and how much of it. facebook claims that these algorithms are there to learn about our specific preferences. actually, this is untrue. they are shapely. preference is to live tomorrow a person finds a fake, poor, legit, video saying the earth is flat, then this content ranks. huh. at least 20 percent or maybe even 40 percent.
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believe it's true is a very dangerous name. oh is composed of many different surplus. you know, such as surface sense, rugged a not quite right. trying to make those organs in a test tube in this role. all right, to him of who has an idea of using kind of on buddy when i'm out of developing environment. necessarily followed by a reactor. welcome back. now even to void of a tricia feet, former president trump's personality is dominating political calculations in both main parties. have marked him as a co author of the conservative case for trump, alex introducing night. glad mawson. welcome back to the alex, summon,
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show us, great to be with you. alex, thanks very much. i always enjoy talking with you. thank you. know yet on from the inauguration you must of a spring in your settlement. the donald and let's remember you of the author of cool off one of the consent of the case for trump. the donald writing hi, once again, is the bookies favorite to, to make a comeback in the next presidential election? is it really going to be plain sailing from donald trump? well, i would say this, 1st of all, i don't celebrate anything a year out. it is true that the jo biden's up, whole numbers are bad and all that kind of stuff and that may be in november 2022 republicans will win. but a lot of things have gone in a different direction than i would have preferred in terms of, you know, america now has a very strong regulatory state whoever's present controls at and jo biden's, policies to me are, are not helpful and not good. so now look at the donald trump, the news came out in the last day or so because of our reporting requirements that he has raised. and i know that the british phrase,
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the english phrase that the british love is an obscene amount of money. and a truly is an obscene amount of money. you know, in politics, it's votes and money. and donald trump has a grassroots, a set of votes. no matter what happens, you know, his old phrase, i could shoot somebody on 5th avenue and they'd still be there. probably a 3rd of the of the nation will vote for donald trump no matter what. and now he's got the scene amount of money. so, you know, if you ask me today is donald trump going to run in 2024, i would say to you, he be crazy not to be, has all the things you need to succeed. and joe biden is really inapt and he's not showing any ability to change that. so i don't know if it'll be smooth sailing. i think the media and even the republican party, some portion of it will make it a challenge for trump, but it was never smooth sailing. if you went back 220152016. so i think j trump is used to them. i'm dumb of any republican rivals, governor. the scientist,
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for example, is here a slicker type of republican that might appeal to, to some legal society members in our eagles, in or across the country folks, our folks are kind of leaders where they are and you're right about that. there are some folks like governor de santis who gets a lot of attention. my home state is missouri. senator josh holly gets a lot of attention. you know, mike pompei oh, the former secretary state and a congressman. get some attention. there are some other candidates. look, i think it, donald trump doesn't run, the bench is actually pretty deep with talented people who have proven they know how to run for office. the question is always in my mind as trump was uniquely situated to handle the media, he was really good. he had a decade of do in the apprentice and, and 50 years of being a public figure. so, but i know, look, or some and de santis as you point out, his courage in leading in florida, in the face of a lot of back and forth, has been impressive. and he's obviously a smart guy. you know, lovely family,
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all the kinds of things you expect, that i would say that the santas in florida and for the democrats, newsome and california are the 2 guys that if there's not, if it's not biden and trump, those are the 2 favorites i would say but i'm like some of the other republican possible said governor desantis has not said he wouldn't run if you can take that double negative if problem. so if trump's a candidate he's playing is comes very close to his chest. yeah. now if you some republicans believe the, the democrats on a busted flush. so might the real fight be for the republican nomination? well, i think that's right now remember de santis has to win in florida and he's up for reelection in 2022 as governor and and up until about, i'd say 6 to 8 months ago. that was, that was thought to be a pretty tough race. now, a lot of the fundamentals in the country is sort of a independent voters, have shifted and probably to santas as a head,
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a favorite to win. but until 6 months ago, he didn't want to say anything that made the people of florida think he wasn't focused on stay in governor, but now look i, i do think all things being equal and in politics they never stay equal. today it's who wins the republican nomination. who is the odds on favorite? so i think you're right about that, but it's not going to stay the same, right. we're going to have a supreme court nomination. we're going to have a nancy pelosi gave a speech. the other day where she said she plans to run for reelection and she plans to retain the house of the majority. she's a master at raising money and doing politics. i don't like her policies, but she's a master, so they're not going to go down fighting. i think we're going to see a very energetic, 2022. i do suspect the democrats might have some other trouts in store for the donald, maybe legal action boatley assault on the capital tentatively about his company's finances due to take some shocks suckling in the walk, to the boat. these things. yeah. and yeah, i be more clear alex,
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i would just say it both the democrats see the she the benefit of framing, the post election 2022 post election as damaging trump as well as you point out in new york. they're doing investigation. i also think there's republicans that are happy to try to muddy up the water and not just liz cheney or adam kinsey, are the ones you've heard about, but others that are saying, hey, let's move on. i will, i've never heard as loud a resounding chorus of, well, let's just move on to somebody else as you're hearing now. and that's coming from people that just think it's good politics to move on. but it's coming from a lot of people that don't want it to be trump, i i you know, my old boss philos. lastly, who was famous for writing a book called a choice. not an echo where she talked about stop giving us an echo of the past. give us a bold choice. trump is a bold choice. obviously was a choice that was different than anything else. and a lot of people don't like that. they want to go back to a senator who knows how the game is played or a governor who was how the inside thing works. and we're going to see that that
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desire. so definitely they're going to try to tie trump up. the newspapers can't stop putting trump on the front page with negative stories. the question is again, he holds his 33 percent, raises a boat load of money. he's in the game and now we come down to a, a tight election in 2024. this could be something to see. so should we expect a new addition of the boot your co offered? of course with philos shefly, the consent to case from trump way back in 10 years ago. could you be expect to a new edition of that book? i actually have 2 books. i'm working on. what is a pamphlet that's called what i'll do as speaker trump? you know, the speaker, the house in america doesn't have to be an elected member of the house body at all . it could be speaker trump, and the other one is on the 2nd 2024. yeah. but that the, you know, the real tension is for guys like me, trumps, i administration was a great success in some ways a failure and others. i mean on certain things like immigration, he didn't build
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a wall, right. he was now, i think he was tied up by some of the, the congress in many ways. but there's improvement for trump to make and i won't do this word of caution. he, if he's got to run successfully in 2020 for a broader set of americans need to hear why it's not enough to just say, i'm trump, i got robbed. he needs to say what this is about. but every day that biden puts us in a position where we're about to fight a war, we're sending more troops to, to the ukraine. i'm told, you know, we're so where, where our of inflation is going through the roof because we're many reasons. but one is it, we're gas prices, an oil prices are through the roof. a truck is going to be able to say, i'm different on those and it's going to be affected. but my, a lot of republicans like a muscular foreign policy towards china to was russia. that's not a reservoir of a support there for president biden, among traditional republicans. well, i'm not sure on i, among traditional republicans, but there certainly is this crossover. it's an interesting time in america,
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what we call the neocons, which is a large part of both parties that like to be more muscular out there and say we're gonna reshape the world. they are certainly fighting and pushing this vision. i would say more traditional conservatives, and i think it's a larger number, more and more in the republican party would have a clear view on the threat of china and the communist regime, or just called the corrupt regime in china. and it's threat on america. i think there is in america 1st problem, you need to focus on china. i, as to russia and potent, and all the obsession from 2016 on the media and hillary clinton in the left, focused us on russia. that was it's, it's not, it's not silly because it's been very, very hurtful and damaging to the country in the world. but i just don't see americans wanting to, we don't. why would we want to bolster nato when germany won't pay their share? right. i mean, we know this now and, and by the way, trump taught us this. i knew it, but a lot of americans didn't realize that we're stuck paying for nato about to get dragged into a war with nuclear power. russia. because why?
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well, because germany is a dominant in europe in a, in a way that doesn't make any sense. so i think that muscular foreign policy is not a winning position either in the primary republican wise or in the, a general election right now. you said something a few minutes ago, which rather infesting about how even the donald to president trump uh, with all his grievances from lisa, from his 1st time, an officer, a hust, typically a new vision. you're fishing, the file. it might be a dream for. for many americans, a to see of a ton of the donald for many will be a nightmare. the appreciate that i think as time goes by, trump gets a little bit more appreciation. but you're right, that 20 percent of the country or more is devastated by the idea. and that is a problem. i wasn't i. so some told that you yourself might be subpoenaed the boat, the storming of the capitol is of any chance of seeing you have to raise your right arm in front of the congress. i saw the same reports that you may have seen,
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but i have not. i haven't been subpoenaed i, i will tell you after the 2020 election i, i did have a pretty unique position. i had, i had been the election board chairman in st. louis in about a decade ago. and i didn't see and think there was a lot of irregularities that were going on, but i like most americans. and the great thing alex about our system was we went through our constitutional system and ended up with the president. did i like some of the way it was a judah kate? it? no, but so far i haven't heard more from my what was published. we'll see what happens at martin. energetic, passionate as of a. thank you so much for joining me again on the alex simon. show always great to be with you, alex, all the best. thank you. just when we thought it was safe to go back into the water . the prospects have come back are very real. and indeed, the last payment is now the bookcase favorite to become the next president ow bids and a wide open field was tellingly, the city president is currently rated only
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a 15 percent chance to stand. and when reelection, presidential comebacks don't happen. often. in fact, the thought present to date, to leave the white house and then return for a 2nd term for you. later was grover cleveland, in the late 19th century. it was a remarkable position that but one year after leaving the white house in disgrace, that don't should be in poor position to be the 2nd. however, such are the divisions in american politics that his presence still remains the dividing line on which people take their position on either side. there is little sign that the open, political winds of the divided nation are being solved or pains. but for now, and alex myself and all the shill is good bye, stacy. i will see you all again. ah
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ah ah $971.00 way the world one out of the out money standard. everybody. every entrepreneur, every business man, every country in the world has gotten addicted to mal investment as got addicted to not accountability. and the idea that every single problem can be cured by simply printing more money. and now we're at a point where all of that balance best friend and all that waste has now resulted in a molecule prices, as, as discussed in this report, which is predictable. and it's also irreversible. the mediterranean is the world's moved over fish. see unsustainable exploitation of
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its fish dogs, which maureen biodiversity under great threat and your selection. again, the quote was for sure your guest on the system because our system in conclusion, to pull the cookie capital for a tech and wants to put our lives despite the promises to end over fishing by 2020. the situation is changing to slow. i'm very disappointed with that. they basically in public interests, they also do not in the interest of officially the only interest of the fishery, robi, on the face of the only ones danger the fishermen also at risk of losing a lot of trouble before they get it done at the bottom of the bubble thought i get them with
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a gm store. i'm disappointed that we seem to have dialogue between a meat and a deaf person. the top diplomats of russia and the u. k. appeared to have found no common ground on regional security concerns made escalating tensions. i have ukraine, i think that urgent in moscow, russia figure skating team weights on doping allegations at the winter olympics as the co, the co speculation for the probes on going to the athlete victory meadows. and in the ballads, also ahead, why you wouldn't want to size the pandemic? why you would try to stigmatize canadians. why? what do you do to this, to a country that is already soft.


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