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i can see that the lives. a with 30 coordinate a find the cobalt to say off on frequency with holbrook is going to have a call back. but if you put in a book b a or b as you can plug in a cobalt se openly like his friend electrons is transferred to the chemical by tissue out on closing part of law firm. because one of the to see kit got it,
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no care. sure bus antenna can be shown to provide a quirky lapses or not, which will be presentable complicity problem. and then be concerned with the riker lynn dcf, imo on them to fully show her she pass. can they be upon you rescue m. mays up is our law for like they defy laminated on the news? yeah. 2 side slats upgrade in september for michelle worker on that by limited to push to controllers was collab board somewhere near st clair, k e r l e n g. with that then while i dicky, so they will pay the bill. you will expect it less until the level
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ah, but he i'll see i will go down. finally. somebody must not with the box that i see without phone being from one cent. when, if the problem what yeah. if they finally started on what, what you got from them, you missed one is on frankie. you started the quite come up with been the one that you got it. i'm going to get you the guns you got ask them to report, finish a little bit with bob j 4 months. and the mom i've worked here before my student teaching when we don't what kind of been for need until the former center with me and the one of you for the, for me put move in the wanted you these are the cynthia don't go any more when you don't, why is a bit 3? a phillip that are right milam as i get them. if ended up only miss, i'm for a quote most vizier la guardia luck. in my, my,
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the said is the cancer he up condition that, that, that i see their visit back to me. think on that. i'm to read a bit of what you want to call. if you could give me a buzz on franky some fellow coach in the bar. now on friday, leon, good information does in the was in it then years. and then what they said them, they've been less c a i cycle from cancer. mm. can from in the bottom i live in it that ran to me probably messed them up or what just with toys, by monday, because they were marrying up by the, by
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a john ah, ah, ah, a fish a missile is my phone. it is
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a problem with more provide them with was on fucking with
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a miss with i with i'm with you. yeah. well what are you doing? i like you already have a
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lot with when you put a you know, got on said you pretty well. so i prefer, i could select, got it doing is about my id number one team a put done that took in and i'm going to is like the do or not a selecting are not in the fish cities of the country do does get a feel is to be done with it, which of any or most of them the 1st few read on the don don don don, the move is v gallons in v did. did chris
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a going over going to play me appointed full a to do when it did? if you, if you can mark for be the if way. yeah. long keep far my to do, do my in our i. so you say about pool form. if i, if you do, you fit it is dave dick are valid because i don't, can merely member a you though is i was a about an issue with a diploma b i. what was that bob? when i'm back with
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. ready ready you via vicky that i'm is keesa lives up in nickelodeon. oh, okay. it took me down for about with joe. we don't really ship of this a deal. we don't. ok. i will do it is a while ago. a go some way. yeah. but they call it up on a bunch of muslim. there was a, you did a phone when a show can go
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a phone with somebody. why? a lot of fun with it? yeah. because a lima now who's you should talk with your face, nanny. she knew she normally america as a go mom, do it. what is it if you have any call? yeah, she now go to mika. you actually are going to be contacted. imma. burnett is shinta . and in then going up, when i go by and i flow me, don't kill any bus. you know, when that was the best song, given your part of the post does, it was a yeah. my daughter a my in junior i can be shaka. duper d. i mean, you know,
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when i got i got my new brother that took a photo for a day. yeah. my in india and i should be able to make it no problem as you know, like a, a, a pug, up, a beautiful shop, a little above much amber. we're looking in the garden. we're gonna, we're going to say via, because such a cement . those him in the semi for a month just saw me for a meal, for the family to from a should here. you know, what did it, because it always goes, get you up it up on that to pay to come to pick it up and you gotta do to
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notice a son. they normally review it don't laugh so little. you don't need to keep much. well, they to waive a little bit of a debacle. you'll see the notes. everybody did to reply to your machine will be no more than a po, live in a machine with join me every thursday on the alex salmon. sure. i'll be speaking to guess what the world of politics, sport business, i'm show business. i'll see you then. mm. financial to my job today we owe the money laundering 1st aid to visit this. can i see the 3 different? oh good. this is a good start. well,
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we have our 3 banks all set up here, maybe something in europe, something in america, something overseas, in the cayman islands, you know, all these banks are complicit in the rental property. we just have to give him a call and say, hey, i'm ready to do some serious my laundry. ok, let's see how we did. well, we've got a nice luxury watch for max and for stacy. oh, beautiful jewelry. and how about ha luxury automobile again for mag, you know, it, money laundering is higher. you don't watch either 100 mic, no, no, borders a tease and you as a merge, we don't have a charity. we don't have a vaccine, whole world needs to take action and be ready. people are judgment,
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common crisis with we can do better, we should be doing better. everyone is contributing each in their own way. but we also know that this crisis will not go on forever. the challenge is great. the response has been massive. so many good people are helping us. it makes us feel very proud that we are in it together with oh, driven by drill shapes, bank concurs. as in a who dares sinks,
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we dare to ask in a place or leave me a lost cause with the music teacher of the day meal and did it the meal said we'd never say the perio and la city priest isn't to please band me up real on i was use the shows all isn't it will band over and you later that still wasn't the piece you don't go should receive lashing people mean you have presented dish and was it you could be a ceo employee
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certified or exemplified sure issue. ready but exemplary thanks luck. thanks luck, la jolla. talk demo. see stuff i think stuck. yeah. i see. like you provide me with a quote. you probably made people, i think we're all i think with those you go to that you get people down to shoot. if you need a band around it, sir, my name is erica nailer and it yeah, it's a doesn't, i don't have
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a plan with you today. just committed sex with him. study, albeit silly for you with a paper that if you that permits, i mean savant meals thing time you question a susie almost us, but we give it about room for to 1000 going i was going on. i are in the see. yeah, yes, the leaky a showers, you're conscious, they keep very clear on militia for the salaries air don't 2nd in so no see, to see if a kyla loud berlin lin up. well lin, up a lot. if you defense you see, see if we are up with up was already found it. if we go my see i right. you,
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it quite di. quadruple. did you say closely don't car only only right. usa on, on the right to my ankle. easy scout. she's got a philippines. i leon van. mean the, i mean, in fact, if you all on gravel bay are poorly for world gold, while the myriad of only cash flow, cuz that's what we want only customer who are while it loads us is since we're, it's the marcial. don't go on his team, a, b, c pass going south. once it comes, i won't be in english, him. and it was, i guess at the see he's them inside and he's using edge of what they call by it's allow us, if i should have been in longhorn on a, on a shanty on if we on fail when i only pulled the day on exam in south long locked in at a b on i had one of those i shed to finance able by thursday to see the
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full day, but exemplify peoplesoft to valuable. she just will visit us on blood is bit seam wise if i did on thing. so she guntee to m b o m video. so messy, lucky provide, get rid the bus daughters will niche bit of a bullying cement to cause poor quality to dorsey saw me cra, he owns, i own stuff. i am as you go long. i pow wow. by the sca even da, is that 3 year news up auditor on paper? actually be pulling them out and get back the day for alicia to she bought a and daughter cut. he had a portal actually do a lotus is, is separate of jackie. keep doing it, they're going free. unfair, cuz it is a lot of business i'm home. is that because you didn't see ball in this man
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with amazon? when s u l m is one. so i feel like this miss kim, so much so much. ah no hate to jump to shoot then that would be a former sense. familiar man, if you could have been a few, a young sort of sasha. yeah, with asian feet. don't buy central snow in soft bob souvenir nickleby is one. if i saw london about him, he got money. going to going to show scrambling leila, for me on the phone like you don't mean it looked like fun. can you feel for what company? sasha decrease in that mechanical piece is only 20 feet in front of the month. we went to the front of them. i don't know if i shot it, but it looks like
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a phone call. bob for him. i wonder why the money for much too long for them to go for it and we'll get the money. i don't mean a lot from i like it and pretty much my story monkey collected for me what what, what, what am i missing my strategy? john? john, as i said g, my son we think will be the best. i said, yes, i just want i want to be doable, but i want to get a good bit. they'd be within a month of i was, you know, a bit crazy problem in like i did, i think i did the muscle and i bought
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it in my mom, the basic q e like idea now, is that the new phone, vinny up on that? well, but i wanted the mules load. mama megan, somebody will not be part of my mom. it's only on the right of it from your the the with bubble dornan shiva and exact a bundle in the body. farb man. well, it was very it on a pedestal. i've been misplaced that he's seen it on my lot. so can i do it on a shot, as long as i'm not there? not at all. if we combine it was on the, the b live on funky and all those i me crazy song form be by we may
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picky. the e commerce donkey is on file out for sale with his on charge deposit as it is on fund. can you put this was already it's you can go for it to post your notes of acres your feet. you develop it, won't it? based on you pick one for run i can is there on let me give you the new feed. i have a via the only the amanda law jump in the page. then you can add 10. i'm not a quote on them for sale if we will get de la. i left that he has sent for a while man is needed for when. yeah, lemme is a pretty good. i like this in which you live up, live with mildly boncey universe. perfect ma mazda been filed with the bus at the, for me, that bus buoy g shack for lunch you soon as you did it,
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you can use it for a telephone. don't you don't kill it. i like it. kind of shocked on. now why do my me? she may have been to show them. i'm here in a pretty fair. if you don't have a dependency where we to play, rosie, no 1 may. you like town is deeply or may me allow me. nissan me going to college with couple full don and if i so, and if you don't g i dislike is you did a run a ranking. can you please use while she will not for the see if i go see lendy, notify me. don't kesha. i fission among candy wyatt on nearest to please sunday. in my case you can get the lead on. i'm is osha friday,
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this. oh, good. don't kiss her why she did christie. i found up i think this is jesse salazar says it is that it can be a few i own it will show when the flu couldn't run a little and then multi phillip washington on my because when i sent a settlement on monday that i think i'm noticing kind of it is on your page here. yeah. i, i thought i did what we know the classes you couldn't make you look. i didn't was sugar with luca. i may be miserable. maybe marshal given to me to which in a beach. mm. mm. ice virginia got v over over, she should not be missed. you won't see buffy more or no or no major doing this. you simply said, similar new oh,
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only fish in must sophia die. darcy valuable if you live yet appropriate. they're known face will not only decide decided they're not county facility in felix. i 0 see law men due to my dandy da, p vasa. if lisha or c lamp are mensa, non days is in our example is thought, lucy from why don't whisky in the me what finally you see on the boat gets cortez of equal fella moments confirming la la la regencia, one mighty nobody over there. so my 0 room
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for the leisure says, big division. but if you really just confirming that if you see a luxury, yes. hello. yes i am on i i louis said they said i i
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ah, the monopoly the semiconductor business would obviously be anti one with 80 percent of the market and going forward. the need for diversity in the market is been screaming out loud for decades. but because of the vagaries of the money that allow for a concentration of power and wealth in the collected craddick hands of the khaki stock or see the least qualified to rule, you have market break down supply chain breakdown and economic collapse when i was showing wrong when i
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just don't know, i mean you have to figure out the same because the african and engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves will depart. we choose to look for common ground. ah, with
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ah, breaking news this our on asi international, russia analysis. it is withdrawing troops from florida with ukraine. that's military drills wrap up. the pullout flies in the face of hysterical western predictions of an imminent russian invasion. germany is johnson le hens, one of russia's red lines that ukrainian membership of nato isn't even on the cards . during a couple things here on monday, ahead of project stores in moscow in fact, hold up. sure, as we understand is right now here right now. and the rushing down kind of those prime minister triggers never before used emergencies act brought in his government extra power is in response to the truck is convoy. protest is create
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a concern on provincial cheap suit question of the measures point and legitimacy.


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