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tv   News  RT  February 10, 2022 10:00am-10:30am EST

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john michelle, henrietta, all countless others like them or a i'm still, i'm disappointed that we seem to have dialogue between a meat and a deaf person that talk diplomats of russia as the u. k. appeared to have found no common ground on regional security concerns. a mid to escalating tensions over ukraine as they meet. urgent talks in moscow. russia biggest skating team weights for autism, doping allegations at the winter olympics. the ios, the calls in pure speculation for the probes ongoing athletes, victory metals hanging in the balance. also ahead. why he wouldn't good sized the pandemic? why he would try to stigmatize canadians. why, why do you do to this, to a country that is already suffering and deeply damaged by so many of his policies.
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the canadian prime minister takes a barrage of criticism for his aggressive storms against dancing vaccine mandate demonstrates it as the protest dentist, it's 13th day. and the canadian example as inspired many around the world, particularly, and frogs, where police struggle to stop multiple convoys from answering paris, with authorities turning to new bands, fines and even arrest ah hello and welcome. this is our t international with the latest world news. that date is great to happy with. no rush, as far as the minister says moscow's concerns express 2 british counterpart liz trusts of fell on deaf ears as they met in moscow to discuss rising tensions over ukraine. a you case threats to impose quit the toughest sanctions against moscow.
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ortiz dawn quarter has the story. little cheryl and jim stool. i am disappointed that we seem to have dialogue between a meeks and a deaf person. they seem to be listening, but don't hes. almost detailed explanations have fallen on rough ground. they say that russia is waiting for the soil to freeze and become like a stone so that tanks can pass safely into ukrainian territory. it seems that our british colleagues have the same sol today, from which numerous factors that we cited of bounce. few people, if any, would call thursday's meeting, a productive one. at the top of the agenda, of course, were the proposals for security guarantees that moscow had put forward back in mid december. the main point of contention being that russia's asking nato not to move any farther eastward, specifically into the countries of georgia and specifically here ukraine. this is something that washington and nato have refused to do. and at the press conference laugh rob said that the west is negotiating exclusively on nato centric terms,
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and that they're unwilling to compromise. and simply that rush has been cheated for years when it comes to its national security and with relation to nato. now this also comes as the western media continues to carry out its campaign of hysteria around a legit plans for russian invasion of ukraine. this is something that lavish, again, reiterated what moscow has said time and time again that it has no plans to invade anyone. it simply doesn't want ukraine to become a member state of nato. now, on that point, laughter of also said that kia has become actually a geopolitical pawn in a western dame to destabilize russia. let's take a listen to what he said. you do munitions up with them, okay. you're gam, apparently a western colleagues need president to lensky only as a tool to pull russia out of balance. none seem interested in what he thinks negative consequences from oldest hysteria are impacting ukraine's economy in the national budgets and history of c at the studio. now, as for trust, she said that her goal in moscow was to make as much progress as possible for
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a diplomatic solution. but right from the get go, she started accusing rush of being aggressive and of trying to undermine what she called ukrainian democracy. most shocking of all though, is that she demanded that russia prove that it's not being aggressive. talk about guilty until proven innocent minister lateral has said to me to day that russia half ne plans to invade ukraine. we need to see these words followed up by act, is vitally important that the u. k. in its nato allies, are prepared for all eventually tease now lever. i've also commented on a specific narrative of the west's ante, russia hysteria, specific story that's been going around the media claiming that russia has some concrete plans to lay siege to ukrainian cities, set up a puppet government, and even set up camps for disloyal ukrainians. use speak with superficial fricky, with their speculation, even in some respects,
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media about some suppose it opperation that we're preparing to seize care and all the other cities of ukraine, or that some kind of who is being prepared to install a puppet regime in the ukranian capital all this is from the narrative of so called highly likelihood that every city kind of likely also important to keep in mind that for some time now the u. k. has been supplying ukraine with some heavy weapons just last month, a shipment of n law anti tank missile systems. we landed in ukraine and as early as wednesday, we actually saw another shipment of anti tank missile systems fall into the hands of the ukrainian military. now while the u. k says that these are purely for defensive purposes. who knows what these weapons could be used for once they're in the hands of the ukrainian military, especially after our meeting like this one. meanwhile, as the top diplomats were trying to maintain peace in moscow, british prime minister boris jones and met with the head of nato in brussels as the u. k. plans to boost his military presence in eastern europe. i'll see saudi
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edwards dusty reports, even though british officials are wanting russia to stop the cold war rhetoric, it seems more of was really happening in the west between nato and indeed, boris johnson in the joint press conference earlier today, the number of russian forces is going up the warning time for a possible attack is going down. this is probably the most dangerous moment. i would say that in the course of the next few days in what is the biggest security crisis that europe is facebook for decades. and today i agreed with the secretary general, a package of support sending troops claims and ships to defend. they towed from north to south 350 troops to poland. already there is a 100 in the country and a 1000 more troops to be made available to nato. so troops are already on the move and the prime minister certainly didn't rule out sending even more if
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a need when it be on the east in front. he also says, asserting it has also further support in the united kingdom are ready to then provide with that support. meanwhile, of the nato secretary general, he's considering the possibility of moving even into romania, putting troops in romania, particularly near the black sea and looking to increase its presence in poland. we know bars, johnston is now in poland, talking to lee. is that about the situation to but it's not just boots on the ground. this also talks of sanctions. of course, the government now says it's ready to publish a legislation on possible russian sanctions that includes new powers to talk individuals or entities the link to the russian states. and the government seems to think that they can become law without any parliamentary approval or even any scrutiny. so it says, and he feels like the tensions are on the rise all the while. of course, it's important to reiterate. the russia has always denied any vision of an invasion
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of ukraine. so in times of forest johnson been on the one hand, he speaks of d escalating and that the move towards diplomacy is all about talking. we know he's sending delicates to moscow. on the other hand, bars, johnson and the united kingdom are committing to sending troops to the region uneven heavy economic sanctions as well. a political analyst told as the whole crisis plays into the hands of the u. s. which ones ties between moscow and nathan members to stay pool? i think everything is designed to be a major crisis. we have to be strong, we are being strong. a 5 year old manufactured has the seems to be a measure. so no intentions are we go back to previous situations where a sovereign countries which the west now claims to the whole thing in this
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particular instance. so really, it may be that plan here. is there any discussion that nature really is about nature is what its members are main member or the us decides that guys are so does the us i'm interested in the little guy on the label relationship the russian job, you know, close relationship to the poll to break down to the unstable to that situation. there was a problem. instability. now with the canadian prime ministers being grilled in parliament as the capital remains gripped by mass kind of it maxine mandate, protests, opposition and pace. they, the government's extremely negative response to, than they meant has only white and the divide between the public and the states. it seems the prime minister has got a little too comfortable with using the force of government,
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rather than trusting canadians. so speaker, on what day this month will all travel advisories be lifted? the support of the conservative party of canada for people barricading our streets and our border crossings is harming businesses is harming canadians were putting food on the table and more divided than ever before. can the prime minister tell canadians why he would politicize the pandemic? why he would try to stigmatize canadians? why would you do to this, to a country that is already suffering and deeply damaged by so many of his policies, canadians, loudly and clearly in the last election. that science and vaccination was the way through. they gave us in this house a mandate to move forward on that and we did for almost 2 years now. 7 canadians are born the yoke of los uncertainty and lack of hope. the backs of canadians are about to break. canadians are miserable because of the prime minister. we want to
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know on what date the mandates will end here. well, thirty's have arrested more than 20 people and opened nearly 18 criminal cases in connection with the demonstrations. the one truck we spoke to is adamant that the public's perception of the valleys is broadly positive. from what i gather is a majority of the residents of all, i don't know that i have spoken to personally are overwhelmingly in support of us being here. many, many auto residents have walked up and down the street pass my truck. many have stopped to talk to me and like 99 percent is not hire of them all. thank us for being here. they support us. they ask if we need anything, were well fed. we have lots of fuel, a nice lady that lives just down the road, came to me a few days ago. asked if i needed anything. and i said, well,
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i could do some laundry being done. so she took off my laundry. when home washed it all the day and returned it the next day, that's things like that that are happening throughout every day. it's just over whelmed. some canadian politicians and campaign grapes are also siding with the protesters, calling on the government to negotiate ortiz john hud reports from ottawa. a group of tow truck companies here in ottawa that are contracted with the city have refused to tow the remaining big rigs and trucks that have been parked here in canada as capital city. as part of the so called freedom convoy, protest saying no, are not the ones to be asked to do that. some of these companies even expressing support for the ongoing protest now it started january 28th and 29th. when a convoy a truckers converged upon ottawa in protest of the mandatory vaccination measures a canadas mandatory vaccination measures for truckers. but since then it's really more into a greater a much larger protests having to do with canada's overall cove at 19 restrictions
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and even has spark debate, political debate about canada's freedom of assembly and protest and even freedom of speech. now. so canadian officials have called for the protest to be stopped immediately for police to take more heavy handed approach, some calling this a seditious, seditious act, an act of sedition, even an insurrection and occupation there, there are there, here, peacefully the everybody's out here with their families and this is the most peace, peaceful protest you the, you could ever be a part of. there's barbecues, of free foods, there's free coffee. there's bounty castles, there's people with little wagons, with their kids. there's, it's, it's, it's a, it's, it's turned into a much bigger movement. of canadians all coming to one place and uniting for a common purpose of they want the freedoms back. i am electrician and i'm an ex truck driver and this has been a very peaceful the police have been good. you could feel the change in them. maybe friday night saturday you could tell that they would, they've been instructed to reserve themselves. don't be so happy. don't be
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supportive. you could see the change in to police soon. it was a very negative change. and that's unfortunate because i've been here over week, i've been here since last friday and has been nothing but peaceful here. nothing would be. but protesters we taught to have really bristled at the analogy of naziism in white supremacy, saying that while some extremist types have shown up here, they have been to leave that dis, does not. they do not represent the overall protest again, which is about canada's coven. 19 measures and overall restrictions, question is how much longer is this continue? will discontinue police have stepped up there enforcement measures essentially trying to cut off the supply, particularly fuel gas that being delivered by volunteers to the truckers in order to basically starve them out as one a protest her describe didn't squeeze them out of here. also finds had been increased but for now the protest continues how much longer, whether this political debate and dissension last for weeks,
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if not months will that remains to be seen, but the protest very much continues here in ottawa, john honey. artie encouraged by events in canada, anti banks protests taken hold in new zealand by people have also stood up against mandatory covet inoculations. oh, more than 50 arrests were made as officers cleared, protested who were camps out of the parliament building in wellington minor injuries, who reported, and an extra 150 offices have been called into control the crowns. but campaign is bronze. the police response, a complete provocation, and a disgrace. the situation in canada's, in spite of feminine movement in france, where large convoys of trunks on their support is, were blocked from moving into the capitol by police. the protest is set out from southern france and had planned to converge on paris and brussels. our teeth at charlotte depend, sky reports, bullet not yet arrived in paris,
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but the plan is for these convoys that are coming from across the country to descend on the capital over the weekend. but before they've even had chance to do that, the authorities here in paris have said that any protests over the weekend will be strictly forbidden. the idea some have said is for them to try and power lies. the city, like we've seen over in canada, taking at the momentum from there and bringing it here to france. what they have said is that they want to come here to protest against the cove. it 19 regulations and as we know, thousands upon thousands already in convoys that left as early as wednesday morning from the south of france from the west, from the north and the all planning to be here late on friday evening for that protest that was scheduled by them though, undeclared, the authorities on a saturday parish, so is ready to stop them and has been bitten any of the rallies from taking place
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due to the risk that this gathering could disrupt the public order. the police department has decided to prohibit such demonstrations from friday, february 11th, 2022 through monday, february 14th, 2022. well just like their counterparts in canada, these so called freedom convoys are, have to protest against the cobra, 900 restrictions. they've been provoked by now almost 2 years of people facing lock downs or strickland whether or not they've been vaccinated and they are pushing furious. but their demands are also extending beyond that. in fact, they're extending into the territory that we saw with the yellow fast switch. first sprung onto the scene here and folks back in 2018. they're asking for more money to be spent on public services and also for their to be the citizens referendum initiative, which would mean that individuals would be able to vote on issues across the
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country. and when they turn up, they say that that would be a return to a more secure form of democracy. what the trying to do is to capitalize on that movement at the moment, which resource stop in canada, but it's now spread across the rest of the world. everyone who's been vaccinated has had health problems. what we want is for the journalist, the media to finally tell the truth. we're supporting the freedom convoy. we're so glad to see this happening in canada and now in europe, in the world. we're here to support all of those who are speaking out in support of our freedoms. so when i had to do my duty during the lock downs, i went to work and i caught cove it there. i was one of the heroes back then. but now i'm not even treated like a citizen. i don't understand how we went from that side to this one. well, france has said its government is missing, the understands that there is this needs over these ongoing restrictions on. it has been suggested that the restrictions, at least he could end as early as the end of march. however,
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we have also heard from the european union that the health passed the digital pass that's in place at the moment, could now be extended until the summer of 2023, that's over a year from now. and that is really likely to anger many individuals. those are set, these convoys at the moment heading towards paris, where they say they are still intending, despite the fact that has been banned, to hold those rallies in the capital. but they do face tough action. if they do that, the authorities have said that they could be severe fines in even prison sentences handed out to anybody, particularly the organizes if they break that ban on the protests over the weekend . but the plan is to come to paris and then to head to brussels for monday. will we know that convoys from other countries in europe also heading into the belgium capital? once again, to show their protests that anger against these coven 19 restrictions. and the
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question now many may be asking, given that there is this overlap with some of the demands with what we saw from the yellow vests over the last few years as a legal case. and even addressing a direct question about whether this was a doping case or doping allegation, he said that for now everything doping related remains purely aisd speculation. and that is as far as mr. adams went with his comments said that we need to wait. we needed to wait until the official statement by o, by the i o c. and that will be a separate statement again, which we have been already waiting for several hours. still no ward whatsoever. the rumors have it. and again, i stress that this is rumors. there's nothing official yet that the i figure skater in question is camila volleyball of r o c team, who was absolutely stella on the ice last weekend, winning gold with the russian figure skating team. but for the 1st time in olympic games history,
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the metal ceremony has now been postponed for almost 4 days now. and this is of course, causing a lot of speculation. a lot of for reporting false reporting as well fake news. last night, several media outlets jumped the gun with some absolutely ludicrous statements. so obviously this is creating a very unhealthy situation here. but again, if we come back to the official statements and there are very few of those so far, we also heard from the spokesperson off the russian figure skating union, who told us that camille of oliva was not suspended from the participation at these olympic games in beijing, she will continue but dissipating here. moreover, by eva herself, a 15 year old skate i took to the ice this morning in a training session, which is already a good sign that she is allowed to participate. so this might not be a dope in case after all, but what it is, eventually we are yet to find out. meanwhile, we've already been receiving words of support for camille oliva in this very
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difficult situation, including that from a former olympic athletes list. listen, sex, talent appears once in a lifetime. camille, i believe is program at the european championships made me want the short program to be a little longer. what a wonderful skater if her performance didn't inspire the whole world to take up figure skating, i dont know what would it is a case of some complexity definitely. first and foremost because the metal ceremony is now being delayed for an unprecedented amount of time. secondly, because we are still waiting for lee now statement for several hours now. it still hasn't been produced by now the, i'll see, but the talk of the town and i spoke to both ex figure skaters, and journalists and experts available at the venue that this may be already delivering a very serious stole psychologically on the russian ice figure. skating team and the whole r o c olympic team in general. for instance i,
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i can only assume this is related, but during the male figure skating performance this morning, all 3 of our o c's status fell during that performance says. so something you see every day when all members of the team managed to, you know, mess off their performances. so it might be the case of the team already going through a very serious psychological situation here. but of course, we are anxiously waiting for any statement from the i o. c. this situation is expected to be result during this day. and of course i'll be keeping you updated with all the news in beijing as soon as i get it. leading lawyers specializing in sports arbitration told aussie that young athletes in particular needs to be protected from unproven allegations. it's not good that the name is mentioned and i think we should protect miners, especially with strong allegations. that is the reason why i think it's very premature to, to say she has knocked off, as you know,
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any opening allegation does harm in reach and yet it at any time. and that is to reasons why these information, also sensitive and should never, ever have been closed. and even i seen the point of the i see which, which they made a mistake in my and my jury's to suspend the ceremony, which clearly made to the public and clear that this was something strange and that is not good. so everybody could, could find out who couldn't be suspected. and actually even that was not a good point. there's more trouble in the u. k. for boris johnson, as a primary school students appear to have turned on him with a barrel of letters, criticising his leadership as prime minister, particularly that he hosted parties during
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a cove. it locked down. the u. k. is education secretary, a member of johnson's conservative party fight back saying school children shouldn't be encouraged to take sides on political matters. while there is a clear need for schools to address political issues in the classroom from time to time, this must not be done in a partisan way. no school should be encouraging young people to pin their colors to a political mast. the school with a so students were told to compose the letters as part of a task, teaching critical writing skills. they were informed about bars johnson so cool party gates scandal, which has landed the prime minister in hot water with calls even for me during party for him to resign. the school has emphasized that the students were encouraged to develop critical thinking skills and had nothing to do with pushing a particular political angle. as part of a democracy to pick the year 6 class has been looking closely at national politics, all leaders and decision makers. while discussing fact and opinions,
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there is no teaching of politics. we explain processes and structure with the children encouraged to express their thoughts. ortho and form and pe, lambert opaque, told us the fact that even johnson's party colleagues are turning on him is not that good. fine. i haven't got a problem with. ready encouraging students of any age to think about where they stand, but there's a bigger issue here. we've got a prime minister who's got so little credibility now that school children seem to have strong views about what he's done and it's on the lines. the fact that we now have a lane duck prime minister and any amount of complaining by cabinet members don't take that away or still sniff, so belittle by what looks like is. so i'm doing that the cabinet members are trying to defense and almost in regards to any complaints. so they, they leave as to who quoted this is making it worse by bringing attention to it. the country has already decided in the course of public opinion or assumption is
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lost. no money on the side about from people who are on his payroll. no, see, they're fighting for lunch. what do you think? it is? no way. i know you make a mistake. 2 years ago or whatever, he says, now i'm reminded of a phrase, don't talk yourself out of a problem to hate yourself in too many thanks to keeping his company here or not, the international will be back in about 30 minutes with the latest news updates in the meantime to check out our website, r t dot com for plans for news updates and documentary oh, is your media a reflection of reality?
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