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oh, well, it shows the wrong one. i'll just don't hold any world to shave out disdain because the african and engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look for common ground. ah, excuse me to lick quite shaved on sundays yet. loosely of national reason, mortgage boys might come on, but i am now come on them see where it does not matter. not nice to say to him. yes, the gray story doesn't last so and won't be like someone getting the costliest.
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got it. you're going to, she better do it woburn dawdling the war. so sitting at the instrument that she, what you let the chest regional meeting is, i'm, it really is their smartphone. if you don't get bomb or from a little too much of the would she just needs live g e. sadly. boom, boom, actually capture with them to parliament. trouble media boots are all right. use deputy lonely. see other than english, ethnic israel video that almost the dos belmont, but that have laugh russia content the for the middle with natural talk of yellow spend you miles it look like louis thing. you might janice kaneesha rosalyn. yeah, i missed. yeah. you said listed on the number that on that dustin i've seen from what's the media listed and i'll get eat my is a good of i had nothing to eat that. look at it in the mute as cut through the numbers which little it's wood floors ah
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yes of up so senior sprinkle dis just not stick more you, skipper, i've seen those quick. are you really out? long ushering from solar bras, transport or professionals to put something on him up more pity products or content . fulford equipment that's it from. and you should a shaft or widget cook were constant maintenance of cook will remove, coma be on it. something. it's just a submission of august. all florida googled like a quarter up to the up because it would still put some prisoners up my sons in they would 3. it's just the last 4 months of whites used to martin lacey at the vietnam . the war cross capillary jobs, covent videos, political discovery, she still witnessed the city at the booth village looks like we might issue yeah. could you state but i at the upright me actually i think it was like my style philip was talking front of me. it's from what a deal it's yahoo! celia, me unreasonable posterity of look at ocean here. i guess the woman was not lost. it's adding a police case. that's what i had to show like your illness with what we thought of
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manually you 30. give them your motion at yahoo, celia. your site there and the other again, ideal. you can read from us with the logic today. lou, i'm talking to you. the premier us in the late deer, cellular city. paul said that they should have shut the water. if a pros hospital were content, jenny, that you knew cookie hot silica last cook at the her sure pool. it crossed the fox problem. we've got a problem with me. would know he would probably come from c, w. disease rots. little boy to eat, brought ramp up all night from, from the, nor the boy to eat. boil themselves are the most already from a similar to demit and both to torture it to persons with center city, t one somewhere boss, national. what is 80? so a boycott premier, suppose she comp from a could put him out of it account or rush, leave you on. i mention the last thing. finish the years when you buy me
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a trish with pushing down the are see nobody at them moving to underscore but it's not official molar weeks even if you could ocean ceilings, right. really cheer regional really care. but we still like weeks maybe a portion of course the bureau actually by it's him mall to the colo. do it's that she stepped out that she's some comfort of youtube must be ready to go across a movie. jim sir, was more individual. his seal was more of the cost to ship of crow me, sushi, crushed with any previous know that it will play this is that's the content that you had to order sheet for his book on period. when i talk to him because of occasion requirement, or what, what made the require that you know what, what's already mouthful to perform loosely. that should be, it will be politic. your emotional junior got the republic with facebook better we're. the blue ticket person is out sick let's you would do it at the sensual, but i'm on the lizard. something like that from sonya brushing
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a cows though ciocca. this is the rational requirement. one apartment like with a prisoner sigmund, or ation biz mover that should now was recalled bbt the shes a cosmetic rama, and that person should sit on that allows him on. this was completely choi, them that show up because of invalid to canfield. you will disease causing it to might consider quantum abusing and luther was to be more likely it is of this new incidence. but only because of that economy bond, that one seems in registered with porch or so copious e shobel bar for bursley burned it. i'll get it, we just 3 to love the last bit on the care of the digital us from god i would attack as you laid combine as if it was more cut off to do it. but no, get it one of those to lose night. nasha and i should of sir now wish pushing it, but by seeing some did it villa causing a dark hipa machine uses the usa. it will come across, keep it, which seems like you for jason, the usa. and yes, the usa almost to not a string of just the company. yes. is that awful or are they george cock williams
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is fake. are we in fake willa? i don't suppose laportia that are content of bread. it is, you know, it many more, but self devotes. it's almost with a shift sort of exactly where to buy it. e at the work, not something osha, boss, national. that was that anxious me because and the when you stumble up my gun the and that should though by the us to come with that i said just proficio at to put in the loop or watching the presentation of all getting some noise thoroughly at the for sure, but the most i'll get it met and you troy, can you do of just longer. those the wisdom the trip was looking over to them. certainly there were but culture. mm. list their own solutions. i was wish business and you must love letters that almost all those precious yourself evil. luckiest. for those little things just come on business. climate sheriffs are going to pull out on your end up the hill to verify ocean, which ever village southern premium from which neither flesh has shown question citizen wished him for this, you must maybe is the smartest, the smartest, the smartest, the resources, scholarship, scholarships, courteously, is contacting
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e i m which we're sure to accommodate the separately for my regular summer quarter . putting me out with a friend of mine, yet tick tock, attentive a disconnection to leon. think about a strain each kid and do dimension of him, but i wasn't the woman beneatha look on. no means or was it thanks to the list, there's none yet. but most of us me, it's rustic though. kelly? yes. though with, with an in 2nd but none yet that they bas finish. the scroll isn't too. ready much idea. what is the celine gra, company segment? the funny is i give it was mostly sports, a switch. in the getty stick, i've got to speak to you to one game design, getting me really unique design, yet i make up. what i was about was that again, this is out of the city philosophy. you deal with severe when there are about them . it's gene young people, karlesha program, my eep why he program. and which englishing, which is really catching me allergic liquid from what was i had a couple of ginger g, look for us, i what we show blair a boston year look at my time. no way
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can miss garrett and dan said lam, economic of pneumonia and the yellow get as the boy sure or bleaching you. chill. i via car our vall that use in west what g internet children with iep that says. ready dr. com slash release was morgan disney junior disney? because national pneumonia marie pilot, but or she says there is a nash across motor is analysis from wouldn't have any immediate why. now i'm concluding insertion. why shy e at your might the learning coming out of the south q minneapolis certainly made out of doleful. nice job. was they understood, but she with demo shootings. wish rosena satilla each kid reflect at st. catherine, we see chesney morrison yet saying you were to look at i'm sure is the absolute it because i'm a pull. it is also options for catherine. really chew. it's a wellness. yes. lorenzo, sitting on the receiving and boom locked can ever mean laska brougham not finishing it up as it shows from us feminist to see death. so are you on woodcock playing up
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shapes and ask him to give anybody mountain shoot by this week or probably sit out so i'm sitting around kalauia down on yet, rose king the ocean cooper. that should search on a washer mystified with machine you any them to to write it so. so what the, what kathleen is kim to begin using my dissertation? tiger them as i but be sure you're putting in a while. no i you are, i'll get it. me percent, that's a grade she will. she sin obstacle it is. all it is. it will lead me mccoy, the dell walker, you know? good to come. look at the little e i. because even though the key to, to make it a glance east is an 8th of sugar problem. so see to de leon awesome new layer girl . murray. blue, chilled almost of cigar. we were real abruptness. yes. morrison was which out of the concrete i talked from clear not all of was all stuff now so pleasant. beautiful. not to the school to see what each member's analytical, personal thunder valley lights on the little anywhere. so see, norgard were you will come pranksters and in my city law, my don't more times in the miles of america portion. where shall, can you still hello, holding a little bit of trampling that there was smoke,
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but almost a whole by me for tioga problem or, but if it's yoga in for all the what else look, start the harassment region for the also doesn't. that is with top google you system, so it's not or slow to personally, that's initially viewed the chip that he was sworn, he isn't putting out a yard as cousin, my liberal intervention or hulu, her about truly poor young with the visitors, conchita lean from mazzocco star board that the latter mile is liana putting out a be aware, ah christian, coca games with christiana donna towards some of the pros. yup. of divinity, screeching the for much of those 2 are bought at the grid. a think that was the credit card before pross lapierre. hutsel stupidity, school machine, eugene thompson, he was morrison. that was good news. no problem was do subtle. i say at all the distance they would say which danish look at the yes at vietnam move across here. he's up until a trip is there. when you posted probably conquer this there through. busy a bundled network with new merch, negha. i think moser shabby, it's even a porch, it's at the up and i cook with of across. but the most of the reader school by just get over new niche nobility. met with the court to do to work on sale,
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but they bled were, confound dillard's national long visit them his ankle gum, let you look. i busily eat they came over to them. so they went to work with the previous sunday, minnesota. so just when you got obama arg to, for, without seeing, the p might, or those marable, the child in that she would require the meal, my able to send you a message. the media moves for the map, charlie says the one of his comedic artificial meters, mcallister, i'm what i just of sure that the needs of the menus to surround them. yeah, keep, assist this and you can use that. our buttons highlight my global blitzer, which crush we'd send out a wash or i tried to spoil become you, but i was but, but that's interest that near on north, not mark give or school shipping to hook up literally. ah ah ah, is your media
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a reflection of reality in the world transformed what will make you feel safer? high salacious. oh community ah, are you going the right way or are you being led somewhere? direct. what is true? what is great? in the world corrupted, you need to descend, ah, for join us in the depths or remain in the shallows. ah, ah, the democratic republic of congo is among the richest countries in the world and natural resources, but he cannot mclee it. still one of the poorest cobalt is an essential material in
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manufacturing batteries for modern devices like electric cars, mobile phones and computers. 60 percent of the wealth cobalt reserves are in congo 20 percent of it comes from small scale mines. unicef figures confirm that in 2017 . more than $40000.00 children, worked in cobalt mining in the republic to earn a living and pay for schooling. next time you use a fancy gadget like a smartphone camera or laptop, and just remember that there's a chance it works thanks to a child hard labor children like john michelle henry at o countless others like them. ah, mother, it's elena shares is when you can then. yes, the young sir. so i mean, i'd imagine some boy that recognize each has given awkward himself with, you know, it's just if, when we shing went sort of law seek that luck. williams to scamper. come back to
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teach us raj with d leads of stamps of the jewish that they need. this just left him near me. it did him were shooting yes, i mean yeah. at the individualism say door, i've got mean yet. me version yes. some of it, sir. you, when you mine? yes, we will routing, you will need a cock. yes. you bet. you still got prior to they've got it in the appreciate. oh it or not. but if you don't know that on slot, so you need to speak. they used to use in the steer the wash did you didn't us them preschool. yeah. he's this is sea chest yet. um mm. usually of his night is still um still la petite. my gosh, but i must run a sticker directly beside it. oh, it's always a doctor's voice. i shall stop most dear 0. it's how would you talk more to the be possible by you could most bit of ash most got the package to norcross. i still was the only 2 possible one, but she said, sir, which could be at the door,
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would you go to mac arc abroad? not that it's if we spoke about the percentage come back to you as much as much. it's no was mother if you used utica what and i'm was like okay, i don't have much about the music. my mom dumb her team of people actual nakajima somebody mm melisha don't that. yep. she knew it. she didn't. you would like it, but pastime. you calisha passmore completely right. you as the curriculum and then it's in mr. scott the word say, louisiana, to use the china cabinet since i actually talked to a one yet. yeah. cox norris to yesterday a tiny and less was photos genuine that night at that one yet hardship it appeared, joan, the kale lost and i wasn't there, but it's totally in. yeah. or i'm certainly situated nudism proposition, michigan. curious as i now press conference, living at account. mm. yes. and when would you receive a call in preston street? you might for calling the preston's dockery. i didn't that this ship. i'm sure. when you got sick up accomplished hoyt, i will genia at the crash of ours,
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and that chest much is neglect to suppress which we added the williams, which in those not at the moment sir. wally said he wasn't sure what could be used in the woods tunnel without choking media with daniel boots on the roku. i mean it was that i lou, one which he said he was not my stupid. what a senior. i could only imagery room for quite in the mirror, which so he's gone with him. he's along with the pulled up. i do wish bob yet you want us to present any chat. but to have latch content, jewish consumers golf. i, chad. but they have led super, a key at the end of a sudden they're eager electrons to move the bletchley and you've been issuing a dealer. no, never in the middle of that beach. you put them on the l. a. z o it, but they haven't even lost lots of miscellaneous, not rocky this but i'm scared of some way you got to do room. it's got to initial set of time to talk to that the show up was not feminist, but they of nasty leave it even though i had seen the pretty season i knew the dealer. you're kidding. you still remember that slab your
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d effect buckle especially is tailored i wanted to put almost and when you, when i'm watching, it just has to love what it is. couldn't intellect at all, but the guy african, which is out. so i knew it was tiny, let them upset. now wishes to war by facing young with the push teach door that she can, they changed it all in the selena voltaire, dingey lou slogan, boston, i'm cook, which stand by jessica. nobody at them. but alice would come with the flow cho, cuz the shannon shit is come to the negro, the toys and the mirror. you found good as the luxury in today's michelle quarry mosque? yes. blocker. bugging up the store? yes, it does. that brought to the door a small amount. so what we lose you put on them are within the cigar. last you got you come up. sheer are one of the neglect you her scenario are cracker to 1000 with is that there was to new pledging, motivated not soliri at well pro says next to the boston. joe is guild,
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politically ethical there. but surely wish. now, the greater part i'd say the semester, who got a lot of used for that chevy speech, which she was up last couple of fish into but offshore nissan. of course, of the war carol, a poor horror of war gossip. this is called the virtual household alert. just a complaint though, it's the which lenny was morrison yet call scripture. yes, it's as a heads of the book, you know, it's bell. measure term is working with people solution, whether it is or just name mostly also still wouldn't that frightens around, i would replace us, right, if i had some storage device amazons. all right, e commerce, that is that citizen zurich zulu do it near as much an exhaust them. okay. the blue oversee skin either pushed him tens of about a blue one them about us over them. i see wouldn't here little to 0 ross which is loud. music up watch of him, a provider that's the probably just thought about that. a couple of she had been among odessa of his nicholas and he might fish the mother of the veneer. but usually nissan is we should be in the party. possibly there that i'm was that
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suassa are lou. nominal gabriella, still nath. i'm muster. she wouldn't practice if she can when you got sick. even linda, camille, she ski apply to import form and pulled it up. so that is probably a year of williams. miss lear yard previous to nor assume the gus destiny's i t were at home still with you as a keith alternates even the mirror um with the grants you know of seem grass in the medical new bushnell guarantee. those type of internet. but all of the chicago national cookie, the bridal provider, even away the water bite with williams. mr. doesn't match the dice and we job which is the, is that say, will not as this year i was a shed even a problem. i wouldn't even assume we're in a 2nd. we got see of what zip rule, natural, but formal. maria invoice from national folks to know just that. scientists national sucks nutritionist production either a premier video given you are the ones that piece of it in the summer will book you missing some ice cream in makeup representative. she will smuggle you bullet. i was virginia. niterra. jonah was literally i believe he got it. yep. i do my chest,
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asian, whereas videos that shocked somebody suggest that either or sick except perhaps night to bit is aluminum. so i asked you say that unique i should be just now outside from with but for me, a couple remarked with the pedestal. rhythms worship, which i had to store my the most, if not bring in a new mode, give that 0 at some the score the models, collectively a blue moon, you carry it. now, it's just the on the so that at least it out unique. him would be disposal, not which of media rare observed i, it's a concept it's from will be smarter than just of mr to from, will come in, pick up a shock, but his would this just be yeah, go very, she just a video coverage. and so here are subject to re out, so i should have thought of get more of the hundreds, a passcode or stew, miscellaneous, most of senior dog thought that at which is the correct from doesn't about non exempt letter. yes, lee, but inside and i switched his ng and now you are so fear his was morrison, was that my religionist? actual little that require never got it. i could go. yeah. losing denazi's, jim's
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a smooth swarms. jim's opinion. minute with noticed li dick appraised him now gloria nova suddenly was in the prisoner come yes it's most of us more than that which i took. i keep her company cookie. the commuter skeleton is, i'd say i need what is a switch in my either fully my each an issue with a most with net issue or i'm, it's dishonest ration of, nor to decision a short kiss on a concrete. the notification can you point the you reach, keep us lives. there is keep us near there. give us one, your mobile to the my, you the food yours. now i'm a woodland in the middle, the let it done. it almost the estimate the same special, but inside of a pharmacy couple of summer, all google yonder, if his book um yeast, yar, whether the troy t maya or butch, i said it's from a team, would be samples immediately to put the saline cover that with you guys are pros, fresh wirelessly and of course i'm inside of the school. so it's just 9 year caberry as it was. you so bubble sheets from nowhere near a, hit him thrones 9. mm. was in. great. i wish him no go across if
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you are. so jim, when i got him this or was more order session, no more or catches to store any choice for the sort of a mask in his long nose. fear it, i'm sure choice lab nights of nickelodeon, the most greedy, now gun isn't a bit wary nor gear yours for grogan was literally the 2nd week, nor mrs. only been mine, but i can promise. there's no place credits, dis choice, plus they media. or as you play a sub most that i'm, they will not. so then you should, you know, the western illness roy griffith was the mean to live in the good is when she will not as was mentioned here, or choice wouldn't got boy more that mass buttons on it is a g, e d, a is arthur, practical snotty. fool drums will g market itself, which i'm 40 to them. a way to purchase was glistening to lick the butch romker slow or suffer. good if the bumps boy select some placebo on those in the last night, nor where they must be, as it is with them, with you, me for some retail or you just give us
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a glitch in this. in said somebody, me on the schools and select that when you're me for the me and this, christine select that those critique mc was if you got already modeled correct them not long ago dialing yet more. put the wire to put on the yeah, a good way to thumb store arc with the scuse me select model that will probably need to worship jim suit. the forum, you know, at the scott is tonight a bush from past each ski chung now. but if you could add them yeah. could you just get it now? i get technology gravity, catherine marshall. good. minimal present. gimme a joke system. what does christening to look at the kennedy skeptical i get for simple heineken beer, sir. your accumulate as are what? good. a santa nebula passes lou boerger some process just booth night. it's a little grossing just around the meter, korea immune term present. letters on the shoe. him naturally gone, gone as i g m. but beatrice as thus disclosed in collecting a promotional dispos that way. and i'm good, you're probably nice guy. chill idea. but he might, the chinese,
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i guess i'll process h again, today's our process that was to bring it to let them watch them is constantly to let us use one that was to move when you my and which later in reference to that it, that was the more money my and my date is michelle. nice to see. are there any got that we get to compiling slash williams. i need to find out rein shalaya. coolest as a bicycle, e digital that i live sub. i checked my wm. it. other schools need to live to cheat now, but for the country, it is by the delegates, one of those lease play, which she thought sir tristram, shes thug with, was ready to look after my bill fluty yesterday. the twin b as in a couple of be like raymond interventional vasqua gt cock meet each cock rubric. rusty perspective semester will be recorded here but salon. he will quite severe his blood enough to my beat us brushwood flute you that, that blair look like you're still, but after my bill is yours, also that'll give is also stop it. that by give me you will get ready to look. i
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think the one that you dish order e at the rob ross got translation, the slug notes of somebody that i showed him. geez meaning catherine. um. but he would but that of nature hello. could you please call snow intellect and your mortgage as the steve var starsky deborah white, the more. no, no, not here. that justice nathan colleen. yes, yes. yes. them with wedding, but if you'd so then select the cookies. now one year i don't watch that. well, usa would do a switcher viet aware of dies within failure. now, would you say, sir, i says there might soaps, there was a clue change if that over down this knowledge of which had said be, as we cheated on psalms, more with them, which i think you could if you, when you might, you're more of a preview of the day, a beautiful book that yes so now again, you just are not doing with the stair york always just look can i what some would
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thing my thing, shane, you bullish even there. your call is just me get senior living georgia. what do you lose? you got to have will drink doors normally closer, but you might could explain your belief. you limit i nice for them at all. it does or had i in the way at home with those? no. shalaka. i've just suddenly yeah. i need other than the small groups because i then you roasted with almost there. a good day. i would it there isn't it sir? broke was booted. so sheila, with sushi to was. busy i go to the new sex faster management than you might duly installed on them when he doesn't know the desk approach technology that much, that technology. because lastly more would be nice to know what you mean. naga was it's, you know, most of them as to why do you see that to regina wasn't which lead here more room or did they all get iep one? i've shut up, shut a door glass, i'll, negligence was most misty. no, me gets even less than that. and they're sitting with dish i tamir gab is deal it.
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that's the were door to technology, but the guy i knew what she thought it had brought in the store on ya's nile and i got in that class. thank you man. i was go or not. and i got us over all the up, just let me just was she meant what i shouldn't even lushly ellis. g e velocity was australia, but don't at the state more. mm ah 971. when the war one out of the out money standard. everybody, every entrepreneur, every business man, every country in the world has gotten addicted to mal investment as got addicted to not accountability. and the idea that every single problem can be cured by simply
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printing more money. and now we're at a point where all of that balance best friend and all that waste has now resulted in a molecule prices, as, as discussed in this report, which is predictable. and it's also irreversible. the mediterranean is the world's most over fish. see unsustainable exploitation of its fish, dogs, which marine biodiversity undergoing threat a lesson the getting the quote on us for sure. your guest on the system. because our system can continue to pull nikki care for a tech and want to put our lives despite the promise is to end over fishing by 2020. the situation is changing to slow. well, i'm very disappointed with that. they basically in public interest. they also do know in the mid interest of officially the only
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interest of the fishery, moby on the face of the only ones in danger. the fishermen also at risk of losing or bugging my thought ups of them before they get to them about that. i'm going to bubble thought i get them with fairly brushes. invasion of ukraine is not so eminent. after all, none the less, washington in london continued to beat the drums of war. many europeans think otherwise. they are the ones with the most to lose in any conflict. they are also the ones pushing diplomacy with,
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as canada's freedom convoy prepares to enter a 3rd week of protest, the ontario government tries to freeze access to another fundraising platform where the movement has raised nearly 5000000 dollars middle school and gm store. i'm disappointed that we seem to have a dialogue between a meet and a deaf person. top russian and british diplomats appeared to have found no common ground on regional security concerns amid escalating tensions over ukraine as they met for urgent to talk to moscow. and the mainstream media has gone into overdrive in their reporting of alleged doping by a 15 year old russian figure skater. that's despite the international olympic committee warning it's.


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