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tv   News  RT  February 12, 2022 12:00am-12:31am EST

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ah, ah, with is likely to begin with aerial bombing and missile attacks that could obviously kill civilians without regard to their nationality. while washington vividly depicts what the alleged russian invasion of ukraine will look like, western media speculates on the exact day they think it will happen. that's as are, russia continues to dismiss all report as quote, baseless propaganda. now need to understand. you are breaking laws, canada's prime minister, give the stock warning to freedom. convoy demonstrated that says ontario, providence declared a state of emergency. but politicians accused justin crudo of villa find the demonstrators simply for political gain. also on the program, the cia has been harvesting private data. when americans,
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for years that's according to newly d classified agency, documents. the concerns raised at the snooping was only revealed by accident. we didn't even know about this until the senators accidentally stumbled on it and ask for clarification from the cia and then ask the cia to declassify the letter that they received. and democrats fear the by the administration is growing toxic, which could have the republicans a clean sweep at the upcoming with okay, if not today, just after 8 am on february, the 12th and a very good morning to you from all of us here, asi, international right here in the russian capital. so, russia's ambassador to the united states has accused washington of leading a propaganda campaign against his country. that's after increased speculation in the western media that the kremlin will invade ukraine next week. the reports are
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based on information coming directly from the white house, which has been spelling out exactly what it thinks the innovation will look like. it is likely to begin with aerial bombing and missile attacks that could obviously kill civilians without regard to their nationality. a subsequent ground invasion would involve the onslaught of a massive force with virtually no notice communications to arrange. a departure could be severed and commercial transit halted a rapid assault on the city of key. that is a possible line of attack course of action that the russian forces could choose to take. the white house hysteria is more veiling than ever. the anglo saxons need a war at any cost provocation. misinformation and threats are a favorite method of solving their own problems. the american military political machine is ready to steam roll through people's lives again. the whole world is watching how militarism and imperial ambitions expose themselves. while the russian
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foreign ministry is calling the sum of washington's actions, basically a coordinated disinformation campaign against russia. after all, we're seeing, we're being told that russia's preparing to invade, but at the same time, western media outlets can't get their story straight when it comes to the finer details from one angle. we're hearing from their spiegel, who, which is saying that the invasion is set to come on the 16th of february on the, on an, on the other hand, we have bloomberg who's saying it's the 15th of february. so, and all this actually seems to be flowing from washington, putting its citizens and its allies in a state of fear. i mean, without any sort of evidence whatsoever, except basically saying, trust us, anthony blink. and saying that a russian invasion is basically guaranteed to happen around the winter winter olympics in beijing vase could begin at any time during the olympics. any american citizens who remain in ukraine should leave now. now these extreme claims have
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a cascade effect around parts of the world that are aligned with the west. the european union, the u. k. japan and a lot of other countries are already telling their citizens that they also need to get out of ukraine as quickly as possible. the united states is also saying that it's gonna be withdrawing its citizens that are in ukraine, specifically in the o. s. c, e. mission there in anticipation of a russian invasion. now this is all, despite the fact that russia has not actually been been preparing for an invasion, but has been busy conducting diplomacy all week. and it really just goes to show that maybe there's some merit to what the lever of said earlier this week when he said that this, these diplomatic talks have been basically like talking to deaf people. both cheryl and tim stool. i am disappointed that we seem to have dialogues between amused and a dead person. they seem to be listening, but don't hare. almost detailed explanations have fallen on rough ground. they say that russia is waiting for the soil to freeze and become like a stone that tanks can pass safely into ukrainian territory. it seems that our
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british colleagues have the same sold today, from which numerous factors that we sites hidden bound. now the white house has said it's that biden is set to make an emergency phone call to proven to see, to see if they can work things out. but one has to ask, what's the point of really bringing all of this to this moment? this hysteria is it to, is it for washington to show that it can save the day at the end? i mean that it kind of seems that way, especially as jake sullivan is claiming that rushes planning some sort of a false flag attack to justify invading. we are firmly convinced that the russians should they decide to move forward with invasion or looking hard at the creation of a pretext, a false flag operation, something that they generate and try to blame on the ukrainians as a trigger for military action. and we're calling that out, and this isn't actually the 1st time that russia has been accused by the west of planning some sort of false. busy flag operation and this also isn't the 1st time
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that no false flag operation actually happened to actually last week. it was the same story and leverage back then was talking about how the claims that the west is making about russia are becoming more and more delusional. as time goes on and as it seems like he's right on the money with these recent developments on the one hand, the u. s. is in hysterics and on the other rushes trying to continue to conduct diplomacy with the western world show who met with the u. k foreign, the u. k. defense secretary, and he's basically laying it out, laying out his cards on the table, saying if the west and russia to get along in the west needs to stop arming, hostile military on russia's border issue. we'd like to propose a step towards reducing tensions and in the pumping off of ukraine with weapons from a brush that's being done publicly and significantly. and it's not entirely clear why. i'd also like to understand why britain has deployed special forces to ukraine
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and for how long they'll be there. now the last thing i want to mention about the white house is the recent statement was that it said it's trying to prevent war, but perhaps a better way to go about preventing war would be to return to the negotiating table rather than continue to spread hysteria around russian and a potential russian invasion that moscow continues to say. it's not planning. we spoke with executive director of the roman poll pieced institute of daniel mcadams . he said, amid all the allegations right now they're off phase. the situation is becoming more unnerving. i have said all along that i don't believe russia is going to invade. there's no incentive for it to an invade. however, today, i think things have taken a new and very dangerous turn. now, i'm very concerned about this, and let's look at the scenario the u. s has now said it wants to pull out it so as the monitors today, the o. s. the monitors and don bass and counted a 400 percent increase in the amount of shelling over the last 7 days. daily. average 4 times increase in showing here is the scenario. the u. s. has apparently
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gotten the other countries several other countries to, to have to share the panic and to pull their troops or their, their citizens out. if you pull the o. s the emission out of dawn bass. you can have a massive provocation on the part of care of a russian reaction. there's nobody there to monitor it. there's nobody there to say . who did it or who didn't do it. this has been done before. this has been done in cost of own elsewhere, the using of the o. s. c, e monitors to facilitate rather than prevent war. and i think this is a potentially dangerous development. us a sounding increasingly desperate because everything they throw on the wall doesn't stick. so i think i'm actually more concerned than i was a week ago. a state of emergency has been declared in canada's ontario province. so over the continuing freedom convoy demonstration local authorities claim the protest to getting out of control. the country's prime minister has warned any one protesting now faces severe consequences. however,
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it's the prime minister himself. but many m. p. 's are starting to turn against over this situation. if you join the protests, because you're tired of the coven, you now need to understand your breaking loss. the consequences are becoming more and more severe. the deliberate politicization of the pandemic is undermined to trust in our public health institutions and as damage to national unity. prime ministers. opportunism has created 2 classes of canadians, canadians now watch as the rest of the world moves forward, ending mandate and removing restrictions. while our government has no clear plan to do the same, the prime minister has intentionally stigmatized and divided canadians for political gain. the prime minister has stopped basing his decisions on science. he's now basing them on political science doing whatever it takes to save his own political skin. when will canadians have a clear plan to end the mandate?
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here, officials have also begun to crack down on a protest as carty blocking ambassador bridge. the busiest international crossing in north america, the canadian judges issued an injunction allowing police to begin clearing people out and the local mass as he intends to remove every one. and hopeful that the vast majority of the protesters appreciate the rule of law appreciate that the court has agreed to grant this injunctive relief. they've made their point move on, but if they fail to move on, police will have capabilities to move in and help them move on. well, we went to ottawa a couple of weeks ago and we're here today because we stand for freedom. this is a free country and we should be able to work and travel and congregate with people as we please. my wife is a business owner. her business has been closed for 18 months out of 2 years. i felt it at home. there's people who lost their businesses, lost their homes. so we understand that pain and we feel it. and since we've been here, and since we've had people in ottawa,
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the world is on fire right now. everybody's changing. governments are coming together. they're trying to work through this, and that's where we want the truck as a team to highlight the grass roots support. they say that protest is getting from many people as well as key figures, such as the us republican politician, ted cruz, who says the protest of defending, not just canadian rights, but the rights of americans as well. and the head of the canadian democratic defense association feels that people will, they should be standing up for their freedoms. actually been fighting against this for about 2 years. we've got over 400 organizations that have popped up across canada. everything to do with that providing and allows notice of liabilities in order for people to keep their jobs against these particular government dictates. and i'm going to call them dictates because that's what they are. but the police coming on our side is happening in droves and we, we don't just have the occupation happening in order we've, we've also got it in the economic center here in toronto and at every other legislature building across the entire country. and we encourage,
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we encourage more kids to come out and, and get in supported this. i mean, this is your freedom in your life and our fundamental life, liberty, security, and property are being infringed upon. and it's an acceptable for the freedom convoy movement hasn't spied protests all across the world of people in france. and austria is one of those far away as australia has all taken to the street since afford of the canadian truckers have also been demanding an end to vaccine mandates and policies in their own country. while the canadian government and others come down on the freedom convoy, some have noticed apparent double standards and comments by us. officials on the truck has movements when comparing their views to that of the violent black lives matter protests. the conway protest applauded by right wing media is a freedom protest is an economic insecurity issue. now the ambassador bridge length constituents 28 percent of any trade movement between us and canada slash the tires,
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empty gas tanks, arrest the drivers and move the trucks. the ties between black lives matter and the covert crisis are not just about its disproportionate impact on minority communities. corona virus exposed to the federal government so morally unsound, so dysfunctional, so not capable of the moment that protest became as citizens, judy, the blood a poses a risk to supply chains for the auto industry. president joe biden's view is also that exercising 1st amendment rights, and protesting and justice is the most american thing that anyone can do. the money talks podcast, host melanie call and believe that basically top officials only support the mainstream narratives that are convenient for their agendas. you see a serious, a piracy when it comes to those that live left and our mainstream media with and b, the very same thing. part of all part of the say,
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very same party when black lives matter protested in 2020 after the death of george floyd, and many, many cities across the country, burning down over 150 buildings. 24 people i believe were killed during those protests. you did not see the same energy in the same concern about how it was hurting those neighborhoods and how it was starting out was hurting the local economy and the state economy. nobody was concerned about that then, but we seem to be concerned about that now. so again, you can see the hypocrisy in those matters. there was, there was every excuse for those protests to be ok. also, no one was concerned about co that well, while we were at it, no one was concerned about some very basic things that were going on during those protests. but when conservatives want to protest have actual peaceful protests, then we're concerned about the economy. it's complete apostrophe, and that's why a lot of us have
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a problem with that. newly declassified but heavily redacted cia documents reveal the agency has been collecting americans private data. in a previously an undisclosed surveillance program that has been capturing such information for yes, of the evidence came to light off the 2 sentences off the agency director to be classify a study into its intelligence gathering. the findings revealed an order passed by president ronald reagan in 1081 that expanded the powers of such agencies. it allow the cia to embark on its own bulk collection program. the senator said, reveals an attack on the privacy of the american people. the cia has secretly conducted its own boat program. what these documents demonstrate, he's that many of the same concerns that americans have about their privacy and civil liberties. also apply to how that cia collects and handles information under
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executive order. these documents reveal serious problems associated with warrantless backdoor searches of americans. we didn't even know about this until the senators accidentally stumbled on it and asked for clarification from the cia and then asked to cia to declassify the letter that they received. so this, this is something that's so important. it's such a major violation of the law that it has to be reported to the oversight committees . and we know from these 2 senators today that it was never reported to the oversight committees. it was found out about solely by accident in response at the c, i said it respects the privacy of americans and is committed to transparency. the american civil liberties union has slammed the agency for, quote, an invasion of privacy while criticism has been building fast online. you are about to witness an enormous political debate in which the spy agencies and their apologists on tv. tell you this is normal and ok. and the cia doesn't know how many
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americans are in the database or even how they got there anyway. but it is not ok. the c i a is a criminal organization. their interference in us politics is particularly pernicious. these reports raise serious questions about what information of ours the c i is vacuuming up in bulk and how the agency exploits that information to spy on americans. this invasion of our privacy must stop and to for my c, i, a analyst or john curiosity again, fields the public outrageous, entirely justified. as there are no legal grounds for such data collection. there is no legal basis. none whatsoever. not only has c, i collection been illegal when conducted against american citizens. since the creation of the cia in 1947, that was reiterated by the church and pike committees in 1975. there are no circumstances where the cia may collect bulk data on american citizens or
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u. s. persons. there's literally no justification, no explanation within the confines of the law. that's acceptable for something like this. we don't even know what kind of information is being discussed here. we don't know how many americans are affected. we don't know where the information is being kept. we don't know who else has access to it. we don't know what the information is for. for example, does the f b i have access to this database? can it look at illegally collected information on american citizens for the purpose of law enforcement or building a case without a warrant? that's really the most important question here. and the answer is that it shows how we desperately need robust congressional oversight in this country for so many years. the congressional oversight committees have been little more than cheerleaders for the cia and the rest of the intelligence community. we don't need cheerleaders. we need adults in the room. top lawmakers inside president
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biden's own democratic party are growing increasingly restless at his am baffled administration. now claiming that middle america sees it as toxic, it comes as i watering. inflation is hitting people very hard and the pockets and polls suggest the republicans are set to win very big and the crucial mid term elections less learn more. now is a correspondence caleb month? well, it's just 10 months until we have the mid term elections, where americans will go to the polls around the country and elect a new congress. and right now things don't look so good for the democrats. and we actually have prominent democrats in the us senate and other figures in the democratic party speaking up about the problems that lay ahead for their organization, the national democratic brandy. and i think in rural america generally is toxic. and it's because, quite frankly, we don't show up what we're doing here in congress. i think it's no great secret
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that for 5 months, with the exception of the infrastructure, we have not been addressing the needs of the american people. now, the congressional poll trackers that predict election results are indicating that if the vote were taken today, the democratic party would go down in flames. the republican party would take back control of both houses of the u. s. congress. both the senate and the house of representatives, the public is unsatisfied with the job. the biden administration is doing on a number of issues, but the biggest of which is the economy. the u. s. public does not approve of biden's handling of the economy and for good reason. at this point, we've got the highest rate of inflation in 40 years. in the past year, the prices in the united states have gone up by roughly 7.5 percent. now, joe biden has spoken up and urged americans to calm down with their economic frustration, new food prices, road green, we're going to bring him down and i grew up in the family, were
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a price at the pump, went up. he felt that i understand these things are necessities, but even people in jo biden's own party are not buying it a number. busy of democrats have stepped up and said, there is a problem here, and biden doesn't seem to be doing the job. americans need him to do in these tough times. congress in the administration must proceed with caution before adding more fuel to an economy already on fire. as inflation in our $30.00 trillion a national debt, continuous store climb only in washington dc. do people seem to think that spending trillions more of taxpayers money will cure our problems? let alone inflation ramped, inflation and soaring prices are crushing, crushing the american people. this is not about financial inconvenience, the wealthy people who can stomach it. this is about massive price increases for essential goods that make up a huge share of working families budgets. this is a direct result of liberal policy choices. now, as the democrats don't want to lose control of the u. s. congress where the public
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goes to vote in 10 months, they've really got to turn things around. because right now, the polls indicate that the democratic party is in to take major losses. well, their opponents in the 2 party system, the republicans would probably do pretty well as a result of this situation. so not a good, not good times for the buyer and ministration for the democrats and things look good for the republicans heading in the mid term. we spoke with the executive director of an hyphenated america, christopher harris, who believes the white house only has itself to blame for the countries current economic was. this is what we've seen just since the vital ministration came in. they've been manipulating every aspect of our life and it's hurting everyone. people like to go back in reference to 1982. this is the highest completion research, 82. and when paul walker was chairman of the fed makes me to they tried to raise interest rates to reduce the inflation terry pressure. but now what you have is,
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once again the fan is talking about, they're going to raise the interest rate at this meeting to be have coming up in march public. the regulations are an even bigger issue than rising. then the interest rates you can't keep hamstring the american people in our economy. what these ridiculous policies, because of course, nurses in the u. k, have been sucked for daring to question the policy of placing transgender patients and single sex wards, barrenness nicholson made the revelation off of the house of lords. ton down her amendment calling her patients to be put in awards according to their birth sex. and she wants the current policy threatens womens, dignity, privacy, and safety. traditionally female patients in the n h. s, and in private hospitals have been allocated beds in single sex wards accommodating only women patients. transgender ism, and i speak as a woman, has undermined that provision with a 2019
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n. h. s. guidance authorizing self selection of patient gender on arrival in hospitals. the car and disputed national health service guidelines to say trans patients should be accommodated according to their presentation. such as the way they dress and the name they use rather than the biological sex at birth. one senior british health official says the nature is trying to strike a balance between all patients rights the in a chest is committed to meeting as duties under the equality act. and as such, needs to give to regard to both those who gender identity is the same as their biological sex at birth. as well as those who are not. this means that the rights and needs of women and trans women are equal in law rights campaign o'clock dameon says feelings on this issue, run very deep. i myself cannot access and ain't just treatment. i have been death for 3 years because i cannot go to the hospital because they will
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not show male female clinician. i cannot use an 8 jess wards now. i cannot receive treatment, and i happen to be a rate survivors. so this isn't women feeling a little bit uncomfortable. this is female specific rate trauma. and these feelings are actually 100 percent sustained by the united kingdom governments, ministry of justice transgender, sexual offender data. the only way this can end is by a return to mail woods and female wards. and if there is a problem with my mail trans women in my awards, then the solution is not to put them in shame. my votes, the solution is for them to find another way of dealing with this or that just the my reps, the reps up this hours i program i should say here were naughty and after what is it is about 825 saturday morning. we're just getting warmed up here at moscow. plenty of story still to come way back in about half an hour.
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ah, ah, what happened? i make no shipping, you know, borders a keys and you farish. as a merge, we don't have a terribly. we don't to look back seen whole world needs to take action to be ready . people are judgment. 2 common crisis with we can do better, we should be better. everyone is contributing each in their own way, but we also know that this crisis will not go on forever. the challenge is great for the response, has been massive, so many good people are helping us. it makes us feel very proud that we're in it
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