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tv   Redacted Tonight  RT  February 12, 2022 9:30pm-10:01pm EST

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my neighbor's bath tub that he let me use when he's out of town and doesn't know i found his apartment key and it occurred to me. i don't think most americans are happy with our political system. i don't know why not. i don't know why not, but much like that. south carolina waffle waitress, i've always regretted its weight on the tip of my tongue, as was in an identified fungus the following day. wait, i've got it. it's because both mainstream parties are owned by corporate america, and they all stand for the same. and they haven't actually been face to face with a regular human being since they fathered the 1st of their 14 children and their surrogate mother happened to bring our boyfriend to the birth. or as the rich calling the human baby transferred to it's rightful owners. and sure enough, a new survey verify that most americans are not happy with the false choice between our 2 political parties. the new paul from n b. c. news found that the democrats and republicans are bounded popular is the
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horseback ham roy clinic near my house. it's kind of ride through window, but that doesn't seem to help either. according to the poll, 44 percent of participants said they viewed, the republican party negatively. 34 percent viewed it positively. the democratic parties ratings were fairly similar with 48 percent having a negative view and 33 percent a positive view. and i would imagine those numbers of positivity for the parties are actually higher than reality because anyone willing to take an m b c, news, phone poll is already not the sharpest tool in the insane asylum. that pole doesn't count the roughly 64 percent of respondents who didn't answer the poll, but instead graphically described what the poster could do to themselves. given the right kind of janet tell you, lubricant and apostrophe that could just double bed, but you have to burn the bed afterwards. there's a lot of reasons. so many people have the 2 parties to corporate party, but one,
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the biggest ones. mike may just how thoroughly they are bar off by the one percent . and no, i don't mean the one percent of people who like pride in new indian curry flavor chewing gum. i mean, the one percent who are the, disgustingly wealthy people who own ponies for their children, to play with, and children for their pony to play with. and they own all of our politicians also for their children to play with, which explains why chuck schumer and pearson gyla brand were forced to dress up like snoring for an entire month. or maybe they just needed the snorkels to be able to breathe under the avalanche bowls. but yes, our politicians are more bought off than ever before. a new analysis from americans for tax fairness found that total billionaire contributions had short over the past few years. the cycle before the citizens united decision only saw $16000000.00 worth of donations for billionaires this past cycle. so $2600000000.00 worth
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of donations. that's more than travis scott spent on has been to jordan hand delivered by gordon. and how does that much money impact or elections? well, the candidate who spends the most wins in the senate, 85 percent of the time and wins in the house close to 90 percent of the time. but it's even worse than that, because those numbers don't tell you that the 2 parties which spend the most money when 100 percent of the time, meaning they're just centrally never the possibility that a 3rd party can win a seat in congress. only the profits of corporate america get to fill defended chambers with their endangered species rag, who spittle and their high end beer, farts. so keep those numbers in your mind for just for a moment. billionaire spent $2600000000.00 on the last election and the 2 parties that received the most money when the elections, 100 percent of the time. but i'm sure it's just bad. another country, right,
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much like existential angst or the awkwardness when you're barber wants to tell you about his box prostate exam, some things which is universal, right? well now, in britain, in the 2017 general election, 75 parties and 18 campaign groups reported spending 41600000 pounds between them. that's roughly only $54000000.00 american dollars at the time. meanwhile, just 2 people, casino magnates, sheldon, and miriam, adult and set a new record for donations from individuals in a single election cycle. giving a $172700000.00 in the us. elections, though, is till dark 5th and ill fittings in sounds spent 3 times as much as all of great britain spent on their election. well, what about france? france differ right. in france,
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the amount of money presidential contest it is allowed to spend is limited to 15800000 euros. the limit is raised by 5000000 for the 2 finalists. in the 2nd round to basically french presidential candidates spend less on their entire campaigns than bill gates spent on the mylar. happy birthday balloons he bought for jeffrey epstein in 2016 the balloon spelled out. you are not old, it's just that everyone else is under age. i'm sure it was funny at the time. i'm sure it was good at the time. if. yeah. how about germany? do their oligarchy own the system as much as in the us? in 2017 parties spent $92000000.00 euros, $109000000.00 combined on their election campaigns. only a $109000000.00 total spent on their elections. and yet still i was doing inverse with a bow tie, one feet and a bonus dog. that's
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a form of tongue sausage by the way, but arguably, several tongues sausages also one jen, it's easier in the u. s, but germany actually could have gotten a lot worse super dickens most could one. even his campaign promises had an n c. 17 rating. anyway, germany spent a $109000000.00 on their entire election. how much did you spend? so 2020 election cost $14400000000.00 over $14000000000.00. that's more than the gross domestic product of mozambique. and they have mccoy and a math that help with fertility. so you know, they're pulling in some cash. if i was going to go with upon, i would have said they're moving some units, but i would never do that. i would never do that. and let me repeat the 2 candidates who spend the most meaning the to corporate candidates. when the elections, 100 percent of the time, which is like all of the percentages that there are. this is a real photo of what it looks like to win a senate seat,
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except nowadays that white guy would claim he's half black, half gay, and used to be in the cia point is, this is a rig system. no wonder the latest poll show both parties are hated and more americans view themselves as independent than either republican or democrat. every trip to the ballot box is no different than take you go super dickens. most of the face. company from washington, dc. the valley. the base is redacted tonight. ah ah, welcome mom li camp. let's break some news. amnesty international, the human rights organization that has worked for years to finally free candles
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from their bondage and who would wrap a candle up in barb wire like that? it's unconscionable, unless so lavender can do that anyway. and the international took a big step this past week by finally declaring israel in apartheid state. sure, there are many decades due late on this. but as i said to the blog posts or video delivery boy, you yesterday brought me my much sought after v a. s. copy of revenge of the nerds to i said, better late than never. don't tell me what happens by the way. i'm hoping the nerds finally get there, come up and it's point b and go to i think they are point being even the largest human rights organizations in the world are finally catching on to the abuse perpetrated against the palestinians by israel. and i'm allowed to say that because i'm jewish, actually, you're allowed to say that even if you're not jewish, just don't, don't crinkle, you know,
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is when you say the word jewish. if you go there jewish, fine, if you go there, jewish, very anti medical right, is anti semitic, is mel gibson stuck in line and delhi. but the reason anyone can say this is because you're just pointing out a fact. israel is a practice of apartheid state to kill, named and destroys the live of palestinian. anyone can tell you that most like anyone can say the u. s. is it oppressive, war mongering nation that has killed 6000000 innocent people with our brutal wars over the past 20 years. these are facts. it doesn't, it doesn't mean you can't all show like something about the u. s. shore, for example. the, the impressive availability of inflatable water wings with black, santa claus on them. that aspect of america is very admirable. and constitutes the pinnacle of human achievement. but the whole killing 6000000 people thing also
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should be discussed. same with israel. there are great things there. if god, beautiful views, as long as you don't look towards the open air president, it's also gotten great. nuclear michel, i mean no white hope. no. i don't have any nuclear bang bang. don't, don't do that. and the watson and german corporate are real. harry potters. ok, there's no such thing. much like israel, nuclear bombs, the better got admitted to before it on admitted to it. i did the same thing when accused of stealing all the sugar packets and televisions out of the lobby of the days in infinity and had a i thought they were complimentary. what i'm saying is that everyone should support amnesty international as they come out of the dark ages and knowledge israeli apartheid. they said, and if the internationals, new investigation shows that israel imposes
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a system of oppression and domination against palestinians across all areas under its control. in israel and the occupied palestinian territory and against palestinian refugees in order to benefit jewish israelis. this amounts to apartheid as prohibited in international law. exactly exact weight. so that's a new investigation. is anyone concerned that it took from 1982 to now to get that investigation? amnesty headquarters. they deliver it from israel, one page at a time by way of a 2 legged camel or maybe amnesty 1993 fax machine, only prints one letter per page. man. their pledge drives are not going well. maybe they shouldn't have use those male strippers. for their i am nasty campaign. anyway, let's give amity a high 5 in their ongoing effort to defend the palestinian human rights while also
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supporting dominator sex with hot wax and barbed wire. maybe it's their fetish hobby that's distracted them from noticing israel. apartheid until just now. well, little little more time working guys. little less time with the barbed wire wrapped around 10 poll. get nasty on your own time. ok. own time for that own time. bullets continue to another. go, no story. various jiving federal ford has revoked by massive oil and gas lea sale in the gulf of mexico. hold on. what's wrong with allowing low demoya drilling in the gulf of mexico that that address goes wrong there. i mean, except for it catching fire from time to time because we've covered in an oil. but the same thing happened to 5 time mr. olympia, ronnie coleman, and he's fine. ok. never could understand why our muscle men need to be greased up is,
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is one of the portions of the missed or limby. a conduct giant flip invite or perhaps their loop up because of that time arnold towards an aggregate lodge and a public restroom stall and had to be cut out by the fire department is at it. anyway, the court found that the bite administration relied on faulty environmental analysis when it offered more than $80000000.00 acres in the gulf of mexico for oil and gas leasing. avail, like right now i'm making the same faces the guy of the funeral parlor when i ran in and said with gas good forgiveness, sacred. but i thought by me was the guy will care about climate change. well i guess we just need to rest assured that at least by allowing less oil and gas drilling, then donald trump did new data shows biden's 1st year drilling permits beat trumps by 34 percent. oh, just one second that the source on that was called biological diversity dot org, which sounds like i everyday be burning man, female arm pad,
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hair kind of source. all right, let's check establishment anti communist female arm pit. just joking smooth. ronnie coleman. dive source. the washington post, the vine administration, has improved more oil and gas drilling permits on public lands per month, and the trumpet ministry, which i did during the 1st 3 years of donald trump's presidency watch. but i voted for joe biden, because climate change be bad, big burden. i probably wouldn't know more than the liberal who watched them as nbc, and i actually believed it. i didn't actually applied and i wasn't legally allowed to vote because of a previous conviction. let's just say you know, that drug free zone sign outside elementary schools. i miss read it. yeah, the brochures on dyslexia don't tell you that it could result telling heroin to 7 year old. anyway, why is it the show called guy who cares about the climate cares about climate
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change is pumping more oil and gas for the 24 hour fried chicken and gravy stand off the i $75.00 exit ramp, and macon georgia room to figure this out. maybe we should follow the money, i'd say, just get out by trustee search machine that i invented myself may be paid. papa pap, pap pap. oh my god, he says knowingly joe, by in 2020 receive the most amount. joy, the 2nd most amount of oil and gas money of any candidate. second only to donald trump. now you may be saying, listen, television man with beer that could be thicker in some places. of course they got the most oil and gas money. they were the 2 way the it's running for president. yes . but think about that. the guys getting the most money from oil and gas, where are 2 choices for president? why don't just tell everyone to choose between the exxon mobil tiger and the shell
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oil shell. i mean, do you honestly believe that mollusk would do worse than crump or buying? that thing is 10 times that as an ethical is donald trump and knows the names of twice as many of its own grand get divine dies and it has 30 down and grand kids. and yes, you could have voted for a 3rd party, but in most dates they have the 3rd party balance hidden bind to rent that dumpster out back to polling place. and they tell you they'll only accept the ballot if you pay on it 1st. well geez, having the 2 biggest oil poppet as are 2 choices to run the country is a kind, a warm and comfortable veiling. right? because it's what we're used to. it was the same in 2016 ok. ted cruz beat them, but it was close and it was the same in 2012 and it was the same in 2008. i'm a notice of pattern. just like when the 4th line data ro told me my featured smell
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like that naturally. sometimes patterns can help you learn something. we've got a quick break, but check out my podcast is called moment of clarity and it's free on any podcast platform. other i back la. ah, and i make no borders like to tease a new fresh as emerge. we don't have a therapy, we don't have a vaccine. the whole world leads to take action to be ready. people are judgment, common crisis with we can do better, we should be better. everyone is contributing each in their own way. but we also know that this crisis will not go on forever. the challenge is great. the response has been massive. so many good people are helping us. it makes us feel very proud that we are in it together
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with so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have is crazy. plantation, let it be an arms race is often very dramatic. developments only personally, i'm going to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very critical of time. time to sit down and talk welcome back. i'm still a camp while the fossil fuel industry is getting all kinds of well learned scrutiny for its role in climate change. so the scientists say more attention should be paid to environmental damage done by the chemical industry for more were joined by our correspondent who most frequently call the boys and control ha line anders li. anders. hello, anders lee here at
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a chemical plan. doing some of the least worst production in the united states of america. least worst. what do you mean? what do i mean? just think of fossil fuels, or all the maple syrup chaperones that make everything smell like pancakes or the 10s of birds getting killed by windmills. why are we talking about that green energy has a dark side too. all right, leaving all that aside. why don't you tell us exactly what kind of impact the chemical industry is having? okay, so it's true that the chemical industry is responsible for $3.00 giga tons or 7 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions. but fossil fuels produced 89 percent of carbon emissions, which in case you're not a math person is a much higher number. plus a lot of chemical industries emissions come from having to use fossil fuels. it's not their fault, but chemical products, like rubber and plastic are made from oil and gas, or that they have to use fossil fuels to power production. if we were to convert to wind and solar, the chemical industry would be the 1st in line. the 1st in line the what lobby
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congress to reversion. but after that, if bribing e p a inspector didn't work, then they would comply maybe to rail vote a conference there, but it's not just using fossil fuels. that's a problem here, right? don't chemical companies also emit harmful chemicals? seems like that would kind of come with the territory when it comes to making, you know, chemical fat is such a cheap shot. yes, gun companies lead to gun desk, tick tock leads the migraines, and the manufacturer of ethylene pro pauline and ammonia leads to a little pollution and environmental racism here and there. a lot of the greenhouse gases they emit have big, complicated names like hydro floral, carpet practicing that one morning, which are used as refrigerants and foam. boeing agents in our 3800 times more damaging to the climate than carbon dioxide changes. so people aren't paying attention to this because the names of the greenhouse gases,
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or to clunky and science, the sounding exactly carbon dioxide sounds so much sexier than hydro walker clark. it enters you, let me down again. the x in the middle of dioxide grabs your attention, the dye at the beginning, remind you of what's going to happen to all of us if we don't reduce enough emissions. right? carbon of all kinds needs to stop getting shot into the atmosphere. it's suicidal rate. what changes can be made to the chemical industry that will help human avoid extinction? what we say one of the most effective things governments could do is ban single use plastics that would bring down carbon dioxide emissions. the sexy card by millions of metric touch. okay, sounds like a no brainer until you consider how much everyone have paper straws. if americans stop getting hated plastic sparks with our take our barbecue, there will be blood in the streets. so what else are you proposing about? well the e p a as a now, so they'll be trying to reduce hydro flora carbon. i did it emissions in the us in
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our own special innovative way. we're going to use carbon capture to reduce h f c's, which is much easier way to say it, rather than replacing them with safer chemicals that don't harm the climate. this will result in emissions of other hazardous air pollutants like chloroform, hydrochloric acid, chlorine and hydrogen fluoride. so in other words, just like fossil fuels, this industry is destroying the planet and the current political and economic order in this country is incapable of stopping it. i just really like sports. ok. thank centers. it's like moving on police do a lot of legal things which we've covered at length on the show. but some of the legal things they do are also very shocking belief will go to great lengths to get confessions out of suspects, many of whom are innocent. for more on this raging controversy, we go to redact correspondent, naomi care vonny. ah,
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the re trial of per cost. her amman is underway in queens, new york, when for cash was 15 years old and knew nothing about the legal system. police extracted a murder confession out of him, though there was no physical evidence. now 22 years old, having grown up in the prison system, he's ready to throw away a generous. please feel that would have set him free to prove his innocence at another trial. besides the dubious confession, the only other evidence against him is 174 year old. your witness? any or witness? yes, your witnesses are not that reliable. that's probably why i will never have a show called your witness news to night on ear. witness news. is that a murderer getting away or is it a cat rustling a plastic bag? june in at 530 to wonder with us. what happened?
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22 percent of people accused of homicide gave false confessions. children are almost 4 times as likely as adult to confess to crimes. they didn't commit. the number of williams confessions among young people has led some states like illinois to bar police from line to miners during questioning, and a few others may fall to. that's good news for teenagers facing the police, but once the age of 18. sorry buddy, you're no longer easy to manipulate and we can say the murder victim was covered in your fingerprints. i mean, you're 18, you can handle some lives. you're old enough to vote. i mean, how long are you going to get the mid term campaign ads? then mr. trump said, you're fired. i love that part. police live for all kinds of reasons to secure a confession, to cover up their misdeeds or to persecute political opponents. phoenix police lied and told a grand jury that black lives matter. protestors were in a gang deadlier than the crips and bloods. it's called
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a cab. the acronym all cops are bastards, gang, there in every city, phoenix, police, and mc o came the group is again for 3 reasons. one, because they chanted a c, a, b, 2. they dressed in black 3. they carried umbrellas. everyone knows gangsters. carrie umbrellas. i mean one thing the home is one stand for that's moisture in even more sinister way. com. sly is using. forge d, n a reports to get confessions out of suspects. yes, police are forging documents and launches their coven vaccine cards, or their group, no loyalty cards. i mean you do, you get a free me balsam. there's actually nothing illegal about presenting forged evidence . in fact, it's very, very legal. the virginia beach police department said in a statement that the technique, though legal, was not in the spirit of what the community expects, filling community. we all thought that forging was illegal,
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though it is confusing why they've taught us cursive in elementary school. if we're not supposed to forge or parents signatures on missing homeworks, let's, i mean, where are you teaching us this medieval gribble? and the reason the police use this sanction technique of photo shopping lab results just because it's so effective at securing confessions. i mean, imagine you're a suspect, shown this chart. you'd be like, oh damn well, my blood was there. i guess i was there. didn't think my sleep walking would get this bad that i wouldn't murder someone. if only i limited my screen to, i'm before bad. take, man, you think by now it's common sense that police should not be able to forge evidence and police should not be able to tell people, hey, if you confesses murder, you can totally go home right now. i think often do with children is comp wanted to, they could say, if you confess to this murder, you could be entered to win a suite. $6110000000.00 per college,
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was able to raise the defense fund and get his 1st trial of return. but how many precautions are sitting there in prison? after false confessions? we don't know. we have to demand that our leaders take responsibility and put the spirit of what the community expects. that can to the laws that the community is governed by. because honestly, i would probably fall for the sweepstakes thing reporting from washington. i'm carol bonnie for redacted tonight. that's our show, but get every episode and extra content at portable dot tv and check out the redacted. and i podcast is called moment of clarity on stature. spotify, an eye to until next time, good night. keep biting. ah, ah, well,
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they directly re sell, evidently, says content to us and decide who sees what content when, and how much of it. facebook claims that these algorithms are there to learn about our specific preferences. actually this is untrue. they are shaping preference. if tomorrow the person finds a fake point where the video, when it saying the black, then this content ranks. huh. at least 20 percent or maybe even 40 percent. what really been true was a very dangerous thing. look forward to talking to you all that technology should work for people. a robot must obey the orders given by human beings, except where such orders that conflict with the 1st law show your identification.
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we should be very careful about artificial intelligence. and the point obviously is to great trust, rather than fear a very job with artificial intelligence. real, somebody with a robot must protect its own existence with people don't use a claim for crime, for this reason. the highest percentage in global prime that employ big point peaked several years ago at around one and a half percent. and that number's gone down to under one half of one percent. it's not really practical for criminals to use big client. that's just a point. mainstream media uses incorrectly
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ah ah, the leaders of russia and the us hold crisis thought amid tensions over ukraine, divisions on security policy. french felice via take asked to break up a freed up convoy rally a central power is, is blocked off with checkpoints and vehicles. but as you can see, the tear gas is coming towards us now. launched by the police just behind is they were trying to control the crowd and over in canada where the movement started. security forces are facing off against hundreds of truckers blocking the ambassador bridge. a key border crossing with the us those the headlines this 6 there must go time this sunday.


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